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6-26-14 3:10pm Angela: on staycations

Jun 26, 2014|

Angela talks with Lauren Cason of the New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau, City Park Chief Development Officer John Hopper, Adrienne Thomas of New Orleans Steamboat Natchez and Greyline Tours, and Libra LaGrone of Ogden Museum about things to do around New Orleans.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So you don't have a lot of time off this summer to travel anywhere and frankly don't wanna spend a fortune while let me tell you this is the hour for you. We're gonna have fun here you and your family can have a vacation at home. A state -- filled with exciting experiences and memory makers. Lauren case and director of marketing to New Orleans convention and visitor's bureau is with us in studio to tell us the latest on fun things to do. Right here in the New Orleans area and were also going to be talking with people from Ogden museum. From city park and the steamboat Natchez who also have some great ideas that were gonna begin with Lauren. And aren't we lucky to live in a place that people come to. They are so lucky to appeal to that it's enjoy the things that people have to travel on distances to generate -- our backyard and you know. They often say they'll be. Have you know. The amenities. A city of millions of population millions and we are fortunate to have you know we have we have about 370000. People who health care to live. Likely an island in the city of millions so Howell care we. To be able to take SE car and experiencing new neighbor had in the city or. And do things that that people aspired a cut and save. For a year or more in common and that and experience themselves so we're very fortunate and -- also gotten some recent recognition and MasterCard be remained. One by while it Hud dot com as one of the best places to have a vacation at home so. I think it's something that we know Reno is as local New Orleans that it's a great place -- -- from recognizing that. It's a great -- eleven experience as a vacation and self. No I think in a week thank heaven have all these wonderful visitors who come in and a island downtown so I love seeing them all but. -- be the visitor absolutely we can be the visitor and you know you don't want to put your head in the -- one night and say you know what I never did XY NC. Because it's here we need to do XY and -- if I'm. We're going to be talking to some of the city park but before they calling and -- of this wonderful things happening there. If you had a friend come to town. Or if you just said you know what I'm taken the day off. What would you do. My favorite institutions walker on the front corner and you just every time I DOS stumble across news new things new little shops -- -- Bookstores. Great rusher Ryan can't coast set. On a balcony you know open in my favorites spot -- tableau and several attacks and square -- -- just. Two different vantage point and easily. Easily have I think weekend. Busy in our data into -- that we don't take it payment of just sitting sitting down and duplicate her around and seeing all that that Norah Jones has to offer and how beautiful it is. The one thing that is on -- Hewlett this summer that I haven't done in a while on an -- and talked a nutrients in that. And take that accrues on T -- that -- -- yes. And we are gonna -- -- very excited about that but right now on the line with this. Is a guy who probably is one of the best jobs in the united states of -- and I really mean that. You work in heaven John hopper. -- You -- chief development officer for city park which you can't tell me that you just don't walk around under those trees loving every minute of it. Yeah you know almost any the complaints some excuse that you work in the park to get out in the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- An end you know it post-Katrina everybody says that the post-Katrina. That park has just become alive. It's on real which you've got going there that the new little putt putt golf course. Yet the -- and I would agree with you there shouldn't the market is looking at an effort. And there are just there's no limit in the number of things -- can do in the summer one quick trigger -- and -- -- Should -- putt miniature golf course. But it 36 holes and that's the great treat. During the summer -- Cabrera protect them and they'll play grounder -- -- call. You also have big people golf. We do. We have that in north court open. Earned -- by the end of the year these it will be out and accepted it on an actual call or. So from two years old to ninety year old well at call for all the. And you know needless to say we we talk about the magnificent trees but you also have. Fabulous gardeners I mean the botanical garden the carousel gardens. Backed by itself is a treat. And in the year. I think. Not everybody. That was in the botanical garden state in the last few -- -- opened up. We're developed a whole shape govern area. And it's just wonderful companies telling him but -- -- in a little -- in new war. Go to say guard in the botanical garden. Very regretful that it is just like it's under the -- a lot