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6-25 9:10am Scoot, paid parental leave?

Jun 25, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot talks about

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And good morning Escude in four Tommy Tucker America is the only industrialized nation that does not mandate paid leave. For the mothers who do -- And President Obama wants change and because President Obama wants to change and I know there -- a lot of people who will be opposed to that so the question issue all Americans mothers and fathers. Have paid leave for the birth of the child. And how long did you take off when your child was born -- Christian you've got kids did you take time off when your kids were were born. I took awful week for each one to help out around the house and that it was pretty much up to your life. I mean if -- -- -- out of been around in a war that the -- it the calculated the because you came back to work. Right there and when my son was born I don't remember taking any time often at the personally believe -- I should have been around now -- My wife my says mother she had her mother to help it she was very very helpful but I don't. I don't know I hate to think that I was part of -- generation it was and is cognizant of kids as is generations -- today but you don't might dad's generation. They would -- never even been tendon in the in the labor room so -- even in my generation the baby boomer generation are much more. I'm involved in their kids to assembly kind of compares to think back and think that I. I didn't take any time off. OK I took off the morning my son was born I was doing morning radio show where New Orleans and he was ordered. 11 o'clock ourselves. My wife went into labor for Oxley did take off that morning but I I didn't take off the time to. But to help raise him on that helped raise him but I didn't take time off after he -- sport. So should all Americans. Especially mothers speed be paid leave. After child is born. And Holland did you take off after your term was born. And did work out okay with the with the office did did your job. Stay open for if you wanna join Russia would comment on numbers 260187. Toll free 86688. Points nearly seventy. At a text numbers 877. If your business owners could you afford to give mothers paid leave for the birth of the child. Australia past the parental leave act in 2010. And -- Australia did that that left the United States as the only industrialized nation. It does not mandate. Paid leave for mothers and newborns. Sweden. Sweden gives parents. 400. In a prepaid days. Per child. 480. Paid days over a year off per child. Now the family Medical Leave Act of 1993. In the United States. Guarantees that if somebody is a new parent and they leave their job their job is guaranteed for twelve weeks after the arrival of a newborn baby. But twelve weeks that's really not that's a lot of time. To get things started with year. Your role being a new parent. Only about 16% of employers in the United States offer fully paid maternity leave. And a lot of families. Go into further debt. A lot of families have to go to a public assistance the government -- to now with the birth of a child. So -- did you take off. And I realize that we have great respect for this free enterprise system in America. But should. Should businesses should the government require businesses because if only 16%. Of employers offer fully paid leave for. The birth of a child to mother. Then maybe the government needs just champion and mandate. That businesses offer. Paid maternity leave. And if you're dead did you did you take time off did you take time off -- and we set the party vacation to take time away when your child was born. If you gonna join a show with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688970. At a text number is 877. Here's attacks that reads. Paid maternity leave that leaves out homosexuals and gays. Well okay what about if somebody adopts a newborn baby what do you adopt a child should you be paid. I've she could have paid leave to go take care of the child it would mean what went with the exception of actually giving birth. The responsibility is still here for adopting a child. Here is taxed. Reads you raise cattle you rear children. You know I really don't get too much into semantics. On this show but I understand that point. Here's a text I had to save might two weeks sick time and three weeks vacation to use for my maternity leave. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- talk about family values. We talk about respect for the family and yet we don't require businesses and only 16% do it on their own. We require businesses to offer paid leave. To a mother for the birth of a newborn. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- semi -- numbers 878 Saturday for battery Doug you're on WWL. Our guys are on call along I was next on. It's well into the broker comment on my wife let's elsewhere in mid thirties we actually separate child and six months ago. And unfortunately I was only able to take off what is the real personal. My -- this wouldn't allow it. Paris it's unfortunate. Really love to open it actually help our. Given everything is gone as soon which is kind of basically -- into the holes mom. Actually and certainly both had to work as well. Just kind of thereby a lump of any look they don't want time to actually help our -- so I actually agree and I think that's something we -- actually -- or pushed or did do. -- regulations on the birth that your your child I dug the government has rules and regulations when it comes to. To the work day. Should the government mandate. Paid leave especially from others. Absolutely and the utility that they didn't -- in the normal Cuba thanks. I I didn't have the option I mean I could have gone from now layered. The left my job and not received any shape. But the -- that preparation it's again each time off. I think it's only fair that she actually get some help and audit -- and help out you know their child help her out specially. Gary you know she just has been going. And and Doug we're if we're becoming more conscious of the role of the father and Internet talk about how fathers need to be more involved with their kids. I shouldn't we be a society that respects the fathers as Willis mother's with the birth of a newborn. Absolutely and any help again and I remember. -- -- -- inflict any single Reno -- and count so imagine you know discourse. Rebel -- of giving birth and Goran you have bars well. You know I'm sure she's in pain and struck -- carton. That is an effort child or thirty sucker. You're mad at you trying to go to Dubai ports now without any help in -- in support from anyone basically you know -- -- without anyone being. I appreciate called again good luck with good luck with your newborn -- if you wanna join us with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven your -- a -- 7870. Here's attacks asking me are you stupid. If you choose to have a -- then you should pay for -- relief not to employer. The United States is the only industrialized nation that does it do it is should that change. Got a -- Hughes says that's socialism. The government has rules -- Working about. -- limits the government does have some rules and regulations about the the -- coming hours you can you can work. Now again you can go beyond that it I don't know I don't have the rules on amoeba toward their rules about. Are -- rules about working. Seoul would it be wrong for the government to mandate. Paid leave. For the mother to newborn. For New Orleans case here and to be WL. Good. I used to and be in the army and why you know one of the time which German. And they have been very interest -- system over there begin to deal system which is where the -- any worker can take two years and years. On paid leave them -- -- one department where -- come back. The job. -- -- -- Also -- that is that the get. Why it not normally the man could -- and be in the lead up to three years it -- organization that regular. Either appreciate the call now and thank you for what you did for our country. Naturalistic. So he should the government mandate. Paid time off. Now you you have a guarantee of your job this year on a mother of newborn because of the the family leave act of 1993 I remember this was the controversy when did this -- -- first it's introduced and I remember talking about this is as a a big topic of discussion. But the family the family leave act in America does guarantee a job for twelve weeks after the rival of a newborn. But should the should the government. Mandate paid leave for. For time off you're detects I'm a mailman. I took seven night about seven weeks. But with Miami. With my family man again sometimes there's a spell correction here basically this Texas saying it was personal time no pay belief. Here's a -- I took off six weeks. And used my sixth time. Which I ran out of some my check was deducted. For the days that I was over. My co workers offered to give me the days by employer would not allow. Is this part of American greed. Not getting paid time off. Should employers. -- forced. To get paid time off. To new mothers only 16% of employers in this country give fully paid maternity leave. And many families after just do it on their own. Some families. Actually going government assistance because they need help how much time did you take off when your child was born and was it paid time -- -- you have to take your personal time. And should that change. President Obama wants to change a lot of people will be against that just because it is from President Obama. But is -- a good idea of leaving politics aside. Is it a good idea to require that that employers. Give paid leave to the mothers of divorce. And maybe the fathers as well. If you -- join a show with your comment on numbers 26017. Tool free 86688. -- here -- -- -- -- text numbers 87070. -- screwed it for Tommy Tucker here's our WW authority -- opinion pollster at the Republican Party become more conservative we'll give you an update on that when we come back and to be WL. Some breaking news this morning that we're gonna have a CBS news updates and it's 9:31 this morning. The Supreme Court has ruled that police. Cannot search your cell phone without a warrant. That means if police think that you've