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WWL>Topics>>6-25 8:10am Scoot, would you leave an inheritance?

6-25 8:10am Scoot, would you leave an inheritance?

Jun 25, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot takes your calls and talks to listeners about teaching kids to have a good work ethic and whether you

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Chris and we have a few kids how many -- three -- I would think that your starting to figure out ways to teach them to have a strong work ethic. And you have to guaranteed money and appreciate things. Yeah you know make -- clean up their room and all that other stuff got a clear in the table when -- done just yet try to instill little you know the value of hard work in the. In a rock icon sting -- says he's not gonna give his these kids just 300 million dollars when he dies says they have to they have to fend for themselves recently got a trouble he would help them out. If you -- 300 million dollars for -- to to your kids. I can tell your right now and I give my kids 300 billion if you had it if I had it maybe not all of it. Yeah I'm not sure I mean if I had 300 million dollars would I leave enough to my kids that they'd never have to work again or. Or not there what -- put some kind of clause and like you've got to hold down a full time job for twenty years and then you get the money -- I admire staying forward to try to teach this at work ethic concept to his kids by. Not having them think well you know we just did -- money and investing in his wife for Trudy are apparently spending a lot of money on. Their cause is rain forest and in things like that. I would be tempted to leave my money's to my sign. But it's I wouldn't do it if I thought he was sitting around waiting for me to die and I know people who lords sitting around waiting for the pair Sadat. I know people who have found purchased a big houses and have been able to get into big time investments and have made a lot of money. Simply because their parents have died he would not be the people they are if their parents had died in and left the money is it good to leave your kids. A big fortune and a baby boomer generation has benefited from their parents having big life insurance policies. And property that they have inherited not all baby boomers I'm a baby boomer. I guess my dad did a good job of teaching the strong work ethic because. He didn't get anything. To me is it my dad died at the end didn't really have anything to get me I mean I love my damn I'm not angry about that at all. But -- a lot of people do inherit a lot from their parents is this a good idea and to broaden this this discussion it's important for parents to teach. Their children -- work ethic. What is it that you do right now or what is it that you have done. That you think is helped teaching your kids are strong work ethic. And can you think -- something that your parents did. To teach you a strong work ethic. If you gonna join our show our numbers 2601870. Because we're thing that we talk about quite often is the lack of of work ethic in America. And whenever we have talked about minimum wage we talk about the apathetic lazy minimum wage workers who don't have a strong work -- Parents need to teach that. Among other things. So what have you done to teach your kids. To have a strong work ethic. And what is it that your parents did to teach you to have a strong market. Our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. X seventy and a text number is 87870. And from -- downtown New Orleans Diane you're on WW out. I think -- yes remembered. On the money he left he really really. And being crop is cute yet it because that they. Eat. Definitely -- he didn't get work. -- that afterward to get that money I'm -- -- that they were they would have to work. In fact really get out and for the import and they say. -- there are people who. They don't want to admit it they'll never admitted consciously. But they're sitting back and they know that they're going to be taking care of they don't they may be. Some people actually don't have to work hard now they just have to get by because they know when their parents die they'll be set for life is that it is that a good message to send your kids. Which are you -- can you even ample. And let it does give it to YouTube because it letting them -- Dianna -- I'm going to call the show if you would join us with your comment this morning our numbers 260 winning seventy. