WWL>Topics>>6-26-14 1:10pm Angela: with author Webb Hubbell.

6-26-14 1:10pm Angela: with author Webb Hubbell.

Jun 26, 2014|

Angela talks with author Webb Hubbell about his new book and his time working with former President Bill Clinton.

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Well -- hope everybody survived probably today it was a beautiful thing and I hope you're having a great one on this Thursday. I think we have three very very interesting programs for you beginning with the man I've looked so forward to meeting. Webb Hubbell and his new book -- going to be talking about that. Our second show is going to be about aids didn't know if you knew that not Louisiana is fourth in the nation for the number of cases. But we're going to be really talking about some of the victories and we have a doctor in the house were going to have people with a knowing its task force. And -- were going to be talking also about some free screenings but it's an update on a disease that we're not hearing is much about. The -- impacting greatly. And our third program is nothing but fun and talk about. You don't have to go at a town to have fun on vacation the vacation is right here. We're going to be talking to a number of people who have some great inexpensive ideas for you and or your family. Any time this summer so it's the state Haitian. Power but we begin with. Webb Hubbell has been to the top of the mountain as former mayor of Little Rock, Arkansas. Chief Justice of the Arkansas Supreme Court. And perhaps most notably. In the tight inner circle of bill and Hillary Clinton as they entered the White House. He then became assistant US attorney general in Washington DC. But it was a short ride from those glory days to prison. Webb -- spent fifteen months in federal prison for essentially stealing from his own law firm. Out now over fifteen years his law license and gone web has created a new life. Not only helping others facing prison but finding his own inner storyteller. Today he joins us to talk about his first novel entitled when men betray. A political murder mystery taking place in his hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas. With the lead character high powered Washington lawyer who comes home to help solve the mystery. And we are going to be talking about this incredible life you have lived. But we're gonna first talk about this incredible book and I'm gonna -- I'm not gonna apologize for it I love to read and wanna find an author I'm hooked. This is a wonderful book where Kabul -- and I'm telling everybody from the onset. You will love it it is it's got all of elements it's it's the thrill ride it's the beautiful characters you've created. It is the twist and turns. It is about everything I think people can relate to. Which is friendship it is about loyalty and it is about secrets. And return and the trail. Thank you for being here thank you for having me OK and again we have had this incredible liked but I want to talk. All of a sudden. You're you could written nonfiction book that -- came at a person and that is that this is a leak when nonfiction is one thing but to say. Now I'm going to write fiction. I do and I did although him Norris who are -- you write fiction reader. That. About four years ago I haven't liver transplant. It felt like I was given a second chance and so my wife and I actually moved to -- probably escape the city. Moved to Charlotte, North Carolina and started doing when -- always wanted to do is tell those stories. That I. Wanted to -- for a long long gone and this is the first one. I have to say or listening audience he's already finished book two. And he's working on books three two's not -- finished and not done novelist not publish -- out and. Probably won't be for about nine months of -- publishers. Publisher keeps through his schedule not let's talk about when men betray how did you come up with. Give us a brief synopsis of the for France before. Friends and were the basis of the story it's the story of Warner detail about four born -- good programs -- plans. Who were as close as close could be like we are ahead in the past and then makes. Drifted apart like most of your friends from high school and then I don't -- -- forces him to come back together. But and forces them to confront this issue that is come up and some things in the past as well. The thing that forces -- as the factor one album has just murdered in the US senator in the capitol rotunda on national -- Think that. You think about that game. It's in front of god never -- In front of everybody there's there's no doubt what happened and it's on national TV in fact Jack here's the DC who are here is watching it from his daughter's college from dorm room and just. Just has to sit down you can imagine what in the world would have cost his best friend who was the chief of staff of the senator. To murdering on national -- And so he goes to Little Rock. He is not a criminal attorney no piece of antitrust lawyer and he also sworn he'd never come back whoever. He does out of loyalty -- a world and the ends up. What in the case he does he he's. He keeps saying I'm not gonna defend -- -- you wanna give to another warrior. I'm just here to help help you and your mom. And the next thing you know he's embroiled in the whole carries and trying to run on rap why his best friend murdered some. Well I have ran a little over half -- -- all closer to two thirds of the ice when he sat down I said. Do not tell me the end but I'm dying to know the -- the R&R are really mean that. So