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06-23 11pm, Scoot/ Crime Movies, Ray Nagin

Jun 24, 2014|

Bob continues to discuss: your favorite crime movies, and Ray Nagin's push for a lighter sentence...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to the show I'm Bob Mitchell filling in for -- before I. Play up to you what's on our talk tables -- -- show to midnight tonight you know when you listen to -- WWL you get nothing but the the front page news at the top news of the day from time to time -- like to. Turn it over and read something from from from the back page. Of the morning newspaper or something witty and the and the and the back at that to now -- you know real people really read. Well paper newspaper I read everything on line but still there that there are some storage -- online that you know they are not going to be. The lead story on CBS news like this one here. City officials in the city in the Ukraine the -- that it would be cool. To put an old war to -- old World War II tank on display in the city park and of course. You knew what had happened some enterprising what to -- is probably fueled by alcohol decide to try to hot wire. Much to their surprise big engine fired up and they were even to take it for a little bit and -- took that -- for a spin and abandon local investigators are still looking into the case and trying to decide who should be charged and what what. Are here we are talking about tonight. And actually originated. -- Sweden. They are going to experiment. With. Do you get more -- of people if you only worked in six hours today. And if you only worked in six -- to pay the same amount of money is an eight hour day will they take less sick time so I thought to be interesting tonight. Two ask your opinion of that would that work and I wanna know of one -- -- the hardest. The most -- usual. Are the most satisfying job that you overhead to secure 170. 8668890870. Text be at age seventy it's seventy I mentioned earlier probably the hardest. Job that I ever had was when I -- home delivery milk. I Justin and just that would also be right now -- usual because they don't have that job anymore for a while and although hardest. The most satisfying. Than most would usual job you have -- here's the text message teaching is the hardest. And the most frustrating. As well as the most rewarding job by form I guess that's good and we're also talking about the Pope. -- has kicked the mafia out of the Catholic Church so to speak he says if your member of the mafia you will be ex communicated to ought to ought to be interesting tonight to talk about. Your favorite crime movies and TV shows a new favorite scenes. From those movies now. If you are about the way the lines are open you can just straight through right now but little or no wait at all if you want to be part the show. 260187866. Andy and I know it's seventy. And I wanna know what -- World Cup soccer are you more of a soccer fail and or an American football fan you had a choice. Between watching a soccer game World Cup soccer or an NFL game namely even -- was the lead. Fourth saint pre season game and all the starters were on the bench which would you choose to secure 17866. And at nine point seven now of course most people feel. At the godfather was one of -- all -- top crime mob movies which of course it is. I mentioned a bit earlier about a half hour ago I'm not been able to find the answer yet so if you are a god father -- See if you can answer this question here remember the scene in particular labels Waltz the the movie producer. When they found the horse's head in his bed. Was that his prize force. Or was that another horse trying to scare him into giving Johnny Fontaine the job. That in other words they put a different course they're basically saying if you don't give Johnny Fontaine the job then we're going to cut your prize horses have. 260178668890. It's seventy and the reason is I was watching the godfather again. The and a couple nights ago. And it seemed committee. That the horse in the Barton the real prize -- to the horse that I think. Costa -- billion dollars -- -- like that had a white spot on the horse's head. Yet when they pulled the covers effect in the god finds the book but the blood in the horse's head in Bentley and I didn't see that white spots so. I'm under the impression. That. They put on different courses and in there to scare him and to give the job Johnny Fontaine. With the threat that if you don't do that we have solve the Porsche says. -- -- -- -- -- Do think you're -- 78668890870. I'm looking for. Your favorite a crime movie or favorite crime show on TV and and your favorite scene from that. And we're look at food and I'm sure some of you -- them. Unusual some hard or a satisfied -- so what -- probably. And tell me about it 260187866. And ignited or it's a -- -- -- -- In -- 7870. Of course I'm I'm a big god father Buffett the the god -- movie that. Was probably the the worst -- -- -- the of the week just would be a better way of all three was thought for the three but yet there was there was an incredible scene in godfather three remember. Win