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Jun 23, 2014|

BOB MITCHELL’s in for SCOOT with some great topics: Former New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin asked for letters of support from friends and family to receive a lighter sentence. The court also received a plea from his grandson that included a crayon drawing of the former mayor and him. Is this a low move, getting his grandson involved, or you do whatever it takes to stay out of jail? Pope Francis took on one of Italy's most dangerous organized crime groups, calling it an example of "the adoration of evil" and saying Mafiosi "are excommunicated.” So what are your favorite crime movies or TV shows? Our WWL/Paretti opinion poll: If the next United States World Cup soccer game was in the Mercedes Benz Superdome, would you attend?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is me Bobbitt shall be real Robert Mitchell filling in ports to begin tonight's dude is filling in for a Tommy Tucker welcome to the show Ali -- what's on our WWL -- table opened up the telephones to 601878. 8668890870. Technique. An 878. 87. I'm not picking on Ray -- know we have been talking about him often on now for the past couple weeks. And as you know he's been asking for letters of support from Orange and -- to receive a lighter sentence of course the judge today. Ruled there would not be a separate hearing for him getting a lighter sentence that. His attorney could argue for when the judge passes the clintons well the court also received the plea. -- promised grants and here's what's happened he's as friends and family members to write letters to the judge and say. What a nice ideas and what a class act he is and how he was here for New Orleans and I have have mercy on him. And the court also received the plea. From the mayor of grandson. Young kid I'm not sure how old he has -- I wanna say somewhere around seven or later -- that. And it included. A Korea on drawing. Fact of the -- on -- me even the younger of the former mayor and him. How is that -- -- in low even for Ray Nagin to -- Richard grand kid involved bigotry grandkids to right. Our own letter to judge. Does this make you feel I mean even. Even less respect for the former mayor 2601878866. And finally some of the war. Do you take the attitude if it were me. I would do whatever it takes to get out of jail. At first I thought that at first I had a little sympathy saying that. I would do whatever it takes to get out of jail but what I would be concerned about here. If you're asking your grandson. To write a letter to try to help you get it lighter sentence. Well what happens in the doesn't work. Kid gonna feel guilt. Is a kid in the field. Outlook -- grandfathered down is that gonna put a real burden on this kid for the rest of his life for along. So. I just think that it's really low and I think that is down in the gutter. When you try to get your your own grand kid involved what do you think 2601878. 8668890870. Well. What do you think of the US soccer games that are going on. I'm not a soccer fail in are you and here is our big it's seventy WW all protein jaguar opinion poll question. If the next few of world soccer game was in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. Would you buy tickets. To secure one late 7866. And nine poets of the and and and extend that a little bit. Given a choice. This is an easy question. Which means that everybody can call in and answer this question given a choice would you either. Watch World Cup soccer. For the fourth pre season saints game when all of stalkers. -- city. I would still pick the NFL game to a six year old late 78668. At 90870. And we have our light of the night. Our light question of the night. Saturday Pope France's. Put one of Italy's most dangerous organized crime groups calling an example of the adoration of evil. And say and mafia also as -- ex communicated. So in other words appear on the mafia your ex communicated from the church. You know if you take and why the whole bunch of people while you're either your grandson. Or not grandson nephew or whatever. -- is being baptized your ex communicated you know if if you or a good fellow your ex communicated so with that in mind. What are some of your favorite crime movies. Or TV shows and if you were lesbian right before the sports ended we were talking about course that there's no way no way in the world but you cannot. Mention things like the godfather. And good battles. And casino built probably three of the absolute best crime movies over reported. You also all looking looking at that whole budget TV shall not when it comes -- TV shows have been racking my brain about this is when. That's what goes back quite some time. So you younger guys probably will not remember this but one in my favor all the time crime TV series was the untouchables and I just maybe it. It means a little bit to me because I used to watch it with my dad and that those were just great to six year old late seventy. 