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6-25 6:10pm Sports Talk: Pelicans Trade

Jun 25, 2014|

Kristian and Bobby talk to Yahoo! Sports NBA Writer Marc Spears about the Pelicans possibly trading into the draft.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Shifting gears just a bit this hour. -- NBA focus with the draft tomorrow night pelicans to not have a selection but. How could they give back in hearing in the -- to improve their roster and surround Anthony Davis their superstar. With some talent. And -- Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports you'll join us at the bottom of this hour and also came out today that the Miami Heat are trying to make a play for should it should -- an eight year. The point guard for UConn in an tenth are in hopes of Loring. LeBron James back to the heat. Well you know they have the 26. Maybe in the late teens imminent as elegant and -- in the top ten now means that -- there but. Chris did you look at where to pelicans are rat and you know obviously didn't make you more exciting. And Lotto Mora should say more local interest in there weren't dropping as of right now heading into tomorrow night's NBA draft. The palace and those selection of first and second -- around. That's for the first time in twelve years. They have not been involved you look at. The pelicans along with the Brooklyn nets the New York Knicks trail Blazers Portland Golden State Warriors only teams. A lot of selection -- round of the draft. In winding teams you're trying get back into the draft I mean all these teams that right now are participating in. The because is considered wanted to keep his drafts in several years. So that's why you look at pelicans in their needs in. And you know a couple of players you know if you look. They wouldn't trade in the first round maybe to select the -- or small forward. In my opinion and. Are people's opinion as -- two. You know greatest needs if you look at. Potential players the Palkot could be interested in him and land him in the first trying to they would make it back in. You look at -- small forward Doug McDermott. But Duke's run the hood and also Wichita State -- Anthony. Early. On the will they get back who knows we gonna have to wait and see. Now it is just frustrating because. If if you look at where they're at right now in an obviously the pressure will be on each year. You know to be at least a playoff team. I don't know that's gonna come about the considering. Their division the southwest division and overall the Western Conference. In how competitive it is also. We had speculated this is a local favorite. You know on the west bank and -- cogs Greg Monroe. You look at the front court. Somehow. And I can wheel and deal this I think people would be really excited. And then if you -- -- like agreeing Munro alongside Anthony Davis they'd be a pretty strong. A foundation he may be you know could build a championship but he is a restricted free agent with the Pistons. So they have a chance. You know to to match that and and and keep him in. You know Detroit but it right now is going to be against this from a basketball perspective George has been and you gonna keep probably who's going to be overall pick will Libya Wiggins. Are woman in the green Parker. Jabari Parker so but evident that him. He almost won the -- to get involved just so we can be excited. You know the draft but as of right now -- and and it. I mean being just talking about the league as a whole and Cleveland. Having Leo lottery pick and winning the lottery -- have in the first overall selection. I think two time -- last three years it happens I don't know. I how guys have to ask them that yes and no matter what happens other than I know if you keep the keep you know. With a lot of racist if -- in the running for the lottery system. You're a year out to the not a good sign -- the NFL also agreeing to remove the cap on concussion damage is Bobby in. Basically. So I judges there for a 65 year deal yet 65 radio judge questioned whether proposed settlement provided enough money to cover retired players and the revised settlement. Is open ended agreement yet that was filed today. Eliminates a provision that barred anyone who gets concussion damages from the NFL from suing the NCAA or other amateur football -- now. Basically the settlement designed to lastly he says 65 years and covers retirees. Who development Gehrig's disease and other neurological problems. More than 4500 players have filed suit. Some -- penalty of fraud. In its handling of concussions so it's a positive step dad -- they were 700 -- -- hundred million into what -- almost. 800 -- like seven. Eighty million dry almost 800 in terms of the cap the AFL maximum amount and only judge. You know. I think it -- so last I have final approval. But now -- open and I think the NFL is doing the right thing in trying to address. You know players and it's 65 year time frame. Dallas to obviously looking at future collective -- agreements. And that the future younger players who obviously you're taking care of more. In the players. We're still living all retired players that played let's say. Late 60s70s. In he's going forward. To make sure they did things fairness issue -- the room. Out of 32 teams in the NFL who has the best roster espn.com. Says the Saints have the fourth. Best roster behind Seattle San Cisco in Denver where do you rate the Saints and they also ranked. You -- players on the saints' Drew Brees Jimmie ran to Harrisburg. The begin to write it somebody missing 260187. Neitzel 386689. 