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6-23 12pm Garland, Walt Leger talks Common Core

Jun 23, 2014|

40 states adopted the new academic model called Common Core. Bobby Jindal is moving to drop it. Is Governor Jindal the genius out of 40 other governors or will his moves against Common Core push Louisiana education backward? Garland was joined by Stare Rep 91, Walt Leger, III to get his opinion on Common Core.

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Once again we're doomed show quote. Unquote war. What do you say is that governor Jindal says he's gonna or roadways in alcohol of common Cold War -- -- I keep saying -- -- educational system but and Richard is because of Bruton. All the publications and I think comfort people -- news reports comment that it's not news goods and run -- quarter while. Anyway it is. Federal understand that would try to get via educators side of that. Weren't able to get anybody but the one person that would talk to Lewis who's. Walter Lucia is state represented district nine to one won't want to get appreciate your calling and appreciated the court. First ball is if you can for a reader's digest for somebody like me. And the way I understand column core is -- simplistic. Improving and reading writing and arithmetic. -- -- A different way of thinking is that is that basically what it is or help -- here. So Garland you know from many many years. A state law and and and the United States law federal law. Ever -- -- urban -- standards that. And it and it and a base and any tests on which to base cheap inspire students and what -- common courts essentially is yours. -- -- a common sense standards. That were initially started by an act. Governor circulation in the band. Developed over the course of several years working with stated political -- Could develop a a separate standard for service. And and lays out what students should know when when they should know. And also. So supply its the workers and honest is designed to supply. Really. System by which we contest. The achievement and their students know what they're so personal when they're supposed to know it. And ensure that they have mastery neighbors skills are necessary to prepare them for college and careers. I'm what what would -- complicate this as many suggest that this requires more. Sports is the development of some sort of a national curriculum. That would be pushed down by the federal government the reality is. I -- at that -- is not accurate provides. Local critical provide local teachers school district local districts. Input on the development of curriculum. To reach that standard and enhancement or back. In order to prop to make shorter that is the case the legislature actually took action this year spill related to ensuring. -- and local school district development of curriculum textbooks that -- And so I think that's one of the main issue that's one main areas where they're. Against the -- but essentially their standards. EUR or something which set them out starting back in 2010. And develop them leading up into the school year this is the school year back. They were sector really beaten and implementation as well as. -- to begin. Providing for. -- -- that would measure achievement of students and acolytes are troubling that. Governor Rick and I actually took last week. All right do you help me -- more to go back the ruse because what I hear or -- over. This is takeover by the and this what -- breed do -- -- to support teachers. Parents school administrators. Experts from across solution include museum. Develop the standards under the umbrella of National Governors Association. Council of chiefs eight school officers. Individual school systems in the Louisiana. Or deciding how to best implement this standard. Governor of Alabama says. These standards do nothing to prevent states from teaching others things they deem important. Nor do their requires states to teach only certain text in those areas. There's simply no evidence in national education standards. Will lead to a national curriculum. Or they will start with the ability of states that -- subject areas. That mattered or into resigning. So who board resolve this. Bar and I agree with what that it which do threat I think that saw accurate and I think he had managed. Proves that it's accurate it's the fact is last week when the governor decided that he was gonna take action on this issue and unilaterally its stake out common core. And architects design back -- source mistake at the standards. Keeps in fact sent a letter to. The National Governors Association as well at the counselor. State education. Leaders telling them that he wished to get our state out of common -- he didn't send a letter of the federal government. He sent a letter that national governor association. As well to this to the our consortium. Saying that he wanted out of the standards so thank not only -- the comments of the Alabama governor accurate and I think reflect the factual nature. A -- talking about but in fact be the the actions that the governor and governor Jindal -- Indicate that that is correct and in fact it is developed by. A bipartisan group of governors. Under the umbrella of the National Governors Association working with -- state education leaders from across the nations are not only. In the facts I think back speak very clearly that issue. So. We're Blair is the other side giving that the Fed -- take those over big calls. Jungles conservative -- music capital as these pro business and we've got. Forty businesses civic education leaders. Losing your association of business and industry count to four bedroom weeks you know multiple chambers of commerce. Also little letters saying don't don't get -- a calm and cool. Yet and I think that it's it is very troubling certainly caused deep concern actions and back I questioned whether or not even a legal or take the action. But the truth is. We're talking about something that is really critical for students and our state. They actions taken have let this without a test without accountability without standard going to a new school year many school in my district began. In the next few weeks going back to school or the -- schools will go back at the very beginning August that as a complicated policy issue and -- you know by -- matter and so the way that outlook complicated policy issues is that they kick our work. Compliment them corporately. It's part of the reason why there are several bills offered colonel -- legislators such an. And and and many of them address certain areas. Typical is that legislators and other policy. Makers had identified with implementation of these standards. It doesn't mean it's not good policy just simply means it's complicated and takes artwork that did not. If it is the fact is that as a very important endeavor for our state -- get a call. It takes artwork and I think it took it sends a very bad message that the governor wants to quit while we've been working hard to implement this appropriately. And think it -- that terrible -- source student especially when you mentioned that so important to to improving academic. Achievement level students and our state. -- court. And keeping new. Educational content -- -- think is -- being implemented in about forty states and -- point. And governor general recently came out and said he won the the the Louisiana. Do get how common core. Better instead of from the legislative somberly go Walter Lucia -- with the state representative district one. A ball did -- the governor behind it early on. Gathered I mean there's -- -- debate on this car on -- the governor was one of it was one of the leaders among governor signing on. For the standard and and has worked since twenty chances to develop these standards and -- implement them as well as working and source from the