866 and -- -- it certainly -- Take some calls go to Gary. Gary are you tonight. I guarantee you we'll talk about soccer so if the next few of World Cup soccer game was in the Mercedes-Benz superdome would you buy tickets. Oh all right question number two given a -- Would you watch World Cup soccer for the fourth pre season saints game of all the stars are on the bench with -- -- Out -- well. You you do what our follow what -- it. You watch soccer that I'd still watch him throw. I am I am just not a soccer fail and for the -- I don't understand the sport. I don't know the rules. And it it just seems to me that they can do a lot to improve it and I don't like the running clock where you can't call time out. And a -- like the fact that. They fate more injuries in soccer in one game in the NFL does in an entire season. Well I don't know about. I'm not not even now. -- what do you figure Ray Nagin. And and granted. It would. Oh isn't that old line though. Well it include. -- shot -- should know. But to me to me this is so over the line because what kind of pressure. And -- doesn't put on this grandson of it is. If the judge does not give him letters to the -- -- assailed my fault. I would think so too you know again are now I've I appreciate you go and they go she went to the show. Now let it go back to the socket deal. And -- -- -- -- You did better on TV so. Do you think. Since the US is in in this that America is finally starting to get in the soccer. I mean the TV ratings were up a little lead great the highest rating for pennies a soccer game. In the history of of televised soccer here in the states. But it is a no no I'll put. No way and our Ali -- -- outward like well I don't like well dimensional board. I don't know I don't know I don't watch baseball either I don't do much basketball -- -- issue. Right. I know election all of a lot to -- I mean ball. And yeah. And when -- -- I'm with final a final right. I'm on the exact they -- thank you Gary appreciate your call it -- All right 2601878668. At 90 it's -- -- I really want some calls on this situation with with Ray Nagin mean. I'm really again I'm not try and I'm not trying to -- -- OK and I'm not trying to do -- get on his case to get on his case. But when I read this thing that he gets his grandson. To write a letter to the judge and includes a cute little. -- on picture of he and his grip law just try to get it lighter sentence under if I made me maybe had even less respect for. 2601878. 8668 at nine point seven we have a whole bunch of -- -- -- viewer -- -- right now that danger quicktime will not be very long at all and if the next US World Cup soccer game. With in the Mercedes-Benz superdome would you buy a ticket to secure when it's seventy. 866 and I know it's family. I'm Bob Mitchell in -- go to and this -- the big -- seventy WWL AM at the men dot com. Pros do tonight our phone numbers 26 year old when -- 786689. OH seventy. RW WL Prodi drag -- opinion poll question if the next -- world. Cup soccer game was in the Mercedes-Benz superdome would you boss is a picture. Would you go. Would you go fully -- But tickets -- -- -- -- -- 78668. At nine point 78 or also are talking about mayor Ray Nagin. It's been going on now for one like to at least a couple of weeks though we're the mayors and asking family and friends. To send letters to the judge or write letters to his attorneys to present them to the judge actually -- the judge -- have them to try to give him a lighter sentence. Well it became all of with a variety. But he got his grandson. To Hitler and I just can't imagine. Asking -- -- To do something like that because I would have to imagine -- but those were the kids got to feel a little. -- I mean is this a low move. Getting his grandson involved forty take data to do whatever it takes to get out of jail -- go to rod rod how to you size up that. Market. It may include Aaron yeah I mean ending a pretty popular guy actually would launch site pretty popular guy -- -- right now and not presidential. -- -- You know I don't I'm pretty good article that bad years talking about -- -- in getting. Patent -- -- is trying to find typically do do do do we know that. -- went to Atlanta maybe I'll sit on the right good to meet me there. But I'm sure he could've stopped it look let's say for instance somebody in the family went to the sun what went to the grandson of Toledo this would really help. He could've stopped that he would know about it either way. Whether whether it's him whether the whether it's the attorney I just don't think you should put a child in that kind of position. Well I've just just gone down -- you know also for a comment -- you can make it -- night in response to that buckled and has. I guess it could be it makes a difference if if he approached grant as opposed to our -- has signed a poll has its grant. All right well let's let's let's say he lets say that his son -- approach. Wouldn't you if you were in that situation would news developments in no I don't want my grandson opens on July road. I mean if if he knew about it and it will -- of course he's -- -- little. Well under way. Understand. Different ethnic and I'm glad he got convicted in he should go to jail for the full amount of Egypt. You know -- you -- -- -- about. He's adamant they can about the consequences wouldn't do -- when he was doing. The bottom but. At the same time like Petraeus. I mean you you've gone on premise that oh -- new you know what have you and announcing it. May be his grant made your current actors who. Grandson to write write a letter incident it. And you know how -- -- -- -- get his -- -- and has been submitted. You know had already given that you know to -- and it immediately. In -- and got approval for the world to that you know. He's been great and about a tribe after grant and do that but if it's done. It is not -- -- into the latter could just help the top pot and let them whatever by their first -- grandfather and then on. You know how creative and BN as despicable as as you do well like it correctly -- war and our current curriculum. Even even if this undated if I were in those shoes I think I would say no I don't -- migrants and blow this but either way. What do you think about soccer the next -- US World Cup soccer game was in the Mercedes-Benz