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Jun 23, 2014|

BOB MITCHELL’s in for SCOOT with some great topics: Former New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin asked for letters of support from friends and family to receive a lighter sentence. The court also received a plea from his grandson that included a crayon drawing of the former mayor and him. Is this a low move, getting his grandson involved, or you do whatever it takes to stay out of jail? Pope Francis took on one of Italy's most dangerous organized crime groups, calling it an example of "the adoration of evil" and saying Mafiosi "are excommunicated.” So what are your favorite crime movies or TV shows? Our WWL/Paretti opinion poll: If the next United States World Cup soccer game was in the Mercedes Benz Superdome, would you attend? Different regions of Sweden are planning to test the impact of shorter hours on productivity. One group of government workers will work 6-hours a day; another will work the 8. Do you think companies would get more done with a 6 hour work day? How many hours do you currently work a week?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And it has made Bob Mitchell be real Robert Mitchell filling in for us to tonight. Here's what's on our WWL. Talked tables we take the show to midnight. Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin has been asking for letters of support for an impairment receive a life sentence has been going on for. A couple weeks don't know the court. I'm think it was Friday the court received a plea. From his grandson. That include -- on drawing of the former mayor in -- I've got to note. But I decided not to rated. But notice from the grants that's a very very simple bought for five page note but. -- I don't think I don't think that would be proper for media I don't I don't wanna. Have this this this child in Paris and my question to you is is this the right thing to do. To your own grandchild to get him involved in the situation like this. If it doesn't work of the mayor gets a large sentences for child of appeals are -- guilt. That's where I'm coming from 260178668. Point 90 its seven it. Is this a low move even for a Ray Nagin 260178668890. It's suddenly we have are pretty jaguar opinion poll question. If the next Jewish World Cup. Soccer game with a number CDs Benz superdome would you buy. Ticket you can go on line at WWL dot com and cast your vote let me unchecked rule quickly forwarded to the polls. Now I'm surprised at this. 60% say yes. Only 40% say no one definitely in the know and over the weekend. The Pope. Those are light question of the night the Pope. Took on -- that is Italy's most dangerous organized crime groups he said the -- else's. The mafia appear in the mafia you were excommunicated. From the Catholic Church take that. Thought I wanna know what are some -- your all time favorite crime or mob movies or TV shows. And not only don't want you to call Lynn and to be the title -- -- -- navy tell me who your favorite character. In the movie is and may be your favorite scene or two from movie to six or 1870. 866889087. Let's go to -- Down in saint. But -- partial or you Rick. What I'm doing public let's start off with your favorite crime movie. Yeah. These. Companies know what would your favorite scene are -- favorite character in the movie. Well but you know and of course that you mention that the way they would. -- -- Yeah. I tell you that that was a gruesome gruesome scene. Yeah I want an -- of the second battle that would have debated the the bottom. You don't I had for a combo I'm so glad you brought that up I'd I'd forgotten about The Sopranos TV show. What you know I think Tony Soprano just a -- he was my favorite on on the show. And I never did like the psychiatrist. Adding to evidence that -- actors these. -- I didn't care for it and I don't remember the that the actor but the one that played a Tony's cousin the one that the gun out of jail and he was going to be a masseuse -- -- and the. Bet that that that didn't last that didn't last long at all you know on the even got the -- is open noise. I want to what do you think of Bob and Ray Nagin following a plea from his grandson. How we look at every day. Yet but why. -- There. -- -- -- -- -- Chocolate -- All I honestly -- he stood up and chocolate city without. On. Set appropriately. Yeah because you know I've I've mentioned in a couple times and in and you know and that's that's where I'm coming from from the standpoint that. If if it doesn't work if he he gets a severe sentence is this kid gonna feel guilt I mean I have I have the note but I do not wanna read it on the air and it. If it's -- looks like it's from a very very. Young child you know I have the best grandfather in the world you know stuff like that it it just looks very very young. And -- I don't know. I would hope if I were in that situation. Would be able to not allow Mario