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6-26 6:10am Scoot, murder or an accident?

Jun 26, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot takes your calls and talks to listeners about what should happen to a player

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Chris I know your big states and our US soccer fan of even -- broke up. Haven't seen -- should have receive a minute Iowa watch sub yesterday it was a France and Ecuadorean thing but I am I dancing team USA play yet are -- -- soccer fans. I know my boys play. Jesse that's I think that's what makes some people fans to their their kids played it really I I wish because you you can look at me I'm not a big guy. I was very very fast. But not a big guy I would soccer would have been. As prominent when I was growing up as as it is today because I think I could have been a hell of a soccer player. It's that that the hitting of the football game that you know everybody get bigger than me so it -- really wasn't fun after. After the eighth -- he wasn't fun I mean I scored a lot of touchdowns -- high school team. Now when I was in the eighth grade seventh and eighth grade but it didn't you know everybody gets bigger than me around the ninth grade so was it it was funny anymore I think it would have been a really good soccer player. I would think that a lot of people are gonna go to bars restaurants have an extended lunch today. The games at 11 o'clock between US and Germany and it's also confusing because the US doesn't have to win. They -- time. And still advance. Where they can even lose in a certain things happen then they're still not out of it -- -- -- Beers gonna join -- from our sister station three WO thirteen 52 and it's in the 9 o'clock hour. And we'll talk about what the -- soccer fan and -- you a real soccer fans or World Cup and -- soccer fan. What do you like least. About soccer chorus. What I like least. Well that there's no tie breaking procedure until you get into the elimination games at the whole timing thing is is kinda weird too because other referees keep the time but no one else knows what the real time of the game is that clock you Steve you're watching on TV is just an estimate on even -- they have -- -- on this court the stadium. And it's just like this is our best guess because there's no official telling us what the time is left in the. Exactly in the and that it it's not a count down with a clock it's count up its account up and that's that's kinda weird and I think it would be a lot of controversy in this country if officials say had the opportunity to. Decide how long game was it really is up to the the officials. Because they did that because of timeouts because -- of injuries and things like that kind of it and I can decide to -- time to a game. How different some games would be a benefit from -- side and now we started another couple minutes deployed and -- a blast. Auburn Alabama game if the -- decided that we actually have about ninety -- seconds not the three seconds to seal on the clock. All right so will level talk about soccer a little bit later as you get ready for the USC it team against Germany today at 11 o'clock and again I think they're going to be a lot of people sneaking out for an extended lunch. And diary have orders from our show producer George -- to -- let's wrap things up by elevenths liking get out of here -- go to a far. And watch a game which is what a lot of people if I'm gonna prob go to subordinate Washington doesn't get a drink but I go to some -- watch game. Also this morning we've got a two pair of tickets to giveaway to Crosby still finished. They're coming to New Orleans sank a theater Saturday night August the 23 listen for the disorderly Stephen Stills in Crosby, Stills and Nash one of the one -- with. When you hear that don't give -- the number. And if you're an -- caller you win tickets Willie Nelson has some advice for those if you who smoked pot when it comes to elections will tell you about that. Also on John Boehner speaker of the house. -- is threatening to sue the White House over executive actions and there's. It's a full story going around the Internet -- I know you love to believe those stories -- that you see in the Internet because this what you want to believe but it's it's not true will set the record straight on that. Also we have an update on this a little girl Victoria we talked about the at the hoax the fact that this story about her and be forced to leave. KFC -- Jackson Mississippi. It was a hoax we've talked about that this week but we've got an update on that story and it's another case of a hot child's. Dead child's. Hot car. Is an accident. Or murder. I instituted the Tommy Tucker it's 6:13 on the Thursday morning it will be right back on having if you don't like -- this morning. A dead leaves his child in a hot car is that murder or an accident. Now a but you know we're talking about it should the father not be punished should not be -- criminally. Because he let the children the car this is a really sad story this week of territory two month old the little boy Mini Cooper. He's dead his father forgot to to drop him off to date year. And the young -- spent seven hours in a steaming hot car. And it's about aspects of this this story that are particularly. Disturbing. Justin Harris 33 years old had stopped to have the fast food breakfast with the son Cooper. His son was in a rear facing child restraint in the backseat. Harris then drove to work at The Home Depot corporate office in a suburb of Atlanta. He returned it was card during lunch to put something in the car. And he -- and realized that he had forgotten his son in the backseat. The average temperature was around 8088. But the -- the hot temperature that day reached 92 degrees. That's deadly heat