087 and give -- your top five NFL roster years ago in line with the ESPN. Or would you move the same move those spot top five around a little bit shuffled around Philadelphia I'll thing belongs in the top five. I think Green Day -- -- would probably be my replacement for the Eagles at five also. And he caught soccer fever US and Germany tomorrow in the World Cup the sports talk on WWL and FMW elect them. I want to back to sports talk crushing -- in for beat goalie along with. The cajun cannon Bobby there and nobody is the -- were to move back into the draft I'd. Be like. Yeah well just by reading your book you read different mock drafts and what he accomplished. In the Hornets you know -- -- -- you're talking about the you know position need obviously small forward. You look at thinner but Sean McDermott on national McDermott Doug McDermott from Creighton. That individual to look at him he led into the heavily almost 27 points a game between six point seven. A three time all American who started all four years in college so. And he's expected to be a lottery pigment he could fall anywhere. When I was reading anywhere from nine to fourteen. So when there are so what would it take. That a pelicans to get back in maybe get a guy. -- like Doug McDermott. Yeah he's. This in four years in college when he's paid his dues -- you know he's ready to roll now any any Shelton. Be immature so that just to name throughout their of the pelicans were somehow to Wheeling dealing it. Back into the draft I think he would fall somewhere between them and 9014. Victory. Bobby don't worry -- lower open training camp you'll have plenty of Islanders we order some today you're a box almost pretty much every color so there appears that you're gonna bring them a banner you'll have them will have looked therefore completely on it and so. You get up there early in training camp he makes the highlight all the -- -- that this one I latter guy as the -- this year yet it's hot paint as like breast cancer awareness yet think takes my favorite color. It -- disease -- masculine in that yard yankees you securities accurately and it. I noticed -- without a full day cellphone and then I had. You don't better than I would day guiding Africa and hang -- W just like earlier is like. I can't from a full -- and shrug your shoulders matter of factly if I couldn't find my -- you can I be panicked without question. I would definitely a big idiot. I think if element truck or just a -- can't find it could be possibly upgrade then. From that. A Tariq counting me going on. Probably no 1 AME DL I FO I am right I'm Evan if you can't find you do for a radio -- and yeah. And that laid the ball -- bag and enhance my life. And does that then it all means sure well there it looked he's got Kubel on these things -- -- you know that that's that and as anomaly yet you and -- in the Internet are like best friend I would be guru who geek I know I mean and because they're good and I did do it now and then like okay human research in this. Even gonna do is support system historically regular hours before our university he's ever -- short circuit that movie short circuit with a robot any Glock struggling him -- -- but I -- bullets at you. A year always elect a spot I don't know if it's them. ED BR some nice daughter -- have -- it's like almost that I. Reviewing some things are looking it's on the it's almost like taken approached any -- that they can test them. So that no that you are really notice and you know if -- according to what I was reading it's factual. It didn't and I noticed that. And one -- might not have that. You know photographic memory and a woman and that's a gift the idea thanks Ron Amadon you know article Oakland record yeah 49ers. He was one -- -- -- Because you know it makes it's amazing win at the Calgary. But in the NFL they expect you to do this. When you're in meetings. They see you process -- race when you're in meetings they might just show he's sending Branyan today. And they expect you by the time you've gone -- and got out there and if you a couple of hours you have to know that we just know that. And -- and DC right who could process who could pick it up in the meeting of the classroom to the few all on the same day. Now let me ask you this I silly with -- it's hard to do well yeah now I can only imagine -- certainly there's some physical skills that are needed a quarterback but would you say that. The mental. As quarterback him right until part of it is the tougher. Well yeah I mean when you get to that level -- and get it there everyone -- guys. Who's the -- Kilgore commitment tennis curia yeah I mean he can. You know -- his talent on NL now. The rules but yeah -- process. To be a complete potentially NFL quarterback again it's so much I've thought. That once you competing in your job there. Physically not hurting. That it's. Seventy plus percent mental. Knowing what article of the balls the balls come and use. And a bit different situations. Because it's not out for you could order that and that's overrated. Oh it is -- you like jamarcus early and had a great camp at Florida 89 -- or not you wanna have the ability to stretch the field. But it's more knowing where to go with the ball is being accurate text message here. Sixteen point two is Bobby number five is in short circuit that. The revised name was Johnny number five -- to -- on the hobby number five go back that over your big History Channel off right. Mean you like the Arjun Al you're you're very mentally I think you -- a lot about American and world issue play. You know lately have been watching bill not even the Military Channel anymore. You know against us. MO I think crazy no -- -- I'll go there what you. She does say for an