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Jun 26, 2014|

Dave talks about bandwagon soccer fans, eating insects, and finding things

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL for listeners on this 26. Of June 2004. Team. That day before Friday. Had any Friday of the three weekend that pre weekend indeed indeed and for a lot of people. I'm guessing the weekend starts at 11 o'clock this morning I think so NASA knows sports bars. Are expected to be -- Across the country. And televisions. At the workplace maybe people sneaking home for her early launches. A lot of people apparently are really interested in this soccer match to in the US and Germany. That's happening at 11 o'clock this morning if the US wins or ties. Germany they move on in the World Cup competition. They lose they may still move depending on how badly they lose and comparing it to the other teams that are still struggling to make it to the next round of the World Cup. Not an unfamiliar scenario we often see. Say NFL teams can clinch their division even if they lose their game that weekend avenue the -- couple times. Yes hats now what I'm curious about now is. Are people really soccer fans all of a sudden. Our day. Is the nation gone soccer crazy. -- is this for a real thing is that it temporary thing. Steve Geller was shared some information with me that this last soccer game that the US played. The 22 -- That they played two earlier in the week. Was -- watch soccer match ever in US history and drew a higher reading game any game of the NBA finals or. Past World Series as well so more people watched a mid level soccer competition in the World Cup. Then watch the finals. In the NBA. Or watched any single game of the World Series for -- pretty wild. Now did you watch acres. No I did I watched the second half I didn't you know I was to do for the whole match -- so that we have three different. Levels of interest here and and I think that reflects. The public is well when I'm curious about it Steve you were not really quite a soccer fans know I'm definitely. -- look almost on the bandwagon soccer for animal that the US honestly once the route from. All beaten as well. That's what I'm curious opulent Texas and 87070. It's -- arguing real soccer fans. Are you a bandwagon. Soccer fan but he just don't give. Outside yet -- except for World Cup and Olympics I clearly don't give I've never watched an MLS soccer game in my life may have watched the first game. Land David Beckham came to the US and started flying in the -- last thing may -- -- watch that just I was curious to see if this guy it was like amazing in. And that he was pretty much like on -- soccer players who runs around for ninety minutes and maybe scored one goal in the game maybe. You know if -- always -- great scorer Oliva the great scores don't score every game. I mean. Anyway so. Are -- bandwagon soccer fan. Are your true soccer fan. He's -- so those urges like you know USA USA and accounts bandwagon soccer ethics and if you watch the games. During the World Cup I think yeah bandwagon. But it is your idol really tune in to -- So is swimming were on TV no -- -- -- -- a huge all right Michael Phelps you know it's just country pride. Culture and there's nothing wrong with that but. And the outside World Cup and Olympics have you ever watched the soccer. Mean though I've I I've I've tried -- just so I guess yes but I just it's not a sport that I didn't have watched maybe one MLS game. Ever -- trying to watch an Olympic game last Olympic actually literally falling. And waking up and like in an hour later nothing but you know I love baseball and that -- I can usually pass up by the fifth inning and wake up by the -- the end that it. Project that is a true baseball -- absolutely it's a year bandwagon I am bandwagon. Or temporary Manning -- and sorry. He and try and hit a bad night not easy. Because -- Indeed if you don't understand the rules you don't know the players but even bandwagon fans are the most people have spent and all my time checking for any hint when this Jimmy Graham decision it's coming because I -- actual game saw him. That there -- now fire that we'll check back in fifteen minutes of mourners Steve we'll get back due in about five minutes with sports here on WWL. -- text messages -- -- 787. I'll share some of them coming up our youth soccer fan -- watch today's game. Do you care if the US wins or ties. Or loses. Can you get -- sport where you can win one game tied to and move on to the finals. So weird vehicle weird to me not to win. Yeah we won one -- do you really need the US may even move on with winning tying in losing theoretical. Which is not a stellar record -- talk more about soccer. And football the saints went -- we get that every decision coming up next here at WW value forecast as well -- for another day of downpours somewhere. 