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06-24 11pm Scoot/ Marine in Mexican jail/ Court ordered vascetomy

Jun 25, 2014|

Bob continues to discuss: Should a judge be able to order a man to have a vasectomy? Should the U.S. trade to get a Marine out of a Mexican jail?

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It is being Bob Mitchell in sports -- again tonight guy gets hit. In the armed with a hot dog had two surgeries already good relations while. All right welcome to show here -- what we have on our WWL -- talked enabled by and allow one of the show we have our WWL drug war. Opinion poll question New York to set to become the 43 state. The legalized. Medical marijuana for the feds stepped in and make it legal in all plates and that's our. Opinion poll question -- -- open up to the callers to my people. Love the talk about -- 23 states now have legalized medical marijuana. Should the -- step in and make it legal in all states do you think it's just a matter of time. Before marijuana becomes legal and our entire country. 26 Earl late 78668890870. Also were talking about our marine. Who I'm sure you have been following that story. He's been in jail now for a couple of months. According to what we have been -- been hearing from our government that he just accidentally. Crossed the Mexican border. He had guns in this -- he would permit for the guns they were all legal here in the United States. But for some reason Mexico is not releasing him I'm beginning to think maybe there's more to the story. But should only if we go by what we are hearing that he is totally innocent. Should maybe -- Americans. Consumer boycott Mexican -- our vacation dollars. Or do you think our government is doing enough but I'd love to -- promote maybe some you military people to get your thoughts on this. 2601 late 78668890. It's -- and probably the story that's brought the most attention tonight. Is this man in Virginia. Who -- the legal system made him a deal. The take five years awfully prison term. And it totally unrelated case of a -- hoping to do with his children or his wallet but they just figured that this guy has so many kids. That we putting in jail it's gonna cost us more money to take care of his kids so we gonna give him a deal either. -- years in prison or get a vasectomy and he chose the via vasectomy. 26 year old -- 7866. -- and I know it's seventy do you think that this is okay would you like to see more. Just like this would you like to see judges starting to think outside the box and coming up. With creative sentences to six or 1878866889087. It's for the Jan in rural or you -- -- -- -- I just turned on the radio couple minutes ago. And I heard about the military to -- and that I had -- Allen's story I am me. Eight and army veteran. And get active duty at years. We were never allowed out to I don't know it would military weapons our own personal weapons. I think our little personal weapons. But I have a problem personally. -- someone. Driving around we. That number of weapons and call me more than one is it won it from more than more than a -- How far do you cross because it is the story is true. On the we were hearing how are that you accidentally -- Our borders. And then realized hey I'm -- in the United States it will. It it it's does that make sense to me so shall I do believe that they're currently. More of the story do what we're here. Well I'd I'd did the on a TV -- that they were showing where the border was an and it did look like it. We would be possible to mistakenly crossed there. I'm looking at this from the standpoint that I'd like to see something done about the marine. But the more it goes on the more you start to think that may be there's more going on here. Then then they are letting out because I I would have to think that our country. Should be able to be more forceful approach is as easy and simple and as innocent as they open for him. Absolutely. I still think that -- the problem. What kind. In the United States and I am. I've met here and some sort of trouble. Hearing -- you at eight for some reason. Shouldn't shouldn't be -- -- And put them until properly and are putting out. But he had he had permits. To carry all those doing so in. In I don't I don't care about you eat. It every. United States citizens right to do that. But in my mind and say something wrong now I'm a devout Christians I'm an educator I'm an army veteran. Com and I don't feel the need even in. Central city into Portland to walk around and learn because. -- elect have done anything to. Two. To get it and there. Retribution excellent so I don't think any one -- pat and absolutely. But I am I gonna walk around with -- didn't because I think -- in the -- it just doesn't make sense to me. -- -- to -- give me your thoughts on this. -- in Virginia. Where he goes in and he gets five years knocked office sentence. To get a vasectomy. And the only reason that they did it because. The things he was being charged with had nothing to do with these women or these kids and the new. The prosecutor center -- motive was to keep them from Paul -- more children here he agreed to it but. Do we want our legal system to the make deals like the. Absolutely -- I think at a moral issue. Yes and guys. Well for -- at all about it and them and all of that stuff but it. And that charge had absolutely nothing to do. With him and baby acting I