when you say you have stories they were just stories in your mind that you could weave together. -- every every fictional book this partially autobiography. But. In this case I can count on you complain with little bit you have your own stories which you can expand remarks are reduce some. So -- I -- on my own experiences that you can tell from the book especially when I write about barbecuing have a very good. Expertise as a barbecued. But. You've drawn most experiences. But this is a story don't wanna tell them up for you know essentially about loyalty friendship and Vittorio. Let -- then talk about that the marvelous friendship you have with -- Hillary Clinton you'll went to schooled again. We didn't go to our -- I went via audio went to Arkansas. We actually. Took the bar exam -- that I'm sorry that have to stay mental hospital. Yes I heard the. That's actually where I met him actually the bar exam was administered at the auditorium. But the state mental hospital so you can always say where did you meet bill and orange suited statement Harsco. And it was an instant liking. Absolutely. Absolutely. You know friend in my move him and introduced this and we. We became friends and at that moment. They went too favorable to teach law school I was practicing long. Had just graduated. And then win. Bill Clinton was elected attorney general and was moving to a rock. I -- another partner. Recruited Hillary come to the rose twelve. And so that just cemented. -- started and so did you see this trajectory of a career that would lead to the White House. I didn't have have those -- I thought I would practice law hopefully dormant pants and a obviously my friends had higher ambitions. But you know you know a lot of people have ambitions some very few get through. Fill out their dreams which they are still there. Yes apps and I'm gonna. We're gonna talk about your thoughts on who should be present time there but first on then all of a sudden -- mayor of Little Rock. That's right just it was one of those things that I fell and -- friend of mine asked me to. Put my name him to be appointed to the city board of directors which is our City Council. Because they had to appoint somebody to overly concerned but he said there's no chance for -- appoint you. And sure enough later and then six months later -- was from Niger to Iraq has. In Little Rock -- appoint the seven members of the council appointment. So the next thing you know -- and I Serb elements accounts ones I approached X here's. And it became Chief Justice rise in and that's right again there was some vacancy. And people's. You know where would be the perfect person to come down. The court was in disarray they were fighting among themselves. Somebody suggested that I would be a perfect choice to kind of bring harm in court so we elected -- -- Chief Justice. And I didn't make its dimension and knew him and some people say how did you know you wanted to be a writer there was that time on the bench. Went from being on the city board where I'd give -- on the phone calls with. To -- I was like in a monastery. The court where you know you tomorrow are your friends were in college it's so -- and so. Among the seven we might eat lunch together talk to each other but it was real leadership. But it got me back into the mode of writing and reading and studying. That's required to write him. You have lived really a tremendous life I have I have. And how CMOs but the lows could probably use -- and cars and you know what we're gonna do we're gonna take a break imminent and come back and we're gonna talk about the lows. And in getting out of Alice OK stay with this financial under the February. Our very special guest Webb Hubbell. Author of when men betray. Correctly noted as a thriller and it is and I can attest to it and I look forward to his second novel and the third one. We've been listening about the book talking about the book but also talking about the man Webb Hubbell who has had a phenomenal life. Both in his own world in Arkansas. As a mayor and state Chief Justice is a great lawyer and then. The big befriending the clintons and going on that whirlwind with them to Washington. That's right. The president right after -- -- We always played we always went Christmas shopping on Christmas -- together. And I got in the car with him and I have been working on the transition but I have no plans are going to Washington. And we got in the car together and this is first time I didn't drive and he won in the currency. So assumed a little more interest and -- trying to go Christmas shopping with the Secret Service. But he put his animal remains in your town in Washington where -- to. And I said sure. And later on people would say well what are you don't veterans I don't know because Saddam -- so uncommon. And ended up during the associate attorney general. The department of justice and in fact until we got an attorney general I was the only political person at justice took Janet Reno was confirmed. And that was for how long -- spent three months there was there was an uninteresting fascinating. We we have had another. Two women who were considered. Attorney general and they both had issues where I can think -- -- the confirmation. Zoe Baird Kimba Wood. And then we had to go find. Janet and which we fortunately we did and but during that period of time a lot of events happen in the world traits -- one happen in men and -- -- Starter Waco started during that time lots of other events were going on. That was the only political person matters so