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. At a -- numbers 877. Here is attacks that reads I'm leaving my kids all of my debts I hope they can handle it better than me. Here is attacks that reads. You're being so judgmental about a Christian. What you. What you know these people aren't just. If this is if this is a comment about. About this this wins admiral Louisiana woman who threw her twenty month old baby out of the car window to try to get a -- attention. I don't think you should have five kids at the age of 2.3. Now that's just my opinion from what I know about the world that I live in. From what I know about what it takes to raise a child today. And her oldest child is seven therefore she had her first child at sixteen. Now maybe I'm old fashioned but I think that's a little young to have kids. And she obviously. Liked it because she had four more. And in an effort to get her husbands are that the father it is -- husband. In order to get his attention she threw her twenty month old out of the window over car fortunately. The tournament oldest in the hospital and is gonna do well. I executed atomic tech review and enjoys for the comet are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Ninths -- point seven Texas 87870. Here's a Texas -- had a fortune first I would teach my children the value of money that I would teach them to earn it. My money. Which you leave the fortune to your kids -- -- apparently the fortune to you. And what did you do to teach your kids or work ethic and what did -- parent student teacher restored work ethic. Here's a quick update on our -- get you a pretty jacked up people should Louisiana recognize legal gay marriages from other states 75%. Say no 25% say yes. Here's a new song from new CD I think it's going to be released next month with the -- Ezra uncle Kris you're lucky I'm studio we'll be right back at WWL. It's 18. Cloudy Wednesday morning and there are some showers around I ten. I guess this would be around that Lake Charles a close to the Louisiana Texas border. So in the southwest Louisiana there's some heavy thunderstorms and we're expecting some heavy thunderstorms on and off throughout the day today and tomorrow. Here in New Orleans. I'm -- in for Tony Tucker rock icon sting says he's not go to -- kids and -- 300 million dollar fortune when he dies he wants them to grow with a strong work -- So we're talking about what your parents did to teach she was strong work ethic and would you leave your kids a lot of money if you thought they were sitting around just waiting to waiting to inherited. And just spending time really just getting by. Because they know they're gonna get your money. Now also coming up in the show I can do at this hour next -- got another pair of tickets to -- to see Crosby, Stills and -- they're going to be in New Orleans at the -- -- Saturday. August the 23. It's going to be great what a great place to Crosby stills Nash. As for a minibus it to bring back a lot of memories from the past I think it's really cool it all these years later -- doing a talk radio show and scoot is still giving away. Concert tickets -- promised he stills and and Nash. Let's do that it -- would do at this hour coming up this hour when you hear the song -- the one you win -- Steve and still single also done by Crosby, Stills and Nash. When you hear that you need to be the call -- at the number that I give out and you win appear to -- to go see the concert. We've also been talking about via. The primary last night. On the Tea Party backed candidate in Mississippi State center Chris McDaniel. Lost in a very close race we have -- Republican senators Thad Cochran. With 99.9 percent of the precincts in Cochran had fifty point 8%. Daniels had 49 point 2%. Daniel was rather bitter blasted the Republican Party criticized his opponent for reaching out to Democrats. Teddy should've done that. But I thought that's what you had to do. To get people to vote for. You have to reach across the -- but he was very very critical. This raises the question is the Tea Party over for the Republican Party and which direction should the Republican Party go. If you're Republican which direction do you want your party to go if your Democrat. Which direction which you like to -- The Republican Party going into your independent. Which way to yielding if you wanna join our show with your comment this morning -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And a text number is 8787. Here's attacks -- like but Warren Buffett said. Billionaire he said he wanted to leave his kids enough money so. They thought they can do anything. Would not so much. That they thought they can do nothing. Here's a -- -- between my dad in the Marines might work ethic is strong. Thank god. A student for Tommy Tucker it's a 21 here's -- of the WWL traffic updates with Terrell Robinson. And welcome back to our show before I get back to what we've been talking about this morning I -- mention something about what we talked about yesterday. We talked about this this young girl Victoria and Yahoo! small by three temples. And her her family set up a FaceBook page Victoria's victories. And it got so much attention that even a plastic surgeon from Las Vegas went to Jackson Mississippi to visit her. The reason it got so much attention is the story wise that Victoria was told to leave for her grandmother was told to get her out of the McDonald's. -- KFC -- get out of the KFC. Injection. Because her scars. Were disturbing. The other customers. And that's led to a 135000. Dollars in money in. I produce items ending in plastic surgery offers. -- for this little girl. It was a hoax which you mentioned yesterday apparently she was never asked to leave KFC because of her scars. But it's a story that attracted a lot of attention. This girl was still mauled by three pupils. She's still has the scars. And god bless all these people who have come forward. To when a helper. And I hope they still -- helper even though. It was a hoax that got their attention. It