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Jun 26, 2014|

Last week it was the “Redskins”…guess what name the “political correct police” decided is offensive now? The Asian carp! Bob has the new name and wants to start his own list tonight. Let’s all be political correct police—let’s make a list of anything anybody who’s overly sensitive will find offensive. PLUS: Oh my God… common sense! A Michigan Republican congresswoman wants to halt millions of dollars in aid to Central American countries — especially Mexico — and send the money to impoverished U.S. cities, because tens of thousands of children are illegally entering the United States. Is this the kind of common sense thinking we need to get our country out of the crapper? : our lite question of the night. Michael Jackson, The King of Pop, has pulled in over $700 million since 2009. More than any artist dead or alive. Who is your favorite music artist that is no longer alive

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm Bob Mitchell -- real Robert Mitchell improved to a big John as volume studio producer listing to that last newscast about. That woman eating eating low gotten. Man give me. A locus poll boy any time over a good roast beef gravy that's for me. All right here's what's on our WWL talked table as Lee picked Joseph midnight. Tonight those of you or just tuning in I absolutely. This story here. Gives me hope for the future in Washington. The Michigan congresswoman wants to halt millions of dollars in aid to Central American countries. And she outlines especially in Mexico. And send the money to pour US cities. Now here a couple examples of what our US aid is being used for and the central. Helping civil society programs. Climate change and addressing the gender gap in education and in the -- would certainly it is the other countries to study now she says. We're better of spending this money in the inner cities of America. He says no more by the way her her name is Candice Miller. She says no more money from America until they step up their own responsibilities. And stop citizens from illegally migrating to the U us. Now the white towels last week announced plans to increase US assistance to Central America. By more than 250 million dollars. So who is right here. The government the president the congress. Approving 250 million dollars more. -- this senator who says we need to keep the money here we have more but the port and they are not helping us vote. What is that called it's called common sense. Is this the type of common sense thinking we need to turn our country around and do you think the biggest problem with Washington politicians. Is no common sense. And what other problems that we -- having in this country right now when it comes to budget matters immigration everything else. What common sense problems public what what problems do we have that you -- a little common sense would slow Bibby you've got one on your mind. And here's a story that just drives you crazy become too political correctness the Great Lakes. Have been under attack for quite some time now. But invasive species of fish that's called the Asian carp called the Asian -- because -- from Asia. Where we got a problem. Well now there's concern that the name Asian carp whose offense. And Edwards too bad that should call it an Asian carp has the bad blood on all nations the Minnesota state senate approved a bill. That would renamed the Asian -- The bill included the new name in billions of carpet was signed by the governor. I don't know about you but I looked at this those missiles political core is going much too far. A what your -- to to secure a one late 7866. Edit and only seventy Paul commendable thank you for hanging off. Our ego Bobby and our -- -- and New York. -- inquiries he would think that you know in a country founded on values of freedom of speech and and you know written in the constitution that we're worrying about things like political correctness. In Ireland and this I just don't understand it. -- one thing that thing I'll -- tomorrow and crawl was because. You talked about people -- bring -- -- There was this gentlemen welcome bill clippers. Only two who. Or is basically forced to -- -- he's a businessman. And made some comments that were not in the public. Totally sold yet under the pressure that -- I think it speaks the climate so and so on every level that. It would force somewhat. A home in business to do something. Based on open he had -- goes against agreeing every thing that this country's go. Well -- more important. -- public data from this point. We we all know what the discussion study that it wasn't too pleasant to. It took to black people the when -- -- -- -- -- for a about the fact that in awhile but you bring those black guys to the game with you but I. Well don't get me wrong I think what I was so wrong I'm just saying right but it's wrong from the foreign organizations like the NBA to bring pressure against an individual. But Abrams but -- didn't even -- I mean obviously he believes Lisa okay. So in other words we're we're now in this country where you can't believe that you want to believe that it's it's it's credits cut alike with with with a gay marriage it's. It's not it's no longer okay. Too like I do not agree with a right that's that's my opinion if you agree with that that -- -- do not agree with -- but now. I'm I can't just disagree with -- I'm wrong. Producer -- with a man and that's all done in this society. Well let me ask you disk in the part of the reason why I call this. Why is that so wrong for that and for us to be. To have almost political correctness ideology he goes on. And it's okay well artists to have. All certainly hurt in there music and that can be played on the radio. And to me that's much more sensitive. Then anything -- said you know. Our agent caught me is partly color law. But to -- summer weather expert