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Jun 23, 2014|

BOB MITCHELL’s in for SCOOT with some great topics: Former New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin asked for letters of support from friends and family to receive a lighter sentence. The court also received a plea from his grandson that included a crayon drawing of the former mayor and him. Is this a low move, getting his grandson involved, or you do whatever it takes to stay out of jail? Pope Francis took on one of Italy's most dangerous organized crime groups, calling it an example of "the adoration of evil" and saying Mafiosi "are excommunicated.” So what are your favorite crime movies or TV shows? Our WWL/Paretti opinion poll: If the next United States World Cup soccer game was in the Mercedes Benz Superdome, would you attend? Different regions of Sweden are planning to test the impact of shorter hours on productivity. One group of government workers will work 6-hours a day; another will work the 8. Do you think companies would get more done with a 6 hour work day? How many hours do you currently work a week?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And I'm Bob Mitchell and for stood here's what's on our WWL -- tables we take -- -- show to midnight tonight for a while I've got some lines open John. From collection will be reviewed just -- second. 260187866889087. ES TN. To -- whopping eighteen point 22. Million viewers for Sunday's USA Portugal match. Making it the most watched soccer game ever in the US are you becoming. A soccer fan. And that brings us to our brigades seventy Prodi drag -- opinion poll question. If the next US soccer World Cup soccer game was in the Mercedes-Benz superdome would you buy a ticket. And if you had a choice between that ticket. RC in the port pre season game of the same slow start sitting on the bench which would you choose I'd I'd still I'd still watched the NFL. Our on our talk table that this is this is something that I think it could be interesting and fun as the night goes off. There's certain regions of Sweden but are planning to test the impact. Of working shorter hours on productivity in on the words instead of working -- holiday work six -- today. And will people work harder so do you think companies would get more done will play six our workplace. I think it's the kind of thing that if you were to say well look if you want to worked a six hour workday here is what we have to accomplish and and you did it that way. But I don't think just cutting it from eight to six would work but if if people don't understand that they've that they've got to produce. A certain amount of -- have to produce pretty much in six hours what they normally did in eight hours. And I wanna know how many hours. A week do you currently worked you work more. Or less hours than your parents about double -- really really interest -- I'm sure that. Many of you ought to have gotten -- great storage potentially one and -- the hardest. The most unusual. Or the most satisfying job that you overhead. The hardest. The most than usual. Are the most satisfying job but you're overhead to secure -- 17866. And a 90870. And our light question of the night. Saturday. The pope's that appear in the mafia you're excommunicated. From the Catholic Church so Michael courtly old. Your -- here a moment Pope met Pope okay. What are some -- -- favorite. Mob or crime. Movies or TV shows. In a woman -- the characters alike and it and just tell me a little bit about why you'll like that particular movie or maybe a favorite scene from the movie okay. 2601 late 7866. And 90870. Not a lot of whole time to much to those of you may be who tried to get through other nights and has been kind of busy tonight a little light flow of people in. John Detroit to go in just a compliment let's go to John in Texas John thank you so very much for holding. Hello I'd like to make a comment sure. Even. Shorter work make week may help. Quality productive minutes there's also been involved that works source and these groups have studied. How could. Companies like Monsanto has for the employees -- -- Weekends off work in the holidays. Good constructive. Family activities available they found that production in because when they've reported back to work Monday -- refreshed and ready to go to work bank. I -- jury and tell me about the -- unusual job you ever had. All right okay to six year old late 7866. And a nine point 78. We're looking for do you think a short work week will like this less journalists have produced more work and also I wanna know the hardest. The most satisfying. Or the most when usual job that you -- -- to six year old late 7866889. Point seven atomic. Will be with you and just the second here's the text budget in 1970. I sold fresh flowers out of the back in my station -- -- canal and Harrison. Those were the good old days today want would be crazy to try to you know reminded me. When I was a tip I've totally forgot about this my dead used to grow partially. In the back to the house about go to the park the -- -- bunches and they'll sell them to a couple of the neighborhood grocery stores Solomon though. The most satisfying. The hardest. Or the most than usual job your overhead to six year old -- 78668. At 908 sub in a school of Tommy and Gonzales -- atomic. I'm doing fine how -- you tonight. What about work what with a six -- -- we'd be better than an eight hour work week. It sunny day not -- today. And a -- meant a six hour workday it's not sick or -- I wouldn't really know about back about. How many -- how many hours do you normally