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Jun 24, 2014|

Dave talks about cost of coffee, What is Wrong with People, and street flooding

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Eleven minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news it's June it's the 24 it's when he fourteenth it's Tuesday that damn -- calm not to Monday. Congratulations to you absolutely everybody else who made it through Monday relatively unscathed. And now we head on into the workweek in. Have our eyes on the prize of -- that we get through the weekend. So. Apparently the -- -- movie around our building again today hall more than -- Parking spots that -- no parking signs -- movie shoot today there's. So it's the small price we pay a little inconvenience for Hollywood -- continued rising. Yahoo!'s many films underway here in the Crescent City. I must say I have noticed more of those little signs that little arrow is -- -- yeah and then and of course I'm always trying to figure out what it is you know man. Had not seen w.'s obvious what is. Sometimes thing code them. That you can't tell what production it is it's sending the cast and crew to do with these signs knows city. I was -- it is but the name -- -- yeah but they're out there -- and -- word there and and -- matter read their downtown. West Bank. To go anywhere you go -- pay more for coffees how about that. The cyclical thing the at the world markets the end and I don't think Taylor cares why it is the price of their job is jumping at the Baghdad. Now guys. As I've told -- many times I don't drink they're not a cost not a coffee drinkers the only -- mean I actually consider them. If -- -- the repeats I have to have Coke. When I go to the movies and get a bit old popcorn I have to have doctor pepper mr. -- that is mandatory other than that I don't consume. -- coffee or soft drinks at all. Just -- an idea and -- -- and water person. Once in awhile. Sweet -- there. On the on and then not that any of that matters. My question for coffee consumers. Is as the price of a couple coffee goes up as the price of bag of -- goes up as the price of coffee just continues climbing Klein now Starbucks the latest and today went on of choice it's gotten too far in the profits we got to crank up the prices. How much you're willing to pay that's the question for a cup of coffee. I see people -- eight blocks. A -- yacht. For a cup of coffee and I want -- cop I don't think a they worry a whole lot about it either you know crisis they just do. And it is specially for that high end. Coffee drinkers -- when you wanna have a lot today the apple -- the low that. Chocolate sprinkled it's like I don't even know I don't know if I get him pretend to know in order. A cup of coffee. Starbucks there's. Any other -- -- My extent of knowledge of coffee is you're a great pressures island known that from brief time working in the restaurant industry many many years ago and -- convenience store many many years here. That was about all we offered cream or sugar. I'm a real simple I'm just you know I like mine just to have just black coffee. Is straight you know you don't add anything to you know I ever had one of those things -- -- froth and horrible on the chocolate than I I -- or are you karma -- -- -- there. But I I broke down in recent years ago I -- -- got to go to star -- into the whole thing with the and I did and I dropped my eight blocks or whatever was -- was it the most life changing experience here and now. It really wasn't having it. That would be a whole week's worth of large coffees. In that one delicious you know I meant he's been pretty good that he got on the fast food places difficulty for boxed. Just about -- -- mcdonalds here on let's have a New Hampshire. But yeah I did at one time I was in a run back but I know people who just can't get through the day without one of those fancy. You know hi Ian my guests. Coffee in how much are you. You know. That you go get a copy of black off it. Collected about fifteen minutes of course news here on them beat him -- well your economic forum for weather and sports coming up next protect me found today at 78 Demi how much you wanna pay for a couple off. Are you want -- people pays eight bucks now it's gonna go up to maybe 850. For years super special needs fancy Shymanski copy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And here at the house -- -- -- -- grinds. Beans Randy self with the X Rayed 78 then -- forecast next sports Steve Geller coming up after. One person -- estimated 78 delegates at night hate -- pay six bucks for a cup of coffee at Starbucks and you see it tip -- the register six box was not enough. That the text message to date them and eat them and palaces give me a couple of communities straight from the pot at hole. Another person says. I'll talk about the movie signs that the first letter in each word of the name of the movie yes sometimes those signs do that but other times they don't for example. The signs telling the casting her how to get to the set of Jurassic Park and its National Guard Jurassic world that they're calling it now shooting in New Orleans. SA at the time. For some reason and the ones for terminator five don't anything about him that some other name on it just. Keep us in our guest about the weather service meteorologist -- about tell tells -- what's gone -- He'll