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6-26 8:10am Scoot, city or suburbs?

Jun 26, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot takes your calls and talks about whether you'd rather live in the city or the suburbs

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And I Escude in -- -- -- for hundreds touch our heads of -- have dinner. And Chris we're gonna talk in the next hour about it US pulling Germany in World Cup soccer today. -- what is your biggest problem with soccer mom nuts and you don't like soccer but -- if it's a criticism of soccer what would it be it's it's not the it's not the sport in this country that is in in other in other countries and and by the way we're not gonna change soccer because soccer is. Hundreds if not thousands of years old. And it's just because it's not something that we have he embraced as a as a major sport like the NBA NFL and Major League Baseball and hockey. Does it mean that it's not just incredibly popular around the world but people are focusing on it during -- during worlds are. World Cup soccer but what is it about soccer that bothers you. It needs in overtime period and analysts' you know it's a championship game. They don't seem to have you know the -- of the penalty shots or something like Apatow regular game ends -- a -- OK -- Don't make any attempted five more minutes trying to score a goal or do some penalty kicks some. Yeah that the the Steve that the timing of their the whole thing is very very confusing it's it's not account down it's a count -- And then the officials have the right to extend the game if they think enough time has been. I've taken from the game because of injuries and another thing that bothers me is is how the clock keeps running when there's a timeout. You know it doesn't make sense only because it's so different I'm out if you don't stop the clock so different from what we're used to you live in the suburbs or the city. I'd consider its suburbs -- you have a failing would you ever consider living downtown. I don't know I like having yard now. -- -- of people do so this hour let's talk about urban or suburban if you could choose if you were starting over win -- would you prefer to list. In urban setting and that would include downtown the CBD warehouse district the French Quarter. Midtown uptown. Magazine. At an area in an urban area not. Not necessarily in like the immediate CBD at the French Quarter but if if you could live in an urban setting and I would describe that as a place where there's there's coffee shops in -- rose at restaurants and people might not know each other but there's an extensive of community because people gather at at certain places and it's becoming very popular in the mid city area. Other suburban areas would be Metairie -- North Shore West Bank district and places like that. If you could just start over. Where would you prefer to live. Which you prefer to live in urban setting or in the -- And why New Orleans leads in national trend of people flocking back to urban neighborhoods. And I think I'm an example that when I moved back to new worlds a few years ago. I moved downtown. And I love and I've I've lived on the door -- couple of times at least the tenor of lifted Harry Hannah who lived -- briefly I've lived all over this area. I would like I'd move back I I I saw the changes in and living downtown was a perfect fit for me. -- would you like to live if you could live either in the suburbs or in urban area and if you lived downtown what do you love about it. If you enjoy -- for your comment this morning are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688907. Protection receipt 77 he is it's actually been thinking of moving downtown or in the warehouse district for some time but many people tell me it's too noisy. I guess the key is what is too noisy I mean it's noisy. I mean I I I hear -- the band that plays at the corner for governing canal. I don't know what they're playing but I can hear the band playing and you know sometimes. Here helicopters that I mean I acts I can hear the streetcar when it comes down the street. But I still love living downtown. -- numbers 260187. Until free 86688. -- early Saturday Tex is a 7070. If you could choose where would you rather live in the suburbs or in them -- -- area and why I'm screwed in for Tony Tucker will be right back on WW well. It's a cloudy Thursday morning affect you might be some -- if -- to the north or west of the city pairs of rain into last night usually this time -- -- these big thunderstorms come to an end when the sun goes down but. That was not the case last night. Gates 817 -- skewed in forward Tommy Tucker this week here's a quick update on our -- -- -- property jaguar opinion polls of negotiable talking about this morning. There are questions surrounding the story of the scarred little girl KFC being asked to leave it may be a hoax if you donated money to helper. And it's proven to be a hoax which you