there was 600 -- Exciting times at times to see dear friends make it to collapse wouldn't happen at Hubert. You didn't believe it happened even even after the election were sitting around. Wondering what do we do now service -- yeah you just couldn't believe it could happen this summer you we now. But all of us the lows were talking about. It was through the Whitewater investigation it was part of Whitewater investigation. Months several people had told the prosecutors. Webb -- knows where all the bodies rivers and so quickly became a target and about having to plead guilty -- -- person. And it was for not Whitewater but it was for things happening in -- have -- them. So you went to prison for federal prison for fifteen and actually income eighteen months now. Now if you count it every day. -- users either excellent or you and all of a sudden from the glorious make believe almost life. To the reality of walking into that. Christian right especially our course and Christmas some of the people who have not Justice Department has put there. So it was it was a little frightening at first even normal pretty big guy. But. I learned very quickly. It's all about attitude and I tried to make this is across different experience it's going the apartment just absorbing almost -- court. I learned a lot about people learned a lot about myself. Tried to get a lot of help here. And I treated and it's a sabbatical. The only difference where my Brothers weren't singing Gregorian chants are saying something else that there. But when you talk about scared I don't think there's anybody. Out there who wouldn't be terrified. Absolutely. You know I'm -- actually mention knocked counsel people have been for the last twenty years about what it's like to go to prison. And try to help -- prepare try to help the families prepare. For this and down the line and try to make the best. And -- I tell them you're going to be scared and you should be scared. But it is still something that you can you will overcome. You had a wife four children -- -- high school college somewhere and high school. One was in college -- just come out of college and was just giving her. -- the hardest part. I was on my family always what's safest to a lot of people were facing. They punished a family harder to make -- a student of -- I'm going to be separated. Have been worried about other than a little. Who are there going to be supported. The trauma. You know. In my case and a lot of cases. The media it's very intense Q and it's very hard on him. And you -- such a public person not just a little -- all of a sudden. On a national love absolutely and it was truly the glass house oh yes yes you know we would. We would walk out the -- there would be the satellite trucks -- and -- and we go around just give them some cookies consider -- you know. They weren't going away. And and yet your wife had to go go to work she was working a relative of parliament interior which you certainly have to continue to work. We had to sell my house. And give up a lot of things which was OK you know we've -- you learn to live. What -- It was hard you know it's hard to give up everything. Again to the mountaintop. To the deepest valley well number couple power and Margaret I want everyone to stay with -- we're gonna continue talking to Webb Hubbell. And tonight I think everybody would like to know what does one more if you're really looking inside and you're in prison for eighteen months what do you learn stay with -- we'll be right back I'm Angela under the UN. We are back with Webb Hubbell. Author of when -- the train is so great great murder mystery. Great characters tremendous story. But we're talking about your tremendous story and down. You again ended up in federal prison for eighteen months very difficult and -- very difficult on your family life for children. And yet you had all that time to sit and think what what did I learn about myself. Go and I think you've learned more. Not only a lot about yourself that you learn a lot about life. And you learn what's valuable family to me is most important. How much I missed them -- how much I wanted to protect them. How and you also learn about friendships who you are your plans are they stick with you. And who who didn't wanna have anything to do. You learned about. Each individual in that prison had a story detail. And I would usually sit and listen to a lot of man -- do you have a lot of time in prison. But most of all you have a lot of time to think about yourself what's valuable to you what's important human rights -- very important to me I learned a lot about that. Did a lot of Reading I think that helped my writing I think his book reflects a little bit about. The books -- read a read over almost a hundred books or some presents. Number -- have a lot of time. You learn about yourself. Do you do for you look inside. An -- concerned there's some incredible person and each -- You got out of prison but but it wasn't over that the clintons are still in the White House. You felt that they were in essence aiming for them through you. Yes I did they they made it clear to him. I started. Investigating us again today I kind of person who practice the day I got out I had to go appear before entering -- or. And it was non related to why you went two for no had nothing to do it was just. There's nobody in the began to investigate this again -- indict him in the second time and a third path. By as -- told them and you can indict my dog you can -- my attitude and I may not collide and about the united. And