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Jun 25, 2014|

BOB MITCHELL’s in for Scoot tonight. As always he has a great show: Last week it was the “Redskins”…guess what name the “political correct police” decided is offensive now? The Asian carp! Bob has the new name and wants to start his own list tonight. Let’s all be political correct police—let’s make a list of anything anybody who’s overly sensitive will find offensive. PLUS: Oh my God… common sense! A Michigan Republican congresswoman wants to halt millions of dollars in aid to Central American countries — especially Mexico — and send the money to impoverished U.S. cities, because tens of thousands of children are illegally entering the United States. Is this the kind of common sense thinking we need to get our country out of the crapper?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well it is may be real Robert neutral filling in pursuit again tonight. And before I lay out what's on our WW I'll talk table and found this story yesterday or last night I should say. And gave -- to everyone right before midnight and -- probably the majority of the listeners develop here this so. If you're an animal lover I'm -- gonna try to start the show with a with a feature some little bit different maybe a story. That is not in the mainstream news. But did you hear about the Golden Retriever. That got separated from its owners during a camping trip and California's Tahoe national force. Was finally reunited with reunited with his family. And doing well after apparently surviving on its old for nearly two years in the wilderness. But dog went missing October the twelfth I'm sorry 2012 October 2012. -- months later. -- campers bottom of the net and alerted the mentally. After several unsuccessful days of trying to attract the dog -- the family decided to leave her bed. And several items of her own clothing with -- camper hoping Murphy the dog would pick up their scent then return to the -- that worked. And a week later the camper coach Murphy on to a leash after finding a sleeping on the holding left for her. We got we you know is that nice. All right here's what's on our own WWL. Talked table -- we've taken the midnight tonight. This is a goofy story that I really regret missing earlier. I'm sure you know one of the Great Lakes were under attack from within days of species of fish. That threatens to overwhelm the fragile ecosystem of the world's largest -- war Ehrlich. And there -- -- of the Asian carp. Because. Their car and they come from Asia that's what we column. You've got to the Asian car and as such the biggest concern. Is that name. You're ready. Is offensive in other words it's a bad finish and calling it an Asian carp. Even -- to carp and it came from Asia cast a bad light on all Asians the Minnesota state senate. Approved a bill amendment. That would renamed the the Asian carp. Now it is called the invasion of car. Because it's an evil fish and you can't call the Asian carp. Even though to carp but it comes from page. Mean is is this is this political correctness. Just totally off the chain now and do you find yourself having to watch every word that comes out of your -- -- plot tonight. We would start. Our own list of things that are probably going to be politically incorrect if you're a guy. And you're starting illusion here. Lastly you want is someone call you bald right. Mean that's that's offense he'll be called bulk of dozen -- so sensitive about losing orders slow. -- -- No more American bald eagle. Because balled. And balled the is a not to -- Thurmond which -- -- offend the Americans right. And how many -- you have called symbol on the meatball. You know will need all meaning. He is little -- so I would imagine that now. We should limit and say no more Italian meatball sandwiches on the menu. So if you have any that you'd like to add to the list of got a whole bunch more for instance. What happens in South Florida have you heard about this the Burmese python is threatening in the while light the -- Florida went oh that's going to be offensive. And -- we can't have that so we have to come up with a new name for that so what did you think about it. And give me some things the names that you -- go on this politically incorrect polish 260. 178668890. Itself. And oh my god. This story spared the life -- I thought sure that Armageddon must must must be here. The second coming has got to be right around the corner common sense a Michigan Republican congresswoman. Watched the hall of millions of dollars in aid to Central American countries especially in Mexico. And send the money to the poor US cities because tens of thousands of children or legally entering the United States. -- these countries are doing nothing about it now is this the type of common sense thinking we need to finally get our country. Out of the pits because I don't know about you would we have discussed it many times on this show it's seems to -- the biggest problem. With our Washington politicians. Is no common sense. What other problems do we have in this country that could be solved but just apply in good common sense last night. We were talking about this guy that head. Seven children. By six different blogs. And he was going to get a vasectomy. To reduce the prison time. On all non related crime just slow the state would not have to play. Financial aid to all these wives and children and we got talking about ways to take -- limit things like that. And we came up last night