want the money back. 37% say no. And 63%. Say yes it is your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com also talking about sweaty -- the live in the city in an urban area or a suburban area. A -- hand Julia -- Debian you know good morning. And -- which would you rather live in the suburbs -- downtown. As you leaning district and -- Barack and one -- -- is that he. Everything about. You can't walk by our great people. Act like. Eat it idly. And I found out it. Julie another thing that I've noticed with downtown and dive been dating. Somebody who lives in restaurant. And one thing that I've noticed is they're really aren't any mosquitoes down town and multi unit district and is one area where there are plenty of mosquitoes this time of year. And and you really don't Tennessee -- just downtown. And you would think that they would be able to flight from district and downtown if they wanted to. But they they they don't so that was that's at that's an advantage. But you're you're right I mean I I walk almost everywhere even -- to there at the grocery store and sometimes I'd go in and do things in Metairie. I'm surprised though I'll take -- and go to the store but I'd I'd just I'd love being downtown edited it fits me but it's not something that would -- it to everybody. Julie unglazed all the show thanks for listing if you wanna join us with your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- early Saturday in a -- ever is a 77 short which redolent. You know and when I was a kid I was I was born Toro and supplied by parents lived a town and a duplex on Louisiana avenue parkway when I was born. But when we were very young. -- -- who got to matter before the interstate was even completed a through matter. And we lived in. A new part of memory in which was very typical for my parents' generation other houses were were more affordable. And there was more space and we grew up in the suburbs. But when I had a a decision to make it it coming back actually I learned to live downtown. Not in New Orleans but it when I lived in in other cities. Alert how how how. How nice it is -- -- learned the advantages of a living downtown but again it's it's not for everybody and I know when you have kids says school is an issue. But if you could -- -- could start over and live in either place the suburbs. Or downtown. Or in you know an urban area uptown mid city and not the suburbs where would you prefer to live. To join us our numbers 260 -- -- seventy toll free 866889087810. -- activities seven. There's potential of the downtown mosquitoes died of liver disease. Less if they're you know biting people in the first Clinton counts -- You know they've got to have some health problems. I'm suited for Tommy Tucker it's a 21 here's another WWL traffic updates we have Gerald Robinson. But I thought about how interesting it is that here on all these years later and doing a radio talk show and getting tickets to see Crosby stills Nash concert at this anger. I thought about how there are people today who are actually gonna still be around a long time from now. And will become iconic -- the future we were gonna talk about that today but we're gonna talk about that -- that'll be good topic on the show tomorrow so. If you're not familiar with a lot of new musical this year some of the of the popular new bands -- the Bruno Mars is a great example of somebody who may. -- around for a very long time and may become one of those iconic pop stars. Who is around to for a young generation today. To see many many years in the future -- -- skipper Tommy Tucker it's a 26 Thursday morning the scoop on today's title dead -- child -- hot car. Murder or an accident. You can read it -- with others on our website at WW -- dot com and we also been talking about this and the story with little Victoria from Jackson Mississippi. The website to get -- allowing the page to ask for donations has now taken a page down following investigations that. She was never asked to leave. A KFC. In Jackson did that part of it was a hoax. And they're offering to give money back to those who donated money. If you had donated money which you want the money back. I mean the girl was still mauled by three pit bulls and she still has has issues. If you wanna -- our show with a comet are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Series every Texas a 77. -- are talking about whether you would rather live in the birds or. In the city inner inner urban setting here's attacks cute I live in desperate and yes mosquitoes know rats like -- in New Orleans. I would love to live in the French Quarter though I do see rats downtown and so far they seem to be afraid of me. Which is good. From ended Elise a year and a BW well. C'mon honey I'm calling regarding his father and son situations -- as tragic as don't think it happens a lot more than what we've realized. I money now. You my friend. It happens -- and it was just a matter of them. Being an extremely busy and