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Jun 24, 2014|

It seems few want to be, or can be New Orleans police. The numbers of new officers promised by Mayor Landrieu & Chief Serpas seem unattainable. If the problem’s NOT money and benefits, but lack of interest and inability to qualify on the written and physical tests…where do we go from here?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Long running debate over how many police moon we need in this city. Bring figures correctly broke up 1141. Would think we're looking for 15100. Loss. And we've we've had criminologists. In the -- social and it says there's no rule correlation. Between. How police department do and then number please stay hat. But. Figures out to well as to what that says and Ruby -- struggled from Brigham and you -- As the wars continues to do one aboard. The reports at least say. More quitting then coming all and and that presents a problem. But there's a lot of contrasting opinions of that. We're gonna try to get the police she approached her path with the state -- would come -- right back. Questions comments give his call to see general when he suddenly told free. Everywhere in the country it 668 rebounds in -- where he -- Got to know him for May have been a little confusing. Water storage over the years we don't have enough police -- were losing to movement leaders who were putting you know please and I've talked to criminologist. Row in the country about a number of things concerning crime and police were pin number Obama and it said. There's no -- evidence that the leading to reduction in crime to the quote proper amount of policeman that true but. Wherever -- report that says that even with our attempts at bringing in more police zone on line and applications. Supposedly big advantage. People Texans Alabama Mississippi. Get all replies in February and the time. But the reports about in the claiming that what we expected what we hope to what we've been told was coming. We haven't been able to meet those numbers but. Well known about the media and radio talk shows whom. Sure go to experts we have chief Wiltshire. With the department of the facts you are appreciated the call. Now you go to new. I was any better on the -- -- -- talk show -- in the thank you know you're more towards those. People that say that if you were in. Healing well. Everything's good day what is wrong with you people don't do you know pessimism that you at all. Our urban and I. Heard it our I'd talk to me losing gaining it and is it a problem and -- audience. I think we're making great -- and momentum you know the first state to remember. Is that recruiting at the -- in the yearlong. Years long process and another thing that things sometimes gets lost. In the council lifted the residency law only on April and a but only two months ago that we got that out of the way in which we believe that many observers believe. Wasn't gonna help so that all the way last week we got some or changes that we wanna -- -- part of our -- them while Asian. And I think that's a good step in the right direction. Well for example the FBI -- in 2007. Had determined that any heavy drug use. Less less than ten years was an automatic -- all are more than ten years they would still look at the candidate a little bit more. You know -- heavy drug use was a lot shall we adopted what I thought was very good standard. Clearly research on the BI so now in the wallet which department you admit they're happy abuse. In less than ten years -- talk -- crack meth -- and I broke -- outshot does while. However if it was more than ten years ago we won't make as well are mimicking the art fuel and then start to little more background work. Another thing came to our attention what will go on to a lot of these background is that there are many National Guard members who serve our within the state in the nation. However there was no education abatement for them only if it was two years military. So we made that decision and we did some research and we decide to change the four -- national park also conserve in little two year college. To him like why. There are a lot of lateral Lee's opposite that we specifically wanted to try and -- about the column year. And the residency law was the first one that was lifted. It made more sense to go to the commission Wednesday and we think that it licensed police officer in that state or any state with two years of real field experience. Could also substitute. The sixty out of education just like two years of military service for -- national -- -- So in other words a lot of these pieces are now starting in the late we have 28 people in the capital today. We -- 83 people and background we're beginning of the city it's too early claim victory. The world beginning to see higher rate of people who were getting into our background are actually passed in the background becoming eligible. We are anticipating a class and the end of November. Thought this class to graduate in November we think we might get another quiet and by August or September and possibly one more by the end the year. Because civil service is still -- into the per -- per month we have. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of completed online application that we're working through the process and finally going to. To do to really -- that the city's 300000 dollars commitment to marketing and recruitment. Has now been coupled with the business community which is matching 250000. So we now. Yet in the last couple weeks. Over half a million dollars of funding available to go out market crude and background investigate market -- district process. Again we did not have any Harry campaign for several years because look over it but condition we rent. Now -- full swing in our campaign. And we will hire every single day until we get 5070. People -- fixed one year two years years Arctic. I think it was a mirror of the was quoted saying -- -- 300 police. Yeah actually got a higher around 800. In in these classes how many people were talking about and you'd expect those people who grow -- We have to bring that to work there it's probably the