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6-26 7:10am Scoot, return donated money?

Jun 26, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot takes your calls and talks to listeners about the KFC hoax involving the little girl...should money donated be returned if the hoax is proven true?

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-- you had this in the news -- it one of the big blogs are trending on our website right now are -- the new port could have you have you -- -- bug. I -- that the sectarian some the chosen one or two months ago Detroit the the cajun cricket. -- the -- was occasion cricket like paper. Yeah Bob do what what big occasion did they do like some kind of a -- -- mix it up some kind of spikes. Here. I I made a couple -- -- once there and it's -- kind of some some deal with promoting eating -- right there a couple of -- -- A grasshopper and I also hate some -- warms which were still life and they were pretty discussed. So I'd like to think that there's something else that we didn't you know we can do we don't have to resort to eating bugs because they're really not that tasty I would think that there. The the occasion cricket didn't taste like much other than indication splicing that was on the cricket about the only animal -- consider consuming line could be your raw oyster. Yeah and it's just alive and say I guess it's still alive when you read it it's gonna -- shocked that it's still alive and a edited it to the Wrigley you know to voice tolerance to children so sometimes I'll see. Substantial I'll I'll -- those specials on television whether it's a bizarre foods or something like that and now -- people eat things that are alive and one of the apparently this is also a very popular in the in the Gulf of Mexico. There's a tradition I wanna say it's in Honduras or or someplace in previous attrition everywhere but I think I saw this in -- Where after you catch a tuna you cut out the heart right away and you eat the still beating heart. Is that still the heart still beating you you eat. And I think you know there's nothing I love more than good to this machine me but I'm gonna pass on the beating heart -- I'm not doing. Here's an update on our WWL pretty -- by opinion poll of father leaves his 22 month old son in a hot car for seven hours. The child dies should the -- be charged with murder. 30% say no but 70% say yes it is your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com from Slidell Veronica -- WW real good morning. You -- in. Good. You can't eat it up by a sniper killings and there's the spotlight. The Latin yet but ultimately the high up the list. -- -- that at bat that he needed that this got a lot of unit and that you don't other jubilant. Well that would be a key I mean I wouldn't want something to attack me on the way down. Actually anti acne cricket and everything that he -- the work and what it. There -- it would be kind of tennis squishy. Welcome yet there. Is -- Now the book with a -- like spaghetti would you like spaghetti and a bunch of amenable yeah we probably shouldn't be talking about this because people could be eating breakfast right now. Current and it's not true she -- -- There. Artwork -- on board that story came out. At that. Point one people. -- I mean. -- was not set. He didn't he remembered. It. As well. And what. It. According to police report he remembered to bring something back to his car during his lunch break but never checked on the child. Everything. That -- I don't think there. But the trial because not. Where immediately. Him. Find out what. -- -- People here. And a lot of -- am. In -- I know I I can't imagine that and you know we we do have awareness day at 2.2 months -- has almost two years old. We have -- where we know what's going on around us. Brought a -- sad story appreciate you calling our show here is attacks that Reid says scoot you go to jail for leaving animals in a hot car. So what's the difference and he needs to go to jail. And two. He's a go to jail for being so. Blank stupid. Well I don't understand it -- and went with people voted defend. The father and say well is this a grieving parents here I understand it. But somebody needs to speak up for. The 22 month old that was -- that was abandoned. Either on purpose or by accident. But even if it's an accident are you still to be held accountable. Mr. -- today is titled dead -- child in hot car. Is that murder or an accident. It's on our website at WW dot com you can read it -- and others at coming up after this says this break we're gonna talk about an update in the story about little Veronica. That's the little girl who was with her grandmother asked to leave KFC in Jackson Mississippi. Because her her horrific scars from being mauled by pit bulls for stars were disturbing to other customers. Well we learned earlier this week that that was just a hoax that we talked about that on the show but now we have another update. We elected to that when we come back -- studio for Tommy Tucker 714 on the cloudy Thursday morning. And we'll be right back -- if you