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06-24 9pm Scoot/ Vasectomy and Marine in Mexico

Jun 25, 2014|

Bob continues to discuss the U.S. freeing a Marine from a Mexican jail. Should a judge be able to order a man to have a vasectomy, in order to prevent him from fathering so many children from different women.

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-- it is made him Bobbitt shall be real Robert Mitchell filling in for us due to that we're going to reboot this hour here's what's on our WWL talked able. A Virginia man who has fathered seven kids by at least six women have agreed to get a vasectomy. The knocked up to five years office -- term in a child endangerment case. In other words a vasectomy instead of more years behind bars the prosecutor in this case says that her chief mode of was to keep him from fathering more kids and he needs to be able support the kids he already has when he gets out. Now do we need more justice like this or is this just two off the train for you. And should our legal system. Ever get involved and telling people they can't have anymore kids is there any situation and you tootsie where our legal system. Should get involved in telling a person that they cannot father. Any more children to secure -- 78668890. It's seventy. Mexico was holding one of our Marines in jail for taking weapons across the border accidentally. Now of course I'd have a couple of text messages that they say. That things some kind of issue with the -- but I looked at and it's still our marine. And I liked having back and Mexico's not given us any help and enforcing the immigration -- of social Washington as having no success should lead. As American consumers boycott Mexico. With our -- dollars to six year old -- seventy. 8668890870. In the light question of the night -- you had your first noble of this armor yet and what is your favorite snowball flavor. And your favorite than anyone try. I saw this on the news of the day anyone tries. This Nicole. Snowball. Drew please snowballed sharpened her hand. I have to focus hard drive them did you try to I would have liked the though. 260 late 786688908. Suddenly let's go to Bryan Bryan Howard you. Still well -- Craig McCaw. On this story out of the -- and get scared that the Jeter. If they -- -- think the government evict illegal -- and should ever get involved in telling people you've had too many kids. Well the thing that scares me is there a case on the book that it now that crap that are now making give the -- in the -- they stopped it sterilization and her column that don't have anything to do with the actual -- You and you look really really. The great -- advocate. What happened that he -- it -- other gonna step on Guam and in the I mean -- -- go both ways. Well you know if if if used if you start doing things like this. You know well when I first read that thing that struck me was that it it has nothing to do with any sexual crimes at all. Correct the he he got in an accident he was driving on a suspended license of a crash. And a three year old son was bloodied but not seriously hurt. So they say they looked at his records in the they saw that he had all these kids while these women. Which tells me if he had not had all these kids all these women they would have not offered five years off his sentence. Against its creative. He's got to pay for his own vasectomy and then he can have a perverse but. Mean I don't know do do we really want our legal system ever involved in telling people you've had too many kids. You know what they already -- we need to stop subsidizing. Irresponsible people. I mean it's it's it's -- two -- street. Goma today -- quickly now on the Ottawa a lot nonsense. We need. You can form of birth control may and then and then have a contract when -- advocate and someone breached the contract in in the league and -- to -- Well one about it we had a situation where. After X number of children that your getting welfare or you know any type of law assistance board but you can't get any more money. Well hey I mean he'd be up there and it is ridiculous it's a move for the right appear in the country on court and yeah. I should not be ugly and it's like so -- pretty perfect in October that the -- -- on player. Kumble it's -- -- outrage here. Brian what the problems we're having with Mexico for the -- holding one of our Marines and really not helping the forced the immigration laws. Our government doesn't seem to be doing a whole bunch. Would you like to see consumers may be. Keep their vacation dollars out of Mexico. Well that storm went and it's been overlooked but it got an affinity and yet permit me at all that stuff for the beyond what they're doing -- (%expletive) eating. If he's being held in prison on -- -- you know stupid like about a Mexican governor got -- government. We attribute complaints in the air on the you know Maureen that it particular -- that we treat our top ten -- the one guy out of you know Afghanistan but the odd amount they and -- it is our being report and I don't know that the -- Yeah I don't know -- I'm I'm I'm starting to to looked at this may be from another angle you you have to ask yourself. Then of things are as innocent as we are perceiving them the -- what is staking solo. I mean the and I look -- -- but it that it really is how it is being reported that god and it says. And he got the paperwork probably beyond and the Mexican government -- being stupid apparently -- yet we need to be some sanctions again in the ghetto primary. You