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6-26-14 10:10am Garland: on federal government

Jun 26, 2014|

Garland talks about how much involvement the federal government should have in issues at the local level.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to -- year old thing to. -- known. If it or out of white -- Office of Management and Budget that he can as. -- -- weaken the rules of the FDF yeah it was and who. Institute to regulate certain forms of tobacco. And were Bergen talk to its -- -- belongs whose mission. Requested some government people weren't able to get them but the -- -- this strikes me. He is winners so concerned about young people drinking. Worry incredibly concerned. About. Pot. And and one meg sure that it still illegal. -- we know tobacco kills people. Millions. We've got salute coal or group. Not only is it still legal. The it and the tobacco industry groups and lobbies congress. And today through the White House. Reduced the regulation. Or at least. That's what I'm reading them were broken try to find out from these loans from execution. Them. A young. College athletes we'll take a look at them. California thank -- to Oakland. Yeah NCAA. Verses are abandoning I think it's called this weather and a college athletes. Should be paid. And well I ask you what are your thoughts. Bore against. This hour at least for a little while we're gonna talk about something that that. Is is simple it's dates. But gets a little complicated -- think when you look. And that is -- the federal government. Have any power for. Or were you as a neighbor. What's happened is open standard for a Justice Department incomes. After of these New Orleans Police Department. Developed a bad reputation and endured some bad things they came and and they had the mayor mayor greed and softening consent decree. And it involves a lot of things prisons where officers trained. And paid. Well -- called the Department of Justice. It is battling. Two districts in New Orleans. And the call neighborhoods secure route to district. And I think -- and security district. Because people in the news two there were -- due in mid city. To have. A police force in the error. How much they should be paying. This city while there's police officers. Is the bone of contention. At this point in time. The Justice Department. Things that. These through districts. Paid too little for the service are getting. The pay you one point one million Liz you have that was mid city. And -- viewed a paid more than 500 now. And the department of justice's runs in this correctly. So. They're not paying enough to the city's soul and taxpayers. All of this. Happened to today. -- their coverage. The question to you real news on that basic simplistic. Platform. -- parents. Because I think cut could be wrong here and we've got at least one perhaps more places in this. Where the streets are blocked well gated. Very well to do people live there. Paid for their own problem. Coverage -- corporate. And and it's I don't think it's just -- view and it's -- -- the bone of contention. With the Department of Justice. We have as these city but there was on two and repeated verbatim. The bid city's security taxing district in the league you crime prevention district each have a contractual agreement with the city. To provide on duty and PD officers 24 hours seven days. The district four in the cell report one general PD sergeant. Each. And -- securities -- have pulled on bongo -- officers were if you. And the ships are open -- in and a PD officer replies. And -- the new law office. Bad that regulates. Officers are paid. Overtime rate in addition both different supplies vehicles. For the -- Hughes while and they agreements with the -- city lake view -- eight general PD consent decree. And currently not Ricard to your news. Or pfc that's the new law office of please secondary. One. It was brought about by. The content entry taking it out of the -- and putting in twos in the and the city goes on Tuesday at his Press Secretary for Maryland group. All obscurity taxing district to use off duty and -- the officers. Should be using. The office of please secondary employment. Record need detail. For example of -- as he is currently coordinating detailed for the garden do for a and the upper. Urged build security. Officers being -- standard -- -- account ordinance. Come back and talk about this stands at 018720386. -- 89 and steroids. If if you lived and in the district. And maybe you don't feel like there's security. There's good and maybe you think it is the crime rates are too. And you decide to get together and pooled their money. It's the -- city youths who -- there. Creating. Like -- pays a 110 dollars annually for each family. And they get there their police response -- 35%. Faster. Mid city. Pays 200 year and they get their response -- I'm 20%. That. So on one side. It would seem that get better policing through spending their money. On the other side and the DOJ says it's -- gently says was not there. You're you're still using pulleys. That -- for every. And because you're paying additional money you're getting better was -- and come down on -- if you're at a neighborhood. You think you ought to be able to do this war. Should the federal government and civilian being fair and can't do. Two's -- -- 187. Double