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6-25 6:10am Scoot, gay marriage in Louisiana?

Jun 25, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot takes your calls and talks to listeners about whether Louisiana should recognize gay marriages from other states

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-- you getting in any of those thunderstorms yesterday. No I was safely inside -- on the government ever I was out I mean not I was in physical well -- -- -- the winter of accord down just a little bit and tried to run and but that always receive protective but -- which assumed that he -- thunderstorms yesterday. And it sounds like we're heading for the audience today you know we sure are. And it's that time of year so just be prepared I walked out of my apartment with my umbrella today I was still silly walking down the street with an umbrella. It's not -- because I feel like I looked like this guy who's prepared a look he's all prepared in case it rains. So I just I feel very. I feel very feminine looking -- I shouldn't but I do oil fields haven't walking down the street -- an umbrella it's not gonna rape but you might wanna keep that money issue. Leave the house this morning also we've got to some -- pairs of tickets to giveaway to see Crosby, Stills and Nash Saturday August 2 anchored. You're young -- even know who Crosby stills and -- I do know Crosby, Stills and Nash -- I even though they were also -- -- -- young with a one time too -- they did it was Crosby stills Nash and that it was Crosby stills Nash and young. And now it's Crosby stills and inaction -- kind of doing something to the going to be the singer Saturday. August 23 that's going to be just. An awesome place to see Crosby, Stills and Nash. We're gonna get a chance to win 2 tickets this morning we get to pair of tickets to -- this morning on Debbie WL a rock legend -- says that his children will not inherit. He's 300 million dollar fortune when he dies. He drove in a -- shipyard of England. Andy said he wants his children to make -- at their own. It wants them to learn work ethic so we'll talk a lot work ethic you talk about whether or not. You got inheritance or whether or not you're gonna leave one and is that really what's best for your kids. Talk about that coming up later in the show. I'm also there was a very important primary last night in our neighboring state of Mississippi Tea Party backed Mississippi State senator Chris McDaniel. Lost in a very very close race to unseat. Longtime Republican. Senator Thad Cochran. With 99.9 percent of the precincts reporting Cochran had fifty point 8%. And McDaniel had 49 point 2% again -- seemed really really bitter. It is a loss and blasted the Republican Party. Criticized his opponent for trying to reach. Democratic voters. I thought that was kind of the goal of every Republican candidate. And then he said this is this is not the were the party break. Really very critical of the Republican Party and it's not the party of Reagan which I found really interesting to 'cause Ronald Reagan attracted so many Democrats. That those voters had a name they were called Reagan Democrats. So we'll talk about that we'll talk about this and I guess the question is is is that Tea Party timers the Tea Party over for the Republican Party. That's Cisco blog -- either agree or disagree it's on our website at WWL dot com. If you're married in another state. And you move to Louise you know and and maybe you do that maybe -- married another state in new television and the state of Louisiana recognizes your marriage. It's a gay couple gets married in a state where same sex marriage is legal should the state of Louisiana recognize. Those marriages. Should Louisiana. Recognize the marriages. I'm gay couples who are married in states. Where same sex marriage is legal. That's are gonna get you a pretty general opinion poll also talk about it this hour. If you wanna join our show with the comments on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Ninths nearly seventy. Text number is its liberties -- opponents including the state of Louisiana believe that. The state has a right to define marriage. In its own way. Should the state of Louisiana. Define marriage and it's only or should the state be required to recognize. Same sex marriages that are legal in other states if the couple. Moves here or if they get married in another state and then. Until come to New Orleans or come to Louisiana. This morning a federal judge is gonna hear arguments about whether or not to the state should recognize same sex marriages that are legally performed in other states. If you wanna join us this morning our numbers 260187. Toll free 866889. Steroids having. And a text number is -- seventy -- at it 6:13 a Wednesday morning get ready for some heavy showers later on today and also into tomorrow. I'd -- -- for -- Tucker and -- -- WL. Good morning it's Wednesday had studio for Tommy Tucker this week Tommy is in Ireland. Here is I texting -- talking about this judge this morning who is going to hear arguments about whether or not the state of Louisiana should. Recognize legal gay marriage in other states. And this really is an issue that is far beyond just the issue of homosexuality in an instinct sex marriage when whenever the topic of same sex marriage comes up. I think this is really always extended to really a topic about freedom. And acceptance. Here's a text it says I have a concealed carry permit issued in Louisiana. However it's not legal for -- to carry concealed weapon in another state. It doesn't allow it so should the state of Louisiana. Be required to recognize legal same sex marriages in other states. Or. Should they be able to define marriage on their own that's or -- -- party general opinion poll. Here's an update at 38% say no and 63% say yes Louisiana. And should recognize. Same sex marriages. It will be interesting to see if this changes as we go through the show. If you would give us your opinion our number is 6260 points seventy toll free 