superdome to buy a ticket. Effect at at. Now one more question given a choice would you watch World Cup soccer or the fourth pre season saints game when all the starters are sitting on the bench. Have more interest in that frank can -- -- brought our work -- truck. I would too and our our light question of the night. What's your favorite crime movies or crime TV show. I have two favorite I mean Arafat and everybody trader and I really like untouchables. Movie yes absolutely. And I also like American gangster. That was very very well liked about that scene in the untouchables when when these die in Sean Connery is Diane and what you like -- You know not that that was a great movie. -- previously would. Andy Garcia on the steps. In. When he got told me he had a club in the model to. Obama yeah now I thank you run appreciative voting and tonight. Are all right 26 year old -- 78668. At nine point seven let's go to Bruce in band of -- how are you Bruce. All I'm doing great value are you -- soccer fan. I am but I didn't grow up but soccer fan I would I don't always gonna tell Australian. You know living here and and all -- -- my kids started off late in soccer early on in -- and a coach and a little bit. And actually. -- below forty you know only too well started playing really get in Lebanon. That that is you know I think that's still what and it apathy toward soccer is that people have exposure in the note that on the the game has. It is very difficult and and -- it's it. You know iPad you believe that some of the rules could be lightened up a bit and make it more extent. I mean they cut the in the off sides springs and things like at a low. Over the top or you know our children subjected and I do believe that. They -- take entries on net has been stopped but other than -- it the court in saint it and it's who has played in the but don't that would be blatant and don't go to -- -- -- political side. And now that will let you play it but it's typical payment Greenland like it to my student with my son. One made up. -- major gravitate toward go for your son's soccer rather than football. All he -- he's -- he wasn't very big kid and you know humans are quick and that talent. Good little defensive player in yeah yeah X you know excelled at. And I got to watching. So the high school ball and it's it's it's an enjoyable sport -- it. I know people are. -- of this -- and due to but I think. I definitely -- get a baseball. I really enjoy chocolate on what you get below in the game a little bit people. Understand it and it's highly highly competitive at that. Local league and noted that the world -- what's going on right now it's it's it's on the it's the number one sport in the world. I know that -- -- just the number one in my book it's not gonna. Well. You know made it. Bruce -- Any thoughts on the situation with Ray Nagin you know. I I have to honestly admit I do not know if he personally asked his grandson to write a note but someone did and I'm sure the mayor knew about it -- I don't think there's any way that. You could write letters. Asking for leniency and the person who you're writing them about does not take a look at that but either way -- -- is is that a good spot to put a child in. Of course won't argue very desperate man right now I think. That's why this could be true or not but I think usually very desperate and I don't don't want Stan grant spotlight in jail. Well you know he's looking at possibly the -- years and and although blessed gentleman called and said the we do not know it may be the the child's father passed but either way. I just don't think I would wanna put. My grand child in that kind of position to write a letter. For pops. And then if if it didn't work I'm sure that kids got to feel that he he he letting down enough that's what I have against. Yeah. You know when you're desperate we in Tokyo predictable situation and it should do some pretty big thing they'll -- -- you know -- You know an addition to -- data from the standpoint that anything display out of jail. That what you're looking at. All right Bruce operation out of voting in. All right thank you thank you so much a right to 601 late 7866. And a nine a late seventy let's go to Chris Chris are you tonight. -- Check out what -- or it. That's. Right the latter and a picture -- secretary -- the extra. You know -- thought I'd look at this vote went to the calls you back made a point that we do not know. If the mayor went to the child parsley no we don't but we know -- I don't care who went to the child. The letter was written and and the mayor and I've it could have been me I would hope. That I would have enough class to say no no no on the weak weak weak kick -- depicted involved -- this. Hit it solid lead at no class. Jerry did it. Are you a soccer fan interest. -- -- -- given a choice would do. Attend World Cup soccer at the superdome. Or the fourth pre season game obviously it's where all the storms are sitting on the sideline. Operatic acquisitions and -- also got to respect and. What about you know the Pope -- officially said that of the mafia also is being excommunicated from the Catholic Church. So what are some are your favorite crime TV shows or prime movies. Actress you know that is -- Erica Erica living little long but -- -- in Connecticut today. That's our estimate -- And so was the last one. -- but the movies don't -- mentioned scar face to the yeah. And and Donnie Donnie Brasco that was all the -- and so. So a lot a lot of the market tumbled. You know that series. That they have on the mafia. That's very very good that's the way -- -- does is it called mobsters is that what it's