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Jun 26, 2014|

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All right thanks Chris here's a quick update on WB well party -- opinion poll would you rather live in the city or the suburbs 52%. Now say the city. And 40% say the suburbs give your opinion by going to our web site at W dot com. World soccer World Cup soccer continues today at 11 o'clock this morning the US takes on Germany. Germany it's my understanding is one of the very. Top teams in the world. It's raining in Rio de Janeiro. And I just saw reports that the game will be played. But there's some things about soccer there are kinda confusing to those of us who grew up in the United States and press Americans. It's did at the time. Some -- some of the rules. Are US soccer fan. -- on. World Cup soccer bandwagon fans. And what is it about soccer that bothers you -- you know it's called football everywhere else if UT. We call it soccer. If you management Russia with a -- are numbers 260187. Or US soccer fan or used to soccer fan right now do you think soccer will become even bigger in the United States. It's a plane. 2601872. Hole 38668890. Point seven text numbers 87870. It's a Texan reads as a Brit it's quite humorous to watch Americans going crazy about a sport they couldn't give a flip about any of the time of the year. In England we take our football matches seriously. It's a way of life we don't just rally behind our boys during the World Cup. And then act as if it doesn't exist. Before or after the pandemonium. Has faded away it's a good point Ahtyba behavior towards his side in our studio this morning good morning what's. Go 1 on I am. Battle seven out of ten on the east side range so mr. -- over there who now can come and get it right -- Americans do get more excited for the World Cup. Would venture to say that. That's OK there's nothing wrong that it is but once every four years and when the teams got momentum like this people -- it's been exciting games and take advantage of it. Now he might be a little salty. Because England for the first time and who wanted to say almost in woke -- she's a magnet. Not making it out of the groups -- actually didn't even managed. He can win. In -- look at England got a lot of problems going on there right now guide notes people they needed this fans not too happy. With the game -- -- I -- your -- -- will the US escape desk clutches -- moral compass on our website at WW dot com and I I still have questions. And it. First of all I am confused about the timing. I its account opt not -- count down up and they went when they stopped play the clock continues to run. And then it seems as if the officials have some discretion as to how much time to add to that yet. They do and and that's because it's up the ball as I've been called to tell. People liked it suck right now just as April ball but it. It's a sport it's a little more free flowing right there's no commercials. There's no stoppages -- that you are my favorite parts of the sport is that you get to watch it. You know what you're getting into. 4515 minutes break. 45 to fifteen minutes -- it's plain and simple right. And so with that there's there there or you differences in stoppage time is one of the main things that people seem to struggle with but. To -- it -- it makes us it adds excitement to the indeed it gains but the size. Directing kinda arbitrarily decide when to stop the clock. That means that the team's attacking David teams threatening to score -- -- outlasting goal you're missing a good run at time you're gonna do it. That last chance until the deepens clears the ball and then the -- blow the whistle in game over. I I. I don't know why people have to teenage without -- it's because it's so four and from our more traditional American sports which are very rigid and their timing -- very rigid and a lot of their rules in general. But aid but one of my favorite differences legged just talked about he no commercials it's so much easier to get into the games stay in the game. And have fun throughout the entire game. It's it's just it's so interesting to hear people on and talk about this because it is a sport that goes back hundreds of years and I've I read an article it. Actually there's some -- some form of fun of soccer that goes back to China thousands of views. So this also a world sport that is well established him much older than the United States who were -- I gonna change anything about it but when you think about the controversy with the officials in sports and our country. T Bob -- the controversy if officials were given discretion to stop my game. Yet know it it could definitely com. -- isn't really a big -- was dealt with that I haven't done a lot of research I've kind of just pokes on the positive folks on the games themselves -- World Cup but. -- as an organization needs like one of them who's corrupt in the entire world is in match fixing scandals he's been all of the and so the rest. These are threes you have eight on empowers you got a major cover guys is they can send people off with a red -- just totally up to their judgment I mean. A lot of arrests on that reparation is hopefully. You get one who's very adept at doing his job and doesn't the correct way. And I think you've seen that this Roca man it's these matches have been incredible and really. I'm done trying to be a soccer league list. You know I I I I feel bad