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Jun 25, 2014|

Kristian and Bobby talk to Author of "Fin McCool's Football Club: The Birth, Death, and Ressurrection of a Pub Soccer Team in the City of the Dead" Stephen Rea about the World Cup USA vs Germany.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I welcome in the sports talk final hour here WL I am FM and -- did you elect Donald Bobby -- Kristian garic and preview of the World Cup match up between team USA. Hash tag US seventy on Twitter. Missed men's national team of soccer team and of course. As we talked about last are going into the top our. The top ten ways to improve. The World Cup. And yet at our first break author Stephen raid to preview. USA vs Germany tomorrow but. I started ten body today in terms of the -- list -- all of it. Like Bobby alluded to is not very rational now I'm very well. Concede that and you have to understand -- Christian is now. Very ratchet -- the faith I'm I'm rationally what can you -- -- -- -- though. Number ten everyone starts with the yellow card. For them all from the start of the match water for doing the -- and evident every how cool that we've been referenced about. And blow whistle and that Byron cart and -- -- as it within. Does it -- drama soccer needs drama right away. I mean -- say that. I sent it to yellow cards he it was a red card in Europe regain. Tennessee. One deal on us in Euro. I don't want anybody can it's one of my starts so at some some drama to it. So then if you get he's starting -- when -- -- of you guys one during the game and you BK now. These drama and some intrigue to. Felt like you know starting at -- wall. And Evan -- drama. Sometimes. On the I -- picked off and that's saying. -- truly judge someone and he really hurt not hurt well that's Dillon. I'm number nine let the officials kicked the penalty shots that politics. Let them do it. -- if it's a tie that had the officials have an RF three. -- capable teams that would be reason enough right there pretty evident every. There every has so much power and soccer why are you more he can. Add more time in. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I know that everybody can see yet so it's not subjective to where I want and I had two minutes well but that goes back to that of coming up you did it. Any American brain that makes -- you know lie because even in the US are Americans as a whole -- supposed to be more meticulous. Okay you gotta be there eleven -- there you know like at the flight's -- eleven you gotta be here that's anywhere in the world going to be on time flight. So now -- I'd be on time and employment I'd be in this automobile and Caribbean. Are because the world's Morley back as far as that goes in and that is. Subjective the official -- times actually. Stoppage time how -- is actually lives on being out. You know like memory that that he had the first two ridiculous and I bet that's OK number seven so you know Zach Thomas time the offside penalty. I'm on that advanced to created not you want more scoring than dad answered back comes in the act so. Mean they they they shouldn't. It's gonna get rid of that. In on the -- offside while RRR and you can see it could be all sides maybe by a yard two yards and indicated to me out -- and ended and you just like that just hanging out -- -- and a little more -- in basketball the only right he can't he can't be the cherry -- out there yet you ask him -- he knows that may be many more lenient one or two yards you would have more goals for sure I'd like number 62. I'm so so far you I'm YouTube before you before that it was. It's -- often. Stop the flopping. The NBA equivalent of -- the -- of injuries well well well -- it's a running clock and it's nonstop. And now Cristian de do. Have a rule that. And if you enforce it yet but none that they have been they've been pretty good he could give me an example yet. Because if you do flop. And they -- -- yellow cards -- you've taken it and -- dealt him though senator person you think it Branyan over on the give it to you only give beauty the yellow card. Instead and a one that you think supposedly. I don't know blew his hit you in the fan and goals to his welcome across -- -- I again this -- five kind of goes on line when number ten is it adding more intrigue and drama to the match. Of five from me would have the goalie start with a cage match like it a three minute round one box. He does Duke it out. Right there at center which way to an end and it isn't it a little okay what is going to get whoever wins this -- -- the ball now whoever wins. -- -- -- -- -- -- Also then Ariza you'd have these goalies that would be like. MMA you know -- you know cage match yet I -- -- -- The before cheerleaders. I can't. I'm for the for that purpose. Now he valiantly in other words soccer version of the Dallas cowboy to the