been. Texting and driving. They can't pull you over and describe your cellphone and checked the last -- you you sent a text. It is still Russia's HCU texting but he can't just -- your cellphone ticket at what's on yourself with the Supreme Court says is what's on your cellphone. Belong to you. And police cannot search a cellphone without a warrant. The game on the CBS news update its. 91 here -- -- -- -- Tony Tucker glad to -- will be talking about America being the only industrialized nation that does not mandate paid leave. For the mothers -- do ports. Australia changed their law in Newark -- to create -- demand -- in 2010 that left the United States is the only industrialized nation that does not do this. And only 16% of the employers in America. Offer paid leave. For -- birth of a newborn. Is that something that should change. President Obama was changing. I here's a -- reads you have nine months warning. Take vacation or sick time employer is paying for that. Some very large organizations. Can afford things. To do that others can't do. Yeah I'm getting at a couple of text him. About it stated it seems like it's kind of hard core view and in my opinion you've got nine -- to -- -- so so figured out. You know you can only figure so much out there there comes a point where somebody physically needs to be there. And the family leave act of 1993 he allows. A job to be guaranteed for for twelve weeks. Here is attacks that reads him when the people of this country and the people this country gonna stop. Assuming that the government needs to help them with everything. It's only self proficient. It's called. It's called let's say this Texas -- around. It's called. I don't know witnessed attacks is going again and sometimes -- due to. As spell check and things like that I'm getting some rather hard core text about -- -- the government should not mandate -- and what if you're employer. Doesn't even give you paid vacation. So we encourage people to have families in in our society. And when a child is born we don't. Allow the mother to take time off how much -- did you take off when your child was born. Data to your father did you take any time off and I'm I'm sure he would take time officer severe file you had to take a vacation or or sick days. Got a text from somebody earlier said that day they're they spent there they're sick time taking off and so when they were sick at their. They're they're -- was docked. Here is a texted do you honestly think the Chinese give paid leave. You continue to say industrialized countries to do this. Are you suggesting the second largest. Country in the world is an industrialized. Get your facts correct. I'm sure the the Chinese I don't know I don't have an economy. But if if the government. I see each child and is really an interesting an interesting anomaly. Because China as a Communist form of government. But they have a free market society. And that's why the enabled supply. What are the reasons the Soviet Union did not survive as a Communist nation. Was because they didn't allow free market society. So the Chinese have been brilliant in allowing free market society while maintaining. A Communist form of government I have to look into that part I would suggest that China is an industrialized nation and I would suggest that they yeah. That they do offer China an effect on getting an update right now in China offers in ninety days with 100% pay. So there's the answer and here's the facts that you thought we didn't have. I'm screwed in for tummy -- if you wanna join -- -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. In a text numbers 877. We've also been talking today about work ethic rock legend sting says that his kids will not inherit his 300 billion dollar fortune when he dies. Because he wants his kids have a strong work ethic and succeed on their -- he does -- want them sitting back thinking all of it would wind would pop staying guys were gonna get all the money. Choices and -- gonna get any his wife Trudy are are spending a lot of so we were talking about what your parents did. The torture was strong work -- And what he planned to teach your kids strong work ethic. You know my dad left me with a very strong work ethic and for that I'm -- -- preached I don't really know specifically what he did other than maybe set an example number one. And number two -- Teach me things like you know like isn't fair and you have to work for whatever you you get. And I had essentially been working for the money that that I had to buy things by a car whatever since I was about to fifteen years old. And that was a really hard lesson. But it was a great -- If you wanted to pressure -- -- comment on numbers 2601870. Tool free 8668890. Which have any attacks numbers a 77. To Tea Party backed candidates. Lost in primaries yesterday. Is the Tea Party over. That's the title of the -- blog. Either agree or disagree with here supporting the Tea Party or not it's on our website at WW well dot com. And here's an update on our -- give -- -- -- general opinion poll should the Republican Party become more conservative. Very close 53% say no it should not become more conservative 47%. Say yes it