east Munich I don't know you just don't get it blob of black and it was condescending. And that that's wrong I should be like a -- in soccer -- that's your right right but all I'm gonna say is you're depriving yourself. Of some of the most fun most exciting sporting events. Did the -- witnessed in the past couple years I mean these last two games watching them with Iran -- tavern on magazine. Packed house everybody's decked -- you -- -- the feeling that he's got goosebumps talk about the feelings the emotions excitement. Of these last two games have been spectacular. Some of the mine more. Favorite sporting experience is no matter what sport in my entire life. If you just joined us in studio for Tommy Tucker were talking -- Bob -- -- stewardess just getting off our sister station three WL thirteen fifty. We're talking about World Cup soccer where less than two hours away for the US playing in this simple big big city Daimler -- match or does it matter. I. 00 it's nil nil. Com and the -- I can think of any other top -- I think there there are rules there are laws. I didn't know that the I didn't actually know that once they're called law that would I looked up our rules of soccer and an and -- -- a couple to replace it and it was the law a small one ought to ha ha yeah I don't see now there's one side Lou since our since our coaches from Germany -- was a superstar. With -- got soccer team. I heard somebody -- CNN the other days suggest that there might be some kind of on some kind of cooperation. This worked out for Germany to win which doesn't eliminate the United States and where they were. -- tie that did it that word on the street is a little collusion. -- the -- go in both Germany in the US will advance if they tie. I don't I don't think it's good to have what it comes from 1982. Algeria had won their game earlier in the -- this is why these two group games will be played simultaneously. At 11 AM Algeria won their game. To help him try to advance in the in later that afternoon there's no -- -- west Germany and Austria where. Austria had to win one nothing and so he's the western Maine let them score. And they kicked it around to both teams advance of that kind of famously changed game I don't see it happening though especially when you consider the fact that. Look at Clinton's past history Mexico just a bit. Wouldn't -- -- in -- in this World Cup. If they work at the US team wasn't always trying to press and always trying to take advantage. The US scored a goal against Panama that was pointless that they have scored the only thing you did was bring Mexico back in the World Cup and they scored that goal. Because they didn't let up the gas but they kept fighting to winning get better even -- date. Necessarily mean today the immediate term needs I think both teams got there -- but I will say this. If he gets to 8085 minutes in 2001180. Minutes but don't be surprised if may be. You see the team's ease up a little circuit around -- -- Whatever that -- -- or a -- but this this German coach you're coaching the US soccer team it would be I guess equivalent to if there was. On R&B eighteen was playing -- a world -- -- against a team from Europe and Phil Jackson was the coach of the European. Terry added that mr. it's it's it's a fascinating dynamic right has. He's gonna hear both nationally happens so it's interesting but actually it's like. How does that work he he he's the German head coach now is his former assistant head coach and they were. Really close in his course Clinton and after plane and being a star on that. I'm 1990 World Cup team I believe he being coached the 2006. World Cup team. All the way to -- at third place finish senator's relationship there that little bit of the -- talk comes into play but the story lines coming out this game Unser. You stay with a few moments right. I'm scope with the team about baby or WW we're talking about World Cup soccer less than two hours the US takes on Germany it's raining in Rio de Janeiro but the last thing I heard was. This gain is going to be played. Even if the rain continues. It's easier if you went to a lot of the continent are numbers 26010 we can't relate to that 2601870. Until free 866889. Survey -- -- 87870. Will be right back with your comments antibody beer and having WL. There's a lot of American pride in the World Cup soccer I am getting some -- so people who say. And the only reason it's popular is because there's really nothing else going on other than Major League Baseball. Unsuited for Tommy secretary Bob de Beers in our studio -- -- hot hot and why he's you become such an enthusiastic soccer -- enemy -- like. You're eager nonstop amused or did the break you just talk about going to rendezvous and you give him. Bubbly here -- I -- true why -- -- -- -- Ain't ain't so it's funny and actually I would love somehow -- a study on this or talked at this vote for. But the impact of the heat -- -- games Ceres. On the rise of soccer and in the United States people hope for was the first one I played really did get further appreciation for the game. Plain and have delegates started to learn like. A little bit of watching Wimbledon -- the flow of the game and also. To my best friends in high school wise but there good soccer team in the world Bayer -- so I paint my pace to be going every game that was like my chance. To be and as opposed to you know. Haven't played the game rating when he came to