think the court system that caught -- -- I do understand and where your going with. -- they care by leading the violating the law right it the edge my absolutely. Because he he he actually supporting. It like like -- I am so. They aren't what it's difficult to do. Is in this situation like this now if he had all these children with the same woman then you could say well what we should do is we should put a ceiling cap. On the assistance that people get in that way when you have two kids three kids -- seven kids. You you can only get on Macs that that would keep people from having no more babies to give more money but in this case. It's spread out over all these women to each one of these women that he fathered a child what they were each do assistants. There's no way to control. Technically. Yet there they -- told that system which at all around and around. And I believe at some point each. Mothers should be cut off the system I believe it should get a certain number of years that there are allowed to get assistant. And then you should be able to. I sit -- mother is either going to outreach on any street or doing something so that they can become a productive part of. -- I kind of like unemployment money. -- -- temporarily. After you've got to be able because because you know what they do. And I am match on a -- trying to make it sound like it. It just a cycle and they just keep on on live they have more at. And it's it's just really unfortunate that the system that really broken like on the map out the states. Armed with me being a Christian that I do believe everything that is. -- in the Bible. But I don't believe it's all meant for us to actually understand. And our human -- But I am gonna take it for what it is. About believing that and -- and there and I believe and cheaper and and and note that I'm going simply better. And so would -- -- and Noah ark existed that I believe that -- that lord destroy the earth about what. I believe it's going to be destroyed our ire at some point I believe -- in Qualcomm. I don't know where -- of these now. But I do believe. In and it's where it happened. I believe I believe with the general one more question -- like question of the night. If you had your first -- the summer yeah. All right that can't -- -- applicable at yet what what what -- you I favored snowball. I scream and while chair out of love cool that's really ice cream while Germany's. Try it out Alicia I will try to Jen appreciates that I. You two OK goodbye. And we have our -- 870 pretty jaguar opinion poll question New York is set to become the 23 straight to legalized medical marijuana. Should the Fed stepped in and make it legal -- 57%. Say yes 43% say no it's kind of kind of stayed in and in that range just above all much you can go online at WWL dot com -- Feel free to calmly and give me your opinion let's go to mark in memory how are you mark. Problem -- where where do you stand on though legalizing medical marijuana should the Fed stepped in and make it legal in all states. In America and Vietnam in the -- and though it medical implications and people can use -- glaucoma. That people on the -- well it probably. It felt that on the from the boat that he treatment eight. I don't thank you like and thought about that I have social. That's also in discussions slope about -- that -- did a lot of illegitimate uses sport and sort of problem but it's not that -- out here it's like drinking smoking. In and that's an exit from the human body but. -- -- You do you believe marijuana is bad reason. What about all these people are out of what are volleys people claim you know that it does help Dana does help nausea and -- play. And those -- legitimate use. And they would like partnership are set as a legitimate. Pain management drug buy it you can become addicted to a real problems. Of people gathered. Generally get -- because they have to be -- pay you know. It's something that you -- not get that I'm not gonna go out in the war it's just the matter which way the world for content squalid. And that election and that they continue as you probably ought to stay at school -- I'll repeat. Well I think it is I think going to be less than that. Why -- -- shoot that one long ago when he couldn't do all night and interest rates. Nobody needs you more in to watch them like yeah yeah we're not gonna bite you -- the story. And about that little girl in the country. Yeah I remember I said when this story came out that if they gave -- 30000 dollars that they obviously investigated and found out they were guilty. But it looks like. If they're not it looks like the whole thing. -- was was just a damn. But KFC says we're gonna let it keep the money. Yeah and on top of like go on the web site and another collective well 102000. Dollars. You know total time. -- got money that got three -- have gotten three surgery is not let me ask you do you think they have sleep KFC said they're going to. Let her commit. Well. Keep the that they're committed they'll either keep the 30000 dollar donation. Are they doing the right thing there. -- they say they got caught in a scam and bought them -- them. It is a very. Real world girl is the victim. Pro patrol of the time -- in the grant to. Go. So. -- exceed that two. Good days. Realizes that it would take advantage of now it's thirty about to it would have been like rebate. You know I don't think we will. But