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6-23 12pm Garland, Common Core pt. 2

Jun 23, 2014|

40 states adopted the new academic model called Common Core. Bobby Jindal is moving to drop it. Is Governor Jindal the genius out of 40 other governors or will his moves against Common Core push Louisiana education backward? Garland was joined by Erin Comeaux, a parent who represents Stand for Children and Mickey Landry,

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here in the studio -- Iran Cuomo book parent leaders stand for children whose leaders stand for children and organization. It stands there's such a pocket. And your children -- in -- school yes and -- for a common cold yes tell there. I feel with common quart eight -- as it will arm our children with the skills that are necessary. To be able to become. Well educated productive adults in the future. I think if we steer away from common core I really do not feel that our children will be given. The skills that they need in order to compete with everyone else. If you look at what the system must light prior to us going -- with common core. Massachusetts with a had a class. Other states were ahead of us we -- at the bottom of the totem pole. Why shouldn't every American child be given the same education no matter where you live if you live in Kentucky if you live in California it shouldn't matter. Every child should have access to the same. Education and should be held to the same standards and with coming -- we have that. So for governor general to now say well we don't wanna take part in that that's a disservice to the children. All right that is a lot of them so easily confidence. As code -- a Micky nick you're a double BO. -- Garland thanks for taking the call and recovered the topic and -- one of -- Thanks. Say thanks to. Send it to Vijay because his leadership on this issue in the recent legislative session which are. And we we really appreciate that. My. My background as an educator for 43 years in both these independent private school system and in the public school system. -- and I work in New Hampshire Colorado. Texas and Louisiana. And -- and who are really on private schools like movement in country day. Those types schools around the country. Common core is simply got a standard. I'd just like senator Kay. It's not curriculum it does not -- costs to. -- -- contents down in the group of any child. We can shoot. Any kind of content we we think it's appropriate to meet the standards. -- and -- -- it and work work and at common core training our faculty. Purchasing. Resources that are aligned with common core. And testing our students. On the common core since 2010. We spent a lot of money on this. And for the governor to pull the rug out from congress at this late hour. Is really change. We are moving forward with common core there at the -- of the standards Louisiana has ever had. And it puts us in the wind and with meeting the standard that others states have to be for their children has. Or more of what happens if if it turns up the governor does have legal standing to say. We're -- Hoosier -- what happens in the schools -- teaching column in court now. Well here's the funny part Garland common core. It's -- set -- standards. That frankly are. Simply in bad in the nature of the academic subject for example. If we're teaching English language arts to students. I don't care what I understand that your turn to it here and you have to teach -- like. For example compare and contrast. Characters. All of new. All our. In -- and even. -- -- Go to the current -- that are in common core. It's no match at -- you're dead in the nature of the academic subject itself. So anyone who's teaching English has to change the things that are in the common core and important teaching math. If you're doing it well you have to change what's in the common core so there's no debate. Among active predictions about the nature of the content to the standards. Those standards are in edit in. That those subject areas period. So -- movement forward with common core. You know and much we get some sort of real strict. -- -- -- The state Department of Education. Which I don't expect. -- quote the army corps because just like. You're you're you're strong and stand for children. That is the best thing for our children and we're we're gonna continue to do that. Good thing good about -- -- you'll economic program common core looked like composed. Bordered on by the legislature. Initially approved by governor gentlemanly comes back and says we want to pull out of this it's. And a lot of people say that legally canned because you get had about two -- and John -- school superintendent. And the governor put their signatures. And -- like. Stepping for killing column core. But I think people forget that the during the legislative session. The lawsuit. To pursue oil companies. Was read pro actively rejected. So our legislature. And governor it's -- impossible -- think the mud from retro active movement. We have voted early Como with -- suit apparently -- in stand for children. And -- when when the bullets -- you talked to Mickey symbol computes it if column course shall integrated. Into the media academic programs that that the governor would pollute wouldn't have that much effect get a pretty good response. Well. People have to understand common core is a set of standards or benchmarks stating. Gingrich house must know this at the end of the year in order to progress to the next grade. The curriculum how ever is up to the teacher and the school and the district in which they allocate it to say this is how we want to teach this information. To your child. It's. -- like from my son. Governor Jindal came out about two weeks ago -- -- parents don't have any say in what happens with common core which is 100%. Untrue as long as a parent is a way -- they know and they don't have a problem with being an advocate for whether a child. You have that conversation with the teacher. I say to my son's teacher luck he read X amount of pages. In an hour. Reading a book together with the class. He's not gonna be very comfortable with that she say you know what you are right. So he can do this particular assignment as an independent study assignment. She sent when your finished completing the book I expected to do this that the other. He was finished in two and a half days whereas the class took a week and a half -- can only -- -- did but I had -- -- But as a parent you also have to you. Feel confident enough and not bitter when it comes to the teacher you have to be a relief to deliver in which you do have input as a parent. You have to know where your child stands and have that communication open with the teacher. Hard to -- cues on the phone with -- he brand three charters groups of Mickey adept -- just learn from Erin. That our race to the top money. Nationwide money federal program is tied to how we do and in these common core of measurements and test. If that's correct. Is that the reason there's so much trouble fight over the -- Well I think that governor. Quoted. Can't be quoted as saying that he thinks that there's too much federal over reached in to the common core systems now. And that's why he wants to back out of it. But the fact of the matter are going to use that. There -- federal involvement. In almost everything we do in public schools and charter schools everyday. For example. We are held accountable. For. Any kind -- a little -- that we get title one money for example it for high poverty schools are poverty Putin. We have got to. Make sure that we perform according to title one guidelines where that money is cool. So -- so hard you bet -- federal over reach. In with -- war. Which seems to be. You know contradictory to. That it -- -- big money for whole host of other circle program every day. And or held accountable to them so. I don't. I couldn't even buy buy that argument. We we care. Do adhere to -- group guidelines for any any any thing. That we do on a daily basis. Air India as a parent yeah ran a school teacher remembered as -- superintendent school board member of charter leader. Race of the top title one No Child Left Behind -- gore. Alone and norms and on. And they still can't read -- write multiple. When it so that's an -- reaction but compared. To other countries they don't do it very well. And we don't seem to be -- in Louisiana and we seem to be improvement. But nationwide. The numbers have improved you ever ask him how can that be that's the basic. It's well I think part of it is this old system of standards to which we have held our thousand. For me I feel you know we're telling our children well. We only think you can do this much you know we don't wanna ask more of view because we don't think you're confident. Or capable enough to do. Something other than they have little bit right here if he can do more than some great. But for me to constantly lower our educational standards. And then we have college graduates. Who are better yet we have high school graduate who can't get to the colleges they wish to go to in and we have college graduates who can't get. The job that they want is because we have not armed them with the skills necessary. In order to be ready for those things. I don't think we realize how many international students attend universities here. In the United States. But -- -- allegation that they've received in the schools in their home countries is much better than the one that we're giving our children here. So when they go into the workforce and they go for that interview. Those children have been exposed to those skills those children don't need someone to explain it to them two and three times probably. They -- understand it. Whereas for some of our children they weren't exposed some of those concepts until maybe later in high school -- even into their collegiate years. We're not preparing them and meet if we don't get it together. Our children -- going to be left far behind. There -- there and Mickey thank you love so much for joining us. We're Shreveport combo will do this subject again try to get to back thank you so much as stubborn on the other big age 78 immoral 53 yeah.