WWL>Topics>>6-26-14 12:10pm Garland: on weakened tobacco regulations

6-26-14 12:10pm Garland: on weakened tobacco regulations

Jun 26, 2014|

Garland talks with Paul Billings of the American Lung Association about the new weakened regulations on tobacco.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're appalled -- with the senior vice president Brad Agassi and education American long association. -- story about the delay. Public things came up with the consumer troop calling it. What we're talking about -- that and I'm sure you -- as a producer -- in the lead -- audience. A -- from Reuters yesterday White House changes to purple rooms. Port tobacco products significantly. Weakened language detailing health -- Pro and cigars and deleted restrictions -- prevented on the line and sales. Of you are your thoughts on this. The American Heart Association. I think throughout the public health or very troubled to see these changes in this proposal -- long time. For the probably get -- for public comment -- undersea. This carving out the sweetheart deal for cigars and language that. Through -- that would help curb Internet sales of these cigarettes which. They're becoming very popular with kids -- candy flavors. Come meet there and kind can viewers humidity is very disturbing. And where we're gonna try very hard to do is. Can't change that language -- to put the public health protection they -- congress intended when. Past the slogan deputy editorial Brokeback -- I don't cruises -- cigar industry of nuclear breed lobbied congress very heavily but the -- also and who logged in the white house Office of Management and Budget. And one of the commissioners. At that point in time. Is now secretary. Of health. And how to get people. That had -- one commission. And and go easy on tobacco. And then they have a handle. Am -- missing some. It it'll be here in Washington you know. How were constrained ways that. It certainly the cigar lobbyist. And there are friends in government have been very active -- victory exempts cigar from basic oversight and you know the National Cancer Institute. Tells the -- called -- wide range. But health impacts including lung cancer throat cancer mouth cancer. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease so the other serious health risks and how it happens I think it did -- shows that the the problems of this process where. A good proposal comes down from the agency in their post again. Common review by other agencies but clearly what happened with -- got -- wrote rewritten. In this. In this process that they -- to -- budget which is part of the White House. And -- to take out you know the evidence based information help Asian nation. -- -- case of you know political science company health science. -- think an article. And argument could be made. That they do student -- bright that they hid things one of them. They took about the part about warning labels -- saved the cigarette manufacturers. One to three million box but cost the public 32 point six million. To 34 point two million. So that's literally. Taking out government -- albums. That shows the public would greatly benefit. And showing that the industry benefits at our expense. I mean. -- I guess there's nothing criminal about. Well. Any any any criminal statutes. All have been violent but certainly. You know it's morally. Typically outrageous to see a provision. Like that removed. From window that the public doesn't fully understand health risks of things likes ago our first. And warning label would help and it would have made tentative deal. Thirty million dollar cost of one district that. He'll get worse and the one return on investment and best 31 or -- investment I think those kinds of investments. That the public wants to see to improve the health and well being to labor kids. And we know that cigar are increasingly popular specially on high school age police. Until we need to have April bust our federal oversight. To safeguard the health and safety of the public. Do you really think the American people don't know of the dangers of cigars. Well I that the that the the the cigar and treat all over Washington telling departure are harmful. And that they're only used by. You know all all men and and and there are -- risks but it watched contrary to the evidence and the and we are concerned because we don't think that they. Got kids fully appreciate. All the risks that that they're taking. We see that and we also know that that their kids to understand some of the product they're using Oscar. Teenager serving he smokes cigars though are smoke blackened mile which is of course -- cigar brand. So all we know that that that there. Health risks. If -- what these products are is not fully understood by the American people. And certainly we think that warning labels for common sense step that should be taken. Took to help protect public health. Public good equaled a bed by now. A good -- Got -- segment of the public that bring them. They -- -- and you get through it. -- -- got teenagers out there were invincible. And they don't understand the true risks well I. Cannot rescind them thinking there in principle blitzing. They don't understood