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6-24 9:10am Scoot, good customer experiences

Jun 24, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot takes your calls and talks about places with minimum or low wage employees where you've had great experiences

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They've won a big stories on the show this morning has been this at the story out now and I don't know maybe the hoax of the hoaxes is a hoax. The story of the little KFC girls girl named Victoria who wanted to KFC -- she was a ball by three triples in her face badly scarred. And because her face was badly -- she was asked to leave KFC because it was scaring her scars were scaring the other customers. Well is a story out that that's a hoax we've been talking about hoaxes and here's a text that says the biggest hoax ever Tom Cruise is straight. Tom Cruise whose story that's a hoax it's a hoax Lisa picking on somebody else in -- -- -- it's -- while. David do you. Do you consistently goes someplace where you brought in too good to minimum low wage employees. Good minimum willow and you know I've I've talked about a couple of experiences that I've had any real -- that they or they've -- really were bad. It just apathetic it don't care we all run into that. -- -- you know we have the the constant complaints about it convenience stores and fast food places where you get. I mean just out right attitude. Yeah I gotta look the other day I thought this into a darn thing but placed my order. And I got to the window and and the look on this woman spaces like you know she was gonna. I don't know house you know punch me. I am -- what -- want him I didn't say anything that it was like when much of prop. It's almost as if you're inconvenience in their life like if you weren't there they can just standing up and earn your money and this discussion came up recently with the the city Seattle raising the minimum waged a fifteen dollars an hour the city New Orleans talking about raising the minimum wage to. Two dollars and ten cents an hour. This this past one last weekend but the weekend before. I would estimate mall and I went for different stores. And -- bush met with just. Great great minimum wage employees they went out of their way in two different situations they had to actually go find something. And they persisted in finding it they didn't they would they weren't apathetic at all are the same experience. And has been -- yes. Recently. And I and it was just unbelievable like her mom I had everything that you know because shopping can be hard. And everything fit everything looked perfect my wife was in full approval on accident he actually got waited on and she. Probably you know bigger shirts and you know in other kinds of Branson. I was elated to get back connoisseur of the interesting thing is it's it it's stands out so much because there are so many apathetic minimum wage workers that when you when you see a series of minimum wage workers who really good and it's interesting that you and I both had the same experiences personally ball if I -- I was I was we -- it stood out in my -- out there are overjoyed you -- -- shared with people like a breakaway -- They're helping me they're going out of their way to helping I'm not in inconvenienced. I'm getting a couple of text here that's a check -- I don't take eighty cheerfully the pitcher -- has really great minimum wage employees start cutting edge somewhere else -- this is a place that I've I often go to the work I've I've. Kind of set up office at this place for a first move back to New Orleans and so it's still placed it. Now I'll go and do some writing and do some work. Is -- she knows in Metairie -- and so it's a coffee shop and they demand. Excellence from their minimum wage employees and and they get it. So I guess the point is if there are some places that offer really really good minimum wage a service or good service for minimum wage employees. And why doesn't everybody demand that. If you would thanks very -- out. Are you would think at least there'd be a manager that would you know try to instill that and every one. There there here's a text westside Chevron on stomp on the West Bank Monica treats everybody like family there ego my soul. What is another place that Hugo -- Maybe it's not technically minimum wage but that they proceed to a minimum wage employees are low wage employees. Where do you consistently get good service for minimum wage employees and you know David and I did not have this discussion but I'll show our rangers' first time I've heard of that you you know I have the experience it and as we both have the same experience I'll give you another one Jimmy John's. The they get to my door of course the places and -- for -- but they're there likened. Ten minutes and always with a smile. They know -- order when you call and it's just like wow wish they were all like this -- had a conversation with Drew Brees last week on the show and I think he kind of expects that he talked about did the Jimmy -- that he oats in this area and they really work hard to bring great service. Here is a