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06-24 8pm Scoot/ Marine in Mexico/ Criminal Vasectomy

Jun 25, 2014|

Bob is talking about: Should the U.S. trade with Mexico in order to get a Marine out of their jail. A judge wants to order a man who had 7 children by 6 different women to have a vascetomy.

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Know its base Bob Mitchell the real Robert Mitchell is starting to have. The like a full time job again. I'm Bob Mitchell in for us do it here is what is on our WWL talked table. Wait a minute before before I get to that. There's something. They'll have wanted to tell you about -- can only turn my papers. Remember. A couple of days ago I think it was we talked about that -- That. Went to Kentucky fried chicken. And someone told them that but to leave that was staring. Everybody because you had beaten them. That trio of that apple will now they're finding out that it was all just -- believe that. The video cameras did not show. Then even going into KFC's. And they couldn't even find anywhere. Where someone and ordered what they claim they ordered and at this point the the people involved the grandmother. Has received a 130000. Dollars in cash. And three surgery and Kentucky fried chicken gave -- thirty grand and they say they're going to let them keep that but now looks like that whole thing. Was that a salute. -- A farce just. A scam to get some money all right here's what we're talking about tonight the world Leon's. Was named one of the two most livable cities in America by a US conference of mayor. And it's based on Mitch when Andrew's murderer reduction program. Okay. What. I would disable bit of a lot of murders in the city I'm not quite sure how weak were named the most livable city but I OK I guess they have faith. That the mayor's plan to reduce murder in the world. So I thought it'd be interesting tonight to talk about what do you love the most about living or working in the city and let's talk about your favorite New Orleans food. Music a culture warrior maybe some of your favorite places to eat. But did entertain was the music or just hang out to six -- 17866. And 90 its level in other words. A -- a chance to tell me what to really love about the world. Now -- of a great story. The questionable but he was selectively. Or jail time. A Virginia man who fathered seven children by at least six women agreed to get a vasectomy to knock off five bureau of Cuba's prison term. In a child endangerment case. Five years off dozens. The philosophy behind this is if he's in jail for all this time he tank he can't take care of his kids. Seven children by six women. And he's not a basketball player so what do you think about this type of sentencing. Now he's not being forced. The -- snipped. The they gave him an option you can spend another five years in jail. Or you can get -- and that you can have an important because basically. What the a prosecutor said is that he deems to be able supportive did he already has when he gets out so do we need more just to flight this. Wars just to this is just too off the chain for you. Should people be given the option. Instead of jail time I satellite of the art art I really really do now. The that the sentencing he has had had really nothing to do with of the did. That he this was just the fact that. He I think he he did something the accidentally. Injured one of the children I'll I'll get the -- so when we come back from the break -- Fill in the gaps for you. But the prosecutors that are gonna give you an option here you can do more time in jail or you can get snipped and he said okay. Lead me to and he's got to pay for his own vasectomy. Should the US negotiate to get a marine -- of a Mexican jail. Should Americans boycott until the returns. 2601 late 7866. Edit -- suddenly -- -- -- take your phone calls you can start falling in and you know. No you're not -- except that -- -- are. Here you know if if you borrowed a familiar story. We have a marine. Who's been in a Mexican jail for several months ago I don't know what our government is doing about it. Day go vote said they're trying. But it certainly seems to me that by now they should of worked out something of Mexico. Threatened. Not give them the -- foreign aid so you have Mexico holding one of our Marines and you have Mexico not doing much. Two help enforce immigration laws and -- the Mexican president said. That it's not illegal. For Mexicans to cross the border illegally into the United States -- it's it's it's a legal. In the United States but it's just like for instance in the United States if you illegally crossed at the Mexico that's not illegal. Under US law it's illegal under Mexican also. In a way you know by -- making this type of statements. They're the Mexican president making these statements. It just kind of encourages people do it. So my thought is. Since Washington. Is having no success. Should we as American consumers boycott Mexico with arbitration dollars about a boycott. What should we do to get more cooperation out of Mexico. What more do you want government to do to get our marine out of the Mexican jail. 26 year old late 78668. At 90878. Nick and text me at 87870. And garbage 870 pretty drug war principled -- to New York is set to become the 23 state to legalize medical marijuana should the Fed's. Step in and make legal and all state shouldn't have to vote. At a WWL dot com -- Here's what we are looking for me give you a chance the short little love for the city of New Orleans what do you love the most about living or working in the city it. Do you love our food you love music you love culture and what is familiar favorite places to eat and entertain with from the music or just hang out. And when you have a situation. Where you have someone on an addition to look at it either way you -- have a woman. That has children from multiple men and should not married to any of them. Situation there you have a father. A man who fathered seven children by six women. And got five years knocked off prison term for child endangerment. Because he agreed to give a vasectomy and that way you can have anymore children. The theory behind that is the fact that. If you put him in jail somebody's got to help pay for these kids and that's the slate all right if you'll answer any of these questions you can call me right now to secure what if somebody. 