in the tobacco. Has as bad rep precautions I can't I can't imagine the person that would be. Well let me give himself -- Government also deleted. FDA grappling cutesy and it would review electronic cigarette cartridges. To respond to evidence of poor quality control. Variable nicotine content and toxic ingredients. One of switched calls for mass poisonings. And in in a painkiller in culture. This this is a government. Bad news. Is rewriting the regulations. In order to keep us from knowing that -- -- toxic substances and in -- reading them. Apparently so it took out the language that that would have highlighted the fact we only know with Japanese products. And our our chemicals and materials that are linked to release severe adverse health consequences. Are and we don't and -- of these parts from an infection in China. -- bullets in them published not be ingesting things that that that -- are completely at rightly know. A manufacturing practices. All the control our mission of the contents are. Well and that's you know really very troubling from you know health and safety perspective. And you -- quite. Quite outrageous amount outraged that that the deadline which was brutal work work hard the process to put that language back in and make sure that. That you know the facts are known as they're within -- to complete. -- -- -- -- Here here and an excerpt Bobo. What was Hillary's senate hearing and their scoring -- -- the -- you for failure to restrict labor products or. Television advertising. There would say say attracts children. Excoriated him for about moving to restrict online sales. Where it can be ordered to verify -- person Tuesday. Did any of that get done in the road to re driving of the regulations that blogs. Accomplished. You call one of -- we we see it as we look at this. Person that we that they came out this week they took out the provision would have been very clear. That online sales would be prohibited. And we know that kids are very active on the Internet and and so were troubled that that. Provision was deleted. It's at the White House -- management and budget. -- and and congress should try to be outraged. We need more oversight and pressure on the administration. Took -- four. A proposal or actually maximize health protections not. Amid a marked increase in new loopholes -- and runs. One important question that fascinated me prolonged time. Of me. You talked to virtually the and the law enforcement here in the -- gonna. And you say let's legalize pot for whatever reason absolutely. Not it's it's helped. Problem it's a crime problem that some money problems at some violence problem. In them we look at cigarettes which witnessing document approved for decades. -- your face you lose your show all your own killed you -- Cancer kills you probably is marches in the other ingredient in the world. Why is it's still legal why it. Does your organization other organizations. Not -- to make this he'll only go if illegality of is a good thing. About. Taken on the whole conversation. Of Merrill want to leave the war or. Person -- Cabrera won it is just -- question. OK we believe view marijuana should be illegal because. -- root -- We know that they have. Cigarettes and tobacco products in news in this country for hundreds of years and -- -- association we've been working for more than sixteen year to help. People quit smoking keep kids from starting to smoke. And -- -- working very hard to it took to protect the public help from tobacco use these you'll obviously we can do. We have 45 million people in the country that are connected to. Tobacco products. And so we think that the but right course to move forward with it. Conference report of smoke free air laws higher tobacco taxes. Comprehensive cessation benefits. -- average smoker who want what we have seven out of ten want to quit. To help them quit and we need the kind of oversight from the Food and Drug Administration. That column. We -- within their original proposal came out the White House registrar to protect the public. But that that's what we are focusing our energy the American Lung Association. You know 8888. Battle over. Banning the product is probably not going to move us forward. We have a lot harder to me if we can just -- the east common sense steps are taken. Paul -- -- project over emerge from particular you'd hang in on what we yeah hit the World Cup and Copeland and you have good. Thank you very much. Right. We've got to take a break from news -- I always find that Barry interest in not making it illegal. Because. The because we've got people addicted to cigarettes. And we have to use the money. To educate them as -- this is a bad thing. So that they'll quit smoking. But taking money from Merrill Bologna. To tell people that span that didn't stop doing it it is not -- good -- illegality. It is. But illegality ports regrets. He is not in the conversations. I mean. Does anybody else it number wonder did the question they never do. I think part of the -- news they make a living from. They can't report blog about the -- can report state taxes that are ripping holes to have cigarettes made illegal. The whole thing Justin Nicole cents doubled up.