you know. And I don't want them wasn't yet you know it's player on the radio and I think a lot of tolerate that based on this you know this idea that. You know in this country. It they have -- right in it as artists to express themselves where they wanna puke but I still find that more much more expensive then. -- -- somebody making a comment you know. I I have great aunt and and I I wish I wish I wish I had an answer now on -- on the other side -- good news is I'm. I'm ruling. Pleased to note that there's at least one person. In Washington that is starting to have some common sense that that campaign when when you really think about it. I'm would would you would you give money. Would you help someone who was not helping you would you -- in let's say for instance give give money to your neighbor. Who was well who was destroying your property would be elected via the neighbor. -- that neighbor rip down your clips and and that neighbor needed only to build their own open someplace -- you're not gonna give them money today. Stop -- my offense down and maybe I'll help you out so here we are we we have these countries. That are working against us now we have the government. Sunday in another awarding -- spend -- and other. 250 million dollars we have homeless people on the streets of almost every city we have in this country. And they could be spending the money for that and I liked the fact that she says. Until they start. -- Until they start cooperating with us and and and stop sending all these people there were not to give the money money that's common cents. I think it's terrible cause and effect thing you know it's like you -- Rick if you want to have a certain outcome or reaction did. -- out to tailor what you're doing yet -- reactions. From you know I think its attention you know comments and approached and I think we devote more people at all -- stay and that common sense approach a little and better. You know quote. Already people at all this -- seeing. Wanted to go along. You know the status quo and and endurance the same broken politics. You know in the past but. And we we seem to be continuing to re elect these same people for instance why. And not Washington understand why can't these people understand. That if you have X number of dollars coming in. That's all you can spend a lot of I don't know about you but. Sure I take and put things -- my credit card. And it might take me a month may be. Two months to play at all but well I don't do as an adult maxed out card after card after card after card and then I have no money to play for. That's common sense that's the way we should be operated on government I would like to -- people. Get elected that would apply more common sense it's it's us. Well I think also about there's there's -- -- -- country that has some you know that -- when your elected to congress -- -- percent of Porsche and you know our Albany years ago there was sort of statesmanship -- that you. That in addition. And -- and -- constituents. And and there was -- are involved. In that. And you went out there to deal with the country's dealings and what about being out there are -- -- in a big. You know long term legacy out of it it was about going out there did you try to reduce the Indian. And and it and it sort of statesmanship about it you know accounts for impact you know one wrong wrong you. You know Kennedy was an all person. You know somebody's. Politicians have a certain statesmanship bottom it'd be handled their discretionary in presidential compared trickle down and shoot the congress and every other. You know aspect of government. And -- think -- -- that this country I think it you know what you're saying for earlier in the show you know about raised in the Democrat that it raised a republic EU brokered. And you know and that I was raised. I think for myself and you know my ideology or public I don't always vote public and mark -- has -- government. I -- I don't we don't need. A call I call myself look and independents have to take a break and -- you're going to be next but one question before you ago. Who is your favorite. Music artist that is no longer -- -- them a couple text messages peoples and Ray Charles -- Roy Orbison. Who is yours. Our old man. I don't know what is standard applied but you know like. You know they were great pain and she are great law and now -- in -- this building and they're playing their music and they were about is great to talk that he. Same here pulpit to what struck -- with -- and I've got a whole bunch of lines opens up you one opponent we can get to ride up to 60170. 866 and -- nine OH seventy. And we have our big 870 pretty jaguar opinion poll question you can go on line at WWL dot -- Foley and -- your thoughts should we halt. Millions of dollars in aid to Central American countries especially Mexico. And give the money to our -- impoverished Jewish studies until one day help us stop the flow of children crossing the border. I'm Bob natural interest -- on WWL. I'm Bob Mitchell and Bruce could we have some lines open 26017866889087. -- get to the polls promotion. Just about a minute but I want to give our -- -- -- Prodi drag -- opinion poll question. Should we -- millions and aid to Central American countries especially in Mexico and give the money. To impoverish Jewish studies until they help us stop the -- children crossing the bore on line 97%. Say. Yes let's go to a truck -- truck or about thank you holding on board. And what is. It's not like this -- that. Right -- to view there and went back to -- that we're gonna go to market and I don't know what that out so clearly a bullet holes plugged into a satellite system. I'll probably get actually I shall begin on May be its ability jamming signals yeah. Yeah and I you have -- straight and of course god that you ought to get caught in the book on running our parents and no diesel now we're doing our great. Like