should. And it's interesting to terrorism. There's a CBS New York Times poll out showing that forty senate for 47% of Republicans. I think that there. There there in good shape because of the Tea Party that the Tea Party is positive for the Republican Party 47%. -- of these these primaries with these. Highly touted Tea Party backed candidates just brings up this news question about what direction is the Republican Party and going. Again to join our show this morning on numbers 260187. Told 366889. Nearly seventy. In a text number is 87870. Coming up here in net in less than a minute we're gonna get an update from CBS news on two significant Supreme Court rulings one involves. Apps offering over the air television free. They can no longer do that. But the very significant ruling is that police. Can no longer searchers cell phone without a warrant. Is this a good thing if you're in law enforcement. Citizen is is it are you are you comforted you know that what you have on your phone. Belongs to you. And the police can't just reach into your car and sort checking your phone is -- like see the were texting. I just now. Silicon -- give you a ticket. Well police can no longer -- phoned them awards if -- join Russia with your comment on numbers 2601870. -- free 8668890870. And a text temper is except creativity I -- it for Tommy Tucker and here's a special CBS news update on the Supreme Court rulings on. And welcome back -- shots -- in for Charlie tiger just getting some. Really interesting information about this a Supreme Court ruling also. We've been talking today -- and we'll get back to this on the that your Kosier and your text about it family you're just a moment. But we've been talking about the primary yesterday in Mississippi where the Tea Party supported candidates a Christian and Daniel. Lost to Thad Cochran who's been in an office for forever. On he Cochran really went out of his way to attract African American voters. And apparently they did really help him. But isn't this something that Republicans should do and interest McDaniel was very very critical it's blasted his party saying this is not the party of Reagan anymore. Because they tried to get Democrats to vote for. For Iraq. But isn't that what Ronald Reagan did in it that was such a popular thing that they were known as Reagan Democrats. So it seems like that's something that it has to be done now I -- in the general election those African Americans that voted for. Cochran may vote for the Democrat. But. It does start to familiarize. The community. And African Americans with your candidacy. If you appeal to them and hopefully Cochran will continue to appeal to them not just in the primary. But in the general election as well. If you rejoice for the comment on numbers 260187. Toll free 86688. Ninths nearly seven. And a text number is 87870. Here's a text that read it's. You said. Arrest for searching yourself phone due to texting you mean misdemeanor. If they catch -- But they can't as far as I know they can't searcher for now because of the Supreme Court ruling what's on your phone is is yours. You can still be arrested for texting and driving but they can't pull you over and encrypt your phone and checked. A for a -- Jeremy your WWL. I don't know more demand that our our bottom. Many years ago and -- -- -- well on the wrong place wrong time but anyways. You know a picture of -- -- -- or not and that they anarchy and -- -- -- might not and that he would have been like that and they shouldn't the the right to go through. That I. Think that. Vote. Ruling on the -- well. There Gerri are you a dad. Did you plan on being one. Yeah I I like that answer I'm going to call the show. And at least somebody's you know thinking about it but I -- a lot of people don't. -- children and children should always be a blessing -- sad thing is when people don't plan kids and they also don't take care of here is attacks hi I am a health professional home health professional. And when I was pregnant with my first child I was only given two week's paycheck. Which did not last. Which -- -- last now for my second child which you don't last long now for my second child. I was told that I will not get anything because the only they only pay for one child. So I had to go back to work after two weeks of having my child which I didn't like at all. This is just -- is interesting discussion. Should to. The government. President Obama wants to do this again I know that there will be people who will oppose it just because President Obama is saying it but should try to leave politics on this. Should the government mandate. That employers give paid leave to mothers America is left is the only industrialized nations did not that does not do this. And I'm I'm getting a few text from people who say you know what you plan to have kids that's your choice on figured out which I think is kind of on a hard core. Attitude dad here's a text I bet the people that are against paid maternity leave or Republican. The Chinese. -- economies. Here's -- -- the same people opposed to family leave. Other ones who oppose birth control. Abortion. And family planning in general. You must have kids. Now good luck racing them. Is American greed behind this is this one of the reasons that only 16% of employers offer paid leave. Because it woods. Because it would. It would eat into their profits. Are we that selfish as a nation that we -- for somebody paley. I would be a terrible business owner because that's something that I would do especially in a big successful country. But with a smaller company might be different but if -- if I was making good money I'd have a hard time. Not giving somebody some paid maternity leave which again may be one of the reasons why I'm not a business -- I'm scoots in port Tommy Tucker this week if you gonna join us with your comment on numbers 260187. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. And a -- number is 877. Here's a -- we get fifteen days a year plus all holidays great company to work for. That's that's good -- you're taxed and what your comments coming up here's had a VW offered jaguar opinion poll should the Republican Party become more conservative. That's a debate that continues into Tea Party backed candidates lost yesterday. In primaries in his mid term election year 2014. It is your opinion by going to be appealed the outcome will give you an update when we come back after this break Debbie -- you out. We're giving away tickets to see Crosby, Stills and Nash Saturday night August 23 at this anger theater I'm looking forward event I mentioned earlier in the show I think it's a quite ironic that here I am doing it. A morning show all these years later after doing stuff like giving concert tickets away years ago when I was doing music radio and have continued to throughout the years and -- Crosby, Stills and Nash. A still performing they'll be at this anger and still giving tickets away. Which side which caused somebody sent a text. That asked the question thirty years from now will anybody be sitting in your position. Giving concert tickets away to performers. Today who were still popular. And there are a lot of people who who really dismissed. A lot of today's performers. Thinking that they will never be iconic stars. For the future that there's nobody that's gonna have a lasting power over the years like so many of them the rock stars today like Crosby, Stills and Nash. And and I disagree with that I think they're a lot of really talented individuals and bands. It will have a legacy. And they will last. And thirty years from now somebody will be giving away tickets to -- the Bruno Mars concert. -- talk about this on the show tomorrow. What are the bands today an -- If not for me with a lot of the bands today are part I hope you'll tune in tomorrow. I like a lot of the new stuff -- doubts talked about this quite often much of the new music today reminds me of the eighties. Which is a very positive thing because it's reflective of a young generation that has really adopted -- eighties music as their own. As -- now bands that are responding to a new young generation. Are doing music that sounds very much like the eighties and Eric maybe it's to some degree at the seventies. And there are countless examples of this. It also reflects what I think is kind of a positive attitude it's something that I first saw when I went to a a concert. It was a show it to house of blues a two door cinema club. I never heard of them before now I saw it on the sounds like the eighties it was a young generation it was just. Clapping and cheering and -- pains were in the year they were dancing and it reminded me of the attitude the eighties and -- happy that music wise. It may of course they were exceptions. But I think it's a lot of really talented groups out today we'll talk about that on on the show tomorrow and if you're not paying attention to some of these troops. On -- -- showed. Earlier this morning we were talking about a federal judge and we may have reaction to this on the show tomorrow. A federal judge in New Orleans is hearing arguments with the Louisiana must recognize same sex marriages that are legally performed in other states. -- district judge Martin Feldman. He's dealing with some lawsuits were filed earlier this year by gay married couples. They say that we -- in -- violates their rights to equal protection and due process by refusing to give them the rights of opposite sex married couples. And this is a very interesting debate in this country this has nothing to do this this debate about same sex marriage I find interesting because it has less to do with. Majority opinion. Then it has to do with -- what is fair and based on the constitution. So will will be talking about that on the show tomorrow. If you wanna join us for the comets are numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And -- -- number is 877. Going to talking about America being the only industrialized nation now that does not mandate paid leave. For newborns mothers mothers and newborns and President Obama wants change that. Here is taxed. That reads. Scoop when my son was born my boss refused to send me on trips for one month prior to due date. Gave me support. Cellphone. For big me for coming into the office for three weeks after the birth. Tony second day I was on a -- not