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6-25 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Jun 25, 2014|

Dave talks about gay marriage, a healthy dose of What is Wrong with People, and singing to lions & feeding them cookies

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Eleven minutes after five a -- the early edition WWL first news on this 25. Of June 2014. We've made it mr. Mallard -- the day that. We like to celebrate as the middle of the week because of course it is -- to. So I have to ask you are you ready to do the county I'm ready do you know how to do -- Yes really. You you've taken instructional video yes. While I have no idea that it didn't I just know that. When I played I shot the instructional video really had no idea while -- UT just hope. Our -- to do stuff like this. -- right now what I mean now. There one of these oh whatever of that well I know that -- you notice you aren't gonna take a little practice here so watch the closing at desks. In the -- today because it. Good distance -- And then back to this drivers please don't -- this wider view of operating a motor vehicle. It could be very game and then you just repeat that in various rhythms of bitterness and you're doing today smile I had no idea I just doing this. Say it isn't that. That it looks good it all looks good at end of the listeners think it looks fantastic texting -- -- 878 that they've done a great outlook given. Wait a minute this is radio. -- Lyme Disease you can't. -- listeners that they know better than you were just a different aren't that Mel I was dancing he wore a some attacks and good morning Chris Miller I know it's hard to see over these new monitors are put over there -- no computer monitors everywhere doing those steps. I'd LB do in the steps and a federal court today to argue whether or not. The wheezing and I -- to acknowledge. Same sex marriages performed in other states this is really an interesting debate that's going on across the country and obviously the US Supreme Court will. At some point and -- this issue once again I think it's already been there to some extent. But now we get courts across the country and one here in Louisiana and New Orleans at one now consider whether or not. If two men or two women get married legally. In this state that allows that. If the state of Louisiana -- has to provide them the same benefits here. That. Non same sex couples -- traditional couples for about it. An interesting debate that will take place and obviously this issue was at least considered by the voters of Louisiana just a few years ago. In a statewide referendum and nearly eight in ten Louisiana -- who voted. Cast ballots against same sex marriage saying the state will only recognized marriages between. A man and a woman's so interesting to see what will happen in the district court. But as you pointed out. Doesn't necessarily matter what happens in the district court does it. Now it's got to go to the federal Court of Appeals and is already a similar case out of taxes it's headed to the federal Court of Appeals here. So -- it was going to be -- case is going to be a Louisiana case I don't know if there's one in Mississippi which also be appealed here but than there have been several others and other districts around the country. And yet it's all gonna have to go back to the Supreme Court. It's this is a step in the process. But the arguments today in the ruling that will follow. Will not necessarily be binding. Because of the fact that there are conflicting rulings across the country and eventually this and this will have to be answered once and for Rollins. It's it's. In my lifetime is clearly -- transition in. The country in general with more and more states now allowing and legalizing same sex marriages some states recognizing them but not allowing them and and states like Louisiana which wants absolutely nothing to do with same sex marriage. And by losses they can even exist nor will only -- -- -- and thank you. Tressel talk to you and about fifteen minutes or first news here on WWL am FM and a temporary job the after excuse -- it is and commendation for your fantastic. Theater of the mind performance he's Christmas or I'm Dave Connolly or about talent you with the forecast coming up Max. See what's gonna happen this afternoon even better chance of rain today. And Steve Geller was sports here on the -- 870 WWL 1053 WWL want them happy hump day ladies and gentlemen thanks for starting -- on the early edition of WWL. First news. 519. Thank you for starting your morning here on WW -- third shift -- you're gonna wrap it up your -- thank you for wrapping -- up with us here on WWL I am not -- back down wherever -- -- -- -- -- on the forecast when her right. Go ahead keep -- rain -- close by again today scattered showers maybe get his -- is late this morning. And then really continued toward the afternoon and evening hours and heavy downpours again some heavy thunderstorms with 850% chance keeping Temps in the upper eighties. A look ahead stay in the upper eighties again tomorrow with say hi rain chance once more 60% for Thursday. Talking down about 40% on Friday still looking at highs around 89. The Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark tell. I right now it's cloudy and 76 