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6-25 7:10am Scoot, is the Tea Party bad for the GOP?

Jun 25, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot talks about whether the Tea Party is good or bad for the Republican Party

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good morning Tommy Tucker is site in India Ireland you'll be talking about a stripper comes back tactic when they next week Chris Rock legend stating. Says that his children are not gonna inherit his 300 million dollar fortune. When he dies he's not gonna -- many of the money. He said he wants his kids to make their lives of their own he doesn't want -- -- depend on that under -- -- I know people who. Are kinda sitting around waiting for their -- to die and they could not anxious for him to die but they know when their parents die they're gonna to be pretty much set for life. And baby boomers -- generation did to reap the benefits of their parents having very healthy mean not all they -- numbers because I'm part of a generation and it I didn't benefit. But there are a lot of baby boomers who have. I've become instantly wealthy because their parents have passed away with to -- insurance policies. But -- -- a little surprised that -- only has 300 million dollars and know that might sound weird but I thought he would be worth a lot more than that. Hard for media estimates liberty were 300 million -- about right between the board you know who's -- with police pluses solo act and a few movies that I mean it's not like he's out -- -- multi media sort of you know he's not wannabes. The basically conglomerate slight. Oprah or Martha Stewart who's got their hands and all kinds of different endeavors. I just thought he would have a lot more than that when you think about his his success with the police and especially with a solo career but apparently he had and his wife Trudy. Are spending a lot of money they've got certain causes in and things at -- -- did -- force in things like that. So apparently he's he's spending his money which is I guess another philosophy making it rain in the rain that Christ and you just you know you've got the money -- -- and spend it and don't just save it for your kids we'll talk about that a little bit later in the show but what I really -- -- out of this was that staying said he wanted to teach his kids to. Have a strong work ethic. And not to depend on his money I think Bill Gates is also talk about how he's not gonna leave his fortune for his kids I mean it probably won't be doing bad but you know he's doing everything he can't give away his money -- to Philanthropic causes too we'll talk about that little bit later in the show. I've screwed it for Tommy Tucker -- us on this Wednesday morning. It's cloudy already in this time of year when it's cloudy this early in the day you know there's going to be some thunderstorms later this afternoon there were a superb round yesterday and there will be more today. Here's an update on our WWL pretty general opinion poll is one of the things we're talking about this morning should Louisiana recognize legal gay marriage from other states. Right now 84% saying no. And only 16% say yes that he's been a big switch earlier in the majority said yes Louisiana should recognize. Legal gay marriages from other states. I give us your opinion I go to our website WWL dot com and we're talking about this because here in New Orleans in federal court. A judge is gonna hear arguments about whether or not Louisiana must recognize same sex marriages legally performed. In other states got a text from somebody who says I have a concealed carry permit in Louisiana but that doesn't allow me to have a concealed carry permit in another state. And then I've received a number of text that has made the argument Louisiana should be able to decide for itself. We should have majority rule when it comes to things like same sex marriage. And the point I brought out is it blown majority rule is expected is respected in this country. Majority rule doesn't trump. Individual rights. Because again if that time and in this part of the country win if they came to a majority vote blacks would have never received equal rights. So it came down to the constitution. And the bill of rights guaranteeing individuals. Their rights. If you wanna join Russia with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Series seven tech's number 87870. Albert's he earned every WL good morning. Board. You know like. He. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It shepherd from -- and tired and you know you should raise your kids. To pretty good workers could be. Just to have a good work ethic and -- you. Something when you passed on or you don't mean that kind of you know whatever mean it shouldn't. I don't get that whole thing. Yeah I waited so stinks not leaving his 300 million dollar -- kids he said if any of his kids it needed his help and got in trouble now he would he'd he'd help them out. But he doesn't want them to plan on having his money when he passes away. -- -- OK but I mean it's. It's -- people it would kids you know took him to be hard workers and he's not gonna. I don't know what were years. You know if they do any programmer in -- You know it they're hard workers and her narrow. It's an interesting point Albert Glaser called -- we'll talk about that later in the show this morning. Last night Tea Party backed Mississippi State senator candidates Chris McDaniel. Lost in a very close race to unseat longtime Republican Mississippi senator Thad Cochran. Cochran last night and 5050. Point 8% of the vote mcdaniels had 49 point 2% of the vote. Beat Daniel was very bitter and blasted the Republican Party and he criticized his opponents for trying to reach out to democratic voters. Also in Oklahoma. A Republican candidate backed by a Tea Party darlings. A senators Ted Cruz at Texas and likely a -- taught and former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. On the candidates in Oklahoma lost to a two term senator. The question is is the Tea Party over and that's -- -- blog it's on our website at WW dot com you can read it and shared. And reliable talk about that coming up next also this hour when you hear the Stephen -- song Crosby -- session and younger also. Of the when you're with I'll give out the number if -- the -- call or you win two tickets to see Crosby, Stills and -- Saturday August 23 at this anger theater. What a great great place to see those guys I'm looking forward to that she'll get a chance to win two tickets coming up on to be WL. Is that Tea Party over. That's a question and it's also discuss blog -- website WW well dot com. -- many Republicans believe that their party should move to the rights and do much of that -- movement is represented by the Tea Party but there are still many Republicans that believe the party would be best served. In general election by having a more moderate candidate and a more moderate platform so this battle for the heart and soul of the Republican Party does continue. And it does accentuate this great divide within the party. There was a very closely watched race in Mississippi yesterday as the primaries continue in this mid term election year 2014. I'm last night Tea Party backed candidates Chris McDaniel lost in a very close race with longtime senator Thad Cochran. Mean Daniel was really bitter after the loss here's part of what he had to say after the he didn't really quite conceit but here's part of what he would say. The Republicans to have to come together at some point. But the idea they were reaching out in the Republican primary after reaching cohesion. And party uniforms. -- they would reach out. And vulnerable Democrats to sway his vote for liberals that concerns me as -- But what I find interesting about this is every candidate should try to reach across the -- And what Chris McDaniel is saying is he's he's angry that Thad Cochran. Reached out to democratic voters. I guess he's angry because they didn't vote for him. Now this is something that may have happened in the the loss of very -- in Virginia primary recently. There were reports that the Democrats were not an excuse me campaigning. To. Has everybody vote for the Tea Party backed candidate against. Against Eric Cantor. Believing that the Tea Party backed candidate would be easier to beat in the general election. And I remember how popular Reagan was for many Democrats to the point where they had ending. They were called Reagan Democrats. So is it wrong for a candidate to. Reach out to the other party. And if Republicans don't do that on the national stage. How did they expect to win the election. If you gonna join Russia with a comet -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- here recently tax is 87870. And -- for semi Tucker 7 Tony Wednesday morning showers are on the way here's another WW traffic updates -- -- It was a really close race so I think this says a lot about the power of the Tea Party last night in Mississippi. It was senator Chris McDaniel who was the Tea Party backed candidate who lost a very very close race to longtime senator. Thad Cochran. But part of this might not be about the attractiveness of the Tea Party movement part of this might be discontent with. Long time stamp -- politicians not just Republicans. And in Oklahoma a candidate who respects him by Sarah Palin. And -- Tea Party senators Ted Cruz and Mike -- -- you talk that candidates lost to a two term congress. So is that is the Tea Party over if you wanna join -- show with your comment on numbers 2601870. -- free 86688. -- early Saturday at tech's number is 87870. Is a text on 66 marriage of we're talking about that if you've just joined us because. In federal court today in New Orleans. A judge she's going to decide whether Louisiana should recognize same sex marriages that are performed legally in other states. And -- marriage who was accepted wherever it went if you get married in another state leader. If you go to Vegas and get married can make your marriage is recognized the question is under the constitution should same sex marriages legally performed. In other states should they be legally recognized here in Louisiana. And that's -- -- -- -- pretty general