shouldn't take a hoax. To get our attention when it comes to somebody like Victoria. Here's an update on our WW a pretty -- opinion poll should Louisiana recognize legal gay marriages from other states 72%. Saying no. Only 28% say yes that's -- to BW a pretty general opinion poll this morning in New Orleans a federal judge is gonna hear arguments. -- Louisiana must recognize a same sex marriages legally performed. In other states obviously a very very controversial issue and -- good -- today is titled is the Tea Party over. And there had been a number of primaries in this -- to term election year 2014. That effort toward a lot of attention to the Tea Party once again is the Tea Party over you can read that sure with others it's on our website at WWL dot com. There was a uninteresting a poll that had -- had been taken by CBS news in New York Times. And it shows that more Democrats are confident in their party and Republicans are in the years. 69% of the Democrats feel positive about their party. 54% of Republicans feel positive about their party independent voters in -- Dave -- a strong swing vote they're unhappy with the the party. Mean they can decide how an election turns out. Independent voters said they don't believe anyone of the party's 64%. Of the independents or discouraged about the future of the Republican Party 56% or discouraged about the future. Of the Democrat party. If you at a joiner showed comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven at a text -- 77. Rock legend -- says his kids are not going to inherit is 300 billion dollar fortune when he dies he grew up in a Porsche -- area of England. And he what's his kids to make a life on the -- He said they have to work. They know that they rarely ask for anything -- set I really respect and appreciate that sting also said that if they were in trouble he would help them. But he and his children have a strong work ethic and he wants them to succeed. He's got six kids to from a previous marriage and four with a -- style or his his wife now and he says that they're there they're spending a lot of money. There's been a lot of money on their causes -- force and whenever the other causes are you said they're spending a lot of money and don't plan on saving it for their kids. Hosting city doesn't wanna leave trust funds. That are albatross is around the necks. Of his kids. This thing is sting a good -- Is he teaching his kids strong work ethic is it good for somebody with that much money to say hey. You know I -- get my money not because I don't -- But because I don't what you have to depend -- -- Did you receive an inheritance. And do you plan on leaving. A lot of money to your kids. And what is it that you've done to teach your kids a strong work ethic because that's the job of every parent. I don't remember specifically what my dad did to my dad was was hard working. And while my dad. Wasn't able to leave me anything when he passed away. My dad left me with a very strong work ethic. And what might get less -- with or so many wonderful things that. I I'm better off with what he left me that if he would have left me. A lot of money. And he taught me that life is it fair and sometimes you don't win and if you don't win you just have to work a little harder. At winning. From Covington during the BWL. The fact that more and like this in my parents left. And adequate amount of money or -- LaMont brought that Putin. -- -- -- made her come Warren Buffett made it about it after a year that investment. Our primary. Date and you know it it's proper but you know so. It gets the okay it's it's not black packet network yet obvious if you -- talk apparently. You know and part of -- you know. The learned that were the policies -- -- view at all. Project. -- that debate. Especially in this -- code and other investments. -- -- Florida could go about political. Very quickly that I'm gonna get to news. -- you know compared to sort -- -- people think it's -- kinda built around some sort Republican Democrat that. You took the victory I'd be expected pretty good back nine to. And and even dispute we've got wall for quotas so it's really the public and I think it's becoming more partners. -- I'm good I'm glad you called have a great day. I'm scoots in for Tommy Tucker it's 830 warning yours or Chris Miller with a WWL news updates you exactly what it's gonna happen but I can tell you that. Sometime this hour he got a chance to win some tickets to Crosby, Stills and Nash this anger Saturday night August 23. Listen to this to the song when Stephen Stills which was also done -- Crosby stills Nash lost the one you whipped it can tell you exactly where and put. Tell it's gonna come out sometime this hour. I'm -- it for Tony Tucker it's 838 we've been talking about -- rock legend sting telling his kids he's big he's not gonna give them is 300 million dollar fortune it's listing would have had more money than that. But apparently he and Trudy -- wife for our spending a lot of money on their causes and I don't know if I'd had that kind of money to be traveling all around. But he said his kids have to work and they rarely asking for anything and he's really proud of that which I think really brought up a bigger question about what did your parents