be dodging those raindrops again this afternoon it like yesterday at the storms won't be everywhere but where they do develop. Are likely going to bring some very heavy downpours lightning and gusty winds look for highs around 91 today. But dropping a bit for Wednesday and Thursday into the upper eighties that's because rain chances go up to 50% both days. From the Eyewitness News forecast -- -- -- to -- -- tell. -- clouds out there but not a lot of rain on the -- not much at all actually 78 now at the airport encounter 78 under clouds and -- else. Sports science. -- -- -- Monday morning congratulations on making -- Tuesday Steve Allan thank you so by fathers and tied sign they'll end up on the set of Jurassic Park somewhere. Generally speaking yes that's where they're leading -- very cool you don't know if there for a today or tomorrow or yesterday maybe you guys have taken down -- just go after work and hang out yet just. Go around the city and follow signs the blue signs of the young sons to a movie -- and a minority -- security -- it turned him but around him -- an exact Iraq. Well and about a run do sports now. Well good morning everybody short saints' training camps around the corner but first up are the SEC football media days in early July. So what's the buzz around the LSU program ESPN college football analyst Paul -- says. March. It's amazing two years ago. -- issue was number one in the country pre season everything we expected we hardly ever hear LSU mentioned that these are mean there are just so far off the radar screen. -- saints have announced that they've signed linebacker Todd Davis to a three year contract and wade injured cornerback AJ Davis. Todd Davis is 61230. Pounds and comes to New Orleans after playing at Sacramento state from 2010 to 2013. In four seasons he appeared in 45 games and posting career totals of 351. Tackles nine and a half sacks four forced fumbles and three interceptions. Or Tim Duncan apparently isn't ready to retire the spurs forward is exercising the option on his contract and will continue to play for San Antonio next season. The 38 year old won its fifth championship earlier this month. Leading to some speculation that he could retire after seventeen seasons in the -- Well Brazil and Mexico have secured spots in the knockout stage at the World Cup name mark scored twice in Brazil's 41 rout of Cameroon. Mexico scored three times in a ten minute span of the second half to beat Croatia three to one. The Netherlands based on top of group B after shutting -- -- to nothing. Chile finished second in the group though it also advances meanwhile defending champions being salvaged some World Cup -- with a three nothing victory. Over Australia in its last match at the tournament. Vanderbilt opened the best of three college World Series finals by beating Virginia in 98. The Commodores erupted for all nine of their runs in the third inning. And this effort dropped their second straight game at home -- to Sacramento fortitude. Today we have four on sports -- the NFL network ranked Kim Jordan and junior go let the fifth best pass rushing duo. -- just scratched the surface and rob Brian system and would you record the saints lead the league in touchdowns or takeaways I'm Steve -- with your early morning look at sports there -- that. In the things I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Offensive opportunity. Eve gala are. -- you're not on the national radar -- paying attention to the program right don't think it's -- -- lot this year it's building as we often hear. But I'm paying a lot of attention -- yesterday they told us that on Thanksgiving night at 6:30 PM LSU is going to be playing Texas a NN it's not just for NFL football anymore at Thanksgiving and -- -- we've gotten them LSU tiger football that's definitely on my radar -- now on eleven it's Thanksgiving night an -- you know because. 630 kick off -- UA NN. That means sitting on Afghanistan on an electronics story. Hundred dollar laptop or whenever. -- going standing in line somewhere else waiting on. Is now you know that all the Thursday. Door busters right -- we got a super pharmacy probably watch it -- authority attitude -- jealousy. Listen to Hillary. Waited in line. Eat Turkey. It used to be multitasking is sure it's like -- -- is Elizabeth Thanksgiving holiday. Yeah an NFL football again -- of football he's got about family it's football and savings. To football and Christmas. Now it's 6:30 PM Thanksgiving night -- do you. Now maybe they'll sneak up of people this year don't think it's -- the -- and -- can come out of nowhere and I'm -- they lost their quarterback Youkilis the starting quarterback they lost their leading rusher and they lost their top two receivers so it's understandable that a lot of folks. Are projecting a big advocate this season. That you will projecting you'll be back with north -- to 25 minutes shorted them well I am now. They ability forecast after the. That's an interesting text messages your sending me as Starbucks. Raises it's pricey coffee today coffee prices at the grocery store and coffee stores across the country are all raising their prices. How much you pay day for a cup of coffee how much you're willing to pale shares of your thoughts after this. I got a couple of more in the news on the price of coffee going up one person -- made it seven