called. It's like -- certain that they picked it. Champion out and play and Aoki and I'll. Do it yet that -- By Chris I appreciate Ellington. All right 26017866. And nine point seven have a whole bunch alliance global delighted so if you want -- -- -- please. Should be able to -- Straight on so you wait won't be long at all this past weekend I -- for the first time I watched a watched part. Volvo. The soccer game and I'd just. I just can't get into it against the biggest thing is is that. I don't know the rules I mean I really I really have no interest at all and so are. Much more interest in in in football. And I guess. I don't know I guess we'll -- with what would you guys thought if the next few of World Cup soccer game was in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. Would you buy a ticket let's go to press. Chris what about you would you buy a ticket if the World Cup soccer game was in the superdome. Now our cancer that I would. Since the World Cup did you start -- try to be I am. Portal one the -- Wayne say on a listen to -- game. And really -- -- you know it not that it. I don't know -- that great -- ball. Rate on that ball great and I guess what we consider Americans or change. You know -- and soccer itself to. That really don't want to try you know. I'm I'm the -- lay -- -- just Washington. I don't get excited and in though it seems to me that. A guide to you know he gets any little minor injury in the they are there days they've big rabbit and the he would try to slow the game down -- they carry him off on a stretcher. And that the from the standpoint I think they can't call time -- -- that's probably why they do that you know and. Absolutely and that not the -- like rugby over you know ironically. It is resembles somewhat well on probably think it's probably. Upward and American football because -- like on and it's not you know. All -- you know -- -- that we. You know I a pocket Orton and doctorate to and -- -- -- With Ray Nagin. Is big -- over re acting here from the standpoint that. On grandson of it is if requested to write a letter to the judge I don't know. I think you're spot on I really gave and that's your job to understand. Some and that he couldn't where stance on never. You know write or call eight or child to do something that no adult should do it. And in -- -- I guess I looked at it and possible even if he did not ask him. I think I think the judge received policy thirtieth 35 letters. There is no way but I think we would be incredibly naive to think that the mayor. Did know something about we'd have to be incredibly naive to think that they didn't sit right. And an -- and what color what color guilt is this kid in the field. Exactly yeah just like it he goes to jail. Burnett is on the wrong right order. He doesn't -- or just just like where we're confident it has so been wrong word -- you mean really that statute is that. A lot per child. It it just makes you. And did it it makes my skin crawl because I'm I'm thinking that you know this did. Could grow up thinking hey you know -- I wasn't able to help my gripe about it out of jail. Are about what about your favorite crime movies or a crime TV shows. When you say you've never heard carpet carpet by by all means I've ever had is a great movies I absolutely love that which you know now when you know I. And you can tell you. I love that every time the elevator and -- There there are couple movies star faces one. God father yeah I got other -- idea I don't care how many times it comes on TV I'm gonna want I want you at that -- out in a -- why people tell me I cannot believe -- watching that movie and it's -- it's actually at the point now where. I mean I know half full lines in the movie you know. Well I think what a car needs -- that outlook. Watch any of the television shows are on. It sounds movie -- movie -- bought out in car made by one but -- Donnie Brasco. So let the most popular. Crime in movies in much like. On -- you know -- where they are out on grass is certainly do. -- Hopefully action is not a mom believe it is a crime movies. Though so. Chris I appreciate falling into that anything you wanna add to the show. Now. All right 2601 late 7866. And at 90 late seventy. Our phone lines are open we're talking about the situation a Foreman orally as mayor Ray Nagin his grandson wrote a letter to the judge that you really think this is right. Warren to deport a child in that kind of position were also talking about of course. World Cup soccer if the next US World Cup soccer game was in numbers say these Benz superdome would you buy a ticket you can go online at WWL dot com. But simply call me at 2601878. 8668 at 90870. And I want all your favorite mob or crime movies and TV shows. Whole bunch Alonso eventually won't be a long -- 2601 late 78668890. Late Sunday and welcome back the show. I'm Bob Mitchell filling in for us -- tonight our biggest -- ready jaguar opinion poll question. If the next US World Cup soccer game was in the Mercedes-Benz superdome would you. Buy a ticket comet to -- 7866. And a 9087. Were also talking about the former New Orleans Mayor. That he's been asking for letters of support from prince and -- receive a letter -- to the court also received the plea from his grandson. -- not. Been able to figure out or determine exactly how young his grandson is. But it included a -- on drawing. Of the former mayor in him so that would. Lead you to believe that the kid is very very young. Should be getting. A child involved in this I mean this is this a low move even for the former mayor or. You do whatever you have to do to stay out of jail let's go to let's go to Andrew Andrew