the airport in Canada southwest wind at seven miles an hour muggy 85% relative humidity that's up to 93% on the North Shore winds are calm and it's cloudy and 74 in Slidell I had one of those experiences yesterday. Where I had to run and Aaron and I found my parking space and when and it was sunshine. Then. Great when I walked in the door. Within two minutes in my being inside it. The rain clouds moved in and the bottom fell out some I walked back to the car was one that I may as well of jumped in -- legs again -- -- Is what it is. And it is time for sports -- -- -- WL and for that we say good morning and happy hump day to Steve Geller. Made it halfway through the week and feeling good so far good morning everyone. The saints defense is out to prove that Tony thirteen was no fluke as they finished ranked as the fourth best unit in the NFL. Linebacker Curtis -- is confident they can top that accomplishment this year. Doomsayers have been right corrections we keep taking these steps you know. -- to discuss them for a new media as a defense. Pro Bowl center Mike pounce if the dolphins as is expected to miss the start -- the season as he's recovering from hip surgery how he was injured during offseason workouts underwent surgery on Monday that lightly sidelined him for at least a couple of games in September. You're -- event at the World Cup could be that its top player for the remainder of the toward Luis Suarez has been charged. With a biting and Italian played during your replies. One nothing win if the disciplinary committee finds more is guilty of assaulting the opponent. Fifa rules call for a bit of at least two matches and a maximum of 24 months. And other World Cup action England played to a scoreless tie with coast Rica which had already qualify for the next round. Greece scored on a penalty shot in stoppage time -- Ivory Coast to the one and advanced. Columbia improved to three and oh with afford a big win over Japan and one group's C. Tiger Woods says he's without pay for the first time in two years as he embarks on his latest comeback. Nearly three months after having back surgery to alleviate a pinched -- woods returned to come -- competition tomorrow in the Quicken Loans national at congressional. Things have turned around. My numbers back. And this week especially since it's going to be warm all week to one going to -- stainless. LSU men's basketball coach Johnny Jones has announced the promotion of David Patrick to assisting -- head coach Patrick had been an arm Joseph just after the past two seasons now. He was involving game and practice coaching responsibilities. As well as scouting and recruiting. Virginia's forced a game three that in the college World Series after beating Vanderbilt 72. That deciding game is tonight in Omaha and the separate ended their series against Sacramento with a 621 victory. Four on sports talk out of the 32 teams in the NFL who has the best roster and what the saints -- I'm Steve Geller with your early morning look it's. The headline is the New York Times is -- ways our -- Suarez known for biting. Leaves a mark on World Cup has pictures. Of Italy's. Giorgio. -- in managing and TL the -- -- to me as in seasons anyway Shoney's shoulder where is clearly some kind of mark on his shoulder that looks like. Two sets of heat. And that teeth on this Suarez got them goal Italian T -- choppers and yeah. Suarez -- reading from the articles Suarez the current Lyon striker. Who has emerged as one of the best players in the world over the past year is a biter and it seems -- cereal one. For the third time in his career he is facing potential punishment. For appearing to sink his teeth into an opponent. People what makes this guy gets OK bites another player. Feel you must be big Mike Tyson plant. In -- apparently. Yet of what -- the fact that this was a note you know problem with this player and you're wise in a big into a lot of trouble right now he's the leading goal scorer. And will likely miss the rest of this tournament I can't see. VO league allowing him back to play activists. And it's kind of I made this one you can't make this stuff up knowing if you you see that apple would actually happen the whole video. It's like a shark attack he's as he's going for this guy. He seeks not just. These -- have already and -- yes it's. Slide tackle on his cleats as one thing I mean some players in nasty indeed that that you knew he. And that and he he would again. Are -- -- once -- get a -- but it will be without their leading scorer and -- my Kamal a four year old most not to do that. They accuse the ballistic about it but at a sports coming up -- 25 minutes here at WWL I am FM and downtown. Meeting early. I text and hits have idiots -- which they do with this guy. It should be banned from the rest the World Cup while. It's 77 -- thoughts. I don't know what else to other than your forecast is that. And it's apparently Mike Tyson has a sense of humor because he did tweets -- about the situation with this fighting that's why. Our says I guess any part of the body is up for each thing that he was accused as you know biting off the -- Evander Holyfield's ear and accurate does do the McDonald's and ergo why would weeded. If you feel hungry come take a bite of a big Mac they sent that directly to use more. And I your forecast well what. Weather continues for the next couple of days that go ahead to -- used to unfortunately looking at some showers around as early as late morning. And that some heavy storms possible by earlier this afternoon and evening rain chances today at 50%. Highs in the upper eighties and tomorrow we have that chance to 60%. Still looking at numerous downpours around the area with high is -- 87. But Friday we dropped the chances just a little down to 40% with a high of 89. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark tells. People 36 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this 25 of June 2014. Happy. Hump hump day no hope -- Everybody. That you're driving. Continued his home gently everybody else and let -- let us know I had come on get those juices pumping at home at it and see redolent. Yet if you're driving him. That a good I didn't violently -- if you drive. Cause problems. Adrenaline flow per month. -- -- happy but actually yesterday's 7870 about this. Visit Uruguay and Paraguay in the soccer player accused of taking a bite out of another player's shoulder during the match. In the World Cup but the. Put a muzzle on the president's remove its teeth. President pull his teeth but think they may pull his ability to play. And may be gone for the World Cup competition. Because of them biting incidents. Spells out at all plays out. Just to still has me shaking my head wondering -- -- those cameras everywhere on the field has been busted for those points before. Makes him think it's located take. Opponent in the World Cup and that he won't get caught. These things I'll get away with this. Anyway so there is that -- -- if LeBron James had been someone he would be wasting -- championship trophy in May be. Did that might unite we remember Mike Tyson bite Evander Holyfield's ear. Did he win. Note the refereed called the match in order holy because of the year goes by so -- never win. There ego folks that's the moral of this story although. It turns out that are wade did win beat Italy beside the enemy and losing their best player and -- as a result did you hear the story entities and terrorism recently about -- -- them mummified body and a man hole. -- lived on the autopsy this was back on May nineteenth. Where they found the remains apparently it opened up the mantle covered some mark in his in his body and -- been there for quite awhile the -- as at least a year maybe do. And try to figure out how does this guy get in there and die what was he doing. -- side. Of the man -- dying well yes that apparently now the coroner says he was electrocuted. The medical examiner says the man between the guy between one and two years before his remains were found. And that he was at the time of his death. Holding a pair of bolt cutters and an underground high voltage utility vaults and they were cut copper wires near his remains. So putting two and two together investigators believe that he opened up the mantle went into it but -- pulled the cover back on our. If -- didn't whoever put it back and it knowing it was in the and was trying to steal copper wire. Form. -- -- thank you mr. president of the wireless field that we usually try to cut the power to bankers of the loss of an -- now I don't that they don't know any of that that they do you know -- into the corner. The -- it tempting to. Take the copper wire and they believe that led -- -- electrocution. And for at least two years -- stayed in the Mandel. Nobody knew where he was and had time to -- drive here a minute and it cured him like a black forest I hate to. But someone's -- in the five Albert. -- belong in the wrong with people file. Here on the thank you Chris -- talking about twenty minutes or person is on WWL AM -- -- that comment. Will do it again just -- meteorologist Laura about now. You fit that meteorologists. At doing it. Chris Miller claimed he actually shot instructional video on how to do them. Honey. Yeah. View that it took a good on the radio it just that you do like this you -- like that he'd like this doing that. -- right into the names now yet now. But -- anyway you don't not to answer. I'm glad it's Wednesday it is making it out of. I mean -- that apparently everybody that's in there and I think. Rocket and hair and I feel obligated again. That I should now if you're driving right now folks please -- gently any everybody else you feel relentless yeah probably probably -- -- -- that and other -- accidentally -- -- while -- -- here. Use common sense that man definitely like you would if there's water on the road you use common sense before you drive into a flooded roadway system tractor that's incredible that's what common sense would dictate I. And then we may need to that comment that -- that. They sort of ruin your car it out later today some more downpours out that you had even may begin as early late this morning just because there's a lot of moisture out they're all ready. A couple of showers up through saint Tammany parish Mississippi Gulf Coast and then down and -- -- as -- such -- -- heat added to this will mean. Numerous showers and downpours again later today. Now I actually yesterday and some parents to Ron I parked my car parking lot went inside of a building everything was fine sun was shining