when they had all all the mob guys today and because -- was -- Josh Johnny's -- You know he wanted to get back at them and he leaves the room in the in the -- in the door and they have a helicopter flyover and shoot up. Until everybody that that was a gutsy and of course has seen one what Michael says you know. Just -- a follow hopefully hold -- active and 2601 -- 7866. And a nine -- several of people lined up. And then we will move on with the show let me check before I get to the polls of the Czech Republic like our. Opinion poll question. If the next Jewish World Cup soccer game was in the Mercedes-Benz superdome would you buy tickets 64% say no only 36% say yes. I'd go to Mike in Metairie or you might. Most usually. Don't moderately. There old matter and they -- hard. And that's. And in -- bill you know right. -- But it wouldn't go out there are afraid that it would grab you. And what's -- -- report. So -- -- what do you know wins and build -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It was. -- superstition. Britain as. A green light and he's such. And -- like. This and you know so what bluster. That at the airport. The most. Child. -- what is now. This dealership he's been -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But I did the most -- and I'm. You you have a favorite does -- from a favorite mob movie or TV show. Idea that they -- update the when this shooting and Michael is the media. What are the bear was -- boat in and walked out you know that. And I -- them. -- And I lit in Greece. Would be a child. An open policy ever written. But just suck it up but at. This. Yeah I -- -- market is because. In Albert -- -- You know I'm looking at our our opinion poll question that says that the next US World Cup soccer game was in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. Would you buy tickets 64% say no you know I I just I don't -- I'm not a soccer fan I've tried to watch a couple of games may be because. I don't and understand the games but I'm I'm much more fan of American football. Yeah -- allotment rate upper body yes. After. The media source close and you can -- getting real real escort to a three point. Right -- and it's hard it's hard when you when you're in a game like this. That you can have a tie. In in the NFL you can have a -- during the regular season but when you get to the playoffs. Then you cannot have a -- and that's what I have against soccer I don't know why that is don't take into supply you know add another ten minutes -- the -- -- something like that. Then I'd like I appreciate you toning and you're all right let's go to rocky and killed with the subpoena power you Iraqi. -- okay. All right rock do what is the most unusual hardest of the most rewarding job your -- Well horse. It was a bit problematic and a week ago some props fly out somebody's ships that war in the gulf and up forever and they were shot down a ball or because some of the all that you -- busted you know we knew it was our job she crawled through a hole -- emphasize that we wore one turned -- corner cut these two out about it. 120 -- thirty degrees it's not for our. To what what are your what are you wearing when you in that -- do you -- a well. Protective suit or something. Well now -- reduce or you know sort of almost all -- this -- gains and where war letters one little LV Utah people -- while exports from south a little odd jobs. -- -- -- -- -- Pet sounds brutal how many hours a day you have to do a job like that. Well you are you getting from when he ships. -- are you walked until law it until you -- Sometimes it works are being taken out of a row and then you'd. Raft that subprime jet. You know it when you -- choppy if you get enough food to last -- -- you -- partnership you have to eat what they were -- ship some the Greek ships so these Italians ships. Yugoslavia itself or law -- -- -- quiet and that's why retouched it's got to. Now what would -- W favorite scenes from your favorite mob movies. Outweighs -- -- gravitate towards Brad -- suffered that's what about paper the -- You know there's. You know succeed entire work -- trash the just articulate people. No no regard for life majority it is. And then when he gets as you get shot. Like they can't happen all the top foreign policy because. There's a situation. All but then it probably all of that odious. The ball -- top -- heights. And all of the the mobster bet that participated in the top bodies. Started about it and because. -- heroes character was comment about that op -- it would wipe out one ball on just. Such knowledge such a -- off -- -- it parties got to a -- law -- was parked at. -- They also have seen there where one -- the what Aubrayo on -- ball club could speak should archer -- it to -- predates the pot -- I I like the scene where he tells them -- that a lot of money don't don't do anything to go out of the ordinary one guy walks and his wife -- got this. Gorgeous -- Milligan has got a new Cadillac and he says well done it my mother's name you know at at at at. Our number. -- now are you Mormon soccer fan or American football. How about sought a pair of August elect Obama -- -- -- go to my grandson soccer game you know like watching object -- -- yeah. Around your soccer -- struck a beauty but when it comes to a lot of professionals -- just pocket. All right I'm trying to get an answer. To you saw the godfather. Okay you remember the scene where the guy wakes up with the horse's head in the bed. All right was that his prized horse. Was that another horse basically say in that will torture your prize horses -- -- if you don't give Johnny Fontaine the job. What they -- -- my bureau the comments on that subject it and I guess I originally. Opera saw that movie originally thought that it was as possible ET. That -- bet that they culture at all that. -- the message to him that they were a real. And let -- do it what they ask you to do or don't do that. Forced back what happen to. It's only been the past year or so that I saw the movie and all sudden I backed it up a couple of times I've said. The the horse in the stable -- or read off a white marking on its -- But the one in the bed and I couldn't see it's so I'm wondering now if it was the fact that. This was a threat does that say we are real and the next thing Israel the culture the because I think you said the horse. Was worked a quarter million dollars that was that was not I think the godfather to play for back in the late fifties or something like that is that that the -- for. Probably -- that that would that would be an awful lot of money that's for sure it. Yeah about. You know some change from the godfather. Or some of the most agencies such a machine. And but we're gonna go back you know whatever the -- -- -- not. -- about it beat top policy. Leave it ought to be that your at all it's obviously there -- throughout the. Are are you married guy. And your wife tell you the same thing the month tells me how can you watched those movies over and over and over again. Chip. -- -- all right rocked I appreciate who did run into broad far been kill little. It he's it must cut up you know has published over. The back about it -- McDonnell Baghdad topic -- forgot about the Kindle. Thank you rock appreciated okay. All right welcome back to Raleigh and -- and Ian and 260 late 78668. At nine LA it's evident to take part the show. This is good show and I'm Bob Mitchell in the big -- seventy WWL in my -- dot com. If you -- told him and take part of the show we have our lines open not much -- -- wait at all 2601786689. Point seven embalmed until. This will be those dutrow and here at WWO we are thrilled to have Angela hills part of our radio friendly. She really is just just just. The very specially in great show tomorrow at 1 o'clock. Dogs can roam loose in the back of pickup trucks. And Tony the Tiger gets the state caged up outside the truck stop this makes Angela nuts. Does that make you crazy to. Absolutely -- I cannot believe that the that the governor did -- -- allowing people and you see it all Tom dog roaming in the back of pickup truck of something happens. No accident that war dog doesn't. Have a chance. All right 260 bullets -- 866 Andy now it's up. Mr. and speaking of the dogs in the back the trucks. The other day when I was coming from church coming down -- to us. Man had two dogs in the back of the truck the camera from -- it's not -- I decide to certain. The black lab almost a lot the back of the truck. It would have been disaster -- the traffic was right behind him an adult. Caught himself at the last minute that was why -- Tamils right because after him breaks wide of people do that. I don't know but made no sense and I'm like man he's driving he doesn't see anything going on but this ball was dying there out the truck. And that's why -- People shouldn't do that in addition but you know like Angeles to talk about tomorrow but you know when. What I heard that the governor made that decision. You know you wanna say well. You have a problem you know you don't love animals. Well the government got on the arm -- reserve -- it's a bit of it -- that I'm going back to being quiet -- The figure John let's go to a Fred in past Google Fred what about you the hardest. The most unusual or the most rewarding job you were ahead. -- -- -- -- Go to the settlement while working out at Mississippi at local pastor drew. And we world via Schiavo monopoly are out there. And when we're -- student into the summer -- Wear. Them -- -- of corruption. In Nablus award in the QE2 that were -- the operating. And all the while the Berkshire remote or war or overly tall burden on that one follow you look and and he had to do it one after another after another for our that it you. And you're out there -- -- -- control it then you go all the chemicals. There were not in the pneumonia. And then in the -- bombers and about three could in the world. Well are you -- our US soccer fan or American football man. American football -- and I don't really -- -- -- -- the reason for -- you know to do you go forward. -- absorbed by a huge outlays. As carefully and I would write Danica which goes. And as a young so Letterman -- around the corner from the church all four. And an outlook for the claw my -- In the world