will. There is rain on the way again today you know usually these these big thunderstorms go away when the sun goes down but last night there were some big thunderstorms in downtown New Orleans and perhaps wherever you work. Coming up in the next hour we'll talk about living downtown or or living in the suburbs which you rather live in an urban setting or. In the birds if you just totally start over where would you prefer to list. And if you live downtown. What do you love about it we'll talk about that later also the US plays Germany and this is one of the top soccer teams in the world -- World Cup play today. Became was -- 11:1 o'clock this morning and I'm sure a lot of people are gonna go out for that. Extended lunch so they can watch it in a fun environment. With a win or tie and draw. The US does advance but even if they lose they still might not be out of the competition we'll talk about this in the 9 o'clock -- are you a big soccer fans. Are you real soccer fan or World Cup bandwagon fan if you don't like soccer. What what you like about it T about -- -- soreness in the studio from our sister station three WL thirteen fifty coming up. In the 9 o'clock hour I scoot -- for Tommy Tucker the other morning we're talking about this story involving this young girl named Veronica Jackson Mississippi she was attacked by three pupils. -- targeted sheep had three surgeries to fix a broken nose cheekbones -- shattered jaw. I'd damaged right eye sockets and the right side of her face is -- she also lost. On her right guy. She -- patch over there at the right socket. Victoria's grandmother post on FaceBook if that. They were asked to leave the KFC Jackson because the girl's cars were disturbing the other customers. And the post was titled victorious victories he went viral. It was a page set up on the web site go find me. And donations Chordiant nearly a 135000. Dollars offers from doctors to perform free plastic surgery on. Capital Victoria. This week we talked about this story but. Now we're learning that. The the website go funding has taken down the page. And are offering to refund the money that's been donate it. Kentucky fried chicken donated 30000 dollars. Thinking that they were at fault because they told -- and the belief. And yet even though they are apparently not at fault according to an investigation. They're gonna steal. Under their gestures are gonna stand by -- and even though it's apparently not their fault. A KFC's can still donate 30000 dollars so if you had donated money would you want your money back. I mean this little girl is still -- And you every tries to get this little girl she -- -- god bless her she's just she's. She's happy. Again I'm sure there's some pain there but she seemed happy if you had donated money. Because you thought KFC told this. This grandmother and this little girl to leave because superstars they were disturbing and scaring the customers. If you had donated money because of that would you want the money back. Or would you say no you know keep the money because it's this -- the -- obviously gonna need some help. But if you if you if you donate the money. The money is gonna go to the family. That apparently perpetrated the hoax. So the trust him with the money. Which you what the money back. If you wanna join Russia with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- -- seventy. And a text number is 877. It's 7:41 scoops in the morning for Tommy Tucker and here's another -- you'll traffic update with Gerald Robinson. Nelson has them well he kind of has this this political party movement it's called the tea pot party. He's got over a 1151000. FaceBook followers. He was arrested in 2010 for possession of marijuana anyway he he he has some advice for those of you who smoke pot. And -- all the politics and we'll have that for your right after the news at 730. I'm skewed in -- Tommy Tucker we're talking about this really tragic story of -- 33 year old father who says. He forgot that his sent Tony two month old son was in the car left the sunny and hot car for seven hours the son is dead. The father has been charged with them a felony -- murder chargers and child to a child neglect I think it is. I should the father be -- I'm getting a lot of text about the father's grief that should be enough. But is it fair to just say if you release sorry you're if you really regret something that that's enough for for the punishment. Also we're talking about the story with the Victoria -- girl in a Jackson Mississippi -- mauled by three pit bulls. And she's already had three different surgeries. She. I was with her grandmother and according to the story that they put on FaceBook she was asked to leave Kentucky fried chicken because her scars were disturbing the other customers. Now the family and I'm getting a text here that says that the families maintaining that this is not a hoax and yeah that's true the Stanley is maintaining this is not a hoax and it really did happen. But they can't find date the woman claimed that she and meet in order. I think it was sweet see and Nash