leaders. With Henry offensively for the number three everyone starts for the yellow card put on the twice. Is that important everybody starts of the yellow card and that's the best and I don't know -- I -- -- -- -- and -- applicants. -- some -- -- about it if a day or two. Have a power play like a penalty box rights and I don't like I have like in hockey have a penalty yet you get if it's gonna kick them -- Maybe just yanked in the middle of an irrational harder to yellow cards and kicked out to gain nets and -- does in. The rest of the game -- ten vs eleven rights and then a two minute period you know two minutes from -- -- Whenever it is and you to play a backup for two minutes of shorthanded. -- -- then they have a problem clocks again because that's the theme that we haven't here but soccer is no real clock. Number buttons and but but that interest thing in. You know penalty and -- and in. Number one this would be cool -- On a cross bar the goal I first thought he'd make the goalie play was back to the action. Until the ball crosses the mid line right once then he -- -- -- -- -- -- And on in the way that the glory be looking at the video screen about -- yeah the video screen. Buckled. And he had to watch that. Now the stupid idea to. And -- yes having a day five navy what do you mean -- you wanna meet the goal wider -- able to have that always action -- to put. Have to go so we have the gold twice the size and have to go yet. Oh and I think that the -- traditionalists would it would not go over that issue again but they smile and fearless whether that that is that is -- pitches. Are giving given colonial accord for the magic and start having great at -- -- -- Just says they walk on this page know what I think not not this is the one I aerial. Yeah well cards every line. Know enough not now I think this is the only idea. Because I think. Penalty case c'mon it's so unfair for the goal. You know and and you look at it now obviously these gains came in in. In regulation. An extension. In time as far as to to to whatever you know go to penalty would actually when you going to be to champion. It came in and -- that you have. Penalty kicks when I would rather them is key play. And that's saying some money would die out there but you cramping up and and you know -- keep playing to some might actually scores. And and and and eliminate penalty kicks -- game might last. I don't know five hours. You have to be in marathon type shape. You know just keep claim in plain plain and just detect cancer endurance. And Chris internal in my put him back on. -- So author Stephen -- Will join us next and also. Writes that night if you -- yet some practical improvements the soccer's the soccer and James probably and knowledge the soccer out -- -- only hear from the rest the audience if you have some practical or practical ways. Of improving soccer. Were all years to 601870 -- 386689. You know originated says stupid stuff like the losers again decapitated if I -- -- almost like -- -- and not here today is not uncommon -- and -- to get decapitated soccer and also. That I racked. Moment in their soccer team and they tortured beat and the coach. It's similar dog on W to -- well. About the sport dog look good now -- you on. Hold Jane -- sit -- we definitely thought the were taken. You're suggested practical or impractical. Improvements in suggestions. For soccer. 260187. Bowl 386689087. Steven Gray author of in the -- football club the birth and death. And resurrection of -- club soccer team in the city of the dead and their aunt and stay in feet in the -- as the place to be tomorrow morning right. -- definitely had to kick it to -- had a lot of what -- in his limited English premier Lee away American national team. -- have you watched Germany you on the game's difference in. Every -- it and -- its crazy talking on the and there are -- European games as well in the games certainly but. Tomorrow I think nobody out of the lineup from like it and my income are to get -- -- us Steven how ironic it is when you look at the connection and now what your take on this when you look at the German connection -- only the coach that. Notably the handful of players that have that German American connection in the obviously they're German background going to be includes Clinton has targeted him be competing. Against his country it's almost I guess and in US America football terms it via -- kind of like. I -- a mercenary unicenter. When I experience playing with the Saints and playing with the Falcons in. And just whenever you know Colin you've put on you try and -- and and and do your best. Well policy you know there are sportsmen. I'm irony in the pocket and not think that will work against him aren't impacting the eyes of the world will be on the -- tomorrow because there are scientists and people. They are convinced that the -- lie