preoccupied with their everyday life here and situations that -- got changed and the baby was flat and sampling he passed and I don't think that -- you know as necessarily the right way to Cannes for the father. That made me have him because I think that the punishment is going to be. You never ever really get over something like that it are always gonna haunt him and the handling. If you could -- -- and seven I think that they need to maybe. Have him give his time and some kind of way that would benefit others that are grieve and are hurting her not really -- -- I don't know. That maybe jail at the right way to cattle and I also think that may -- the manufacturers have car seats. Should maybe take a closer look at this and maybe haven't -- mark that would go off when you bring your engine stops when your car stops. That essentially achieved in the car sometimes are canceled dating and you know the -- the right -- -- or whatever. Maybe that's a mechanism that need to be built into the our currency that you can't turn on. At least I'm -- -- no matter how preoccupied we'd be content is there ever an excuse for forgetting your child. Now now and that maybe they can't need to be alert that the count doesn't show up they immediately -- the parents are. You know it's just. It's it's a grand example of how clot. And -- self absorbed people can and being in their everyday lives and in need to go back to protect children her stands. I don't think that they necessarily you know may -- some of these parents they're really good parents they're just overloaded and it's just too much that's gone on with them and sadly -- just think that the enemy and choppy price you know. Are you apparent. I guess mammogram Paramount so when you had kids in the car didn't did you talk to them -- -- -- of Islam thing is that bonds but yeah -- Like in a situation and -- but that's sampling plan that it happened that they be less sleep than. And there was no communication going on between the father and the child. -- situation aipac and slightly saying where he might have forgotten for a split second but c'mon people are happening gas stations -- parents. Leave there infant children and the karma they can win and it McCarthy. And I'm thinking would you leave a million dollars sitting in the car. Friend by the taken as far as little ironic because if I gave money I would not want the money back but it. The grandmothers just I mean seriously that's not the right way to go I. Now and then if you if you do earnings Pretoria AARP -- if you do gives it that if you do give that money he did donate money. You're actually donating it to the Stanley that they perpetrated the hoax. I think you're right or -- -- Pollard said about spreading it and some kind of medical funds for the little girl as she gets older and need more surgery. That's has should be dispersed particulates that the grandmother. I mean maybe you need to stay on a corner with a sign that that I definitely looks and I'm on but I mean there aren't people in jail I think that that's not really the answer I think that. You know we need to be more creative then there's other ways for them to pay the price for what their talent. Assemblage to time caller show and every day if you wanna join us with your thoughts and feelings this morning our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven your text number is 877. If you could start over any of their lives in the city of the suburbs where would you choose to live NY and if you live downtown. Why do you love it I've been very open about what I love about downtown but it doesn't mean his total paradise. There are some things that I don't like about living downtown. And we'll talk about that when we come back. I'm scooting in for Tony Tucker it's a 31 here's another WW real news updates with Chris -- all right thanks Chris -- coming up I can't tell you exactly when it's gonna happen but if I were you I'd stay close to the radio on the phone because. Sometime this hour we're gonna get a -- tickets to see Crosby, Stills -- Nash will be in New Orleans at the singers to be great place to see Crosby stills Nash. A Saturday August the 23. Are you need do is listen for this song -- the one your witness and it's -- -- give up the number here in just a moment but that could come at any time. I'm -- in fort tummy -- -- -- -- -- the live in the city or in the suburbs. Here's a -- -- the apartments and condos downtown are way too small. Most don't have balconies some don't have windows. And all of very expensive. Yeah and there are more apartments condos being built -- and I'm sure that this is in response to the big medical center there will be more of it a need for even more apartments downtown. -- there's been a warehouse district for years but now in the downtown area more buildings are being converted into apartments and condos. However -- is not cheap I have a very very small apartment downtown. And that just fits me perfectly right now