one issue that we lose about people -- so -- Are under at every year you need to actually bring on 200. I think that we also remember that one of the consent decree requirements that we agree to declare that can be no bigger than thirty people. Makes sense right it is it easier and more active teach their people -- seven people. And then every time we get a group of thirty people 32 something like that would start class because we always -- Some candidates know college graduate every -- starts no high school graduate -- kittens are. So you know you're gonna have some slippage so far we start with 32 would 28. I suspect this all along that we -- academy now not likely wouldn't lose very many more maybe one or two. If remember the numbers oracle reviewer you resignations. -- retirements eliminations of whatever ilk. Are kind of what the twenty year average house -- and if that -- is a problem you're just not getting the people bug. The quitting is not necessarily. An indication of a problem within the department. Now because I think -- people I remembered that. We have a lot of people in the department who were higher. 3334 years ago in the explosive. 1980 brought me on board. I yesterday deputy cheap or -- and now he's retired he came on in ninety -- So you're. The possibility. You are in -- will show up very very preview later. Unfortunately it was 12010. And 2013. We couldn't. That's our recruiting and are you know we knew it was coming. Because we just didn't have a budget capacity to do so. Now we do so for example the mayor has committed and we -- committed and council was committed we're just our do we get where we eat very. We lose about a 133. People a year over the last twenty years. So that showed you that is -- are the number now is it different as you know it was a 137 people. There's always going to be a big number matter what your organization and is. But I think it showed that the continuity is that you get people are Eric -- You got people we asked to move onto another career and -- people in this especially the younger generation not think police are expert -- nation would agree. That this younger generation of employee candidate is that it there they are not generally thirty year oriented people. What do you do about them. I'm gonna go back and re raise my children because. And didn't you know we always this Generation X. and Y you're gonna give 1575. Children. The outlook that it. You know that the that the truth it. Matters that are hiring police officers that -- somebody that beat that the -- your whole Lotta people why. You're gonna winnow that list that some people what you think the minimum qualifications. That you don't -- awkward job with somebody and -- that you. You experience no different than not people between 25 and thirty years old will work and then suddenly they'll say I don't wanna -- And they know. And that is really an issue that a lot of research has been done station and the issue organizational -- Around how to hire maintained recruit retain. And sent about the generation next Generation Y. it's a big difference. You do. And and view your form but for the -- people they people we -- completely. Especially speaking from Obama. So -- you were totally totally wrong about all of that we or Rhodes scholars. And you're going to get in -- Door English Rhodes scholar. So service is that does that -- and true benefit. As it relates to this hiring campaign know that the the mayor's budget provide them more authority to hire some recruiters. We also ship that additional NO PD on arson more recruiters social services giving help that they need. As it relates to move these recruits through the process I don't have a complaint I think that civil service or working at art of everybody else that. The question. That needed civil service reform is a different question but it was really -- the topic would opt. I did did more than half. Not sure what did that build an applicant so for this year -- that think us all about it in the report. Yet that can happen you know some month they'll be more than capsule somewhat the bailout the capsule part of our league with a police foundation that would have made out to work with. It perhaps some people at the time to call those that back. And say you know what happened in this company and you know maybe we could do to help you re engage in taking that test. I guess you know I've read that story written out of that paper has. Here's the thing. You know it. -- we have believed. Well here's the thing you know I think the Bible or something they'll be in property your -- out if you go to the city in America. Last week I was -- the police chief in Denver -- very good friend in my head that Carter who clapped and five years and what you think he told. And it -- people get tired it's hard to get at excited about -- it yet. It that it just not in the city belongs -- is all -- What are. -- moderate. It's only two months ago we -- at the presidency. We just last week and got some new rule changes to help their residency question in the furtherance of getting. We're starting to get that momentum going back. Drew one off for Susan many good years here average. Much in the academy's about 36000. When they get out of the academy there and get on a little bit and then they'll start receiving six out your state. The state supplemental -- all is it. After one year service and then when they finished all the training they get that state today. If they have a bachelor's degree for example and other about the other problem somewhere around 43 point 4000 year. Is to -- compete with the the big cities around -- In not to notice yesterday this year Norman announced that he's given a pay raise call them or believe that -- and raised. He's given who's always up and superintendent here. And unfortunately our city has not been able upon across the board federations to balance out. And let me make me be very clear about this when I went to Washington State the state grow up first here and natural natural broke. The -- I mean the the the abject. Budget pothole week filed in 2000 and took three or four years to dig out of the