with a very common sense idea now wouldn't work in his place but you know there there are women. That have half a dozen illegitimate children. And both the woman and the man responsible about putting the blame on the woman but our system is setup to where the mortgage you have the more -- Common sense sent a limit. Just like unemployment. Just like -- for Social Security set a limit and say it doesn't matter how many kids you have you only get this amount of money on insurance. So what are the problems do you think. That we could solve in this country but just good common sense thinking 2601 late 7866. At 90870. And of course. With that congresswoman national opinion this gives us our WWL. -- a drug or opinion poll question should -- halt. Millions of dollars in aid to Central American countries. Especially in Mexico. And give would give the money to our -- US cities are impoverished that is. Until today meaning the Central American countries and Mexico stock helped to stopped -- From having the flow of children crossing the border and we do have the light question of the night. Who is your favorite music artist. That is no longer alive Michael Jackson. The King of Pop has pulled in over 700 million dollars from 2000 done more than any. -- dead or alive to -- early seventy. 866889087. You got the questions -- -- -- responsive. Will go to a break right now Bob Mitchell in -- on the big date seventy WWL. AM. F them and dot com Kumble and the phone number to take part the show was 2601. -- 78668. At 90878. Last week it was Redskins. Guess what named the political correct police of the term and is now offense. The Asian. Carp but what it called -- invasive. -- -- -- rate. Me out of my -- take -- outside shoot. I mean I'm mad as hell and can't take it anymore this political correctness of totally. Totally out of control now do you find yourself watching every word. That comes out of your -- And we have -- seventy -- jaguar opinion poll question about social on our show tonight should. We -- millions. Of dollars in aid to Central American countries. Especially Mexico and give the money to our old United States cities until they help us stop the flow of children crossing the border. 260 -- 7866. And it finally somebody let's go to Mary in New Orleans power you marry. What with the audio and Mary which one you're talking about. You are a year and -- turn it used he used the word illegitimate children. See that's what I'm talking him up political correctness. I'm Ted Turner because. You're labeling child hit it. And I think -- on the child like -- is trumping the. And you know -- credit for years that was a term that was used for a child was not born in a legal marriage that's where. It came out -- what term would you want to use. Born at twelve year. Old child born the web. Now at. When you. Could be legitimate means to be -- should be. We can't be. TP only in at its debut. Child and as such and chatted and that. Right -- it's kind of like what's going on in in sports though what one young kids play sports they don't keep score anymore. The because they don't want anyone to lose little womanly when the feel bad about. Not not winning a game everything you say now gets gets its class. Tell. You everything you say it's close to the antipathy. And I -- talking different. And the Arctic in here is right where you -- That you can use that hurtful to people is I think that we need to be. As redskins' offensive. The Washington Redskins at the change their name. Needed that to a person. Who is that -- American or native American or cordial and it to them it -- and. All right now what what about this this situation in in Minnesota -- well they want to change the name of the fish. You can't call -- an Asian car -- even though the carpets from Asia it's an Asian carp but now that's offensive to Asian people everything is offensive to everyone. Maybe we should stop calling African American native American Spanish American Italian American and to call everybody Americans. Everything can not stand that everything. Every every different and you have to take every day key IP that and I felt. Why don't we do that -- political everybody Americans want it while what -- have classifications. One they have to be Asian Americans while they have to beat. -- African Americans why can't we ought to be Americans. But we used terminology that the use the wrong terminology. It's offensive just in political correctness of that on 24 win win when you take the name of the finish. It's say that's offensive to Asians because it's an invasive fish and the -- is doing real damage I just think you go away with a lot. But that's. Not. Being an ancient. Now you're Asian -- You don't know. I am I don't. Is. I mean it's just too many African Americans. And some people don't understand why. But the rebel flag is a real play. -- -- Horrible -- Jewish -- and Mary I I really appreciate the call and and you make -- my point for me dual answer in the other questions ago. You're playing this is you have to be eight you have to watch everything you say to everyone. People. -- All right Mary electronic I appreciate -- call in -- to go to Sam and that for -- or use them. It when you've -- all of this from Asia. The Asian carp I think political correctness is just one way way way too far out there. I agree 100%. -- -- just politically correct. Korea. Now -- Now what what do you think I mean I'm I'm look at at this assay and this is quite common sense we have a