worked. -- -- Trouble came up a special work -- -- -- all should. And market. Work toward local bottling company -- -- opposite you know all the energy and -- -- -- are the ones. Most physical. -- -- And that would be based on. Chase what I would stop by so no. -- We -- shape I can't let alone chase everyday work out basically a Major League. Pitcher that we -- work. Say I can kind of understand that because I did Borden milk home delivery for ball almost a year. So you understand -- you know just. -- top network or and so we thought about it some more important to object to United States which more and sorted out -- whatever -- -- and would end of the day. And back and the guy really runs and eight years in elected how much questions like that slope. Well let's start I started delivering milk around 4 o'clock in the morning and that I would finish with the -- some time. Like just around noon and then you had to go back and to New York collections a couple of days a week -- -- you know you couldn't deliver. -- to 4 o'clock in the morning knocked on the door and say what should pay the bill Sheehan did do the entire route and then you went back and did -- collections then you went back to the plan. And loaded -- troika with milk for the next. -- at that point on drip meanwhile might have been a 110 polyps should just thought I'm hauling. These days is that way more than I did I was probably the hardest I ever had -- And that made -- really appreciate my radio job after the. Absolutely larger -- Korea and now it. Not typically -- it actually get a call when you do get there all you never know which have been what kind of work do you do. There are sure. Like it's going to be a dangerous job. Well at the moment ago a dangerous situation room oh which numbered situation. And it shouldn't get. Do you watch the show -- Chicago fire. -- or is it real realistic. Chicago. We get back here at a what what's different what is not realistic about it. We're now one -- -- actually part of what you had to be opened its arms. So you go. And we're always take those linemen and now I have war callable in great. Rescue people. Doing. And I have -- -- out and wore on it it is that we nobody. That should be removed. -- -- track -- and installation of our. And and I also noticed they never finish a meal ever. Well we do every time they sit down -- it it's like it's time and at every analyst at them -- Tommy -- -- a fan vote mob movies or crime movies and TV shows. What what -- show me a favor my abilities. -- -- Yemeni and favorite scenes scarface that you liked. Amid everybody likes to and the -- says -- say hello to my little friend and and to shoots up everybody. Yeah remained. I don't I don't like me. -- Knew you were banned in clobbered in order. To run at what -- At that point. Out what -- -- Hewitt. And -- in Beijing and the big. Right. -- an eventual end to the show -- -- friend. I not a big shock but I do watch it change the World Cup. And I am not a all of soccer fan I saw a little bit of of the World Cup and the only reason that I did that was because. My grandsons play soccer my wife goes for the games that you want to watch a little bit of the soccer match now she understands. A very small -- I understand less and yet she's trying to explain. Explain to me what's going on some mock or yell yell at all that winds kick the ball wonderful -- that's. Tommy thank you thank you for phoning in okay. All right we have lines open to secure -- -- late seventy. 8668 at 90870. Talking about jobs and the kind of work that you do do you think you would be able to do your job better. If your work week you work day was cut from eight to six hours. And I wanna hear from you guys and ladies who have done some in usual jobs in the past. Go back to when you were a kid a -- for unusual jobs alone in the heart Richard overworked. Maybe the most satisfying. You have a 42601. Late seventy. 866889. A late seventy and the Pope. Has finally come off on record and saying. If you're a member of the mafia you were excommunicated. Two of the church that long to come up with that ruling -- -- ought to be fun tonight to talk about it may be familiar favorite crime movies your favorite mom movie's. Or TV shows I'm Bob Mitchell interest -- the poll numbers 26 year old -- seventy. 866 Andy and I know it's seventy. Coming right back on WWL. And it has made the real Robert Mitchell filling in for us due to -- it in the dip to a couple real quick text messages and out of -- right to the phones. Above the moments neat work longer hours and our parents but we do work as hard as they did. I learn from -- dead. To work hard long hours of -- after vacation. We're looking for either the most than usual the hardest or the most satisfying job via Brad here's one a train elephants and Campbell's. At -- zoo lose a loved it. Until I saw video of -- near Libyan killed by the African elephant. -- it's always Eloise does. That's on the usual training elephants in Campbell's. At the zoo to a six year old age 7866. And -- 9087 let's go to Tony and gently -- Tony. Tony you there. -- not here. Let's go to Bob bomber how are you there. -- or robbery or do about it. -- our -- and -- and another short and I didn't church all the HL on paper but stick. OK well I'll I'll fill you in a right. What's going on in Sweden they're they're trying to cities. If they've reduced the workday from eight hours to six hours if people double dip. More or less producer they have there in two groups have won one group of workers with working six or another group of working eight hours at the intimacy. If working