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6-24 8:10am Scoot, knife control?

Jun 24, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot talks about recent stabbings and why there isn't a cry for knife control

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

David this a story about this this young girl Victoria the one who was mauled by a pickles if you distorted solar update you -- what we're talking about here. There have been so many people who have wanted to to give to this girl according to a Facebook's story went viral. This young girl Victoria and -- by three pit bulls. Was asked to leave KFC Jackson Mississippi because her scarred face. Was scaring the other. The other customers CNN ran a story about a Las Vegas plastic surgeon doctor frank -- out who visited Victoria to consult their for free plastic surgery. KFC donate 30000 dollars to the family. And the family has received according to this report. Over 135000 dollars in cash gifts and offers a free surgery and not make you feel good about Americans but according to an investigation. The story is a hoax. And this person was never asked to leave. KSE. Now the original. Facebook's story came from the mother the grandmother out -- the grandmother. That's my understanding Arquette I was that the first thing that one out there. That people obviously took note of it made it all the way through the news cycles against mated to network news. Yeah I did and apparently the KFC that they referred to witness allegedly happened. It was not even open at the time it was it was closed. And today here's another part of this is interesting. The grandmother reported on on FaceBook that she ordered a sweet tea at mashed potatoes and gravy. Set down to sort defeating Victoria and a lady came over and said that they had to leave because victorious space was disturbing the other customers. KFC could find no order now dead included. A sweet tea and mashed potatoes and gravy. Altogether on on the same quarter and they checked their videos in the store and couldn't find it either there was no no sign no no person that it's the identity of these people who were apparently -- in the KFC. But this is lady interesting discussions about about other just talk to -- and thanks managers ask you one more thing if you've seen it because I haven't. Has the grandmother or someone with that family. Apologized. Horror. Books scorer everything as far as I know. They have not in a got a text a moment ago from -- -- -- said it's still up on the FaceBook page claiming that it's not a hoax. But it's interesting how quickly we are to believe whatever we see read or hear. And this has led to other conversations about about hoaxes the two fisherman past Google over never really abducted by aliens. Demands he -- girlfriend story was a hoax the balloon boy. Story was a -- sharks in the floodwater after Katrina. That was apparently hoax -- Hank Williams junior never imitated bum Phillips the players didn't ever really fall for that. Bigfoot Y two K. And the list goes on of hoaxes -- says Jayne Mansfield news I had was not severed in that accident yet apparently her week came off the -- a woman called just a moment ago from -- said. The issue solved police photos of it and a part of her forehand was was was off and on that on that on the dash but apparently she was not decapitated but that was the story. But it if you had a if you had a Wigan at. And and a wig stand and if that ended up in another part of the area away from her body you can see why people passing by would've originally thought that it was a -- that was a decapitation. As she was actually on her -- from a nightclub -- Stevens on the Gulf Coast of Biloxi. To be -- appear of 1 of the early morning TV news shows here in New Orleans when she was driving on that stretch of highway ninety. So apparently she was properly. Actually decapitated. If you I -- wanna join Russia with a comment on numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Points every Texas State 7870 that a number of text about the biggest -- ever Obama. I -- is I -- reads another hoax left lane for passing only yeah apparently that is a hoax as well. They were stabbings in Jefferson Parish over the weekend. So if if there's a shooting. Andy's -- sibling. Then if they are standings. Why is the ninth never play. And where's the talk of knife control. Discuss blog standings in Jefferson Parish where is the talk about -- control. It's treading on our website if you're -- gun control debate you might wanna read it like -- with others. It's on our website at WWL. Dot com it's also my FaceBook page which is -- On the air and you can read it shared in their temperature comments there or on -- go to WL radio FaceBook page. Milan we'll talk about why there's no talk about -- control and what this what this really does say about about the media. And the audience that's coming up next I screwed into Tommy Tucker on WW. I George Segal -- show producer just looked on the Victoria is victories he kept saying that Victoria's Secret kept coming up I think he kept putting them in. Victorious victories is the FaceBook page and he says this is not a hoax we didn't expected to to get blown out of proportion like this. But according to a report has come from the newspaper the laurel leader call. The author of the journalist is a Sean Murphy. The reported the girl getting thrown out of KFC is just a hoax. Over the weekend they were separate incidents of violence in Jefferson Parish and five of the seven incidents