on let American get the timing need to progress in extra on. I'm also. World Cup but I would not -- 1982. -- -- in. Adjournment actually did it with Austria of course -- public germanic nation should be chairman I'm Nate that they -- Germans had to win one nil. One Arizona meant both countries qualified for the next stage I'm not what happened Jeremy scored after the announcement that -- -- -- stop by. -- played lights in the -- it straighter and I really think that. The fact that it will it will and will come under such scrutiny tomorrow. -- that link on Klinsmann did coached the German team you know it is that unprecedented in net the world attention. Two. England had a Swedish monitor. Eric. And your leader and ensemble action on happening and actually troops Sweden in the in the in the competition so it. It happens by news. That the European coaches at this moment in time shop and the European cultures. Coaches the most coveted most experienced and quite. Obviously the best in the world. So that -- am not sure that there is going to be all right there. Russia for instance. Are coached by an Italian. I'm from Russia and we had to be gone in there would be active in. Now Stephen -- seems wide open net as we can move on when you could consider. Spain and what their comments the past six years in May no longer. You know part of a World Cup. Very disappointing and opening English -- considering what an -- soccer football was invented. In New -- afford time champion Italy is heading home after the group phase of missing consecutive world come to Julio says that is what. What our related -- part of coach who what when they're gone but were you surprised at Spain England and and in Vietnam juvenile. Yeah look at -- -- spend. And you right expand ops of Lindsay dominated world soccer for six years unprecedented. Level that. On for them to be very first team like to be part of the competition before people like era and of course -- was -- surprise. Italian from the English -- was atop group. Band Europe Kline of course Costa -- and came of nowhere missing that that I have noticed. Always -- top level soccer agents. Stand in England and ultimately that's what the money is that while the attention that a -- such a long he's not your -- He used to the policy and that kind of sorting it going. The end of August and most seasons it is over by the end of December it's really a very short or month season. -- -- Home. The most teams will start playing their first compatible in an August I'm not -- competitive -- met yet the end of may. So those professional soccer player complaints from nine or ten months of the year so comes in July for the World Cup they are tired. Among those things are out there that were -- Americans their first championship again and so while fracture and I'm sure that's because over here and the Allen has been Major League soccer. -- actually had a complete -- calendar to the -- the world. I'm right onto those guys are sort of reform and that he's -- -- how much he might help -- tomorrow. Stephen -- off served in the school's football club the birth. Death and resurrection of a -- soccer team in the city of the -- a Stephen thanks a bunch for the time we appreciated in will catch up with the again has. Woke up and Stephen -- -- -- go anything that Americans they qualified to move on draw our our our winning game what -- things happen to -- I think I hit them before that -- -- -- ball was kicked our -- Americans qualified in check into it on the chairman's a couple of stick with that. I think maybe one age. All are or nine won the American. Yet I've got a -- it takes -- preparation that I write up on guys -- -- -- IJ on the cell phone you're on the WB well how argument. Popular here and I say I'd go in -- -- the start of the year -- between you know. And keep trying to pick or. -- -- -- ought to do you know from what -- stuff like that it will -- part of that they can. -- a bit and AJ what do you think now KB gonna have LeBron to -- part of the World Cup no matter what the sport would be like awesome goal even if you don't want him running around that about it -- -- that what you would pick an -- go he'd be part score well. Well we lockers until about -- so we understand from the outrageousness switches suggestions. And I. I don't know out of socket at any of the Christian -- played football you know high school as part of RPE class so I'm not real -- on all the rules and I -- definitely. Put. We are ultimately see that you totally irrational. Well let's -- start off with yourself. You know everybody you know he'd he'd -- pupil would collapse and -- that's basically your regular car cart out that -- look. I'll hook it right at. 500 maybe for sure four out of ten maybe five but you know after that he started all -- they needed them the momentum he was open to -- -- in an underdog card has. But at the Sixers would vote for you are still the soccer is really gonna get on there are other than this you know opening the door emigration whatever compared park can actually catch on -- you know -- the red white and blue here America. We're gonna have higher school protect. It was real real -- -- the first. Like he -- B instead 10. 