teach you. About a strong work ethic. And what are you teaching your kids about a strong work ethic. I love this text to my parents didn't buy everything. Everything I want. They told me that I need to earn my own money for toys. I started taking up the trash. Vacuuming the floor. And doing the dishes for a weekly allowance. At twelve. That wasn't enough. So I started mowing the neighbor's lawns. That seems like such a really simple thing but that's a really important last. And in the same way when you get in the workplace when when did the topic of raising the minimum wage comes up. Always find myself saying nobody should be happy with the minimum wage. You know try to raise a family on minimum wage. What I work for minimum wage I thought I'd I'd need more than this. So you work hard and you figure out ways to make it to mean you can demanded you're not entitled to more. But you -- -- and you work for. Here's a text about the direction the Republican Party in the power of the Tea Party. I am a Republican I would like to see the Democratic Party go to hell got a text earlier -- for somebody who said they thought the Republican Party should go down the drain. Where would you like to see the party go in which direction there is this continuing battle for the heart and soul and the direction. Of the Republican Party if you wanna join us with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. And a text number is 87070. We're giving away tickets to see Crosby, Stills and Nash. Saturday August -- thirds anger theater door it's going to be great show and again. These guys are such icons and so legendary in order a perfect place to see. Crosby, Stills and Nash sank -- theater. Tickets have a go on sale yet to be to get those assume we're giving away here under BWL. I and our congratulations to Sylvia McGwire she just won a pair of tickets to Crosby, Stills and Nash sank her. And we'll give away a couple more appear tomorrow so just be listening for Crosby stills and canceling we'll talk about that's on the show tomorrow. I'm scooting in for Tony Tucker it's a 45 a quarter till nine. If you're not in some rain you will be out later in all probability of very good chance to -- showers there were some big thunderstorms yesterday afternoon -- I got caught in in one of them. It literally got caught it -- left of -- to sparsely down admired. In my car senator brought out in the rain -- that was really stupid I I left him down will be taken with according to a lot since it's storming and I have to go through when -- up. We're talking about work ethic guy and this is a topic that's come up weaknesses -- says he start to believe is 300 million dollar fortune to his kids. Here is a text about work ethic that says I but I did on my own since I was sixteen. And I think every person wants to do better for their kids than their parents before them with that being said. I wouldn't leave millions of dollars to my son or daughter I would much rather leave a legacy. Like a family business. That they could keep for generations. That's a really that's that's a good thought rather than just leave him money leave them a family business. I I do know people went to school with people who have now inherited their their -- businesses and they're doing very well. I also know people who are. To go through -- sit around. Like that don't they know what their parents to dot I mean maybe some do. But most of them what appears to die but they're actually. Living with the security that you know what I'm just gonna inherit all this money. And I'll be fine. That doesn't teach work ethic hasn't. If you wanna join Russia with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- early seventy Antarctic summer is 87870. It's a double WL pretty general opinion poll should the Republican Party become more conservative. His continues to be a topic of discussion during this mid term election year 2014. And the Tea Party backed candidates in Oklahoma and in Mississippi. Did not win in their primaries. Yesterday this is also part of our FaceBook conversation at WWL radio and here's a FaceBook comment from Jeremy M. The Tea Party is dangerous they -- filled with ignorant people like Ted Cruz Sara Palin. And countless others you know it's my understanding that did the Tea Party actually started out to be a party about. Lower taxes. About getting government spending under control but it has been people like Ted Cruz Sara Palin and declined decks of the world. Who have. Tainted it. The image of the Tea Party because they brought it all these social issues. These social issues. Abortion same sex marriage. Legalizing pot they brought in these these social moral issues. Win. It's very clear that there are. A growing number of Americans who are not interested in political parties focusing on those kind of social issues. And yet did the Tea Party has been credit taken over. From those who started it in this was a reference to the Boston Tea Party in the 70s70s. Which was a big. Of the protest against Texas without representation. But. The Tea Party has now become this right wing faction at whether that's fair or not that seems to be the impression. If you wanna join us our numbers 260187. Toll free 866889. Early Saturday text. Is -- 77 here's a question should the Republican Party become more conservative. 