hour. She goes I can't go would you because you read everything. And you know and all of us onion and one little area and you just an hour and all these exit Wear an -- -- we we like that is a kid. My dad my -- -- like okay. And that's kind of analytical -- retired civil engineer to -- of identity about reads everything he stands on the gas at that sending in he brings. Yet but you know we regard grammar leads in this. Chevy Chase down the road trip to watch -- indecent Stanley trucks there. And the wagons and in the -- -- we're in 1970 fours and 20089. -- -- Marty moves in the -- in the face that you know what we know we've been going all the history union nations camp yeah. So we almost missed the tour bus. At least two or three times they'll leave it argue a decision Davis is -- institute. In -- always the last agreement that kind of W Reno rodeo running for the bus somebody to come back in this than -- He would you be cellular if you jima Miami there. One more symbolic. Gestures for Marines are 260187. Here till 386688908780. BA draft. We think pelicans should they. Give up the future may be too to get back in this draft tomorrow night. To add some talent around Anthony Davis how close you think they are. Him getting into the playoffs -- tub as Bobby mentioned the division in the conference much more tougher like the NFC and and in the NFL NFC the dominant conference the western conference of the more dominant in terms of top of -- on the tougher conference in the NBA put. And you look who's gonna be. Overall pick mean. Almost every mock draft I've seen it's either Andrew -- are Jabari Parker. Andrew wigand's at a Kansas Jabari Parker got to do not honored Jabari Parker over his. Work on -- Cleveland almost all of it like I think. He kind of dog because I don't wanna go to death hang and EL. Now I inning he was kind of maybe a little overweight eat it and maybe OJ and the Cavaliers -- like the Lions. You know. Ten years ago right when they were just the other horse franchises well -- hope for a wind blowing gamers right and but -- is a much better go to Milwaukee the next day. If you know that that's kind of the reward system yet. I thought. You know -- -- -- -- -- himself when interviewed him he says no I've I want to be all for speak on that how tentative where Jabari Parker was like. I think I'll probably end up going in the two haven't heard much from the Cavaliers. Over the Milwaukee Bucks and they really like so at Albion -- in the guy that. That really. It was Joseph Wimbledon the center until the Kansas yet that he might be -- trio for the Tennessean that the injury yes let them back a little bit I have Marc Spears of Yahoo!. Sports dot com all breakdown the NBA draft tomorrow night coming on after Jimmy -- of delivers the news headlines. I look at double Marc Spears momentarily have his cell -- issues. Technologies sometimes good balance. Here own worst enemy. -- in radio but. Win the ruling comes out on Jimmy Graham can be the first to go sign up now for our WWL. Text alert just -- the world of sports 28787. Message and data rates may apply also. Won't invite those that are. Try to give over the saint Ellis is the -- -- in the world pelicans all things sports follow art of ago sports team on Twitter at Bobby Bears three at -- chief. I'm Matt Christian Garrett won of course at tee about 53. He follows on on Twitter and with these bounty Bobby might get a few more. Tweets about the World Cup in certainly about when movie reviews news news transformed into transformers install wars. Also however. -- on the I'll confess -- I've already confessed I'm a huge star or -- too well with Disney that we feel I would studios was my favorite because of Stallworth weekend. All games and they storm troopers all around -- bowl cost us that the about and I had fun Doug about that but our our social media team. Also like -- on FaceBook. They'll put lots of fun -- on their FaceBook dot com. Slash WWL. Radio so Christian where you casually who watched the world -- game two more allies and -- I don't watch it but I mean. I just. They for me it's about team USA I'm not a converted -- soccer -- about the Americans yet it's about team USA and it's. It's a great Nazi re match up fourteen USA against Germany image the -- advance and certainly one of. It is amazing. That the German connections. You know not only the coach you're 55 players -- -- you know but Jozy Altidore he's gonna miss the game against Germany so. Strain that had hamstring when I seen. Can grab that hamstring in -- often that stretcher you think it has I mean I've seen hamstring injury before. And you get over on the stretcher when you know come back and. Marc Spears NBA writer for Yahoo! Sports joining us now and mark obviously the NBA draft tomorrow night that Wallace pelicans to not have a selection do you envision a scenario where they could enter and get back in the fray here. -- no I've been here and for -- couple weeks now that. They really wanted to get into the strap and I think there's object to -- that -- keep an eye on. On the Phoenix and they get three expectancies and given up that -- one. Our own charm Atlanta there's a couple of the teams that have -- picks. Boston. Being one of them Oklahoma City. So when you kind of see those teams coming out during the draft like the latter of the Atlantic. The -- economic than mine and beat him pelicans. Now -- look at -- from a local perspective obligated to small forward position maybe would be available. What is your take on. And I heard anywhere from like nine to fourteen Doug McDermott from Creighton. Also allowed -- run the hood in Wichita State's Eric Anthony