its services. We only buy Starbucks once a week between my wife and myself we pay an average of fourteen dollars. No wonder you only do once a week. Although I think people who go to coffee shop for the star boxers. Community or wherever you go and buy that big cup of coffee -- all the fancy fancy stuff and it -- 678 bucks. Think that if it just makes them feel that because they get they're treating themselves and their and a environment they -- -- think it makes them feel special. David write your name right there on the -- it's yours. -- -- -- You're Tuesday forecast looks pretty similar to Monday some downpours expected later this afternoon. And into the early evening rain chances -- about 30%. So expecting highs around ninety or 91. Thing even higher rain chances for Wednesday and Thursday at 50%. Expected to keep those highs down a little bit in the upper eighties. From the eyewitness -- forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark. Tell the clouds and 78 degrees now on both sides of the way. Coming up the list of CBS's David -- WWL first news traffic weather together. And why rock it deep thought tell -- I was gone for a week in the filed this started. Overflowing with -- we'll share that -- -- coming up and Margaret text messages how much he wanted hey. For a cup of coffee prices skyrocket. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this 24. Of June 2014. It's Tuesday may congratulations. You made it through Monday now aren't we are on the gaelic column not Monday because it shows the progress that we army. People are texting me at 87870. About the price of off the increase that is. -- at Starbucks today many people party scene at the grocery stores. If you haven't yet you will with the yet. The -- knowing that just because of the -- world markets are in the process isn't. Production cost in power shortages of coffee world water and a fungus to -- columns of -- yes. -- of people are taxing and it's that many people are willing to pay between six and eight but today for their favorite company now. That there are OK with that but other people tell me things like thank god I get all the community cup yet entry for free in my office with the thought that cigarette one. Another -- love my coffee but can't drink in the summertime. I work outside to hunt are carrying. A -- you can buy the coffeemaker grinder. And make all the flavors you -- at home so what are. People she's supposed to wanna do all of the other is go practice I really do I think that. The coffee -- stupid down making people feel that's it yes that's got to be a huge ego and they need it you were and -- ordered any way you want it. I know some of the places they write your name right on the eyes and you sit there and an environment that many people like -- via the free Wi-Fi and comfy chairs than it is in now let's. I'm not into the coffee house it never have. -- I understand why many people yeah. So if you add an issue said that making you feel special. Ingredient and goes and there I guess eight bucks for cup -- -- eight bucks to feel special -- Well and and don't forget it it is usually pretty good cup -- you better be for a clean out with them again. I don't drink coffee so -- -- -- out of my idea. Speaking of what is wrong with people on not old Stamford Connecticut say that a man. Who told us probation officer he wasn't foolish enough to bring drugs into a courthouse. Had been hiding nineteen bags of pot in his left -- Darren -- had a hearing yesterday in Stamford superior court on charge of possession -- sent this now. In the case that dates back to last year. 122 year old man according to the thirties -- reeked of marijuana when he came to receive his crawl on the -- and at the court -- -- all you don't do it that way when he asked when they act out there at some. It is not a full. Not bring drugs into the court allows. -- -- -- the pat down revealed the -- it's one he bags. Of marijuana in his left not just old one little bag for personal use ninety. -- -- anybody brought it to a meeting with his probation office. And people currently that the car at that had no sir you know maybe what John probation stop dealing drugs. Thank you get docked in twenty minutes first it's your identity -- them and Chris Miller joins us with more on this -- worse thing a a car service that you get from an app on your phone really quickly funny story in Europe. Thousands of cab drivers earlier this month. Went on strike yeah way to protest over -- what it did black. Called attention to it in people who had never heard of it suddenly started using it because they're like well what's that's an Apple iPhone. A car comes and picks me up and it's cheaper than a cab. So it kind of backfire on our coach and hearing it's that he all the makers know on more appointments. That's not the right song I pushed the wrong but let's try that again. And -- that jerseys on it's this meteorologists are are hot now. Right along this -- right spot -- ride but went right so well when I introduce you have when you're theme song hot hot hot. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're -- a question. I can appreciate you you're not going to be -- water mistakes every now and then. It's what I just go and go into two and 99% of people. Gonna cry when have you noticed that began its rights and now whenever I lied on my short company and a when he got to keep LAR I'd like to direct an Eyewitness News forecast that are pretty -- purple it's just meteorologist Laura -- how white -- and not Monday our -- amnesties and you know what I and I -- was running a little late this morning my first day. Back from vacation I still had the spring in my step is -- -- game today. The man has run a little late and then it got to work and all the parking. Spaces were marked with signs no parking movie filming. So now I couldn't park right normally parks and non driver on the local and replaced apartment. Building on time deal. The the price you pay for -- without doing so well. They need to pay you for taking this and a cats are met I met the I have to start the more I can park half a block away in the parking garage -- -- -- mark in the park I do but I move the car after the sun comes up. Where the north part just sounds yeah down the street next our building. Because I just in the -- all I don't like to walk that -- got -- park it and move the car and anyway long story accretive to -- -- -- continued to work like in this did he -- you know if. Before -- it is that it's like planes rocker which your car -- put it here after this year but that it immediately -- hard -- it like. They had rob I'll have a what is wrong with people related to that coming up I tells about the weather today. Can't just -- more downpours later this afternoon like yesterday you know just pop it up to 3:4 o'clock. And that some of them some of them could be heavy get you know this that the time of year this is New Orleans street flooding is almost a rite of passage here so. Watch out for that again we're getting some really got crazy photos and the weather center yesterday just lake view area uptown and out toward batteries and street flooding that. Don't drive through those flooded street. Yeah I wish there were some agencies that regulated the term those streets. Yeah because some people consider an inch of water in the street street one some people consider three inches street flooding some -- and now it's got to be we can't drive there -- to be street plotting so you know summit called standing water some people call it findings of the book called street funny I'm not sure what -- Why it. But I know that -- A little bit different ponting is when you're on the -- state you can count as theaters I mean it's not floodwaters that maybe there's so the water that kind of gathering an even some rain so had he can't run off that quick and so. Even at night your plane opening yet for that but on the other but street flooding straight up just there's water in the street. But he shouldn't drive down the street -- but again a lot of -- coming down and all the time puke on my streets flooded how much water pocketed two inches. Although I ever have that happen you know all the time -- -- people -- history -- photos it is flooded out people out here Bob the tailpipe is going to be like -- -- more got to be worried it looks like a ripper on the street. I -- streak river flooding reader river between. I had to some streets get to that today with a bill -- any ran -- but it via an everyday this week it that they import taxes that scattered downpours after little better chance tomorrow you sent. You know the better to its partners. It is more about now. For senator to Los Angeles. -- put up some new street signs. And -- the parking reached at all. And more signs that literally quote one minute part. They want our park right yeah I was posted near the intersection. On Vincente boulevard and Montana avenue. The photo assignment viral online eliciting amusing and obvious that an outrage Transportation Department spokesman says that the sign was a typo not a rank. Andy it was supposed to be 62 parking it was supposed to be your -- in sixty maintains that aren't that they are people you know -- Sharon. And they're gonna be you know they'd say that they're gonna change it gonna you know -- out for the correct thing -- that they still have some parking people go around and. Well the good news is right that it they have now replaced the sign that's the ultimate of the stories that now says one out were partying. Instead of one part about their effect. You know people get stuff done well out on man and they did it about a minute. Really minute credit -- case that yet one minute parking united parked there I'm gonna run out of -- -- you're gonna come back. People want it out of the person who made the sign madness -- the person who put the sign up not note. People who -- -- hate stuff on the ground or whatever and it it pistols school cross me yet. It happens people are not pay and high gas but yet I got a ticket. I guess that would parks and while we even chances. One minute harms public all automated and it put it in the computer somebody clicked the wrong button accidentally and -- got that -- this business our eighth at one minute or it will bring it all laws to make the -- -- -- That's how it got. Definitely Laura advocate. But outlined in the right to work -- -- and more than a minute of sports government. The -- since -- street flooding is considered when the water minimally covered the street from -- occur. Some of Boris and -- can't drive through it if it's one this as just any water from -- quicker we can -- do that. What Kennedy drive through sports now here