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6-24 6:10am Scoot, Causeway tolls & guard rails

Jun 24, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot talks about safety, personal responsibility, and driving on the Causeway

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- and I guess it's just summertime but the French Quarter was very crowded again last night and early this morning Europe's leading just after 4 o'clock this morning. There was a congregation of maybe 1015 people at the corner Bergen and canal. So obviously they I don't think they were getting up early going to work I think they're probably just coming home. And I saw a number of people walking around with with drinks it for my dog you know our -- -- in the quarter. -- -- -- this was at the CV well -- and a quarter of their people coming up with him galloping around the -- -- others as we appreciate -- -- united they weren't -- -- church on the right well no this was today all but isn't this why -- -- you can go to church any any -- and I don't know about your churches in -- -- my neighborhood -- on the trees are locked up. -- -- church opened against somebody like Google isn't soft pop up. Have you heard this story of this this girl who was mauled by pit bulls yeah hastily to KFC restaurant in Jackson Mississippi yeah. They're monitored and has been terribly this awareness and and it's just the saddest aren't saying and -- a day through were out right. We are going to. Tell you something about that story that you may not know coming up in the next hour. He or W bureau David you've driven the causeway would you support racing the tolls on the causeway to build higher guard rails on the -- -- links how. That's a tough call. I I I'm I'm undecided -- got to -- got to put me in that column I guess here's the core I guess here's the question. Would hire guard -- victory because we're safe for other more accidents southbound I don't know why the guard rail on the self though only means that those with the original causal relations. -- guard -- is lower and not is. Not is as strong as it's a concrete embankment and northbound lanes. But with high profile vehicles on the road today the question is with the guard rails. Really make that much difference or should people may be be more responsible with their driving. Now I -- I think the concept of additional safety is a good one but it might be a tough sell. In these times did to add more to especially the people would go back and worth every day. At the cause we generates about sixteen million dollars a year. And in revenue -- -- would take fifty million dollars to make the new guard rails. On the told -- get people across the causeway for a for two blocks round trip and that was the that was the that was the the hole when the cause we first opened yeah I was the first to defy the it's gone up two or three dollars and that increase came in 1995. I believe. And actually. That's in the only increase and long time what are they talking about -- forty cents a box that -- I haven't -- I haven't heard the question is which you which you pay more. And I was thinking about this before the show. I've driven the -- a -- living on the North Shore a couple of times when -- year. And I never hit the guard real warts now so does that mean. I could have driven the -- waste safely without regard real at all. I think it's responsible. If you drive the causeway and you don't you realize -- nothing inherit all what if nothing was there I don't know that would be cool -- I guess it's kind of like if there's a two by four. The six inches off the ground there you could balance on that. But it would be a little freak you're ballots on net fifty feet in the year but it would be the same amount of -- -- -- I can't ever call and all of the undated trips I've made in the cause -- feeling frightened. Or unsafe. -- -- That's never really entered my mind but I do and have reported on the terrible accidents in the gone over the side but it is seems to always be the result of drivers who were distracted and I don't know if it's fair to blame. Average or is it fair to say eight drivers need to pay more attention. On the bridge if you're driving a high profile vehicle you need to pay attention to what you're driving. Which you support raising the tolls on the -- to build higher guard rails. On the self leveling. That's -- -- you'll pretty general people give is your opinion like going to WW multi count if you graduates of the comet are numbers 2601870. Because -- driver. 260187. Toll free 86688. Ninths early seventy. In a text over the seats apiece and I'm scoot him Tommy Tucker and we'll be right back on him to do well. -- you support raising the tolls on the causeway to build a higher guardrail on the southbound lanes that conversation does continue -- studio Tommy Tucker. It's 670 notices Tuesday morning it will be another hot -- so be prepared for that also good possibility of some thunderstorms today. And tomorrow night if you put into an issue with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven Texas each of these simply got to -- takes to get to hear in just a moment from New Orleans east. -- that he would have to -- on good morning. It's the morning. I got the crowd that they. I want the -- and then waited to get it's a well. -- you. Rate. -- well. What in the world. Oil and in a second. Something that you won't seek out that you distinctively to be more careful. -- doubt about -- for the I didn't let up on. Them. But it Nathan neglect to call the show I was thinking about this before going on the air given the cause -- many times and in my life. Stage -- not to long ago I've never hit the guard. So theoretically. I could have