musician you know. A lot of American jobs and when. It touched I -- together incredibly. -- lists and you couple. Melodies -- beautiful. -- -- it sounds like yesterday to -- you know yeah mayor ray -- And then an old school like Cold War. -- Judo and really liked it should come back Steve Hewitt on. Very good very. Let me ask you this mark -- when -- -- the Illinois and Washington. Is it just as simple as that these people don't have any common sense and a main. This is this this -- proposal. Is the most common sense thing I ever come out of Washington. In a long time she's telling these Central American countries who were actually broadcasting things like go to the US and and and it and you're gonna get and the state. The -- look. You're not helping us we use on the all these children over here. You're not gonna get any more money promotional -- you start cooperating I mean that to me it is common sense. Well yeah I mean you look at it. As a pop much -- -- Washington. So that particular congresswoman has a good idea. Well it only just -- -- -- -- is that it really needs to be like carried out on groups like. If you wanna take -- you know and money to. All the trees to the potential American -- And my -- need is great right now -- should be proud. -- -- -- and immigrants you know detained immediately and in your chocolate cup as an -- What about all we're about all of our homeless people. I know I'm able to put the burden. Off our national -- like that. On to like Texas right you're -- -- dollar and so little you really really well. I don't know you don't ever think. -- through our child and I bet -- they shoot this woman. That. -- one little problem with you on the spot but it. Call one little problem. And -- and give you another you know oh. Assault -- out there and walk on program all. Century that anybody. -- ensuring that we're. Not going to war. 'cause they don't use common sense the -- You know no personal interest -- it probably good for -- Because it looked out for themselves. And explained that yard I appreciate you calling -- -- -- -- about. -- -- Asian carp and out and Columbia what really is true. Sample of what we're talking about -- Agent call. Right. Yeah I'd sell what they finish. -- don't know praying pretty. Actually. Cause like -- yeah well you use. Right well you're right nobody has any. You know like. -- -- and all that. Good creating an all out at all that it's just create more and more and more -- -- people who want to thank you to work at 18. I proof to back to truck and they say -- try to probably were plugged into a satellite for a second there we want to your line. Yet -- to -- about third straight Merkel and Opel where did you hear well not immediately is school. Public Serb let's -- and then I am in America anymore. English speaking why heterosexual -- to -- disabled combat veteran. Which makes -- part of the community is constant war America well as. Saying. Against any group or individual. I -- branded as racist sexist -- Well -- to both serving our country wanna thank you okay. -- -- I think -- it's great to be Asian -- And when people -- -- I am just chip in my government and an Anglo Americans. Are -- ultra science you know. And dealing. Do you think it's time -- one of the first caller had this discussion with a few totally disagree with great. I think it's time that we stop using phrases like African American Asian American. -- Italian American we're all Americans and maybe maybe we need to stop labeling each individual section of our society. So horrible and as long -- -- Irish American missionary in America very democratic or Republican. Here's one simply I'm an American. That's. That's an -- target on the American. I'm part orange color should certainly there are sure and certainly you know Franco American and to be able armed Americans. I can't say I'm Anglo American is that you you're bridges are racers you. You know -- shores the whole problem Mexican border this huge children from being in and on the coveted general sir. All we need at targets and make transition mine field into division infantry on the border there will be a Mexican problem. Look at it but it. You have you have a very deported now what what do you think about this congress lady who says that. She should be -- Presidential medal freedoms she is the most intelligent thing occurred in decades. I am with you have it if she ran for president. I'd vote for right now. If Howard Ohio and -- -- But you know it really is comment that it's for instance. Well with our -- yes. Actually it's not common sense its -- common sense which is -- are urging America today. I think it's common sense that when our vets who serve our country they should be able to come back. And they -- this may sound nuts and may -- some way way off place shouldn't and maybe you can help me here. But I don't know if there even should be of veterans administration I think that if what if you come back and you be you could prove. There you know you you give people a military cargo says this individual Serbs -- That their country then you should be able to take that any doctor and they should on the road and the government should pick the tea. I cannot agree more on the percent. Column. Somebody you know that the other problems that are. I was almost that are in 2005. Eastern here at the mystery of drew as you. Not more on stretchers denied that tool and flooding graft and corruption chipped it warms. Almost almost certainly an average of thirty treaties and after Miami -- and torturer. Ball. -- of the election and record well ABBA. And got a -- -- apartment. And got the streets. On my wife put we're talking last night and they were talking about a trading. Soldiers for the the that the trauma and I said how could any of us expect. Anyone to go to of foreign countries and fight at or even even if they don't like being away from their plan was for all