for Tate is -- grief. And Kentucky fried chicken and I believe it was even independent. And I agency that it looked into this and couldn't find any order. That day at either of the two locations in Jackson that did would verify that that order was made by somebody. Also they went over the video and there's no video that shows. This grandmother and this little child at either at the locations. And it's my understanding from what I -- -- -- That when the story first came out. The grandmother claimed that it happened to edit a KFC. It had been closed for a couple of years. And then they switch it to Ohno was one of these other other KFC's. Again this little girl was still malls which you which you what the money back the web -- go funding has taken down the page is offering refunds to anybody who donated the money. I guess that when -- killed still give the money to the little girl. But you're giving -- money to the family that may have perpetrated this hoax or would you trust them to do the right thing here's a Texan we are you kidding me. I would want the money back from someone who used the tragedy. Of their own grandchild to steal money off for me. Here's another text according to the stories are -- this family is still maintaining it's a hoax. Here is another text I would -- and keep the money but I would be wary of donating again. If you wanna join us with your thoughts and comments this morning -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. And a Texan -- 7870. Here's an update on our Debbie get you up pretty -- and pulled their questions surrounding the story of discard -- KFC. And it may be a hoax if you donated the money would you want the money back. 60%. -- And 40% say yes. -- shipping by going to our web site WWL dot com. And mr. blog today is is titled dead leaves child in -- car is it murder or an accident. And I guess the argument can be made it even if it's an accident or should the father -- be punished. -- a mother be punished if something like this happens it's on our website at WW dot com you can read it and share with others it's also part of our conversation on our FaceBook page which is. -- WL radio. So if you donated money to this little girl. -- you're giving it to the family that according to two investigations one an independent outside of KFC. They perpetrated the hoax. And that's who ultimately we get the money. And I shall -- That you think about the times that you don't you you know you look in the mirror and you don't think you look too good. And -- a bad day and put makeup on. -- just don't feel like you look good and to kind of get down on yourself. Every time I see pictures of some girl. She seems -- -- what she's feeling but she seems to have a very positive happy outlook on life. She's got a patch over her her right she lost her right she's got a three different surgeries. So there's a lesson to learn from from this little girl. That maybe we shouldn't be so critical of ourselves and just accept us for who we are and just like except what we what we see -- -- -- -- -- ourselves but that's -- thing that really struck me about the some girl always sent. Always seemingly always seemingly happy if you wanna join us this morning -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Receptive tech's number is 87870. I -- import Tommy Tucker it's 731. And we'll be right back after this to be WL news updates. Chris Miller Willie Nelson has the teapot party movement on FaceBook -- over a 1151000. Followers. Willie Nelson has some advice for those of you who are smoking pot. And involved in politics. He said quote. Get out and votes. It's it's it's it's that day to vote. Go vote. And be sure that you vote before you burn one don't get high. And forget to vote. Advice from Willie Nelson. I -- in four Tommy Tucker were talking about it a couple of its sad stories this morning it. In the case of thirty field father looked toward a two month old car. Now old Dayton child died it was in the car for seven hours it's interesting things about that I've got a text. I mentioned this earlier in the show and a text saying that there's an article about this hybrid two articles. About. How the the man's computer was it was seized. And I don't know if this had been confirmed yet but this is one of the stories out there the sometime during the day at his desk. He searched the Internet for how long it takes an animal to die in a car. If that's the case that really does make all this seemed suspicious. But I -- getting enough protection people who still say hey you know it was an accident the father's greeting. But his grief. Adequate punishment. -- totally neglecting a child in the trailed as a dead across a talking about the story with little Victoria. This was apparently a hoax and the the website it was getting donations. -- go fund mean is pulling the pulling the page and also there offering to refund the money would you want your money back. If you had donated money to this little girl who swelled like three pit bulls -- and you're into the W out good morning. And China Alley it's a