519 thank you for being a part of the early edition of WWL first news on this Friday -- happy day before Friday to you and yours what's the weather hold for us in this free weekend scenario. Are there rain here again as we're expecting more downpours this afternoon and evening gusty winds always a possibility thunder and lightning -- typical afternoon thunderstorms. And look for highs in the upper eighties. And for Friday another 50% rain chance with a high of 88 Saturday's rain chance that drops just a little a 40% with a high of ninety. Pretty Eyewitness News forecast center and meteorologist Clark tell. I right now we do -- a few scattered showers here -- there but mostly it is cloudy at the airport in Canada and 73 SE when -- three miles an hour muggy 93% relative humidity. It's cloudy and 71 of the National Weather Service office in slide now. Talking about passive or active soccer fans. Are you just don't give a lot of people I think there's still on the I don't care about soccer -- but those who do. Are very excited about this match today and Steve I'm still kind of amazed. Then more people watched that soccer game than watch any game of the World Series or any game of the NBA finals -- I think I didn't watch any of this World Series. And I will only watched a little bit of the NBA finals oh maybe there was not much interest in the World Series of the NBA's -- Well what's funny too there's a lot of folks are saying those numbers for the World Cup are even lower than the actual. Amount viewing because of all those big. Groups CD watch parties they were having my pride in new York and Chicago and -- so -- amazing tens of thousands of people showed up to watch it on big screens in public places. Yes so it's definitely me you feel this whole sense of community with one another for this and I think that's why everyone's kind of getting into reading. You wanna you wanna be a part of something USA right USA. With what's going on with the US and soccer and everything in sports. It's Diego state before Friday. Good morning everybody the pelicans have traded for center O'Meara sheet in the deal first reported by Yahoo! Sports New Orleans sends the 22015. Protected first round draft pick the Houston Rockets. In exchange for the big man as well as of one point five million dollars cash. -- cannot be finalized though until after tonight's draft because of league rules. The US soccer team takes on Germany today and made big World Cup match up. With a win or tie the Americans advance to the next round of the tournament and head coach Jurgen Klinsmann says now is not the time to take their foot off the gas pedal. Our goal is to be -- many -- personnel group. In order to play the second of the other group in the round of sixteen we cannot just told that he goes -- -- have to work conflict. That match gets underway at 11 AM Vanderbilt has won the college World Series by beating Virginia three to two in game three it's The Commodores first national championship over in the majors San Francisco Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum. No hit the San Diego Padres for the second time in less than a year. Facing just one batter over the minimum to -- afford nothing victory. Lincecum struck out six and issued a second inning walk in joining Christy Mathewson and the only giant to toss two no hitters. And women's top seed Serena Williams and men's number two -- be on the doll highlight today's Wimbledon schedule as they try to advance to the third round. Yesterday's winners included Novak Djokovic Andy Murray Venus Williams -- not and that means Iran wants. -- seventh seed David Ferrer and women's number eight Victoria has a rate -- dropped their second round matches yesterday. Today a four on sports book deal like the pelicans trade for O'Meara -- Plus New Orleans has zero picks in this year's NBA draft should they make a move to get back in I'm Steve Geller with -- early morning look at sports. Five point three -- on Steve -- with you on the radio on this Thursday morning the day before Friday Friday eve and 11 o'clock this morning is -- weeks. I guess sports are going to be opening. -- how many of them are normally open 11 o'clock Thursday morning. And I would imagine there's plenty of pre gaming so maybe even 8:9 AM do you expect the worst year. Ever are to be opening today. Can you do it can you get it before you have breakfast in heavier and in -- go to the bar and get a drink at 8 o'clock in the morning or beer for breakfast worked here for breakfast okay com. The US have a decent shot at winning or at least tying in this match you know I told him not the most -- It's soccer -- all but from what I've seen in the first two games has definitely been. A different style of US soccer from what I've even seen in the past. Are a lot more. Exciting and offensive minded use -- to worry about their defense yes offensive minded they -- -- -- due to woods yet. -- -- act and here it is same but there was definitely a lot more opportunities that I've seen in the past for the US soccer team. I've Germany is definitely one of the superpowers. In this whole tournament so it's -- a tough match -- I hear a lot of people to predicting. A 11 tie very very exciting I know but. I think the US has a shot will they do it I don't know but come on -- if we pull informant that as AKA is doing Vegas isn't terribly -- -- as like nine to one. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Germany's and number two team in the world right the Americans. Are -- cricket. What does -- -- -- an uphill battle but yet think about the national pride it would be generated from a win. It would be right now you know you feel like at this huge high it would even just be exploding and acting. You would just -- red white and blue. Everywhere you got from football football. Jimmy Graham decision from the NFL though if that's an and I thought for sure we were gonna have a -- Least midweek because. July 15 is just around the corner that's when the saints and -- have -- -- a long term deal and I figured that. You would want as much time to negotiate that do not wanna give them as much time to negotiate and to rule to have a base of knowing okay is he gonna be ruled. As they tight -- considered seven million year old wide receiver for the twelve many years so you have that to work with. I was talking about this with Kristian garic -- Siler reported yesterday he's expecting tomorrow he's expecting Friday as we head into the weekend. I wouldn't be surprised either of the NFL pull something where. With the World Cup going on today and also the NBA draft that they try to steal some of the headlines with with making announcements so you never know. Maybe comes in the game all right so you'll be watching. The Jimmy -- decision and the soccer games starting at 11 o'clock this morning he's Steve Geller I'm Dave cone at the early edition of WW golfers and is. Is soccer fan we'll talk more about that -- year forecast right after this. An interesting text messages and it's -- -- -- One person does Dave everybody loves a winner and everybody loves the USA so why not love the USA when they're winning. At something in this case soccer so I -- your ban and -- don't care about soccer at all just wants to support our country and -- don't care for soccer. What does not much of a fan at all to my daughter started playing high school soccer now says I'm a real plan. A real saints. And does as if the states played soccer I'd watch other match. I don't care apparently might care about the forecast for today. Your Thursday afternoon upper eighties of course that heat -- and the instability and that leads to some thunderstorms so expect another 50% chance for those downpours today. A 50% chance tomorrow on Friday. Look for highs in the upper eighties once again Saturday -- little bit warmer high of ninety what -- 40% chance for rain. The Eyewitness News forecast sent her I'd -- too -- to -- tell. 38 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL for listeners it's June it's the 26 it's 2014. And it's the day before prize today. Happy Friday eve to you and yours to write a youngest are. Our guests and a half. Cool he has a very delicious after -- its own mind. Not that I'm really -- Now what is this woman enjoying what is she eating well I -- -- be you know what the wings off both wearing really look that is the bad. Head is that what she could call his freedoms yet take the wings up and says the -- is the best. These are sound -- of a story you did yesterday afternoon. What does this woman talking about not talking about so we -- crawfish. Got to suck it had no she's eating a locust people like a big. Current growth -- went on giant grasshopper. Grasshopper the size of year. Index finger -- -- And and she's enjoying it yes that the Montana State University entomologist. -- supposed to -- lenient clobber you really looked down at the back. At it and those wings -- if you keep them off and then she -- then they're. He has a very delicious after -- -- Home mind. That's really -- that is a look at sauteed in butter and soy sauce this is like some crunching down nine. Why is this woman eating bugs extolling the Hyde routine value of in sex. Lots of human consumable proteins in blogs -- it's so food. Industry experts 191000 of them from around the country were here in New Orleans for a conference over the last few days. And one of the discussions they had is. People are gonna start eating more blogs because of the record high prices. Of food and Flores -- uncle says the dogs are good way to go. I had an opportunity topped with -- injury at the LSU accent and asked them. Are Americans gonna start eating bugs because prices of meters. -- certainly when you look at approaching prices now up from our animal proteins. And those that are currently historically high. Particularly look at beef pork and poultry to some extent. We're we're -- in export prices for those in some cases -- really haven't seen much of Cheney consumption patterns. -- so beef and pork and to some extent chicken is costing more than ever but Americans are still eating -- just as much so I asked him. Any chance that if the prices continue to rise which they may or may not that we start eating blogs instead of -- he said now more likely we go to -- Obviously before that what happened to some degree a shift from the animal proteins to use more -- the planet type proteins. I think before you start to -- -- shift to changing our consumption patterns to. Two having -- Bangalore portions of anybody started. I just imagine being -- or freeze to. Eighteen dollars for state notes to this where the real world this attack in opener at a locust idea gig cock -- that's what I need to be eating right now. He had there right I'm not sure if anyone at the conference talking about insert consumption never brought up -- -- in other -- yet was are related. Little more jumpy in other countries they they actually did was right. According to doctor -- Goal. Much more common in the diet in Thailand. And you beyond and he mentioned Mexico and other parts of Latin America and eat bugs like crazy -- those -- So much here in this video you put on this story on our website at WW dot com the action watcher eat. -- -- I couldn't walk technically it's about becoming saturated and we did you know that people want to watch her eat this big -- -- yeah I can't. Thanks -- we appreciate you sharing. Which it bugs folks if beef prices get too high text me about that -- 77. Oh god let's go live directly yeah I would disease or