866 and 890878. And our light question of the night. Have you had your first snowball of the summer yet what's your favorite snowball flavor and Europe. Favorite snowballs there and and I saw something on on TV a couple of days ago. About eight vehicles. -- -- Yeah amid the I'm made of face to I think it's rupees. Noble sharpened her hand has deluxe pickles noble so what's your favorite that your favorites noble. -- have to bananas foster's noble and also read about the senior atomic noble combining. -- syrup Vanilla ice cream strawberries. All robbers or pineapple plus a marsh holes cost. And of course but -- to. All right. I'm Bob Mitchell we'll take a break right now to me and went bankrupt your phone -- of you wanna be part of the show now to talk on the phone in. To secure -- late 7866. Andy and I know it's simply -- added 7870. I had a number to call the show was 260178668890870. Text me at 878. It's seventy got a few lines over -- the weight shouldn't be too long -- I'll be with you and just the second but. Let me get to a couple of via text messages. As far as my thought about us in our country of the United States. I'm starting to a boycott with our vacation dolls were going to Mexico to try to get a marine back. -- a text message on that just go there and get him what is Mexico going to do. And the guy. That made a deal with the prosecutor. To -- nipped. Rather than do five more years in jail a -- that says he can ditch that but it can be undone later. Ex brother log audit -- to have kids with his second wife and that was a year ago no part of the agreement is that he cannot get it on done. All right let's go to let's go to Jimmy and Metairie. Jimmy up what do you think Devoe worked out that type of plea deal is that something that maybe we should think about doing. On a consistent basis. Well I don't think. Ten in the second equipment -- parent skills. You know that's what does that do campaign. Which of Libyan leader and it's like they just cut it anymore to change. And well he none of the charges against the guy involved any type of sexual. Offensive was and I'm -- was. All -- hit and run accident okay in and driving on a suspended license. In which -- he he got in an accident in his three year old son was bloodied. But not seriously hurt so is his jail time was not because you know he he he molested a child or anything like that. And the agreement requires him to undergo the operation more than a year of being released from prisons can do about about a year and a half. And then the have to pay for a -- vasectomy. And he cannot reverse -- It was just doesn't make sense to me -- not to do with this crime. I checked to make it not in the due to crime well. It has nothing to do with the crime but the prosecutor felt. That here's a guy that -- fault at all these children and if they put him away for an extra five years but of course like just the angels got to take it won't help take care of the children. And this way he would he would be working so it's strictly a voluntary thing on his part it wasn't he wasn't forced to have them done. He based on. You understand. Why not give that opportunity to drug dealers murderers. Well on other perpetrators well I do with that crime and so why on the. I guess because he had the money to -- money when I guess that was -- -- That's you know that was the principle this. -- had a personal ball yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- it's okay. And one more question. With Mexico. Pulled -- one of Marines. Were taking weapons I accidentally crossed the border. And definitely hoping enforce the immigration laws since Washington is having no success. Do you think should be all right all would be a good idea for us as Americans may be the boycott Mexico bowl with art tours of -- not going there. -- -- -- -- They've been in -- including get everybody to. No but even if it and if you got some people do it may it may be that would you know finally get Mexico. I'm not really sure what's going on the more you read about it that if it's like. Today negotiate but. -- I don't know that there's something behind us that we don't know market. I mean this I've been sitting in the jail now for two or three months lock out certain elected getting -- Definitely you can. And a crucial to go on -- and he -- -- like that that's a good idea thank you Jimmy appreciate you calling. Our right to 601878. 866 and -- 90 it's so -- -- -- -- a whole bunch -- lines open right now so you can call in and actually -- get on the show a report like. Let me go ahead and wanna start the show I had misplaced my copy. What let me fill you in all and what's going on remember we talked about it. A couple of weeks ago. And me -- my big mouth and all I was saying that if they have seat is giving his people 30000 -- surely they have investigated this. And they found out that obviously they were guilty well. It doesn't look that way now KFC said. That it is investigating a report that the player Leo that three year old girls that she was asked to leave. One other restaurants because -- scar from a vicious pit -- attack or frighten other customers. Well that may be just just to get some sympathy and -- gets the money and that's exactly what it's seems diminished resources. With deep knowledge of the investigation. Who say that the the grand. Mother. Or the grand daughter did not appear in so barrel and -- surveillance video taken from the -- on the day of the alleged incidents. And remember she said that she ordered mashed potatoes and sweet today. Well little heavenly orders. For mashed potatoes and sweet today. So now all they think that this hoping it's been a scam. To get some money and they -- getting a 135000. Dollars in cash as rules free -- and a pre surgery. 