WWL>Topics>>6-24 4:10PM Sports Talk: Lebron James Free Agency

6-24 4:10PM Sports Talk: Lebron James Free Agency

Jun 24, 2014|

Kristian and Bobby talk to WWL listeners about Lebron James deciding to become a free agent in 2014.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

How does as some are LeBron park to. Sound view LeBron James of Miami Heat. Well his agent informed them he's gonna opt out of the final two years remaining on his deal as you heard there in the sports flash and test the free agency market on July 1 in the NBA. Lots to get to regarding LeBron James. And a maybe. Where he might land. Today on sports talk along with the NFL network ranked Cameron Jordan in junior -- the fifth best pass rushing duo in the National Football League and and the two just scratched the surface of rob Ryan's system and would you rather the Saints lead the NFL in touchdowns or takeaways welcome and sports talk he's Bobby they are crushing -- In afford Deke Bellavia phone lines wide open for it to 601872. All 3866889087. In body. First top. Your reaction overall to LeBron James telling the Miami Heat look I'm a test the market and you know teams -- I'm sure clamoring and and the ones that -- maybe criticize him for. This being a money grad that's not a similar case closer. Lot of as the money -- the greatest player in the world he's not on the greatest team. Can you imagine if you put LeBron -- on the Spurs. And it would even have been if -- it would have been fair. I mean I had to be realistic is I think LeBron James is a team player. How he passes the ball in and he's that dominant. We if you got the stroke in his -- about legacy. And winning championships. He's already going to be. There -- -- his -- a rich and wealthy he's already going to be wealthy when all's said and done and I think like Michael Jordan. He wants to eventually be owner and in the NBA. And a Christian colleges thing about this I don't know the details and in my before fetched. Because LeBron wants to go to major target it may be how could you get a good mix we get a fantasize what would it take. LeBron James to come to New Orleans probably talk you definitely you kidding me but no this announce this when I'm gonna tell you. Now look cool the team that being -- mr. Tom Benson. Well the Saints. He also pelicans he entice him things. To come run in the New Orleans Saints given a 4% now he bought it back. You know as for the percentage of the team. I mean I don't know the rules and stipulation like CB AER. But why not have. A player owner. Mean can you imagine LeBron James in yards after about no promotions. And needed a better arena is Paxton gets into his team he's playing his team. And he gets a double a -- governor Anthony Davis. You know any of victories big to within well I'm just telling the you talk about the -- and this is football country. That's why you have people really still. So why not I make an effort I don't know what it would take on -- maybe fantasize and a right now but but I get -- is. You look at major markets. Easy talk about New York Chicago LA you're looking cap room and all that kind of stuff down yet is back. Watch out Mark Cuban the players while Mark Cuban. About what he's put in that a team and he can relate to. Dallas Mavericks arriving in Dallas Mavericks could be a dark cars. And getting LeBron James his serve is also the Lakers he needs to be added. The Miami -- -- out of there's no one of the Clippers well. I think more and as far as money wise. Oh would be an awkward though -- -- -- a lot better off right now in the Clippers or do you draw any. Conclusions. By Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James doing this almost back to back in consecutive days in other words there may be we sought a few Summers ago when what. LeBron and Chris Bosh. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's not it's a four year deal like and the 89 Meehan opposed to to go back to the other teammates on the -- a Max deal. Higher than that and and so therefore that negates the it's a money grab argument because they go back if he goes back to the heat he he actually stands. Well I -- that kind of term toss around is in Major League homer about modeling but they're looking into the future. And is truly big and reap the benefits financially did you have an unbelievable legacy -- LeBron is -- -- Carmelo -- cartilage -- These days in New York when you have a chance maybe -- 41 in about three years and now. So manage without that I don't care of York Phil Jackson while -- there and if I got a win now missile rebuilding process. And what it's -- now Buick championship with the -- now obviously you -- -- along with that is unbelievable. But it