this time. And how how could you expect that not to affect someone mentally. And what happens when you're away all of his time and you come back and from from a understand the law. Is there are supposed to hold the job for you but they don't always do what sometimes when you come back the company you work -- no longer there so you know what do you do -- a case like. Well I. In 2000 and most eligible medical term Walter Reed medical sort which the butcher shop. Our nannies while layered on chiller and dope smoking. Anti war looked slow boring on ratings stinking. -- Social worker on the -- you minister's anger problem. Yeah I had some credit for Internet thing that I had been through and now it shouldn't do you know judgment it's your -- didn't -- here -- jail. Sort -- very -- after that so I mean it has border. A lot of them have lots the bow on the war feature in you know church are probably would mine. Full pension told medical benefits and you know it is what it is. I'm so happy for you -- but again I think what those benefits. I wonder how much money we spend as a country running the veterans administration and listen I may be. I'm may be so off base here but I wonder how much money we spend and running the veterans administration and if if we just simply. Gave me like for instance the -- -- there there's Medicare so why not you come home late. Here's a Medicare card what would that be simple and and wouldn't intend it to me it's comatose apart wrong. Please direct -- but what would you even need -- veteran's administration -- if they did that. -- don't know about you know wrong and the thing is it would be easier it make you much sense. But we're going into the current administration because it takes billion dollars in the Arab partners on board yeah. And but a -- -- chuck Lamar morality -- -- and should they are named in the woman's name. And last year almost -- to deviate Pensacola. Liberation movements rather negligible trio called BA. Pensacola -- -- -- our city year Cheshire you know -- simple -- And then another rainstorm and she -- rivals and she -- -- woman. And the doctor should -- warmer -- and -- -- -- returns today. And you'd like you woman. -- must lectures that are able to eat and you. If Obama Georgia. -- -- -- like you're able achieve this issue because the doctor is there for three days. Show. What came -- it gave -- trouble today were honored for Misha and hours. But you know. -- -- force base and went in total allegiance. 88 -- for diving trips costing them that you're stupid. Yes -- injections before the park district over. I am also what -- what a great sport news. But the NBA you know much trouble dedicate the Robert -- that you days and her go through and gaps that are saying. And Reggie Sanders state park had a wonderful time but it's bad just one example of ultra thousands. Of a blatant waste -- money -- -- -- talk about other vehicles coordination -- they'll get dude you Pensacola. Thank you -- we should come before you go. Is there who is your favorite music artist that is no longer alive. Your first look at your actual file. Never listened to him and -- crawlers used it does not -- goers but as the genius George Carlin because and so people what immunity year it would meet and share. Gotcha all right thank you for Collin OK. 2601 late 7866. And it finally settled on Bob Mitchell in pursuit and I'll come back with your phone calls. After the break at WWL. And the phone numbers to take part our conversations by 26 year old late Saturday. 86689087. They'll get to the polls in in less than a minute put -- remind you. Just a great event coming up this weekend it's called boomers and beyond expo hold to -- -- WWL in North America implant leave radio stations. Magical of one point nine by a united flight point seven been seven. And three WL thirteen fifty it's -- apology trains that are Saturday from 10 AM. This 7 PM new -- your favorite WWO personnel does like to plant doctored and Gil. Were broadcast seven to 9 AM and the answer your questions on -- dollar and 45. After that's cute and Paula -- of the home improvement show the cajun cannon Bobby a -- will be humans and autographs from ten to noon. And then everything legal with a two deductions -- from 3 o'clock all right let's get back to our post. We're gonna go to up that vote Tuesday who's next to. Robert calling what part of Alabama Robert calling for. -- Montgomery are right. Robert I'll ask do one of those subjects were talking about the night it's our big -- seventy -- drag where opinion poll question. Should we halt the millions of dollars in aid the Central American countries especially Mexico. And give the money to the impoverished US cities until they helped us stop the flow of children crossing the border. And this is a suggestion and I proposal. From congresswoman Candice Miller. Support -- and virtually no. Maybe in -- Years and years and I would interpret the racial arbiter on time or -- And I -- at the plate and you. Anywhere from 300. Under 700 million dollars or -- construction -- and you must do that a not just a betrayal and. I'm. Doug and does it give you kind of hope that at least we have one person. And that's a sad reflection on Congo -- we have one person who has taken a common sense approach to an issues. -- absolute Kashmiri sliding. Better shall my. But he might be. Better. Managed just one particular -- and so. All that it produced. Well you know how I learned -- and buying into -- envelope blood spattered the year where. Product censored. The one. As a series of stroke product chip. No I guess I have not. Is that a professor apparently the protesters Chico state Ian. Tell polling -- has used to speak yet in. You'd -- and I don't honestly -- DC should -- -- beaten. And have now learned. A beer back out on our. Mobile and trying to stir up there were under don't keep bananas and a -- that. More here here's what I'm