given the cause we all those times -- thing with you if you're driving -- -- wing now or you will later today. You could theoretically if you've never hit the guard real you can have driven the -- safely without regard real at all. Although that -- you seem kind of freaky and make you feel insecure but if you haven't hit the guardrail they -- you've never utilized the guardrail that's there. Would you support racing the tolls on the cost way to build higher guard rails on the southbound lanes or is this less abouts. The bridge and more about drivers. Being safer. From the causeway and your WWL. You know like you driving south down right now. And you're careful you don't by the guard real leaders. If you ever hit the guardrail. So you could theoretically be driving the bridge -- -- guard real at all. It -- -- scary that you could. Right hand drive carefully Klitschko. John -- into the W well. -- -- -- -- -- -- They're great -- -- it's so good. On opposite side symptoms and the call from Iran Iran jurisdiction. Article on retreat and we haven't -- police department. -- or truck that portrait portrait. Portrait that's probably numbered -- could we don't think pentagon. Recovery can you got. Probably a week or you're gonna -- An old book or usable. It actually did you spoke. I'm John I think it's an interesting point tonight. Cancer I don't know what the legal. Jurisdiction would be but I'm David makes. It. Says it does it does make sense theoretically did perish it'll have to brazen parish in -- have to -- Sure that makes much of development board as well -- -- much reachable jurisdiction. The situation Parker redundancy and a waste of money. John I'm going to call the show the total was supposed to go -- along time ago we told the causeway was only supposed to be temporary. But that has become a manga. Government entity. If you enjoy our show with your comment on numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point seven Texas a seven he's -- more of your text more of your calls coming up next. 611 -- -- in the morning it for Tommy Tucker. And here's another WWL traffic updates. It's 645 I'm -- in forward Tommy Tucker reduces Tuesday morning here's our WW authority -- opinion poll. Which US supports higher tolls on the -- for higher guard rails. Right now 80% say no and 20% say yes give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com. The -- blog this morning is -- we're gonna talk about a little later in the show. It's titled stabbings in Jefferson Parish. Where's the talk. Of -- control. We have to look at least excellent it right back to -- your calls. Here is attacks that reads. It's just to bridge. Would it cost more to pay. For all the patrons then to turn it back to the state here is a text. It reads. Skewed to here's a new concept distracted drivers ticketed 500 dollar fine. Try a try that on top of the cost of an accident. I do have this this this issue with distracted drivers. The drivers that go over the side of the causeway. Apparently have been very distracted. The size of cars are sadly bureau over the the causeway and I realize that the southbound lane. As more people going over there -- the side and on the northbound lane because this southbound lane. It's different the guard -- or lowered they're not the concrete embankment that you see in the northbound lanes. But it is a really important to raise the guard -- or is it more important to just make sure the drivers are very responsible. For battery Bobby -- WL. About today you're good morning. It's my understanding and -- -- cause where it was built back in 1955. Because we're commission restored just unprovable on shall played well correct then in the state government were critical of the maintenance of their cause. I think I -- Just send a -- is successfully managed to -- one bond issue after another. Not many of them are not all problem exactly with safety. Be electric system on this. Is one thing but. Gently to perpetrate themselves and all questions on the same thing about Honda. Bob that's my understanding. That there have always been new projects proposed because as soon as all the projects and then the cause we -- theoretically I believe goes away. Now because -- commission that would -- the cause was a very very safe bridge and I respect the job that everybody's doing but I can't help but talk about this this -- because this is the way it was supposed to originally have been. But I have to let a little bit because just a few minutes ago lady traveler -- because what you called you shall bomb now I assumed she would drive. Now -- -- assumption is always an -- record about a passenger. But it actually was trapped on end and on the bomb wouldn't it be ironic. Indeed it would be affecting got a couple of text about it Bob -- cults minister Washington -- under the WL. I don't agree with increased patrol shut them. -- In order to ultimately. -- -- It and -- if you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To be -- and soul of the news for a deal columnist. Some. Only when I'm on the role and it would. Call it. Minister Washington I appreciate you calling if you wanna join us for your comment this morning our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Which seventy. In a text -- -- 77. Here's a text it's a false sense of security and higher guard rails won't stop accidents responsible drivers are the only defense. And think about this thought if you drive the causeway. If you haven't hit the guardrail. They -- could have been driving the -- all this time. Without a -- at all. Is it important to raise the guardrail is it more important to focus on driver accountability. Side Gerald you're under the WL. Good morning. You -- -- because every day