26 year old late 78668. At nine -- -- seventy -- light question of the night have you had your first noble yet let's go to Christian Tenet of our eucharist. I'm pretty good -- to kill. Fun press. What do you think we should do about trying to get our soldier back in -- wouldn't work would be helpful if we as Americans. Started not taken vacations in Mexico we gonna boycott Mexico until we get our guy released. -- actually it's are on the day and it all -- you sort of got caught bring weapons over the Mexico right. Well he's in the military and he had -- he had weapons in his trunk and he he said. But he accidentally crossed the border he was -- -- go exactly where it was I think he was somewhere having dinner and -- he said he accidentally crossed the border. And when the when he was stopped by the Mexican police he told them. I have some weapons that -- legal. In the United States in my truck but they weren't legal in Mexico and he's been in jail since then. -- Try to figure. They don't know you. Not able. -- Outlook on Mexico you would be. Boy it. And you got. And it could be one. Right a little bit and use the chrome -- think -- -- criminal -- -- small print and I call on. Okay. Leaving you should stay there. All right what do what do you think about this guy from Virginia that -- they they made this deal with. Only because. He had seven kids by six -- all this came on in court. When when he went morrow. To be sentenced for the child endangerment case and then maybe the deal. They had if you get a vasectomy. Will knock off five years of your prison term. Great America right. Well not to. Well that's it of the abuse in jail -- that it. Well I don't know -- he has seven kids by our women. In okay. Well what technicality seventies. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it did and he would accidentally. You know so. You can go to -- game. While you got a point there but obviously the the state feels that a big -- away for five years. That he won't be able to hook financially take care of the kids of the state -- so I guess I guess that's why they made the deal. Quote okay and I'm in the united artists when it's okay well. That can take care that you can always argue that particular game and enemy -- -- there are among their okay. You're not being -- of the somebody you know. A vasectomy only only prevents you from having more kids. Perry is at an hour. Ago and it. Today and we had just the personal all of this summer yet. From may be on the oh and -- -- not the Obama you know. It would away country. That is great that is really good and now do you remember your first snowball. Yeah. And -- RO it would it would it would solve -- it was a day. It can. Yield learning. And knew it can be. Great autumn we all came out of school we got out of school early and we all went oh. All that bit of taste in my life -- told. -- -- -- -- blow. -- -- I had my first global -- -- -- Dayton there was this -- sharp run around the corner from where. I go ahead. If -- what you should do is take. Are caught out of the first period and it's great I saw the -- were written Olson called it. Rained. Being you know I -- that would. Now I have have you tried I thought on TV a couple of days ago. A pickle snowball. No. We and -- -- -- I -- gonna be a little the government will that I don't. No I've got that I -- I'm I'm I'm a basic almost -- I'll experiment. I do not know the name of the stall ball placement it's. That's that's the orderly and Harrison on I don't know if it's even still there. But I wouldn't go there and that would -- epic called wash -- snowball with a put a scoop of Vanilla ice cream in the middle aged noble. All while -- -- what -- can -- no I don't. You know. I -- look too weak economy so. All right Chris appreciate your -- and okay. All right 2601 late 7866. And 90 -- seven of those of you who were just tuning in the show let me go ahead and reset what we're talking about tonight. If you haven't heard New Orleans was named. What are the two most livable cities in the nation. So when it comes to New Orleans for you what makes the world and so -- of the food the music the culture. And -- some of your favorite New Orleans places to eat did -- -- the music or just hang out to lead. I think I think it's the food. I think it's the public it's the people here. I think the people here are a very very friendly but I have if I had to pick one thing. But a -- the world leads the most it is the food it's awesome guy on adult remember who he was his one note one of the international stars of his name. Slipped my mind -- -- on the Tonight Show about a year ago and he said that in the entire world is that New Orleans in his mind is number one. Four of -- so. What makes a New Orleans so shall livable to you and if you haven't heard of Mexico is still holding. One of our Marines in jail -- in weapons across the border. Now he says accidentally. We have a call just a few seconds ago said that he thinks -- was running guns. And that's why they won't releasing. Now of our government says they're trying. To getting old but at this point they don't seem to be able to do and -- think Washington is having no success of oil -- should week. As American consumer boycott Mexico with our vacation dollars if not a boycott. What should we do to get more cooperation. Out of Mexico. 