hoping that -- happened and I'm hoping that the public is just gonna support this woman so much. I hope that she gets flooded with emails streak it's flooded with phone calls I hope all of Washington does. And say. This is the type of common sense approach that we want we want someone in there that's lunatic just what you and I would have to go through we have to balance a checkbook we have that we have to balance our budget we have to stop borrowing money. You know some of the money that that our government borrows. You wonder where. What their -- they were able to Bora if if you would I tried to borrow about a -- money that we can never pay back they would never give us that much credit. And somehow or someone in Washington has got to take. And and -- This is a common sense approach in the -- we have to do. Your parade. But it is written -- comeback. Leash for it speaks out. -- tedious need knowledge. It's only hears somebody you -- look there go war and pretty grim new engagement in Vietnam War. There there Evelyn 1 hand I am sure. About a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Georgia's -- Over NG they're -- day. And don't know. Are there aren't a -- -- just. And -- It is my child and so somebody. Vital and all. People. -- Don't write that and -- and I'll I'll give you a dubious of more common sense. I don't care how much money we spend in Iraq I don't care how long we stay there I don't care how long we stay in Afghanistan. We waste of all this money no matter what we do that untrue always be the way it is. There will always fight. What they need is what they had before a strong dictator to run that. That country it was that's the way. That's the way these people or raise that's that's what they believe then that's what the bit of that that that they -- they've been fighting for 2000 years. And we will -- week -- in common sense tells you you can not installed democracy and every country. That's common -- so. You're honored speaker. The problem. Totals -- that you you're right. And that's that's why I'm I'm I'm a little bit I mean I quite frankly think our country is going to hell of a hand basket really really quick but. And this this committee. Is the most were rushing. Situation that I have seen that makes me say. If we can get more people like this maybe we can save this country Robert before you go about answering our light caution of the night. Who is your favorite music artist that is no longer alive. Well look but yeah. Bigger programs. I remember him. Very good well you don't that little -- or is he ended in Ireland and the united and one but he Cairo and in. -- channel the bad. All right Robert I appreciate your call and Jim injury and I'll come back to you and I have ruled for a are more callers to view an opponent Waite will not be very long at all to six year old 17866. In a 90870. I'm Bob Mitchell welcome back to the show the -- Roger all Crosby stills and after coming to New Orleans Saturday August sleeper of the -- -- theater in WW well has your ticket you can beat the box office and when three tickets. And we'll give you five chances to win joined scoot. Tomorrow and Friday between six and ten million future as to when. And always loved the one -- with gonna get caught up on a couple of text messages. When it comes to. Europe favorite musician that is no longer around. Greatest the cease musician Marvin -- marsh feed. This is a good mercy mercy me. Things ain't what they used to be a bar Margaret not Margaret again it was a fortune teller. When he recorded that song all right worry just about a time but we're gonna go to a gene real quick like Jane how are you tonight. And darn good. What about Eugene and who's your favorite artist that is no longer with us. And Patsy Cline. -- -- Hate saying -- -- -- a lot of good look you favored Selma Patsy Cline credit U president. Michael. So Jane. We we have now -- politician. Who is. Doing what I never thought I'd hear a politician to say. Should we hope to millions of dollars in aid to Central American countries and give the money to the the four US cities do you agree with that. -- bring the kind of and let me step back and money but it doesn't that because at one point -- -- a lot of them come and all the and I think that that she's standing up for that she was the president now people. Not that -- -- Mac that's I thought they would let that negotiate on a good job. This year other I hope people supporter -- and I hope she gets a lot of emails. And and and I don't know -- the people stills and telegrams they probably don't but a lot a lot of yeah. I don't know about becoming yet still keep I don't wanna live that -- it right -- could act. All right Jeanne appreciate it. Thank you so much all right just figure of 178668. -- nine solid seventy Jim. And Ryan you guys. Hang on I'll be with you right after the top of the hour if you or drugstore and in the show. We're we're talking about are ready drag or opinion poll question we actually have. A congresswoman Candice Miller. Who says we issued hall of millions of aid to central American country is. And she singles out Mexico until today start cooperating and stop the flow of all those children coming across the border. Do you agree Ouattara and his nice and refreshing to finally have some common sense found -- that someone has common sense. In what other problems we have in this country. But -- truly feel could be solved with a little common sense. Totally uncommon sense we have. -- Minnesota state senate approving a bill. That says it's offensive to used to raise Asian carp when it comes to those those nasty fish that are. Destroying the freshwater lakes. -- this political correctness gone too far you can call me on that if you want to secure one late 7866. Andy and I know it's heavily. I will be back with you all right after the news and WWL.

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