and with someone. To get my grandson involved in what about soccer if the next US World Cup soccer game was in the Mercedes-Benz superdome would you buy a ticket. Are -- more on that what I'm not without. See that there aren't players and couple. This with. And at the and then. You know. I I'd try to understand it but I can understand and it Powell you know why would you even played for a top. Why would they even have applied. It would I would think that when he gets this far this kind of like in the NFL you can have a tie in pre season but -- to get into the playoffs you can have a tough. Correct and it didn't watch it in but. That. That look like it. And -- -- I would think so thank you Rick appreciated. Let's go to die and river -- or to die and MOK you'd say you'll talk about your favorite mob movie or TV. Series. Can lower your favorite characters and those from the favorite scenes. My basic care it -- -- think demand you know the and. No but you know. -- you don't like the. And what about you at least like to. The -- right. We're both -- is it like it is they need an -- -- wasn't. Marlon Brando right right but but that but then but then there was the who played the younger godfather of -- Brandel played the older dog flown there. No detailed -- while Jindal didn't play the the young godfather in oh in Italy. Before it came over here. Robert. What. Robert and light. Both -- and senior moment here. You bet it would. Oh -- spot them. I I'd like the scene when Michael decides to take out everybody. And they're baptized in the child you know Michael the UN and -- there. Did that without of the church spoke out is the south. You've gotten -- I was beat the -- And I also thought like the one -- the the brother in law he touches the brother in -- and he comes back and he says. It's a pot and -- what you'd you'd think you'd think I'd I'd I'd make -- my own sister willow. And then -- Then there hasn't killed Diane. What do you think about the situation with Ray Nagin and having his grandson. Write a letter. Is that low. This is that put that poor child and in the top position. -- Is right. Then there and the -- right but. What they hadn't mentioned. What is -- right. Well being. In this article. Telling them you will. And you look at the morning you don't. You know let's turn -- -- that that's that's a very good and now today at that's a good analogy and you know what what what I out. Wonder about is if it doesn't come true this is poor child feel bad as a sport child feel guilty in his portrayal -- you know. Like I couldn't help pops it out of jail and that that's what model like. You know you might not. Matter the end you know. At the top of the Internet. And the big part of how well. He wiped them and don't worry about -- and played in in in -- I really believe that his punishment that political. I'm going to -- Ready drag were painful question if the -- -- -- -- what it's not what they wouldn't be able to. -- will be able -- afford -- because they would support department and will be so many people from other places. Arnold are way it's supposed to get a free ticket. There were supposed to Bulger can choose between World Cup soccer. Or of these -- fourth pre season game with all the starters sitting on the sideline. I'm. Saying do you want eaten. -- -- -- -- -- This team to both of us are like -- really don't like soccer I've try to get in. I'm I don't know -- it is there being a lot. -- Go to that guy a free ticket to go out and. All right Diane thank you for being part of the show tonight. All right to secure 17866889. -- -- I'm Bob Mitchell interest duke welcome back with more your phone calls have come back with your text messages. I'm gonna put something new on our WWL talked table in Sweden. They're getting ready to test the impact of a six a war. Work today saying that might be more productive. That people. Won't be working as hard. And won't get as -- as much. And work -- per hour Carter. I don't know it's a ligament too lazy people made. 260 -- 7866889087. -- Bob Mitchell improved boot and I'm Bob Mitchell in for us tonight to take part of the show we have lines open. Won't be long at all where you to wait 260178668890870. -- Europe next will be with you. And the second but I wanna add this to our WWL talked able. Parts of the country of Sweden. -- planning to test the impact of shorter hours and productivity. That's -- experiment that'll begin in July the first one group of government workers or who were six or today while noble work eight. After a year the government is going to analyze the results and decide whether the six. While we're day brings about savings in the form of fewer sick as sick days I guess they feel at eight hours today initial too hard to work about what people get sick. Do you think American companies would get more done by its workers. If the work week was cut back from like forty hour work week to a thirty hour work