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6-24 7:10am Scoot, KFC hoax?

Jun 24, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot talks about a tragic story that may have been a hoax

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Maybe getting a lot of text about the cause waves and it's obvious to joined this we've been talking about raising tolls to possibly raising tolls to raise the -- in the southbound lane. And rather than raise the guard rails to me it seems like it comes down to a responsibility of the drivers to drive carefully just a number of text about. -- doing more to stop people from texting. And from reading emails and doing things like that on the culturally got a text in Somalia says it drug to cause we every day I do office work and calls coming and going I'm very safe. And have no problem and a -- and I got a text the last half hour from somebody said the actually saw somebody working out with weights. Working on their biceps area -- -- the -- going to Alice you're. You know -- figures do -- of that every day run about 25 minutes worth your beyond muscled up. David -- we've heard this story about this -- Young child who was told to leave the KFC restaurant in Jackson Mississippi because her badly scarred face which. Scaring customers it's the story of little Victoria Wilshire. And the story went viral -- Victoria was attacked by three pit bulls and mauled her family posted the story at FaceBook they've received over 135000. Dollars in cash. Free gifts and offers of free surgery isn't that something that people's came forward like -- and CNN ran a story I saw this yesterday editors. About a Las Vegas plastic surgeon doctor frank Stiles who actually visited Victoria to consult her about free plastic surgery. And I KFC donate 30000 dollars to the family. And investigation now shows. The story was a hoax. While while while while wall watched it didn't really happen. Our c'mon cedar -- -- on Victoria Marlins. Victorious grandmother. Reporter on May fifteenth. She set of a FaceBook page called victorious victories in support of her granddaughter may sixteenth this was written on FaceBook. We had a small adventure yesterday. Victoria. Holds. Pulled her her feeding tube out but thanks to the great people that. Children's Hospital she's home and safe waiting for new sister. But she goes on to say and this went viral on June the twelfth. -- does this face looks scary to you with a picture of her. Last week -- KFC Jackson Mississippi this precious face was asked to leave because her face scared the other diners. I personally will not set foot in another KFC again. And two will personally be writing to the CEO that's what the FaceBook post. Sad and it went viral on June the tone. At that time we had presumed or at least there was more because I guess on Facebook. That the manager. Was going to be held responsible for this at that KFC. And managers at both of the KFC locations in Jackson have received death threats. And also they have. They've had people come to the drive through and through soft drinks -- them. Our track but surveillance videos show that on May fifteenth there was never a girl sitting victorious description at either KFC location. It in and Jackson not only that but they first reported it at. One location on State Street and that location in Jackson. Has been closed for several years do we know who made it up to assist the news of grandmother the mother. Well. Whoever I guess did the original FaceBook page now it's would be interesting if what if the -- stories a hoax and it really did happen. -- -- -- -- I guess it's what what what happens here is weak we realize how gullible we are yes we vote we believe this is the story and and everybody ran with this story just. Believing it I guess because you would think somebody would make something like this up. But everybody had to -- otherwise it's just -- know our our hearts were breaking for this this child of what a horrible thing patella. To talent and disfigured young girl to leave the restaurant. And apparently. It was a hoax. Now man somebody needs to pay for others. And I you know why -- I don't know third. There is someone that came forward and let's talk about hoaxes it was or another hoax that that you were down. Mature -- read you quick dip by the end of some of these things on FaceBook and Twitter whatever if you put into a pressure with a comment on numbers 2601 a seventy. To all free 8668890. Point seven. Takes over -- 7870. I'd studio for Tommy Tucker. And as we go to break this is -- latest from -- Ezra -- lucky and their new CD I believe this coming out next month. We'll be right back but -- WL. There is a report out now that any investigation reveals that this this precious little girl who was mauled by three pit bulls are faced with -- she was told to leave KFC. In Jackson Mississippi because. Because her face was scaring the customers. There's a report now that that was a hoax. It didn't really happen in the family has received over 135000 dollars in cash for gifts. And offers a free surgery CNN ran a story about a Las Vegas plastic surgeon doctor frank styles who visited. Young Victoria. A to consult or or plastic surgery and KFC even donate 30000 dollars to help the family. And apparently. This was a hoax. Did you think of another hoax that you feel for. I -- a tech system over ago from toys at the end. Via the man tko. Girlfriend -- Lotta people bought into that. Do you remember I remember it being on the air when this happened. There were two fisherman. Fishing in the past Google river really late at night. And they integrity UFO. And aliens. And they were taken it was a close encounter of the third kind they were they were they were abducted by the aliens and then brought back. And they told this incredible incredible story. When I was on -- of humility in the early nineties I remember talking to sheriff. In Pascagoula. And he admitted that that was a hoax. And all these