opinion polls have give your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. Here's a -- reads it's a very difficult topic one man one woman makes a marriage to men to women marriages is an abomination. The sanctity of marriage has been destroyed. Well -- same sex marriage has not been legal up to this point if the institution of marriage in the sanctity of marriage has been destroyed. Wouldn't she -- heterosexuals. And -- a two time divorced. Heterosexual. I don't know what I've done to maintain the sanctity of marriage. From man to -- Walter you're -- WWL. Yeah. About Cochran yeah well the problem that at least -- is it. He ran on on bring on the -- Deficit spending. A -- with the other. Republicans flat wrong. But he's been -- That the problem. Object we term and god that we need term limits -- alt. -- -- -- you know I just -- remind us all that we do you have the ability to limit terms by voting people out of office and Cochran was almost voted out. I I I I I agree with you with it there's a lot of discontent with those people who had been part of the problem but as you know. You people in America don't like congress. But they like the year politicians who have been in office and been part of the problem for a long time who continue to bring money back to their state. I think yeah they keep being gullible we said you can -- office. It happens very rarely. It does it does it do you. -- my point is you can't and voters need to realize that you have that power. You can't do it. On May not happen -- Sounding robbers thought and that was. We go there come on the planning it well and bat and then. After a couple of times there you you leave you know it's not -- she shouldn't be there. I agree with that -- going to called -- -- you -- to join us with your comment this morning -- numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. What's happening tech's number is 87870. A senator Chris McDaniel in Mississippi said after the after the election is over again he really didn't seem to totally concede but he condemned. Democratic voters he condemned his his his opponent Thad Cochran for courting democratic voters trying to get them to vote for him. But isn't that just part of the process. He said that this was a party the GOP was a party of principle of one point. A party of courage at one point. It was Reagan that said. We will we will be a party of bold colors not pastels. And yet there are millions of people who feel. Like strangers in their own party there is a true battle for. The direction in the heart and soul of the Republican Party. I I think there's a lot of misunderstanding. If Ronald Reagan. In the world we live in today. Ronald Reagan was a great compromiser. Ronald Reagan was at odds with speaker of the house Tip O'Neill. Who was a liberal Democrat. All the time. But they managed to reach across the aisle and get things done. And Ronald Reagan compromise a lot. I don't know that brought Ronald Reagan was so brilliant. In his election in 1980 and re election 1984. That I think Ronald Reagan understood. The the temperature of the political climate I think he understood that at the time. I don't think Ronald Reagan would run that same campaign today and yet there are so many conservatives who. So Revere. Ronald Reagan that they believe well we need a candidate like -- yet you need a candidate like -- you need a populist candidate. Either candidate who can appeal to Democrats. Who can appeal to independents. This idea of attracting democratic voters. -- think that's something very important for the Republican Party to to be aware of and it sounds to me like Mississippi State senator Chris McDaniel. Is a sore looser. If you -- to join us this morning our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668. -- dines here which seventy. 77 more of your text calls coming up next thanks go in for Tommy Tucker 730. On Wednesday morning and here's another deputy relatives -- -- -- -- All right thanks Chris Chris children for David like the sport and and forward Tommy Tucker. A Crosby stills and answer coming to New Orleans will be at the -- theater Saturday night's August the 23 what a great show that's going to be able -- pleased to see Crosby, Stills and Nash. I said sometime this hour we're gonna give away appears to have got five pair of tickets to giveaway to show today and tomorrow. -- giveaway appeared this hour I haven't done it yet. So your chance. Is coming up. Is the Tea Party good for the Republican Party if if you're Republican. We do you want your party to go there is this there's a civil war battle however you want to phrase it. It's a battle for the heart and soul and direction of the Republican Party and there RT party candidates getting a lot of attention. Including respect Daniel who almost beat Thad Cochran in in Mississippi. That Cochran just one very close race but I think that's still says something significant about discontent with a stamp bleached long time politicians. I think it also says something about that the Tea Party. And they are obviously still a lot of people who support the Tea Party if you're a Republican