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6-24 1pm Angela, Dogs in trucks and Tony the Tiger

Jun 24, 2014|

Dogs can roam loose in the back of pickup trucks; and Tony the Tiger gets to stay caged up outside a truck stop. This makes Angela NUTS…does it make you crazy too? Governor Jindal vetoed the law that would’ve eliminated the risk of dogs getting thrown out of truck beds on highways…then quietly signed into law Senate Bill 250, that grants ONE exception for the owner of Tiger Truck Stop to keep the animal caged on the premises. Michael Sandlin (the owner) touts the fact that the tiger has a swimming pool, an air conditioned den and a grassy play area, but animal advocates point out federal citations for failure to provide veterinary care to an arthritic tiger. Has Louisiana moved one step forward, 2 steps back? Whose side are you on?

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Happy day and one did you know that it is just announced that it is national. Telling them. Which makes everybody happy little sugar it's a good and we certainly make it the best right here in this. Anyway that is the way to start again hopefully you're gonna stay with -- for the three hours because that we have three very interesting ones. Beginning with two of my favorite people on this earth and is -- and Jeff Orson we're going to be talking about some legislative bills. That were very disturbing to I think anybody who loves animals. In our second hour we're going to have -- Jacobs back as she was here yesterday talking common -- but it's a different entire discussion today. Joined by some really high powered business types. And we are talking about a program she initiated its gonna be national. It is going to help. Minority business people who are looking for a venture capital and it is going to be an extravaganza. Here. During essence -- very exciting thing that's happened bringing in the real superstars of on trip to -- worship. And then our third hour we're gonna just pass on the back of Bergen weigh in it's great so stay with -- for that too but I really wanna get to what we're gonna talk about right now. Let me ask me have you ever been driving down the highway and you see -- dogs in the back of the truck. Do you ever think what would happen if the driver of that truck had to slam on his brakes. Well it's a good chance the dog would be like before Lincoln missile hurled into the air. State legislators. Finally passed a bill making it against the law to put bio in the -- of the truck. But out of the -- governor Jindal vetoed it. Kind of a mystery to all of those who love animals. And frustrating to all of those who love animals. That bill coupled with the Tony the Tiger bill. Which makes a single exception to an existing law that says people can't own tigers. Has aggravated and insulted. All who worked tirelessly. To make Louisiana a state respected for -- care of animals. So which two steps back and 2014. Here to talk about them and -- animal issues is -- zarrella CEO of the Louisiana SP CA. And just dorsett president of the humane society of Louisiana. And we're also joined by phone. By Chris green who is the director of legislative affairs. With the animal defense league and I'm so appreciative. All of you being here. I'm trying to be very com and unemotional. Thank you chorus. Because when I when I read this this happen to start with Tony the Tiger and in -- I -- And I thought. This makes my head insane. That we are doing this when we have so many. Its forward steps beaten. For this to happen let's talk about Tony the -- because both of -- -- out there many times you know the story of back story of Tony talked to. -- High Angeles chip horse and here's -- I just. -- what you know I've been out there many many times for very treason mainly just to visit with Tony what can nineteen to help I've talked to the owner many times. Michael -- and I tried to enter into negotiations with him for five years ago what would it take to relocate Tony here's some background. His grandfather I believe race tigers as. Amusement as a promotion for his gas station -- -- so they've had tigers for many years and Tony was born there on site. Both years ago the US TA declared some violations removed three left Tony. Which broke our hearts yet again. I couldn't get any headway with our negotiations I'd deliver bones and toys and that's it so luckily nailed the elf came in and says look let's challenge it legally in the courts and they have for years. With enormous resources to trying challenge why he was even given a permanent mile high by Dallara wildlife and fisheries. So I am hoping Chris can Phyllis and on that lawsuit. Yes and I do wanna hear that but again for people who are unaware about this tiger where is that located outside about -- It's close circle to allow Fiat and the small town called gross tent. So when you're driving on the highway you'll see it big it's a sign that says tiger truck stop and sure enough in a cage. Three times the size is the room we're in is a wildly Siberian tiger. Pacing up and down generally pretty bored in the hot sun the the. Owner I have read and again I've not met him nor have I been to the site -- just over the years heard of it so have sort of an image of one of the is that piece feels that if Tony goes to a sanctuary. That he will miss all of the affection and people who come up and talked to senator -- But I think you know one of the keys missing elements there is. Ensuring that the animals have the ability to express their natural behaviors. And it. Tiger isn't naturally affectionate towards people -- Do they normally interact with people and so. Just on that one basis without even getting into exercise. Mental stimulation in Richmond. You know the kinds of things that so many of the zoos have moved -- so