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Jun 25, 2014|

Last week it was the “Redskins”…guess what name the “political correct police” decided is offensive now? The Asian carp! Bob has the new name and wants to start his own list tonight. Let’s all be political correct police—let’s make a list of anything anybody who’s overly sensitive will find offensive. PLUS: Oh my God… common sense! A Michigan Republican congresswoman wants to halt millions of dollars in aid to Central American countries — especially Mexico — and send the money to impoverished U.S. cities, because tens of thousands of children are illegally entering the United States. Is this the kind of common sense thinking we need to get our country out of the crapper?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tuesday's bomb meant to be real Robert Mitchell filling in for him tonight and if you're just joining the show Ali outlooks on our WWL talk table and just the minute. If you wanna really see something. That'll just really cry queue up. Go online. To YouTube. And put in we shall overcome. That was celebrating oh the fiftieth anniversary of twelve about to Mark -- kidding. And couple -- news from Washington decided they would hold hands and sing together at a polo season there. Binders and there. And just look at it and look at look at the expression on their places that's what happens. When you force someone to do something that they built wanna do. All right here's what's on our WWL -- table here's something that. I missed it earlier and I apologize. For missing something. This goofy presented at a specialized in funding goofy things I'm an idol Holland this this but I do. The Great Lakes are under attack from an invasive species of fish that threatens to overwhelm the tar eagles' system. Of the world's largest -- Alex. And they're called the Asian car. Now the reason they're called the Asian carp is. To figure this out. Will discuss it together to carp. And it comes from where. Asia that's why it vote. Got the Asian carp. And now older of the big concern. That the name. Is offensive in other words to bad fish and column and an Asian carp have they banned let and all nations so -- The Minnesota state senate approved a bill. That would renamed the Asian carp. And now this evil bush so henceforth be -- As the invasive. Car. Are you kidding. Take me you know beat -- -- couldn't beat. Me up. I mean this is just absolutely. This is just political correctness in my opinion is going exactly too far. So maybe tonight if you can think of something not a thought of a couple of them that maybe we can start our old. Political correctness lift you know one of the things are full of runaway oil and elect. Up north and stuff like that they they get a lot of snow and and there are certain times when they get so much though people can't go. -- it's called a white out so I mean that's the negative things so. There's a white guy. That would have been so if you have any thoughts that what you can add to this political correct look stupid stuff but you can -- the text in the or you can call me to secure 17866. -- it and I know it's seventy. Here's a textbook that appealed DOT David -- silent. One -- -- salad is probably good. So unless it was a real bad silent. It would be OK -- -- in which silent so you really don't have to feel that bed. And here's something that -- just never thought I would see in Washington Mike and Jason looked -- to UNICEF and I never thought I would leave us just what I've thought the our country was totally in the cropper. -- gone to hell in a hand basket. A Michigan Republican congresswoman. Wants to halt millions of dollars in aid to Central American countries especially in Mexico. And send the money. Two of the four US cities. It's representative Candice Miller. She criticized Mexico for behaving badly. And dishonorably as they are not just complicit but providing. This. Situation where people come here. Thinking. Thinking that they can come here and get analyst issues that she also called on the administration to begin an aggressive public relations campaign. In Central America to tell the parents. Not the put their children in danger. Of these Mexican drug cartels and spend up to 8000 dollars a -- that children in the US that -- will not -- and the story. All right 2601 late 7866. And a 90 it's seventy. Is this the type of common sense thinking that we need to turn our country around and is the biggest problem in Washington. Is our politicians have no common sense and what other problems off the top your head do you think we could solve. With just using common sense of go to Mike in -- or you Mike. -- -- -- -- Compound might win when you can't when you can't call mission Asian carp and -- from Asian something has really gone wrong. Local credit and so it. -- ignored or people's actions more than words. OK it's time that oracle said he and other acting you're actually wrong. Maybe you know -- that that should be -- and should be called. -- and -- -- -- and -- the wow. What. It could have been -- to carry -- well. And I think it's more than problem. -- I think it's it's it's -- between -- parties. You have won a -- -- actual group wrote to the left shoulder pressed him on. Right and it and that that's common sense you know common sense says. Pop I'm -- use John Kerry John Kerry goes to Iraq and says hey. You guys if you want peace in this country if you wanna see this country survive it fuels that help you you guys have got to work together the Sunnis and the and the Shiites in the -- all have got to get