years so many people believe that there were these to pass a bill of fisherman who were actually abducted by aliens. As it turns out that was just a hoax. And then there are every day hoaxes. I'm noticing that the people who who want your money on the street summer getting much more creative. -- say I need a dollar 25 for Boston just -- my car ran out of gas and I need to get back to -- and get back to the car. And I just see Tony I don't 25 and in gas on in in buster. Or I've had people. I've walked in the CD CB the -- I've had people actually stop and -- more than one person. Stop rolled out the window and say hey look I don't I know you don't know me but I'm just trying to get to Memphis. And I'd I'd just need I need twenty dollars in gas money to get to Memphis. And it's a bit about the sister or their child -- they make up specific stories. Is Sarah. Is there a hoax that that you have come across may be just an every day hoax or some big hoax that we haven't mentioned yet. If you wanna join our show with your comment this morning -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Ninths nearly seventy. And text number 677. Here's it's actually like the hoax about the equinox rooms standing on edge during the equinox LO well truth is Bruce will stand on edge. Any gate any time of the year. I executed for Terry Tucker it's 7:41 Tuesday morning and here's another WWL traffic update with Gerald Robinson. The newspaper -- laurel leader call is reporting that this this story about this little girl getting thrown out of KFC. Is just a hoax and I'm sure you've heard the story that the browser acute patch over her -- she was -- like three pit bulls. According to the original story that went viral on FaceBook. She was asked to leave because her scarred face. Was scaring the other customers. It's been all over the it's been all over the news. Here's a text -- how could this -- it was on TV it was on headline news network worldwide OMG. Are we too quick to believe whatever we see reader here. It's gonna be -- to see how this develops news according to the information I have the families received over 135000 dollars. In donations. And 30000 dollars came from. From the KFC. So we're talking about hoaxes I'm getting a -- to text here. That. Remind us of the balloon boy hoax over the sadly this was in Colorado outside of Denver. This kid apparently was in this hot air balloon. But he but he really wasn't that was a hoax that a lot of people believe that it apparently that was to bring attention to the person who. Made the balloon. The of the two fisherman in Pascagoula who the years ago in the in the seventies. Were abducted by aliens. Actually they were probably just drinking beer and fantasizing about things going on when -- official in the past eagle river apparently that did not really happen. And I had somebody confirm that he didn't happen on the air with me in the in the nineties. Here's a text about the alien story that led to the joke heard about the aliens it landed in Mississippi they left figured no intelligent life on earth. That's pretty harsh here is sent a text. This is about the the guard rails on the -- -- to let me give you quick update on our WW pretty general opinion poll. Would you pay higher tolls on the causeway. For -- guard rails 73% saying no. And 47% say yes give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL. Dot com. Here is attacks that Reid says skewed to people should be attentive but you can't fix stupid -- the rails -- the show that's from a police officer. As it really about raising the rails on the causeway the -- down things or is it more about. Is it more about. Drivers being responsible. And think about how many people -- the causeway and they're not really responsible. They're not paying close attention and I do think that cruise control. Can actually be a curse ought to great convenience. Especially hero long straight highway like the -- Put it on cruise control it gives you one less thing to actually pay attention to when you're driving. We when I drive I -- actually drive. The vehicle. In fact I am hearing about all these these -- these new cars that are coming and apparently -- report on an NBC news last night that. Driver less cars cars that drive themselves. Are are gonna be reality sooner than we may think. I mean. Do you enjoy driving but if you're in traffic right now and I'm sure you don't enjoy driving and it would be nice I guess. To kick back and but the card -- driving in nickel that's -- decisions in parallel park it all in Korea would be convenient. But wouldn't that -- Americans love to -- Wouldn't that take some of the enjoyment of being in a car away again if you're stuck in traffic if you drive a boring. Drive you might like your card they would totally drive itself that. I don't know I don't it would be difficult to trust that and I've also heard that we have the technology. To actually. Make airlines. Vick could fly from one city to another city without pilots. Think you'd feel being on a plane without the pilots up there in the cockpit. If you and enjoy pressure with a comment this morning -- numbers 260187. Tool free 8668890. Point seven. And our -- number is 877. Here's a text I just heard the all the money and the gifts that were donated to the girl boy KFC is a hoax. Now what you were talking about this morning -- here's a text. At reed's greatest hoax ever. The virgin birth. Interesting now people would think that was a hoax but here's the -- the media is so quick to jump on something because. It makes a good story they don't bother to even check it out first. And they're you know -- -- some their habits of hoaxes that we followed for. Did you think about a hoax that we haven't mentioned yet virgin -- it's kind of funny somebody would mention that the balloon boy hoax. Via the football player and anti -- girlfriend story that was a hoax. The Pascagoula fisherman abducted by aliens and that was a hoax. So -- lot of hoaxes