to ago 170 AM -- -- We're debating if so whether or not the federal government should be able -- And tell your neighborhood what to do when it comes to security. We've got reports and we would tried to get the rep from the lake view and that city. Said the -- couldn't come in. Turn -- -- bugs and couldn't talk about it as porn on. I do live picture of what that suited to meet you for. And we'll take a look at. But the big well and take a look at her -- -- -- a -- -- opinion poll we asked you. Should -- regulate. Neighborhood -- a 100% of abuse say no but let's take a look at the details. If I understand who's currently. Plagued you in mid city or paying. Four officers. To increase secure. In their -- If part of Reading is correct league you produce a 110 dollars annually. They get there of their police action. 35%. After. Mid city. Page 200 years they get there's 20%. That it's -- Quite a bit larger population in the league so on one side and I think we would halt today if pointless we wanna pay now or money. To get more security. -- we should be able to. Good dual Judy. -- and department of job losses. -- and says no. Not really. Because of what's happening to two districts. Of Palin pick in 02 car broadcast Butte equal maintenance. Workers' compensation. And liability cost. And of computers like -- and that's it says the officers working all food to tables. In a PD members were -- districts. Are considered to be putting in all on duty overtime hours. Weren't. Still. Working for the please subordinate and that that means. Instead -- through the office of police secondary employ him. And it didn't I understand correctly group we couldn't getting your experts as. That's your office it was setup. When we need to cities on the consent decree after could and then after the problem with the police report. And the DOJ is coming and considering. We want pulleys to grow through the author of please secondary. Employment. And back the district leaders from league view in mid city. Say they thing that's the do you Jerry's. Motivation money. Trunk ports then to go through this agency. And the question skinned and I think all of us would have skewed the -- and try and on one side you'd it would seem like. Every industry. Every neighborhood should be able to band together and -- for better security. But at the same time in the general have to do all I can do -- the evidence is presented to me and so far. At the same time. If the liberal groups. -- failing to pay enough coverage area. Mainly into the vehicle workers' compensation liability insurance. And the rest of laws. Or paying for that. And everything -- agree with the Department of Justice but that that seemed well and again. We're we're just looking at a very smoltz and snapshot of this through the movie you saw. Not being able to talk to do you share in a beer and talk to -- district leaders. We may be missing big parts of this. And for the district and so league view in that city. They're to Vince is hey we were never part of the problem in the first place. The problem bullets cronyism and corruption of the police department. And we set up -- -- setup. Both for the consent decree. And what I just read from the mayor's office. -- on the moon moon. I can pundit. Jim -- -- form but basically what it's the greed. That'd been settled before him. In the -- -- apparently just a ten year contract. Ended another important in the media reports. -- -- We're trying to cooperate with. And you're -- -- -- is what that cooperation that because again if your taxpayer. And your looking. At what their -- I think all of -- would say if I'm unhappy. With police coverage or if I'm not that that be -- just war more. Gonna be willing to pay some extra money would in my neighborhood. Everybody paying 12220. Of -- -- different to do and and get the additional police. But the question remains. What you're pay and then goofy. Does that car over the cost -- -- And then you get into the the haves -- have ups in the inequality. For the neighborhoods that are poor. Do today. Get the 35%. -- police response. To -- get beat 20%. Faster police. And if they don't. Is that -- And that that that it's a complicated debate but. At least off the top of my head to me. That's kind of capitalist. If you've got the money to pay for better -- you usually get better. And if you don't you don't. And and what you get from the communal tax pot. His what's supportable in the communal. Touched -- Because he's of the district were electing to get out of their pockets. -- districts are not required to go through whom. That office has been set up at City Hall. Via the federal consent decree. Because there are agreements predated the consent decree. And it says -- is working with the district's. To determine how they should operate moving forward. That will be introducing because of the league you're just signed a ten year contract. What exactly is it would they do move import duty -- contract and start all over again. Very interest -- Coming right back Deborah -- because it's immoral. Re. Welcome back go lets -- think about nuisance that. We have Barbara political analysts don't use -- we're talking about some -- -- surprised races this year and primarily. In the Virginia where Kendrick got depleted. By Tea Party candidate and at that time. Thad Cochran