together. And worked endeavor to get one good government well. We need to use that same common sense and Washington. Equipment apart so that because he knows and so it's it's it's open that one party has a good idea. -- important shouldn't absolutely that important that it. You're right that bullet because they don't let -- -- like common sense tells me one thing at the end of the month. I can't write more checks than I have in my checkbook I can borrow a little money if I want. But then I've got to pay that loan back eventually. I've got the stop borrowing money and I have to hunker down and have to cut my expenses. Because I won't be able pay my bills that's common sense. And I -- I'm I'm also and for a pro legalization barrel on. I had such as some people open Colorado. Has so what's that should be truthful now. -- it's like there's as loose as it crimes down our taxes again. You know everything it's it's it's a much more is actually more peaceful. And it. And is probably see in Mexico and you know there's violence. It is in question crypto and Merrill because it's illegal. You know there's violence -- violence and and -- Because it probation and -- because there's no one dollar. I'm Mike one more question we have our light caution of the -- Michael Jackson. The King of Pop was pulled in over 700. Million dollars. Since 2009 that's more than any artist that are left so. Who is your favorite music artist that is no longer -- You. And in Asia where -- right. Is that. It hasn't. All right thank you Mike -- to call it all right we have some lines opened the -- to get through which to six year old -- seventy. 8668890. It's only our light question of the night. Who's your favorite music artist that is no longer alive -- go to Jason and best for -- how are you Jason. While you don't and what about nutrition your favorite music artist that is no longer alive. You know what I'm not really an alone. Older bowl. For so they're -- certainty that the these little. Look reviewed our computer art that still locked but as -- report. -- -- -- I mean. No warning to -- as forty. -- -- -- -- -- And clean your complete without her partner -- right and so rep who apparently the dole are the technically it shook the ringer. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In industry I don't think -- merely correcting their. -- here are a couple of text about -- Obama Reid wants is Jimi Hendrix that's good John Lennon that is doing. So. -- anyone else. -- moon. Here's one as a form of political correctness why wouldn't China -- restaurant promote itself as Asian. Well I guess because if if the point is that clue if it's good. You can call them for instance have we rotate this car and learn a way to look at where plays good then we'll be OK that call and Asian carp. What do you think about. Sending all of our money rather than send it to. The Central American countries and Mexico like -- one congresswoman is. Proposing send it to our own says -- Like -- -- or pepper our current owner reports and you and -- were you what it. Who are. True. You. -- that they sequentially -- -- It started not like that. He certainly. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- right now we can't afford it. Eat and so the very first thing we're at it it at all. But everybody weren't trying to open it open right now the -- in general or what we can never -- but you. Jason do you think the biggest problem with our Washington politicians is just no. Common sense. I mean did this is the first common sense things that I've heard out of someone those associated with the federal government. In a long long long long time. -- I didn't think it any common sense left there. Well -- -- representatives that are more in tune with their own community in the eighties you know. I would do more. Treat the poem didn't you say the -- as editor. Who stayed in Washington. Where are you know a long term and run representative completely lit and Washington -- the state -- or will really. Are born to the people -- my -- Run Jason -- appreciate your polling in 2601878. 866 -- nine point seven -- -- a bunch of lines open so you can get in the wake will be long William. You will be first up when we are coming back we're talking about political correctness now they're saying it's offensive to refer. Through this fish. From. Asia. It's called the Asian carp and that's the elephants of the Asians and it's gotten crazy so. His political correctness just going nuts in this country and whenever Bill Gates heavily -- jaguar poll question. Should we halt millions of aid to Central American countries especially in Mexico. And give the money to our old -- US cities until today help us stop the -- -- children crossing the border. It was a zero point 7866. And nine old seventy. I'm Bob Mitchell. This is the big -- WWW well. I'm Bob Mitchell welcome back to the show text message about love our subject tonight what does this congress woman's name I want to vote for par. For president what her name is Candice Miller she's vice chairman of the house homeland security committee who heads the subcommittee on border and a maritime security and says the federal government. Including the agency for international development and you know we have bullet that. Should -- 8% pro American countries because they aren't trying to stop children from crossing. The board she says that we should take that money. That we are sending to these countries. And use it here in our country for our fortunately. Common sense so my question to you tonight is. Is this the type of common sense thinking we need to turn our country around. Is this the kind of person you'd like to sleep in leadership in this country and what common sense solution. Do you. For some of the problems that we haven't Washington. To secure a one late 78668890. It's that we got. A bunch of lines open for you can get right through and were also talked about something that just. Me up the wall in a last week it was the Redskins. Just what namely political correct police have determined -- no offense the Asian. Car because it's at the stroke of the issue it's an invasive fish. It's -- negative image. And that could've been the Asian people. Is political correctness totally off the -- And do you find yourself having a watch every word that comes on -- -- model wanna hear from you right now at 2601 late seventy. 