football like he -- is it -- me into this is my chance to abandon watching him from any sort of analytical standpoint. I wanted to give my opinion on strategies and I just enjoy the game for what it is what is is an intense. Back and forth struggle where each side is looking for openings in the defense did little punches in -- most. I always get the feeling almost like I'm watching boxing match. We're now watch agreed soccer match with the facts you know -- -- -- makers and counterpunch is -- it's it it's truly truly exciting. To me and and I -- I'm not the only one. They're kind of they'll love with his game through -- fifa has become. The SEC frat house. Wade is settled disputes like almost every frat house I -- party that in my time at college everybody be played fifa. Yet to make usage an -- -- -- its last piece -- you -- is whatever people was it continues to grow populated sport. Continues to grow in popularity here in the US and it's just. What -- World -- is -- especially after the disappointment pointed -- that -- which for the US is disappointing but also the goals scored this. These were constant chock full of drama scoring story line it's it's absurd. What it's created so far. Yeah and you know I I hear people talk about how it's it's boring by you know you could make an argument that did Major League Baseball a sport. And if there are inconsistencies with baseball -- not every field is the same thing is the same distance. And also a lot of things like golf. If you do get into if you try to understand the strategy soccer it's it's exciting. I wish soccer would have been popular in this country when I was growing up ya I was a really fast guy. Very coordinated. Good eye hand coordination look you do look like soccer would've been great yeah I get a sexually or somebody says I wish that would happen that we would have to listen to you on the radio. -- I think it and am one of the reasons why I think people think soccer is for his. Anytime you're watching a game without -- -- that by you don't understand the game. You struggle to get it to you don't I -- a message up on the calls -- a little while it did doesn't understand. What good often -- -- it's actually is and so when you don't get it on they would cheer for its gonna see board but. Watch these US games now you have a rooting interest. Tell me if you're not sitting on the Ed -- -- Ole Kristian -- this who's a known. Soccer -- one of one of the biggest -- tried to bring ground and he has been brought and he admitted to me that he's been on the edge of his seat during these games in. What's what kind of vote. Wake up moment for me was I was talking to. I got from England in a bar when -- we're just chat away. And he was like man I just can't get it is American football so boring. As likely -- -- -- it that's sport ever it's this soccer in it it's like. Yeah opposes soccer and used it to our matches -- 45 minutes action report mid to exit you're dimpled ball would be extremely -- 32 breaks every play commercial breaks all the time so. All I guess all it -- to limit how you're raised. What you're used to but just know that every sport can be portrayed as important but there's a reason why they're so successful that they truly are excited and. And since the field is so big. The ball's so small relative to the Steelers it's acute what would you say the -- is called I believe the pitch the pitcher page yes but the picture so it's a huge. It was really great to see that last second victory by Portugal because. You you -- get the impression on me you know what did nothing to -- one it's -- -- coming toward the end of this I mean it's this is not gonna change but that last second to the latest goal of World Cup history that item is exciting for the game itself. Well it it just shows how quickly to your point how big get pitches but how quickly you can counter attack and score. Once -- in the US is the US with us in a minute left has the ball on the complete opposite side in the corner it seems like there's no way. Debt that they're not gonna win this game then mixing -- down a bit of a world class play from a world class player and although in an incredible translator and it's. So I mean I feel like we're although our kicking that aired across kick and then news guy he was headed today into the goal that was. It was like Drew -- sort of touched I don't like -- It was like hail -- think one of the great lasting place. I mean if you watch the game -- you literally saw history that a lot of World Cup's place for a many many many years and that was the late August. In World Cup has eulogies are disappointed to USA it does stop them from advancing. Put it it was still. It was a good -- game and look at all the excitement we have going into today so much pressure. At. What mistake that Americans might make is trying to compare it to things that we know yet you have to appreciated for what ideas -- try to understand the strategy. You know I found myself getting into curling at the Winter Olympics I didn't have a dog in that fight but I was a -- what I kinda figured out a little bit of the strategies like. This is actually kind of exciting audits on its own terps a lot of times in soccer one of things that upsets people most users just over the past from midfield they keep passing backwards. Think about it sometimes you gotta -- eight. At one step back. Take two steps for its all. It's almost like a giant