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6-25 4:10pm Sports Talk: NFL Team Ranking

Jun 25, 2014|

Kristian and Bobby talk to WWL listeners about where each team in the NFL ranks.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Simplify welcoming the sports talk here on the B to B well I am FM and dot com along with a cajun cannon Bobby -- I'm Kristian garic. Has always phone lines vital before that 260187. -- 3866889087. Organs nasty weather. Downtown in the AFC BD. There's an accident are you like that this year keep your fellow commuters in form 260 info on the traffic line if you. Have -- accident report going like that water and kind of result of via the rain makes you keep your fellow commuters. In the. Formed which you -- Christian allows him have been brought him along those lines of covenant on pointers -- like I think Cole and elevated highways. All of a sending up like a pot -- with what his era and has been correct. And then I'm looking right on the middle of you know with the exit. Right there on the in his statement on pointers well rightfully get the partners when -- goalie going towards -- Indies. In the you can -- employer's right definitely can be -- in the row where in the world lob him it is -- is levee. It shouldn't be shouldn't have yet has yet is is it is beginning Taylor I don't know all -- know is the thing called intercede. Are ready jaguar people line for -- W elect Tom would you rank the saints' roster. Top five in the NFL espn.com that are really good piece -- -- united and we talked about quite a bit here they ranked rosters one through 32 off every roster National Football League in the Saints coming in and at number four behind Seattle San Francisco and Denver. I Seattle being number one since will be in the number two Denver being three which you know I'll be honest with -- I think there's a case. I think it is a case that you can put New Orleans. Right behind Seattle. I'm as follows ranking the five right I agree with that the five Philadelphia follows New Orleans that's one that were out. Rented house like that surprising I thought maybe you can make the argument of a team like the Ravens. Well you know it if you haven't there's degrading system on that and -- and we'll get through yeah Emma get to it and it's like who just right quick Christian is like when you look at it. They grades given players even the like as the top. Like high quality good start average starter below average start report starter in even have a category not enough information. And then they also have a category. Rookie but as we get into it. I know this is one area that I may be I think I would disagree. Or eyewitness they have like David Hawthorne and Curtis Lofton has below average starters I would definitely have him an average starter yet. You know would you look at that I mean I think David take is on -- -- -- -- yeah I think David -- is a bit under rated at times last year I thought he played right especially coming off his engine being healthy and but you look at elite players. Past track record and also the Saints have three that being Drew Brees Jimmy Graham jurors bird. You know some would Jared Burton has done a the past three season and the reason why it's puzzling it's at times you don't know enough about linemen. By Christian you look at the team that is ranked fifth that being the Philadelphia Eagles -- in his like. I don't know enough about Jason Peters and at that Evan Mathis as their left -- left tackle them as -- knowledge on the caller shady McCoy he's easily baggage and editing is the Saints and -- wells -- easily. You know and I Eli have a problem Philadelphia five is is when you take your when your best players in DeSean Jackson and take them off the roster. Where would they have been in they had and they had DeSean Jackson if their five now they can -- You tell me that he felt like he argued for number three you know like all of us is list -- you know like about this Louis the saint certain stuff like at the Falcons them there. Really Atlantans that blood gas at thirty only. They do not have is -- league player they have a lot of high qualities like Matt Ryan. Julio Jones and there is that high quality event and knowingly used to Saints in years yes -- and -- at thirty so. It's that we get a break is now this -- just in. How when you look -- and -- common pro football focus -- Sam -- when he did this piece earlier in the month. Because it really breaks -- each team going like from position to position player to player. And and it just shows you what the nation thinks -- the Saints. And now. As good as we are. The in this Seahawks have party -- -- you to get past them that we get a pass that -- had -- single while the -- rosters on par sisco now. This current roster and again it doesn't count for a hill of beans right now right you haven't played. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If we at Seattle there but you know it's amazing. The difference because the parity in all you look in the playoffs like would you like -- chances. In the -- going to San Francisco. Not as much alike yet yet event as I hit I say they would I guess. -- outing it's split cholera he is your thing having Seattle I mean I think the Saints and the niners if they're playing. In Levi stadium right I hit out about a day to beef if they split they played 35 down I ten times. It would go 55 well like prince's. I still I'm confident in -- it did last year Carolina when they went twelve games I still think I like our chances better. Against Carolina on the road in San Cisco Louisiana with the travel. And I familiar but looking -- the 49ers an elite players that lead forever. Don't want to have his -- Willis but they have a bunch of high quality players like Vernon elements that burden. Know they have. They have all although it's been no that's -- -- high quality Chris and they got Bruce Miller Vernon Davis Michael Crabtree. Joseph Staley -- Mike. Because that that Samoan guard you pot and I keep on yes and Navarro Bowman knew how bad he broke his leg all the consummate. Yes -- -- -- that that's that's right there by elite that's that's why they damn about the Saints have a lot more high quality. Than the thing. I 2601878. Toll free 86689087. Would you rank the saints' roster in the top five in the National Football League cache of an operating jaguar people on line. As -- to do well my com or call us 2601878. Texas' well on 87878. Out of 32 teams in the NFL who has the best roster. And where the Saints -- espn.com ranked all rosters their top five Seattle San Cisco Denver New Orleans at Philadelphia. To your. Does yours match theirs. Top five he killed in the top five roster wanna hear about it Bobby how old will break down this ESPN piece but also. Got to see where differs. In our top five. Between the -- myself and also the Saints have three elite players drew Jimmy and -- is Byrd did they get to write it or somebody missing. Somebody else on the saints' roster considered or should they be considered Heatley. This is sports talk on the B to B well I anathema -- Highlights to get to the first. Talk about this espn.com. Article ranking the rosters one through 32. -- to me in with the fourth best roster National Football League -- Seattle's interest of Denver. And Philadelphia. All right buying New Orleans. Body would ultimately when -- break -- high quality starters -- the players good starters not enough information but. And he kind of breakdown this article what what they say about especially the three players -- bird we know. It's considered the lead Jimmy Graham and Drew Brees but outside of that -- what does the rest of the -- roster looked like. Yeah and when you look at it now with the call high quality that's basically. Pro Bowl should be in the Pro Bowl and and that that just right below. You know elite you know always say that was in a pro bowler and all pro. You know when you combine in -- in NC. But -- for instance if you look at in this thing who would be considered. Like a high quality. And it's impressive list the shows with the things appear Thomas he got Pierre Thomas Marcus Colston cam Jordan. You know how much we like cam Jordan Zach -- and I figured I actually this year you nicely -- Jordan. With the elite yet it is blood peak at the billable did -- has 1213 sacks in. Andy stout against the run -- he obviously would be in that category when you look at it. You know how they broke it down and keep it in this article keep things that -- see him. Yeah he is okay but -- -- good start at -- and again now he could be high quality as he continues. To progressing get better but you look at how. -- kind of broke it down they're pretty objective about going back in really end it. Sean Payton and Drew Brees tenure and he says look for years the Saints had an office they can hang with anybody. And they went they won the bad as they were in the top three in as is the back. While their defense Alou was is inconsistent and and at times to let him down 2011 the deepest let him down an inkling you take the lead twice in the five minutes in -- able to win that game but you'll. The beard -- assume mobile. How the -- came a big we talked about this all the time. They had a stellar run of generating turnovers. Seventeen than touchdowns 39 takeaways. So they gave the defense some credit but he said -- this year however. The defense has legit talent of result. Jerry is Byrd joins Kenny but Carroll to get the same to safety tandem they should rivals Seattle's for the best in football. That is an ideal homers this from a national perspective. They've been Jerry's -- is the kind of received The Who allows. You'd change the coverages you've run on the back -- because on the ground. He can cover now hopefully in his back against it. He has to be ready to roll but villages -- like what he's a -- so -- where he's -- now the front seven they go on to say. Has been slowly -- now has some legit legitimate talent depth. So that's along the lines when you look at team hicks. -- -- -- -- -- Even have Brodrick Bunkley they have all of the saints'. As there either. A good starter are like a high quality that they don't have a -- and Chris is not average starter. So that -- you wanna be stout up front board that's what they think. I think about it I think the biggest transition of these reason for the transition a year ago and why they were able -- from 32 before. Was and it was it was talk about the enough was the play and at the line. And though it outside linebacker junior Aladdin in in Cameron Jordan and did yours but the interior guys. Right right in a disappointing game I've I've thought it was a and pattern of assuming the Rams. You know the Rams and owners you know I guess you have one of those games you can you puzzled. Why that occurs penalties. Yet but. They were winning in the trenches and and that's -- on the bottom line I look at is always an article goes on the -- The office has plenty of weapons. Went out any superstars. Among the receivers and backs now the reason -- -- saying that I think because Drew Brees spreads the ball around is at every game is like ninth in eleven different receivers. That's sliding Marcus Colston even in his production. Why he hasn't been Pro Bowl -- Did you look at of puberty boating on the probable all of -- number of touchdowns. In everything innings on on the cusp of being there that's -- they have a high quality so bid they'd think that highly of Colston throughout his career. Then they put them you know right below elite but big article goes on the say. That all of -- -- -- anyway I was -- superstars among the receivers and backs on the will be done by committee. But the running -- offensive line could be stronger. You know they -- times I think. Plotting with Toronto arms and left tackle that. An easy if you look at the way they ran the ball -- -- aside I sort of I don't know Carolina I know it's early you know have a lot of -- but. These guys on the elevator whether it was Toronto yes they came in their left tackle is to run ball right but and it was being wasn't just the sole reason on this Sean Payton went on I think I still think. And the line was at their bags this. What was Carl Nicks -- last year before he went to ten -- as the 0910 year. He had a if you look at him the -- you know. Carnation decline in the pocket as content is on a consistent basis you look Jahri Evans Carl Nicks. I think to win. And so it goes on to say that Andy could be stronger. But that's what they say about Drew Brees and now we loved drew resistant. These national critics figured Drew Brees but we Drew Brees increasing all the supply could be stronger but we Drew Brees. Is well capable of making them better and it really all our. Well we've said that for years because that's the truth in his holly I'll fly ball comes out it if you see Drew Brees gets sacked. And like three times a more. In a game boy and all of -- Illini know denied doing their job. Because he he's not he wants to get Burnett. That ball any good anticipated no you know -- drew gets sacked three times. A some quarterback -- know when the world they doing -- gotten sacked six or seven times a game body image did it. And they we will. Will explore this went on in the summer. Of this accident. In the times that drew was sacked last year. How many of more on deep drop backs where a guy lose weight on it got a great break over -- -- -- right -- all the 25 yard -- yet so because I think. That's worthy they were. Expos at times last year and that's what that's where the sacks came. Because -- He didn't have that breakaway guy but he like your opener having Brandon -- that's gonna it's gonna get open immediately thought well maybe he was trying to he was shuffling around we saw. A few times shuffled around -- pocket which I forgot you lose. And you know people think like oh drew is -- me you know he -- -- long ball anymore out of the house only Bill Clinton. You know I don't know you know what he's doing as if it you know he's I mean I I get it done you know. But it today if you look seas Drew Brees has been here. That if you look at pass plays a 25 yards or more it's giving him or Aaron Rodgers yeah. At the most I'm done if you. If you look at the big plays and receptions. Of 25 plus please say through the order he's also top three and accuracy twenty -- point five yards or more so it did you see drew a lot of times though he doesn't. JaMarcus Russell or mark. Or 89 yards you don't have to it's a lot of it's anticipation. He admits he sometimes will that maybe would have been a touchdown. But at the receiver to wait -- a ball is only a parties -- yard gain our you know fifty yard gain. But you know some other quarterbacks -- strong armed you wouldn't even known to look at and see that receivers. -- and homeless a titan you weigh in as well at 260187 Neitzel 3866 inning nine to zero late seventies -- impression its -- time. I welcome back to sports talk crushing -- in for Deke Bellavia along with. The -- that it did tidbits. -- camp body where it and you -- -- -- stats and info and New -- poring over this espn.com. Ranking of rod the rosters in the National Football League one through 32 and who as the worst roster who's ranked 32 Bobby. It's it was Seattle's one in Jaguars Jaguars no surprise for the Falcons and with