six hours of people law. Work harder. And if if if if if there is if if there's less that time and the words the thought is that if you work less -- they help their. I'm I'm I'm I'm not sure about that. Fold that that's what that's about to my question is do you think companies would get more done with a six -- workplace. And then -- extended that. And I wanna know. Well what's the hardest Cuba overworked which the most satisfying job the most unusual job -- -- And I'm talking to myself because we got disconnected but well. Tony you're there. Right you're do you mind. Out. About it it. What the -- you're okay all right that Atmel. It to call eight. You know our training is yes good movie that's -- Denzel right. And no drug addict and that I. Liked it. He played a good job and and at that scene when. When that they had -- in the it inside the apartment in inside. It in -- -- well man. And -- that the -- one. I'll speak -- there. Now I tell you I tell you know the top movie my goodness led to a pulp fiction. When they when they had the guy in the hang in from the show our with the chainsaw. Dated -- itself. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Almost are finished -- don't know that. Green. No the NC up more -- -- agree. It would. It would -- can't -- the K okay so you -- Tony. It's the hardest job -- worked. Where and what's that in the truck and -- a company owns. Tom how many hours a day you have to -- -- in grade because -- -- it at -- figure with regard to -- -- you guys. I only a bullet in their -- now -- That's a lot thank you for calling -- go to. Back to Bob Bob I was talking to myself for a while there. -- -- -- -- And now no longer on the charter will be to get -- despairing yet are great yeah it's 000. Well that's -- pretty. I would have to imagine that the only way that would work you have to say. This is what has to be done today and if you can do it in six hours you go home I would think that's the only way because if if you cut if you just cut the workday down to six hours. And you didn't get all you worked -- you would have to hire more people although that might help implement that would just send that the company's expenses up so I don't think they would do that. A list or did call an earlier. If you can get people to do eight dollars -- worked in six hours it could help the economy because then. People who. Need to work two jobs would be easier to work two jobs if you had to six hours a day jobs. And bobbled. Bob needs to get a new -- -- let's go to. Oh are you Kevin. You Kevin the most than usual hardest the most satisfying job you ever. I actually work. That don't scoot group a few weeks throughout all of them on the military code and the automobile marine -- saying -- that we're. Well the com source driver and correct road outside the wire trying to figure below. That doesn't electable much fun. -- -- -- -- -- That the that the. The that was -- you're in at number. We're and that. Did you give -- that. Did you have people shooting at -- stuff like that. There during our PG ghetto boy that he wrote well -- -- -- -- in the middle. Donald or what you. Their daughter does that put out there or you're -- that Poland before. -- no big old -- trailer yeah. And around it all you have truck in the -- you know you know it is actually. What do you think's going on about what's going. Rock right now. Actually at. Home. A lot of people love that lives -- -- -- commitment and that the government loses. -- -- that they work their own problems. Well what left -- uninteresting. And I almost by the hypocritical. Where our government is telling the Shiites and the Sunnis they have to work together and I've I've made this point before. Yet in our government. The Republicans than Democrats don't work together and they say you know you guys need to work together on a real capital of the violence going on our country. But it it just comes up to me a little hypocritical some time. Well the man -- -- -- warehouse operations and -- thing you know nothing that -- You know. More people were considering whether conservative Democrat and it's only hear about that work -- government give them. We can pick of the country. Let you know the -- want to order. A word or. And I'll talk to Hillary you are electrocuted you keep a divider. You know -- you know you know you are you or a 100% correct it is exactly the way I feel I had someone call in the other night. And they were just. Greek and Obama up and everything in the world what's wrong with this country and every probably have in the world is the president's fault and not told the most of -- favor. As a get a pen and circled this date on the calendar is -- why should because three years from now. No matter who was the president no matter what we have a democratic or Republican president this country Willis will be in the sewer. And I'm telling you three years in advance because the problem we have it's not what the president is the fact that we have Republicans and Democrats who refuse to work together they care about one thing and one thing only the power their company. I think -- -- -- -- sort of thing that the bush or. And what you Coco mean Obama gives you go these insurance company and and -- -- -- back when. Clinton was feel what it was definitely. -- have an -- -- call out doctor -- Beijing you know -- Bill Clinton eighties. But -- -- and have them -- sort of debate about your take on. Hannity and what are you not want a -- -- let them but -- gore. I'm what did Kevin record like you got a favorite mob movies. Allow. Noted that you don't like you know like