total war that's going on you're probing and try to draw the -- -- -- -- him behind him it's easier to throw a touchdown pass from the 35 that is from the five yep it sure because everything's out of clogged up -- exactly -- Two really good point that's why. A lot of times in these great defensive teams. You give him on counterattacks you don't -- in just tag and street outlook is. He shut down that -- too many -- rated you down in. Credit the US and LSU and ended -- YouTube did an incredible job shutting down that Portugal attack. Witten on me with Christiane all the now granted they're gonna have their hands full today but there is -- mean it is quite literally. Flooding see where they're playing the game today the streets are so. I've -- both. We got a couple people tell us that worked to Germany's image I personally that you did it sloppy enough. It helps the US could it slows down the pace of the game. And it could take away some of the speed advantage -- has also take away some of the technical advantage that your appreciate you spending time you're going to rendezvous you're running a tavern as -- accurately excited about it I I -- telling you these last two games -- -- some of the most. This is not exaggeration. The most fun sport -- I've ever. -- I'm gonna go find a place to watch and I got a text tiger fans in the -- supposed to be one of the main places. The reason would Iran do the New Orleans chapter of the American outlaws which is -- big game club that's got there. Home base of operations an island right down the streets and it didn't. You know go over there but both those. Are supposedly really great places I don't think I'm sure there's others twin peaks at hooters and mean favorite sport people's favorite sports bars and this sport every idea every. Every sport sport today is going to be crowded. I do like however. Getting in a year. We did some real soccer. Yeah right like Iran do what's best for -- were doing chants the whole time you know this a little place. On there's a little place in Algiers point it's a little British pop up and it's healthy that stands in the way I bet that's going to be crowd. -- thanks for being Louis eight thank you very much better inside and out Joseph USA. Tivo maybe you were talking about soccer you rejoice in the comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's every tax is 87870. It's going to be Tony Tucker here's another WWL news updates with respect. -- Chris thanks I just a -- of breaking news that New York city's sugary drink and has been declared illegal. Civil talk about that show tomorrow from Sergio your WWL on good morning. You'll like soccer. -- -- soccer I play that I played it fifteen years and encourage. And high school and better. Cannot delegate I mean people come out. And enjoying the game it. At all. And you obviously see a lot more enthusiasm right now and there was a lot of enthusiasm wind the women's soccer team was doing really well. The one thing -- soccer to me know when apple cup. You know at the world it's not just. -- And go oh -- like you know like Barry or. When the world. Let's say York. -- and Joey for the US to be doing so well against the world in a sport that has not traditionally been an American sport is is quite phenomenal. And I think I mean we've seen. Important players to play. For. Today. You know exits and you know it's -- -- -- -- is still. Basically. He's a soccer and I got played a year of course often. And -- towel so much bigger. It's deeply about what -- what it's soccer. Ball pretty rowdy soccer. I was soccer would have been around when I was young because I think it would have excelled at a joint -- call tonight and regulatory you know World Cup today. So we're less than well less than an hour and a half away from the US playing Germany it's raining where they're gonna play the game to the World Cup in their re addition Iraq. And as far as I know the game is gonna happen from New Orleans Jonathan your WL. Pitched it right there good. Because you mentioned prisons that -- today. It that your team has been absolutely building. Struggled -- and then wound last World Cup now -- Tugboats and we will not gonna. The cheers. New reader in the group match. Nobody expects that figure out there and we're doing so well. Jonathan. What aspect of the game. Do you understand that people have a hard time -- -- -- people really do not like soccer. I don't detects a moment ago from some place and it's it's like watching Tony to enhance try to corner piece of lint. Oh I mean. In. One an excellent people and trying to coax them is indeed that was -- It was because when they're here in the triangle pointers. You have -- there -- options to count ball. And so sometimes that -- only to drop back to you know. Depending on track it needs to drop back somebody blind -- he did not. Children absolutely go to the production capacity. Where we learned that. Where we be watching the game that. Unfortunately were oh win over Japan will be. Watching it on the computer company you work for -- Unfortunately it that it is in greatness Lenovo -- -- -- contribute. Waited and -- a year -- a vital business in this city don't you forget World Cup you keep doing your job because -- Article related calls and -- to have a great day and I enjoy what you can't see -- a for battery and you're under the WL. I'm going to take it -- to my questions about soccer league so with the NFL football