00 point six fibers. The team spirit that underdog double pitches all while yeah it did feel. What I think needs to -- up award. It needs to be easier to score the first sports -- instead of what. War defenders in the box you know where you pull back for four or whatever they're called in the box against the goal in in you know. Let let him actually have a better actually it's getting that ball in the -- So I was working -- it you if you're in the box. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It would be like a fast break it been like all is this victory. Where you've got -- it would match up around our goal occurred because arena that was when I never did get the ball in the bowl you know you have purple people know what were -- or whatever. -- like that when Cole has made in that capacity. Make that work -- porch when you make it which it make it work one point and I think that would matter off. Excitement to the game it would have been games into the high. That really like Bobby -- it's like get -- just. At all if you do that though you -- they view and its pilot the referees -- UA and -- gala. Folks Wheaton so thanks a bunch RJ. I'd John and Slidell you're on WWL like John suggesting go ahead. Christian in your honor we got to remember that Christian in line. We want some drama and excitement can you imagine being -- from just throw one line out here I'll throw. Something -- didn't get the real. Excitement that he just one line out the year after maybe Q yeah. Can do it. John -- have that in the past that that was the gladiator like sport academia you know. Definitely. A Twitter at Twitter suggestion. About a week and you felt confident bloodthirsty and. Yes yes I mean it it could be like if they like all that's intimidating yet he -- had I was it was unbelievable. With the ancient Romans it was supposed to be. Sophisticated -- entertainment was when you think about it John what do -- in my top ten list was it. Well. I. It was pretty outrageous like going to be a kick out of it I think you both guys both guys did a great -- -- book which I would repeat. Hear it but I thought it was on. And MetLife had to throw at the line it just like. You got a real -- they have that. I job I bump one of mine and put the line in there and put -- -- my analyst John -- for that suggestion dean. Mobile Tony -- to a 260187. Their toll free 866889087. -- taking your suggestions practical or impractical on how to improve. Soccer the World Cup -- in mobile you're on WW well. -- from behind an ambulance a remedy anyway. Does this is this is a diehard LSU tiger fans will be hard to. He would -- -- But we don't do -- this year -- work fox soccer okay what more eight or higher and go. So. It just makes it easier score and get a -- once you get you don't certainly -- -- round. The score it in Munich you don't hang the ball back they got a score more points she got. Well look at Indian along those lines you say ago and you are up to its lead on a thousand times you know they got the ball in the setting -- -- play there kicked it backwards. This is so so what if he can't kick it back again. Yes so what do you always have to kick it follower I like it especially you get past the midway. You know. -- -- Hank -- backwards and not. -- boy who loved. Actually. Are you of the great game the world -- in the of the great mean. You just gotta get into it in. Go to I am. Good game about it but I have to take Christian it was you know I feel what I know -- -- below but soccer he would love. Defense that bat mr. green get it to Osaka par I think I've admitted that listened. Did the pageantry of it sure I would like but I am getting there -- -- that's gonna hit. Yet there. Right you're. At that sent out -- -- and check out. The pageantry will be enough to meet there what's gonna keep me there. The US winning that would yet so that I have against soccer convert. Right makes me. How -- my kids. 147 victory. It. I don't know if he he -- -- city is a baseball junkie I've heard you I like baseball -- -- football not like four more in our and as far as you KG you -- -- gravitated more towards the right now. Where and that's understandable to me but I. Bill of live and let the guys and go to actors in. I'm -- you know big. -- just around the corner I was content sum and down check out where you are are -- like I a couple of text messages here for you to Tony -- has that Christians -- was ludicrous. Another one says. Give a point every -- a goalie makes the stop. Make that goal