good. I'm calling about the challenge the car. Are talking imagine -- not knowing the challenge they have the cohesion they -- happened a mile a minute. And an even if your child is into art are you talking to your child or to talk to your Tony to my. And -- -- And -- -- a no I have some suggestions for. That might help people remember. But the back from bank on the front -- -- are put your purse or briefcase or something that you don't need to work on the -- with the jobs. And also that may be on board. Placard -- -- -- -- and the doors saying man telling America I'm here to the America. And that what appeared you know remembering it is that -- can pitch. -- -- enter in Britain but and as a parent don't you find it almost inconceivable that somebody would totally forget their child in the car. -- imagine it I really can't impact on my children were little. We had car seats it had to -- to handle -- differently that's light. And and so that there's -- -- black children are. And and I just an I just can't imagine because that county is sang in the let them you're talking to Marty here. You're talking about something that's in the -- that vacancy apple and a -- Running if you had four kids and you but he spent a lot of time telling him to be calling it. When obvious. I had -- -- military trampled a lot bail -- they were in the car and make it. And I I appreciate you calling the show ages it's interesting that we would have to think of ways to remind us that a child is in the Carter I've realized the world is distracting we have a lot of distractions. What is your child. It's like you for your phone and that's really difficult to do what you leave your child in the car or your child ends up dead you accountable for that. One of the things we're talking about by a studio for Tommy Tucker if your whole state was this more of your calls in more of your techs are next on WWL. The recorded back to your calls and your your text. I will remind you that big event is this weekend boomers and beyond expo and yeah I'm a boomer and I guess some might argue that -- but it at least some of boomer. It's hosted by Debbie WL and -- intercom family radio stations magic -- one point nine buy you 957. B 97 at three WL thirteen fifties -- apology train center Saturday from ten until seven. It's a doozy a date designed to feature mind body and soul. It's about fitness it's about just a lot of information we're gonna do a lot of -- shows they at the plant doctor. And -- will be their life from 79 and a few questions from nine to 945. A -- with Paul Le grange for the home improvement show like an apology -- senator from ten to new. The cajun cannon Bobby there will be their to meet you sign autographs from ten to noon. And then Tom Fitzmorris with the Saturday edition of the food show from noon to three. Following that a special edition of all things legal with attorney Doug since -- from three to five. Some new world's best chefs will be there at the top cats are going to be performing to victory bills a swing a room and Edwin Edwards. I guess he would be a little beyond baby boomer but I'm still quite a personality and in Louisiana. I'm going to be there as well admission is free parking is three in the first 3500 gasket canvas goodie bag filled with a special premium for your. And also a -- crisis it's boomers and beyond expo hosted by Debbie WLR intercom -- radio stations. Magic 1019. Buy you 97 by and by you know a 57 B 97 and thirteen 53 WL. Tim here on WW -- good morning. Yes. I simply -- that and ironic this case someone should put all the money into it trust. Haven't. Given out by a trustee. So that he can muted when appropriate much like that's sampling which helped support. And also. Take about immigrant parent can't because obviously this is that they they access the situation. Yo. Taylor I'm going to call there were were talking about -- sued the story of Victoria the girl mauled by three triples and there's an investigation saying that it was a hoax that she really was not usually mauled by pit bulls. But she wasn't apparently asked to leave from KFC Jackson Mississippi because her scars were disturbing the other customers. So if you donated money which you want your money back if you found out it was a hoax for Slidell John your under the WL. Thank -- down. I just think it's simple ground laws currently perpetrated this -- trillion. And poke the -- On this story that the girl -- by people I think she did just that much real and probably more without you know without. Doing what indicated he would attempt to do or prayer -- Of the -- responded and going to be quite. John disagree it's a good point during this is just a sweet little girl and as a said earlier she she always looks episodes like she's happy even though she's dealing with this you know horrific accident news it's it's a wonder she's alive. From Covington lowering your WWL. And I can't agree. That teacher and even that. High Q. Can't and yet he still agree to get a body you know child care adding that. That operation at a bakery but -- trot that she should be