71%. Saying no. Only 29% say yes. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com they're there seems to be this this thought process that. Well the Republican Party has had moderate candidates. Mitt Romney. John McCain. Bob Dole these were all moderate Republicans and they lost. Well I think they lost. Not because they were moderate. I think they were actually taken out of their comfort zone. And and and taught to -- -- told to be conservative. And acted really worked for them. So there seems to be this misconception of what direction the Republican Party needs to go we'll talk more about this when we come -- it's 8:50 on this Wednesday morning. -- astute in the morning for Tommy Tucker and here's another -- if -- real traffic update with Gerald Robinson. Last night in Mississippi and also in the state of Oklahoma -- two Tea Party backed candidates did not win. He Republican candidate in Oklahoma TW Shannon lost to two term congressman James Lankford. -- he was supported by Sarah Palin and senators Ted Cruz and Michael -- both linked to the Tea Party. And and Tea Party backed candidate Chris McDaniel. -- loss to longtime senator in Mississippi Thad Cochran and he was very critical of via the opponent. Thad Cochran. For appealing to democratic voters. Now is it wrong to do that I would think that would be a very positive thing if you and enjoy our show with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866890. Point seven text. Is a 7870. Argue passport you've got to the best of Angela coming up today from one to four WWL. This is a really interesting topic will relaxing in -- PDs drug used policy help recruitment. -- someone who dabbled in drugs in their use should they be given an opportunity to join the force. Also it was gonna talk about whether or not a new state law it's gonna eliminate the quality of life concerns in the French Quarter and other neighborhoods. Excessive noise from businesses sent heavy trucks barreling down the street. Tasteless T shirts at storefront windows and shop windows and blaring loud music. It is this going to be good thing or bad thing for the French Quarter and New Orleans the presidential hill today one to four -- WWL and coming up in the next hour we'll talk about. Whether or not all Americans. Should have paid leave for the birth of the child. America is the only industrialized nation that does not mandate. Paid time off for mothers and fathers. -- actually for mothers I don't think fathers get paid time off in every country but President Obama wants to change this. So if your mother how long did you take off after your child was born. In your debt did you take any time off and you're a business owner. Could you afford to give paid leave to mothers and fathers. In America is again the only industrialized nation that does not mandate paid time off for the mothers and newborns. We'll talk about the coming up in the next hour here's a quick update on our WW a pretty general opinion poll it's a question that does continue should the Republican Party become more conservative. 57% say no and 43%. Say yes. There continues to be this impression that well because Mitt Romney was moderate. Because John McCain and Bob Dole were moderate and they all lost. Then the Republican Party obviously needs to become more conservative. Which I think is it is the wrong assumption. Because. Mitt Romney while he was a moderate governor of Massachusetts. John McCain Bob -- to moderate senators. They were not actually allowed to be their moderate cells during the campaign. They were steered to the right. By the Republican Party and a conservative platform. If Mitt Romney was running against President Obama today. Mitt Romney would win. If Mitt Romney was allowed to be himself. If Mitt Romney would have been allowed to be himself and that's for the reasons why I think these these candidates misspeak. When they're on the campaign trail. When -- taken out of your comfort to when you're not really who you truly are. And I realize that all politicians a phony but when you're not who you truly York. The responses that you give the instinctive answers that come from view. Are gonna be checked because you can't really give your instinctive answer you have to think about what your answer would be. If you look at John McCain's record in the senate. There is nothing about John McCain's record. That would justify him selecting Sarah Palin as a running mate. So that was -- a clear. Move. To the right okay smoke gotta move gotta move to the right. Republicans move to the right to win primaries. But that is obtaining their image. In the general election. And for Christmas Daniel in Mississippi to be criticizing his Republican candidate Thad Cochran. For reaching out to democratic voters. That's something Republicans need to figure out how to do better like Ronald Reagan did. If they wanna win they collections. I'm studio for Tommy Tucker if you -- to join -- for the comment about any of the stuff we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Here which seventy architects of receipts have PA -- we'll be right back after the news on WWL.

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