ultimately it's personal with you know financial. That's the past and they said it's not. It's part of who I -- -- it's not what I am now now I'm much more complete person. And and that is evidenced by. The help you've done to help others go through this process -- and building your life on a new career which is as an author. That's right that's right and it's I can't begin to tell you or anyone else. I've never had so much fun in the -- and I have been wise -- years writing these books. I just can't depict kick out what. You know we're we're not talking about something that on top of everything else you know top of the mountain down in the valley all you get out and you become very ill. Here and I mean death -- ill run in need of -- liver transplant. And that is what brought to Bill Clinton to your -- side. Yes when bill heard. You know would we were told that -- I was period period. Was put on the transplant list but didn't know if I would live long enough to get one. A friend of mine told the president and he immediately that I don't own plane -- we spent two hours together talking. And it was just like a moment ago we didn't talk about. Whitewater or anything else and I don't want to talk about why weren't anything else we talked about the razorbacks. We talk about his diet which was kind of funky at the time. And talked about old times playing golf. But it was just like it was a moment ago. And you have remained friends with Bill Clinton here. And Hillary. Not so honest clothes she's written notes to you yes but you know fees and will basic. Preparedness. And you know. I think that's that's the thrust you know I think if you read when you read the book. You'll read about friendships. And how are you can Nazi plan for a long long time. But then be thrown back him to a situation where I'm and it's. And it's judge you for your still rounds and I believe that's the same way I am more or haven't seen her in years. But I believe that we were forced into a situation you know. -- would be the same line. I think you probably their friends are saying why you and singing along -- but if you see them you can only does next and it's it's yeah and you didn't -- it's like. It's like you pair saw on the -- did I before that's what went real friendship that's. -- tried it's it's rooted in experiences together and bond together and distance separates them experience -- separate. -- those things exist. My football teammates. When I went off to prison. They were. Had tons of letters Smart football coach wrote me personal target I would get calls from our containment. We just had a 45 reunion erupting. And it was here would they were all packed how many groups like we have gone through an experience together those four years ago. And it didn't matter that we had seen each other 45 years we were telling him laughing my wife sit and -- laughed -- hard look you're sort of. Well let me tell our listeners that. This man his final game with the razorbacks. Was here at the Sugar Bowl. -- in 1969. Beating undefeated undefeated to Georgia. Sixteen -- what a glorious moment there was a wonderful moment of and I and I know people here in New Orleans remember all through my insight in -- -- was -- glorious -- humans who glorious time that we play. Who was beautiful thing that we played that can. And of course you know win -- winning been hurt. Now and that's what you remember and that's what the team mates are rallying around even if you're going to prison. Let's talk about that went we they won't talk about that women want him to we talk about the -- as we talk about the funny things that improves. And all the stupid things we do it is college people. You know we've you know most people. Survive college and not make a lot of those who play at Wimbledon as well. We're gonna take another break but stay with this as we continue our talk with Webb -- our special guest today Webb -- author of when man betraying. I just a great political thriller. I can't say enough by -- get the book before we forget. We're gonna talk about tonight there's going to be a book signing at videos -- terrific pizza from six to eight. And tomorrow night at the Garden District bookstore also from six to eight. Not signing the book and another one in the pipeline in your working on the third one that's her and what's very exciting for those who will get hooked as I have. Pitcher keeping the characters keeping the principal difference and they are wonderful wonderful care thank you okay. And union not gonna tell me the ending our promise and I -- a 109 and now that I really. Let -- talk a little bit about. What is happening in Washington DC because I think so many Americans are just discouraged. I think it's true I think we are all discouraged. I think his ordinary Americans. We expect people have principles. And to mean a certain way and I agree with -- -- we -- former. And understand that there's the other side were about split 5050. In the way we think. But we also expect people to get things done. And to do that you've got to at least start talking together. You know it was getting bad when I was clear but nothing like that seems today. And I think part of the blind maybe the majority part of the plane. Here's the influence of money. That is measures taken over. Congress taken over politics. And starting to take over state politics RC in my home state of North Carolina Soviet in my former state of Arkansas. I don't know. As well over a system here in Louisiana but I suspect money influences. Politics. But it it's it's not