Carmelo thinking like OK I'm a realist I have left in my career at the highest level. And they might be only lunch amateur as far as -- waiting. With the Knicks like three years down the -- that's -- I don't blame him doing what he's doing a few LeBron what you do. Man see what Miami does that's why -- early yes he reminded the way -- not going to guard Dwyane Wade's gotta retiring heat but he is Olin. I don't like to -- washed -- -- little pro. You look at -- champs of the Miami Heat as one Dwyane Wade's been a big part of that. And nine and that's why I go anywhere that you look at what are you are now like in the evening coach Clinton. You know the soccer team. You look at the kind of contract uncle we got remarkably the Lakers. No idle Lakers have banking on that he's still gonna produce a lot of times franchise reward players for whatever they already accomplished. What about the future. Nine I think Colvin has -- on the eleven -- But when you look at Dwyane Dwyane and Dwyane Wade realistically. Is amongst the best right now and Andy exactly. But that's why he given on the twenty million dollars and all that as they Miami. Hanging on and none on a given no discount. I got to maximize our advocates that now so I think that's like Dwyane Wade is -- there I don't know LeBron staying there. He's -- weighs options. And I just say listen I don't know in the future was the -- and read a bid to -- long. Ms. -- whoever. I mean bring LeBron in the full. Make LeBron a partner and ownership. A critical blind sided ideal way to make big basketball working Garland. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You -- couple. -- -- be part owner man -- drama on the delve into little more but think the things that I've read as you can't have an ownership stake in the team. Q you land but maybe there's a creative way that's what the world has to do because they're not a big market they can't do it ninety yards longer look at. In the Phoenix LA big money to Alice in new markets right now so they've got a creative. What -- what would you do if you're LeBron. With New. Orleans if they offered you some ownership. In the team to 60 if you're LeBron -- what are you due east of Miami. -- New York where is the best spot Dallas Houston. Los Angeles 2601872. -- 38668. -- 087 also. Property jaguar people line for -- W dot com would you rather the Saints lead the NFL in touchdowns or takeaways leading candidate -- and as a fan. I'm much more -- would you be interested in basketball. If all of a sudden the bronze associated with the Phillies and Texas -- it was 745 says that I haven't cared about basketball since Jordan left bring LeBron James here. I'll by season tickets just to be home -- this sort of talk on WWL I am adamant aka Bobby ally here. Aspirations now like your imagination that's for sure but. Michael Jordan in the third comeback with the Wizards had to sell back his ownership shares so it's not allowed the team. A player cannot own a part of the team. Active and be inactive or active player however. What does this say about LeBron James or -- it -- BA player owning a stake our share of NFL team. Yeah I mean or why not NFL. Major League Baseball NHL hockey team because you do have -- across all -- look at. The St. Louis Rams owner. I want to say he -- the Colorado Avalanche. And I think we needed him nugget. If I'm correct on that. Cleo line you -- in Tyson take come in the family me and adoptees. Room with and who would wanna be part owner percentage of an NFL team. And then maybe you -- in the Stanley junior retired maybe could transfer that and going to be directly involved and as -- go with the pelicans. Another texas' says that you'll not see me in the arena of LeBron James has anything to do with the pelicans while. How well he's gonna lie there in a line he's in a minority and yet. He find you might not like the -- LeBron annals of the four years ago I and I think that was way overblown. But at the end of the day. Can he help you win a championship and that's proven. He helped Miami Heat went to Jamie's right so if he's he's the best plays he's largely. Considered the best player and and in the NBA. So why would you not won only team even if you don't like how we handle -- detainment -- values and if you want if you want an organizational win. He's a big part of the winning process now. The sensitive Spurs proved. That it's about the team the overall team like better than and is -- Julia. When you -- -- of the talent that the roster with probably better on the the collection of talent was probably better Miami. But the team. Function. Much better in San Antonio now there is a couple a's who intended to put in LeBron James. They well I'd I'd -- that -- go to that arena almost every night he was there to see the best basketball player well. And in whom play day. Who and I played. The San Antonio scorers. As good as anyone in the play well the Dallas maverick. What are you gonna add LeBron James for the Dallas Mavericks. Not you know it teams change -- year. -- -- look of from a competitive standpoint come playoff time. The Mavericks played the Spurs. Better than anyone committed to go to the wire so you'd -- island LeBron LeBron is not a ball. The probable score when he has to a brown likes to pass. He's learned a great it's criticized for that he's won a tirade is the big shots to be taken. And he dishes but it would appear on a great team -- -- supporting cast and and you made a great path right. Are good he's always wanted to top defenders I mean to beat if he's not on the the first team defense -- rather that's a travesty. Because he is that good defensively. What do you do if you LeBron he stay with the heat. He uniform another Big Three somewhere else. Where where you look at where would you look to go would you consider New Orleans and is that a viable option it's. Everything I understand is that the -- could afford it they just can't put they can't put them the money together. And with the with the contract today doled out. A year ago and w.'s ago there Gordon etc. to 60187803866890. It's having. He Austin, Texas and 87870. And Bobby before go to neutral quick. Germany team USA Thursday in a World Cup both teams advance on a draw so what's to keep both teams from just. In a gentlemen's agreement on you know what. Would place Corliss Corliss time. Well that's a conspiracy there's not too forfeits. I mean I think it it it is. Not realistic it. I mean behind the scenes and the cool coach Clinton and he's gonna greatest area players ever. He knows the German head coach. That would be scandalous. I don't thing that would happen and that was to -- currently 0011. Whatever but. But know that that that's not as far -- as you think. -- in -- pat yelling yeah baggy pad -- We both mobile and wise I mean. Both teams can can have their as you it's a case you needed to -- him a text message here from 994 -- tell drew agreed to start look crew. Recruiting LeBron right now. And all that's all well and good embody the got. I'm with it be fantastic for the -- and death for the organization but look a bit of money we get -- over the Jack well I don't know then you gotta have Dell Demps you know has that we believe this is done some crazy things. That saint salary cap I mean all I know is if you -- better arena to be full and season tickets. Are like a month -- and you wanna be and then number. You bring an impact player like LeBron and have to open Anthony Davidson mean. Everybody else's like you know whenever the -- believe what now was gonna happen between now and July diapers. Every organization. That's why he announced that every organization is evidence today are Wheeling and dealing and seeing what about this package in that package. What would it Teague no the -- trying to I'm just and you watch out but -- Dallas Mavericks who Mark Cuban he's Bobby -- Rushing -- the sport's dog news headlines with demands so I welcome back to sports talk RW WL pretty jaguar people would you rather the Saints lead the NFL touchdowns are takeaways cast your vote. On line at W to do well like -- -- calls at 260187. Told 38668890. Eights having also weigh -- on a text line and -- having like 87 like. Several folks are doing right now talking about LeBron James. And 0032 says the brought a New Orleans more chance that Bobby Jindal says something good about President Obama and another one from 8170. You gotta love soccer. And is this is not me for UNL east. Eight texts about that I don't like soccer but this went from 81 sentences. You gotta love soccer let's play to a -- we don't have to win. Just cannot get behind that sport. US and Germany. Thursday in the World Cup if they draw both teams advance. But one the other obviously with a win or loss. We we know we know the story there but. A lot of folks talking about the possibility of a backdoor deal where in the two sides say look. We can both advance with a tie so let's. Let's play 00. Well they have -- you know well from a financial standpoint also to conspiracy. -- Obama would ESPN. And sponsors and money in all of that it would be. In the I guess the United States and ESPN district in intrusive United States stays involved. So yeah when you look at that. You know I am not you know I'd given him anything. Could ultimately you have to to win the championship. With Chris you have to admit. That. You know the old saying what it was like. If you had in there and at times like kissing your sister. Washing your feet with Sox on. Our. -- and I'll I'll like our cars are taken a shower raincoat. You know nine inning game but is there -- no laws and I mean. As kind of an empty feeling. In -- the union lose like that you know had this unbelievable effort in ending anything says that that that is very -- colors in it. Ultimately you wanna win in. It even though you move on. The next -- christened in mean. You given anything that is still need to actually have to win -- champions. 