when you think about. The Audubon -- thirty years ago and you think about it now you know they have. Just made great strides and ensuring that. You know the animals that are on exhibit you know there needs are being met in addition to educating the public and and -- that. You know the animals are safe and humanely cared for as I think this exhibit you know it it really. I -- when you draw that contrast to you know the state of our current Audubon institute and other really fine. -- you know there's no way that you can argue that. You know the conditions that animals living in are appropriate and acceptable is the bottom line that he feels that Tony is the draw to the truck stop. -- he has an affinity in history with him and yet the other argument is Syria's isolation. Where's -- his other species how can you possibly thrive just. And -- in this small cage bearing cage just not too many in -- there's nothing for him to do the fumes from the gas stations -- present everywhere people gawking at him pointing fingers is that really the life we want. And so the legislature. At the last passed. A bill. Well it was not a bill that we didn't want to announce that -- for the exception. Ultimately I -- -- right prior to that -- 2006 to recognize and assess the point. That one should not have a pet tiger exactly so it made a law that said you should not have a -- any exotic including look big casts big cats so. This bill is thing except for user right. Which you know again this just raises a lot of questions about the state of Louisiana and where are we as a community what message are we putting out the rest of the country that. We would pass legislation that was humane and you know exemplary. And and. A few years later. Create along for one individual circumstance. Which you know begs the question of how legal is it to make a line. As an exception for one person well we're gonna take a break Crist Greene who was with the animal defense league and who has been to Baton Rouge umpteen million times. Talking about this is going to tell us. What he faced trying to fight this and what the game plan is next stay with -- on Angela under the W well. Hi this is Angela and we're back with and it's a really -- -- source -- we're talking about two bills that went to the legislative process we're talking to right now about the Tony the Tiger bill. That's essentially makes an exception for an existing bill 41 man who has a tiger in point -- -- ten grossed an on site on line again outside of Lafayette and that is a truck stop in Tony's been there. Years and years and years came very close very close this time -- making it cramps to a sanctuary. Chris green who was with the animal defense league. Was fighting in Baton Rouge -- -- and Chris I'm so appreciative that your joining us now and you heard -- and Jeff talking about this. What what was the fight. On the -- Just checked corporate record our group that the animal legal. Well. Okay -- did did the music and a yeah so. We -- approached by. Armor worn Trish junior through what we want you -- the original 2006. Prohibition. On ownership of big exotic catch. And debt catwalk as unanimously Cuba without that the -- Legislature which is. A rarity. You know it's obvious step. Obviously bad debt that child you know that the people of Louisiana felt the need to be protected and -- would -- in doing so we image or change. 33 other states at a party had -- restrictions on new orders beaters wildly Campbell that the that the two prongs there's. Public health and safety aspect of it that is not -- aspect and it. So that attaching it to about six. And it turns continued detention. The region for a while and fisheries would issue -- -- -- just silently continued keeping Tony. At -- UBC is again make it again station parking lot. And presented by eighteen miles. West -- orange. And he's got purple and gold paint everywhere. And it's it's obvious that the that the point is to Uga I'll kill you on nine students coming right pat borders and after game degenerates -- it's a gimmick to get people -- Combined air and he did tiger and can appealing -- -- cursor school Hokies -- the other -- being -- And -- Democrat has been doing this for awhile. And bother adding another tiger truck stop in it help how to taxes. And just go to -- to shoot the tiger -- You know being looser next TD -- on. Facility which shut down and all of those tigers were taken were rescued intake into the sanctuary. Alt welcome sanctuary. On that. It seems sanctuary as energy take it and I think he did. Don't be among the other tigers it -- that he is regulated you. And you know the primary there -- cheers you you -- that. This conference and while -- -- guard -- 200 square foot cage that's bigger than our market out of the people living in. You've got a great -- Are and they're all you mentioned is that he's. To -- -- aged fourteen and you know cause harm. It's your -- it is true he had the the executive director. -- Craig -- -- animal sanctuary. He has -- more tigers in anyone else in the western end here. Years. And his new director -- all in Tony. And never once had any health issues related. And where's -- you live in -- in captivity. Bullet which averages sixteen years. One of the tigers and was rescued from the -- other truck stop. I just turned twenty years old the -- -- sanctuary because different players are under their 720. Acre facility. Any agent closure is -- itself twenty acres so. Yeah they're humans were the case may camp that -- open space part. And Gingrich quirky. And for once I don't know -- -- stretch for -- he never gives you need adequate -- Chris you'll ask you something what -- -- what did you fine. That the legislators. Thought was okay with Tony being that -- I don't think they actually in the UK just decided that. -- wanted fugitives. Sure