would think we would just simply say that. We're not gonna give any more aid. Play golf ball -- and really it's going to count yeah and not not usually like is where the guy might been running gun with the open. They've been out there again maybe he's going to be in trouble with Mexico I don't think played right -- type of stuff. Brian are light portion of the night have you had your first -- ball the summer yeah. No but -- It would be -- automatic -- probably strawberry. You you've built at the one of the basic labor guys. The data haven't been in a lot of I'll I'll really know they have a lot of new flavor than not these days. Well -- -- has a bananas Foster snowball that I would love Detroit. It looked at it probably in this tiger but it and that -- In every. Ridiculous and you remember you first -- ball. Now the outlook and killed more but strawberry on -- screen Paula. Spirit comic did you know this one labor simple. You remember where you -- Check out. I actually. Remember. When I don't know how old I was I had to be may be. 1112 years old there was this snowball stand now. I used to get most -- -- that Warren's on a -- fields but that they had a real old fashioned snowball placed around the corner. Where they actually hand -- the lights. We have seen them seen. Brian thank you for voting in tonight. Oh all right let's go to mark mark. Welcome to WWL. Mark should -- should the legal system ever get involved under any circumstances tried to prevent people from having more children. I'm blogger -- the college where it depends on com. Are they on government assistance but not communicate go around -- every kid that you guys got the support -- Right solution that's definitely it is certain. I -- the government to government support notched his children and patients get -- some -- that system again about let people and more scared and beautiful. I have to reject in my own Howard also for. -- so under under what circumstances do you think it's okay for the legal system to get involved and tell people you've had enough kids you can't have anymore. They depend on it every year and taking care advocates say -- that managers who walked -- All right mark let's go to a doctor Luke and -- kind of doctor are you doctor. Well I was on the faculty at UCLA. The University of Southern California -- long time all retired. Today and not trauma surgery. You'd yeah that he. And the UCLA. I -- -- -- of these notes there would subject Angela talked about tonight. -- a brief comment now on hold -- Hotel. On the on the on the judge -- certainly it. My compliments ever. From the sample. Logical conclusion. If you -- that I wrote. You'll live like -- All right that sounds good let's go to us and he in the Taylor. -- -- -- -- And did very well you need to get trapped Chile that snowball stand. And get -- -- legal interior should Obama. Sunday lavender now what is that. What is lavender flavor I'm not -- I'm familiar with that. Well again. -- pitch that the rights labor and there. Should. Typically we like chalk it. Can -- -- totally retrenching. Sandy should. The legal system ever get involved and and telling people had too many children. Arrow. I mean they made this guy deal. And you see what this guy his his sentence had nothing to do there was there was no sexual crime committed to a wasn't like there were try and the keep a pervert. A home away away from women or anything like that it was just the fact that day. Said you have all these kids will make you deal if you agreed to get a vasectomy then would not five years off -- prison sentence. Chelsea late check and I don't agree with that. -- I mean are there any conditions that you can see where the legal system should get involved until you've had too many kids. They. Delete system should get. When you don't -- any -- change -- news. Reader why our government. Or. I could I can understand a system. Where. The government puts a limit. On how much assistance you can get in other words you can only just like for instance in Social Security Social Security money there is a limit on what you can -- You can only get so much I don't care much money you make -- there's a limit. So may be what we should do with all these unwanted pregnancies and just have a limit you cannot I don't care whether you have. Three kids or whether you have fifteen kids you can't get any more money than that -- a particular level. At military and a bit -- try and many many years ago and it sheer. At least twenty L are reaching New York I'll bet you say that -- and that went there to -- and get more I think future market. They bury you I mean you art a strict cracked the extent it do you break the law. And support -- I mean there is no support. Sandy I appreciate you voting athletic and negotiable add to the show. All right thank you so much okay two extra durable late 7866. Andy and I know it's seventy back to your phone calls and WW well. And I'm Bob Mitchell import -- love rock and roll Crosby stills and after coming to New Orleans Saturday August 23 of the Sanger. And WWL has protected you can beat the box office and win three tickets and we'll give you five chances -- starting tomorrow through Friday June 27. -- -- -- between six and 10 AM for your chance to win. And love the one you or with all right 2601 late 7866. And a nine late seventy -- Couple things we are talking about tonight a Virginia man who fathered seven children but leaks six women. Agreed to get a vasectomy about five years office prison term. Now -- prison term had nothing