ignored it should in no mater what went well and we that you -- -- screeched in. It looked. And they all -- soccer. And shouldn't do low blow minute by. If that would the football field played -- And gaga. They should occur. Did you know it does it will -- -- -- Did the priest ever. Yet friendly with you. Okay -- I'm just. I'm distracted they -- odd they would I was business. This is the true story I'm not making this up okay. What the public school. And in my mother and father -- dating go to church at all but they decided I had to go to the Catholic church and they made me go to catechism. And one day I came home and until -- just dead. I'm going to be -- boy. I'm telling you this is the truth I'm not making this up and the why me on the side of the head he said no seven months -- be an altar boy so maybe. Maybe he knew there's something going on that I didn't. Yeah I'll make a story that. Who injured her career low deductible culture. You know for the little more issues one and now -- with the other all like oh no my Korean receive. -- let me let me ask you this does I got a whole bunch of calls -- need to get to our earlier at a -- you'll talk about Ray Nagin facility Philly and if we haven't done that a couple of hours. Earlier tonight we're talking about that by now everyone knows that Ray Nagin has been asking for letters of support from -- and -- receive a lighter sentence. The court also received a plea from his grandson. And by judging the note John I've figured out that it's got to be around five or six years old. And basically say and don't don't send my pops the way for a long time. Is is that a -- that's truly low I think that. I doubt or does it. An elbow problem what happens a lady called in earlier and so what this kid. It's like writing to Santa -- if you don't if you don't get to weigh that and you get -- taken the keep the -- -- think he did something wrong. On the -- and he should not put you in the ball all of but -- right in you know -- courier that won't tell about it from now -- and I don't you know. It would. Look. You'll. Feel like there are more more Leo. -- the and they renters in it so -- I listened to vote like I can win lose. And that they elected and then to listen to ensure that we're going to be real. All. You know and greater -- and almost beat. Yeah and in my in my hand will. -- them together. And then. A low income workers and controlling. And 01. From everybody. To vote it down there because some words that he. Didn't ever there are some. How. -- are only. That it. That people. Do. My outlook -- -- Fred wrap it up to the political today. -- You know. I'll note that this wouldn't drink he would. That's four. Right I would never you know some people some people's -- may be the father I don't care who -- my family would have as my grandchild would do that Donna said. I don't want that -- thank you so much -- Fred I'm gonna go to James you have some insight on the horse's head that I was talking about the godfather. Yes -- do. I don't do and they'll issue some. Your golf for quite awhile to radio whether. I -- hard. But -- this got -- come -- and just and I just got tired I got burned on the for a while and that is that a moment take a year or so often. Now on back. OK okay about the godfather here on Tuesday this horse. -- Robert Duvall played the longer you -- the damage. When it was in a stable. So I picked up that divorces -- is nameless until -- something like so do with ten. That horse. Bet that that director whoever it was yeah it's anybody's 600000. Not to and to all right thank you 600000 dollars. So the horse head in the bed was. That horse or -- the course where. I mean what he spoke -- like I mean when -- having dinner at the table what she found out that he represented -- multifamily. You know he brought it -- he took him out there you horse and he told get out this house. The next thing was when they -- his house that morning and the horses it was in the -- Ortiz spoke to -- But if you look at it really good. Up from from what I've observed. The horse -- that the expense of forced the prized horse had a white spot on its like halfway down on the said the one in the bed I did not see that though. I thought I thought that it was the -- source for years but don't know watched of the past couple timely even. Backed it up a little bit I think now that that it was just to scare him to say if you don't give Johnny Fontaine the job. Then we're gonna cut your horses -- that -- product. Next time next time when you watched a movie -- if you can look him. OK but I'm just assuming he'll probably like a lot of people are. -- cut debt six. I wanted to hold that thought they did doctor James I appreciate -- call -- okay. All right cramped in base they look boy I haven't talked to UN. Years and good. Is that an agent could be. Back on the radio. Yep I'm -- all out of about to load the left I just got tired of doing it for awhile and took him. I think. You guys -- -- if you believe that grant that's Liam back if I need. You know. Put it all wrong. And yet everything Obama's well. Let me when I go to look to -- it blows it's Obama