hand out to constituent. I don't think any rational person could claim. The actual cage verses forty acre open stage -- Water and others Jerusalem tigers. Debt debt to handle better -- -- breeding and he's looking in the gas station parking needed it the Bible everything we have tax re -- -- director. A lot of century can testify at house hearing. And he had answers for every question and had they kept trying to harp on well is it true that tiger's guys connect to do well. Don't want happening there so the editor of the dateline gentry know that -- -- -- Well so there's no rational reasons. Keeping analogous. He you know and it's eating pleasure -- to run each group. And I. That people in tiger's father retired teacher Japan's former owners and others will -- to check. And it will think to -- animals in swapped out to different different tiger it will lead to -- panel because he looks different because. And it -- Doral actually develop -- can make their bodies look at our kids. For example visitors feature article on oriental offers side. And it had a similar lines they acquired. Visitors -- inclined on the walked in the Andy didn't have a commitment changes. Didn't -- or even walk despair in -- bar hill first so. I mean it is if you the only exercise here -- guys was getting questioned key. Because of that. LT we checked youngsters for tiger he put an actual age don't ever run. You know record get any exercise can be very. Chris what is your what is -- Well -- gears. An interesting. Out initially. DT. This archer is record. Centre court she had -- from much broader range. He's dead. Wallet fisheries pictured are absolutely not there's no way just totally undercut the -- the law. And quickly to point out as well. -- Engineers were trying to strains that they're just trying to correct this oversight. That Tony really intended. That the original legislation really did change you exempt charity in -- wording right. Well the person you ought to outlaw -- interest should absolutely not even the party to Biloxi. Eating and eating Torre's situation big motivating factor and giving -- to watch it one day and Cho the leader industries have now we -- the world Egyptian. If you -- expanding tension anyway in the tiger. So in the range. On the floor in -- committee hearing. Senator record and represented. Beijing -- -- -- reading -- -- house. All over themselves. Saying you know. All sides in this one tiger. We could have other. Tiger owners -- that would work you could broaden. Judy. -- -- to be included in it now absolutely now the situation we are glad applied this person this one. Territory because that'll -- record. And it turns out there's a provision that we can't tensions it's. -- the past what's called special law. Any law that confers any right privilege your community on only one person association or corporation. So it's it's actually against. They're good but laws -- Louisiana constitution. To catalog and convert -- -- one person which. It repeatedly hearing that the sole purpose but as you can -- -- -- What to convert on only one person so you glue files something. We filed this morning. Bouncy and we've got were warned Trish is again and then the main engines. Saying this was light on why. And this violates what weird and it didn't -- populist. You know honestly and and just that particular the history of how the ticket to get out. The -- the Canadian society which keeping cap on it. Actually asked about the deep power that you know what's going out of this bill although. It instead of area in -- support yet. Militants. After business hours that day -- it here and being 9 there the next morning. So all those cameras in all -- cronies were located at. Nobody you typically would approach -- in the -- were in any you know what whoever to show up here. And even there he ordered it still it one vote. Get into the that was in the city can that you registry is getting into the senate floor where it's the first time by Cuba. I'd decide because there -- obvious. Associates. And he went to count and went to work and it we have the votes this time and it got in -- that way. Showed that sort of -- -- -- get -- out are sure taking advantage and then it became a party issue. People -- commercial card line. Chris. The bottom line is Burnett take a break go to the newsroom at the bottom line is you have file something today that is in essence saying. The law you passed is against Louisiana law you cannot -- a law that is the exception for one individual or entity. Yet it violates -- -- Clearly it is strictly. They -- it and several ground if you're single person from Bill Archer object applicability. It retro actively interpret the statue actually vs settled judicial decisions that the party. As a transparent generally different special interest in the detrimental. And he like said that fishing with -- -- -- in court that the court decisions and Michael -- and -- didn't call equity that you six he spent three litigating. Did we can't court decided that -- it passes. They -- this one person exemption bill to undercut and undermined decisions of we -- just every cheer. Well so Tony has hope. -- -- And what's -- here. Is that what was said during these committee hearing. Would bet you majors and so has -- is still suing me in the apartment while fisheries. Kick the that you don't -- and ballot overall saying it unconstitutional. That's been litigated in several other states -- very likely to fail. Show -- the committee hearing these double -- and all of you get merchants are just are turning their net loss to quit local wishing the states. Well trigger that would indicate. Which analysts had been it is. Writing in in several newspapers. -- intense even know these guys workers an exception he's still gonna keep -- the department history to validate you