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06-24 10pm Scoot/ Marine in Mexican jail/ Vascetomy by court order

Jun 25, 2014|

Bob continues to discuss: Should a judge have the right to order a man to have a vasectomy to prevent him from producing children with multiple partners? The U.S. is giving consideration to freeing a Marine stuck in a Mexican jail.

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Well it's made him Bob Mitchell filling in pursuit again tonight and the rest of this week welcomed the show for those of you who were just shooting it'll lead. Some outlooks on our WWL talked tables we take the show to. Midnight tonight I'm sure you're familiar that Mexico was holding one of our Marines in jail. -- taking weapons across the U borders accidentally. And they're not -- anyway helping to enforce immigration laws. Everything we've heard. From our side says that this marine. Is innocent that it was strictly an accident that he -- permits for all the guns. Yet it goes on for months and months. He's been through a a couple of attorneys and yet he still days in jail. What forty you'd think our leaders can do to get our Marines out of this Mexican jail. How tough should they get with Mexico to six year old -- 7866. And 90878. We also found a story. A Virginia man. Who fathered seven children. Six women. Has agreed to get a vasectomy to knock up to five years offers prison term. Known -- prison term had nothing to do with any type of sexual crimes. It wasn't child endangerment case where he got into an accident driving on day. Expired license and the kid was was slightly injured. So but when they found out he had that many kids they -- it won't make you a deal you get a vasectomy able knocked up of five years off your prison term. So sure our legal system in anyway. Ever get involved in telling you win. I'll how many kids you can or cannot 2601878668890. Its assembly. Let's go to mark mark thanks for hanging in August and mark in Metairie. -- -- legal system ever get involved in something like this. Yes and -- Yes I think the issue the issue that it has that effect me that from -- and make them work like. Bill entitled. Look for the -- -- the payoff. Well he doesn't live in New Orleans and lives in Virginia. Well in the year let them but and somebody's that. He worked. He has four kids from port compromise -- would've been women and the government is paying for -- in the military. You see here's the thing that ballot and here's the thing when it comes to assistance. That. If if it's different women and at it's that's the women. Who were getting the assistance. For their children it's not him getting. Ready. Now he doesn't do obvious -- that -- the women get the though the women to the assistance. Now do the one card to now the caller yeah. -- -- -- While. They. In this case -- -- that they and if you had a vasectomy -- in -- think Campbell off. And ten dollars in this city. Great. It's -- Thank to India the mark on the North Korea marked. Don't front. Mark what do you think should should we ever get involved and how many children a person can and if you if you say yes under what. Circumstances would think would be okay. Thought of that personal shout out what you did double hockey. And Howard did that was -- out. Are you still out there milk -- -- noble but he. Do your question. Well. There's two part thing here we cannot begin that society to dictate. How many. Children people apple analysts say that. I didn't -- -- to look around trees and I taxpayer. You've got wanna be dictated to either. To provide our person who are responsible for producing so many -- T here's here's the problem -- that well well ahead. Aaron Berry lies tee exactly which are suggesting that we -- to put a little bit. In what I'm wondering into what I'm wondering is. I'm not sure what the review that everybody has called in at least the Granada. Brought sample everybody can -- to say I'm wondering what to resistance it is to that I think he -- and make total. Well look the problem with this guy is the fact that he has. So many different women and the the aid goes to the children of a group mothers and so. When you have -- guess when you have your children spread out over those many women it's not like. Multiple women only have one child I think one of the women as cute kids and everybody else has one. So that they're claiming for assistance in the early days they only have one child. What now I do not know of they have children but by any other men. Because I doubt I'll call the -- exotic -- the -- -- sat there that are so many women children you know that's what problem. But at least speak to say it generalities are. I'm subscribing to your idea get you know merged two kids or whatever somebody here mentioned something about -- right. I'm I'm I'm wondering what the resistance -- that idea. And it seemed like you very practical. It it would it if you just that it'll limit and you said I don't care how many children you have you can only get this much assistance then that would. Prohibit people from having more kids to get more assistance. It'll be interesting. Or. Interest in somebody up there and no reason no reason why this actually isn't out there committed just seems very well seemed like it would be resistant to the seemed like everybody would not be -- -- accidentally let. But you know you read it. -- let's face it the biggest problem we have in this country is no common sense. When when you look at Maine when when you look things are going in this country we have no common sense at all. I'll take at least a little bit. Provocative things in an intern and comptek things that I feel -- -- look at what you are traveler left on the places like Yellowstone or some place wildlife and all that CL during the -- and he's