week in other words would you worked any harder. If you were working thirty hours and so the -- forty dollars how many hours do you work. A week. Mean I don't know that should matter one -- of the other urban do you work. Better if you work less hours. Mean if if you have a job hunt and in your -- that dedicated to your job your you know you -- six hours or eight and in in general. Do you work more or less hours then your parents. In my dead -- dead put in a full day's work every day but it went to work somewhere around. The 5 o'clock in the morning and came home around four clocked in in the afternoon they were down at the morning call call priest and his. Slowing gaining coffee in and -- holiday. And he he certainly were more than the six hour workday. So do you work more or less hours then your parents and would you work better do you think your company that American companies would get more done. If we went to a six hour workday to -- will late 7866. -- nine point seven let's go to Paul Paul how are you tonight. Does it make any sense all the that you worked lest you would get more done. Not a -- I worked. I work hard every day in and and and every every hour forty hours to get our work done. Now do you work more or less than your parents. Right now probably work. More than my -- -- when he was my age but dumb. Piccolo or more than he did it except when he was first working deep problems we -- a lot or hot here. Well I don't work as much now as I did let's say ten years ago but but there was a time that. At one point in my radio career when I was on the year and a programming. I -- a twelve hour day was a short day. Thought he worked in the oil field when he was in his twenties and take some -- 1618. Hours a normal day. And I don't think I've ever work that art. But you know he'd be put a lot of work candidate and the executive and then and -- it paid off and -- -- at the work of art. Do you think that the the current generation we have right now do you think for a are not as dedicated as the older generation. It depends on what they're doing there interest Bennett they're very dedicated or not they they attend -- attended. Be looking to the next best thing. Right are you won't talk about is that mob movies. Yeah exactly cup tie you know I agree that the treaty's call -- -- paper got Pollard -- and really close -- -- to. But they -- characters were in the first movie Marlon Brando out -- And and -- -- integrity now. And cappuccinos. Is guarding -- in the hospital. And he leaned into that wakes up in the other room to. -- pop that's when he hurt and not and not an elite to be in -- apparently and it is like for a in the go ahead. The second the second favorite -- that movies that way and Marlon Brando's and -- -- It's. And he told the rest but that people don't and it's but he super there's unpacked into the country. And it says. You know -- episode -- -- by a bold -- he's bitter about the people were. But secretary right there. I I like the one. I cannot remember his name but actually. The guy that Michael thought. That sold -- out. And is that. Yes at the bar and he says you know Michael Corleone says hello but I actually he had the wrong guy that and he that was not the -- Well that was -- got -- it right. -- it and got voted to. You know like what you see the one that sticks out is when -- new era beyond me eat -- -- -- the yeah. The white student black -- When he when he speaks into that that's stairwell. And then when guys get shot he doesn't know what the capital just -- ripped open. At the ground. I'd like the scene when the land the word is -- and -- already reduced their dollar and it. Oral Deanna was of that was the policy ever wish you could be the godfather for a day. Not really. You know it's a lot more. And just -- -- -- president rather than hold somebody who are. Paul or. Real quick like are -- a -- friends. -- You know Takenaka -- most sports. And I guess the World Cup interest me when it's due to that the -- -- on Wednesday. I'm I'm just not into it if if I were given a free ticket would go. Probably would never attend what would in the united state and stereo. You know at a stadium. Like and in a big city close to meet. Up an hour ago he he US like like I would never travel. Paul you're -- comment on Ray Nagin. You know after our -- I really do you. -- it is letters that got a little bit of an hour it's overrule his cup. But is that kind of -- low giving your grandson to write a letter to the judge so -- have mercy on my grandfather. You know -- -- say -- that beat darkness grant grants and it -- Well even my point is that the obviously a very very young kid reading the contents -- -- -- I would have to think no more than seven or eight. Even if someone else Ashton and do it. I would not allow my grandchild will be put in that on the situation because. I thought I'd be afraid that if the results of the sentenced to not come -- the way everyone wants to come out in the Nagin family that the kid could have a lot of guilt that's the that's my. Up I agree you know if you are standing in big and -- -- I would accept a letter from -- inside. But it would -- well. Thank you Paul appreciate -- -- in part thank you all right Brian in -- how are you tonight. I'm bill -- in my -- -- how many hours of data you work. I'll Wear my cell. Though what I mean give me an average of only hours today. 