thank you calling WWL -- I'm -- argue I'm doing okay tonight you know and yeah. -- Good for you so much. -- -- Well they start that would bruise or are -- should boost our mandate. And can drag and grandson and that kind of buried in. -- just what your opinion on net. We'll have already said my opinion panel and on the oh okay. What my thought -- this. You have a young child and you're asking the young child to basically write a letter to help you get a shorter jail terms of what happens. If it's not successful argued in the pile lot of guilt on this kid. Our allotment of four great teacher -- it teaches. -- forward. In the full college kids there at that and wouldn't think so I don't think so I would I would -- you know. It was. Really. And in. The -- not because you were there so. Yeah. -- -- -- -- Actual people want -- people along. Intifada that. He. Needed. And and you don't windows and took approval can be. Get money. And in Britain there. Don't. Worry you'll -- it. The technical. -- -- a better perspective on people. Who yeah. Are you a soccer fan Andrew. An opportunity Arctic but there were a couple of -- to -- Belmont -- You can buy a ticket if Sophie had a chance between watching World Cup soccer. And this fourth -- pre season game of all the starters on the bench which would you choose. Our policies -- you don't see soccer -- Angel. Okay the but the Yemeni unity favorite. Rhyme or mob movies or TV shows like to watch. The one. -- please. Don't wish. The and also Cuomo the abolition of the -- to. -- very good I can do appreciate your call up your -- let's go to Michael in -- power you Michael. -- -- -- I can hear you Michael. And have to hang up on in my. All right. 260 late 7866. And -- nine OH seventy. I'm Bob Mitchell in pursuit on the big -- seventy WWL AMF and the dot com Bob actually real Robert Mitchell filling in for student. All right got the text machine up running against what they get caught up a couple of quick text messages you can also start technique at 8787. To to you Michael and Rick in just the second. And there has no respect force on the at all he should get every year that -- him. And this was -- there awhile and here's one that goes the other way. No problem with -- granted writing a letter to the judge today anything to the stay out of jail time. Let's go to Michael in Algiers Michael are you tonight. I don't item number Doolittle did. So far so good. Our outlook. Traumatic first involvement talk about the soccer game I'm not a soccer -- com won't drop a load of football on our imported -- right now I'd love football but. American football -- W. I'd only -- given a choice would you or would you either go to a World Cup soccer game or the fourth pre season saints game all the starters on the edge of a I still I'd still watch the football game. Yeah yeah. But well let that part failure I think obviously -- -- my life and -- go -- and I don't hate it because -- beautiful but all the people all the people that. From the ball. They go to Atlanta became an Atlanta well cannot be seen Georgia. Okay -- nobody in Stan. Boot -- and you know -- elevate judges' panel who don't. And not legal and up because the attorney Marc -- mob movie. -- -- -- -- right that was a good move. I don't think. A topic that no it was it wasn't that wasn't good movies that. That darn good movie. -- -- -- -- drop a dime and there. What are what about the right day. -- and using using a letter from his -- is it true that. Get a lighter sentence. That erupted. Around yet so are waiting lest he break it out yet. Mapped -- ports and I can tell malcontent digit you can figure this out. Well no because -- but -- artwork and City Hall at the built in -- tank -- and on aren't disclosed company. But -- met him and the unity. But don't just think -- -- -- using a letter from -- grand kid is putting that poor child and a tough position. It -- Well all right Michael and eventually into the show. Well under it and. You know you really are falcon -- I can tell so I'm gonna say I'm gonna say goodbye. 260178668890870. Rick I tell you what if like come to you right now can only give you about maybe 62 to -- and ask you to do me a big favor and hold and I'll get to your right after the top of the hour and that -- can give up all -- caught up a couple of text messages because. I wanna hear your opinion on all of these topics 260178668. At 90 it's seventy. Here's a text message well let's that he once upon a time in America. There's a great crime movie is another one -- departed with Jack Nicholson great great great. Crime -- and if you wondered why you're talking about crime movies and mom -- in crime TV shows. Because over the weekend. The pope's. That he had a what the monthly -- and that the Monfils has been officially excommunicated from the Catholic church of the means that you know if you are the godfather. You excommunicated. If if you're in if if if you're a mobster. You excommunicated. You have no you you have no shot let's see what else. Rate as a maniac talk about Ray Nagin had his chance to do. Had his change his chance -- it was able changed three years. But didn't do not quite sure what that means I think he's talking about probably -- Don -- As a mayor for those three years. As far as using the grandson that's pathetic if I'm the judge I give him the maximum sentence. All right Puyallup fold in during the news a job -- ready to go after the top the hour Rick give me a big favor and stay with me. 2601 late 7866889. Points of -- cuts several lines on the flip for the weight won't be that long. I'm Bob Mitchell is the Stewart show the big date seventy WWL AM -- on the dot com.