were forced at its. Three of the five were related to domestic violence. If the fights stabbings had been committed with guns rather than knives. We did not have probably been a greater attempt to link the violent acts to the weapon. The -- the availability of the weapon. And if guns are to blame for gun violence. Then should knives speed link for -- ethics. You know this is -- tickets and testing exercise and analyzing the media and the audience which is of the night I talked about quite often -- the radio shows and do it in my blogs. The news media tends to use establish public perception. To create -- to ten. And an ever present danger. In its effort to attract an audience. So with a gun debate already had a fever pitch in America leaking stories to gun related violence and the fear of guns or the defensive guards. Automatic which strikes of really sensitive nerve but among citizens. But when a -- -- -- In a violent acts there's never a reciprocal attack on the knife as a weapon. Why is no talk about ninth control. Everybody has availability. Tonight -- you can get in ninth -- We'll continue this conversation when we come back if you wanna join us for the comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. In a text -- -- activities having it's a -- Tuesday morning on -- in the morning for Tommy Tucker and your senator Debbie WL traffic update with -- Roberts. Here's an update on our -- give you a pretty jacked my opinion poll this morning would do you pay higher tolls on the -- for higher guard rails. Because he brings in about sixteen million a year it would cost fifty million to raise the guard rails on the southbound lanes the original bridge and that's being apparently talked about. -- 2% say no they wouldn't and 20% say yes they would -- -- for Tommy Tucker. A series of stabbings in Jefferson Parish over the weekend so where's the talk about -- control. I'm from Metairie avenue -- every WL. I've skated yet -- -- independent and I got to add in board hereby. Yeah I think what in the fundamental differences between you know talking about night control -- never heard a -- gun control. Did it in numbers see mr. Allen committed mass murder and night. He and it's it's not something that people see and today. It doesn't happen is offered if I'm not mistaken there was a case in. Either Japan or China recently where I don't know 1015 people were were -- but it is it is it is less like. Can control where you. Art you know well he soared economic commitment murder -- country. You know media and video that you don't really see you know guys wielding cameras stored on a tray and going to tell. -- I think this is a good point. I think this is a good point it's it it does bring up this this. This parallels though between. Gun and knife violence and and blaming the actual weapon. First of all using a gun to kill or injure somebody. Is less personal than than standing some. Guns allow an act of violence to be committed without contact with -- another human person. You'll have to touch the body to stab somebody. An enraged individual. Would have to touch a warm human body in the process of using a knife and in many cases I think a standing would be much bloodier. Then an act of violence that committed with a -- now again there are obviously exceptions. So is the person who is capable of stabbing somebody actually. More threatening to society and more dangerous. Than somebody who -- Use in life. Eight years ago and is pretty wooden knife used a knife would that person actually be more more threatening to society. What is thought what do following five standings. In Jefferson Parish of the week you know I -- make a point with this. Five standings in Jefferson Parish over the weekend including the standing of a mother. Near her one year old daughter and grand -- Some politicians if if there was going to be a reciprocal argument here about the weapon. Some politicians. And some citizens. Would be arguing that we need stricter. Night control loss. There would be outrage over the availability of nights. We need to do more to -- the wrong people from getting a hold of a knife. On the other cited the debate the pro knife rights citizens would be advancing the idea that if just if more people had dice. We could stop those bad people with a -- from committing these crimes. There would be less knife violence. I'm pointing out that the the blaming of a gun in gun violence is absurd. In the same way to blaming a knife. 49 pilots is absurd. If stabbings. Don't ignite this debate over the availability of a weapon. When it comes to an act of violence in the news media many citizens in many pro and anti gun rights groups. Are very hypocritical for using the existing panic about guns to fuel their gun control or their gun rights agenda. Now you know what -- if there was a pro knife rights group -- -- that they were organized are going to family restaurants. And we're gonna take out their knives. And just wait a minute and the restaurants. Party have nights. By Andy -- Debbie WLA good morning. Hey I need who both -- it just now made the comment and I don't commit a match America. If I can recall my memory right -- tonight because the box cutters to cut build upon our throats. There -- box cutters that could be classified as a night and that did cause mass murder in this country the worst thing we have added fonts and attack. Tell what they do outlawed knives box cutters. Now any -- it's a good point there are knives that are used to commit their crimes all the time and I just