4957. Now but excellence is money in players and market is an issue. To I would. He can in the world over bigger market. -- better play well because -- if you would begin via a part owner and things. You know across the French. Allies they get 2% of that. For example with -- -- to rescind -- figured to rescind its word twenty. In the states race basically a billion dollars team so you and it's gonna continue to grow right so. At what cost if you're the Saints are a -- of the pelicans at what cost the is it at any cost for any of our team immediately run good at drawing your brand I mean -- whether you'd Tom Benson. -- have been excellent long. Our team is -- that was the bit that's why whoever's in -- and ownership. And not have LeBron James party team and ownership that he is gonna William Brandon. Now you have and the pay him and he's given up something we'll look but you gonna get their return via. I mean I mean that mean that that that's a no brainer and value at eagles' involvement. And power all night -- of I'm just trying to do some unbelievable fantasy scenario. That would really entice people. Where'd that matter what kind of promotion you have on. I -- arena. LeBron James part of the pelicans and and Christian. The people trying to buy you media path. -- Christian you know going to -- that and a mystique in an NC Albert if you if amused and said that but I mean I know you you know I'm saying it would be in that number. I mean come on if you as a profession or -- sports fan in New Orleans. I mean don't you think that I look how long the NBA season is and you look at times as New Orleans Arena has been anti. Now we you know we will support a playoff team you earn your rob adjusting at the level LeBron James it would he would bring to the team. 2601878. Till 386689087. When he -- Bryant he's what would you do it here king James stay in Miami. -- -- Obviously year explore your options he opted out of the final two years of his deal today -- he but Jimmy Christian life day to day see who's the big I mean I put a -- front is -- Dallas Lakers -- Visit LA the Lakers may be the Clippers the Knicks Carmelo Anthony. There's been talks of this these two uniting for I would say he would be good as they -- elicited a big force Chicago. Dallas Houston and the Lakers lost his Lakers if you going to be. The reason why the the heat going forward and Pat Riley has that in the stand. -- LeBron is gonna do's within a best in this LeBron. Now there is alive I say that. In a 'cause. Where he's at in his career Dwyane Wade has been missed the you look at it that -- championships and going back to Shaquille O'Neal and with the heat as accomplish. Dwyane Wade is that as great unbelievable basketball player. That started with the heat. And he's gonna finish to the I'm studying given on the twenty million dollars and still LeBron might look at it look eight need -- cool doing UH you know. And all that. But now that a game has passed you by -- bit. You'd never know what is needed -- -- about yes. I -- I'm gonna get a few more you know me I mean you we were able to Collison -- a three he wants to see Chris -- to me is a non fact. You know Chris -- that's. It's another at this fifteen and yet and then ninety EE EE his heyday he parlay that going from. Ronald to Miami but he feels like wanted to really cars around that's -- replaceable player -- -- in other words you can find another Chris botched. Elsewhere to team up with -- LeBron yeah I don't know Chris -- Cutler. Listed that's why I still think because I look at ownership. And where they can offer. I'm telling you Mark Cuban and Dallas Mavericks is that you know last night good for us because against what. It's a lot of toughest division in in basketball at southwest division are you kidding me. What will wind up telling us that the deal with it. You can be last whistle before last and be better and a lot of that -- W -- competitive. Everyone is in the southwest division as I'm when it's on one axiom going to dial. He's Bobby Hebert Kristian -- this is sports talk on WWL anathema -- I want back to sports talk operating jaguar people on line at WB well like Tom would you rather the Saints lead the NFL -- touchdowns -- takeaways. Cast your vote online at W that you will dot com. He also calls at 260187. Neitzel 38668890. Point seven Texas Stadium and how how so. Well who led and it OTA's last year. The field yet and what is who will -- then the Saints have always been among the beds in points. I mean we've been out there since -- degrees with the Patriots. With the Packers when I was in -- it's -- he's been in the low thirties. And now you either went on I gained now if you can have it. To -- and an -- that is -- opponent -- an 1819 high teens he's going in the high twenties and leading takeaways. No I mean shall we somebody better and right then I'm telling you in Vegas at CNET. They use him and visited odd to say he's got a great chance they -- -- look in the crystal ball and you told the people who look at every game. In his head to saint Stephens has only given publicity ninety you know pointing game. They say they average in 28 had a thirteen fourteen on at it is if they're given up nineteen on average. And the Saints went thirteen dead weight and they've done that under Gregg Williams they did that last year in the rob Bryan. That we've done in the past now I go that's part -- no we've done that we've always been. Wanted to top three scoring offense we've -- -- saying the ball a -- always been a top three scoring offenses with the Patriots. And the Packers are not and obviously you look at Tom Brady era rise and Drew Brees. And that's not by accident. So when you look at per game which average and we do look not every year but whenever we've well we've. Hold opponents in the fifteenth. On the Greg Williams -- Rob Ryan with the 1819 point on it that's -- you have twelve. Thirteen wins and so on top of that. And then you look at the takeaways. The the look of Chris who would Seattle average as far as the points and what he did offensively. A look at Carolina. Mean the way you structured -- matter how you win and into the did you win. And they gained 1713. 2017. Know give me that takeaways because you look at. The parity in the NFL. And and obviously extra possessions offensively because you've taken the ball away that that's why I put that as a and I believe a priority and just looking at what we did who won a suitable I haven't 39 takeaways that that to me. If he Sammy if I was talking Jahri Evans last week eight to ten more than in the low 38 well I mean you know I twice yet he -- that range you'd figure it. 810 drew is probably the cash in on points. Half of those at least. Maybe 60%. Yet if we can be and we content through that a rally we talk about sex being gamble in the low forties also when -- -- -- -- were almost at the announcement of begin. Now you look at takeaways. He's stages Kendall and a low thirties and Alison. I know you have an impact on the game whether -- winning a -- and obviously. Come back the NFL network ranked cam Jordan junior -- the fifth best pass rushing duo. I had to just scratched the surface in rob Ryan's system will get the Kansas State on. That the sports talk on WB well I anathema dot com our body -- -- or ranking cam Jordan a -- eagle at the fifth best pass rushing duo in the National Football League. Attitude just about the surface of -- what are out and both them I what camp at twelve and have Judy had twelve. They were only duel to have twelve -- more yeah. Don't know they've just -- service is that they -- had a minute top five residents of bogus Paul whatever. You got to go by production. And Andy were only duel that had twelve sacks -- more so how can you know I give. Junior gallant and cam Jordan are credited to -- -- manager rob Ryan's system and they've produced. Now can you do it back to back seasons and I think they can I think it might even do better ball the guy throws is. Is of the two Butler mean -- -- that created for this year and you gaining economize and also that he's part of the Jerry is bird free agent class yet. Everything looks positive last year before he went down the ACL injury looked like that. That pass rushing. Not specialist. The only thing that Christian and did -- -- -- -- and now you know what would've helped -- be one or -- you know would help them in order to. Yeah not only sack in the quarterback. You punch in a ball while. You know get the ball on the ground and -- -- that had been emphasized more -- on at that same production which is get the ball like -- Dillon's gas or master beaded detail and from Louisiana Lafayette Charles still with the Bears. Is one of the best ever if not the best he's in the conversation as far as. For supposedly to Rob Ryan as shown filled to the team the seeded technique a peanut Tillman. Bobby there Kristian -- sports -- rules on next hour.