the -- not all of the mob movies a lot of regret not. Corporate. We know about the godfather. -- member of me and my goodness gracious Kevin thank you for phoning in okay. Thank you we go to my buddy Joseph in Chicago -- -- you Joseph. And hang it in there. You had some unusual jobs in your time. A lot of mutual. Yeah. The the twelve years old actually it ordered north polar rush. I opt out. Not a well my goodness. How how exciting is that did you sell many brochures. -- -- I don't know they'll -- indoors or -- let it all around. The -- Republicans the nearby and I actually that -- failed in that summer right people. Vehicles but let let let I mean did you have a sales pitch really knocked the door. What do -- would suddenly. Forty some odd years ago that. You know I thought they get. -- -- Russians have -- moment -- I don't like that. You know saudis and sample and she is anything unique -- out. This is really good time yeah. Was it easier to sell. The ladies -- the men. I have to say they're probably ninety assembly plant to door. There's probably at that time a lot of women didn't work and they were just housewives right. Well it can help from the pine salt. -- outlawed school -- home. Newton. Looks the harder you forward Joseph. -- -- Through high school and college. Working my -- The -- them all Michael. Meehan. You know you realized because apparently you know. -- -- work then everybody else here. And let the -- or three times harder than everybody else here and if you don't I'm on fire. But -- -- up a so I'm sure you worked three times harder than an. Hour. Joseph we're also talked about -- a -- blow that the Pope. Saturday. Said that if you or a member of the mafia. You were no crucially excommunicated from the Catholic Church so the mob. I mean I don't know why it took the church all this time the come up with the audience and we need to. An ex communicate the monster but he says the -- also there's excommunicated from Leo and Catholic church of my first thought was moved let's let's let's talk -- -- favorite -- crime movie she you have any. I'd have to say. Start date and can -- -- -- me a -- would have had a lot of people who give their favorite scenes from carpets -- Give me some your favorite scenes and -- characters from casino and not a human. The carpet you know. Merkel would -- that there was shot -- in the in an era yeah. That there are both. Mean -- -- mop my favorite was when. -- is playing blackjack. And -- deposit he doesn't like the card and he keeps keeps throwing the card back and not a lot this to be another one. -- -- You remember the scene he's sitting there and and ripples Rickles was standing there watching -- he says a lot that -- throws back -- that you wish you did. Actually do that at a casino where you know like the card the deal gives you -- -- a -- this would have been thrown off. Let me. The make some money. That would -- -- video -- and add to the show. The area at the show. -- now they're so. From. All right well I'm a thank you to list and in Chicago to WW well. All right thank you to -- 01 late 78668. At 90 it's somebody I'm looking for the hardest. Well the most rewarding. The most -- usual job that you. Overhead here's a good one. A teacher at a community college I cannot pay my bills with a fictional work that he might not based -- does not come even close to play in a car. Files on student loan but understand that in this particular. Experiment that they're trying you would make the same amount of money whether you work six hours and hours and it's it's to test. It's to test the the work week to see whether or not. People would do more work done working. Six hours of the post eight and the fact that they would be working less that. Bill thought news that people would get sick ones. I don't know where that comes from but let's go to a threat in the medical -- what about you what what is the hardest. The most satisfy a -- usual drop your bread. -- Maybe -- -- What's more and more. Was that a billion dishwasher. Or more. A little bit -- oil. At that. And I'll have to imagine that there wouldn't it did washed dishes you did it by hand so you -- you probably at Disco ball in spots by hand. So that. Back in the -- Actually met at a hospital shortly. It would -- interest in my. Right. It's on an addict you go -- That was not. Brett I see on the screen you wanted do make a brief comment about politics. Yet army. You know honestly in my opinion. I'm well didn't write it that -- and how registered Democrat back in the day and I don't believe it Democrat party or other employees out or be quiet outgrow cry in my had been. I don't either on these brutal. Out there a couple of black Hawaii -- yellow paint battle. It out. That I I think may be one night this week on the asked the question do you think this country. Is quickly going to hell in a hand basket. I would say anywhere in trouble gets there. At odds I'd say we're going to quote I really and maybe one night it will take a whole bunch of calls on this but. I really wonder where this country is is going to wind up even five years from. And it blows me away. I thought oh already went. Men and women at greatest country. And we have a Mac -- and they that date but it sure. They get it insurance at -- healthcare. It and potato. Panic and it blows me away treat. Does. Not meet and get away you know -- simulator. Why -- would -- one right -- a country that particular. Like I'm with the Brett one -- quick question what about your favorite mob movie. You have a favorite scene from a. News. It. But -- calling on. You don't. And he had explained