88. Do you think that American companies would get more done if they. Reduced the workday to a six hour work day. That could that -- adopt the work smarter not hotter. And I think the problem. We worked other people there's always drama you know nowadays that the workplace. Got to be careful what you today. And and yet to go back to political -- as if you really want that ball -- go to. Really. Do you work or less than you're dead. Or less what. Excellent job -- -- that he -- Our police officer -- There are all go home. That that is an absolutely that is about Italy thankless job. Yeah. 3032. Years on the floor. And he retired at twelve years ago. Though there -- a premier and interior Mardi Gras would now wannabe cop on the fifteen -- ship. I seal on my screen you will make a comment about the -- -- a long way in his grandson to write a letter to the judge. Why it's a trial ought to be under an interest spent a cup while audit and in North Carolina I noticed about them there and COLT trot out the smoothness of it attitude seemed to be very narcissistic. And this just seemed like he was. Bigger than the law -- at at certain point. -- -- reap certain bank of sweet piece that. It has been a little -- number we're seeing a lot of people on the new stated this guy is really weird attitude of being in the car keys and and I'm not network they have a right Nagin -- -- you know after the chocolate city comments. But dumb comments he made boat. Well it too though don't sixty minutes about New York -- whole program run and it just. You know it's he'd like to -- strong -- -- important human -- -- Great -- like this the really big scumbag commit. Well in all I would have to. -- -- I guess he's not taking into consideration. That if that doesn't work -- mean you know all innocent children aren't and a lady. Compared it earlier. To a child writing a letter to Santa Claus for a bike for Christmas and then. They don't get it they think well I must've been a bad boy or bad girl but if -- applied and get the bike. And what what I have against this is that. You you're having your grandson trying to help you get it lower sentence and then if it doesn't work out is the grand -- gonna think he did something wrong is get a feel guilty. Well I don't think aggravates me about that it -- make it seem like it's certainly not the more than a -- thought that it can you multifamily. Maybe you know out it'll light a certain. And yup -- scumbag -- that they -- put differently and individually and. All right the Pope Saturday. Said that. The mafia also. Has been excommunicated. From the Catholic Church if you remember of the mob -- ex communicated is up on Olympic interest in tonight. To take people may be favorite mob movies or favorite mob TV shows do you have any. -- -- What's your favorite scene in good fills. Where negate bigger that would joked that he did and -- out -- on the issue but I'm not handle now. By -- -- -- the CNET speaks out to meet -- -- and -- movie. In and then they. Like the one where. The the guys in the in the trunk of the car they they think he's dead. And -- east is still kicking in in in the trunk of the car. Mandate that they go into Joseph Patrice mother's house. And he he needs the night but he said what some been -- is -- that they're gonna go company dear. Yeah. But that that's a pretty crazy move they. It is. Favorite TV show crime oriented as well. I unlike all the C asides that there's a new it's it's a ball -- the distilled crime a Chicago police. Have you seen that. Yeah but that's been shattered bat for me is when my father when he lost when he first walked the first the F side. Because that is incredibly unrealistic because the -- people don't know what to do it capital wanted to tell him what go to detective and one bit tell him what to do. -- I always thought that was a bit much -- that the big the people who who collect the evidence show up and they take over. -- think about it depicts some can't investigate and should yeah. The it's not necessarily crime but it probably orange. -- was strange. I've I've followed fringe. Except the last couple of seasons got way too confusing for me. The the -- complain about it everyone -- Everyone white in early on couldn't count like from Republican ex club and it's completely weird -- The good news it was like watching the TV show lost you've got lost watching it. I am pretty sure the same god that made -- that many deaths yet. Well maybe that explains -- well thank you Brian. All right to a six year old late 7866889087. Let me check the results of our big if Sony for a jaguar opinion poll question. Still hanging about. The if the next US World Cup soccer game was in the Mercedes-Benz superdome would you buy tickets 40%. Say yes. 60% say. -- and you can go on line or you can simply call me yet to secure 17866. And 9087 if you just. Tuning in here's what we -- are talking about tonight. Different regions of Sweden in the country of Sweden or planning at just the impact. Of shorter work days in other words rather than in a downpour today. A six were were one group of workers will be working -- slow today another will be working -- and they're going to compare. Who did the most work and whether it was more productive though I don't know what kind of job you have but do you think you would get more done with a six or workplace. In just in general how about calling me and tell me how many hours. Do you currently work a week and do you work more. Or less than your parents and our light of the night are are light caution of the night is the Pope. Saturday said the mafia also there are all going to hell they're all excommunicated okay. So what ought to be interesting tonight the have you told him with some of you you your favorite a crime movies or you know you mob movies or did you your favorite prime TV shows that. A crime TV series. The -- old TV series of but I still remember. That I liked and I used to watch with one dead. I'm not even sure what year was on the untouchables what Eliot -- love that show. 260 late 78668890870. Bob Mitchell -- brief phone -- we -- lines opens all the way it'll be very very short. Or you can text me at -- 787 on Bob Mitchell and -- -- On WWL. I'm Bob Mitchell and forced to tonight there's always something new a WWL dot com -- -- football finale will be. Thanksgiving night. At Texas a and M check out our breakdown of the tigers Turkey day performance plus. How much are you playing at the pump gas prices rose eight cents in the past week Tripoli predicts prices for the long hot summer also at -- -- World Cup fever no. Check out our tracker you can filed team to a slim volumes and do you judge a book by its cover it got -- raids through its latest blog. Why is it wrong to judge -- by gay pride after Reid and he got a cease Bud's latest cartoon. That's all on line right now at WWL. Dot com like guys in Russia. A good example -- hate us. Russian women may soon be undergone a dramatic -- over. If -- Kremlin lawmaker has of way and pushes through a ban. On high heels. No more high heels Foreman in Russia if this guy has usually. All right if you're just tuning in here's what we are talking about -- got a couple things that are WWL talk table talking about an experiment. In Sweden and I would really love to have your opinion on -- -- navy may be if you're in management. Would it work better. Would people work harder or people accomplish more but they produce more when they get sick west if you want from day. Eight hour work -- to wait 60 worked. And also like to hear from you may be able what is the hardest. You've ever worked in anyone's ever have any -- on usual jobs -- jobs that are out of the ordinary or maybe jobs that. Ain't here no more like for instance. I've been in radio almost all my life but there there was occurred at time when that was not and I had a fund work to support my family. And I did. Home delivery -- which I do not think they even have anymore I think that world jobs it ain't there are no more. And I had to get up about 3330. In the morning and go to -- board needs. All on airline highways and get my little delivery. -- -- Kendall hall this milk all around -- grows heavier than Iowa as. And then of course in the afternoon -- to go back and you're -- this cooler and drag all the Milken to Europe your truck that was probably probably the hardest. That I ever had worked so. What's the hardest that you government work and does anyone have any. -- usual jobs that that you did. You know may be some relief crazy crazy jobs jobs that the that maybe we would not be aware Albert don't think about that much. Everyday -- got some lines open. 2601 late seventy. 866 and a 90870. Do you think companies will get more done with six hour -- -- I don't know about that I guess maybe. Which you have to have a lunch hour on a six or. If you only -- six hours maybe you could shorten down to maybe a twenty minute launch or something like that. But I'm a little -- the hardest in your life that you worked 26017866. And 90 it's heavily. And I want maybe maybe the weirdest. The Rangers. Or the most -- usual job. That anyone has ever done 260170. 8668 at 9087 -- break. And then we'll open the phone lines up when you can call in the -- will be almost nothing. I want -- on -- -- lead with a really unusual job to a six year one late 7866. And it finally disseminate text mate. And -- 7870.