of mature trees. And it's it's just beautiful and -- but lasting -- Same -- of course our forest has. Has grown. Been -- developed over the last ten years and so now we're starting to -- -- an old story can. That report early in the morning in her later or on -- and that's just really. You and beat them on the warm Tuesday. And you know what else you have to attend the the gondola. We got a real open and unveil. And repair a holder not too long ago I think you witness 293. Proposals on his Condo. And not one person has that narrow. They never will let me they have -- their net hello. There guys guys and it matters to -- the asking. -- Want to make sure that the other person yeah. Paula Roberto economic bill as you know there really good track record. But it is such a beautiful site if you found I'm just reminded that LPO Louisiana philharmonic gives the free concert at city park every year which takes my breath away. And it is at the I'm sorry. -- -- -- -- That is correct but behind it is the waterway and here comes the gondolas and gondola. And I'm thinking to myself to that couple can they must have thought that orchestra was for them. It was such a magical moment. But it is a real treat to drive in that and I know a man who I would of thought is sort of a curmudgeon. Who had won the most romantic experiences you've -- hand it was such a beautiful story. But you have so much going there plus all the paddle boats in just walking around. Yeah on -- basically you can also rent apple. There are very popular. We have bicycles regular bicycle and accessories the side by side by all across so we're going to be very popular. And I can tell you next week on July record the only thing people should be planning to do is to come again typical rebel -- -- And we have the marine band for July 3 bullet there celebration. Japan. -- -- -- And then spectacular fireworks that. Are launched from the top of the terrorist. It's -- afternoon and the fireworks start at 90. We will be there you are wonderful John hopper thank you for everything you all do over there. Great place to take a vacation everybody go right up esplanade avenue and you are there. Stay with this we're gonna be right back and we're going to be talking about Roland on the river. Financial under the W well. Will we are back talking about the best place to take a vacation. How about right here at home first of all you get great deals sometimes too many things for free. And you can just appreciate what everybody else does who comes here. And we are here with them -- Lauren Cason and sorry about -- who is with the -- industry. But more importantly I think is a citizen and Justin gets it. But sometimes it is in your own backyard after. And just as staying at hotel overnight just splurge thing. And you know. Taking and taking the night off to stick and it changes -- Marion not have. You know that that scores are that things that you have to take care of on -- normal evening at home missions to treat and they tree. And another thing you know what we live on a river. We all look at it too which you know we need to ride at sometimes. And so well with the snow is Adrian Thomas is with new world steamship Natchez and the great line tourist. Adrian. It is great to hear your voice and you know I live right there I love that boat I watched and I listened to it. I see people lined up to go on -- and for somebody who hasn't been on a long time or has never been on it. Where can you take -- Well I -- the and the creek beach the river and a half mile. Our turn program come. Passes the -- -- goes to the bridge comes back to the dock. Billy is at night round trip -- she. Relief from everything. You get on you forget about cellphones -- He also ejected back. And look at your city from a completely different perspective. People are made even know the residents were under under sea level. -- -- on the and they realized in looking down into quarters it amazes them people constantly -- inmate. Now you also take care of the plantation -- to -- tourists. Oh absolutely we -- actually thirteen different two hours. And we do we didn't really found interest in sport local refined and things like of course the -- story we do that goes toward a little more. History day it's it's not quite scary theatrical. But we also do -- the original cocktail walking tour that was developed years ago for. Details of the cocktail. And it changes I have more locals who used for 89. They deal with friends. You know they learn about the cocktails we -- places that are well known around forever. And that. The -- and detail -- great flourish with their cocktails. And I'll explain industry government that we have new places they parliament -- on MT at a political. And for the culinary hot during -- that are coming up. See that we just -- and tournament on not long ago. And talking about this very thing about the fund and the art of making a cocktail. It's amazing nobody knew bartenders state they -- -- -- link and they really crafted cocktails. They just don't for the two liquor innings -- want to put your class and and there's a beautiful art to. Now I'm gonna go back on the boat because. You'll have they a jazz