out which which hoax if we know invention yet and and can you think of them up and every day hoax that you almost all four recently. I've had people ruled on the wind at their cards say. Something like I need to get to Memphis or need to get to. Pascagoula or or wherever I -- and I need a certain amount of money in gas about a gas and I'm trying to get home. And it's there are times that I have almost -- president. But not yet. I'm astute if Tommy Tucker. It's 730 here's another WW elders update with David what they were talking about this this heartwarming story about this little girl getting so much helping so much affection kicked out of it KFC hurt scarred face Swiss apparently scaring other customers. Now we're learning is a report out that. An investigation showing it that's just a hoax. Got a -- of Somalia says the FaceBook page says it's not a hoax but I guess you would expect the Facebook's eight page -- to say that. And we be talking about other hoaxes. And -- on. -- -- attacks -- war of the worlds which was one of the greatest hoaxes of of all time. I didn't realize this got a -- from somebody who said that Jayne Mansfield was not decapitated. And I always thought she was decapitated which he was jolt. In a car accident -- on on old highway ninety. According to this text as she was not actually decapitated. Here's a text the biggest hoax of all that Obama was going to be great presidents and -- bring. Bring change and transparency to the office -- yet turn out to be somewhat of a hoax. Here is another text the sandy hook hoax they're they're people who actually think that that whole sandy -- thing. A single thing was it was a hoax and that the government was behind it. Because the government wondered an excuse to take away your guns so are being created this they created this. Tragic shooting -- in fact I believe there was a -- so somebody with one pro gun group. Actually sent. A letter to the -- of the gambling other girls who died and and said that your daughter never existed. Your daughter is she wasn't killed she never existed arrangements in your part of Hoechst from Metairie Donald WWL. So he Donald. I don't know does that they considered a spokesman at the memo about one bomb belts the coaches sanctions and I thank you Hank Williams -- That was as I was impersonate him and everybody on the team thought it was and then news. -- program or that I haven't thought about that for years do you remember that there -- Donald and I'm glad you called is there I'll hopes that we haven't mentioned yet. And have you fallen prey to any every day hoax. That maybe somebody's telling on the street. I do think we have to be careful about those who have a specific number in mind. When they yum went and asked for money you know I needed dollar fifteen -- -- to get to such and such a place -- I I first realized that this was a common thing. I when I was on the year Philadelphia. And I was. Gas station getting gas in the skies have been I need to I -- -- dollar 25% to an arm of what the you know once. But I need this specific amount of money got to take the bust him on my my car broke down right had a gig I have to say the bus to get my I gave him the money. A couple of days later I was at the same gas station and I saw the same guy and overheard him telling the same story. To another customer who's getting gas I went over and broke it up and said hey don't believe that this guy told me this story the other day and I gave him money don't given me money. At that point the guy threatened me I guess because I broke up -- hoax. And I if you enjoyed -- show with your comment -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. And text number is 878 simply another famous hoax was the the crop circles. In England. I -- if Tommy Tucker ever coming right back and -- WL. According to the information that I have now. The the whole. Story about this little girl Victoria. -- being asked to leave at KFC in Jackson Mississippi. Because it's hurt scarred face was scaring the other customers. According to the information I have from a new report it was just a hoax. Now could a hoax. Of the hoax the hoax I guess anything's possible you know we've put our quick to believe whatever we see reader here and we should be so quick to believe that. If there are people who believe I'm getting a text about this. Landed on the moon was a hoax Seattle it was that a lot of people believe that that was a hoax. -- there was a rumor when I was at least Jefferson that Stephen Stills of Crosby stills Nash. This Stephen -- graduated from the east Jefferson. And I think he was I think he's from Baton Rouge but I don't think he actually graduated from each day but that was it. That was a big story big hoax and I don't think that was true and I remember growing up in in Metairie. Discuss along the the road it was and along the lefty pretty close to the close to the Levy I guess kinda close to bucked him it was a bridge. And it was believed that a half man half goat. The -- Lived under the bridge. And and we would go there. We would go there looking for the crunch now I don't know what the heck we would do we actually solving brunch because we envision this half man half goat but that was a hoax. -- sandy hook simply believe that was a hoax nine elevenths some people believe that's a hoax perpetrated by the government. And some people believe the Holocaust. It was a hoax. It is a hoax that we have been -- oh here's an interesting text about a hoax the Republican Party cares about people. That's a hoax. If you wanna join our show with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Nines nearly seventy or text number is 87870. What about the latest on a plane crash hoax. None that. The one owed them than none they can't buy over the one that they can't find all we the bullish inflate the 370. Is that a hoax they can't find it I mean the plane was missing. If you just joined us the two fisherman in Pascagoula. Who were telling a