and I've been ordered -- or about forty years. About people who pre occupied while driving it what the problem of you know that -- -- guard rail by. You don't total control of the vehicle this duplicate it bought relics and probably caught the baker act it ties going all the break. Well and I can think about this -- if the card doesn't go over the side does the guard real policy to ricochet back into traffic and cause more accidents. Right -- a daughter you know it's for the whole report on where you're at war miles. That bridge it's -- game park -- war you know but not more salt and other. -- that bridge Doug you're theory -- they need it and people Arctic mainly in the bridge. Have some more note that lord. The -- you have the break with -- -- And -- is he rarely order one in May expect the filing that the pilot after all are deteriorating the -- Jack on it. They have -- -- a material. To stop the decomposition of the concrete it's all -- -- They have electric their part have been there on the break that we make it to the -- if it is caught it's costly. To. There Marty area forward because like police insert the call police. All dedicate it debt rates as well it Buick the long break. Because they open up police all the people around now that the market that make it and a spirit. And -- out I've got to get to a news break I appreciate you calling I've I don't have any problem with the cause we police or with the causeway commission they've done an excellent job but theoretically they were supposed to go out of business once the -- -- off. It's 631 -- -- -- fortunately Tucker here's -- WWL news updates with typically debut and I used to drive the causeway on a daily basis to come to reduce -- WL a few years ago I remember those -- -- years I've remembered seeing people do all kinds of things reading newspapers -- across to -- people still do that is doing make up. Well CDS in it to be -- do these bizarre things will drive the -- I'm sure they probably do I would think it's distracted drivers more than the height of the guardrail and yet there is new talk about to raising the the -- which would mean racing. Via the tolls on the causeway which haven't gone out since 1995. Would you support raising. The -- -- the tolls to have a higher guardrail. As -- W dual party jaguar people right now 86% saying no in 14% say yes that's some are what I thought it would -- that is -- hard hard sell. But it really to -- comes down to personal responsibility when you're driving and and I realize that there are. More higher profile vehicles on the road -- You accept responsibility to know how to draw like any vehicle you purchase you can't doze off no you can't be distracted. You know all of the things you mention -- here's attacks that reads -- -- the guard real or lower the speed like. Here's another text why not spend the money on harsher. Punishments for reckless driving tickets and classes for drivers and repeat offenders that's part of the politically correct society Diaz. Let's not -- let's not offend someone so we punish everyone instead. Of those at fault. Those at fault in my opinion should be held accountable if you wanna join us for your comment this morning are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. It's nearly seventy. At a -- -- receipts have creativity. Unsuited for Tommy Tucker driving the causeway. If people are distracted you you might get into an accident and you can't blame the guard real for that do you support raising the tolls to put up a higher guard rail. We'll be right there for your comments went to WL. All right slowdown out there on the causeway. Just because you can. Does that mean you have to go faster. We're talking about the the idea of raising the guard -- of the southbound -- the original lanes of the original cause -- lower than the concrete embankment that you have on the northbound lanes. But it would cost about fifty million dollars to do that so there is talk of raising the tolls on the causeway to pay for the higher guard rails. But it seems to me that this is really more about the personal responsibility of drivers. Then it is about heights of the guardrail if you wanna join us with a comment -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven protection receipts in the seventy and also. -- when we when we hear about rose it is a as a road and in May be you know exactly where it is I wanna say it's in Alabama close to the Mississippi line. But there's a stretch of highway there's a lot of talk about the number of accidents that -- on the stretch of highway. And how the highway is just poorly engineered. But it seems to me that there are probably a lot of people who simply aren't paying attention it is there a stretch of roadway that you just feel naturally. Say fallen. Is there a stretch of roadway that you feel very unsafe on because the engineering of the roadway. And and how often do we as drivers. Not pay attention to signs that say you know thirty miles an hour off -- speed. The forty miles an hour or 25 miles how often do we pay attention to those things. I'm not to be honest with you sometimes there are times that I'm not getting off an interstate expressway. And I find myself into into a curve and I'm going faster that I should be going in a realist I didn't pay attention to that signed this posted speed limit for that particular. -- Again -- -- with a comment -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. -- every Texas a 77 here's a -- reads I've seen a guy working out on the causeway. He's lifting weights buildings. Sit ups I've seen some strange things I've never CNET. And I hear is attacks can we vote to. Vote on keeping the tolls like -- you know here's an interesting