punished because she thought it ran it by war and else. Lauren and I'm going to call the show yeah I I guess we shouldn't hold it against kids if they're surrounded by morons because unfortunately many are. For destined Charlize you know under the WL good morning. Hi my -- How are you or your local like an actor art yeah my comment is our parent communicate throughout the day. And comments. That how why -- you got it up high and it edict. And I'm sure there -- are out. There aren't very. Today chat throughout the the day today -- -- You know and it felt like I did check uncheck that -- a little. While -- They care interactive camera -- -- Are there at street checking on their child in it. Say outlook -- -- A lot. Yeah and draw from what I've read it's my understanding that the daycare was at The Home Depot corporate office where this guy was going to work. So he shows up at work slash daycare. And at least the child in the car returns to the car according to police to put something in the car during his lunch break. And still doesn't know the child's there and it comes back after seven hours and the child -- -- Yeah I and again they generally are grab and -- -- They connect some (%expletive) see Regis so now yet. Charlotte I appreciate you listening in Destin here's a Texan -- due to -- one very disturbing and sad part about this story. Of the little boy being left in the car is that so many people can identify with that happening. They can seat themselves to doing it as a parent I vehemently challenge that it could happen to anyone get off your phones. And talk to your children. No matter what the -- And skewed in -- Tommy Tucker it's 751 here's another WWL traffic update on Thursday morning Carol Roberts. There are some questions surrounding the story of this little girl who -- storage and apparently asked to leave KFC. According to a couple of investigations it was just a hoax a lot of money's been donated and a website that had the money out. Is sticking taking the page down and also offering to refund the money. But the little girl was still mauled by three pit bulls still has the scars and she lost her her right now and has a lot of damage to the right eye sockets humors of a patch. If you had donated money would you want it back. That's a dummy of you a pretty general opinion poll. 39%. Say no and 61%. Say yes. Here's a text about the father who left to use a child in a car in -- was in a suburb of Atlanta. Yeah we talked about this earlier read an article last night the police say the -- searched on his computer for how long it takes an animal to die. In a hot car. Therefore he's being held without bond. -- it I guess there's always the possibility that. He went back to the car. And realize the -- not I'm not making excuses I'm I'm just thinking about all the possibilities he went back to the car. And saw that the that the child was switched -- so. That he wanted to information on on how long an animal can deliver the core I -- it all sounds very very suspicious to me and it's again no matter what it's a tragedy. But he grief and regret were recognized as acceptable punishment. Then there would be a lot less people in person. -- -- this is so hard for me because I challenged myself to approach this this tragedy with with understanding and sympathy. But if parents were held accountable and charged with with murder for the gross negligence when it comes to their children. Then perhaps. More parents would no longer forget her children in a car. We think about the innocent child who speaks for the innocent. Helpless 22 month old child whose life was was taken as he sat alone in this. In this -- car. It essentially turned into a deadly office. No -- no pair -- one of experiencing grief and guilt. Knowing that they were responsible for their child's death and easily divided and prevent it. Holding apparent accountable might do more to send a message to all parents that they are responsible for their kids period. Children come into this world is as helpless beings. They need our care they need protection of parents. And I realized the world is a busy place now and there are a lot of things that distract us but should anything be used as an excuse. For being so distracted you forget your child. In a car. And that leads to death. When parents failed to provide basic protection for their children. Society should be willing to hold them accountable as painful as that is for those who can only imagine what a father is dealing with. I think there's still a lot to be written about this story we don't know everything. But the man is being held without bond. Police may know more then. Then they're they're telling us but there's all a lot of different things that are very very suspicious about this I think the message is real simple. Don't forget your children. Period. I -- for Tommy Tucker do you live downtown -- love it if you could start over and live downtown or in the -- Which would you choose and why. We'll get into that in the next hour whatever W else.

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