story to which widely believed it was a it was a believable story at the time for those who believe that there are UFO's. They were actually abducted while fishing on the Pascagoula river they were productive by aliens. I'm that was apparently -- What about the -- Nancy tale a girlfriend story. And then it got a couple of text about the balloon boy hoax remember the story recently simply was -- Colorado. This little boy are we supposed to be a balloon hot air balloon and said that they scrambled jets. Two to go up -- and and observed these planes -- is set something up to go find it's this hot air balloon as it turned out the kid woods. Was still at home. Is our big hoax that we haven't mentioned yet our numbers 2601 a seventy toll free 866889070. And a text number is 877. Here's a text mister Rogers is a decorated veteran. -- -- I didn't note I didn't know about that pokes. Here is attacks tonight area 51 is a hoax -- give you quick update on our -- of Hugo pretty general opinion polls of the -- good talking about this morning. Which you pay higher tolls on the causeway. For higher guard rails 70% say no 30% say yes because it brings in about sixteen million dollars a year 40000 people -- because -- every day. And he told his three dollars or just coming back from the North Shore justice one way. It is sorted out is is two dollars but those who have told -- I believe they still drive average four for two dollars round trip. But it's a three dollars to come back across the causeway that was so I'm that was put in place in 1995. And there hasn't been told raise raise since then. Tolls haven't gone since that point. So are they looking for another reason to raise the tolls would hire guard rails. Really make the cause we safer or is it really more about driver. Responsibility. A tremendous field Terry you're known to be WL. Yeah. Two hoaxes or you want as you can keep your insurance plan and you can keep conductor. With the Obama care yes you know I just it was a hoax -- that there is focused about it. All right Terry and political here's a text Phillies Jayne Mansfield. Jayne Mansfield was -- a sex symbol she was a sex icon blond hair very big big. -- -- he was. She was kind of like a -- -- tight. Now that it's about that era. And she was appearing at a nightclub it was a nightclub on the Gulf Coast cold gusty and it's. And she's appearing at a nightclub Villa in the Gulf Coast gusty winds and very early in the morning she which she was driving. -- driving her. To be on an early morning TV you know local TV station here in norms and they were Arnold highway ninety because I don't think the interstate was built -- And I don't remember exactly what happened but there was a horrific accident and the that the word was that -- she was decapitated. And I've got a text from somebody earlier that said. That she wasn't decapitated so that was just a hoax. If you wanna join us our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Nearly seventy. And a text number is 877 here's text life is a hoax get ready for the matrix. It's 751 I'm scoots in the morning for Tommy sector and here's another WWL traffic update Carol Roberts. We're talking about hoaxes but hoaxes have you fallen floor what do you believe is a hoax it. People really believe happens like sandy hook or 9/11 or. The the landing on the moon and is there anything that distinguishes a hoax. From a conspiracy. We're talking about this morning because there's a report out that this story about this little girl Victoria. Who was a ball by a pit bulls and heard her scarred face news. Caused her to be. On asked to leave. KFC in Jackson Mississippi. Because her her face her scars were were making the yen making the other customers and comfortable and apparently. That's just a hoax got a text here about but Jayne Mansfield and -- getting a couple of text the reason the rumor according to these text. The reason the rumor started that she was beheaded is because her wig and -- standard or something came off during the accident. And it appeared as if she had been decapitated but she really busted out from the applause -- telling your -- WL. Should try and more -- -- like to make a comment I'll go on changing the issue and I do remember the actor and I believe should destroy our bench it would are all in the can't -- -- on new detectives that worked on -- Kate and T shirt and get church. And she. Actually decapitated head and -- Aren't and it took the top of our mortgage and and her blond hair went on the dashboard it was a pretty gory picture and it was in such a great to be talking about it and it is. I mean -- that. -- storage. And the congress say -- that the pitcher and it was absolutely horrible and it was actual police at. No one to correct the -- Helen I'm I'm glad you did you have a great day and applause say here's attacks biggest hoax ever that OJ Simpson was found innocent of the murders. If you wanna join us for your comment on numbers 2601 a seventy. Toll free 866889. Or semi tech state 77 from the world's Bruce here and to -- WL. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So Steve Armitage yes -- ninety's jobs. -- About football. Terms -- Really. Get a comment about Jayne Mansfield. It. You know that wind when this woman just said fogged. That's something that I I've I vaguely remember. That there was a mosquito truck and they were doing a lot of news that the fog trucks back there and and there. Was a mosquito truck apparently very early in the morning Arnold highway ninety unit that caused this a horrific accident. I here's a text here's a hoax I Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Another hoax Dick Cheney did not profit from the Iraq War. And to the Iraq War did not cost the US trillions I'm studio for Tommy Tucker. They were some stabbings in Jefferson Parish so where's the talk about knife control that and more coming up in the next hour. Under the WL.

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