did not want a whole lot. So I don't think you ought to be and it all started out without law. Because it it'd. It has gotten much. You know that not that thought that. Corporation. But it breaks we could appoint you talk about what. Ray Nagin grant right. You know letter to the -- And now. You saying that. And where you that you will -- forward. Andre today you know forty years. Ago like he would be right and I don't think that that's gonna. I don't think people on the field. Google that I didn't keep going. All I'm saying is the fact that I think that kid is the -- it's like a kid writing a letter to Santa Claus you know under the good boy I want a new -- the kid doesn't get a bike. He thinks he's he's been in -- -- under is concerned that a kid that little. It could feel a certain amount of guilt feel that I'd I'd let my grandfather -- and I would never put what one of my grandchildren and that got a position. No I'm not that's the way the day and I just don't think that that's an album Trout. I hope not mark what do you think about this guy and it in Virginia I mean do we want our legal system getting involved -- but. Making deals but I think you've got -- but -- kids but to really women's I'll make you a deal I'll I'll I'll cut this much time off your sentence if you get a vasectomy. Are you know. Because it does have allies you know that -- Amid because his his his sentence here. Had nothing to do with the women are the kids. Right I mean I don't again that's another. I can't even imagine going to judge in my judgment and I think it's it's. Now I'm gonna say it could mean that to -- and saw. It is but then on the other hand like again should have to give the prosecutor credit for thinking outside of the box. I think he's so far outside the box it's about Israel. Right mark thank you so -- flavored snowball before ago. -- like black cherry -- -- all right it is -- -- late 78668890878. Bob Mitchell in efforts -- we have some polls open right now should you -- opponent. Won't take you had that long to get on the -- with me I'm Bob Mitchell listeners -- show -- WW well -- love of rock and roll who doesn't Crosby stills and after come into New Orleans Saturday August 23 of the -- -- theater in WW -- tickets. You can beat the box office and when three tickets and give -- five shots at winning starting tomorrow through Friday June 20 from the joint go to. Between six and ten hamper your chance to win. And love the one you're with. Well the things that we have been talking a little bit about tonight and not a whole bunch but when it comes to no -- the York. Is truth. Or fiction well they're trying to find though. There's a new satellite or Digital Globe world view three. And it's being used to Trevor really analyzed -- -- to find out whether the arc has there. To question for you. You think those are -- truth or fiction and if they do fine the -- Will that in anyway change your perception of the Bible to secure -- -- 786689. Points and the -- Patrick -- get to you in just a second let me read a couple of -- -- of real quick like. The Bible was written at the time when people didn't know where the sun went right so they're probably a -- -- the guy and Virginia. Is not made many good choices during his adult life. Well the deal Lipton chooses either jailed -- to total. And I believe there's more to the marine's story in Mexico it's 02 Patrick our Patrick and -- them. Op -- I'm hanging in there to. Some or Euro tech news like about. The pro -- race he's. Right. I called on you Bob -- who are there any. I did use on -- night you could describe pink Bryant who you are put -- and and a litany on outlook. Well I appreciated very very but you know everybody's entitled to their opinion. -- -- but. You -- in the sport but I I appreciate the -- Patrick thank you so much. Problem and well it much. I think that group. When you know what if this guy had committed a sex. You know I may be but this has nothing to do with his sentence at all. Read it. It should be more difficult -- Who writes those that so they get a start making deals with people or other gonna start looking and I mean. Well look at look at some of these basketball players and as this is nothing for them. Actually I'm scared out well monetary you know -- you got a bunch it is a bunch of women. And -- good. You're right he's at it snowballed with command now on never. Do get promised me you'd get that done. I'm from issue that album -- this week and everybody keeps tell lead that the chocolate with condensed milk is just incredible. Bet that opera ever drink it or not dreams that -- love. -- -- for your first. Look at that opera. Where do you get your snowballs. Out noble -- -- Do you remember your -- -- -- that the reason I'm after and that's because I have a text message here it says. Going back as far as the forties New Orleans favors the Boston that's I don't remember anything in the -- but anyway was nectar with condensed milk. And he said. Eight go back to when that card went around with a blocked a block of ice -- a scraper. And put it small cardboard -- I do remember when I was very very young. Are we had to -- to snowball -- Warren's. On the lesion fields and there was a little store around by the club that hands Rick though both -- Big old chunk of ice admitted and knew it was no fine -- at all do you remember those. I'm not. Chip on my bed to -- magnet. Government