people just got to be up. I mean I -- what we've probably got -- was. Well it's been reported on why. When -- I have my -- company. I have to be candid. A Louisiana applicants disappear applicants and their ability eager to read in bright. Were sorely hamper do a lot of people we've talked to and I'm reading this report that it says in the riding portions -- -- What was -- happened nearly half of the people feel is that correct. That was -- Ample early on I mean apple gets better at that one of the reasons that we been. Maintaining the sixty alum animal all occasional college trend and you want to take advantage. I'm not happy to teach people medial English and a six month training academy it will results adding. So I think it's important that we keep watching that data and if we continue to see. That these sixty hours of credit is producing for the military exceptional would accept producing high quality candidates are the background. It will note that the right thing to do but so far I think we remove. Many of the impediments that we were all talking about it a community in late 2013. And that was residency. That wasn't the issue of trying to get more lateral that was changing these troubled serviceman Qualls we just went through so we're moving in the right direction. A lot of words written about the reputation. Of general Pete do you -- pre Katrina. As it into the background or is that that still. A detriment in attracting people. Now they wanted you could look at that would suggest that not a relevant issue to new patent that about a third of the people we are in the last couple. Class who didn't -- it now. I think that police officer. Candidates are very mobile in this -- that my experience from here that's next urged national opera and experience she -- -- Well -- that. The walk in visit destination like I mean they're a lot wrong -- right entrepreneurial spirit of people moving to new war on irrespective of the far. Also those people wanna be police officers to and where else can -- And do -- world and you go in in the same week to a Super Bowl where else -- you go and be part of the jets they hoist the front or for a the ball out of the actual culture and history at the cities and music go on and on the war on the destination place people move. -- it sounds like potential problem at least right now but something's being done about it and it's a problem. A lot of cities of pace in nationwide do I get that correct. Absolutely correct it is it being a police officer I think is the most noble profession in the world. But we just have to keep reminding people that want that our strategy is very robot that our partnership with the business community -- produce -- results. And that we're seeing more people were seeing a little bit higher rate of successful getting through background and we will get through dispute our question of this we well. -- -- don't forget at least one time that I interviewed you use said yep you're right. -- Probably would. -- the dog and have appreciated Simon or you bill you have a good day. Ronald Serb -- and OB DG for anything gives called to Sid 0187. Told brilliant anywhere in the country you'd succeed in the united through it's a lot of news being written that the numbers that the mere promise than that you promise -- for his hiring and we're not there. We're getting closer -- certainly not there. According to the chief problem all over the country they're working on that things are looking better. You bought do you agree or what are your concerns -- call 2601. Itself. Go back to a top. We've talked about him. It was always initiated. A couple weeks ago picked. USA today. And here's the headline heroin hidden journeyed to middle west. And it had two paragraphs and once and one program that really caught -- Border Patrol. Says -- drug -- users. Have risen. Their improved again in whole lot more. There's only about 90%. Of the drugs are only about nine to produce in the drug slipping through the border. So they've improved. Its offering drugs. And now the only 90%. Of all drugs that get through. And this is the paragraph pose -- commitment. The authorities estimate they have intercepted only five to 10% of the -- She mogul and so forth in that is the drug their primary early -- import these fears. And -- games for more. Backs on this and then Taiwan and in the Border Patrol state troopers the beds. Say that there there's -- house's. All the countries San Diego laws than it is -- -- being so -- New York. Brownsville Texas Alabama and they go on an -- Ended the people they operators. That are delivering these -- the organization jurors to whom. Major drug cartels in Mexico. They've killed over a 100000 people in Mexico. And they control all the traffic. And the way they control it it's LD. Compartmentalize. Virtually nobody knows each other. Virtually nobody knows -- and being given a job go from eight to beat. Kerry C premiere and give it would be. So when they're caught. Nobody knows what other roles -- -- The board fruits. Quote it's him when we catch guys you can't tell us anything you've done everything to tell. And they've pointed out. This four time a couple of years. If you if you've. If they troopers port. Found -- or pound of heroin now would be a big day. Today. Com and 6200. Pounds of girl so. To recap. The people they've run out and Ronald Cindy's rest. Are simply these compartmentalized. People. They're not the leaders there and even the leaders when they get caught they could replace very quick nothing stock. So. We've got a system and our job is being done law enforcement are doing their job. And there are 9%. In competent in doing. End. The very job they're given. The product. That there are given to eliminate. Or minimize. We see more up. So my question war. What would happen. -- Pro marijuana. Pro law decriminalize. Drugs pro made drugs legal. Regulate them get money from them. Get taxes from. One -- they -- just throw their parents had no moss okay no more. Let those go back that should make it all the legal again Colorado Washington. Every of the state it's even considering forget it was sue the but -- but I ask