cruise ninth is that every night. Yeah but every seven days a week the only -- -- -- crews are -- -- Christmas Day Thanksgiving Day mark grabbed me. And then -- -- every day actually have a jazz trio on now on both our -- increases as well. Oh that's great. And then you have to Sunday brunch cruise. And -- -- and that's Sunday brunch cruise has really taken off. People are just so excited to be out on the river you know on a beautiful Sunday after seeing. Are you finding that more locals are going on the various whether it's a swamp tour this. We are getting more and more -- quote -- taking some time to their own entertainment sometimes. You know they have it marked the coming from the perhaps and neighboring car. Find more and repealing it and what I do is talkative people later -- that maybe I didn't know about there. Bury it. Eye opening for a lot of -- You know we're just really promoting the idea that. The world comes to us but we really need to understand what we have here in and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm not that Tony and someone and I think you know the -- potentially. On the strip for forty years. And I that the people go. I never count count to take a river rock they're accurate for -- -- ground here. Com and -- is that I can mean it you kind -- within Europe. Now -- wonderful Lauren is you're talking about many things. But she just on the she's been on the swamp tour. And in great -- experience just to get outside the city and and he he made -- paths. -- Thought it was really writing the first time that I don't get I would just in -- because I didn't grow appear that I've been here a long time. In -- to be out there and feed the different animals and that education. It was actually and I took numerous times that -- because it's all we -- in different. Well that's the bottom line. I can't thank you -- Adrian and again everybody who's out there saying you know what I am gonna take a little vacation in my own hometown. And I'm going to get on the river or I'm going to take one of those two hours. Thank you could you enlighten us. Well thank you okay. Now -- wanted to on the -- -- kept me I've not been that everybody knows -- Has been -- it -- -- to -- to write a Pacificare and you know and I should just talk and out of -- and I need to go on that's on and on but again. Fun and you look at the river and you know how lucky we are -- said this before but I was standing on the river and its years ago. With the man from Kansas and he looked at -- those. You know. We don't have this and it's. And I looked at the river differently after that I thought you know we get so used to it and yet it's a treasure and we should be able to look at our city. Which -- that the -- and down the at that it appears that perspective anyway think about it everybody. Take in your vacation home state here we have done more to come on ideas. For how to spend your summer. I'm Angela under the that it will once again we are talking about your blocking out the rest of your summer. The really wanna go -- a town do you really have that much time do you wanna spend that much money. What were voting for is staying in town and joining the treasures we have. And I think sometimes week we know what we've got with the zoo what we know what we've got with our fabulous area along the -- to the aquarium. It can't go wrong in sectarian if you haven't eaten a -- let it be this summer. Lauren -- -- with that she -- with the new worlds terrorism and convention bureau and to always helpful about. Other things we can do let's talk about the concept. A visiting on the ticket date and spent today in the neighborhood you don't spend time absolutely I think we all four. -- -- Think at the same thing it's in our experts are packed with same things over -- ever been experiencing something new and no different. Taking the time experience a different neighbor had magazine street you know wandering down -- -- -- -- -- -- happening upon all of their different little boutiques in -- you know it's something. Something unique for everyone and there's. You restaurants popping up all the time. I just -- great coffee shops account and then and have coffee year -- it's Ukraine you know that's one of my favorites. It I think packet at the -- day into the evening in itself you know -- -- great way to experience. And streets like oak street and for a street have so many. New restaurants in new things opening. You know music venues. They are talking earlier about. Just about every night -- the week if it goes to a different to different music canyon you know Tuesday night since. Re -- at them maple leaf. Thursdays and -- rebel upon time you know I think. Charming -- every Monday and then we have. Things in the spring and fall lake on Wednesdays at the square in jazz and Armstrong park cities are just incredible. Festivals and events that happened on a weekly basis straight here for us to take it and it's which is just incredible and so much of America although having their own special parts. They might have a concert a year -- they might have in music venue. You know twice a year effectively we've got it really every day every day it's just tapping