Michigan. Congresswoman. Who says we need to halt millions of dollars in aid to Central American countries especially in Mexico and send the money to impoverish US cities. Because tens of thousands of children or legally entering the United States -- to lead. This is common sense this is saying hey. If you don't stop this if you don't stop because what they're doing in those countries are actually sending messages to the people saying. If you can get to the United States but only fourteen. -- have. An amnesty. And they are encouraging people come here. Well to me this is common -- you're telling them. If you continue to do this we're not -- -- any more aid that's common sense and don't you think we need more common sense and Washington. -- thought that the most. I. Mean. If this woman ran for president I'd vote for. No. One concrete. Step late. Sweeney to dictate your of people in need. Right purse. Or. All we -- In the country. I'm with you -- your music -- slam. All right Michael Jackson the King of Pop has pulled it over 700 million dollars since 2000. More than any artist dead or alive what is your favorite music artist that is no longer alive. The green is also. What are some. Utility NC SE your favorite music artist that has no longer alive. Yeah mine mine's Frank Sinatra. And. Not so I'm not sure. -- -- You changing that. All right Sam thank you so much of the go to Barry admiral harm your buried. Our apartment over there. Are we going. Over the line when we can no longer call -- fish from Asia. Yes we are. Made out of those. 400%. Right. We have. In him that Jaret -- are in. The nation and if that first memorable -- -- protect you freedom of speech. Everybody got there. Like. That's we do about it. You have to watch every word you say now what's going to be next. If we go by the premise. That if it's offensive. And it causes pain that you can't use that that means that the next time let's say. A 100000. Houses in some section used their electricity. And really miserable yours quality and you can't watch TV there's no air conditioner would call them what day. Blocked right right while I'd guess we can't say that anymore we shouldn't or what about. Nor would split its nose and those since those and you can't see where you're -- and they tell you stay inside you know the call that. A wideout. Because the -- and it's miserable and -- anywhere and it can be the same type of situation. Biz political correctness is just. Continues that but when I read this story that the actually passed a law. That they renamed the fish you can't call the Asian carp difficulty -- days of car that is stripped away away away. You know -- it probably. Would destroy. Our systems our ecosystem that -- Asia from ruling by simple. You know it's. This and -- go back in -- -- -- -- -- -- Really in the article out. I don't know if you were listening while talking to Bobby and Christian. -- your hair Barry you have a lot of -- Barkley well actually I'd go okay. And as us guys. When you illusion here you don't wanna be called ball right balding a ball to defensive in my car -- -- -- Quite heated -- the people are are -- OK so does that mean that we should no longer Paula. The American bald eagle because I know one thing that's offensive and that means you know we better not call the American bald eagle. Right so what that that. Or at all. Right and that's what that's the point I'm making it. It's called a bald eagle and it's and it's not bald. So would honestly like to me than poking fun at us gods or ball amid -- ridiculous of course but. So help you. You know we. Are free speech in two week war in. Each city and -- In the bill. So it's. You know. Right now. To go out. There where it. All right now I've got to ask your opinion on this is when I read this. I just said glory hallelujah I'll vote this woman and for president. A Michigan congresswoman wants to halt all the money that we send to Central American countries and Mexico. And said the two US cities. How many times have we -- common sense says we know all this money we're all this deficit if there is a problem someplace else. For instance. They are taking care of all of these people who come in from other countries they're taking care of all of these people that legally come into our country. And I'll bet you any money we are spending more money on them than -- -- the homeless people that we have on our own country. -- -- -- -- -- -- So she is this -- common -- I mean do you think that this is the if we had this comic common sense in Washington. And more of this it would finally turn this country around as far as I'm concerned this country's in the proper right now. -- -- -- But don't know -- -- that somebody is standing up with common sense and say in. Where -- acted again from the money they are working against -- -- why should we give them the money let's use the money in our own country. Exactly and every state will only or are. He is crossing the border calm that's dropped almost a matter. Now that's the addition. Drug debt the it as a Mexico -- prepare for a so. They're -- or. Are -- -- vote. Thought I agree with you under -- -- now before you ago. Who is your favorite music artist that is a no longer with us the longer alive. Well but eighties. My act but at seven in the BO. On the on the big doctrine -- -- elbows for the I had to pick -- And I -- I did not become -- -- for him too much later malevolent was a young kid. My mother with warp speed with the beauty and that's a -- residents -- -- -- -- -- really appreciated. Barry I appreciate you voting in. Thank you so much let's go to Tommy and -- of a couple of lines open -- shouldn't be too long how are you Tommy. -- Utley is this is this -- just blows are usually talent that you wanna raise the window and say I'm mad as hell I wanna put up this anymore. When they put up. Can't call the engine car. But. College. Through the gigantic but. I remember. And which is an ethical. Or because of political. -- -- While life. Why would I want to listen. I'm -- okay. And my my friends up north. If they go to eat cajun food as a man I can't eat that food into the heart -- If it -- my stomach so. That's negative so -- mean that does that mean that because I'm cajun and cajun food give some people heartburn and stomach it. That's offensive to me about our public to a stop calling that I don't know what you're gonna call it. The auto and what you call it -- -- you know. Anything you wanna add to be -- politically incorrect list. Not really. Country yeah. BO. But he blocked on the border of Mexico and shipment to tawdry. All. But been accurate. Because. People. Will -- But just. Just think what a bizarre. Idea this list that probably that probably want -- in each she says. Notes and the money to these countries and working against us said that to our own cities. In the. Oh yeah like. I read this and that was it well it was a lot a lot. Of that political question of maybe just maybe what this kind of thinking is hope for our country out of this is. I've preached this for years it's common sense we have so many things in this country that if we just applied common sense. But of course. I've said this before to what really upsets me is John Terry goes to Iraq. And he tells the the let's leave that instantly. He says look. You gotta do something you've got to work with other people of the government you've got to bring Shiites and you guys have to work together job what did you preached that and Washington. -- Oh shoot. Try to work problem. Common sense -- common sense. -- hit the ball. Because there's no common sense there. -- just so much. If if if common if common sense was a hundred dollar bill. It's still have the money in Washington John -- and Earl I'll be right with you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And the -- number to call the show was configurable late 78668890. It's doubly text -- paid seventy it's seventy -- talk about. Political correctness. And we're talking about fondly. Finally there's someone with common sense oh my god a Michigan. Republican congresswoman. Says will issue a halt the millions of dollars in aid to Central American countries have left in Mexico. And give it to the port cities in the united states of like dog with Poland on here. Let me get to the -- to 12 will make it caught up with some of these -- budget finally. Pulled pulled it up. -- -- -- Then the lady's book talking about the the first person who called -- Who is very pro political correctness and colonial for a couple things would not gonna call names -- edges of the lady on the lion. Was and you were right the political correctness gone too far. Our light question of the night who was your favorite music artist that is no longer -- dispersants as Jimi Hendrix and I love this one here. I love the -- with all of the nuts that are in the White House I am white and it offends me when some in his -- -- the White House. Yes absolutely a favorite artist Bob Karen carpenter's. And credible -- -- makes me wonder where she would be today if she did just an incredible. Voice. All right let's get back to the polls were gonna go to John in Slidell. John I've I defined as I'm I'm ready to scream. When now they're saying the Braves Asian carp. Is offensive to Asians because. It's a fish that destroys things and when you say Asian carp that reflects negatively on nations has this taken. Political correctness just too far. -- -- I'm not Asian Bob and them -- to absolutely. Devastating today. -- look. I'm sure that really were -- -- but it's nice -- about however I got. It up got up got to tell you. -- I mean that they actually initiative. They'd just not Michigan. I mean day. A lot -- a place in one missile that missile. They actually approved. A bill that would renamed the Asian carp beat in days of carpet and I thought about this just suppose. We wouldn't take that car. What about the world girls from one black in a -- that let the opponents of them started and and put some butter and garlic audit and it tasted good. That would be okay the -- the Asian carp. -- absolutely it was a that would be fine -- a is not. Highly regarded. Well if it's if because the carp is doing a lot of damage and destroy in all the legal system in the Great Lakes and so. The Mets opensocial basically. What we're getting that is that of any then and anyway. And be offensive in other words of -- negative. Experience. I'm someone put on sent -- text because I used the -- early called some of the meatball -- -- when a group called people meatballs mean that goofy. Wild what that means that we could not have a Italian meatball. On venue anywhere like the that would be offensive to Italians. Well -- just made me realize because my name's John I'm deeply offended by my own pain. Recruited synonymous with that -- totally. And so it's -- portico budget a cheap from that by our first initial. Budget he would -- jog anymore it's sort. And listen I'm I'm gonna tell you something else ready to be offended OK