86689087. Just -- -- -- are you tonight -- I'm great -- wet during an -- that does. Didn't -- I can't -- -- heavy rain -- look. -- -- -- -- While there are a little better now you lightning thunder and Wendy yeah it was pretty nasty. If -- allow what do you think first of all. I'm I'm very interpret. That any one in Washington would even have an economist cents. Yeah you probably won't be there no that probably should. -- and again this is common sense which we have these countries in Central America. That are actually. From what I read are spreading propaganda that says. If you can get to the United States this year. That you'll get amnesty and you have some of these people who or actually trusting their children. The drug dealers and the and giving them options of dollars. To bring their children here in to the country thinking that they're gonna get here and get a totally remarkable prosperity. Alba and apparently rally you're. But I mean do you have any any common sense solutions to some of the problems we have -- you wanna talk about this. Political and correction to -- Talk about the political correctness. I -- right here Ricky I think that should totally ridiculous. Like -- that you have a conversation actually. It is compare current time because. Everybody should say happy holidays run -- -- -- And you know currency -- like. Everything. It. Asian car noted that Chinese -- he can play Chinese food and I had Chinese. If it's bad shot. You can't say you know. It as like if we could figure out a way to put this car -- on May be black and written put some garlic on it in -- -- good then then it would be all right. Well would be they would be 800. But who Holmes with the -- -- I'd I'd just find that in oh. I -- 01 of the first caller that we had no she doesn't believe that you know. We should use any terms at all while Redskins -- its offensive everything's of -- of. And you know what it. When it turned red and actually came around when it's one color on that can't park being native Americans it was. The war here that guys that land in a battle with pain we're at war on themselves. And then with the break. February -- the ones who went out there aren't and Clinton read in front in the war and not from the colored skin. Well my producer's name. Is John is that offensive. And. And my art color. In military Carl you know they call people use the service of a prostitute -- a John. So this general -- to jeopardy. OK well 11 more question. Michael Jackson. Has made more money than any artist dead or alive since 2000 and he's earned 700. Million. Dollars so who's your favorite artist that is no longer Rezko. -- impact. And -- one favorite. And no longer. Mark. And the doors -- June. It's very -- -- art school should move. Let it like definitely permanently it and of course very. George -- and we'll one answer -- -- Me I'm -- Frank Sinatra. Iran cannot I probably have more of his music than that any of artist. There and he didn't let Aaron like Tony -- QB still lie -- too low draw bigger and better lives. I actually got in the trouble 1 morning for running that country is so good. Because I was told by my program director how insensitive can you possibly beat. Say in dead or alive some missed a true story that someone might be listening to you right now. Going to a funeral those missiles like at 7:15. In the morning so what am -- going to you. Listening to you going to a funeral and you taught him dead or alive that's gonna make them feel bad about the person that. Died that they're going to their funeral and my question was. They shouldn't be listening to me anyway if they have their -- -- funeral. Correct right that's right. Everything you know so politically correct. They keypad appreciate your new album -- let's just let's go to industry and always got. -- I'm doing well but got a bunch of good subject tonight. First of all I'm I'm absolutely. Thrilled. That we have someone. In congress that actually has common sense. Where this. Representative Candice Miller she says. That it's time. We stopped suddenly and all this humility to Central American countries and she. Emphasizes. Especially Mexico. And send that money to our own cities that need -- but why should we send these people multi. When they that that what would they when they worked against us. You write widgets that sent some of that money to -- people are now on the accidentally listeners had -- Scott you bring up a very good point we probably. Like right now with the situation. What the border and that's that's that's what she's referring to -- all these kids are coming over. And in fact I think the president. Asked for and got approval wanna say another 250 million dollars in Richmond the all this money. The -- these people because they have no place to