company policy. Just a great manager. Here's a text as -- many of the same people who complain about government regulation. By the same people who want the government to create laws controlling how we live our personal lives. It's a philosophy. Is that we should have almost no government control. Which seems to be. What many people want. Then why is that philosophy overlooked when it comes to personal feelings. About our personal I totally agree with that. If you are a true conservative. And it here to the purest definition of conservative ideology. It would be hypocritical to oppose same sex marriage. For whatever reason. Because. Conservative ideology. Is built on power of the individual. And it's interesting that. There are people who say the government should be out of our allies when it comes to a lot of things but no no -- when it comes to same sex marriage are certain things don't the government should be involved. It's really based on morality. And -- -- to what the government evolved and been assisting debate and it will continue if you wanna join us -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's -- text. Is -- 7870. I'm screwed in for a Tommy Tucker recovered right back on WWL. It's Wednesday and if you're not in some showers in Louisiana and now there's a good possibility you will be later I got caught in a downpour yesterday perhaps you do this well is even a greater chance of some. Heavy downpours today so you'll be mindful of that if you if you read any of the range just another reminder cause a lot of people do this. A turn your lights on. And in the ring yesterday it was either raining that hard and I -- saw this young woman on the interstates. In the middle lane. And driving about fifty miles an hour with the hazard lights flashing. Again in its scares me that people don't understand but the but the hazard lights before it made it frightens me that they're behind the wheel of a car. We've been talking about last night at two party candidate -- to Tea Party backed candidates lost in a Republican primaries. And we've talked much Chris McDaniel a Tea Party backed candidate to challenge six term Republican senator Thad Cochran of Mississippi. And this was about a Tea Party candidate vs Steve Republican establishment. This Tea Party candy Christmas Daniel was endorsed by the NRA. And early in his campaign he used some of the hot button conservative issues to defy his campaign. But it was my understanding that later in the campaign -- Daniel shifted away from those hot button conservative issues and focus more on the original Tea Party agenda. Which was -- advocating. Reducing the national debt and the federal budget deficit reducing government on spending and taxes. And that was the original. Goal of the Tea Party however there are many like Glenn -- it. Ted crews separate Texas and Mike -- for -- -- and Sarah Palin many others have. I believe hijacked the year of the Tea Party an infected the Tea Party with. All of these says social issues to make it seem like it's the the party of the far right and to me that's a deviation from the original purpose of the Tea Party. We've also to -- talking about America and as the only industrialized nation that does not mandate paid leave. For newborn -- Here's a text I'm a Republican. And I fully support attorney Lee for mothers by sister needed. And got it is attacks is a small business owner I can't afford to pay somebody not to work. I'm so I'm sorry but people. People know that win the -- know that when they come to work force it's their choice. At that point. And here's our covenant or FaceBook page this has been part of our FaceBook conversation as well for Christie. My business would go broke if -- a would you have to pay too -- people are I have to or I have to lay people off all this is good in principle if you don't have to sign the check. And I understand but isn't it interesting that we -- the only but the only country the only industrialized nation. It doesn't have had paid leave and only 16% of the employers in this country offered. Here is attacks I wish people would stop bashing due to political party it's narrow minded. Well indeed it is seven I talked about quite often is that the majority of this country. Is populated by people in the middle it doesn't mean that they're not opinion eight. It doesn't mean that they don't have a backbone. They just cannot define themselves as far right or far left they can't define themselves as a true liberal. True Democrat or a true Republican. A true conservative. And I find myself in in that position. As a radical moderate. If opinions I have feelings about every issue that comes up. But I'm not right or left. And that's really the way most of this country is which is why I believe it's a move to the right would be ultimately a mistake for the Republican Party. Here's a final update on our poll should the Republican Party become more conservative 47% saying no and 53%. Say yes. Collide into the think -- next with Garland Robinette what do think Ryan Newman Jordan Siegel Shelden Williams in our studio and scoot. Love -- New Orleans.

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