as well. Right now. Absolutely absolutely. You know what what are -- gonna say. Three years from now four years ago when we have a different president whether it's a Republican or Democrat. And his country is still in the sewer where it is today that based -- they'll still blame Obama. Well you know I don't are I'm not really or a Democrat or when neither luck to have much of independent same here and I think we got a gorgeous children -- absolutely. Or right that's exactly what they act like you're used by I don't give a -- -- bald eagle. Eat -- you're absolutely right they don't care about us in -- -- And it's Tibetan agriculture. It is grant what is the the strangers. The hardest or the most rewarding job -- overhead. Well the most rewarding. More immediate like garbage you. And if -- could go -- tomorrow. That's what driving drive. Indonesia or -- gets to -- -- All right yeah you're welcome it's. Like after -- agreed to partner doing. I go back immediately that question. A -- factors that are glued to drive. Anymore back still hurt. Aurilia is. You know doctor would you like to -- a -- that they practiced and so. I'm I'm one of the only people I know. But had back surgery and it was successful and never had a probable -- after the. Yeah definitely ask about it real and ten. Certain days -- like a -- -- Well -- I have a bulging disk and when the when the doctor looked at the X rays. Quote she'd -- only -- god you must have a high pain tolerance -- in the world are you even. Walking well like this. I had I had my back surgery doctor -- under did it in in amend the bill. And what I was told that one of the probable but surgery is a lot of times people. Do not pay attention to the post -- and they told me we do not want you lifting. More than a carton of milk for the last three weeks and we want to this next week display on the coach. And I mean I I've followed their rules completely. And I don't think after about the I guess maybe. Four days or so go to I'm on the -- even. Took a pain pill. Where you left you're definitely -- Already this year who -- without making. Let me and he you don't. I think Katrina border -- -- Altidore. A that you agree get in -- and they. Like a lot of people good -- just boggle your mind. I would only -- I don't know if that's any excuse for doing what he did though. Well you know they're an excuse we're -- I mean. The man look look at his reaction -- the ball. Completely well dropped the ball well and then you have little cocky but you know. You know I. I kid you not somebody like -- -- -- it or you can go to communities that are of great QB you get a job. So you don't think you don't think you go to -- for taking bribes and all of that stuff you know that you should go to jail at all. What did you do agents spent some time and you know we're -- you're in jail. Who caught that one. Spent some time in jail and they -- agreement he did in the the strategy of it and go home to -- But the route to the income rose took the pain is -- -- you know. Grant you that you're the only person that -- didn't put that side of everybody else thinks of them locked him up and throw indicate. And and and this thing what has granted but I think that's going hole that's that low that. But I've got you locked people up -- -- Internet as a simple. -- home I -- -- you should be India but then you know I mean -- -- at what point. Do you you you return games and you try to play. Got any money on how and he bottom -- waiting if you work great big benefit levity well. Police say put it laid it worked didn't. Putting import quality network an idea of a -- architecture. Making it can do legally. You know -- -- -- way. So maybe maybe we can let -- go to some little small town somewhere and and and be there mayor. -- -- added an eternity ago -- -- a frequent -- -- well. On a manager at some -- man is so you do you know capable all right grandma. One what one last question but before you go when it comes to. Mob movies what's that what's your favorite moving a favorite saying. Well but apparently it would be bought. -- what -- -- column -- My. Page through them. -- guidance in these very Propecia yeah. By -- favorite you would do The Sopranos absolutely out early in yards prior to murder -- where Georgia. OK -- let's get in on the horse's head thing the horse's head in waltzes bed. Was that his prized horse or was that a different or trying to scare him to say if you don't give Johnny Fontaine the job we gonna cut off your horses. You I've never -- -- you know two to ninety but they -- been important what. Arafat at about one next time you watch the movie and say. If you can see the marketing on the horse's head and see if that's the same on the bed okay. -- -- you say near grant aren't about a right -- 601878866. And nine point 78. Ian hold on an argument all the oil for quite some time and -- promise. I'll get to your right after this break on WW well I'm Bob Mitchell and torched him tonight on WW well will be a year ago whole week. We're talking about soccer vs American football which one do you prefer here's a text message at at at. I feel I'd rather high school