about the people economy on what the -- that doesn't respect real noble. -- You know wrong -- Right Patrick what do you think about this marine that remains in the Mexican do you think. That there's more to rethink our government is that week. Think that sport to accompany them smile right. I mean what we think our government in that we we -- that lately but it's something that somebody doesn't seem right that -- that -- and indeed. You know I would hate to think our government that we can mean I have all along felt. That we should go do something that if it takes the president calling over there to look at what my marine -- But there's something that start this smell about this. I'm there yet bump and thinking about it I don't know what it is. Yeah it did get that being like me. Yet it this seems like too small of a deal and that our government to simply say -- who we want and that's it. But it gave -- America but. Thanks to Patrick. All right let's go to the David in Houston are you David. Sure thank you so much we were talking about but what's going on in Mexico that. -- and I don't know -- it seem like that's not there are times that does happen it's symbolic. You know being in Texas let's say -- Various stores that. That does happen from on the time and it seems like after period trying to make talk it out and they seemed to use that war there quicker than just the if -- given understand you know. Based on what our members it's it's something that happens from TomTom somebody's honking. Are strong -- and ended up do you -- though. And in that they tend to use as bitter war. But here's the thing he is -- United States marine. If everything is as innocent as we have been led to believe at this point. You would think that would be a very easy thing you know we we help Mexico we send them foreign aid. Mean we'll all all so many of them to come into our our country you would think. That was all that going on that our government to call and say it's time to -- United States marine it's time to release. Yeah well I think equality should make it still is make a similar deal they made went down the Perot. And governor Roy Roy. Wait we gave. Plaza doubt -- -- yeah -- really bad guys. Yeah so we -- you like. Which you'll spot in Belton in the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Mr. maybe maybe we ought to threaten them -- we gonna send them back unless shoot we will send them back where they came up my car. -- It's appropriate right back don't go Kart Wii units in New York Citizens Bank allergic. From -- at at at that. We're gonna push him over the war. -- so David will what is your opinion about this the situation with this this guy in Virginia. Oh yeah out of the way in the net as well to. OK. -- -- some there's some comments from Concord to work to homicide. -- -- -- work where it. You know when he -- there's some. Work he had to be answered because you -- to be responsible for it that. Finance and you know when you drop on your vehicle yeah the bigger financially responsible will do your part its front that are what are. So why make this thank god thank you can do -- Borders all children may have to eat they have to go to school they have quote. What makes him think he can produce all of these children and not being -- response well for them everybody else. What are your new business you have to have an answer and so you know particular to you. Right but they -- here here's a situation here. If he if he had one woman or two women in the -- you know seven or eight kids between them but he he's spreading them out or with all these women. And of course when it when he comes to assistance. It's each mother claiming one child. So at the end and they obviously is no penalty. For the man or nothing they can do if if the if he spreads the wealth over all of these women. -- -- -- -- -- The situation where they talent took him like that you -- you gotta you've they get a better situation in the voters saying that the -- made it feel like the government overstepping their belt I don't feel like it because. Like us they are related back you do on the issue at the Beers while you were driving your gut response that same thing with kids you've you've produced these children. You know you but called on account of what she did here you don't wanna believe that. Well like I tell you got -- a look at it two ways part of me says that this prosecutor is definitely thinking outside the box and you know they have a story in the news about the some guy that I think it had three counts of child porn now. Well what would anyone with three counts of child porn is still doing -- a jail I don't know but you know maybe if some of these prosecutors. Oh worded take these men that did involved in child porn and cut their you know what off. May be may be that close some of them down. Partly at the apparent. I mean it's not saying that we're going got you wants an -- -- -- air time. You know that you don't pebble in the -- you know -- three key and then you're not doing right by and then -- -- -- that you need to stop. And you've got very -- involved -- order okay you mean the stock. David one more thing -- before you go do you believe noah's art is truth or you think it's fiction. I believe it's true and not it's whether they bonding thing and I mean there's too much invested and try to find that kind of spoke to. It is you know it's wolf