to lead into the in the NFL football and probably before you born decades ago. The the official time to the end of the game was like the big secret that ought to be refereed had been on the clock on the field. The school board would like approximate time and has actually never really knew -- -- it when the game with Canadian. Finally the end -- -- realized this is about the same as in the boat would never -- been detained for intellectual has clinic chain via the official Internet though. And to the school board so you can actually see that there were five seconds left in that may be five seconds left and things like that. Has science normally proper friends especially the ones from Stuart know personally. Who came in were born. In the south American Central American countries Argentina could do virtually placement and I -- at some point hit the official term in the soccer games be shown. You know and if -- but the time isn't global signal that that the official time and he knows the game -- in ninety minutes and then you know to. Report -- and assays up to the discretion of the officials how much time to add on based on the brakes that they call for. And so why can't they keep that going to build worked well and be a perfect today. Saying -- in the band would know if -- twenty seconds to go in the game oh my god what Mike Duke as opposed to then maybe twenty seconds left in the game. And I'm logical to show all right enjoy it to here's attacks senator Reid said they need to put a shot clock like in basketball that would make it better. Yeah we're not gonna change soccer because soccer is. Hundreds and hundreds if not thousands of years old again -- -- But you don't your read articles that there was some some game in China thousands of years ago that is somewhat of somewhat similar to soccer. -- here's a Texas soccer was around in the sixties and seventies remember Pelé. In the 84 Olympics the Rose Bowl was full. Well as -- been around for a long time but it was not something bits they'd young people in my generation the baby boomer generation participated -- Here's a -- who don't fool yourself. If you're not an athlete. And you didn't play any other sports. You would not even be proficient. At football. -- soccer. Well I I wives and very very good tennis player. And I was a good football player until everybody get bigger than me. And I was extremely fast and -- to attract so again -- I stand by that I I -- -- would have been around. It would have been encouraged. Like is -- today. That would have been. A great sports for me and for a lot of other people. I here's a text that news of this World Cup. Is the David Beckham experiment works slowly but surely. It's all building up from that signing if you would rejoice for the comment what do you hate about soccer why don't you'll like it. Or what do you love about soccer are numbers 2601 a seventy toll free 86688. Nights early seventy and a text over the -- every seventy. I'm scrutiny for Tommy Tucker and we'll be back whatever WL. You know I love this job because people bring stuff so yeah I'd just guys. A bag here fresh then you gays. From New Orleans coffee and -- days free -- -- per transaction. Today through Sunday. And New Orleans scorpion venues company causeway and -- Saint Charles and -- Pole of the original chocolate then yeah. Well. I've never I've never tasted or even smell the chocolate venue because of chuck opinion. I mean I'm on snow and and it really. -- a good -- -- -- really good are we talking about soccer because the big game is sick coming up between the US and Germany and I don't you know we'd like things to be very decisive in this country. And black and white in it that it's not in soccer because the US. I don't know I kind of get the impression that they've been just as good a position if they tie Germany. It is they won. And even if they lose I don't think they're totally out of it. But he -- lose or tie Germany where they can they can win or tie Germany and then and then move on and it's raining T about maybe it was with us in the first half of this hour. He's of the huge soccer fan and he said net. Dead even with the rain and -- the easygoing he thinks that gives an advantage to the United States because it slows down. The pace of the game Germany is one of the top -- league soccer teams. -- in the world here's a text that says so I don't really understand or care for soccer I just know that I want the US to win are you gonna be watching the game. And I'm sure there are people who are going to be taking an extended lunch hour to go to their favored bar or restaurant to watch World Cup soccer. And did Tebow brought up a good point he's going to running tool and on magazine dare or. There -- little neighborhood bars like that they will attract more of these soccer aficionado. Those people who were really into soccer and it would be less of just on mass crowd watching the US it would be more of -- crowd watching. A soccer game and by the way it's a soccer game or a soccer match both of those are acceptable it's also you know there was a lot of talk the other day when. When it was written at the United States tied a Portugal -- Well it is an an of people making the point no it's a draw well I've I've read that did that both are acceptable draw or. -- time I hear is -- attacks to that reads. Scoot don't turn over a -- governor here's a text that. What's not to love fast paced lots of