know like these collecting even more. The story continues Chris I can't thank you enough for your input into this and we will stay in touch. As sound as this thing develops and stay in touch with us we do have to break now for the news but everyone stay with -- We're going to be talking about another law it's about. -- dogs in truck camps right after this -- was -- and is guerrilla and -- Dorsey and Chris in green with the animal legal. Defense fund. We're gonna move onto another bill that was world can you believe this is happening. Dogs and truck camps. Past. For the first time yeah this has been introduced multiple times that you know year after year. Never mated in. The -- and -- the house finally. You know we saw some light at the end of the tunnel this -- Can be passed by both the senate and house and then land on the governor's table and be -- okay. We have to talk first of all the reason we don't want dogs in camps is because. For multiple reasons won't -- the audience that you know and they and if it's hurled out the car it hits absolutely so when you think about. Being on the interstate which typically -- going fifty to seventy depending on where you are in the state. All vehicles that carry cargo have to be covered you're not allowed to transport building materials. Rocks anything in the back of your truck that could come out of your truck and hit another vehicle. It's just basic safety. So when you think about it even if you're not an animal. Advocate are really you know thinking about what's good for the animals just for safety reasons you don't want an animal flying out of the back of the truck. Onto the road onto your vehicle onto someone -- vehicle. You know having to swerve having to stop. As -- -- mention to you during the break we had an animal control officer. This is probably 67 years ago. That swerved to miss an animal that was in the middle of the road here in Algiers. And flipped the track and thankfully she was fine she didn't have any animals on the track but that happens and happens all the time throughout the state. There are accidents that happened on her is an inner states there are vehicles at flipped their vehicles that are you know destroyed there are people that are injured. Because of animals in the roads so. You know beyond just the that they humane side of how hot it is in Louisiana how hot those truck beds get. You know just just those conditions just received key reasons this seems like a no brainer and a -- Pacific to inner states that's the other thing which. You know again as as I was reading about in different. Concerns with the law. It doesn't make any sense to me when it's it's very very narrowly focused on interstate transportation it is not. Back roads it's not small streets it's not going around the farm going around the farm it's when you get on an inner state. An animal needs to be any proper enclosure that is secured to that vehicle. In order to move on the interstate the governor vetoed eight bills out of twelve million or whatever one's. And. With its astounding that this was one of them here so what's what's the back story has a history so this was Tom's dale here's a quick hit. Civics lesson anybody human iron or a business can come up with an own idea for loan bill. And hopefully get a sponsor and reduce it. Tom approach has three years ago saying Jeff I have an idea for bill that I think would be useful what do you think he explained the bill we met corset made sense. So three years till we introduced to didn't get a committee. Couldn't even move it because there's a lot of opposition to what was our discussion. Rule areas that are opposed to a government telling them what to do they like their dogs -- on the back of pickup trucks so we nerve to bill. Second year we got a closer to the senate. Floor didn't have enough votes so we kept it without him votes this year still some opposition have moving it forward got it cleared we. The final vote on the senate side thirty to seven. -- time majority high interest in supporting this bill. Jindal gets letters -- a few letters he sent to one from different plus special interest groups opposing it. For different reasons mainly they don't want to be told what to do. -- how to handle their animals. Animal bills typically in Louisiana are tough to pass because. Special interest groups look the state capital when you go there full of lobbyists they're three types of lobbyists corporate. Independent. And then citizen lobbyists so you and I it's difficult for us to get in the game. That special interest groups industries all have their stake in that they have their lobbyists to expand or support their interest. But this one we thought didn't have anybody behind that that would really oppose it. We were wrong. That you know we have many laws on the books that concern safety you have to hand did for appropriate -- to let him. We're thinking about also there are laws on the books about your personal property sometimes people. Respondents say you know my animals my property I don't want the government telling you what to do with it. -- the government already tells you what to do with your personal property when it comes to safety issues so even if again you take the animal. Element out of this law it's a safety issue that is pressing and and to me again it just blows my mind that they -- you know be a viable reason not to pass this law. Because it could be any of us any of us that travel on the interstate. You know could be faced with a situation of an animal that. Has fallen out of a vehicle and her testimony to that many people spoke up saying we seen this heard just been subjected to it. So please support this bill and -- live testimony now and they did and they ended tested and he vetoed it. Taking another break stay with -- we'll be right back