to do with a sexual crime just affected he had all these kids. And he wasn't in a whole bunch of child support. And legal systems that it is in jail that he can't page you'll pay even less child support it'll cost us all more money so. Offered to -- a deal. If you get a vasectomy will not five years off your prison time. My question is should our legal system. Under any circumstances get involved in telling people. How many children they should or should not them to six year old late 78668890870. -- -- Stephen Covington how -- -- Steve. I have to -- Go and Steve what do you think should our legal system ever get involved in telling persecuted too many kids. -- I don't know. I think we're going to be done is coming here and haven't sent me this Merkel and change. How that wouldn't change in support ticket policies supports them. While the prosecutors said that it'll keep him from fathering more children. -- You know that meetings are important one birdie on -- harder if you. It is you don't support you at -- and you. Don't know -- Right well while the deal was that the prosecutors said that obviously. They must be a bit of a deadbeat prosecutors federal if he's in jail for five years. Many will not be able pay any child support in the state will have to polio normally. Well what about that the idea. Maybe limiting the amount of aid but you can get the matter how many did you. -- agree with one under certain that. All of a problem with. America right now there's certainly support. It. At the current yeah. Illegal immigrants. You know it -- here and -- free. The holding group. Did it it seems to me that if you limited the a lot of -- one of the things you hear over and over again is that some people. If they wanna pay raise they just have more children. So if view of those -- or giving government -- so if you if you set a ceiling. On how much money you can get you know then you could say look. Have all the kids you want to have three kids you'll have ten kids that's fine but it's going to be symbol of the Social Security because with Social Security. You do reach a ceiling where you can't no matter how much money you put into it you can't you can't get anymore. Or maybe a light on it ought to really -- If ever sort of aggregate. -- It is and there's a limit what you can get. Our group -- What about your favorite to halt since the ball. Harder problem to handle it very -- Condensed milk you know I've never handled a little riverboat I want. -- I've I've always kind of like. -- I stayed away from the condensed milk. I like -- alike spearmint amok they were snowball is instructional ball with the SP -- the whittled the bill ice cream and in the middle. -- talk about Hillary yeah go ahead. You have like the previous cocoa. Which rated -- terror wondering. You know I don't know what -- -- when do these problems and you never know. Let marine would. There was. It was literally. -- there. You know he's in the -- you know went -- It looked. Well we ought to just. How about -- that bird and all the illegal immigrants from Mexico put them. You know and boycott the crew chief Bob -- and everything has made in Mexico. And really put there. Well in our. That if if you don't cooperate with the government that we're not gonna spend our dollars are now I'm looking at this. And here's the thing in my I don't know maybe I hope I'm not naive but I looked at this and I think this looks so simple. Is our government that in at. Let's let's just assume. That this marine is a 100% innocent and I think that's what we all. Are doing at -- what we horseshoe -- either Cooper or that's what we want to believe so if he is. What in the world is going on with our government I mean you you would think that they would just demand and I mean you know and in my right. Exactly so you like owner of radio station when he competitors. It looked like real too apologetic you know what a bunch of pansies. I think you might. We start what is which are -- are at war. Now are. This this government needs to get off. Thank you Steve I upped -- go to John and Algeria is a warrior John. Great. -- Or do we don't. -- questions. Key government involved didn't. 68 to two weeks. Okay should should the legal system ever get involved in telling someone because that's pretty much what happened here. The the prosecutor said you know you've had too many kids you fathered seven kids by at least six women and you're not taking care of them so. And if you go to jail and you really can't take care and so here's what we're gonna do we're gonna -- our. Five years off -- prison term. You get a vasectomy and the the the crime he was charged with and convicted of was not a sexual for a so should should the legal system ever get involved until you've had too many kids. Are. -- I don't -- you know. Talk about this person. I'd like to read it in needing to meet him that would hold the Hulk Hogan. Put it would stop it from the responsible pregnancies. And -- but when you do. -- -- -- government at all I know but I'll do it could be done as. Well what did you do it. He did take the deal and he's got to pay -- -- vasectomy but it was a deal that. The symptoms that he that he received. Was not to. -- -- sexual crime it was -- I think I hit and run. And I think he had a a child in the car the child got a couple structures but the child in no way it was seriously injured. The point I'm making here is the the courts looked at this and said. This guy has all these kids by all these women. And if we putting in jail for five years