state we we spend more money on that and we do want our own homeless people. -- you're right. And and again that's common sense we should spend the money here first. Exactly. The -- and -- and spend the money in it's great to surrogate ever acknowledge our current -- So please keep giving giving giving never. Bright and you know charity should begin at home. All right Scott who's your favorite music artists it's no longer with us. Like -- -- party was good. -- -- -- -- James was I got -- as human concert one -- but of course. He he would he was a character that's for sure. You know. I. Writes not to accuse them right you to let's go to Bryant Miller Torre Brian. Go they'd -- my call. -- home on the whole the whole political correctness. I am not -- -- might be sure it and you know -- as I'm concerned that it they'll call the caller. Well it it it is insane in the -- the way we're getting. You almost are afraid to talk -- you don't know we don't know what the site anymore you know what's going to be offensive and have we gotten. That didn't skin or or we'd bet. Much of weenie like. I'm cajun OK and if someone refers to me is that Kunis doesn't really bother me I don't care not a doll and I know. I know who I am no matter what you call it. I hate so negative and that it retaliate but still with the economy important form. Just saw a race so we spoke get a sense that that. I don't know I guess I don't if you if you don't pay your bills and someone coach who had -- beat. While all you can't do that it can have them like that. Well the target store and it happened last year at -- -- -- -- -- it looked -- -- and saying. Obviously you guys and they will -- for the conference to begin and and the -- got told a joke the -- joke and that the pretty. Topic and -- Torre joked in the tech community. At some lady named patriot Richard. -- and she complained on Twitter. -- that bill and it had not from the new. But like it's it's like me you haven't congress states and in the group's -- And we tell that joke and -- minute ago to demand immediately thrown out. To why. And at I 85. Exploited -- want to -- that street children. And just because someone got up and it's and it's just ridiculous so. I got you know this because I'm not gonna go police mosque doesn't mean it would go away on -- big current program and they don't police and not speak. We are slowly losing. Our ability to believe in what we wanna believe that. Look what happened in the in the NFL when the first -- football player bill drafted a guy I don't call us name. All -- on another. Team. Just kept his opinion that think that it was disgusting or something like that. And they find him and depend -- suspended him. He he didn't tell it to the guys played it was just his opinion I wasn't comfortable with that are out of -- Lou you know I'm not comfortable with. If if they wanna do that that's perfectly okay for them but don't force me. To approve that though fortunately the site. Don't know tell me I'm wrong because I don't agree with that and we're we we are who we are losing our white in this country to ever own opinion. You know that I'm hoping that quiet period that was drafted because. He didn't double Graham about but we're having a documentary. Yeah. Follow elm parent is -- get minicamp but not the training camp that a lot of controversy and it felt like eating in. The team about it. And -- Yeah I mean this does not gonna police blocked the community at exactly -- it's our belief that its controlling the language you wanna make you. And of the old saying which she is saying -- thought ma and back to bury it out and you you will be critical. But could not stop there and a rational way you operate -- -- get. Hopefully. Brian what do you think about the congressman woman who wants to halt. Millions of dollars and -- to Central America. And Mexico and use it here in our country. It doesn't change my opinion a walk and then. Could you not think. Going. I was in a statement -- at least someone has applied some confidence. Well I mean. -- it altitude. And to what they say what they do yeah. It is developing ideal. You know you need to -- and believe politicians. Just because like the -- what they do you. But I think the problem Washington. Com the one thing is is anybody being Brittany Jeanette we put children through like four and -- -- the kid. Like twenty point out that -- and bring him. Poland a political ideology or -- ideology. You're not going to be able to. See the other the and a -- these emotional rhetoric and not the market like not been gonna -- and because they cannot conceptualize. It's become a point where. It's like it's like. A question and the it's going at each but you be important where it. Democrat Republican -- so playing ball. The big city. You know that been putting -- rational. Thank you again like OK we've -- -- we've improved. You're right. I. Mean the problem with pretty much that was on an -- solution political. I think it's I think it's beyond brain washing was what I truly believe. Is that an -- this many times that it's all -- power and control. That when the Republicans get in on the Democrat side. You may be in. But guess what we're gonna I don't care what you -- we're -- -- everything you do because we want to return -- and we want the country to think that you're wrong and everything and then vice Versa. Brian I've got to go take a break a thank you unfolding in OK. All right we do have lines open in fact we can get your right up. 2601. Late 78668. At 90870. Do you think the biggest problem with the Washington. Is that there is no common sense if not what do you think the problem lives. And his political correctness just gone just totally off the wall 2601 late seventy. 