you this question. In -- or draw whatever it may be. If your boss came to you. And says I'm paying you. And and all these people can send you brown the country. Are contributing money. For you -- job how'd you do and -- said well. Not bad I've got 10% done. What do you think would have. Would would people proved that. When people says that. -- scheme to win more of it. Causing a lot of money. Costs and rule of law and -- during the local. And we're getting. Five to 10% success for. What sense does that. It if it does makes it forum where do. What are we go back and tell please. State troopers DEA FBI Justice Department. You're not doing good and you -- five to 10%. In this war can you imagine. You're under a rock you were in Vietnam Buren and that Afghanistan. Taliban's coming up do you. Vietnamese coming out you know rock is coming out and and say sir don't worry. I'm nor can stop five to 10% -- in -- job visit. That that's a good thing and isn't even debate. Well I've got a chance. To prove that crazy hypotheticals to people. Doctor George couple trees and criminologists. End of former policeman. Are barreling. Got the question now before he says. -- never worked the war on drugs you'll never work its way some money and particularly when it comes to marijuana. What -- be regulating the -- to be taxing it we can never stop that it will continue. To get Boortz. As a Ph.D. criminologist. And a former policeman. -- drug problems. Jim. You're wrong. As a former prosecutor out of California. He's in now board member of law enforcement against pro bit. And law enforcement -- prohibition leap. There's a multi thousand member organization of former. Judges sheriffs police chief state troopers DEA FBI. That say the same thing. At the doctor says. Doesn't work can't work will never work. -- don't we have raised the question truthful. Why -- politicians. And law enforcement. Keep wanting to do in fight so hard to do. And why don't we in particular in the south. When we don't like big government. When we don't like big government big ago. Brother. Bring in particular. Don't like to pay taxes why. Because we don't trust them. And their corrupt. And there wasting money. So why is this not question. Why is this not a problem. Why do we overwhelmingly. Approved it Tuesday zero point 87. Just couple of thoughts and who think. Throw bring everywhere in the country execs fixated nose and Hugo. -- different fortune admittedly about the war on drugs. From DEA too if your roots organizations and figures that I've read. Figures again Vera plugged by every criminologists. Have on the show. Ex policeman next the siege inspects judges and halted the same thing. Five to 10% success rate. The volume is increasing the percentage of success that he says -- And I thought I think it's a legitimate question. I think two sheriffs and the most recent session of the legislature when. Thought -- legalization of pondered decriminalization. Of pottery and change in the pot laws whose suggested that they unanimously cross border organs. And I can't think of another profession where you you had. A ten to 15%. Success rate. And it job world a lot of money is being played. That you'll get fired for. Somebody goes through in says. I know there's some -- radical we'd like you'd be separately 5%. Successful. And the bid to experts we've gone on today and ex prosecutor. Ex policeman who's now a hugely criminologist. Also it can be done and they can't do any better than they are doing right now and it's never going to be an. We're Jews can keep the -- money. Rescued Tuesday 01 big celebrity what do you think it's ordered David about groups they appreciated. -- It that. Quick what do based. All of church. A little bit later. Where do you see that 10% in the tune of 15% on talking about recorded percentage. Erica I don't -- in percentages of -- does. They beat them that they -- -- -- their equipment debate. You're right. Or -- It should be -- -- Oh you wait the Bible or. -- -- people -- A court restrictions. On. But. Do the other. -- at all or want to get the ball. Now. Well why do you think that the American public well not to march routes and control the -- with the cell. If there is so against even in the conversation. About the legalization decriminalization. Of pot. And did the same time. The -- they they say they want government to work and this doesn't work beyond a shadow of the doubt. And they have no problem with the even -- were throwing it out of Malia. Because we and fortunately I walked out. -- but politicians. Are all been right. You know you got -- -- -- -- All of people -- in jail. And oh. You know it's a cycle that we unfortunately don't want to -- that we believe that. People that keep -- -- crypto -- yet to any Internet who built the situation that we. With your mail and Leo prisons voters choose to major corporations. Others -- bigger corporations in the New York's. Results off. Gotta make a profit dynamic profit. I'll say it primarily in the back to be young men and often. Comes drugs or committing. Or breaking the -- -- the same -- that the -- answered. The -- being caught in prison and -- A good example. The federal government have something called for and do they give war. In dollars. A share and police department I'm reading. Out of the report. And it's. Federal -- acknowledged that many -- -- venture it's. Believe acting -- routes and road bolsters her series. Pour money day app on duke in the all. Makes me wonder. If there really serious about reducing. Time. A lot of the crimes related. If you're gonna reduce and -- the dictate the people in the budget. Makes you wonder it's. -- bigger and better look -- You know that you get all this relate where you want the art at -- that your. Base that they are picture that the treatment they aren't all that. But yet -- -- We're running out of time I've altered the call it interest and debate so that they think a bit more than that. -- right. Old dogs will be loomed in the fact that. Only Tiger -- they -- Brooks. All of this -- and we'll bring you -- via the I'll. You know again that will be -- -- I've read. Rob would be all of this thing.