you know it's blue and it's been so many years -- things storm at all it's. I don't spam. That's not a value thing to me dated date they. So -- in so if they are if they were actually prove. That Noah's Ark is legit it wouldn't change the way you perceive the Bible. No I don't thanks like most people it's not won't change one -- or other dislike the other caller save people's. Coming up their minds made up what they see this but I don't see it. You know. -- need. To see it you know. So you you you believe you believe it's the truth that in but I have a I have a text message here it says. Noah's Ark of the -- imagine two of every animal including carnivores and humans in one vote for forty days a manager in the stench. But definitely great flood. Legend has been embellished over the millennium from flooding that occurred due to. Re treating glaciers at the end of the last ice age. But I believe the blood at all. Colin that's what article on a -- alone you know now that we're in and not a miracle they're bike and do it. Gotcha thank you David appreciate your college go to Kevin in Texas how are you Kevin. -- and and now do column. It here live at the satellite cantata choir and O Rourke. Right it's it's called -- it's called the Digital Globe world view three satellite and that it's its -- to be you know that they keep making technology better and better and better. And it's supposed to be super enhanced. And looked at mile around and try to determine once and for all if that's where Noah's Ark landed. There are being -- product lines. Until -- committee got technology for repairing. Sergio planet whether -- given up and they have no idea where the plane is what do you think. -- I don't know. I don't know a minute ago well it. If you do you think it's in the in the water somewhere. Personally though. Oh no doubt. About it and now that not a lawyer. -- I would -- -- read something yesterday and that. Although they aren't releasing a lot. They are thinking more and more it was the pilot who does -- -- take everybody down. Yeah down giveaway is bad habit somewhere. I don't know -- may have made for a I keep hoping that it's going to be like an episode of the Twilight Zone all the sudden it's gonna appear back on the radar. And ask permission the left and in the united even though they've been missing for stuff. The fact that and again it -- but what I want to let you know. A little bit ago. What order they have been over backwards we're going to ultimately palmary. -- over in Mexico. It deliberate process. What do you think really going on there you know I and in the beginning. Had felt that he is totally innocent because that's what are the government is insane. But it just seemed to me it's taking so long. I I can't imagine though what we're not dealing with a powerful country here you know it's it's not like we oh. While others about the say we're not the world about Mexico invading us they are invading that just not what weapons and stuff like that. But you know but I just don't understand if it is. As pure as our government says it is the disguised in -- -- -- just an accident I would think that we'd be able to demanding. Distant memory. But colleague -- that the economy and earlier. -- Elmo like to be. A little web. -- -- -- -- -- No no but according to what we heard. Is that he had permits for all that and in the words they said that in our country woody had was legal so he was carrying. -- -- -- the United States law nothing illegal -- crossed over the border that is against Mexican law to carry weapons. Yeah I don't I don't think you'd go out there on. Special -- and I don't know I do I do think you're back. What thank you. All right Kevin thank you so much all right 260. 1878866889. Point seven Leo we have rolled -- probably. A couple more calls for the Olympic park the show there was a call. You're listening to the big it's seven AW WL AMF lemon dot com -- on sports talk Bobby Hebert and guest host Kristian garic. Of 32 NFL teams who has the best roster and where the saints -- plus have you caught soccer fever no. We'll preview the US team's World Cup matchup vs Germany huddle all the pros weekdays 4:8 PM on the homeless -- LSU in the pelicans WW a -- a beer with you and just a minute let me get caught up on the a couple of book text messages if you. Don't mind equating of POW. Exchanges with the marine who. Breaks the law out of the country is just plain silly the marine broke the law period. He should be held accountable in regards to bully in Mexico with travel bans will like the harm our economy. More than theirs. Should they retaliate. Not sure of like if if I get that. Alexi. -- need to do to all the would talk to him ultimately die in Virginia the good thing about putting him in jail if that was in jail. He he can't be making. More babies. And let's that he. Under the -- Your Rego. About snowballs -- -- -- I'm a female. And the cart I got them from -- up -- down coliseum where and I have little old times' report while. They've been looking at -- or -- in the as the polls are. From the satellites for years. Courses of the new -- -- recently if we took Coca coal away from the Chinese name could become a lot more friendly. And okay exploration let -- -- that. I primary -- area. I'm done. Very tailor my favorite number operate. William on Palm Pre game by the bring them up and I am sure. All that very pregnant