I had the sunglasses on even at the visor down the sun was so bright as I was making my way through the parking lot. And now within just a couple of minutes inside is just opened up and running out I guys drenched as if I jumped in the way. You can keep them all night. I don't carry a number of Long Island refused to do it a look at your fits right -- Well I get -- yeah I I've run that risk in the I lost again well this time of a. About 5050 shot in -- -- that and I expect him napkins in the card just like the. Lima wipe the water off my -- and. That is done with my line that our rights as 60% today and another shot tomorrow yet another chance tomorrow I would leave theaters chances come -- apparently in the weekends so. Looks like maybe Sunday you'll get ER done if you haven't been -- about the -- this week because all that rain fall and into next -- a little bit drier today through Friday -- -- -- downpours not reach our archives of the weekend we -- thanks for that by the -- for giving me a shot. Cut my grass over the weekend. Telling everybody you're in two ago I mean because it's like he did lots of leaves of grass grow pretty stern while it's rainy. Like it's time that cameras were you actually need it. -- object like that's -- look at the. And I just cut my grass on today in the rain I'm mind. And it's already ready to be. On the I was -- -- live and it tropical that we paint that picture. They ever under the have I ever again in and you see the lions. If ever thought I need to get in their feet and cookies. You know well what are Memphis Tennessee -- Hold on. -- Connecticut. And liquidity. And likely -- don't know but Memphis zoo officials have banned the woman. After saying she climbed over the banner year. India being closure with the lions and try to defeat that -- And -- we -- -- -- that Darwin pristine -- that the -- -- take care of this problem actually that. It was she might keep this way to get better. The unidentified woman's actions were reported by others you patent -- -- jumped the barrier and herders singing. To the animals. Yeah hats and whisper. -- after the barrier only a few wires separated. Her from the lions inside the enclosure. A zoo spokesman told. Memphis TV station WM CTV that the woman's behavior was dangerous for her -- and at bizarre yeah actually. Woman -- Would not be allowed back if that's what's. It called in to meet with with the island there was still a -- liars on wires area so. Not all she was to -- -- -- -- -- -- tossing cookies -- hi there. Accurate do everything you know -- likely -- to -- certificate. Court rarely going to rip her arm often letter bleed to death when others. And if you're stupid if the loser you know like maybe maybe just what happens and that we. We all she does that five years old she keep it and -- this guy. It's not something -- you know. Yeah -- Now I'm. That he did this story doesn't indicated drugs alcohol or mental illness what involvement. If something was not right with this woman and she lands it may. The problem with people file thank you never go to do again. Do the lions and. Not that. It's at that look at it is that he should dial I just meet somebody units and Kerry for her watch out for but it's not meant that the -- the other read this to. If that's how hot line it -- the -- -- not. Baghdad now I want cookies thank you are. -- mile -- now live and direct I would use quickness. Speaking of these ticket that are written offer or worse. We'll get back to the biting soccer players story next Steve Geller. And on your sports on this hump -- morning WW. Does have more resurgent business line that incident and have not yet -- why this woman did but it was apparently are second attempt. He was recently caught throwing things to alliance and was told not to do it again. And then returned jumped the barrier singing into the -- attempting to beat them cookies and this is still don't know. You know why they think he did this but I do know that at the Memphis -- they have a sense of humor because they -- about it. With the hash tag cookies are for people. I want cookies now. Your favorite cookies. Like sugar wafers sugar wafers. Like sugar cookies Vanilla wafers. They're like you know wafers with a sugar in the middle. -- -- an -- long and like rectangular if I have my druthers of any cookie it's going to be a oatmeal raisin cookie. If it -- Girl Scout Cookies got to be attacked along with the a lot the what's with the coconut. With that call -- ways yes about is that the author is pretty amazing pretty amazing job like cookies not people sports with Steve -- Good morning everyone will year two under coordinator Rob Ryan could prove to be even better for the saints defense as players are more familiar now with his scheme. Linebacker Curtis Lofton things they can be the best in the league you know losing -- what you gotta do is a sex nature. Just go with the -- Is -- true essence allow -- to make plays. Well -- has charged Luis Suarez providing Italy defender Georgie mentioned LB during -- -- one nothing win over the Italians in the World Cup. If the disciplinary committee -- war is guilty of assaulting an opponent to be banned for at least two matches and up to a maximum of 24 months. Looking at the rest of the World Cup scoreboard Columbia