it's that it cost the state more money to take care of these children. So if you agreed to get a vasectomy will lol let him off the hook for five years. We're no -- like India about. I think it should not -- It it would seem to me that we would do better as a government would be to would do better as a country as a state. If we started limiting how much how much -- people can get. But Gartner occurs people Bob -- urged people to. You do regions of the political department issues you know you know and I. Don't but you know. Keep the that you will greet with the Pope appeared -- No I don't but I have a text message here that says Bob limiting the amount of government assistance -- apply in this case six different models. And seven children say this this person has a well and an excellent point you're so in other words each one of these mothers. Is getting our individual support for their children -- it would not it would not the limit would not apply here but it would apply. In other cases. Well you know support that government can't stop this. Person's -- Well not being government's. On apparently couple this solution that is. It's good that it is not something you can see them when you were at that you -- -- partners -- continue -- interest in this country could -- So that's what I don't think it's wrong without even now. We -- audience that's probably. Well I'd. I'd think that. It shows the frustration. That. Trying to do something trying to keep all these auto -- like children from Colombian born. A McConnell McConnell liked the creative thinking. But on the on the other hand and he he hit it that he is he has given a choice here in the words treat he doesn't have to do -- I just felt like against the against the bottom line here I just don't necessary like the government getting involved until nearly children you can have a night. I agree I agree she did so well. Now what do you do what do you do and it taste like this when a guy has. Children but all these different women. The I guess I against by our laws you can't penalize the women that does. Each each woman has as a child with him so -- you know you can't say. Well look this -- fathered three children money -- other women shall we can't give you the aid we can normally get -- I guess from this this is one of those no win scenarios. No it it has been and you know I know it's. If not for yields I think he's in his thirties. What. -- seventy point 727 years old. Like it or you know did he -- physical the this is it even to let me talk about it you know talk about him. And or fourteen about -- -- around the country. In a similar situation and we just saw what you become because yeah. Look at the Olympic foundation. John what about your favorite snowball newspapers noble Stan. My favorites and all the -- strawberry one. And you know -- -- like -- that someone to -- while from west and then I could be. Robert Wood in his -- now magazine. And where article. -- indeed go to -- it. It's garlic capital. However and dignity. I'd be like. Street doubles quote courtesy of Robert each went to what apple was -- this week that a couple of years ago. To do it though. Thought there. Check. Out policies while they're are all pretty light. Like Michael's you know -- year you know after the Dallas years -- yet. -- -- they do is Patrick. What it. Put the money he got -- -- reports snowball solo host city thank you John appreciate your colleague. 2601 late 7866. Haiti 90 it's seventy. Text -- the good thing about putting him in jail is while he's in jail he can't be making more babies tape. Maybe that would have been a Smart they keep him in jail over those five years and then he he could have anymore babies. 2601 late 7866. And nine OH seventy I'm Bob -- coming right back but your phone calls them WWL and we have a couple phone lines open if you wanna take part of the show which 2601 late seventy. 866 and 89 point seven he text me at age 7870. RW WL pretty drag -- opinion poll New York is set to become the 23 state to legalize medical marijuana. Should the feds step in and make it legal and -- you can go on line. At the WWL dot com and cast -- vote or when your opponent tonight but of those of you more on hold. When I go to you to wanna give me your opinion on this you're more than welcome to 57% say yes 43%. Say no. I quite frankly think that sooner or later they're going to legalize marijuana in all states when Motorola just go ahead and -- let's go to -- Rochelle Rochelle and the lead power yeah. Outright error. And I'm Michelle what's on your mind tonight. Want to talk about it I would probably challenge. All right should the legal system ever get involved to tell you how many children you Kendrick and. And you know each state is different. Early that day is it pained him that the pregnant out of me and I'll children Maggie Harry. It you know he get out and withstand more children. And could innovate and editor. But they -- right. Right but it will. -- the government in in a position where I mean let's let's say down the road. There's there's someone also commits another crime and they checked into his past or they check into attracted to nicely. But he's got all these children. But they start negotiating and sent -- to look -- will knock time off your sentence of if you do the same thing. So you do you think that's a good idea. -- -- -- but I mean. How then yeah. -- -- -- that many children from where yes a continent. Away I mean and not at permanent. Right and this guy's not a basketball player that's what