inside a car which would be much hotter than the outside temperature. As a parent it is so difficult for me to comprehend. How any parent can forget their child in the car. Don't you talk to your kid when you're in the car. I mean even if you trust between two months that's not too young to be talking to your child. I remember if I was alone in the car with my son I was talking to him. Sometimes he'd talked to me. How do you how do you forget your child in a car in yet. This seems to happen and what happens in the summertime quite often leads to death. What makes this tragedy seem even more senseless is and this is what I'm I'm getting from the story. The child daycare center. Was actually The Home Depot corporate office where this father worked. So we supposed to bring his child to daycare to corporate office. Arrives at the office daycare destination and forgets his son in the car and goes back to the car at lunchtime. To put something in the car. And doesn't realize his son is in the car. When he finally realize that he forgot to drop his son off -- daycare he pulls the body from the car. And -- -- the child on the ground and immediately began administering CPR. A crowd gathered that attracted the attention of police. Witnesses said that when the father Jung sun did not respond to the CPR realized he was dead he became distraught hysterical. It had to be physically restrained as he shouted what have I done and what have -- done. Justin Harris was charged with felony murder. And child cruelty. And that always raises the question. Was this an accident. Or is -- Merck. Which you George the father. Here's our -- you'll pretty general opinion poll father -- his 22 month old son in a hot car for seven hours. And the child dies should the -- be charged with murder. Give a shipping you're going to our web site WW dot com if you would join our show with your comment on numbers 260187. Toll free 866889070. And a -- amber is a totally separate it's a Thursday morning it's six Tony Hunt skewed in for -- Tucker and here's a WWL traffic updates with -- We're gonna talk about this tragedy. Happens every summer. Other things tonight it's a mother but in this case it was a fatherly says young kid and cart it dies in -- -- But before we get back to that Willie Nelson. Has some advice Willie Nelson has that teapot. Party movement. He has advice he's got a 1151000. People on FaceBook points is teapot party movement. He has some advice for those of you who smoked pot when it comes to elections. Willing -- says get out and go vote. If it's the data go vote make sure you vote before you -- one don't get high and forget to vote. Willie Nelson is a favorite of so many. Many conservatives in this country. And Willie Nelson. -- -- -- one. Is supporting Wendy Davis for governor in Texas she's the the democratic candidate Willie Nelson also be contacted by the governor's office in Colorado to appear -- public service announcement about marijuana. No word yet on whether he has to actually do that unsuited for Tommy Tucker it's actually 5 on this Thursday morning and if your -- the west of New Orleans appears southwest Louisiana good possibility -- rain right now. More rain is heading in this direction it was raining even late in the day yesterday here's -- W -- pretty -- opinion poll. A father leaves his 22 month old son in a hot car for seven hours the child dies should that -- charged with murder. 83%. Say yes. And 17%. Saying no. If you and rejoice with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Server seventy text numbers 877. Mr. Washington and -- VW on good morning. -- the matter should be on it and yeah and routine and I don't know featured child motive may serve slow. Because it might implode he -- -- just shut out in macaw where you only. To be there. And I realize that we have a lot of distractions in the world but how can you forget that you and I mean we -- again you know I forgot myself full. And that that's. An -- to do because -- -- so attached to it but you can forget things and how do you forget your child. Yeah yeah dad dad and mom on. I got they. We don't lose issues and hand well on. You. And if it is their feet I don't know who murdered each you can -- -- that while there remain although some -- You know problem. Minister Washington I'm glad you called a show here's a text that read says students it was truly an accident. -- His life is likely ruined anyway. My voice my little boy's name is Cooper. The story makes me sick to my stomach. In a busy world like religion people don't always. Do rational things. Can you imagine what this guy is going through. If he truly was an accident. No I can't really imagine what this guy's going through contrite when mansion but I I can't imagine. Now almost immediately there was a petition that restarted at the website change dot org asking the district attorney to drop the charges. Edit and immediately attracted hundreds of signatures I don't know where it is is now the petition makes the argument that the father just in Paris. Is a grieving father who made a terrible mistake. And his pain and grief should be punishment enough. Someone -- web site. This could happen to anyone. Anyone charging a grieving father. Is abusive. Is that. The way you see this. If you gonna join us this morning with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Nines early Saturday at a tax receipts and the senate and it may be the charge is it murder may be the charges negligent homicide. But there are people who don't think a father or mother in this situation should be charged. And I realized how difficult it is too. -- to go through was charging somebody when you realize how much they're suffer. If indeed it was truly an accident. Hybrid 2 stories this morning about this case. -- stories I don't