working the deal so to speak. An -- multiple. -- ultimately in Russia at this outpost cute like you know -- -- Like -- hard retardant right. -- of your head you first -- all the summer yet. I have not had my first global. But it -- it would be nowhere yet it. But it like that because you grew up on this senior members at the bubble gum. And you know the best part about it it is not their case cadet extra -- that part -- -- it's like all of -- out the whole. Yet -- -- date ranking figure out and not -- needed because at that. My favorite flavor growing up was the play record blueberry and I'm not even sure of leaving him -- anymore. Well you talk you talk about the same face standing archer. I think so yes yeah. How old are you remember when you had a personal Bowles did. I wish it did arm Ottawa I mean you must spend much. A mustang had to wait till till seven I don't know I don't know the question I don't look at. Mark I appreciate you voted what way before you go -- -- what more can we do anything to get our marine out of the Mexican jail. Until it yet -- it will be careful first caller childlike glee will be double -- that your legal people how to be real careful that we aren't the right thing. I'd like here's what occasion before we kind of put our. -- -- would like get the world kind of viewed as sisters this which is we have our American arrogance are with that that perpich. Better. Than -- mentality that's not the -- -- The American exception that the networks. It'll be careful that we're EPU right just right not just backing park artistic content that but it didn't. You indicated. That I have no problem that consumers to report even if our government doesn't. Input that match word FaceBook will put her campaign. Our -- stand in the way that we can acknowledge your side. We can take a shot Mexico that populist. Now if it's. I hope OK I hope our government is not as weak as we think they are because if everything we hear about this marine. He's he's innocent now -- like you're right maybe maybe it's just what they're telling us. But you would think that if everything is the way they would tell us that wish I mean. What should and New Mexico can't bully of -- a bully them. When you don't feel -- why -- we have an extra will be armed government. Ultimately to the Internet. Communication. And I think and you mobilize group of people that that they can picture of the people like him. Thanks for the -- The talk -- the public that. All right to -- -- 7866. -- and I know it's seventy Bob Mitchell and bestowed on WWL. And I'm Bob Mitchell and to do it to six year old -- 78668890. It's certainly speaking of duke tomorrow morning's Thompson for Tommy Tucker. Great show lined up should all Americans have paid leave for the birth of a child. America is the only industrialized nation that does not mandate paid time off from mothers. A new board for President Obama wants to change that. Moms how long were you oh and when you had your kid dead did you take time off to and talk about that tomorrow morning. Let's look at something to WWL. Talked enabled those of you were on hold right now I'll be with you -- just a minute lesson of this and maybe. I'm jump and commute to central this year. Do you think. The story of Noah's -- is true. Or just of -- to your member of the movie. Remote recently -- Noah and epic story from the old testament. But one man who takes on the divine mission to build and parked his slave creation but the world in the inflatable -- There's a new Digital Globe world view resettle a super super satellite that's being used to try and finally solve the riddle. Is noah's -- really located on mount Arafat. What would you think if they find it. Do you believe that Noah's Ark is a true story or fairy -- but this satellite. Is going to look at the top of a mount Arafat. And she. If -- was art is actually there. Wow -- that would that would be excellent if they actually -- of the job in Slidell John how are you. Doing good -- Long. I am a huge -- John -- on the one to talk about BK it's the story did not. -- now they're saying that there's a chance that this whole story. What the hopes. That the the videotape did not show the granddaughter or the grandmother. Coming into the restaurant and she said that they ordered mashed potatoes and sweet to be. The days say there's no transaction and just in case someone is closed and has no idea what we're talking about. The this happens about a week ago. A grandmother of three -- girls that she was asked to leave what -- the KFC restaurants because -- -- from a vicious ripple cut or frightening. Other customers now. It looks like the story as a hopes to gets a sympathy. And more than a 135000. -- and catch. That's what she's got the longest free gifts and preserve the KFC. Said that they are submitted to the 30000 dollar donation but they gave them and I remember my attitude on that Tom I'm willing to step back by attitude was. They were never given them the 30000 girls -- mostly knew that they were guilty but obviously. It looks like that it's. -- thing as a hopes. Well I call you at night knowing how it should -- questions about it. You know and I only questions about Bob -- I just couldn't believe it. I can't -- people. May be possibly get to warn the but it. I couldn't believe that people could be pit crew to a three. Year old girl and I -- to count on it probably. And it in also. Our FaceBook -- and what really bothers me about kisses -- girl dessert -- el camino real cheap in yet but. The program article about it this way and the messages will grow from. It would learn -- and in other people also it really bothers me because. You know I think. Grandma and I certainly do -- keep perpetrated this big -- If you put the whole the accurate story they're actually got