will be WL Steve Geller not Monday taken away. Amen and good morning everybody LSU football comes into this season with a ton of questions on offense as the tigers lost -- starting quarterback -- leading rusher and top two receiving targets. To the NFL. Although head coach Les Miles has recruited well ESP and college football analyst Paul -- feels he hasn't been on Nick -- level. Our future -- -- for the program has definitely slipped a notch I think in Saban I mean I was signing the book feisty spurred this you have if you ever lose essentially amazed at the border because six or seven straight years. Postings have signed linebacker Todd Davis and wade injured quarterback AJ Davis. Todd Davis an undrafted free agent 2013 -- at Sacramento state and -- 45 games with 351. Career tackles. Nine and a half sacks four forced fumbles and three interceptions. Brazil and Mexico have secured spots in the knockout stage at the World Cup may Moore scored twice in -- for one round of Cameroon Mexico beat Croatia. Three to one. The Netherlands finished on the top of those group. -- finishes second in the group and also advanced to the knock out round. Defending champion Spain salvage some World Cup pride with a three nothing victory over Australia in the last match at that tournament. It's only there there was not only victory of the opening round for Spain. Spurs forward Tim Duncan has decided to exercise the option on his contract. And will return next season. To make about ten point three million in the final year of the two year agreement that was drawn up specifically. To -- San Antonio financial flexible flexibility. Duncan's decision comes after 38 year old -- whispers when their fifth NBA championship in sixteen years. Over on the diamond Vanderbilt opened the best of three college World Series -- by holding on to beat Virginia nine to eight. Sacramento's -- real men belted two homers to lead the river cats past his efforts thwarted two. Today apple on sports -- the NFL network -- him Jordan and junior will let fifth best pass rushing duo. Attitude just scratched the surface and rob Ryan's system and would you rather the saints lead the league in touchdowns or takeaways -- Steve -- with your early morning look at sports. So what do you think LSU winds up this season no one else thinks that there -- top 25 team apparently that they followed a notch do you think this tiger team has success this season or have they dropped enough that four. You know. No matter what happens with this program -- year at a lot of people if let's smile seemed to come under some fire and scrutiny every single season but manages to always get this team to ten wins. At least. Every single year. I fully believe that this team will be able will be a ten win team. They'll probably finish third in the SEC west. And I'm looking forward to seeing what's gonna happen with the quarterback battle obviously but also what letter -- that's gonna do his freshman year and how much he contributes third in the SEC west. That's a drop off. And did not not would deathly tiger fans are used to and everyone expects number one all the time but the -- double digit wins it definitely in the cards for -- you. Thanks David talked about fifteen minutes more sports on WWL I am a famine that. 555. Times before. Ask for your Tuesday afternoon expect that rain chance to move back and 30% which means not everyone will see either rain but likely Wear those storms develop. They'll be had the look for highs around 91 today. And we keep that high your rain chance for Wednesday and Thursday about a 50% chance both afternoons with temperatures in the upper eighties. From the Eyewitness News forecast senator I'm meteorologist -- tell. 78 degrees now both the reporting -- and the National Weather Service office in Slidell some clouds around but no rain reported any of the reporting station I'm gave -- the early edition of WW offers there's one more. People right after that. The enormous City Council today having -- hearing about Hoover the -- pace car system that. Gets around taxicab regulations one person text mediate 78 Saturday says Cooper works and Atlanta. Sounds like cabbies are scared of competition while more from Chris Miller coming up. In the news in just couple minutes. Probably what. Problem with people file deputies -- Mansfield beard gas station as the headline on this one out of Tampa Florida apparently a guy goes into a gas station. And doesn't notice because he's already drawn. That there are police officers in the parking lot with their lights flash thing. Investigating another alleged crime when he walks into the store. According to the Clark he walks in steals a beer. Out of the cooler. And then tries to walk out of this the war. The clerk just -- -- out there already is still a -- Not to party sitting there. Both feet away from the -- get there right outside the dark. Just gonna grab him and charged him with that. Can be pretty darn drug that the -- the budget cop with a flashing lights in the parking lot of the store we're going to steal your beer. But -- At least it got him in the wrong with people while I'm Dave Cohen thank you for starting Tuesday with us here on WWL AM them and that counts -- -- -- -- next. Here on the seagate that would be at 105 to have a great -- Monday.

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