know if this has been confirmed yet but there -- two stories health care. About. The computer. At the guys were placed. Was seized. And he did a computer search. For how long it takes an animal to die in a car. So. That would lead you to believe that. This was intentional. And again if the corporate if the corporate office. At Home Depot where he went to work in a suburb of Atlanta and I think that's where the daycare center wants. You to forget to bring your child -- that he goes back to his car factories -- tiebreak. And put something in the car and still doesn't realize dishonesty. A tragic story with a lot of interesting. Elements to it. And the father -- Why would you why would you search a computer for. And welcome back to our show this morning -- -- in forward Tommy Tucker we're talking about this a real tragic story it happens every summer. And I and fortunately it has happened again on a 33 year old father left his 22 month old son. -- -- -- He forgot that he would -- his son two to drop it off it daycare. He's going to his corporate office -- work for Home Depot a suburb of Atlanta forgot to hit the car. Got hot decayed to died after being in the car for seven hours here's a quick update on our -- to a party general opinion poll should the father be charged with murder. A 64% say yes 36%. -- -- From Delhi and a Craig your into the WL. It. -- shortly but. Get. More job. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Italy you know there's a quarter. There are. -- your father and can you imagine. For their regular trial was in the army we we hear about this all the time and it just seems it just seems incomprehensible. For those of us -- parents and yet. And -- it happens. There this terrible all of just can't share. -- -- -- -- -- work all day. Out here you know so walk out now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Can call. Your child more so. Or. It. -- -- told -- you have have a great Thursday here's what you know about this story. The guy goes to have tested breakfast with his son and the caller his son is in a rear facing restraint child restraint in the backseat of the car. He goes FS rubric for us practice for the sign that he goes to work the corporate headquarters of and Home Depot. Now it's my understanding that the daycare center was at the corporate headquarters -- company student. So he writes it work. And for -- take his son to daycare. He goes back to the car during a lunch break. And put something in the car and forgets. His -- again. There's now a story that. His computer was seized and again I don't think this has been confirmed yet but I've read from two different sources. That he search for -- again this might be -- and urban myth. But the story is that he searched. His Internet to see how long an animal. Could stay alive. In a hot car. Now I know that to reporters have tried to talk to the wife the mother of missile point. And she's been told by her lawyers not to talk now that doesn't necessarily mean anything suspicious that it could just be. Good basic legal advice if you wanna join our show with your thoughts and feelings this morning our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Or Saturday in a text a receipt sanity seven here's a Texan reach someone drinks and drives. And they kill family members. Even though they're grieving they're still charged with a crime. Is is great grief and pain is tremendous remorse and regret. Is this significant punishment. For somebody who. Doesn't protect their child and their -- up debt. I mean they're people who make that argument as if testing that is in some cases the arguments made it in other cases like no hold parents accountable. And I I I can only imagine what it would be like two. To beat his father in the situation getting a number -- about that as well. -- -- If we don't hold parents accountable. Then. Even though no pair would wanna go through this grieving process. If we don't hold parents accountable. Then. Wouldn't that may be lead to more parents. Being a responsible. If you wanna join us our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. It's evident. At a text number is 87870. Here it is. On the one US. Stephen Stills Crosby, Stills and Nash if you would like two tickets to see Crosby, Stills and Nash Saturday night August 23 the -- theater. We're gonna -- here right now -- the -- call or at 260 wins. That's 26094678. Color with the tickets from -- if you'll. A father left is Tony two month old son in a hot car for seven hours the child died -- the -- be charged with murder or some kind of homicide. That's a W a real pretty -- opinion poll 69%. Say yes and 31% say no give us your opinion -- going to our web -- WW dot count it was a Crosby stills and issue just coming out of that break. Crosby, Stills and Nash will be here Saturday. August 23. The sank a theater great place to see them our congratulations to -- will blocker she's just 12 tickets I've got another pair of tickets to giveaway this morning. And then another pair of tickets to giveaway on the show tomorrow morning before 8 o'clock because at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning that's when tickets go on sale at Ticketmaster. Ticketmaster dot com or by phone 807453000. Again I'd -- -- today we're gonna give way into the pier tickets Crosby, Stills and Nash. A little bit later just listen for the song love -- when you're with. I stood in for Tommy Tucker it's 648. And from Picayune -- you're known to -- W real good morning. -- -- good. That the other way that protects comment that you read it to you won't hear. So the world FaceBook. Few days ago. -- And the it's it's just been -- mine every since. First heard about it. And I don't it's the immediate -- so complicated this -- this is actually in action yeah. You know