text. Maybe we embraced the speed limit to eighty miles an hour make it mandatory to Wear an iPad -- over the guy. If we turn it into white knuckle ride may be folks would pay more attention to what they're doing. And I understood exactly what that techsters saint. I think we take for granted that the answer are are safe and we're gonna just we're gonna -- the causeway for example or we're gonna cruising interstate or any any any stretch of highway. You you can't assume that anything is is safe it's it's our responsibility. To be safe in the vehicles. That we have chosen to drive. It if you drive a high profile vehicle. And it goes over the side of the causeway or if it goes off the road is it really. Is it the roads fault or is that the -- -- a from New Orleans Steven here -- the -- -- -- on good morning. Pay your mortgage -- are talk about poorly engineered the veterans over past outcome and from the airport. You wouldn't believe how many accidents happen on the. They're veterans over for the -- over pants. This is it that this is the overpass on the I ten. On the ten. From there where the body is yet again. There are so many accidents all met over. Oh. Lopez -- occurred in the bridge. And I think that people don't pay attention is it both westbound and east and com it seems to be more -- are -- around the -- Coming and he didn't. But I mean is you know almost daily things that are so great there met over pastors you go over that over -- Proceeded -- he drives that don't they have the responsibility to be careful. Yeah I I I I drive it in and I know what you're talking about but rather than blame the road it would never occurred to be -- this is poorly engineered I would blame myself forward not paying attention to the road. Yeah well I mean yeah. Yes -- it's sometimes wondered you know when they repeatedly have problems. In the same spot. Did they do something whether put caution lights curve in the road or exercising. Tuesday. Curve in the road. Oh it might help. -- glad to call the show Kate can you think of another area in the New Orleans area just as part of the country another part. Of highway or bridge or whatever it is. That it is really dangerous you don't feel safe -- there -- a lot of accidents this year the overpass. Eastbound into the city from power that would be from williams' power. Over the the veterans overpass I do know about that turned drug that it turn -- quite often. But is -- the roads fault or is it my fault if I get into an accident this year. If you enjoyed this morning are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. In a -- number receipts of these -- -- for Tommy Tucker 6:51 on this Tuesday morning and here's another WWL traffic updates mr. Roberts. I just 3 minutes until 7 o'clock I hope -- on schedule this morning studio floor Tommy Tucker this week. A -- and development it is really sad story about this a girl who was bald like Apple's interface is starting she was asked to leave the KFC restaurant in Jackson Mississippi. Because -- badly scarred face which scaring. The other customers new development in historical talk about that right after the news at 7 o'clock. Also -- to blog today said the talk about later stabbings in Jefferson Parish where's the talk about knife control. You're under the gun control debate on either side. You might wanna read his blog feature -- others it's on our website at W of google.com talked about the causeway is it about the size the height of the guard -- or is about driver accountability. Eric -- WW on good morning. -- -- Which you don't believe it to be brought accountability. People draw or call -- -- every day longer commutes. And monopoly they've just become complacent and that are trying to catch up all their email horror. Oh boy they aren't. When you -- to think about the cause weight may be cruise control is is really not an NS as safe as it as it is perceived to be because -- it. It would take for being more -- more conscious about your driving it would take that. It would take that away from you you put on cruise control and you're just kind of sat down and -- are paying may -- people paying a little less attention. I agree totally. It's like okay well are basically -- itself -- cut this straight church law highway here. When -- markets upon my emails poured it into the office. Eric I'm glad to tell the show here's a text are talking about other areas that are not safe the I ten between a high rise in sixteen and both directions lots of accidents they are. I'm Gary you're on WWL. I think I. I -- -- at reaching record. I ten west now -- -- of becoming from the floss and admiration. Westbound -- coming from -- going to. -- I can't preaching in church ever trotted out to do it slight. Nobody can go out there. But don't people drive that every day they shouldn't everybody know what it's like to drive there and if you if you're driving in new stretch of highway shouldn't you be extremely cautious because you have. Haven't driven their before. I don't know what is that bright -- come on really -- underneath title. And and you get up to yeah anyway. Gary -- to call the show we've been talking about the -- weigh in whether or not you would support to raising tolls to raise the guard -- southbound lanes were also talking about. There's other dangerous areas. So the I ten west now from -- to bet crucial policy that those series and and like 55. At the at the three to emerge. Well if you're not familiar with the Broadway drive carefully if you familiar with the roadway how could you blame the broad way for an accident isn't it your responsibility. I'm studio for Tommy Tucker will be right back after the news on -- WL.

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