into it and I think that that's part of it is. The things that happen everyday -- it's a different neighbor and you know it there's so much happening in that. The -- any empire water you know just the crescent park reopening and biking around that area and just exploring all the new restaurants and that are opening there around me and art galleries yes let me tell you saint Claude avenue. A couple of years ago -- here it comes to -- coming that and a little theaters that are there and they have their second Saturday. And the second Saturday of every month and their incredible gallery night and that are just open you know the last. On Saturday of every month which is the Saturday and Palmer park they have their crate art market you know where else can you go in and how all of these. Local artist -- your disposal in one place richest estimates and no I looked every bit of that tell us what's going to be happening. Because it's hot hot hot. In August. It ends it we have our culinary air annual permission of culinary it is our. Restaurant month so an entire month of August. Participating restaurants which -- Gathering -- -- right now but flasher we at 65 pressure answer participated but they offer a special culinary menus that is two courses front lines for twenty dollars -- last in three courses for dinner for 35 dollars or less. -- a great opportunity to attack count the restaurants that. May be -- on your blessing you haven't meeting matter you know are a special occasion restaurants that you don't think and test you know for an end date night. On the I just say a great excuse to take. Haven't trade. Lunch during the week -- you know it is a great opportunity to say you know for one week in August. I'm gonna go to the different restaurant five nights then and there have to be restaurant have been -- absolutely -- and great restaurants we have. Ballots sized -- stake. That nannies GW friends you know all of these greens are actually are tremendous absolutely. And then it's a great way to tie into. RP it's where singer and hometown campaign it's perfect for are talking about that far in great summer deals that. Especially and -- the month of August and September Ari can local hotels will have. A special rates for. Whereas for locals to experience. We have. You know -- tune in at different museums and again analysts aren't in a few minutes that just. They're taking their time to experience as like I think we. They maybe happen upon them for events that are you know stopped and they kept effort -- -- expect -- go and spend that day and actually exploring taken -- -- settlements. History and culture honor our finger -- We do and you just said the magic -- World War II museum. What a phenomenal thing it is and you're right spend the entire day if you haven't seen that film. Off you have really missed not talk is on the go on and go no go. You Moscow. And then all the new buildings they had continuing to expand its -- -- the wonderful restaurant and they last night the Fairmont Hotel celebrated a hundred when he. Years 120. Years. And they had big birthday cake is that it was very very nice and the victory bills the three incredible women who sing at the world were to place. Where there. And they are there is talented as anybody. And say you know we forget about that stage that is a beautiful venue. And it was uniformed. Just like of like a replica of what was started world war two -- so anyway there's just as you said there's. Always something to do. But think of the museum not just a while Disco and check this out go for the day. -- -- for the whole thing. Everyone stay with this we're not done we're gonna talk to the person from Ogden museum about all kinds of things happening this summer. I'm Angela on WWL. We are back with Lauren Cason and we are talking about picking your vacation at home. Yes it can happen here and all kinds of wonderful deals will be happening during the summer and hotels and restaurants and that's enlargement talking about. But we have so many treasures. On our streets. That sometimes we just walked by and people come in from all over the city. Including some of our very special museum's. Leave -- -- grown joins us now she's the deputy director and curator at southern music at the Ogden museum. I went to the that actually was the day before the -- an open I did a story for channel. It is such a precious. Precious gift. Of a southern art but more than that and sleeper tell us what you -- -- doing this summer. Create apps lately thank you that -- -- happen and it's wonderful -- on the stand today. Remembers that day lives here at the -- am really quite as spectacular and it very steamy day. And the -- cool on the inside of course. The -- to him a sudden are we need to focus on fifteen states that the American south. And that encompasses everything from contemporary art. Artists. For example on view currently on and it's from Atlanta Georgia -- these beautiful beautiful. Abstract landscapes that focused on big important. -- decades. Really really beautiful beautiful fantastic brightly colored expression. To. Collection which it could not get to was given Eric Rogers -- on ten. And we currently have