bigger. Always in Australia. Could they make Tony Martin Tony's you always services wouldn't nations in the great country Austria. When you got to on. Tony went in Australia. You know on W to do well. No Tony let's put Tony on hold -- put a little guy -- is this you -- he's paying you know 260187. It's all free 8668890878. Recap on my list here I ever -- starts of the yellow card number ten number and I let the officials kicked the penalty shots eight. Keep a real clock a running clock that everybody can see seven. Played every two years in and really really. Number seven was was the offside penalty do some about that six stop the flopping five have the goalies start the game with like yeah. A box -- that three minute you know. Fisticuffs. The before cheerleaders -- eye -- three. Everyone starts with a yellow cards like number ten and number two have a power play early in the penalty box -- power play goal opportunity. And a screen on the the -- cross bar. For the goalie a TV were basically let's start with his back towards the action and he can monitor the game on the -- -- little TV -- there. -- turn around smokers. In the -- yes it is my list. And now like John earlier with the with no -- on the field. We know what you're improvements I a practical. -- impractical. No sport is perfect we would mean we talk we have this conversation all time about the about the rules pass affairs rules in football the NFL level and other improvements we'd like to see me. In the NFL and college football hall would do -- say they was soccer I'd. -- get more. Lenient more laying off sides the other like if you are maybe a yard two yards -- be more Eagles Tony in Australia is back. How are -- Tony. That I Antonio which guy. I -- I don't know World -- bullet. Yeah. 4 o'clock in the morning the US that we. But as silenced at least getting a result of playing minutes and try. Still a -- -- accepted. And -- school. Six point for a -- three point his guys -- a point where quantity. At the moved it to gel like and now Tony how's. The folks back home the same -- our trip Australia whose real competitive but they couldn't quite get over the -- what was their take as far as the -- the team. Our world that we were in the area. Real group of kids when we had to -- Netherlands. And we -- our -- Netherlands trying to eat space spy and then I read in the final. Last on the World Cup is owned the -- for the World Cup. The USO you look at the competition I think Australia. There have been a different grouping they motto qualified for the neutral. Yeah 44 in Korea and the soft we we could've gone through that. Like you look at it Belgium. And then in that group. Now yeah I mean I mean I. Yet when I looked like yeah like Greece. Like I think Australians -- bending -- We would have been. -- live. With the equity on the. We got some nasty weather out here and -- -- And it's thunder and lightning noting that made it pretty redundancy be the net and now Tony is it just like like a cold front moving through our. Yet because Doug we offices seem like we have brutal Summers right now yards and ya all that this is like the wintertime right. Is where we can area. I'm watching the college World Series -- and built up one build up in the second. Nil -- thought soccer -- SEC yeah out of anti Tony hey thanks man and I'm -- Talk -- once the SAT Iraq general and you're he had to give as a calling go to West Virginia. -- brought -- -- -- for the BC it started to trickle up. 2 o'clock in the morning you know what -- watching listening. I tell. And have fun than what can if he. All right thank you Tony I telling telling following an appropriate text messages here and after -- commodity if he could avoid him Australia nobody yet has yet -- finally get European number. I after getting yellow card. Yet the chains to the old type basketball shorts. John Stockton and stuck at all the eighth then Value Line. This is sports talk about W the B well I am FM in -- gonna put Christian in those shorts on the sidelines news. Via text messages and rock pulling in the uses. From a 59 wants is one more anyone caught flopping has to go on a date with hopes so -- -- are there. Hope Solo course arrested -- -- Longo what earlier in the week. Yeah I -- along those lines you know -- here she is soccer right now in the news and and she was to start goal keeper. Hope Solo. Was arrested at his suburban Seattle home early Saturday on. Suspicion of solving that -- like -- she's kick him but Jim -- says there and a seventeen year old nephew. But supposedly our attorney. -- saying it she was the victim an altercation on Collison who will win and it looked at who got beat up. I mean they found that solo was intoxicated and have said and -- injuries the only saw injuries on our nephew and her sister. An arrest and after the -- that she was the primary. Aggressor so. -- about