a -- -- And per hour to. Just do -- -- felt like where. They have it they didn't -- They put the 30000 dollars and then up. In fact I heard it that exit stores had drinks program that the struggle when people so. I mean let me ask you this question. The KFC. Today said that they're going to let -- keep via 30000 dollars to matter what the outcome. Is that the right thing to do. Are you so leave a message that. You can scam us and we'll give you money does it wouldn't motivate other people say well. I'll scam and maybe it'll give me a pay off the -- to keep the money. Well I think it the right thing to do need help -- that admitted that that this is just my opinion but. -- I think it is the right thing to do it to goodwill gesture and and maybe next time anybody tries to. -- -- -- at the the end they'll be obviously slower response that. -- you know -- just -- that the grandmother. And they are still maybe you know percent. Sure but I think -- 99.9. Percent after the they keep -- a big whopper appear democratic elders that he. -- in the where they want taken. It should bothers you -- this award in the. But of course this is about the first time that someone has pulled this type of -- you you read about people who. Say their child has cancer just try to get donations. Its -- the society we live them. You know you know well the thing is that produced for the three year old girl to go to the stand trial in the end. You know waiter -- can -- bit and -- the arena looks like Victoria get all the hopes he can get and matter did some. Plastic surgeons who in the city are from somewhere where you and he can aggregate time don't do some work -- But it is just. You know. Technically or. It is tragic story in which in the -- it for. I'd just dull and Nam. John -- -- now that I have your -- -- the tale the story of Noah's Ark is true of the story. I absolutely believe it. A 100%. Yet I'm animal big believer in the Bible -- in each student -- -- not true. While I agree with -- also what do you think it'll. Due to the the world if this satellite is actually able to locate the -- on top tomorrow. I don't know it in my depicting handful people people. And you know when it comes to drink related to great people and I'll wait. Push you decided they look there there was a time when I was a total non believer. People underweight. To justify their own beliefs and so look. I think it'd been an equator so a written story a long time that it has been sort of relate it to you and sort of in a query or somewhere. It's only. There's only certain times and unlike in choked her and I'm not -- -- -- Mary or the. I think even if they find of people. Christians who believe that then nonbelievers will say will believe it. Absolutely that's a -- the and and I appreciate your talent -- tuchman has the Stewart couldn't just. -- -- that's where eagle bug in the wrong way to do it. Thank you John did you notice salmon -- -- Aureus them. All right then you wanna talk about this guy in Virginia who has. Seven children by six women. And the justice. Department there -- the legal department there though the courts. Gave that guy five years office prison term. If he got a vasectomy. Should the government ever get involved in things like this. -- Is there any. Any any scenario that you would see where it would be okay for the government to do something like this. That is about the federal government is that the state government. Eight. Epic -- don't mean that many. -- Currently. Keep it in -- is a team that technology he would yeah. Yeah. I'll what. What. You would talk about what we should do about an hour. You know what more do you think our government can do with anything they don't seem to be doing anything but. What more would you like them to do vote likely our presenters. Well that it follow. That -- -- Or lowering. Say in the -- -- Reid are. Out what works great team jailed. -- -- Back my. Great uncle. All right it's -- deep do you believe the story of Noah's -- you think it's true or the prairie tale. -- -- I'm with you thank you thank you -- Yes it. I haven't scout out to extort right and BCE. EO actually do. And the and The Who aren't. Well that's -- she's she's listening right now. Or. Are. All right did that make you the most. Let's go to the other salmon Texas Aureus and what part -- calling for what were all right. Sam the. This is quite an interesting story and for those who were just tuning in just bear with me and a kind of fill you in. A guy in Virginia. Who fathered children with several women. Has agreed to get a vasectomy to the knock up the five years office prison term in a child endangerment case. None none of the charges against Jesse Lee herald. Who by the way is 27 years will involve the sexual opens the prosecutors said her chief motive in making this. Extraordinary and usually offer was keeping him from bothering more than seven children he had. By six -- mentally already has seven children. And she says he needs to be able to support the children who already has when he gets out so he's going to jail. For a ball out -- -- -- about a year and a half he would have gone a lot longer to go on another five years and part of the deal is. He has to pay for his -- vasectomy. And he cannot have -- reversed. So should our government ever get involved in something like this. Well I mean you tell. -- about. Liberal you know. And that a lot of issues like how would bother me you know actually my word what your day. On you know I agree with the court -- I mean it's ridiculous how. Evil obvious you know and mail out there in pro creating multiple mailed. You know an -- and it. Couple restraint system that has not do -- not taxpayers have paid annually to support this kit. You know that the competition all the time with my French -- and a