an exhibition on view called sense of place Q. And it says a -- overview of all the art collection everything pertaining to photography. To. -- -- -- -- -- -- Through four really quite quite remarkable each galleries help that the story therapy and the south in the story aired it being so important to last. I'm we'd like to help with stories to the gallery. You also we're going to have. One of my favorite artist of all times. A very special showing of Roland -- on August 2 I'm so excited for him and I'm so excited for the museum. At the the people will come see at this man. What fifty years almost sixty years an artist fund nominal. Here we are very excited about Google it and don't work really vibrant. And the range of his entire life. An incredible talent on line and color. While gold and we'll be covering all of the gallery on the fourth floor we're looking forward to that that exhibition have been as effective. On August 2 test for quite mennonite. Like -- -- -- here at the museum and of course Huntley street -- free and open to the public. Everybody making parlance they're vacation spot for the about the next year we will be free and open the public and by that -- -- for -- golden. It's free and open the public is so I'm not sure. -- we are very and it into the public it and then you have drivers like that variety. And yeah that's the year in the state and I entry everyday. And I am I am on there. And that's that's great. That you also have -- on an after hours. Ours was created as a bridge between official and are. Very enthusiastic music community. That go more on so lucky to have such incredible talent. Just about every attempt at the so we created that is experienced but critics say it is free to museum members. And for all ages we haven't hit the activity it happened on the there orbit are. We have -- -- that becomes an insult her amazing outcome. And of course that we like music. Capital six. Six decades and -- and uses musicians from holocaust but now of course including our beloved leaders. And one of -- -- tonight. Problem Ali cannot familiar with him is. One of the best players players. -- -- -- it would be became for a long time he would -- forever but again this time and of course. Being that talented he has got great taste because he lives right here and yet. This is perfect and then. Next Thursday which is right before a July 4. You have the victory bills and last night we were just talking about how precious they are. And -- thing if you have not and the national upper -- him to see them perform. My goodness you should certainly can also it's like tired injured hands that the embrace here at the museum. And museum. Wage to a lot of collaboration with all of our credible neighbors to Contemporary Arts Center and national -- -- -- is that him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And so were -- a victory out here. To help celebrate. What -- -- weekend for the night into the creek channel. -- you work at a beautiful place very excited about all you're doing. And again another gem for everybody's gonna take a stake -- go visit the Ogden museum thank you so very very much. And before we let Lauren go one kind of final wrap up on some things. -- plan at the pass things at that's that means that it's constantly -- constantly reinventing itself and you know we now have more than 14100 restaurants justice which is just an unbelievable right he could try different restaurant every night at the entire life and I -- -- some really neat things that have opened that I don't know -- everywhere and has has discovered yet is. The new Sally Colleen something Charles avenue test as enemies in fact that there -- very in Thailand and actually take it tore. And see them making the Colleen and -- demonstration which is a crane activity for kids you know out of school right now and when a -- in need experience to govern and make Colleen. And then the -- history tour is you don't. We've been pleasantly surprised with they increased interest in their hands went you know. Movies that have taken in the past -- on the national national radar. -- in at things like -- -- and on people people are calling more than ever for the as it is really interesting and something you know. They do something that so intriguing to other people who aren't from here and I think even as locals we don't necessarily even experience that. On a regular basis -- and need need an interest in the way to learn more about album you know our culture and and and history and. I think the bottom line is is block out time in you can have some days off. Really block it out and pretend I am on vacation in the city I happen to live -- And I'm gonna go to this place for breakfast ominous stroll along here and and visit the shop -- go to this museum and go to city park in the afternoon at this restaurant night. Just disappear in a different kind of city and it'll only and to our appreciation of what we've got. What we've got is Lauren Cason and we really appreciate you. Thank you very much for being our -- thank you so much for having me we'll be right back. Again think vacation at home. Thanks so much for listening please join us again tomorrow.