thirty. While yet -- -- so give me. Accordingly Bobby there and match him up against -- in Beckham. Is there are ranking is pretty much on par would would you agree with -- -- them. Well because it is Howell. They rink they really give. I agreed. To like -- league players. You don't mean like if you look at the categories an elite high quality good start average starter below average start reports starter. You know rookie and -- -- Holler rookies and contribute. A Brandon cooks. He's obviously. They think he's gonna contribute. But he's in the rookie category which is momentum -- totem -- kind of like. I'm Mike Evans and at Tampa Bay. In in in in their receiving corps. That's why you look at the Saints are up there because they have individuals. Then in hot that's how you build up as fours you meet high quality in a good -- I don't think that I didn't necessarily agree with. Is that the linebackers that I got that -- very serviceable. Now you always can maybe I agree but I don't necessarily agree with -- -- it -- up on Curtis law law and has below average starters I think. I'd put him more in the average starter conferences they have. The for a short to have Mark Ingram as average starter and Kenny stills that average starter. Even -- to Butler they have as the average starter adding that they based on Victor Butler. What he did in Dallas yeah yeah yeah so. I'm in. And -- screen the -- shut down in both directions. Due to the severe weather will keep you it is must count in traffic and if you have a traffic update if the -- affecting your commute in US share with your fellow commuters. 260 info as you can rally in the the thunder. Rolling behind me as my has my three year old would say it's the funder of the founders the -- Wednesday night -- -- is typical Louisiana ever all the storms teams or via rolling and I Joey and home. You on WR agent -- And I kind of doing great by itself does. And I got a question about I didn't know not think that got -- period by Jimmy Graham on the tight ends. How many do we have on our roster and didn't we just get one in the draft recently. In that draft one on draft and Josh Fields of the Titans last year were. Graham Watson in a -- field and in charge goes right of free agent from Idaho State undrafted but and they like them the Indiana yet you went into those who coach -- We even try to darnedest to reverse against the Jets and apologize if -- -- in -- -- -- -- -- -- And I'm not on me or. Are bad out there don't Graham after a pitch across the middle of the player. He used to be. Well in the -- is not -- for second. The shop across the middle yet he would be little more specific or because he's taking a lot of shots and -- no idea about it well every game every game he teach. Okay that one that we came back and EP shorthanded the other ball didn't go -- -- map without public. I am -- game it kind of like Allen you know. Well I am sure I don't know qualities that our college team that exact and the would you talk about -- I'm sorry go ahead. A lot of Majoli he was his foot he couldn't run is going to plan of France you will but and I and. Well as well -- you go about it -- -- a lot of well. Well yeah but. You do it won't wait but wait -- in a final eleven games he averaged -- and a half. Receptions per game. And that was later Dallas after being shut out against -- on and after the -- Fascia -- his injury so the numbers don't say that he was injured. I'm not and not a great way it'd great -- and you know -- -- outside in the after. Don't think the quality of the play was as good -- my experience. Not depending on what they do and today I agree on whether -- receiver where I it and whether it's seven or twelve million. Probably have a lot to do what does but. I think they will wait. If they can sign him for that one year it's -- -- not take away and see what he does this year and I played -- they get in the long term deal or not there. Well the only thing is and Christian any correct me if I'm wrong but I think okay they would play one year at the end. You could tag him regaining the unrestricted all ones that you put a clause in this in this franchise tag. That. In other words. You can't use the franchise tag on me again next year. Right right if I'm a -- the one year right right and that's what Jimmy Graham would do as that's what I would do I find if you can maybe play under the franchise tag. Now this year. But -- -- -- -- -- and I'm put a clause in his district in this franchise tag tender that you cannot attack me next year and the congress for an -- after the 2014 season if you would be healthy then no he would get reward athlete and Al Davies -- these could be among the best out of the comes down that franchise tag and in other words only plays -- that. I don't think it's gonna get to that because I think can have you know they'll one year franchise -- -- and it's well mean he can have that long term security. When you don't get that low and probably twenty to twenty -- thirty million by 20/20 five million guaranteed I good to election traffic brings -- the sports talk on W to -- well. I'm running down