not I don't agree with me. Again because of the pop politically in what we are basically on the left right. I completely agree on the course it's not helping the -- or what to do. But I also think that we expect them pay the products -- guys go about having equal when he cute. And not be any support them and I believe you know make them effective. Cleveland one of the things we've talked about tonight is that when it comes to things like this. It would be good if the care of the financial assistance that these people get. Have a feeling and that right but in this case actually in this case it's multiple women. So it's not right it's not like it if he had all these kids and one woman than you Tuesday. We can put a ceiling on the amount of money you get whether you have to register or eight kids. Why is that the problem not a problem system now the problem would -- well -- credible ones you know and I see the waste. Every single day because that Bo got some Medicare program. And I see it on time when I'm actually not wearing people out with the full extent program it's just that we the guy. -- in real. Trouble is just going to wait. And it's a waste of money and so if you continue to support this system. -- if you continued your mind and attacked for continued aid to ask that it never gonna change. The club has got to change you know I saint. They go undefeated. Everywhere you know in my -- he has a lot of news and it's just really annoys him because. You know -- -- -- -- political on the it makes you look you know I'm a black -- it also -- -- -- Go ahead of the rescue while what more do you think our government should do to get our Marines on the Mexican jail. Well you know honestly it if they're out there not too much goes into it from but it is what every parent strewn about guys -- made them -- I'm -- across the border. Is gone but if you -- you know legal and everything OK like I -- a McDonald yeah. You know I don't think he should be in jail being -- the -- I think it's a tantrum I think honestly. In all the Mexican government should do about it and content control is all criminal or not this guy. See here's here's what I can't understand about this. What we're being told. Is it was an accident it was it was a simple mistake I think the without having dinner and he'd turn wrong and crossed the border. And it it if that is as innocent. As our government is letting us. I would think there would be no. No chance at all but he would be in jail the -- I don't know if they are withholding information. And if our government if if if what they're telling us is true. If this guy is innocent impede impede that if he did have nothing but legal weapons and their -- what in the world they're doing sitting on their books they need to take in main. You know we know we should be more powerful -- Mexico and say hey we want our guy -- Right exactly you know patriots until August -- someone to be subjected. The prison rather -- in the. Doesn't so well thought it makes you wonder if there are things going on that we don't know about. Right that's -- that I'm Tammy something -- that billion person basically out of the -- I don't know. So in the coming more on this story I mean -- -- Would be Sam before you go. Do you believe that noah's -- is true it is temporary -- I mean I was terrible -- -- -- tell. You know -- they guy is I you know I don't I don't pick a literal. When -- -- ever read the Bible -- -- in the adult take it a little like it happened this way. So you don't they -- it's as big flood and Noah took all these animals coming into. You know they're being prepared you know from that the world has been story similar to balance our -- you know. That nor -- the wind we had the first wreckage. The -- yet to be written. So it might not like them and it is morsels you know it -- -- a lot Wendell. More the more meaningful. To me you know I just did it. You know which are quite. In -- -- on the left I -- in liberal. I'm also a Catholic so you know they are -- -- how to -- for me. The stores which your back we've got beacon is what can happen and you're not that data the bad guys. Remember if you're backing from a -- guy. It. Well at least I take a little I believe it actually right. Right. I mean. -- -- about. The freedom. Absolutely -- I appreciate your -- and okay. Thank you so much to six year old late 7866889. Point 78 so what the other thing is Noah's Ark. Truth. -- they're getting used this new super duper duper satellite. See if they confined there on top of the mountain where it's supposed to date. I'm Bob Mitchell in -- on WWL coming right back with your phone calls we have lines open so you'll take part of the show it's 260170. 8668890. It's that. I'm Bob Mitchell in for -- we have some lines open to six early 78668890870. RW WL pretty drag our opinion poll question we gonna also opens up tort callers. On New York is set to be on the 23 state to legalize. Medical marijuana should the Fed stepped in. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And you think eventually. Marijuana will be made legal in the entire country. At this point 57% say yes 43% say no our light question of the night. Have you had your first some arsenal ball yet -- -- see here's the text message. Missed Noble's top of the -- ice cream dreams like those sound but they were snowballs Berman and rainbow they would noble stay in his books in the west -- ago. Here's a great text message. Bobby should have stayed retired tough night tonight bad topics make for rough night's Victor topics more carefully grasshopper but it was. Send me the topics you wanna talk about and I'll consider thank you for the message. -- here's one. Read the text message I am I am I am analyst Tom fighting with the crazies that pays the thing. Got to talk to everybody got to read as many text message. As -- possibly ten. Here's a text message edit any one of accepting payment from the government for three children should not be allowed to have anymore. Well I don't know that but let's let's go to Jason Jason. How are you tonight. Martin Bob Murray it would earlier that your current -- and while you have those nights and well you know and feeling it with the topic and -- are talking about you know I'm. -- speak their mind you know. -- -- You know there's really. And on on -- -- because you know and you -- night between unit mentioned. -- -- ago. Yet the question about no part -- and it really piqued my editor because. I mean beyond that you thought you and I. We did that conversation all night long about. About Bible and and they didn't and what you're you might -- in minor. -- rather redundant by anybody out there on you know I -- I will say that -- -- in part and I definitely strong on A dot. Unshakable anyone who really the only party mark armed struggle where we -- -- Thought I assume then you believe those are Israel. I believe it actually happened but I don't leader and a -- -- -- -- believe that com. I believe there was a life long. Whether the whole world are not out of it because that -- it in no topic the whole world war. You know they only Atlantic. You know I'll speak to land that they were living on -- Though I think it was the -- a small country that don't want it. And let it be because. Natural that that their war. You know on. It got me in any reported at 49 I don't know what it there was a detonate what. I don't think daddy help every single animal Orton and in the world are at stake it held or commitment. But -- knew about and could find locally I don't think you can find. -- is not the fit every animal known commandments. I'm -- you don't you don't you don't take the Bible literally. I don't think it literally out because it broke the Bible and by and -- sports yeah. And you know they have to keep people globally and on and two people to believe in the Bible and -- So. I believe that certain aspects of the Bible are quite frankly. You alien ballot and make it sound more under any divine intervention from god -- opposed to. You know people doing great thing because they have no ability in -- And that the state dot they're not the stated dot they wonder about the people won't settle their -- not believe which didn't work yeah. -- -- one of these people were -- I take the Bobble the Bible literally. I believe and everything it says and not a ticket a ticket for what it says. Well I mean you know there are there a lot of things that I believe that the Bible says Sherlund an airline and that the government time and delicate. Because me and voting and they're trying to people who read though there though a different like that are on the Bible are different and a funny vital but now. -- let me ask your opinion on on this man in Virginia fathered seven kids by six women and he got five years knocked authors. But prison sentence that 44 totally different nothing nothing related to him and his wives and his children. If you agreed to give a vasectomy. It is that's something that we want our legal system ever get involved in. Well I mean a lot and all of the rule conqueror of the judge he Cherie yeah future and the mortician and on that -- You know my dark and with it but humor I would get pretty creative with somebody sent in her. In this particular -- -- not excellent you'd hate I would not -- that far. And I. Quote what I think should and is in sexual abuse statement. History like I mean like I either know it and about it you aren't that much of a child writer that you were going to psychologically it. Physically damaged another child in that way. That you eat eat kestre is usually psychologically damaged herself recruiter and they'll usually known. That's my personal thought I ordered that they'll. Are you I agree that the bout with -- the call -- night saying that they're neat -- to. And I don't understand what -- name. I don't know if there ever will be well -- -- the most common sense for him sitting in the world and we don't know much don't do Colin sent there. He's been here one. It applies to all these years ago when they came up with the welfare and they'll -- we provide these children. Right but in in this particular case this guy's got like a seven different women pregnant so each each woman is a separate case. Fine but they are extreme violent -- to not light but you're good you're penalized which one do you penalize. Mean. What it is spoke once. They don't you know me. I think that's what's going not think each mother is getting an individual amount so there's there's no cap because each each woman. What have a separate happy you're in you know kept the husband. Sounds like a really me and anyone who do and -- Do you know or keep them any level they can -- it in their own. All right thanks appreciate you calling got to go to take a break I'm Bob Mitchell in pursuit if -- take part of showed statistics -- 17866889. And only seventy. Are welcome back to the show gin and Marrero odd to me a big favor and hang on and I'll get with you right after the news -- wants to talk about the this marine that we still have -- a Mexican jail where. Talking tonight about what more could our government do and do you think maybe it's time with us as Americans may be to just. Boycott our vacation dollars go in the Mexico. If you wanna call Lynn would you to set up to go during the news Johns ready for yet to as the journal late 78668. At nine volatility also. On our WWL talked -- there's a new satellite that's going to try to find out. It's Noah's Ark is for real or not would you believe is Noah's -- real. Hours of fairy tale I'm Bob Mitchell on WWL AM at them and dot com.