emotion. And a great score or save gets everybody on their feet. You know if you don't compare to football. Or anything else if you understand and appreciate for what it is. You can really get into it and you could start to see the strategy even if you're not that familiar with soccer. -- -- -- launch of a US soccer fan in -- -- something that you hate about soccer. If you and -- an issue with your continent are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven or text number is 877. Here's an update on our W if you are pretty segment of people this hour would you rather live in the city or in the -- 47%. Say in the sober they'll forties are protesting the city and a majority 53%. Say in the suburbs you can give your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com the -- blogging -- web -- is titled dead leaves child and hot car. Murder or accident. And we were talking about this earlier in the show -- Justin Harris 33 years old. A stopping -- fast food breakfast with his son Cooper toward two months old he was in a rear facing car restraint in the backseat. Harris then drove to work at The Home Depot corporate office in a suburb of Atlanta. And you must -- in the car. December's in the car for seven hours I don't know exactly where he died at the temperature reached 92 degrees that day and obviously a lot hotter inside the car. What's interesting is this man this father returned to the Carter bring something to his car during his lunch break. And still didn't remember the child was there. And I've realized that we can be distracted generalize but is there any excuse to forget. Your children. There also seems to be a conversation about. Some other aspects of this and and maybe this guy it hasn't been confirmed that there are a lot of stories out there about this this father. Having at some point to Google how long an animal can live a hot car. So a lot that we still don't know about this we understand how. How grief stricken and distraught any parent would be if they if this happened to their child. But he is that punishment sufficient enough. You can read the blog and share with others it's on our website at WWL dot com. I stood in for Tommy Tucker here's attacks in the -- on banks. A big soccer -- yes because of I guess -- there Irish or Irish background. And here's the text with a tie. We would have to play the number one seed. From another group instead of playing the number Tuesday. I hope you enjoyed the chance to watch it will be right back -- -- -- Have you seen native graphics on DeVon -- LTV channel for the guts that got new graphics that look and I know it's it's different and it's a little for -- first. But -- given chance I think they look I think -- -- I'm coming up next in a think tank in Garland Robinette should the feds regulate neighborhood security. The Department of Justice isn't just in the business of telling the city what to do when it comes to their police force. Now it's trying to dictate to city neighborhoods and the federal government says that there are two districts not paying enough for security. Lake view in mid city plus -- also talk about should college athletes be paid all of that coming up next in the think tank. We Garland Robinette weekdays two to one here on WL. Tomorrow I'll have an -- tickets to giveaway to see Crosby, Stills and Nash coming to New Orleans the -- as they were a great place to see them. And it's going to be Saturday nights ago August 23 will give those tickets away before 8 o'clock tickets actually go on sale officially tomorrow at 8 o'clock. And I I mentioned that they are a lot of bands today. I think are going to. Stand the test of time they're lot of performers today who will be around as long as Crosby, Stills and Nash are around we'll talk about that on the show tomorrow. Also revise talked about tennis soccer and getting ready for the US playing Germany. One of the top teams in the world that game is in just over an hour from now -- know a lot of bars and restaurants will be crowded with people taking an extended lunch. Also there has to -- a brief update. On the story that little girl Victoria. Index Jackson Mississippi the girl who is allegedly told to her grandmother told to leave KFC and in Jackson. Because her scarred face she was mauled by three pit bulls. Are scarred face was disturbing the other customers. Well an investigation are two different investigations show that it didn't really happened she was not really asked to leave. The the web site that put up the page to get donations. Has taken a page down. And they're also offering a refund. To everybody who donated money. A KFC donate 30000 dollars to the girl's family. And even though they know that apparently the story was made up they're gonna continue to honor that 30000 dollar pledge. And a lot of people are part sticking with a say no keep the money. But the question is you're giving money to a family that may have perpetrated the hoax to get attention in the first place. It's been an interesting conversation we talked about it -- what -- think -- Newman our executive producer Jordan -- Miller show producer and Shelden Williams our studio producer. I skirted the Tommy Tucker back again tomorrow and -- coming unmatched in the think tanks. If it rains -- your lights on if you're driving and it's it will be back tomorrow morning have a great day like -- Orleans.

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