where do you want your party to go. If you were a Democrat where do you want the Republican Party to go and if you're an independent. How do you feel about it it's. There's a new CBS in New York Times poll showing that 47% of Republicans believe Tea Party candidates running against the established Republican candidates is good for the party. But 35% say the Tea Party candidates are bad for the party. -- recently there was the shocking loss of house Republican leader Eric Cantor in the recent Virginia primary. It was viewed as a a warning shot fired across the bow of the Republican political ship. And on June the tenth 2014 and New York Times article about McCain or defeat it started out by saying. In one of the most stunning primary election upsets in congressional history. The house majority leader Eric Cantor was soundly defeated. By a Tea Party backed economics professor. Who had hammered him for being insufficiently conservative. Do you think the Republican Party needs to be more conservative. If you wanna join Russia with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seven or text number is 87870. Also today we've -- been talking about how a federal judge in court here in New Orleans this morning. He's going to decide whether Louisiana. But must recognize same sex marriages legally performed in other states. And here is attacks that wants to know. Which oh do I know which federal judge is hearing the case. All I saw on line is is one of the magistrate judges the case that the judge during the case is US district judge Morton Feldman. And here is a -- I don't claim to be right but the Virginia primary. May be counting on -- And have allowed the Virginia voters a clear choice a Democrat or an obstructionist. Politics. Gets done in the middle as it should be because most of us are in the middle of the spectrum. Any time a party swings to left or to right there is backlash. And that's true the majority of this country. It's more like me. A radical moderate. Somehow the image of of being a moderate tennis -- has been negative. And it's really not. You could have conviction. And everything you talk about. You can have strong conviction about any issue you talk about it. But if you're not beholden to the right with the left. On every issue. Then. Your your labeled a moderate. And I don't know why this country is so intent on making sure that everybody's either. Right or left liberal or conservative. Republican or Democrat. Why did you have to be that will -- There are a lot of people who are fiscal. Conservatives. And social liberals. So where do you want the Republican Party to. Our numbers 260187. Toll free 86688. -- here which having a text number is 87870. We're giving away tickets to see Crosby stills Nash and August at the center -- you've got another chance coming up later in the show what will give away a couple more pairs of tickets. On the show tomorrow I'm skewed in -- Tommy Tucker it's 746 in this. Wednesday morning and congratulations to Emmanuel. -- delete aside he is a winner of two tickets to OC Crosby, Stills and Nash the -- theater Saturday night's August 23 again your chances coming up here in just a moment. That's -- we play coming out of the break receive Crosby, Stills and Nash. A teacher children. You know that was fought a long time ago and and maybe that's concept we should bring back today. We're talking about whether or not the Tea Party is is over at a Tea Party getting a lot of attention in this mid term election year 2014. If you -- Republican witty what the party to go. If you're a Democrat where would you like to see the Republican Party go and if you're an independent. Which way to using the moving toward Republicans feeling toward Democrats. If you wanna join Russia with your comment this morning are numbers 2601878. Total free 8668890. Point seven and a text numbers 877. Here's a Texan -- Cisco and I agree with you that the electorate means the voters has the power to limit terms the problem is voter turnout for elections. I would be curious to know what the turnout -- in last night's election in Mississippi. And that that is it is a factor. -- there was a very low Turk who will voter turnout in the Virginia primary. Now when there's low voter turnout the more enthusiastic. And I don't say this in a negative way. But the more fanatical. Voters who support a candidate are more likely to vote. And that actually skews the results because it's not a reflection of the mainstream as much as it is the group it was more. And had a greater -- need to go out and vote. Here is attacks the whole premise of either right or left goes back to the basic idea of divide and conquer. Indeed it does and I think we really need to ask ourselves why why are we -- interest it in labeling everybody. I know that there are a lot of people like I get texts and emails about this. What people concerned because. I don't define myself as a conservative. Or liberal. I'm a radical moderate. It really depends on the issue I have an opinion about whatever I talk about whatever issue comes up. But I'm not beholden to the rights or to the left. And for