I thought about this. After the show yesterday and -- to talk about it today sevens in Jefferson Parish. They were seven incidents of violence in Jefferson Parish five of the seven incidents involved standings. And three of the five were related to domestic violence. And again this 34 year old woman was. Was stabbed very close to her her one year old on grand -- the woman's boyfriend was arrested and admitted to the stabbing his girlfriend. Now if it's a gun quite often the the the debate goes to well we need to control gardens. -- if that's the case why is they're not talk about controlling nights. Because when it's in -- it's the person who's responsible when cigar and some people are so quick to blame. The government. If you -- to join Russia with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It sent a text is 87870. I'd today on Angeles show an open mind -- Angela dogs can -- loose in the back of pickup trucks Tony the Tiger is still in a cage outside a truck stop. This makes Angela -- She's a big animal lover. Does this drive you crazy as well. Angeles and all commercial 1 o'clock talking about that today it's an open mind with the legendary Angela hill this afternoon weekdays -- to four -- -- VW. It's 8:30 on a Tuesday morning I'm screwed in forward Tommy Tucker and here's Adobe WL news updates with people like David but I heard this morning that there's a story out to fill holes. The -- it's sad story involving this girl a young girl being kicked out of KFC and Jackson Mississippi because her. Scarred face which scaring me the other customers we were talking about other hoaxes here's a hoax that I was actually part of perpetrating. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- come on that was being spread to assist us kids in nineteen -- five I was one of those guys spreading the room to listen very carefully you'll hear screams. I'm never exactly where it comes -- there's there's screen somewhere in the -- out and it was supposed to be a woman who's being murdered got you in the other student. And then if you played the album backwards Paul was that Clinton and that was it that was and other -- when I was growing up that Paul is dead and it was just so many clues about. Paul McCartney being dead and I remember tuning into the radio every night to hear the latest clue. That would prove it to Paul McCartney was actually. And then there was a rumor that. The -- -- beaver -- Leave It to Beaver was really Alice Cooper. -- -- that was -- no that was not ideal for not sure. Now we're talking about -- control a standings and in Jefferson Parish and and David if if we're so concerned about the gun as a weapon when it comes to a series of killings with a gun a series of and violence the world and mass murder committed with a gun. Then why we as concerned about the knife as a weapon and and I'm thinking you know so often television shows are blamed if if knives were blamed then. Would -- -- the start being critical would peoples are being critical of the year the cooking shows on TV because that's a big night was current shows you sure on the -- solemn you know on Weiner are right to have. Right off the late night TV shows it's that good. Buried their sharpest knife you can get -- maybe about maybe it all goes wrong when some little kid his first introduced to his -- -- Defamatory -- yeah and then -- graduates to again suit -- if you put into a show with a comment. Our numbers 260187. Toll free 86688. Ninths early seventy and a text -- states have 170. I'm -- if Tommy Tucker we're coming right back into the WL. A series of stabbings in Jefferson Parish over the weekend. Standing sold that knife was the weapon and -- there's never hysteria about -- even though they can be used just like begun to kill somebody and I would argue that it. It takes. It takes a more vicious person to kill somebody with a knife. Then a gun because you're actually touch the human body when you -- somebody with a knife at least in most cases. But this is all about the relationship I think between the media and the audience it's a regular discussion. That we really should have because we should understand. How. It all operates and if there's a preconceived idea about some kind of hysteria or panic. And -- is about gun control. Years ago and right side there's the gun control side. But yet. If it's not about a gun than we don't hear the same kind of debate and a parallel debate should also take place. With nights if there are a series of stamps but yet we don't hear that the -- blog today's title stabbings in Jefferson Parish where's the talk about knife control. And if you're into the gun control debate when the gun rights or gun control. He might wanna read that -- with others it's on our website at WW dot com also we've been talking about this hoax thought and what this report went on the air. The sad story about that little girl Victoria -- asked to leave KFC restaurant Jackson Mississippi. Because superstars. She was mauled by three pit bulls apparently this is a hoax. And it didn't really have now the she was really attacked by three pupils. That -- a hoax. She does have a terribly scarred face. And and CNN ran a story about a Las Vegas plastic surgeon doctor frank Stiles who visited Victoria to consult her for pre pre plastic surgery. The family has received over a 135000. Dollars in cash free gifts and offers free surgery. And according to a newspaper reports. There's an investigation going on it's not finish the final results will be out next week but apparently. Nobody