text -- chipped it another guy extent -- is great employees are always pleasant. So you know we've we've talked about really bad. We talked about bad service lets talk about where you consistently get good service for minimum wage employees. And I would hope that this would encourage businesses to understand that you can and get the best out of people. And you can demand that even minimum wage workers do a good job and that they're conscientious work you don't wanna be there go home. Exactly but so often I think businesses allow this apathy. And we as consumers relief shouldn't tolerate. If you wanna join our show with a comment -- numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889070. At a text numbers 877. Here's the text Starbucks also windy is in saint rose. Here is attacks that says the rabbit in Gretna. McDonald's. And LE 59 in -- and to feel a great crew working there so where do you consistently. It could service from what you would perceive to be minimum wage employees. From Baton Rouge Charles here and every WL. Just. -- in Mountain View Arkansas. And the wars that are is family dollar and the -- -- -- But my pockets like go greats are great music. Charles you know it's interesting Heidi I have a vivid memory. -- during a Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Being in Mountain View Arkansas. And having breakfast at a restaurant it was like overlooking this class it was a absolutely spectacular view I remember Mountain View Arkansas. That's probably. The right there on them on the white river. It must have been Charles I'm glad you called -- show. I here's a text target esplanade mall workers are wonderful. So has -- ball collectively gotten together select it if we're gonna hire people were gonna hire people and wouldn't expect them. Two to do a good job. Because again David and I never talked about despite my experience was desperately ball and David had a similar experience editor retail outlets that the estimate at all. From Metairie Peter you -- WWL. Kate cute it's a great account is your attic I believe we can get up at Qatar and bet -- on this one. We change and it all of that and watched him all the pent up here. The manager he coached at two. Take enjoyment in what they view and eat and got the job that they do you see epic and up and you have a real an attitude caricature. It starts with the managers to Peter going to call him here's the text -- Burger King Carrollton and labored twin peaks I never hear anything. I never hear anything negative about them about their league you grocery. And so we're we're talking about those places that they have minimum wage employees that seem to consistently get good service. No it's not easy working for lower wages have been through that in in my life. But there are some people who were just so apathetic and job that would summit is a great job in a position go oh this is special -- I noticed that it esplanade ball. Also I noticed that it Russians for the most part wherever I go to a arouses their very. Very attentive. So it's some businesses require that. And I've had conversations with the manager of that she doesn't matter if it's big demand that from -- please why does it every business do that. If you wanna join a show with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Ninths nearly seventy at a text over the seats in the seventy here's a tech -- always has great service. Nice scenery as well to -- between -- I'm scoot it for Tommy Tucker will be right back and Debbie -- -- well. Oh it is so much fun doing the show again today dancers in the other studio it's like working with with the dancers all around there dancing in the studio this. I'm screwed in -- Tommy Tucker and by the way will name names that says Jordan -- show producers and then Shelden Williams sometimes gets into it as well he's our studio producer. Good blog today's title standings and Jefferson Parish were the talk about -- control. Some people actually think -- serious. About -- control. Read the blog to share with others it's on our website at WW will not count. And here's a text that says says students because knives. I have a specific primary purpose nobody is chopping onions with a Glock. Well I understand that that point however. There is a parallel if you're going to blame the weapons. Because the weapon is a -- Then theoretically. Why would you not blamed the knife. As a weapon and I think that might my point is to demonstrate how ridiculous it is to blame. The weapon. We're talking about -- good minimum wage employees. It shouldn't stand out in my mind but it stands out in my mind when I get really good service consistently at the same place and there are few places that I go and I've I've talked about it and I I get really good service and these are really good employees. And they're not making more than minimum wage or not much more. That's a thing I noticed -- recently going -- -- I notice that whenever I go to pitching that's so where is it that you consistently. Get really good service. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. And a text number is 877. From -- teeth here and have a WL. Age to -- one more good. Eric and you talk about. Actually even -- about but if I mean moderate -- -- and they treat you like and the over there it you know unbelievable what. Another good thing I wanted to make. You know of course. Defense John rush and everything. With these -- instance in Oregon a couple of rate and minimum wage everything well. What congress and the senator and all of about the you know. People and being in in in -- -- what it is talking about a rate and minimum wage rate and don't wait the week. Don't make it 213 an hour. I mean it's ridiculous. -- believing in Oregon well of course you know they they've they work on tips or -- that they're supposed to the getting tips and not everybody chips away they should. But in I'm leaving a state of origin that's where they get to minimum wage which is just over I believe nine dollars an hour. -- all -- service say industry people get the at nine dollars an hour. And they get their tips as well. You know has been it's been to Turkey and Olga Louisiana until oh wait wait wait -- to -- and had. I need change big. Keith I'm sure you're not alone when you think that way of -- a lot of people totally agree with you here's a text soul food is always great. And as a has great -- so where else do you consistently get really good service from either minimum wage or low wage workers a butch here -- WL. So. -- too polite to -- and the future -- -- -- -- not have an animal. That -- -- pretty hard. -- sought after an open -- movies and it cost though who pays their people. Well vote. Short employees well vote minimum wage and I -- -- big difference. And hit some slack to -- Two people working these as you approach toward that as many of them working more than one job. Are. Typically are -- -- -- And it hit a lot smaller. And -- a little -- Or temperament well. You know I I that's a really good thoughts if if I'm -- was somebody was a bad attitudes I usually don't go out of my way to give them a good attitude which I maybe I should try doing that. -- -- -- -- But that well -- all minimum wage rates and -- -- you know that can't global. She -- people. I've which -- logical. Logical to show here's a text of PetSmart. Another -- great workers smoothie king on that's not far. From the New Orleans of memory like I know exactly where this for the king is coming up a couple of texts singers who -- was a great place to get really good servers from. Minimum wage employees. TJ is coffee -- of the -- Algiers service is terrific. City you know I'm not sure who we lost contact with their from a plots Joseph a year and heavy WL. Yeah this morning does it it's just judging all of Soviet hours. Someone prettier it will serve as on the table there and that it has chipped it on -- 7000 outpost but yet. Got offered to us what it's one opt out loud and notes that they have on the out there -- like that of course that -- that our good days and bad. And as visiting only. So what happens to the tips with somebody physically do about ghosts and house. -- You'd like. Of you know as can you want to said that. Does that does that. Help us a lot so I. A lot and I get intimately you blow it should be -- support. Sure it is qualified and edit -- and ultimately like like we did we edit program at the screen there. What is obvious so long tail like it that different strong. The actual money and bonus money. And not that you know should just be automatically listening post -- government. Is it going to be if you make it to the house out -- you. Conventional -- is yet their debt raised to to equal that occur because it -- scuttled the deal with the solar Cynthia at in the engine. Would jump village called thinks that information about Harris -- my mom might wanna play -- -- The parking garage that I've I've clarkin has sent -- workers a parking in the garage as well and they employee. An awful lot of people here's a text as Scandinavian furniture employees are always greats and other text five guys Carrollton. Andy Dick he's barbecue in Covington another text about it chick -- and here's one about a pizza hiked. I've Carrollton avenue always nice employees so -- at the -- consistently find good employees if we as consumers. Went out of her way to reward the businesses. That -- -- pay a little more or the businesses that demands. That there employees. Do their job at a certain level. If we went out of our way to support those businesses. That in theory in the free enterprise system. They should work out that that would put pressure on every business. To hire and to demand. The best from their minimum wage workers. That a caller earlier brought the idea that a lot of it has to do with with managers. And I don't I don't disagree with that I've been to a lot of big retail outlets where. -- it's like I can't believe these people are actually working I mean it's like. They really don't care about their job. And just with my experience in life the only way you can improve your life. Is to do a good job. And this idea that well if I was paid more I do a better job I don't I don't buy that. I think he'd do a better job and then you get paid