to my -- victories that. Immediately. -- he'd -- and he did that godfather threes for a but I tell you something. I was I was watching godfather to. The other night on TV. You know the scene where the guy wakes up in the bed with the horses -- in the dead. All right let me ask you. Are a lot but let me. Let me let me ask me ask you this question here in and that particular can be found the horse's head in the bed with. Judge all these years you would think that that was the horse that his his prize horse that was from the stable. It was a different horses. I believe that was my console. Well I thought that and after scene in the movie the last two times but horse in the stable had some white on its head. But the horse in the -- did not so I think. After watching the movie probably twenty times now I think that now that they put a different horse's head in there to scare him. To make him think that if he didn't take and give the god apart that the we're gonna cut the other horses -- off if you watch it again. Noticed the markings on the horse in the stable and CPC the same horse mark in the bed okay. Thank you thank you -- all right 260 -- 78668. At 90870. I'm Bob Mitchell and those -- -- WW well this this could show I'm Bob Mitchell filling in pursuit to die at the number we didn't talk show -- twos sixty -- one late seventy. 866 and nine OH seventy text me at -- 7870. Our -- drag our opinion poll question. If the next few of World Cup soccer game where in the Mercedes-Benz superdome would you buy tickets X 64%. Say no. 36%. Say yes and we're taking your phone calls at 26 -- -- late 7866. And nine OH seventy. Sweden is now. Testing to see whether. A shorter worked a six hour -- produce more productivity. What do you think about that and and I wanna know the hardest. The most satisfied. Or the most unusual job but you overhead with a Dave Dave are you tonight. Don't know Dario what about you Dave the most satisfying in the most than usual the hardest job your overhead. Well the most credit are public and moral. Over here between Libya -- dogged Chris McDaniel elected in part and adding tech bubble so -- -- satisfying. I was I was job. Is it for me. Haven't worked hard to get incumbent out there okay. I'm an addict and I'm again. I got you okay all right I can understand that that is a hard job but when it comes to mob movies and crime movies or TV show. What's your favorite one and your favorite scene in the movie. Well the show sopranos the movie actually you know sopranos -- I look into why you know -- in and out and not. Bob lives but that. That Hamlet. Again if you can who knows more reality. -- part of. One of my favorite scenes in The Sopranos was when toll has to kill his own cousin. And the Eagles up at the of the in order to us right in and had that and whacked him with those shotgun. You know the -- in oh Brando wanted that -- Are people on the dollar tool goal whatever was a little daughter. As -- -- -- I actually in. And -- everything he did. A great and then at the end of like well deserved -- -- got there -- now. But he wouldn't pretty brutal what the women army but he he did it quality Spain was. All they're -- it. Bark about it. Did you see the godfather. I'll watch it won't comment that Oprah I mean it and do much to our state or a movie you know there. But I Dave and ending a -- led to the -- US soccer fan. I am and I am right now anyway at least -- -- in the US is an all star like the Olympic -- -- warm enough. All the way. Well if you have a choice between watching. World Cup soccer or watching the fourth pre season saints game all the starters on the bench which would you choose. -- -- Yeah you're not much of a soccer when I'm with -- right -- 60. 1878. 8668 at nine point seven him Bob Mitchell this with the Stewart show on WWL. I'm Bob Mitchell in for astute. On WWL tomorrow morning you can join -- in for Tommy Tucker rarely interest in topics like. Where do you consistently get good servers from minimum wage employees for the twentieth straight year McDonald's -- left. Webcast and customer satisfaction. Papa John pizza -- tied for one Donaldson little Caesar tied for third in the would complain about the lower wage employers let's talk about the good ones and did bad -- -- -- turn you off. At a fast food restaurant well yes of course remains. -- when you eat the fast food restaurant you expect bad service and and you also have the rule passed through -- of this. If you go through any fast food restaurant and you played smaller. If you look in the bag. Everything's going to be right. If you don't look at the bad and everything to be wrong you can't win either way we're looking tonight for your phone calls about the hardest. The most rewarding the -- usual job you overhead and not have won here he says. I must teach. Extra to make more than the manager at Burger King across street. Officials -- salaries -- to work at 8 this morning finish last. Class at 9 PM just walked in the two reports now that that is hard job. If you want call in a during the news we'll get ready to go after the top of the hour I'm looking for the hardest. The most unusual for the most rewarding job whoever -- to secure -- seventy. 8668890870. And because the Pope Saturday. -- -- The -- He said the mafia also -- member of the Monfils that you are excommunicated from the Catholic Church. Will be on the talk about your favorite scene. Premiere of favorite mob or crime movie or TV show. 260 late 7866. And nine point seven it called during the news. And John in Detroit to go up there will talk wideout move properly power on WWL.