cancer as they did -- name. Happy Friday he's you know it then missed meteorologist Laura but owners say -- -- -- it and -- -- week again. Why don't rainy and every day in and -- and that we dragged by all the right -- it. Here by now Thursday it has just kind of popped up. And a and a latest cut relative L -- -- -- indeed it either way could help the -- go faster good your your view on that yeah absolutely a faster we get the weekend the batter and we're almost there but. More rain right. -- and more rain today I mean we just cannot shake this cycle more thunderstorms. This afternoon 345 o'clock and we may have another round very similar to yesterday. Where we had that kind of line of gusty storms come through around 7:8 PM we could see that again tonight it may be a little earlier than that tonight but some more heavy rain and wind gusts that may even downed trees you know we -- the power outages last night. So way you know it's it just keeps happening we keep seeing these thunderstorms develop and move onshore from the south. It's same bat plan same bat channel same bag same everything to de L players we may get to the morning without -- Iran but. Come afternoon and evening is a good shot at showers once again at some of them could be strong when do we change back to a hot and dry pattern. How you know toward the week and we start to transition to some more drier weather -- -- by late in the weekend and into next week. In available hotter and a little dry air. Okay it's tomorrow not as much rain Saturday a little less Sunday looks good. I like it I love it I -- I want some more of it but I'll look forward to Sunday there -- You know what to soccer game the now our US soccer fan. Normally tonight at the World Cup thing right well we've been giving people the option you bandwagon fan -- true soccer fan -- just don't give a damn. OK am I on the bandwagon in Canada I'm an apt to say it I'm OK with that the first -- The first two games that you watch her from start to finish. I watched the second half of the second K okay that's that's my level of fanned them so far and we'll have it on in the newsroom obviously it's starting at eleven so keep an eye on it. Not -- didn't. Well -- a mom -- for the US and support Americus if you know to play the Olympics are sport to watch it during the Olympics that I'd never watch any other time but out of the. Exactly and I can't turn on -- -- Manchester United played some other kind of team I don't know about doubt about it watch USA in Portugal once every four years. Today elect you -- US and Germany and. Go you know that feeling you get when you lose something that horrible horrible feeling. And you're your your your contrast years using you know anxiety you wish you could find it whether it's your keys -- your wallet or point -- bill or whatever it is you lost that you really want a fine but that. Elation and an amazing feeling when you find -- when he actually defined it yet well you find it a guy got that feeling it just took a long long time for him. In fact from 1979. Until this week. You get that feeling of -- 33 years later. He lost his Corvette he lost his -- someone stole -- -- deep and work its course yet his Corvette was stolen three decades ago in Detroit. And it was found. In Mississippi. Just recently. George -- says. AAA called him to say is 1979. Corvette had been found. -- -- even forgot he ever had it out for him at an apartment he said that he was told that the car still runs. Has only 47000. Miles on it after 33 years and we're sitting at a police station in Hattiesburg. He says that the last time we saw other car was in 1981. Before thieves took it. From a parking spot along the distrust it was a 79 vet stolen eighteen point one. And now 33 years later he's gone again. So I mean we have no idea what happened between now and -- no -- no idea how Iowa they'd like to get a car fax but I doubt that this. I did some research and figured out how -- you -- it was probably stolen you know somebody -- for -- -- all the that what do you now -- and time and Kansan. Man that was in Hattiesburg now it's and hasn't increased when they ran -- -- number they had this stolen able to Trace it back to mount -- are back. Must be great feelings about that which had just lose something because that is need that regulation feeling to finding out. -- yeah I don't ever have that you know I'd rather not actually a little bit anxious -- you know a little bit off all. Unhinged when I use something I like everything in its place can't tell. About is nothing like -- thing. Of reaching into your pants pocket ethnic come back from the cleaners are people out of the dryer and has twenty dollar bill. But I'll break -- unit no unit lost out you'd have twenty. And you couldn't find with backtracking -- most of you find money you -- -- remember you lost state but for me it's like there's something that I me or right he got Alabama where it that drives me. I you OC -- mad -- you -- I am highly everything in its place everything at this spot it's that and it's not in -- The world cannot rotate three years with the hostility or -- it back or if you don't have everything. Man you know I think that's how I keep some order to my life you know and a -- You misplace your car keys that that's serious crisis because my there's a pocket in my purse specifically for the car -- there's no reason to this -- the car keys bagel in the little pocket in my bag. It's up it's a specific pocket where