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6-25 5:10pm Sports Talk: NFL Team Ranking

Jun 25, 2014|

Kristian and Bobby talk to WWL NFL Analyst Mike Detillier about where each team in the NFL ranks.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm out and they got. Little tidbit on the World Series tonight college you'll certainly had no history and he would mean the time that's -- Chicago I don't gonna have a college -- about -- Hampshire will and so was discouraging. You know you want a -- to continue to be popular and grow and grow. Along the attendance decline. Obviously -- issues and in Louisiana Lafayette that was probably not be the problem. But day attendance decline at the TD and there Ameritrade park for the college world season is down 11%. Compared went last year. So they still going over -- 300000 more than as the ninth straight year. And they were able to do that you know an average crowd is as about 2000 toward it 500 last. Than it was last year. The one thing with interest in. Is the one run games medallist -- usual big game Monday night he talked about that. And 98 victory by Vanderbilt. 99 run third inning. -- -- that averaging has been shut them down. But if you look at and that would occurred the seventh one run game at the college World Series that ties directed. For the metal bat era that's started you know back in 1974. There were also were 71 run games. In 771977. In 1985 so it's a one run victory tonight. That would bring director for animals. One run games in the college World Series now also. There have been 471 run games. In the NCAA tournament as a whole. A five more than actual recchi which occurred. Said back in 2001. So Yancy is -- and it's a one run game. But I still think he'd rather see one run games and an. Getting back to the espn.com rankings of the rosters all 32 of the National Football League joining us now might today NFL. College football analyst Mike the saints' coming in at number four behind Seattle sisco and Denver's at about where you put -- -- out to be honest with you they reported -- chooses. It is the X-Factor is coaching. I think you know you can travel the world that he was not the drinking problem -- That now. So I think there and that sort of talent and coaching. It happened in college football. -- pretty good gap sometimes between jeans. All different competence I think as a pretty good gap and it's you gallop them. A lot. Paula in the NFL it's all about. Short. Link there between the end -- And fit me in coaching -- a lot to do it personally if it were me I think Seattle in that spot and it champ. There and -- number one spot I think I would -- the school in the two spot I think if I look at it talent and coaching. Jim Harbaugh has got it keen to the NFC championship Super Bowl championship last year. But the -- -- That would be -- war and actually at Green Bay on the spot spot all of actually six I think that. Goldstein in -- -- I paperwork -- -- well I think the only agency cal. That he'd compete and that's what we're talking about with -- teams. Although if you added you know I think in the uncles everybody -- -- You know we beat Dallas. Right now you know he hasn't decided. Because that would have been Seattle. In San Francisco and you walk and green de -- Now my ago when you look at the saints' roster in they break down. Notes -- in a pro ball for him -- -- on he has in. The beginning in the month. But it was -- -- -- broken down that'll lead and high quality the goods starter even below average to report star. And really that category. And when you look in the future where we have talked about is reporting can be changes. Kinda weak link right now and you look at a below average start I think it might be I think there average starter. But he is in the middle with Curtis slop and David Hawthorne. That when dismissals formed its name like that area. That it fielded the Saints negated a bit better in the future and they can do it now. I think everybody's got a place where you could say that an average order in the all right all and that's what I would categorize -- on in the law that in the and the average starter Indians now. All four at middle linebacker is a concern. Of I think you don't look at it that helped his position because there's always changes go into -- And I think one team people look at this strange. And lined -- at the one. There maybe if you do want to evaluation. You say if you have about -- -- they get rid of the ball quick. But it's one. She was not nearly as good as we saw in alone on -- mile and a lot of that happened to do with which rod and nick not being here. And -- be -- you know I don't think it was one heck of football there Paula you know when you have him early in his career. And the one they might when you say though that -- that Zach Strief has stepped probably has been here last year and saint -- I thought. Watkins says that offensive linemen that the -- I thought he played well in action here. Know some things we don't know about I don't care what you do and what you know that injuries do happen and acting job yeah -- last year. -- really not healthy player until -- You -- like he was dirty even said it finally came out about his poorest game against the Seahawks in the playoffs. Exactly but when the Saints -- successful running the football late last year you look at -- broke down they ran right. And they ran right behind jog up and Backstreet. And so they had -- the ball in there and. Feel a lot of time do you look at bat. You look at players he's it will yet all you're able what you don't know about the injury the -- -- would be Jimmy Graham issue. No one talked about that you know he played bad on Twitter at -- multiple it is for. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Lot of guys make it -- let that is maybe a painful injury that you go through. But I didn't need that -- interesting is that. -- -- will be out why they led the Eagles. In -- and so a little while they. Well it's -- war yet. Because we look at the Eagles now -- -- that Jason Peters and that is. I haven't -- it does -- really terrific. All late show on and on the other side and you've got to have some talent. Along that we would separate just go past. In the thing is that that you talk about Eagles in the 49ers and grew. And if you look at quarterback -- from up captain's standpoint that polls. You know you get guys that that is a good product that. Actually the thought well on when you make plays at the point. Really just got sacked that. Yet has guided the greatest -- does -- which is gets -- -- might might sit tight we got to you -- -- -- Yang with us through a brick will put. I might -- NFL analyst college football expert here bringing down the rankings with 32 by ESPN -- Dot com this is sports talk on -- -- to -- LA anathema -- I -- beating the -- to be a NFL college football analyst here on W to -- breaking down the roster. The rosters all 32 of the National Football League the Saints the minute number four and Mike. A little bit off subject in terms of this roster breakdown but. Other branding -- what's of these have of these rookies. On the saints' roster makes the bigger impact. I'll hit it rattled the back like Karen on. Stanley shall bet tees. Is going to be yes order somewhere in the season. Even through an injury. -- poor play. I think that that happened on it I think that it looked at this -- -- -- it was -- to get -- -- But it didn't work out that way. And I think that he is that guy. And I think similar to -- I think he'll start out -- a small would dip in nickel and -- cents and and I think something's gonna happen with an injury. -- -- -- All poor play and he's brought into the starting lineup. Are sold it to the question it's it's -- it's it's about. Did you say retirement. Possible. Without -- Champ Bailey and. -- day that's always in the back Jamal. -- -- -- Obama in April coached. Two days ago and you know all completely in marketing people. It's what you play. In September and October and November you know what you hit those. And you've been training camp and start again it. We don't know which you won't believe it chant could be. That player that and you can India you all want to map and more I think he really couldn't help this team. It's in the nickel and done -- what you're playing doubles 6570%. Of the time. Patrick Robert we'll never have a better dubious spot the team so. But at that day. You're body you know doesn't -- Like it did -- year 26. Injuries do pick. And all the time chimes for every -- At any age any protection. It's hope you can get a magical year product change. Are but. You know what I think that would concede me Joba piece of the guys that. He could be really British culpable for this team and I think it'll happen so what is the. You know my guess is it's amazing. It just by him coming on board. And you know having. Against their receiving experience in his background. -- know what I caught you know during the mini camps and Ortiz -- watching him. That if you strike this for stride for stride down the field. You know I'm Robert -- we have great coverage that if you wanna play just make a play on the ball. Did you just. When you have an opportunity. To get a turnover just catch it is an outing got -- a long week. When Rob -- which regret Fitzmorris would be doing in the second and defensively just. Public -- turnovers. Were caught I would let. Our big guy 63. Wood back -- Now. Again you know he would you know you figure out -- six would agree his wingspan -- a lot. -- -- -- -- -- I mean not Rockets like -- But we've got -- record that can win out and knock that ball away on a parent and act like a step -- -- that's why you look at the blaze. That happened -- election year whip Seattle. We have a Richard chairman Richard Brandon -- You look at the line away. We -- Francisco Seattle. Another quarterback does not mean not to be and make that -- What you think that passed in the corner and so. And that and stood in October Sherman's. Fingertips. But he gets its hands on. I mean it's amazing that he's -- they'll live. -- Stanley shall bet he's back is what. Can be jumps out greatly in that ball skills. Like that that side than that it. Well I here and -- -- is gonna break you don't think Nolan makes that it was what did you buy grenade Patriots scheme. NFL solid six inches. At least. What exactly do you talk about quarterbacks could put the ball -- and I went to the day that helped the one being on that list that would disagree with. I wouldn't -- -- -- as in the league player but I think he's right below that I think he's in the same -- -- Cameron Jordan. NFL analyst might it today here on sports talk. Elicited a WW LI MF women Debbie did you -- come.