but it's not for everybody. Now there are few things that I I don't like living I don't like about living doesn't mean it's I I love living downtown but it's it's not paradise if it's a perfect. You know there are the occasional rats. But did again I don't see nutria. Those are giant rats that you see in the in the suburbs. There are no mosquitoes downtown I'd I'd like -- -- he may -- extremist -- you're never you don't have a problem with him and in the suburbs. I AM I don't like encountering. A homeless people constantly. And where I live there. Are homeless people constantly on the street and I don't even if they're homeless or not. Some may not be homeless but they're intoxicated. And they're asking for money and some are really polite if you don't give -- money they say god bless and others challenging. If you don't give a money. There was a guy in a wheelchair. And he didn't have legs. And was he was asking for money. And when somebody passed him by. He said but they didn't give him money he said I wish I could walk on body but I don't have any legs. I feel badly for this guy but I don't know if that's the right way to deal with people. Just walking by. It can be it can be dirty although the city does a great job of a clean the sidewalks. It on a canal street and the French quoted -- whoever does them tickets via the Waste Management company that does that they do a great job of keeping city clean. But they are are tons of cigarette butts outside of buildings especially outside of an office building. So the -- things also on their there's -- a problem -- -- Mean I have parking here at the radio station. Which is. A little a little bit to go away from my apartment. So I walked back and forth to work -- it's in the morning and then only to take a camp or try to park close to my apartment but try to -- -- my apartment can always find a place. So that can be a public if I had visitors. They have to find a place to park and that's not always easy. If you join us with your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. -- -- -- amber is 87870. I'm getting a lot of reaction to a caller we had from the North -- just a few minutes ago. Who said that may be car seats should be more high tech. And have a beeper on him. To remind you that your child is in the car seat. A lot of reaction to that and if you just joined us this morning we're talking about a 33 year old man who's being held without bail. In in Atlanta the suburban Atlanta and he left his kid in the car the child is dead 22 months old. And police think that it might not have been an accident. Get back to your comments here just a moment all right here it is -- -- when you with Stephen Stills for Crosby stills Nash -- -- as well. They're gonna be at this anger Saturday night August -- -- third. -- and a pair of tickets. -- the eighth caller. At 260 windows 2609467. And you're the winner. From -- if you will it's gonna be awesome to see these guys singing this song onstage at the same -- Saturday night August 23. Our congratulations to Rick Allen Melissa rivers is going to take this disease Crosby, Stills and Nash sank theatre August. The 23 -- tickets go on sale tomorrow morning at 8 o'clock at Ticketmaster dot com or by phone 807453000. And I've got another pair of tickets to giveaway before 8 o'clock tomorrow to show. So you've got another chance to just listen for the song while the one -- with -- something else that -- this -- just kind of -- reeling and -- it to some degree. It's a -- production. -- -- for so again I find myself it's almost as if I had been transported back in time here I'm doing a morning radio show. And giving tickets away to Crosby, Stills and Nash in it to beaver production. So this I think very comforting about. About still doing this after all these years. Beaver productions still doing a great job and still being just a very viable production company ended for promoting a company they just have a great job. And it's a Crosby stills Nash coming back to New Orleans. I stood in for Tony Tucker 740 eight's which are the live in the city or in the suburbs one of the things we're talking about his quick update on our WW offered general opinion poll. 60% say the city and 40% say the suburbs give us your opinion by going to our web site to -- dot com. So here's the company that cleans up the city it's progressive waste not waist management -- that was -- that was my mistake. I got a lot of text to get to about this or woman who earlier suggested that there be some kind of a deeper in a car seat to alert parents that the child is still in the car. There's a big question about this father in a suburb of Atlanta. Who left is a 22 month old child in the car after seven hours and he found a child dead but the guy. Went back to his cart launch to bring something to the car he remembered to do that but he didn't remember his child was in the car. For shell met Kelly you're under the WL. -- testimony. You go back of the car at