8668890. Which sent a text number is 87870. And -- you can give your opinion by going to our website at W -- -- -- here's a really sad story imports release of -- about this it is. Just the mentality. That this. Story. Focuses -- Authorities say that a 23 year old means -- -- nobleman. Is facing attempted second degree murder charges. After she allegedly threw her daughter. Out of the moving vehicle. Franklin parish sheriff's deputies arrested the seizure atlas Sasha Sasha was Sasha Allen Sunday after she. After she sought medical treatment for her twenty month old daughter. Fractured skull several broken bones. The good news is this twenty month old girl is in stable condition at university health. In Shreveport. The sheriff says that there are several different accounts of this story she intentionally wanted to cause her infant to be injured. -- -- from the vehicle. Because she wanted to get the child's father's attention. And she thought if the child was injured she can get his attention. And her goal was to get him back. But the father did not respond which he originally. Said the child had been injured or or something -- happen Seoul city didn't return which he made up the story. About the child being hurt she decided she was gonna really hurt a child by actually throwing the child under the window of the car. To get the close attention as far as I know the father did not come back. She said she was going around a curve. And thought that if she through the trial under the wind going around the curve the trail would only receive minor injuries. And she would get the attention she wanted. She can prove that she wasn't lying because the child really was injured and her goal was to tell the father is -- that child fell out of the car. But she threw the child out of the car the story was going to be the child fell out of the car. Please come back to me. So police are treating this as if it was premeditated. As she was doing this for her benefit a visit district attorney is going to look at this case and they're talking about bringing justice very quickly. And all their thoughts and prayers are with the child as -- ours. -- this woman's seven year old daughter was also in the vehicle. She has five children. All of them have been taken into state custody by child protection services to -- -- being held on a 750000. Dollar bond. Let's do the math on this. She's 23 years old. And she has five kids. Now there's a possibility that she had twins. But what she did have twins. If she had a -- years she would've started at the age of eighteen. So that's it for me. If you can't take care of kids and I don't know what their situation is but if you can't take your kids. -- -- -- I don't know that that's the the right way to go about starting a family five kids at the age of a Tony three -- Moment -- this baby out of the car to get the attention -- her her boyfriend. She wants him back. The father of the child. If you what did you and Russia with a comet this morning on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Points or whatever it takes a -- 77. 6:41 -- Wednesday morning -- -- in the morning for Tommy Tucker here's a WWL traffic update with Phil Robinson you know I have to admit that mammoth. Is not one of my areas of expertise and I want to thank the listeners who have sending text who have actually called the show to correct me on my -- this morning. When I was talking about this at 23 year winds -- Louisiana woman who is facing second degree attempted murder charges. It is she apparently tossed her daughter out of a moving vehicle she's 23 she has five kids. So I'm thinking -- trailed a year she would start having kids at eighteen but I also mention that she has a seven year old she 220 -- out of her car. So if she is a seven month old she would have had a first child at sixteen. OK so this is really an example of a very very big problem. If if you're sixteen years old. And OK you have. Reckless sex. And you get pregnant. Wouldn't you figure that well I'm gonna be a little more careful from now. The -- she has. Another child. And another when. Tony three she has five children. Having had a first a sixteen. Is it even fair to be critical of somebody with those kind of family values. I stood in for Tony Tucker world also talking of something that will be discussed in court today here in net New Orleans area. The question is should the state of Louisiana recognize the marriages of gay couples who were married in states where same sex marriage is legal. That's or WW a pretty -- opinion poll and the majority has it shifted. Now a majority 55% say no the state should not recognized legal marriages. Between 66 couples. And 45%. Say yes give us your opinion by going to our web site WW -- dot com mark welcome to WW on good morning. -- I'll leave that instantly and that it should be. They should not. Helpful if Mary -- It. -- insurance company. Offers. Benefits. So I'll get on it and that. Order for fifty years we play. Well on. Then the companies that mine. And worked on all that and I. And they -- in that order all ought. But unfortunately. Italy and a couple. I cannot. And mark. I I believe personally that this should all change and I got an interesting textures scissors to ten years from now some radio host will be sitting perhaps where you are. Telling listeners about how Louisiana was so backwards it was one of the last states to recognize same sex marriage evolved quite choice Louisiana not by force pleased. Also I wanna focus state news -- you're with somebody for fifteen years that he's quite an accomplishment in the world today. And a lot of heterosexuals. Are not that that committed this ideas that. Gay couples are not in committed relationships is absurd. And some of the early cases that brought all of this -- two to the attention of the of the courts. -- people who were in. We're older Americans in very long term relationships with their same sex partners -- I applaud you in the world today. For being dated somebody for fifteen years. -- And -- -- has now. Upper east here merit or or. More. To it more likely are actually more like. And market you know I've been married twice and it was in a relationship forward for sixteen years in I don't think it was all my fault I have to tell you as a heterosexual I have not done much. To respect the institution of marriage I'm not proud of that. But I have to be honest so went right I hear about how. Gay marriage is going to somehow ruined this country in ruin the family unit I think he will think about what heterosexuals have done to gay marriage I mean to have done to it the institution of marriage. Well. If you want to. I'll uphold the site out there and forces. Mark I'm glad to go to show thanks for listening here's a quick update on our WW property -- of people the majority has shifted once again. Should Louisiana recognized legal gay marriages from other states now 59% say yes and 41% saying no give us your opinion by going to WW dot com. I'm scoots in -- Tommy Tucker on this Wednesday morning it's 630 years at WWL news updates -- Christmas. Chris coming up a little bit later we're gonna give away their tickets to see Crosby, Stills and Nash is this anger fear of what a great place to see these guys. Saturday August 23 just listen for the song love the one your -- Which was a single by Stephen Stills but also done by Crosby, Stills and Nash. And we'll get a chance to win that's a listen for the song love the when -- -- -- and if you're the caller the number we hear about you're winner. And you'll get the tickets before anybody can buy a ticket to Crosby, Stills and Nash right here in the morning when they're going to be well. It is candidate I I do I love thinking that it here is it 2014. In doing that talk radio. And I still giving -- concert tickets to vans and I was going to see when I was just starting out and in music radio this -- blog this morning is titled is the Tea Party over. And that's on -- we're excited to be WL dot com you can read -- share with others also last night the Tea Party back -- Mississippi State senator Chris McDaniel. I'm lost a very very close attempt to unseat long term Republican. A senator Thad Cochran 99.9 percent of the precincts in Cochran had his fifty point 8% and mcdaniels has forty. Nine point 2%. I'm -- very very bitter I'm very angry with the Republican Party. And saying that this is not the Reagan Republican Party which it's it's it's not and a lot of people. Try to place Reagan in. Modern times it was in modern times I -- -- times. And you can't really do that. Politicians. Who ran. On certain principles and certain ideas. And project how they would do it today thinking that they would do with the same way and I don't think Ronald Reagan would be the same candidate today. That he was then that Ronald Reagan is an anomaly in it. Ronald Reagan could tell you to the worst news and it it actually didn't sound that bad because he was just such a confident. Soothing. Figure with just incredible persona. Also in the state of Oklahoma. Republican candidate TW Shannon lost to two term congressman. James Lankford. And what's interesting about this is a TW Shannon was endorsed and supported by Sarah Palin and Tea Party darlings. Senators Ted -- At Texas and Mike Lee of Utah. So is the Tea Party over we're gonna talk about this -- up in the next hour. -- WL. Now we're talking about the hearing it's gonna take place this morning in New Orleans a federal judge is scheduled to hear arguments whether or not Louisiana should recognize same sex marriages legally performed in other states. If you -- -- -- show with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. X seventy and a text number is 8787. Here's a -- reason once again the state of Louisiana in bears history in -- sex marriages should absolutely be recognized by the state of Louisiana and all of the people. At large obviously this shouldn't be even a decision. And here is. Another text that reads on every topic you seem to side with political correctness. That your impression I don't know if you listen to the show long enough because there are many times that I am not politically correct. You can. You can be for equality and in my opinion that doesn't mean being politically correct. This is also a conversation on our FaceBook page you can become part of that conversation go to WWL radio on FaceBook and their Charlie -- gets his his comment on FaceBook. Of course they should be recognized. There's no valid reason not to. And god is not a valid reason. Not a valid reason not to. Accept. Couples legally married in other states but if if you're if you're married heterosexual. And you move to Louisiana where you got married in in Las Vegas and came back to two New Orleans and Louisiana. Your marriage would be honored here. So the question before the court today in New Orleans is should same sex marriages that are legal and other states be recognized if the couples come back to New Orleans. Our numbers 260187. Toll free 86688. Parents -- -- Stephanie. And protection -- 77 I screwed if Tommy Tucker and we're coming right back with your comments on Demi WL. -- starting today and tomorrow we're gonna get a wave pairs of tickets to go see Crosby, Stills and Nash at the sinker theater in August listen for the the song from Stephen Stills in Crosby, Stills and Nash. -- love it when you're whereas when you hear that blog about the number -- the -- you win their ticket. Got a text here -- -- mention that here it is you know all these years later and I'm gonna talk radio giving away tickets to concerts. -- that I was going to win these guys were were popularly Crosby, Stills and Nash. -- this text says says -- do you think thirty years from now someone will be on the radio giving away Adam Levine tickets I doubt it. They don't make them like they used to battle looking thirteen ultimately singer with murdering five. I think the -- tomorrow. Will talk about those performers today I hear this so a lot of this crucial ignite under -- well. There's nobody around today -- collapsed. And I think that our people around today who analyst Bruno Mars for example. Just in -- So -- -- show among other things we'll talk about those performers. Today. Who might have a staying power at last as long as the iconic rock stars of today like Crosby, Stills and Nash. Here's an update on our W Google party -- -- people this morning should Louisiana recognized legal gay marriages from other states. 