just influenced -- on its own failure to communicate. With the other -- People used to get together in the room and work things out. They weren't always dialing for dollars they would get together. Maybe after recession go have a drink together. I could recommend anything that they are going have a beer together -- -- so honest competent. And start talking. We we have such serious issues. I think both sides agree the immigration and some huge huge we we we don't know how to deal with it. And the only way we're -- deal with it is to find some common ground. And that takes communication and can't be among party leader says senate vote this way or my party leaders serves in both Iowa. It's kind of takes from people who were willing to so I actually don't go talk to a Democrat Republican or Republican. The Democrats I am I actually norm Crosby now talked to my we're gonna try to find a solution. And if you don't like it. And it's it's gonna take some opportunity of brave soul that's going to be a very -- so I'm probably the first Robert sixers don't. Lose their seat. But ultimately. We is the voter and I'm a big believer are gonna start insisting that people start going to Washington who were willing group. Put. Country's interest and our our interest -- citizens. Above dialing for dollars. And just you know whoever's. Given them half a million dollars prevent -- Well you set it very succinctly it's the word compromise has been lost and it's not a dirty word this not it's actually. It's the way government works. We don't always get everything we won't. -- Enron concert we do we shouldn't. But it's the that level of anger I think is what is disturbing -- and that's. Anger is the only word I can thing about this ugliness toward each other verses we can that we can disagree that it's okay it's America right. But we are defeating. A lot with this bad attitude. Right -- I'm -- -- in the and then you know in the campaigns. And they advertisements. Take a position that I've found some of these. To prove me wrong that if there's a negative riot on TV or on the radio. There's not it's not totally true. There's always. If they're hedging so. And I would recommend everybody that unless somebody's giving you reason to vote or them just turn on TV. Right or the orbit around today put out about this station book turn -- -- and just wants him editors produced an event. And and look for the candidates who is the reason I want to vote for me is this. Not why you should vote against. Well I know everybody in their mother is asking you. What you think he'll. Which she's one of the most its smartest women on government. She certainly well experienced. I think she would -- great -- Whether she runs or non. Share and phobia. I don't think she's told anybody. I think she's done. And I think she'd be very depressed. Well it's just very interesting times and whoever it is but Hillary or whomever it is and any parting if they can break. What's existing right now and get back to. What did exist before right and again there are always disagreements and always the battle but it still they were able to accomplish things. Pills were actually passed. You know legislation was actually. Budgets were -- People actually came up with a you know great programs that help this country. You know and and I think that's where we have to get back to. Well in our final minute or two what is your future when you see the twelfth book of the road I've had -- so actually. I take it one day at a time. I'm as happy as I can be right -- books. I'm very happy that people are liking at the reviews have been. That would almost break my heart they're so good. And that makes me feel really good. So I'd like to keep doing exactly what under and play a little more with my grandchildren eight and seven grand children seven grandchildren or children seven grabbed. And an -- all turned out and I think that's that says volumes about this country frankly -- you can you can end up in prison. From the top of the mountain and you can go right back up. Absolutely I think this is a country of second chances. And I think and that's one of the things are counseled people I know right now you're about to go to prison you think the end of the world knows about their errors occur. That's not the case you're gonna have a second chance. It's what do you repair its second chance account. Make it sound so simple but it a real treat that problem thank you thank you very very much and much success with your books again. The host tonight 68 and tomorrow the Garden District six to eight web Hubbell when men -- Q thank you we'll be right back. Can't tell you how much I enjoyed meeting Webb -- So appreciate his honesty about his own life. And so thrilled for him that he has become the author that was always in them. And I can't say enough about the book I think -- thoroughly enjoyed reading it it's a great murder mystery but the themes are very strong and in this he said. It is about friendship it's about loyalty it's about justice it's about secrets. And and -- characters are are just tremendous. The name of the book when men betray. And it is truly a thriller and I can't wait to find nothing in ending. Which doubled. I hope you stay with this however for our next hour an important now it's one we have not done on this program that we needed to do. And that is an update on where we are as a community. And as a state fighting aids and there's some good news there but some heads up everybody. So stay with this and we'll be right back financial under the WL.