the espn.com. Rankings of the rosters that in the National Football League. Specifically that take a look at the NFC south the Saints are number four. Where do the Bucs Falcons and Panthers to me about it. Well like I said we have to look at and they break it down you know when you look at the whole roster yet. So now with the team finished in -- -- -- in that the front -- salmon. Account line and put this in the bag candidate that to -- him. You know across the sports who threw him could take in the consideration in the I quality when they consider. A good start like for instance. -- Buccaneers are number seven team. And Carolina Panthers are number 22 and that we -- said the Falcons. Parred number thirty now if you look at Tampa Bay. And legacy that brought this ever earlier. I'll like branding coach Mike Evans is the rookies to him in the -- pro you don't. You know you really getting points. The -- but when you look at Tampa Bay's roster. Like who would they considering the and he's pretty stout argument to tackle Gerald caught it yeah and in who else their outside linebacker. The line -- they gave. Gave -- -- what it needed bonded in their body yet yeah. The -- in the month that the Vontae. Well anyway you know an outside linebacker. I mean the Jets keep him out of bounds and but he played unbelievable. Last years so he's there against saint Stan yet but and you look -- high quality. As the next category. Vincent Jackson and guess who they have also. Only at a high quality player that's at the shows how good this guy was on -- in -- -- -- yes yes because they know we can do is get on the field these LB and hole. You know for his sake he's gone through so much. That I hope he would be available now and is selling is the saint. But conclude Carl makes that I'd be interest Finnessey. Carl -- I'm going to gets out the tackles and you know if -- -- if you -- -- kind of put his Saints this -- Europe Brodrick Bunkley. You know even if you put them and a certain scenario kicking eggs down there are big John -- in. Beginning on the car on the two chronic is now the US to. You might in Virginia last week and but but -- but you know right quick oval where you stand because I think at holly Carl -- when healthy. And so those you know pro football focus and he has been and I -- now. When you look at also Christine we talked about and where to Carolina Panthers are and and number 22. And we all know they approach deep into the front seven passed out when the likes of you know loopy league Greg Hardy Thomas Davis. You know those styles he is an elite player no -- -- he -- all the linebackers. It's I don't know there's a certain number. They got Heatley -- The guy like Patrick Willis ahead of him he. I -- Lee in this business record tackling machine style on this line or how he tackles and under underneath -- tackles last year. By use of Minnesota and Lofton and eyes is I don't even have a Lofton had over a hundred but he had over 150 but it looked them off that ever since he's come in the -- you have to make a 120 -- yeah he's averaged over honored for his career. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is there a secondary. When Melvin YE cornerback Charles country. And put it -- -- Roman Harper now on that roster to have as a pork store. And then it -- starters is below. They have okay you got poor start below average started an average starter where they got. And red flag as a as a -- star so I had 22 and and -- talk also about you know the Falcons but Mike can you be elected a guy can. You know as a good start. -- that gap so I mean also breakdown. Of the top ten how many are in the AFC vs the and it's you know obviously because we -- resiliency. It has -- the power come we got a good NFC's unions who. He's Bobby Hebert Kristian -- this is sports talk on WB well I anathema to B to -- well like I'm breaking down the espn.com. Piece on. The rosters one through 32 -- and Iraq -- -- Seattle San Cisco Denver New Orleans Philadelphia top five. Out of the top five what -- in FC NFC right in and out of the top 101 how many how many receivers in its. He had six had a top ten and it seemed like you said four -- top five. The AFC teams. Broncos Patriots Bengals Chiefs. A very talented -- the day even over the Chiefs. Last year it's the right direction the right coach. Mean when they were terrible in 2012. Season had five Pro Bowl yeah that's why you know who's the new Chiefs this year. I'm based on Pro Bowl loses the Cleveland Browns -- -- the right quarterback and coach but because they've all done well stout defensively in of the enough. Well in laws of top receivers so yeah but but that we got -- gusto thing gonna have to go through. Seahawks 49ers. And obviously the NFC south but. -- who we manhandled. The Eagles I think the Packers have very similar to us. You know the expectations as you out at night. Yeah we've been like a shootout type games Tuesday so 187 they told 3866 and 890 it's seven Texas at 870. 87 would you -- the saints' roster top five in the National Football League sports talk rolls on right here on WW LA anathema WWL dot com.