Christmas and new battled really ruby. In Mississippi is you probably know that Cochran won. India. Last prime. And will probably easily and Betsy once again. And I'll as the political analysts about something I've been reading it and in below. Well liberal publications. That are asking the questions. And conservative publications that are talking about it's something we're gonna have they Bogut. And what -- was talking to him -- was New -- torrents article that says let's give Mississippi. Lifts. And that says. It's on the image and turned -- mentioned Mississippi. And what they're talking about it is that Tea Party in particular. Which. I admire -- I think we -- smaller government -- I'm one of those who believe we're gonna have group through a lot of pain. Your reaction ever actually start doing it. Like anything that -- -- top. Causes some being called soon deprivation. Like Katrina when you come out the other and you're wrong were in better for at most of the time. And when when I look at that. And I see what they're saying about Mississippi. Pre. Election. When was yesterday day before. They come -- and they say you know Mississippi. You're in particular. You know -- -- easier and serial regular basis we hate the poor we Washington. You people who -- And so forth and so. Bought. When you look at some new products. In Mississippi. Federal spending accounts for 46%. Of all the -- revenue. They've got to be depends contracts. Of course it's Social Security. Go big for made. Highway building. It and it goes on and all in all there there number one. When it comes to them what they paid to government in taxes. And what they get back. They get back a whole lot more then they're paying taxes and so -- So. I have the political analysts have we have on. So do you think the conservatives and in particular world -- conservatives like Tea Party. We'll continue to put -- people in office continue to back and if they come out and say. You know Social Security at the very least. We're gonna have to mean average what we're getting we have to look at who's rich who has money. They get for a lasts. Those that need to get it. Age related regulated the thing to words supportable. What that does that that changes. What everybody gets. Are we gonna say it's great idea whose -- government -- -- and the argument always. Well we put the money and Social Security that's our -- world. Both were living so long today I don't object -- -- act world tabled some problem. But if you read about where you guru you'll find that by and large. We get more then we put the doctor called me from Alabama gets about a year ago doing its thing on some obscurity. And he called say thank you. It was like 85 years old and he had gotten 500000. Dollars more than -- put in. And that's happening a lot. In Mississippi you -- former director of John Stennis institute government Mississippi State University. Said he was as solid as that some of the voters. Were choosing this would then for the selection. In the state with the nation's highest poverty rate. Lowest median household income. And according to the Tax Foundation. A nonprofit Washington think tank. When the received the highest level of federal aid as a percentage of state revenues he said strangest thing ever seen it defies logic. Or reason. For somebody. To not only brought in cutting off supply of federal moon Mississippi but actually wrote a good shot. At at when he didn't but he came very close. They get just a couple incidental to and I'm skimming 65 million -- ordered free play and one count. 35 million news segments of the interstate six you know. Millions and millions fire please rescue personal. Millions and millions education. 87 billion dollars in supplemental federal assistance. To all of -- affected by Hurricane Katrina. And -- it goes back to. Even the bit that Cochran campaign. With the almost beaten. On the fact that he's one of the -- support. He Brian brings a lot of good news only. Noticeable poured via. The campaign that what -- says. In the -- it says. The Cochran campaign never expected responded. With -- an argument or look what I've done for the state. Their strategy. Was to ignore. So the very thing. That he thought he had done -- Was something. That he didn't want to mention. Because people that are receiving it to -- Europe. Does that make in the accident and attitudes eggs -- leads them. And -- -- and looking -- a report right here Louisiana gets more and federal and he then gives in taxes. 2000 in the last year agreed to do this. That's when the -- was the state took in about a dollar for. Or every dollar we paid out to the federal government taxes. The Tax Foundation. Which in the past has done surveys that put Louisiana and other southern states. In the leadership role in the return for tax dollars. We've been near the top income or per capita spending per yours. Me to be effective and more than others states. By across the board cuts. It was a political science chairman. Department the boat Louisiana and Latvia. So difficult to use a durable -- of the silent suggests. That we wanted to talk about it. But if we keep saying the were fighting for small government and make sure you don't stand. A -- for. But but I'm ready for the mean. -- and -- boxers there's no way that policy. That the states are getting