early I just talk about those butlers and and holiday fit him with a pellet. Well if you want the -- second round I mean if you wanna small forward this is -- draft. There's a lot of them and that's why I think. You know try and maybe even buy tickets you have to. Would be beneficial. -- Republicans it is it is this is -- strong small forward than any other position and did you approach in. One of the center or small forward. Clay captain needs expect in the second round maybe Lakers. -- -- -- Lottery area it was a -- it's like a run. By the probably in the top two when he. So. It is and even like a guy like Glenn Robinson. Over our own heart the -- those guys to be in the second round I don't know the potent -- picked him in the second. Yet -- offers his second goal -- and a bit about it. Committee -- the draft -- worth it and force it to you if you're in the first that well don't get. It is for that -- probably help with the cost it four with -- call. I alone in. Thinking but I got my coaches bill. That. Late in the first. Or you -- victory. Obviously. But. Active beat Phoenix. Oklahoma City given epileptic. So it's just a matter of -- Megan what I older. Now mark obviously the LeBron means Carmelo Anthony in. Free agency now here's a local favorite we followed him since high school room telling -- Greg Monroe. -- what is his status and boy you know fans and call them you know saying like to see him alongside Anthony Davis. My understanding he's restricted free agent in the Pistons could match any offer it -- evening he does he go back to Detroit. Well which he says is that the thing that makes it tough Symbian restricted free agency to match which you gotta do probably is. You know -- little bit more. RB is a little creative in the same way. But the Houston Rockets forward Jeremy Lin and Ohman are sick but it's not going to be easy to -- restrict ago waived by. You know just like in this of opposite fashion -- -- accords signed off -- in Phoenix. And the that it didn't matched so long. I understand. -- form. In I don't like that you know. I like that the pelicans are realistic about the situation and to go look at school from notably two time. Like the last few -- Charlotte Bobcats. Credit for for beyond where we want Al Jefferson and nobody else early you know a lot of money that that was big plays trying to do now. They went out -- were aggressive with -- -- so good about won't Charlotte and -- -- and nothing New Orleans has to be the same way. -- I wouldn't be surprised if Greg. What was interest in -- time off proceed there but if he's restricted. The got to be careful of that player might be -- you just to get their number. And so you just got to be realistic about OK with the chances of the Pistons matching them. If they're probably going to be matched and don't waste a time when it. Find some free agents that you know are more likely possibilities. It is to go on down. But I think what the -- so late in the season. It is certainly is the place and you know on the loans is -- You know that people that that created -- checked out especially where it is tomorrow. Marc Spears in the Ryder. For Yahoo! Sports they get a run -- thinks the third time doubles. Question was you got -- ago. No I don't know I don't do it. It now will. I guess first of -- Napier. He's being thrown around as one of the guys in that either gonna go after we get LeBron back you think that's -- that sound and do you think that's enough to get the bronze attention. Promise on the new York and you know they react to bad about it today. Immunities -- and politically correct stuff -- The fact that he's here and to me that says a lot about him and does that mean he's right on the top -- if you're -- here in the green room here in the top twenty pick although he has good story. And that could be part of it. But the do I could see Miami trying to move up to you -- he was the guys by a week ago that a -- Beasley first. But now he might have moved his way down into the top twenties and this is not a a great. Great draft for point guard -- so he's probably move enough because there. Now mark look at it Cleveland is it the way in the car as -- -- is part of DiMarco wigand's artist has that kind of considering -- Joseph amblin the center in Kansas and his injuries and is that the 12 punch. Alone right now that suggests it's Wigginton to partner is doing everything in his power. To -- pro people and -- quickly. You know he did so only. -- -- they did that idea put it on. So that you don't even want to go out there they've they've -- Cleveland give him as well as. I national partner. Is they're going to be a great player but I think Wiggins has more an outside. Has a chance to be real special to you on the the -- could go wrong either way. -- I would rather have somebody that excited about coming tomorrow franchise. Somebody that. You know and I haven't -- if they want to -- Marc Spears NBA writer for Yahoo! Sports dot com so RB and we. If you if you give us a -- we wanted to last note he -- will more questions and squeeze in another one I've received at the time of great inside as always mark. Mario and I are Spears NBA writer for Yahoo! Sports this is sports talk on WWL IMF and -- would you rank this a's roster in the top five in the national football -- it's a party -- -- -- people -- -- -- WWL got coming -- vote right there 76%. Saying yes point 4% saying though you can weigh in on the the web it that we do elect com or call us at 260187. -- -- 86680. -- -- ten and also the pelicans. In the draft tomorrow night year Marc Spears. Yahoo! sports' NBA writer. Basically saying the pelicans Pavel wanton. Andy's