some reason that does make some people uncomfortable. -- branded summary that I had seen a long time. Many years. And he hadn't been listening to show he says scooter remember you we -- together to -- -- -- short time ago he said. As to what he -- him to don't talk joint -- well he goes are you an Obama supporter. Why should that be the first question that somebody would ask. Particularly marquis or WWL. Point one up out these. That were -- You know Eric hit the hit a lot of people win the acting out Romney in its beaches. Because he -- Atlantic only changes -- Here are more to the point that the lemonade. The system that we know. That point in my -- Well there and that bit the -- You know almost on the -- probably able people 01 -- like it is the fact that the Social Security. -- -- -- -- And and and that we -- people want. At that particular either but -- -- -- -- the republic -- it was. But that that if there at all the vote Enron. People that it was it -- all. Lost -- like Obama everybody. I mean you a lot more and and -- mentioned here and people. But. -- you patrol around. -- Capitol Hill that it will. It is good that Barrick. To a pre market so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There was -- Market got to get through traffic break but it going to come out there was a lot of talk about impeaching George W. Bush there was talk of impeaching. Ronald Reagan's so impeaching the president means that this is really nothing new here's a text that reads in homeless if you mention moderation. Your label a flaming liberal. I'm studio for Tammy Tucker it's 7519. Minutes away from car accident that get you know traffic update with Terrell Robinson. Expected to show good morning -- there. There are going to be some thunderstorms later on today there -- few showers yesterday. I guess you guys will be two reactors subpoenaed they Shelden Williams in Jordan for eco news studio. Just laughing at high five because they play the song by Diana Ross and coming out. To come out. I was never in. Here's attacks that reads you or you are moderates. You -- your moderated by sheer hard left on most issues go figure. And the election should be held on Saturday so voter turnout would be better. -- voter -- be better if elections were held on Saturday about that Tuesday. Think about all the things that there are regular Saturday. You'd think people are gonna actually go vote on Saturday if they don't vote on Tuesday. I disagree with it. There's voter apathy in this country and issue on America for them it's just amazing to me. Everybody -- register to vote or almost every. It's amazing to me units so few people actually go vote -- clearly this is something that other countries. Are willing to. Their citizens are willing to die for the right to vote. We have. We're given. The have to fight for -- they're. And we don't know which take advantage of these well I'd like who's right well it's still election pick. The one that best represents New York. Rock legend staying says his kids will not inherit his 300 million dollar fortune when he dies because he wants to teach them work ethic don't depend on his money. Make it on your own talk about that in the next hour. A coming up with the Garland -- in a think tank today at 10 o'clock do you often question you should trust. Well -- to give you some reasons like maybe you shouldn't trust people. Now also will the will the rise in sea levels extreme heat caused huge economic destruction. In the United States as to who -- girl talk about a decline into the think tank with Garland Robinette today ten to one. On DaVita Q well here's an update on our W you'll pretty jaguar opinion poll today. In -- New Orleans in federal court there's a judge who's -- decide if Louisiana should recognize. Legal marriages legal gay marriages from other states. Right now 76% saying no the station night. In only 24% say yes the state -- you can give your opinion by going to our website -- W real outcome. Really sad story in the news about this. This woman a 23 year old woman. Through one for kids out of her car she was trying to get the -- Her boyfriend the father of the -- I guess this was there are different. She -- the child. Out of the car. She's 23 years old she -- five kids. The oldest one -- seven. And she said she she called the father of the kids and told him that one of the kids was injured and it didn't bring you back. So she thought -- really threw the kid out of the window of the car. The tournament pulled off told the between -- of the car really hurt the child and maybe that will bring him back. Obviously the woman has been arrested for attempted second degree murder fortunately. The child's going to be okay and in hospital on its report this is wins for a woman 23 years old. Five kids. What does that -- it tells me a lot. About that particular family. I'm -- for Tommy Tucker if you -- -- with a comment about anything we're talking about this morning at numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78 text is 87070. And we'll be right back after the news but it W.

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