was ever asked to leave Kentucky fried chicken. And Kentucky fried chicken actually donate 30000 dollars to the family. -- from Metairie Jim -- WWL. -- Yeah. And he you know -- Oh yeah that's adults. That generally well. Yeah yeah it was a discussion at church it was a part of the a part of the the -- this past week and you know it's it's it's a mystery. And if it's a hoax but it certainly is certainly is a mystery as just an interesting to hear people talk about the different hoaxes that we have have bought into. On every day hoaxes. Gay people need money for something but also that the bigger hoaxes. They've the balloon pop the balloon boy it was a hoax -- bruise that was indicated that in that balloon and a couple of text at the biggest hoax of all a president Obama's going to be a great president. And bring change and transparency. To the office. And big foot Y two K these a couple of the other text that have -- -- if you -- to join Russia with a comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- -- late 778. Here's a quick update on our WWL pretty -- opinion poll. Would you pay higher tolls on the causeway for higher guard rails this is a discussion 72%. Say -- 28% say yes. And I realized at the guard rails on the southbound lanes are lower and there are more cars vehicles the goal over the causeway southbound and northbound. But doesn't this really come down to driver responsibility. Is supposed to -- guard rails. It is your opinion by going to our web site at W a lot of -- I've coding for Tommy Tucker it's going to be another warm day with the chances of thunder showers this afternoon and tomorrow as well. It's time this year. It's a 5010 minutes to nine and here's another WWL traffic updates with Gerald Robinson here's an example of presidential. Overreach. There's this story from Politico that shows President Obama. Leaning over the like this sneeze guard in -- fast food place where you'd -- you pick out the food the people behind the counter like -- -- -- kind of place. And the president is leaning over with his -- Pointing at the food. That's -- known now. So we'll talk about that on a show tomorrow or -- talk about those things that. They keep it is especially here in in the fast food business or if you had been. What is it that customers do that really bothers you'll get in that tomorrow also rock legend sting says that his children will not inherit his 300 million dollar fortune when he dies. He -- report shipping artery of England and he wants his kids to make their own lives and he said they know how to work and I respect that and second given his money. Policy says that he Trudy are spending it as fast is again I would thoughts thing -- had more than 300 million dollars. It's seem kind of low to me so I guess they are spending a lot of money we'll talk about that on the show tomorrow coming up in the next hour. I'm -- we're talk about good -- good minimum wage workers you know I encounter something it to escalate mall recently. Four different stores. And I had the best experience because these -- minimum wage or low wage workers they went out of their way to help me. And they were very attentive and very courteous and we talked about terrible. Apathetic lazy minimum wage workers but where is it that you consistently go. And get good service from minimum wage workers there are some places so -- some can do it when they -- It is some business is demand that the -- all this does is demand. So we'll talk about that -- in the next hour we've been talking about this this story that has just won the hearts of so many Americans about this. His inaugural Victoria. Attacked by three pit bulls that part is not a hoax but apparently according to a investigation that is yet to be completed but the story is coming out now from the investigation. Is that this never really happened. On May sixteenth it was -- -- FaceBook page we have a small adventure yesterday victorious despite victorious grandmother Victorian Marlins. She said that Victoria -- that are feeding tubes and she's at home. Then it goes into saying that they went to they went to a KFC. And because her face was so badly scarred. They were asked to leave because it was disturbing. To the other customers. And on this -- FaceBook page which is Victoria's. Victories. It reads this -- this went viral June 12 he says does this face looks scary to -- Last week at KFC Jackson Mississippi this precious face was asked to leave because her face scared the other diners. A personal never step foot in another KFC again. And two will be personally writing to the CEO. And apparently this is. Is a hoax on employees and managers of both KFC locations in downtown Jackson. Have received death threats. And it had drinks thrown at him through try to windows which is really percent. Because especially because this apparently never really happened and getting a couple of text to work quite surprised at my attitude about. The knife control debate. You know when you listen to the show don't put your mind on cruise control you know you have to actually listen. I'm drawing a parallel to how ridiculous it is to blame a gun. In the case of gun violence. It's ridiculous to blame the gun because it would be the same as if every time there was a stabbing or a series of stabbings we blamed the knife. And we don't blame the knife so it's really a sarcastic way of trying to. Make a point I'd -- in four Tommy Tucker for coming right back after the news on WWL.

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