more federal or jealous than anybody belts. Can possibly. Eliminate the pain of cuts. I say let's go through. Let's move government is much is weak and towards Dayton city -- at least we -- closer maybe have some effect on. What do you think 20000187. Toll free 86 X rated NC rule says. Via. Watching you Mississippi elections with great interest. Because on compassionate about Louisiana Mississippi in particular. And we seem to -- -- college for small government and then again -- -- just short and as I'm port. I'm I'm so disgusted bombard -- sought after Katrina one that borders to all after enduring BP. To me we've we can do just do. Good is that if not better. And -- -- -- CR money closer to rule we at least have some influence on politicians mayors governors. But what we seem to be saying -- and I think the -- and supports. Mr. Big gets 46%. Of all hold their revenue. From the -- And they screamed -- is about elements of what small government. And the tired Thad Cochran. Bringing them so much money and some of the projects. Louisiana's. Is right behind him. We get about a dollar reporting back for every dollar we send in taxes. What do you think chasing 01 -- that would -- or drink. -- thanks -- call. -- -- -- -- -- -- you know all of that just look at a -- -- while important supporters were there and we're brokered deal we -- there would give that a black people look for all. You would get a deal struck like they're affordable health care accurate garner sure we've got to deal with firm for. You know our our -- -- stipulated bar drinking age. In our blot out all current triple the -- to god which they want a little point profile producer. -- -- -- that that's pretty -- but anyway. Such -- to reject an architect or off the top market where we're keeping control all touched off in our state. That really should be war you know -- you you know the problem was but gradually -- by the framers to settle disputes between states. Basically provided actual. There outlook on the unreasonable to think that we can go back to that broke limited government. Basically we're like there -- where you know -- pop panel control where and basically what we need to go back you -- Local control. The state which Logan -- Street between localities like well it should be content ownership to charity. And then the double double brought back -- -- -- dispute which. Richard. Disputes between eight. And providing a durable framework over which -- to operate in the you know all categorically. -- you know near interstate stuff like that but yeah the actual we're gonna get back to read that we affordable general government. But go like a -- overall I certainly agree with him but those little -- gonna -- -- else can myself into they gonna -- answers. We need a billion dollars Joseph -- jokes from broken drinking water pipes. I think by now we're losing it to purse and a -- drinking water every day. We -- he'd do as you heard I'm sure ad nauseam. Fifty to a hundred billion. To make sure the city -- plot again. Do we stop asking for things like that billion of the north south highway from. -- the Louisiana -- to museums and it's gonna improve transportation. To improve the economy. Do we say we've we'd rather not have those clintons. We have to prioritize. Bigger. Some were stopped that group they approached the region and corrupt liberation via the federal program and other state in the locales should -- -- Little immediate problem live Libyans -- -- That the representative. Neighborhood groups among the few highly educated people motivated. A lot of work for the and they were getting paid for. Analysts say that the war would to picture problem who do pay more attention to walk -- don't trust and walk because ways -- graph. Do you trust and depicts no. So. There's something. That we quote can fix locally. But we call as we go with a pay more taxes so. If we don't want the federal government in these major projects. And we want papal. What's the in game what happens. But I try to lecture -- although the director award -- -- the grow warmer air in the parties are aware of it well. I don't think that's a replica project echo had a I believe that this -- what -- true. In the weeks that okay small government is you've got to. We need more money for police from you would need more money for road from -- we need more money for -- -- from you we need more money per screws. I think -- squeal like stuff. And and I think we will talk about. Because as long as we all rookies are -- dogma. There's little chance of that happening. And it's any time we get to mainland birds that make it's comfortable. We'll talk about it some more next stay with -- -- up ago figured 70 -- when applied to read a John McCain but two things in the green tunic in the coming hour we'll keep talking about how can -- me Louisiana -- -- The sections screaming for less government and when we get more benefits then and that was played from the federal government. Do all we really going to be silent. If what we get starts being cod and we're told to pay the taxes to get while we sleep we want our itself local. Also dig a look at whether or not from -- in college should -- NCAA AA and or -- police for an. World world's and a world war of words. And law in Oakland California right now. Coming up next all that more in the -- that.