a term from less miles have a desire and want in -- need there. To get into the NBA draft tomorrow night and -- by one not necessarily trade but to get back in the first round they do not have a selection. And Oklahoma city's a team that Marc Spears that keep an eye on -- might note that at the back in my view league you give up a pick. But you know when I look at NBA draft and I'm generalize and things as you can. Fine dark horses in the second round when you look how many rounds there are in. In the NFL and in. Really focused on you know only two rounds -- really the lottery picks. So. He you can really be a first round pick. In this in the twenties in and being in and you might be a developmental players mine had no impact selling -- FL yes -- -- second round picks are almost like tundra like will be like an undrafted player and NFL media and you kind of like a free agent yeah like you might make the team our bubble. Yes it exactly and then but that's why you always focused on having a lottery pick. Where you expect them make the team and contribute our. Arm make -- have an immediate impact kind of -- when we got Anthony Davis let me -- his keys to you know Anthony Davis. Do you think that is there legitimate concern that the adults around -- Yeah talent get him into the playoffs and they loyalty and OK they go Hughes answered my question. Then then then he'll go the route of of well you know Chris Paul and go to you know former zone quote unquote Big Three 'cause he's he's a sitting. Today in that direction and he's gonna be like one of the faces in the NBA. Right now not only just face the pelicans that wanted to bright young phase in the NBA in and you have that stroke actually believe. When that time comes that's why. You got to surround them with talent where he feels like he can win in New Orleans and and be a playoff team and have a chance to I was in the Western Conference in the NBA finals now. Would that being said. Or -- might say well grounding and you know Max out his contract he's not gonna go anywhere but players right now they won their -- needed to do wanna win championships and get beat him. And Anthony Davis he seems like you're good guy I don't know personally and whenever you -- interviewed he sings very humble he says the right thing. Stays out of trouble. Sosa -- -- to surround him -- supporting cast. And then in the -- -- got to get to play -- and in -- have a chance like we did. We had David West Tyson Chandler Chris Paul. Where you know that we almost went to a Western Conference finals you know loosen that seven game that to the -- -- sporadic attendance -- to a request comes finals but. They got to get it done and bottom line and he'd be gone. He's about eight hour crushing Derrick this is sports talk on WW well enough of doc got it -- it well like Tom. For you World Cup good news we get the interactive World Cup track -- to Bob's column. About it there. Believe US escape deaths clutches in the World Cup in basically paraphrasing the argument mean in the column. Here's what you need to root for tomorrow US getting a win or tie against Germany there in. Cheer for Portugal if they win. The men's team US -- team almost assuredly moves on. With -- don't cheer for -- so wintertime target our Portugal right that -- body right. And the -- portion. It is just get a result I guess is that is the best way I mean. You got a good chance to get a result that's a sock it to protect Cutler well well that's like -- Augusta is -- -- me and I'm reading the pitch I learned that yet like saying you don't read your son's confidence that is seeing nil. If anything personal season this. Maybe it's a nil -- tie and you know what you need kinda. You mentioned earlier this that it ties between this team -- team -- yet if you look at it very germanic. Them Germany influence not only the coach. You know you look at Clinton wanted to -- German players in the history of countryman now the head coach for the US led five players. Having German ties. -- their parents. Exact details. Haven't those German ties -- -- inning of the US and -- like animals. -- -- family -- competitive atmosphere. You know the -- vs the US and Germany's always considered. Power there are 45 teams in the come in and and in the world but now with interest -- you look at. The teams that you expected Goosen who's now Hillary knocked now that being Spain. The defending champion in England. And their line where the sport was in -- and and in Italy. You look in on the four time champion there heading home. After the group pace for the -- consecutive World Cup so when that happens. You -- who's your coach gets immediately -- You know music is that the expectations. That is that you know I'm gonna make it the sixteenth line. I hasten the s's if you wanna hear. My top ten ways you can improve the World Cup next -- telephone yeah and I mentioned to see it. As a as a more avid soccer fan how you would improve the world right -- and I break it down answer I don't read ten you probably have to reasonable. You know and saw the you know like Chris yesterday. We'll have a little fun next -- also they would like talk about you and also -- Louis Suarez. How about that be you know anything about the Mike Tyson of soccer biting. Yeah me and the first time this dude has to go to anger management Eden is like three times now -- keep -- kicked out of -- two years -- -- when and it's not -- -- It should be it should be banned for the next world and it and he's wanted to best putters in the world. And so I sport's dog rolls on the next hour if you T about your hat because. -- on the World Cup coming your way next hour.