more. Here's a text have you been to twin -- food the food is great yes I have been there. And the food is excellent -- like homemade stuff. If you enjoy pressure with your comet -- do you consistently get good service when you feel like you're dealing with minimum wage workers. Our numbers 260187. And toll free 8668890. Point seven and and a text number estates of the -- have. I'm -- in for Tommy Tucker here's another WWL news updates with David like you know I just had to dash through the head to the dollars and their run to the restroom are sticking to something David. If there are three -- against the wall. And nobody's it there. Three euros -- guy walking to the restaurant. And you pick the middle. Are you hoping that somebody comes and stands next to have to we'll see I always try to pick portable in the end. But if there's obviously it's if there's three and you pick the one in the middle if somebody else comes in they have to stand. To yeah I'd just -- have some privacy myself I got to go to the end. Yeah or tortilla whatever Taylor didn't assault we're talking about minimum wage workers there where you consistently get good service. And did David mention. Then it's and we put as you dismissed just came to -- -- -- Jimmy Johnston each excellent excellent great service always and inconsistent. You know you want a place where you don't use it. A good day here in -- -- -- you know give something that is consistently good. And he -- it makes fewer day go better whether it's the though lady at the convenience store or the -- you know whatever it. It just makes everything goes smoother rather than somebody with a bunch attitude. Yeah -- we do run into that a lot which is why goods. Minimum wage employees are low wage employees which is why they stand out undermines and it's really interesting that you and I did not have this discussion and both of us have had pleasant experiences. At the esplanade bald -- which must mean that there is sent a collective effort to make sure that everybody who works at any of the outlets in the mall. Are doing a great job -- have you ever been a shopping I'm sure you have at the mall where you felt like you were just completely. Ignored. You know not even there you get that feeling that you're an inconvenience because if you don't come and then they're just gonna still get paid the same amount of money and they don't have to wait don't -- at least ask me now if I want some service may be a job maybe it is when a browser on my own but. But just that ignored for your willingness to I mean I don't even mind in this happens in the I tell you this happens in me more often and -- I would like to admit that I really the it's. Really strange in Santa I don't know why because I have a mirror and I can see myself. But I quite often I get -- can help you -- Watts I get that quite often changed and I healthy man I'm thinking well at least they're trying to wait and when -- -- as saying man can help you may know there are no ma'am sing them. Biel worried about that Jordan for eagle just to put up on the screen here has not helping your case -- And to make -- case -- -- supposedly started to hit it. There admit that's -- the air. But as predict growth and also doesn't help that I admit to wearing lavender parachute pants doing a dance show in the eighties -- not help thinking that. Glad I'm confident with who I am from battery Peggy you're into the W well. Take -- more and yet. I'll let you and Bob Mitchell's been doing the show ignites and when Tony gets back on the deck of his future overnight. I'm ready. Come out and call about a little neighbor. -- It's called bullet. And it's wonderful and the people there to expect and the -- at reasonable attitude commitment Port Orange. And they have in the hot meal and it's consistent every single pop. And it acts out its stands out to you because we don't always get great service from minimum wage employees that stands out do you think you'd get great service every time you go there. I'm glad you called and I'll be back on the -- -- -- -- -- from Barbie Karen you're on WWL. Good morning truly enjoyed going to chip away on Manhattan boulevard in Harvey. A half -- -- -- environment. And -- happy to the customer. Even -- C chapel on the current work in the -- ancient. That is really great to hear -- -- I'm getting so many texts about chick -- that obviously there is. -- A requirement that you'd you'd do your jobs and do you you do well. -- well so. I don't go there maybe once a week but they know my name they know what order I cannot seem to get past the breakfast burrito in the chicken wrap it yes your fault. But I truly truly enjoy an advantage -- and other locations. It is the same however I am actually the one on the patent. Is the absolute best in my game. What -- -- to share that witness ended February joining us with your comment on numbers 2601870. Tool free 8668890. Point seven and a text numbers 87870. Here's a quick update on our -- up to a pretty jaguar opinion poll this morning would you pay higher tolls on the -- way for higher guard rails. 