56%. Say yes and 44% say no more -- -- -- coming up next Jeff you're on WW. Yeah yeah yeah. More in the -- is basically saying I am really into -- weren't states of America giving. The state -- choice to decide on the water. In them you know. You have a decision to make. As a person where he went live and all of this like a live where the majority of people into. -- Louisiana and you feel like you're surrounded by people who think like you feel the way you do. Period of well -- regret your vote. Majority well. There should be between a man and a woman. -- But Jeff there was a time. Win this country would have voted especially this part of the country would have voted that blacks and whites should not be allowed to legally get married. That would have been the popular vote but would that had been a fair vote. -- It would have been a fair vote I mean that's what they if that's what they want it. If if the majority says blacks -- 100 mile to get married you'd think that should be law. -- presently our government is giving individual states shall. And we have chosen him and you know there's 49 other states and anybody could. So if they don't like the -- this state. By the majority has spoken and they articles either. But we do have the bill of rights that grants individuals. Rights that supersedes the the will of the majority. Well let's just -- feel about it at great. I'm glad that we can still go and eat and speak our minds in some matters in government only lose that we ought to come robot. -- -- -- -- political have a good day here's a text referring to caller earlier who said to I've -- with my partner for fifteen years. It says -- -- please my partner they can't say wife or my husband. What is a partner it sounds like two cops that right together. That's your partner the honest. Do you think the lord intended for two men into women to sleep together. To marry each other actually -- with this world has become. Well they have to call each other partners because. This country doesn't well some states do but overall this country does it allow. Same sex marriage and so they can't tactically saved my wife for. Arm or my husband and I've received -- of the Texas warning about the the religious aspect of 66 urgent and I understand it. But you know got -- appoint a lot of things that you do. A lot of things that I -- it's not as its same sex marriage is the only sin if you do believe it's -- -- -- -- it for Tommy Tucker it's 6517. Minutes away from 7 o'clock we'll have an update on our. A weather coming up in the news but there's a chance of some big thunderstorms again this afternoon so prepare for that. As you leave the house this morning and here's a WWL traffic updates with Carol Robertson. I have never witnessed our -- -- up pretty -- my opinion polls. Switching so often between majority. And and men minority when it comes to -- this this question the question is. Should Louisiana recognized legal gay marriages from other states now a majority 62% saying no. And 30% say yes give us your opinion by going to our web site WW -- dot com. And the -- blog is -- is the Tea Party over. And talk about that in the next hour there was a highly touted Tea Party candidate who barely lost to long term. Politician. From Mississippi Thad Cochran we'll talk about it coming up in the next hour. Also if you -- join us with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. And a tax -- 778 a today in New Orleans a federal judge is gonna hear arguments about whether you know Louisiana. Must recognize same sex marriages that are legally performed in other states. Here is taxed. That reads. How would its Armenian here they jump all over the place serious attacks that reads. -- -- and -- bit out of town for awhile where's Tommy Tucker. TSA larger Tommy is on vacation he's on vacation in Ireland and I'm sure he'll tell you all about his trip he gets back. -- sometime next week. I hear is attacks the -- as far as Louisiana or any other state or government agencies concerned. Marriage is. Only a way to recognize. And share it. And come. Inheritance and and in benefits. Well I realize that there are technical aspects in financial aspects of marriage. But. Most people get married because they fall in love with some. Most heterosexuals. That I know seeking for myself as well. I didn't fall in love for any financial benefits. I feel I mean -- get married for that reason I got married because I feel a month. And so most people I would think this is it is same with with homosexuals. They're not gonna get married just for the benefits may be the actually love each other and that's the ultimate manifestation. Of love in our society. I've forgotten. Text years says that no matter how many support homosexual marriages they -- still in the minority. We are we going to respect the rights of the majority. Well let's remember that the majority. In -- in cases where involves rights. Majority doesn't rule. The majority could have voted again against blacks having equal rights. We have the bill of rights and it's my understanding that the bill of rights guarantees. Rights to individuals. So majority rule does not supersede. Rights of an individual. And I think that's one of the really precious things about the United States of America. In the same way that -- blacks made up a minority in and still do and homosexuals make up a minority. There are so many people that. That supports gay marriage and support equality for blacks that. It goes far beyond those smaller groups in this country I -- for Tommy Tucker and we'll be right back.

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