battles and Justin. It. That's kind of goalkeeper you want -- mean that again as aggressive yet he had been on the field and off the field. Gotta be. A perpich just in general perfectly. I had another one from eighty force you to do is make the -- -- right. Limit to three feet and make Eagles twice as big the last two years of background is the real Robert at least those in pursuit tonight. And it. But I know you love soccer Alia you big soccer fans in. Three year. Three plays into a -- with the number one you two guys stop talking about it shall have blisters and later cloth that's number one. Number two will put shoulder pads and helmets on and a little tackle each other. Okay so what would they called tackling is really tripping is right tackle I noticed that with he went through attacked the number three. Replace the soccer ball the beach ball. It and it's one that beat you -- -- you're really close in score. But it kicked it up. -- like that and I had it object is just terrible points. A bottle tomorrow morning at eleven you'll casually watch about an amendment. What's happening to moral level of play in the garment that's true and America the US. Indeed not a well you watch and judge -- I another one from 879 instances two points -- goal one point you made in them morning Anderson type practice goal behind the goal. I sort of she got -- up tonight while tonight you know last week it was Redskins right at the offensive. Are you familiar with the fish called the Asian carp. It's the fish in -- Asia actually had. A -- Bob haven't had a -- different obviously on -- demand avail. -- had a -- a waterfall and had. And aging carved in there really a sudden they're expensive. Actually I've got to Fischler was. It was valued at over 200 dollars because of the colors in these demons and so an absurd Japanese. You know that the -- there actually. Like up to like 50000 dollars plus fish right when you know the the Asian carp of invaded the Great Lakes and their attacking all the fish but now. They've made a rule all the passed a law actually that. In Minnesota you could no longer call -- Asian carp. Because that's offensive. The Asians you now have to call up and invasions. Car what it's an -- car Whitey attitude Antonin. Because usually that's -- does this -- because it's negative it's offensive to Asians and you have to call it -- of carp so. I'm gonna start a list tonight in my old. Political incorrectly for instance. I don't know but -- I drove the -- about a guy's a meatball -- wouldn't be meatball right right right yeah and also now and that's offensive so now you should put an -- Battalion meatball sandwich is off the menus. So so what about like the weather is bad right now if all the lights go -- there's a black ops that's offense of the concede. It's negative of what happens during the blacked out. The electricity bills up you can't watch TV you swept in all pop so that's negative so. We should change -- an average it out they gonna have to convince them setup like counts them with the correct and what do people say about eating good cajun food and that hurt -- the league is too spicy. It gives me heartburn can do that an important and that's too negative too you know. I'm Robert sit sit tight the real Robert Mitchell Bob Mitchell interest to note do you talk to him. As we wind down here on sports talk alike is that like question of the night. Will be in a text messages roll in and year 59 alliances. And new soccer rule if tied after regulation all players take a shot of whiz keeps pats continue. Every five minutes until -- goals scored or not enough players standing. The crowd and I would be must see TV area and yet alcohol. -- certainly. It certainly add to the entry level I Bob Mitchell in pursuit -- -- in got a great show lined up for in the light question of the night Michael Jackson King of Pop. Pulled it pulled in over seven -- dollars since 2009 more than any artist dead or alive who is your favorite music artist. And that is no longer alive. Simply put -- Jack yes yes I mean. I have is off the wall album on iTunes and throws -- Chris. Don't wanted to. The smartest things he did the huge music -- relentless in the wanted to you know you look how much he's worth on -- smartest thing he did most of by -- all the rights and Eagles yeah yeah. Yeah when you look argue what you can invest in in looking beyond the future too is by him to dish it out. Hologram of them. Now hold man that's incredible -- it just unbelievable I've Bob Mitchell coming up tonight for screwed you at about ten minutes right here on WWL sports talk -- back with the tomorrow afternoon four to eight yes we will recap. Team USA. Vs Germany and of course the NBA draft as well I'm Kristian -- in four Deke Bellavia. Several filed out he's Bobby Hebert Bobby do you think a month away relational and unite people.