I'm part of and he is saying you know what the risks in this guy's life going to be like. Then at the saint you know on being in. -- people speed and caller they don't realize they're doing it in action and they want -- some body Andrea faced consequences for bad. So I got them back and forth all at Lister can we just when he actually. That it got a little Blake Cooper and I don't know out via interest in my life. You know does it. I thought about this last night when congress are thinking about the stories show and it there I think there might be a part of me that would wanna be punished would wanna be put in jail because we feel like I I deserved it and to just let me free -- Allow me to so ponder what I had done not done it wouldn't have first thought about it in in jail as well. But it might have almost been worse here -- wouldn't have been punished him merely punishment was. Mike pain and and and grief because again it's not something that I can even imagine. There it is that footage it's crazy I mean. A -- that much -- that situation just deceit you know to ponder what. This guy might be going through and it sort upstart in its last. You don't think. Did did you when you when you had your your your children the cars don't you talk to him. Actually what they've they've -- easily you know holes -- taught -- so you know it's you know it. Try to think about you know look we're out in this rural areas and our kids are actually trying to speak the Auburn. You know we never. Turner had trouble with actually wondering where. I don't understand patent. Promote -- let you know you never -- you Patricia and that person. Well and you know but if we do make mistakes sometimes we should be held accountable even if we're sorry for those standards. That's true reluctant senate you do things or on your your partners speeding he looked out a -- there's a couple of I didn't realize that it would have been the -- in 55 year. Yeah I'm really sorry about it officer I'll never do it again but you still get the ticket. Joseph have a great day at a political show here's a text and I don't remember these things happening children being left in hot cars. Back in the seventies and eighties are we too distracted nowadays. Well if we are very distracted delegates -- we are is that an excuse. Or should parents be held accountable if they don't protect their precious children. When their children are helpless I mean that this 22 month old could do anything for itself. He strapped in car restraint. Facing the rear in the in the back of course we want to know what kind of car was. I don't know that that matters much but it was a a Hyundai Tucson which -- a small Monday suvs. Wouldn't you. Know that your kid -- -- If you wanna join us have a comment or numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- every tax is 87070. Coming up after the news at seven we have an update on the story involving a little girl. On Victoria in Jackson Mississippi who allegedly was told to leave on KFC. Because her scars in her face. Were disturbing to the other customers. She was mauled by three pit bulls. Get an update on that coming up right after the news. I instituted the Tommy Tucker it's 652 -- here's another DaVita QL traffic update with real problems as a cloudy Thursday morning in downtown New Orleans we've got some rain on the way appeared in the west of New Orleans you might be some rain right now. Good morning our students for Tommy Tucker were talking about -- a sad story yeah it happened again and it is it's something that we need to talk about because if parents. The case they forget their children in a hot car when we need to remind them that it really does happen. And don't do it the question is if somebody does it should they be held accountable I realize that there are grieving parent but should they be held accountable. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Points or seven of text -- -- 77 in a lot of text on this subject to a few more of those in just a moment that -- you're now into the interview on good morning. Good -- and and are evil or the -- a trial that I should -- caller. I mean or ability are. Going to be. If you beat you to target your child and -- Think you got to election only on your body and an army. You can rent and your own job that you're gonna forget you know -- fraction -- an -- -- and if you're -- not a responsible parent. I mean should -- be held accountable when you become. A responsible being you know and one of the main water and is not Garrick well we don't know. Okay -- -- -- and how can opener forget. Your child and about actually -- you can -- and you work. And totally a huge. And -- Maybe. You might forget you -- somebody's set attempt to separate entities -- humid out again. Your column to pressure and -- triggered an inexcusable. Terrible parent. They can make Aldridge didn't want not engage in a debate credibility in a -- -- on the agreed to. -- and budget told the show affection listing here is a text that reads your kid should be your number one distraction meaning. You should be getting your kids out of the car and may be forgetting your keys in the car. Yeah and I understand that here's the another Texan -- the purpose of corporate babysitting services is the advantage of seeing your child during the day. A real crime is not checking on your child it's very close to you in the building during the day the mother is guilty. Of that also in this case it's the father it was a mistake a tragic mistake I'm not guilty of murder. If you enjoy our show with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866 data to answer which seventy. Texas 87870. I've screwed in -- Tommy Tucker and we'll be right back after the news on the VW well.

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