makes it really unused. Michael thank you pay and -- and -- present the combating and earning its food and it. You know I'll admit that he's logging and. It will let the prosecutor says that her -- motive was to keep him from fathering more children and the need to be able support the kids we already fans when he gets out. Now of course I guess when when when you have that many kids. And people are getting -- and against there's no I mean to me. I would I would wanna make sure that in some kinda way. They make sure that this dog. Takes care of all these children I would I don't care how many jobs it has to work. I would put something on here the slate if you don't work to -- you don't make it up bunny futile work to at least two jobs and help pay for these kids. You can go to jail. -- and -- -- hired back at such -- record Ulanova. I mean it. I believe in this scenario. At. And that in the action and terms like Agassi you know I mean when he gets out. Hi I would require rocket like -- let. Not seen the play meaningful and that important. Well the way the outer starter now. What really amazes me is how these people can have all these children all these different women. Well and in and out. -- I am not for children and continued we put them and tops our. You know that it's out there I mean -- women -- it's not being quiet to the one. You would think people nowadays would just practice birth control if if you get if you're gonna Fuller will not -- -- married practice birth control. -- can't be that difficult. You know it's not. And and potential to. Right absolutely and I'm not putting it just on the woman not at all. Eva and me and -- are -- after the -- Okay have you had your personal -- the summer yet. What's your favorite snowball. -- -- not stop there. But not extremely content now aren't you're about the third a fourth person that is said their favorites -- -- chocolate -- condensed milk tub and I've never I've never tried one ever at. Record high scoring where I've had a spearmint snowball -- of Vanilla ice cream. -- track where -- and that -- -- that morning and like -- Where should they were still Boston. Com Ed you know it on. And an -- I can't even remember the name. Well I promise you the next noble and it will be a chocolate snowball. With Vanilla ice cream and convince -- that right. Yep that at that you got it all right thank you Russia -- not bad. Isn't that and I and then -- year is not right they just it was. Go to rob rob how are you tonight. Don't. It rob should our legal system ever get involved in trying to telling people. You've had too many kids. It matters to -- Can't change anything in this country. Because all the Eagles sympathizers. And you -- and -- bullet. The only difference has won another title marriage and he doesn't. They're both polish and paying one -- -- the other one is imprisoned what garrison. I'm not sure -- talk about rob rob didn't what are you talking about rob didn't. Rob. All right goodbye rob will take a break right now and we'll come back to a couple of marks and Howard that yeah. Europe next -- come back. 260 -- 78668890. It's seventy on Bob Mitchell and was booed -- WW -- I'm Bob little interest -- to. -- light question of the night have you had your first snowball of the summer yet what your favorite snowballed flavor and stand cells on Metairie road has the best nectar -- -- -- ball. And get the condensed milk on it -- baby. Let's let's go to Howard is that you Howard. A debate that's noble it's an up and walked the front part -- Street. It's too hot topic from park street and get the Vietnamese call the snowball. Is an excellent. Wait a minute wait wait wait. The -- they would I think you said the Vietnamese crawfish noble. Copy lawfully appointed that's. Why don't all of well you know that they. Could they have -- Well. We're currently there via a monologue accident hit it got real it would be -- -- its own little puppet. Well I'm in. A -- and a big enemies rub. He's pleased though with. Where we're gonna give somebody an idea now. Okay. Didn't call the snowball pot should be. Lot and I'd hate to break is there -- ball and you know it was an opening report. And not is awesome I love the place right there and not. That. Is. Very. Coincidental. If this week evil and didn't -- -- -- 1966. Well either a -- -- We got a lot of trust and and that the problem in forty years -- 66. Ultra -- saw in our precipitated. Policy pop while. Ago that now. Thought they'd only being in thought it is. I'll certainly -- I don't think -- do that today you know and in coaching. And -- what killed. Nevada and at the bit and ought to book and what that Walt Disney he go to NC. Yeah she does in any considerable light -- big music want this. Want to order. A -- -- And to see let it crawl it but sure. You enjoy you know certainly it's. Thank you power operation K mark and mark doobie a big -- amount -- time right now wanna hear what you have to say. If you can hold until right after the news I'll get right back with the guys. 2601 late 78668890. -- somebody. A salvo in Metairie road as the best nectar ice crystal ball and get the condensed -- tried to thread that when -- -- Bob my personal ball over was that the snowball stand in the parked in the bush white balance on the bar and airline with a long time ago. Here's one pop a slam and men -- ice cream stuffed the ball I'm sure a very very then bullets don't really relieved all right. We'll get back to the text messages messages and your phone calls after the top the hour on WW.