on Angela on doesn't do well. We're talking about some laws that were addressed this legislative session the last which was the one that passed that -- dogs cannot ride in the cabs of cars. On the interstate and the governor decided to veto it much to the champion of everybody who is concerned not just for the animals that will go hurling out. But also for the car that's going to hit it that may be filled with kids. It happens and it is a danger and it's just very curious to me that something like this would. The battles you'll fought to get there and and it's Vito and sent. So disappointing vary so disappointing and so I think again for listeners. One to be actively engaged in monitoring what's happening on our state level on the local level. But also on the federal level I mean we have some amazing representatives and senators. Mary Landrieu and David -- that both take really strong positions on animal related. Federal legislation. Because as you know local citizens and I think toughness of this earlier. We don't necessarily have the same voice and powers that you know these big corporations do that hire lobbyists. But we vote. And we have access to our elected officials and so when they know that we're following when they know that. You know they are voting constituents want to see good legislation that. Improves our local state communities and that really represents. A humane. Community. And that people are watching you know it makes it different is -- to have lived this long to have seen. The evolution. If you call which one animal movement. That humans are so much more sensitive today then certainly thirty years ago twenty years ago. And more open with fair feelings about animals and responsibilities toward animals. That's what you'll have you have the numbers of people absolutely and and you know again we know this from. The letters we get the support that we get statewide there animal lovers all across the state. That want to see good laws passed that protect animals but that also protect people and so it's so important that. You know we don't narrow this down just to you know just the hard -- animal. You know welfare folks and expect those groups to carry these laws forests we all as a community. Have a responsibility to voice our concerns land. Laws are not passing that need to be passed or when laws are passed that are not good for our state and it's not too late to I think to write a letter. To the governor and I surround yourself -- -- and governor Anthony's. Representatives and senators also just to thank them for putting forth good legislation. And encourage them and say we will support this if you bring it up again next year we're behind you we wanna see this happen. Here's real quick resource for people. To go to the web site -- coalition of Louisiana. Louisiana animal advocates. They track all pro and anti animal bills for every session. So they give a summary and I just have every bill that's worth looking into every single session. I just think that the state has gone. Light years ahead of where was so which. Disappointment is the word sentences like oh my gosh what are we doing well we've done so many in the right thing something that Jeff has just announced that his organization. Humane side of Louisiana is starting for all the right reasons it is a council that will. Look at all of the shelters and we're not talking about the SP CA's that are perfection were talking about the sad ones. And there's a lot of. There's a lot there's about a hundred to 125. Small municipally run animal shelters and most people have a conception that they're somehow well funded. A well managed well operated with state of the art facilities the opposite is true many of the town chips can only afford one row of rusty kennels. At the edge of town there's probably fifty of those concrete bunkers or so or just -- three or four group together. There's very little monitoring regulations. Or oversight. We've created a council called the council the Louisiana counsel to improving animal shelters twelve to fifteen of us with expertise knowledge with. Sheltering management will start visiting all these 125 shelters. And reporting our findings to the authorities asking people that come in and look at their own shelters see what they can do to help. It's non adversarial. In nature is more like how can we reform and improved from the inside. I'm looking I've personally been to probably half of the shelters not state the spin over the course of many years. And they go up and down with that every administration the called the root. The so impetus was this was. Saint Landry parish itself. -- into their workers a week or so gulf. On charges of animal cruelty that's not the first time we've actually litigated. Other shelters over the past four animal abuse. So listen sometimes underfunded. Under managed and they animals are not receiving proper care so what is up to us -- -- community take a look at our shelters. McCain there's no greater example of that power from within than platinum and payers because that was -- cement bunker and anything with it ain't gonna today they -- doing that it can happen so far it's a citizen power -- -- And it's animal lovers thank you thank you my two special friends and zarrella with the Louisiana as BCE jumped Orson with the humane society of Louisiana. And Chris green thank you so much legal defense. And illegal -- can't -- -- I -- -- in my sleep I'm gonna be saying thank you very money and we like what are they and his legal we will continue to watch thank you again we'll be right back here. Please stay with this we're going to be talking a wonderful subject it's called power move. It's all about that entrepreneurial spirit we have in the city great event that's going to be happening during past it's fast we'll be right.