football was soccer. I'd rather Peewee football or soccer let's go to our proposals go to Jane DO I'm sorry and diamond at -- Ian. -- -- Thank just seal on the screen you will talk about. Your favorite mob movie favorite scenes from your favorite mom Moody's. Actually -- want to hire American. My mother's side -- Gambino. And there's a lot of the embryos if you look at dorms on. There's a page 40 Gambino. And -- not mobs there. Let it -- I'm sure. -- If you look at the various. -- bakery. Yes very and they have very good stuff very good. Very third period. -- There's -- point that -- economy. Instead. All Italian Americans are on drugs right okay. Now what about the move which which -- favored team from your favorite movie. -- favorites like that's lecture where Bob Murray writes it's -- -- called his mom. Wide. Okay well -- the -- called in that sense that we're talking about. Now. I called then to talk about cute -- Americans. And the fact. -- -- -- Walton in an impact in the in the godfather that was that was well via. That was one of the things that that the that the senator that was being paid off by market courtly and was trying to make the fact that all Italian Americans are not groups. So. We're with you I appreciate it OK to 601 late 7866889087. It would have room for maybe. 14. Call me let me check. Let me check the email report like that -- the question -- me -- and it was the best. Or the most rewarding. Or the most unusual job he ever -- best job -- working in the bar. At. League its says yes indeed I guess -- -- work at a bargain dipped the a lot of free drinks. Let me remind you that when the ruling comes down. On Jim Ingram. The first to know will be right here at a WWL. So if you sign up now for WW text alerts just typed the words sports to 87870. A message and data rates appear let's quickly go to Don in late Peoria -- Bob are you doing so ready -- I really -- Thank you so much. What about -- soccer or American football. Well let me tell I'm -- -- you call one -- it's it's gonna bleed black and you could get into Portland. All right you my man absolutely. Well then let me explain which -- Tucson. And mocked at my. Soccer toward region because warned back front back and play it in -- -- And not to -- ignorant group. He he came -- it was and the freshman in high school and he had a quick it's the other CLE. And you -- he started -- saw a. Yeah its two partners who often soccer players vote with -- out of scholarships and don't count me. Athletes in the world right now with the best sports skills are soccer players. And. You prefer soccer or football of the point. No no it's not that of course -- football -- in the -- -- just didn't we learn the game. And when you learned tactics and when you learn which would have been the -- he. Tried to run on a soccer ball hundred yards like those guys -- The most natural thing for a kid to do is kick ball and catch a ball. Don I'm I'm running -- times what you wanna make a comment about Ray Nagin going to. Let me take something let him through this city on the the his own personal greed he brought it -- be great for our next week. Because he knew we can make money and pocket -- awful Bob plight. And that's something we don't eat yet he deserves. It started from his grandson. -- -- -- you're aware of that -- equitably in the counting points and certificate. Well I don't put anything. Either way. If if it wasn't grandson. And I thought let's let's go ahead give him give it credit usually it is not I never I never thought of the doorway. You would never put a child that kind of position never. The Kyocera and people -- -- any -- for eighteen. And that he got you game -- can you have witnessed where he will be. -- right that land on the court. Is another you know op I'm sorry for the guy like that you know something everybody can get used Edward -- -- is wearing it -- you do. Thank you -- Coming right back on WWL. A welcome back the show talking about. Hard jobs here's text message hard work Bob the following day hey Baylor as holding bales little wagon working in a -- In the -- will. You know one of the things I love a love a love finding that the the stupid crook of the Bozo -- stores and I got one today from Marion Indiana. A guy quickly found out that he had broken into the wrong house armed with wrench. And wearing a hockey mask or both -- burst into the home of 63 year old patty Carson and demanded money. -- paddy has CO PD and lung cancer. She said no. And she grabbed her trusty back rapture and start whacked a team with -- and saying not in my house. Then he drops the wrench she picks up the wrench it continues to any with a wrench and Julie runs out of the house so. Please looking for a guy with rents rooms. Wanna thank you for calling thank you for. Texting me thank you big John predicting Jeremy tonight without elect couldn't do the show. And from time to time during the week Jack tariffs decides to pop -- and it was a little guest shot on the phones for a -- the ten or fifteen minutes we thank you for that Jack I'm Bob Mitchell -- again tomorrow night. When WWL AM FM and dot com do not god bullish.