the car keys -- I -- dinner here. This meteorologist Laura but don't have a happy Gaby -- private public get -- There are about them alive and right from the eyewitnesses forecasts and watch out for those afternoon and evening showers today and again tomorrow. The last on Saturday. Looks good for Sunday. I'm we'll talk more soccer -- text messages and 87870. Find out what's going on with the saints as well we don't like Jimmy Graham decision Steve Jones. Cool he has some very delicious after -- home mind. That's really good. Another Michael locus for breakfast for it when president text indicates that the eight levity says. Thanks a lot now on -- and brackets that those that eat bugs. Music changed to vegetarian Muslims stranded in a forest there's always wild life not Boggs says another noses maybe McDonald's will start selling French flies. In Mexico you can buy packets of dried salted crickets like -- crackle and says another. As as long as that my shotgun I cannot I'm not needed bugs. There's enough about the bugs get to the World Cup. Okay. So where that in sports take that morning to Steve yeah always the one above. A reckless you know it's funny you mention that because recently on an episode of shark tank a love that show and a guy went in and pitched two. The sharks a protein bar made out of insects no takers no byters on via -- and offer big. Mark Cuban was you know when the refused to the even pace that it. That interest of either we went to be insect -- amend my little man didn't want to. Partake in the HS cookies -- out he had no interest -- as I -- and a -- -- and I'm not trying to -- their usual I have no interest in soccer but suddenly I care -- -- about that and sports and everything good morning everybody happy Thursday -- GM Dell -- has reportedly made a deal that should improve the -- defense Yahoo! -- first announced that the world and has traded for center Omar -- from the Houston Rockets. For protected first round draft pick in 2015. -- deal cannot be finalized until July because of league rules. Dallas in the New York Knicks have agreed to a trade that would bring Tyson Chandler back to the mavericks three years after he helped them win a championship only to leave right away in free agency. The mavs would send guards Jose Calderon and Shane Larkin and center Samuel Dalembert of the knicks for Chandler and point guard Raymond -- him. The US soccer team looks to earn a spot in the elimination round of the World Cup with a win -- -- over Germany today. -- coach Jurgen Klinsmann says that the fan support for the team as really bin motivational. Makes you also feel accountable. And responsible for giving it everything you have depth on the field and every wolf cavs game and this is what -- World Cup is about you have to understand the momentum. That match gets underway at 11 AM. John Norwood home run in the top of the eighth inning gave Vanderbilt the lead and commodores would hold on to beat Virginia three to two in game three at the college World Series its ban -- first national championship. And San Francisco Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum Lincecum has been no hit the scene Diego Padres for the second time in less than a year. Facing just one batter over the minimum to Ernie -- nothing victory. Lincecum struck out six and issued a second inning walk to joint Christy Mathewson is the only giant that tossed two no hitters. I guess I just say it's really cool but I guess into railroad builders like a little bit more and no decision for what it's worth for right now it's and so -- momentum. Really happy end and I just. But it does kind of I don't know wanna go a little bit. Today after four on sports talk to you like the pelican straight for -- where she plus New Orleans has zero picks in this year's NBA draft should they make the move to get back in. I'm Steve -- which early morning look at sports -- lightning round quick answers the NBA draft tonight will the pelicans trade into the draft do you expect that to happen and -- and now after this rumored trade of -- where's she coming to the pelicans yes I do because they'll have to create more cap space. They think they -- -- -- somebody's bank get a pick in the first or second round of the draft yes right and what are the for the soccer team. The US soccer team -- tie or beat Germany like these that I looked it up for a win the odds are 921 against the US not looking so hot. Com I'm gonna go with a an exciting 11 time today as some are predicting. After nine B plus minutes of us watching soccer. You know landed it 11 ties your verdict and the US will advance that a knock out round and knock out round thank you were knocked you out now but we'll bring you back -- -- -- -- -- more sports. Eyed the forecast folks pretty much the same today and tomorrow as it has been all we -- -- there's heavy downpours in some places each afternoon start drying out Saturday and Sunday looks much drier. I US soccer fan would you be watching the US take on Germany 11 o'clock this morning. One person Texas at 878 that it is I don't give a crap but I will be at twin peaks today at eleven watching. And it's -- give a little bit of crap now the president says can't and it says I can care less about soccer team Carole little bit I think -- -- that -- -- could not care. That's a point I'll be watching I care a little bit I'm definitely bandwagon fans happy day before Friday.

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