sup 1110 bodies that they have been and what's the what's the name again. That the sometimes they can't -- -- now we in -- same place. What's your favorite snowballed there won't marry playing -- ice cream but with the condensed milk and some dumb damn wedding cake and now. Likely to. It. All lot of the lack haven't happened yet but I can't take too much you haven't got -- you know -- -- -- -- to IP at the bottle rocket that can. Can you remember how young you Wear when you had now. Well now they -- the -- like -- -- and get by with that much into. I mean -- is roaming around for a little while and a lot of it is. And -- -- that -- I'm not happy can't get enough talent and can't about a mile and a by the came back the knowledge. Yeah they've been doing it happened in. We pitch. Scientific. You program them and tell me you know couple things like that. -- scientific investigation that. Right I know they have citing. The shape of the same boat is on the top among the top of the well you can't bring it. Way that the away again it is typing they've seen this sight indeed this can't -- to climb that ball they'd they'd kind of ground that sonic and make this is. A new satellite that's supposed to you know be super duper and a -- listen if if you would have told the 2030 years ago. That a satellite to orbit the earth and actually -- and looked at your house and and you'd be able see I -- I would not believe that so. This is supposed to be some super satellite. But what would it change the way you'd think of the Bible if they actually find this. Non non non comedic vibe it from the polish. Standard you know balancing act on and anyway I made out that it may sound about how this can happen yeah I know what the word meant. But it didn't have much meaning into the -- there at such and none of them but and that opened up an open up -- program have revelation but -- -- much we don't know has got it still have to be made everything. That I don't mind those mall that we can't comprehend what he. Well it's tunnel like trying to picture always wants. God always was and run the picture. No beginning -- -- week week and in our human -- we can fathom no -- we can thank you you know fathom fathom eternity. But to think that there's there was nobody getting boy that's that's hard to imagine. Yes I'm in our mind is still small army brigade can't try to think that we know enough. Listen to four run out of time you say you won't comment about the -- Virginia. And -- be demanding but I think that in deadlock well. While there is no longer but the demand participate in that town watch OK so. By tomorrow but Gayle thing happening get out of beyond my car. All anybody in that way when negative it wannabe game. It but here's the thing if the dog. Does not pay the child support what do you do. If talent that god he would want to tell you guys get hot lately in. He's gonna go and you know we can't collect green job. All right -- you'd you'd give him hard labor. -- -- -- doesn't pay the money then what happens is these these women. While four of financial assistance. And they get it incidents since it's spread out over six women it's not it's not like one woman collecting for all these kids. Yeah well and go. Pay it -- hard labor is so hard. That he may grab and go get great job since support these women are Dutch delegate to judge to give them on his -- have to -- -- great job in the ball. All right you can you made a good point I appreciate -- calling Bob Mitchell coming right back on the -- show on the brigades seventy WW oil got a great email. Not email text message to rate. Even if there was a boat where they say it is hobby you know it's those are. Is his name on the side. Yes it says no one OK if this is no one will know that it's that was our. Before before ago. I have something really good for it's a really good. Just a good stories storage can leave you feeling good but before get to to do have to remind you that there's always something new a WWL dot com if you love raw fish. You've got to hurry up because the season is coming to an abrupt end and tell you all about it. Now I have heard the crawfish bright now are not a hard sell a lot but I don't know Hulk -- of the -- but we or bottom of -- or do you go to WWL dot com. It will tell you all about it. Before -- go on to tell you about a Golden Retriever. But got separated from its owners during the camping trip and California's Tahoe national -- Was reunited with the family in doing well after apparently surviving on its own. For nearly two years in the wilderness the dog what missing October 2012. Twenty months later a camper spotted the -- and alerted the mentally. After several unsuccessful days of trying to tried the dog -- The family decided to leave her bid and several items on their own polling with the camper hoping Murphy the dog would pick up percent to. And returned to the area. It worked. In a week later the camper and coach Murphy on to a leash after on their sleeping on the clothing left for. Ball. Is that nice. Thank everybody for listening tonight thank you for -- and thank you big John -- me through the night and we thank Jack Harris who comes and and there's a little help public the last a few minutes of the show. I'll I'll be back with you again not tomorrow night of what can dispute he will be filling in for Tommy talked to tomorrow morning goodnight and god bluster from WW.