866 and a nine point seven you can get for right on I'm Bob Mitchell and WWL and I'm Bob Mitchell and to do tonight are WWL. Ready jaguar opinion poll question should we -- million. Of dollars in aid to Central American countries. Especially Mexico and give the money -- -- impoverished few -- cities until day help us stop the -- of children. Crossing the border can go online at WWL dot com and tester voted to simply tell me when you phoned in at this point I'm. Checking while %. Say yes only 3%. Say no let's go to Joseph in Chicago what say you Joseph in Chicago sure we'd. -- Or I'm pledging to keep the money ourselves. Cash -- question how much elements of American practice. It's been an area of the country up. Well I'd I'd like. I didn't think there was only common sense of what you know like the fact that this woman says that. Until they stop working against us but we should keep our money. Yeah I mean especially from Washington. It. All right I. You know we have we have no. I've heard this I said no I'm blown open window there's an old movie called vote -- that was broadcast about the and the Dodgers opened up the window and yelled out I'm eligible -- anymore. Well what I read does it relate relate now actually passed. A law. That says. Asian -- Is offensive. I mean this is this is just crazy if it happened and Washington not London Trojan. Pac -- the -- Minnesota Minnesota right and the state the governor actually signed the bill. That included. The rework the name of the Asian carp now this evil fish. Is known as and they have probably gotten just totally way out there when it comes to political correctness. Well you know you know the governor. Stopped short of doing the right thing. Because the splintering in the Asian carp. Increase of our what did you do about the zebra mussels patent stated the greatly in 1988. These are these are also another. Another invasive species and North America and several other countries that disrupt equal. Do damage to our waterways ships boats that are that are. So that article goes deeper muscle that's what sent to the numbers -- people anticipated car -- -- today. -- we have the we have the Russian Napoli do. And -- that. Goes back when your car goes back I think 35 years do we go. -- It's like you people -- you can't it cactus broke the -- -- -- order should battle weight so he shouldn't about it all my. Do we go back at history and change the name of the black plague. -- All. I thought he did it wouldn't start. That -- And -- -- in -- -- are you aware chart the Asian carp from getting. From the rivers into Lake Michigan. They actually have downriver. Down. Like. Electric fences. -- the water. You're trying to electric power that are probably guess -- only door and getting into late -- Will see that that it matters it. That's -- destruct of these the shark. Right right. And there are apartment -- and it made you look at. And you know they talked about shutting down the Chicago waterway. That it you know we should commercial traffic. So that. You know the order was apparently this year -- -- greatly. And that we've gone a couple years that. Well a -- this now you see you're making his point hit his point is of that these fish have such a negative image. Ahead took a negative image data reflects horribly but calling them an Asian carp now it doesn't change the fact that. They're from Asia. And -- carbon someone mentioned earlier would be like taking someone taking a bunch of American alligators would put them somewhere. And they would start destroying the wildlife they're still American alligators. It's getting insane Joseph. Well yeah. -- English at Maine lobster -- yet South Florida lobster from an Australian jobs. But I mean but if they're okay. If they taste good then it's all right you'd you just can't when they're bad. Then that's when you can't use the the opponent today. Joseph one of the things are talking about tonight to our light caution of the night Michael Jackson has earned. Over seven million since 2009. More than any artist dead or alive who was your favorite music artist that is no longer alive. -- Of all the people Harry Chapin. -- it will not that great. He's a great story. -- head of John Lennon and Elvis and Frank Sinatra. Are they okay joke hey I don't want to offend you that's for sure to that would be politically incorrect that. -- Well well is -- important. All right all right Joseph from Chicago doctor -- you -- Hello offending mr. and how better be careful. Paula -- go to TO next time Bob Mitchell and the student WWL. -- welcome back the show up all. From man to build -- from -- Saint -- I know even hang in there for a while but to be a big favor and hang on a little bit longer because -- just don't have time to come to you right now but I really wanna hear. What you have to say I don't get TO promised you two will be first up right after via properly our news and if you wanna talk. About either one of our. Discussions we're having tonight right now we're talking about is political correctness gone too far when now they say. When you used the term Asian carp. That's offensive. To Asians and is -- time the stop giving our money to Mexico and some of the other countries that are flooding our borders until. They caught two of us and use that money here and around the country Bob Mitchell coming back after the news on WW well.

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