are you ready can you get this I mean you know what they. All the guys that use prostitutes. Long ago to hold true in Mike. I'm from now on. And it. And I think that they eat it eat into its global warming. -- believe my treatment and eat. A lot of people Brady you know. I have a tendencies that time all over -- my wife says and I read this story and walked out does it take you outside sure you know. -- up -- you know oh this act does not beat. The thing that they would. Time in their own legislature passing a law like this is just -- Well but John I got asked aren't you encouraged -- that you absolutely encourage that we have a politician. Says. Let's not -- and the money to these countries who working against those -- that in our own country men that that. Meant that pumps me up. That that makes way. Too much and Bobby. Were you intrigued predictably didn't think Washington. Toward you don't want you to anymore excellent. Those people were literally go over the quality. Oh it's insanity it is absolutely insanity and amp -- mentioned earlier and I'll I'll mention again become a relief against a good point. John Kerry goes over to Iraq -- preachers. To that government he preaches to the but the Sunnis. That listen you have to work with the Shiites and you'll gonna learn to share this government I'm thinking what on big hypocrite. What a big hypocrite what you preach that in Washington. Yeah I had you know -- like effect PP nine John. -- Well John's -- name of obliged to studio producers and and and I -- I I couldn't do the show let me keep -- on time but. I don't know I mean. -- pulled off an emotional about it but -- college. This colleague. Mr. producer. Again yeah -- RW JT now is that your name. -- okay it will JJ. What is your favorite music -- that is no longer alive. I would I would call -- the time between now. Galveston and Michael Jackson it will bode well so I either war. Well John I appreciate your putting into it okay thank you are all right 26 year old -- 78668. At 908 family. Call in and oil and the sport that it's an offensive term goodness gracious never fumbled for a relief to ban is political correctness. -- out of control when you can't call this -- age that's a TARP and it comes from Asia but you can't call of an Asian -- because. That might be opponents of the Haitian people. And bill into -- of the fact that someone in Washington common sense of his belts and the money -- countries that worked against those senate tour all of Americans that. 26 or what it's 78668. At nine college seventy Bob Mitchell and put food on WWL. I'm Bob little interest dude. Our big 870 pretty jaguar opinion poll should we -- millions in aid to Central American countries especially in Mexico and give the money. To the poor US cities until they help us stop upload children crossing the border. You can either call me at -- securely 7866. And finally it's available -- -- at WW dot com 95%. Of the assay. Yes can go to Tim on the West Bank Tim thanks for filling in tonight. I've gone and I look pretty good tonight. I wanted to make a point about the woman who called and said that you were mere couldn't. Under and from their respect. How that can be different that is one -- that just not true. You came out tomorrow and told me that. The American alligator within Africa Troy and the ego that man I'm not gonna jump up yes and in demand that they are on an American alligator. Well especially. If you take the alligators from America and you bring them some place. An act and they start reproducing and causing devastation and let's say eating up all the law school of fish. Well there and Allegheny stricker -- there from America. Live American alligator what else do you column. Yeah and another one I'd like to make as you know this being the scientific -- that she's been. Textbook so -- -- what -- does the government have. Have a change the name of an animal and the next thing you know the gonna be and that Iraq they're called long -- -- Right well you know the amid I thought a couple of original for instance there's a snake called the Burmese python. And it's going crazy in South Florida and destroying a lot of of the -- life. I guess that would be offensive to people from Burma so what if we can't call about anymore. It's it's just getting outrageous. What about not what's right what about African -- I mean these bees are destructive. They -- and not and in those little ones have come and kill the other bees and there were what were talking about the organ of it was due. Stop while flowers and and from being apologetic can't column African -- that doesn't mean that's a negative thing. But -- days and they come from Africa. But are you encouraged. That finally we have someone. In Washington. Who says that we should not send all of this aid money to these countries. That they'll work proposed these Central American countries and Mexico and give the money to cities and our own country that the that the -- love that. Well I definitely agree with pat. But the sentiment but I don't agree wit. And redirect on the mean what gotten our country in that situation is banking money always get somewhere it will start cutting things out and on everything we're never gonna get -- -- Thank you -- but again nicely Tim made a very good point and what is that called. Common. Sense there's no common sense and Washington might Jason -- a big favor and hang on I'll get to your right after the news.

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