2601. -- 7866. And a nine -- seventy practically no wait time at all. So if you want to a poll in new -- can do it right now and this is probably don't. One of my favorite story of the night but a Virginia man who fathered seven children by at least six women agreed to get a vasectomy. To -- up to five years office prison term. Now he got an accident with one of his children. The child was not seriously injured today he was driving with all of a license and that part of the reason why. He got so much jail time. And was also hit the wrong. -- the prosecutor in this place that the prosecutor in the case made him a deal. And that looks and you have off police kids if you agreed to get a vasectomy so you can't father anymore children. That you can't take care of I'm not five -- -- the presenter of a very very unusual deal but the alike. Do we need more justice like those are just. To up the -- for you. Let's. Let's go to. Oh my goodness gracious I have a note on the screen yes. Just a death from you John. -- or member Warren's global -- -- legion field yes I live writer that's that's the stall -- then I was talking about the right around the corner from there. 10 let's go to Bob in Metairie are you Bob. -- But what do you think about a marine. We're on our -- -- question about it. Would -- be talking about the American to interpret what they all force and I. Com I I guess if that were in the news but -- let's see where you're coming from I I think what it is is that most of I don't know I'd do probably have a little more trust in the fact. That he that he was in the military and he admitted right away that he had. Promote -- understand that he had permits for all these guns and these were all legal possessions in the United States. Well but that -- -- enter -- -- -- in the next in our league to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You can sock the ball. The ball. But he went up our street terrible article a pretty -- where. He had 300 rounds of -- And the current proposal floated here at twelve each actor that was murdered a year at the end to -- Sharpton and shelves. And and the United States government -- and discreet and Internet act pitch dark skin -- integration that it crossed the -- street previous. The he had in the Mexico earlier -- yeah so. And and he didn't he didn't -- that aren't so military -- arrest. Look I was only impression that he did you say that he did. Well let's let him. You know and you know on the Internet that. Do you guerrillas on both levels everything is there to read on the Internet is not necessarily true. For little fat. Well that's what Democrats right at OK let's let's put the marina side. When it comes to the border situation. I'm I read a story where of the Mexican president or prime minister what would normally column there actually I made actually made a statement that. It's an open statement and it's not legal in Mexico. Or Mexicans to go over the US border with all of you know. What -- what about drugs without an option you know legally right it's. So. For that reason alone. Do you think maybe Americans should should boycott their vacation rather than go to Mexico this year. Think -- well. You know. It should be -- to where we should be able to do not not just. Not just the bat but I mean that's you know up and should be there to -- Audience and what we are well well what -- as well intact but in her to jail. There -- ago but you know our government doesn't seem to be doing anything and I'm I'm just wondering that may be we as average Americans should. Consider not spending money in Mexico. You know that the personal -- -- you. You know. I don't all right late caution of the night that you first Somalia. Well yeah which which affects the ball but I grew up on each. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The difference that ball up on the wall you remember it like where I think it'll get out and -- And it would source noble. If you look at it. -- it. Your. -- answer -- have been on our long term -- And and it would play. -- with and that's you know. I've never had that I've I've never had condensed milk that was -- that ice cream but not condensed milk. It here. I'll have to try that this year they did Bob wish to call it all right to six year old -- 78668. At 90870. Mark and Steve I'll come back to your calls. We're talking about the situation in Mexico with them holding one of our Marines and also the fact that they don't really seemed to be helping us with. What's going on -- on the border. Since the government is not doing that much what do you think of us boycotting our vacation dollars. From Mexico to 60 only 78668890870. Light question of the night -- you had your first -- -- the summer yet what's your favorite snowball flavor. And you pay which noble stamps and Bob Mitchell and dispute on WWL. And our -- lines are open to 6017866889087. Let me get back to the both we're -- go to -- mark who wants to talk about. Our marina is being held in the Mexican jail marked what's your opinion. Mark. What's your opinion about the the Mexican situation. Common and I think that's one on the -- maybe more about com. More more more other contraband comment permanently in the Marines on. What do you think they're all that we should do you think that we as American citizens since the government is not doing a whole bunch. May -- to boycott Mexico and not ticker vacations there. Well I mean I'm -- go to. This girl that's so you don't want you don't wanna give up anything