65%. Say no. 35%. Say yes from Picayune and you're on the VW well. I think that a solution if he would the people don't know the war that was. That it was serial. And blew it it and wouldn't profit sharing. Whether -- -- -- car renters you know what these corporate predators. Because people own the place you know. They're so public supermarkets in Florida and Georgia Purdue between the places -- pretty -- -- is really ignited. -- -- Well you know wouldn't it wouldn't even have to be that much yet out of the pocket of the businesses. But I -- I if if if we as consumers go out of our way to support businesses that have good employees that do their job. And to make you feel welcome as a customer. If we go out of our way to support those businesses then maybe ultimately in the workplace and in the free enterprise market. That would put more pressure on all businesses to demand that of their employees. You have -- they don't have placed in the director's product network and another do whatever they stood you know. Reform audio on the deal well. And I'm glad I'm going to call -- testing idea of course not every business is going to be willing to do that I think I would be a terrible business owner. Because I would be so so good to my employees that I I can't imagine being a business owner that would make all those decisions. Here's a texted me and my buddy had been having lunch at crystal burger in Slidell. On the staff was fighting people relieved at what you know that mean that can happen you know you have to you have to pay attention to the customers. Here's a text Kenner -- in -- location and other text or Wendy's highway 190 in Covington. Here's attack she always get great services smoothie king in lock port while I'm biased my seventeen year old son works there and I taught him. Good for you. As some parents don't teach their kids how to do basic things and I talked to it to David -- manager to casinos he says it. Hey you know we should be paid to be parents because parents. We get if we get employees coming to work and they don't even understand how to how to -- While. So -- Steve Jobs and that will lead to better employees in the workplace as well. I'm -- for Tommy Tucker and we'll be back on WWL. And look at that George -- studio for Tommy Tucker this week Khatami is in Ireland and I'm sure he'll tell you all about his trip when he gets back critics talking about good minimum wage workers. There are good workers and there are they're bad workers in you know -- maybe some. Some minimum wage workers are not technically minimum wage maybe in a little more than minimum wage but there's still low wage workers. And I'm I'm actually convinced that there are many many minimum wage employees that say they will work harder if they were paid more. But in reality they they really wouldn't because they're just not. They're not. They're not people who possess a strong work ethic. If you wanna join our show with a comet where do you consistently get good service from minimum wage workers. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven your text numbers -- certainly separate. But it to a more of your text here in just a moment staff from Slidell Kate you're now on WWL good morning. Asked -- how about that come -- you can't say it's some guy on the way at all. You walked in the door hey how you doing about it says they'll waitresses Ali. If they're not lasting. And it makes you just wanna come back. And we do everywhere. You know when you say community cafe I'm thinking about community your grill in particular the one that I have been going to more recently in the French Quarter although like all right -- was in -- change I think it might be New Orleans realist I'd. It used to be in community grow but -- they are. There is that the way they take the orders. And the camaraderie there is it's so great it's it's fun to go not just for the food -- -- -- the experience. Like that it's been fighting right until I understand I'll -- the -- that is -- to experience it makes you feel it how are you taking time to eat maybe eat too much but it's wonderful that there. Kate I appreciate you sharing that witnessed. Here is the text scooters on the West Bank always a great launch service and they make two dollars and hour of course they've. Differently because of the tips. So. What if we would if we tipped everybody would would would that help see you go to or check -- line and if somebody's not nice if you don't tip them and so they would make as much money. With that forced them to be nice. Here's a text superior grill on saint Charles. You know we've talked about where there's terrible service and I've had my own experiences with that and I know you have as well so this morning we're talking about where do you consistently get really good service. And it's amazing that when you get good service it stands out in your mind because you don't always get good service. But he someplace is can offer it. Why can't every place effort. Here's a -- reach my son managed to Wendy's restaurant. I'm his worst critic he told me that the pool to choose from didn't even allow screening of any sort. Because they couldn't -- positions. They -- There are a lot of people out there who were willing to work it here's a text and finish that thought. There -- a lot of people were willing to work. But I guess if it's not. If it's not demanded that there does that require that you do the best job possible to many people will go through their lies and not do the best job. They can possibly do. I heard about you like I hope you like I am. Even if nobody's watching I try to do the best job I can't it is something that is totally worked. Throughout my life. And it doesn't mean that you always get the promotion you want it doesn't mean that you always get what you want. But work ethic is something really powerful that nobody can take away from -- if you maintain that in your life then ultimately things will work out for. Here's a text. Jim money and Hopkins my daughters were there -- those are both of dived into -- both of those places. If you wanna join our show with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy and a text Amber's late 77. The -- to reach such a blaze a -- is Christian owned and operated that's why they're happy. I don't like Christians who are happy stories that white -- if that's what -- police happy than that that's part of their success story. Then maybe. Other businesses. Should figure out even if you don't base it on religion. Figure out which are police doing. And do the same thing but there are some really good employees out there there are some people who understand that you have to work or to advance in life. And they're doing a great job and I wanted to focus on that on the show today. Here's an update on our WW a pretty general opinion poll would you pay higher tolls on the cause waves for higher guard rails. 65% say no 35% say yes give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. And to -- blog something else to be talking about today and stabbings in Jefferson Parish a series of standings over the weekend. So where's the talk about. -- control. If we're gonna talk about. Gun control and blaming the availability of guns. When -- shootings. Been widely blamed the knife. The availability of knives. When there's a series standings. We'll be right back on WWL. Why is legalization of pot still a battleground when several states have already made it legal and what if the pro marijuana crowd gave up instead -- go ahead keeping illegal. Which you have confidence in law enforcement there it's only successful in keeping drugs from coming into this country. 10% of the time. That's cowgirls could open up we showed a think tank the Garland Robinette right after the issue coming up at 10 o'clock ten to one guy at -- And it's 11 o'clock part two of a fascinating interview with Gary Stewart to Baton Rouge man who claims to be the son of the famous. Zodiac killer. And then they do with Garland. It was police chief browser Paris. All of it coming up this thing tegra Garland -- attend one here. Under review well I'm -- in -- Tommy Tucker we've been talking about a minimum wage employees and I -- continue to get taxed it like this when. Escude all places where the employees you'd get to -- she can't compare that to minimum wage workers I understand at the that I guess the theory is. That basically people should get no no guaranteed salary at all no guarantee wage and everything to be based on tips. I'm sure there are a lot of people who would like that because they're not gonna work hard enough to get tips. Here's a text about it chick -- -- hires non Christian people. So can you really use that to he really say that has something to do with somebody mentioned a moment ago it. -- the laser Christian owned and operated but I would be surprised if they hired all all Christian people but if there if there's the -- atmosphere. At the business. If there is a requirement. That he -- to a good job. And that really does affect service and it affects the new people who come in and start working at that particular place. And those are the places that we as consumers should go out of her way to frequent. Because again in theory. That -- cause that to be a standard that everybody has to accept. Here's a text their -- marine -- west and great service level. A big story this morning has been descent -- of the KFC restaurants story that the old girl Victoria Jackson Mississippi. Mauled by three pit bulls. And apparently posted on FaceBook that. They were told to leave because of her scars they were told to leave the KFC restaurant in Jackson. Because her scars were disturbing to other customers. The families received overall 135000. Dollars in cash free gifts. And offers a free surgery at CNN ran a story of Nellie -- Las Vegas rather Las Vegas plastic surgeon who visited Victoria to consultant for free plastic surgery. And now there's a story out that the whole story about being asked to leave KFC. Is a hoax. Wanted to die in Newman our executive producer Jordan Siegel our show producer and Shelden Williams our studio producer Garland is coming up next. I've scoots into Tommy Tucker stay cool stay dry have a great day bloody New Orleans.

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