any time the Ottawa and it imminent alliance and the clock at camp mr. -- it -- it is. He went back at that cost. That's going to be odd case. Do you think he should be -- want -- Yes that's a crime. Tell you -- children children aren't sure it's got to see it but you accede to you know. One is that we checked it look on the Internet. And it and it. And why -- call. Me a call it a case yet. And it area there are a couple of reports out I read 2 different reports this morning before the show. Is that the guy a Google on the Internet how long -- panel stay alive get a car. Well that would it be it. Prior to debate even be involved. Old that was before that okay I was say that these reports are just coming out now I appreciate you clarify that -- are buying glaze occult specialist and and for the French Quarter Matthew year and -- -- -- -- well. And it. Only detect in my opening -- get it to be old but it should count reinstate it didn't work she -- that at that exit in turn that around. Going to be as good. -- -- And -- -- -- that that is it illegal purpose and not keep it -- apartment that's just like the key. Moment. Matthew I'm going to call the show thanks for listening if you wanna join us with your thoughts and feelings this morning -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Early seventy. -- -- -- 87870. I'd scoots in the morning for Tommy Tucker and she will be right back with more here's another -- WL traffic updates with -- Robinson. It's a topic Thursday morning I'm stupid for Tommy Tucker he is in Ireland and I'm sure he'll tell you all about his trip what do you expect -- next week -- -- -- in for a couple days next week. A US place Germany in World Cup soccer play today they call it football everywhere else we call -- soccer here 11 o'clock this morning. Are you planning to go to bar restaurants maybe take -- little extended lunch to watch what is your favorite sports bar. I've the United States and -- can advance whether they win or tie and if they lose there's still -- -- toll of the competition it's all quite complicated. I'm Tia Bobby Hebert will join us in the studio next hour -- talk about that our US soccer -- a real soccer fan. Or World Cup bandwagon -- And what is it that you don't like about soccer. Mean there's some things and I don't inches -- -- that I don't like about it -- like. In my conversation with -- recess a week or so ago. On the showing estimates that you can never be a spectator when you're watching football. No matter what the football game is so what sport do you find yourself being real sports spectator. Andrew recent soccer and their World Cup right now and I antibody -- blog on our website to buy it read will the US escape -- clutches. In World Cup. And that explains a lot about soccer that you might not know area and lightning article. It's on our website at WWL dot com coming up later today at 1 o'clock Angelina she's now part of our radio affiliate WWL web pupil. He says the guy who many say took the fall for bill and Hillary Clinton in the Whitewater scandal. Also why -- Louisiana ranked so high for HIV and aids white is Baton Rouge ranked number one in new world's number four. In aids cases and what are we doing about it. Plus what's the last time you stayed home for vacation. New Orleans is one of the top state Haitian destinations. And I guess since in some ways it's nightly downtown like I kind of feel like I'm. I'm I'm on vacation with all the people who work there on vacation and it's a place that so many people's goat to. Go to spend their vacation -- there's -- -- -- vita feels like I'm always in the middle of all of that I join Angela -- an open mind with the legendary Angela hill. This afternoon and weekdays one to four on WB well. I'm here he is -- text. It Reid says just moved here from Westchester county New York living man to -- and I'm really enjoying it. And it's it's becoming. More cultured year however I love what league he was becoming. And how I crude to have all the different cultures of the city of my fingertip yeah Amanda villain and that or shored that area is becoming. I guess you would see more in rich with culture and so like I do understand that and what we talk about living in an urban area. I'm talking about not just downtown the CBD the warehouse district the French Quarter. But I would just say that it -- urban setting up town. And in mid city. Urban settings in those areas with the cafes with the B stroh's. Coffee shops where where people congregate and you might not know people but you do see year you do see your neighbors today and you do see people that your. In the neighborhood with. Some people love the that the fact that they have a yard in the suburbs and suburbs it's a lot of people. But for a lot of people downtown it's a really great place to -- I'm scout -- for Tommy Tucker we're coming right back after the news and we'll talk about soccer. But WL.

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