to help time. Unless we put something on a harsher on him. As it. Yet -- some kind of pressure they get out in. But not give up your vacation right. -- -- amount -- change something that you know. I don't think arcade and that a bank failure of our. -- freedom of leisure and proper paperwork to be Karen has left and that is scattering. -- I would think so army. Mark if you had your first -- all of -- armor yet. Well I no I grew up wrong. In the -- -- looked across some blue cheese restaurant not favored Obama -- the enclave there. Cadets know what happened. What is it like to a charity -- strawberry with condensed milk. Are preparing delayed while I don't know the lady is what is apparently are. -- as tank causing. Don't know what they got a pretty good -- all right marked the fiftieth. Six. Let's go to Stephen Kevin how are you tonight's the. Steve you with me. -- -- Steve. You know -- you know that's the call that let's go to visit the Leino to land the correct but yet it all right Leno are you about it. And doing that first of all what do you think about this guy in Virginia. Where the legal system. Legal system that will not five years. Off all of your sentence if you agree to get a vasectomy I mean. Should the legal system ever get involved in some something like this ever -- you can get involved in. Asking a person to get a vasectomy or. Yeah. Some of -- Maybe you can mandate yeah we know and I'll make it dark anymore not. I wouldn't want to add that it happened more. Well that's that's what the prosecutor says he says her cases that did you take you -- to speak of road. That's what America that that's what the prosecutors that she said that even though. That -- this had nothing to do with the charges against him that they're looking at it as a god fathered seven kids by six women and that. This that would. The chief the motive was to keep them from faltering more kids and he needs to be able support the kids -- readiness. It all right that's not working we're gonna take a break and then we come right back we have Tommy. And we have Steve won't get some bad connection for about 260187866. Andy and I know it's assembly. I'm Bob Mitchell -- -- -- on WWL. Garbage day seventy pretty drag or opinion poll question New York to set to become the 23 state to legalize medical marijuana should the Fed stepped in. And make it legal. In all states you can cast your vote at WWL dot com or when you've thrown in you can give me your opinion right now 57%. Say yes. And 43%. Say no. Virginia man. Who fathered. Children with several women. Has agreed to get a vasectomy to not up of five years offers prison term. Now none of the charges war against Jesse Lee -- involving sexual opens. The prosecutor said her chief motive. In making the extraordinary unusual offer which keep him from fathering more. Then seven children he has by at least six women. She said that. Indeed he needs to be able support the kids he already has and when he gets out she said that she thinks both the state and he benefit from the deal. What do you think about this type of offer and should our legal system ever get involved. And telling people you can't have anymore kids that that's probably the biggest point here -- legal system get involved ever get involved. And telling someone you can't have anymore children. Let's go to Steve Steve should our legal system ever get involved in telling someone you can't have anymore children. Well. Steve take me off the speakerphone. Is too -- to -- background noise okay. All right. -- it's odd that we don't have to be -- those nights -- did you much billions weren't. Right out to the net the net at. This is going to be one of those nights are right let me get to a let me get to our on our text messages. Lets the. Just don't get the marine they don't have anyone have to stop. They're all here. At that -- Let's the let me go ahead and and and roll -- and and and get some more. Text -- to read what we try to work culpa. Our our phone problems best no balls. Are led by -- snowballs on -- chase highway Breton that they have a banana all my goodness gracious -- banana -- snowball. That is awesome made with a banana. Flavored stuffed with ice cream. With real strawberry whip cream notes and at cherry told my goodness gracious I may have to drive. Hopefully over there to try that. Let's let's say we have news coming up I think -- they don't get -- one more. -- the government is supporting the kids. The new escalation tell him. To stop it doesn't matter what the Fed's two day will eventually always talking about marijuana here. It doesn't matter what the feds do it will eventually be legalized in every state. All right let's go to. -- go to Georgian pick deal and hope -- got a good connection for you George. -- -- and I you don't. I'm joined by and a Georgia what what are your thoughts on should. The legal system -- get involved in telling someone that they can abort children. I believe so especially if they're being exported the government. Com. This guy's been that -- -- and helping to take care -- but I'm sure that he's not able to take care of that many children. Tell -- Shows aren't there it is guys got our kids are like well at him. But someone like or. A week from this. It's -- -- way to get money well you know you are at that. And where are you looking at how well their young children -- world where you shouldn't go out and Yemeni port children. All -- and watch it don't get anymore money. Did George I've got to go to news yet next the real quick like with your favorites noble. -- What. -- okay thank you so much all right hopefully we'll have better phone connections and better phones and next hour to secure -- seventy. 866889. -- of Leon -- Olympus dude on WW well.