states to develop a past. Telecast our state Pittsburgh. There and and hold them accountable for region standards and so. Certainly has made an about face on it and you know the reality is just to be. To be totally fair on the issue it is very complicated and implementing complicated policy is typical of arms. Which regulation continue to work on. -- working through that sort of the last four years I just don't think that there's much of the debate as to whether or not we need to increase standards. And push our -- to achieve more so they can compete globally and and nationally. And be prepared to error that the more the more the ever becoming more complicated work out their vote. -- one -- to do this on foreign object and was treason talk about it again -- relevance millions of but he. I don't have much education. But have done OK. When I was janitor I don't know how to be a janitor look to the other gender enters the debt. When I did TV did -- -- TV I copied what other people did. When I got in my own company audit notice a copy book of people that when I didn't read you didn't do. And always say they're educators always say the politicians. How can we believe in the middle of the pact education wise in this war role behind. -- week go -- some Middle East countries and we have No Child Left Behind and that we've got out when that we had common core. -- do week. -- I've got people that -- cooperative when I have my and that's why some of these kids can't read brought heat induced simple. But it. What is the deal in -- why aren't so dimpled call. I think that I think that what I what I know from from being on your show many times and converse with you many times that recently you've been successful as your critical banker. Question thanks you looked her probation you look at fact based evidence. And you make a determination as to what you think you're right that's what we need to be educating our students could you be critical bankers. To question things. Did it could not be greater things that they don't know about but instead seek out answer further questions from. They're the standard reference. Are designed to do that. Could move it more order the development of critical thinking skills and our student. Strategic multiple different ways to duke. Victor complete math equations and -- problem. And to understand why they're doing that as a perfect you're memorizing formulas. And and and other occasional -- and I think -- those things are important hurdle critical thinking is what separates. In which separate high achievers. From. From there to the struggle and we want to make sure that all are you have an opportunity to be taught as critical thinking skills. Whether or math or error in aren't language arts and otherwise and and I think that that's. Are fundamentally what the standard error about not about detonating what curriculum to teach. Or or from what textbook to teach -- what the local school districts with input from parents but the standards what student should go and win. Is what this is really about and and that the greater concern yours. The sort of chaos that income -- he created and our school system and we don't know when new school year without without a task. Without standards and without accountability. Ball. The cardholders through instant this would be strange we've got. -- and a problem was sure we're gonna come to where you vote apparently voters in this suit your book is used on in the coming. -- -- -- this debate in the show does it. We we didn't show where the national highway trust Poland is -- fifteen billion dollars. Gonna go totally broke by late August. And the only way to replenish should do is pay more gaps taxes or or -- and some of the formula. Where some people may be -- hoping they'll. It's gonna column to if you want it you've got to report. We -- we've recently had the -- instances. Where. Tea Party. Candidates. Have been have warned Eric Cantor. At one -- weren't expected to and other threatening. Thad Cochran in Mississippi. And here in Louisiana we constantly say we want to all government we don't trust you guys in the legislature will draw its politics. Owner on looked it up Mr. Big gets 43%. Of all the revenue from the ads. We are right next to -- we get a tremendous amount from that that. In a bit of that belong questioned is I think what I see yeah are going on and yours in the picture oh. It is a circle. Where we see the problem. -- more will we pay more no. The legislators. Either corrupt or -- wasteful. Until they stop doing that a won't give me anymore. Do you know anybody that you would trust that says they're no longer for up there have been or awards -- no. So my mind but my question is all of this education. Infrastructure. -- wetland restoration. It and that one big circle where we need more money all -- the at least some bipartisan. Agreement. And there's no way to get there. That make innocents. You unit I've talked about that for it and and and you make that suggestion for. You know I think it's -- it's a good -- point and an excellent question. I'm -- actual war. If they're not -- in this current political environment he truly fine and kind of bipartisan. Cooperation and collaboration that you're looking for pregnancy -- -- Permit from the national perspective I think it's very complicated I believe that eventually we will get there. And the -- you'll understand that's the best way. Our government the war and that is are pushing are on issues that are important. -- the constituencies. That are represented in the air and then to work our ports compromised it as a good example -- A legislature had more than 25 bill offered on the biggest topic during the legislator second. One of the bill that actually made it through the process was a bill that I -- There was a bill that would co authored by Republicans and Democrats from every geographic location repertoire and across the stable and and what eventually supported by more than two thirds of the house and more than two thirds of the senate. It would build -- while we believe it's important move forward with these standards and we believe that the associated with -- measuring their standard as important. We think that students and teachers should be given two years were accessed. -- that result of that character up against. Them. The students and the teachers and school districts that bill passed overwhelmingly of course the government be -- A week and a half ago prior years. Action last week that are now seeking to unilaterally opt out of the standards and the facts and so the reality is on this issue there was bipartisan. A bipartisan group of legislators are typically address that. Complicated issue typical issue we wanna make sure that we. Local -- Input and develop -- development curriculum wanna make sure that student information collected in the process of measuring their treatment has protected. And we want to make sure that implementation goes smoothly but the legislature spoke pretty clearly and that's that's why answer troubled by action but governor. A previous supporter and now someone who seeks to unilaterally get out of potentially in violation both federal and state law. While June you'd never see Israel wrong about come around talking about controversial subjects appreciated it very much into it helped Ross would be a blue talked to some -- right in the middle of the pipe. Thank you didn't have a great day. Thank you appreciate -- -- able to come back we have a parent leader of those stand for children guns for comment coral we've got to. Public caller one. That you think professionally -- column in court three charter schools. And then Melbourne news I think -- in the against it and bring jungles form maybe I'm reading. Save others were talking about common core. Comments questions Gibbs called 2601. He says.