dominated Japan's 41 and one group's C. England played to a scoreless tie with -- the Rico which had already qualify for the next round. Greece advanced after taking down the Ivory Coast who won. -- Tiger Woods says he fully expects to contend in this week's Quicken Loans national in his first competition since back surgery at the end of march we -- -- -- future. Weeks here and -- and it's not nothing major nothing that's probably you. Observed with the physical life we look on video and what I'm feeling I'm doing and it looks the same as it did before. Woods added that he's returning to competitive golf earlier than expected your original plan was to be back for next month at the British Open and David Patrick been promoted to assistant head coach of the LSU men's basketball team. He had been a member of head coach Johnny Jones -- staff for the past two seasons and was involving game and practice coaching responsibilities. As Willis doubting and recruiting. West Virginia beat Vanderbilt 72 to force a third and final game in the college World Series. That team will go and get under way tonight at 7 PM in Omaha and -- is wrapped up their eight game homestand with a 621 victory over Sacramento. Therefore on sports -- out of the 32 teams in the NFL who has the best roster and we're Davis saints ranked. I'm Steve Geller with your early morning look at sports 550 Q do you think the saint Steve. It is accomplishments were -- broke an idea of top five defense and can -- be number one as several players have indicated they wannabes this season. I think the things defense is definitely. How I I would really wanna say they have more talent. On that side of the football and actually the offense it's it's kind of hard when you have Drew Brees as your quarterback but as a whole. That's saints defense is impressive from the front to the back now especially. With the additions of Gerris -- in the second secondary hopefully his back injury doesn't limit him out of training camp at all which we're expecting but. They have the ball -- They have a defensive front that has been able to get the quarterbacks out came Jordan and junior -- were ranked in the top five by the NFL network. As a -- pass rushing -- was in the NFL. And you have to be excited that they were able to get to the quarterback is getting more turnovers now if they can increase that number I don't see why. They can't have the top defense in the league which is scary to say it could have been number one defense. And the number one offense and hopefully that leads to the Super Bowl victory that you would princess -- although the charges did that not too long ago and for some crazy reason. He didn't make -- with them on defense and office. Right how -- happy it doesn't make any sense statistically. Whatever it is what it is that's why the games are played on the field not on paper. Testament text and it's 7870 white chocolate macadamia now with Hershey's chocolate campuses wow wow -- -- with Hershey milk chocolate I'll. Milk chocolate chips got it. -- -- chocolate macadamia I don't concern that any cookies now -- in on now taken and I those -- and Longoria especially the double stuffed chocolate filling. Dipped in melt off Orioles got out of hand though with the top amount of late and there's an -- put out different. Flavors of -- Mean to land management. Crisscrossed and -- it and whatever bank is able -- fifteen minutes and more sports here on WWL. Mean double talk more cookies deficits. Someone text -- 7870 asking me what song. That there. Was that woman singing I've read several articles about this gas so far and I still cannot find out what song it was. But apparently she was singing it very loudly. One person NASA it was a song from the Lion King I don't know -- also don't know if that was the lion sleeps tonight though will continue to research that Koreans if we can find out when -- actually it states 7872 subway has the best -- cookies out -- And those renders things those are pretty darn good it's always mean mean by them when I'm just trying to get out of there with a five dollar foot long and they wanna buy cookies your forecast. Mainly cloudy skies today -- look for that rain up 50% chance developing as early as late this morning and especially into the afternoon and evening out the -- to cloud cover. Will keep temperatures a little cooler today with highs in the upper eighties. Loose tonight in the mid seventies then tomorrow rain chances still high 60%. For scattered showers downpours and thunderstorms. -- Smart around 87. What we did back off on that rain chance a little bit on Friday down to 40% with a high of 89. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist -- -- tell. -- were killed in plastic throw. It in the jungle the mighty jungle line. One person text me acne 78 Saturday. Content Sandy's with Mel on the verge of -- are -- -- -- -- really call buddy waters and another person is the paper and a cookie not present text cookie. In my best cookie monster you know that little. She's. I didn't realize until we started talking about how much I love cookies cookies are good things. One -- about the woman who tries to feed the cookies to the lions while singing ignorance can be educated crazy can be medicated but there's no cure for stupid well put.