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Jun 27, 2014|

Have you ever been a victim of a scam or a rip off? Bob has and it was a good one. ALSO: Christians in areas of northern Iraqi city are reportedly being ordered to pay a tax in return for protection by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Christians now are leaving to escape the prospect of living under strict Sharia law, the stated goal of the Sunni Muslim militants. We refer to ourselves as a Christian nation. What should we do, if anything, to help the Christians living in Iraq to escape Sharia law? AND: General Motors is preparing to recall another 33,000 cars. This time it’s the Chevrolet Cruze, because the air bags might not inflate properly. GM has now issued 44 recalls this year covering more than 20 million vehicles -- nearly 18 million the U.S. What’s next, recall every GM car that was ever made? Would you buy a GM car today? Do you feel safe driving your GM car? Do you drive an American made or foreign made car? What is the best car you have ever owned or wanted?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back the show I'm Bob Mitchell of course the real Robert Mitchell filling in for us -- tonight -- will be back I think Wednesday. Of next -- you'll have to put up with me tomorrow night. And then Monday and Tuesday but tomorrow night. We're gonna have a really really interest in show I think it's something -- -- if you or a pet owner. If you've ever loved the -- you're going to want to listen to this show. Because I'm going to be talking to share and Henry -- is a licensed clinical social worker and grief counselor at heaven's pets athletic club Metairie. And she will just be talking about how to handle patent you know I mean most of us. Look at them as members of our family and losing the patents and the family in the grief and sadness. And we're going to be asking how to to cope with your pet. And if you're in the situation we we have a much older and here you're getting close to having him make that decision. Which which we have to make some time. Which was terrible decision to make. Usually a decision you question yourself for a long long time after. Then you're gonna want to listen to the show right here's what's on our WWL -- table for the last hour. Our big date somebody -- -- -- opinion poll question new gun laws in Chicago. Require all gun sales to be video tape. And allows buyers to purchase no more than one -- every thirty days. And no gun store can be within 500 feet of school. Or -- playground now do you agree with that is that the Obama. Would you like to see all over the country. -- -- one won -- WWL dot com. Or you can call me at 2601878668890. It's heavily. I'm I'm I'm surprised that right now it's it's 5050. Most of the night. More people agree but disagree but now it's 5050. So give us either go online or call late at 26 year old late 7866. And -- nine point 78. I'm also looking broke have you ever been a victim of a scam. Or -- rip off and what got me talking about this. It is of course by now you know. KFC's story that there was no evidence that the three year old girl was ever passed by -- To leave the rest of the whole thing was a scam the grandmother walked away with a 130 grand. In donations plus a pre surgery I'm glad up for the pre surgery for the trial. But I'm sure granny will have to wind up doing some type of jail time to what got me thinking. About time that either gets Sandra got ripped often in all of a bench in a couple of times -- I've been ripped off and I believe some of the commercials on TV the one I just got through talking about forgot about you've seen the commercial where the the men and the women are and they got out there that can hear every -- is on the -- magic here -- something like that. It's an absolute piece of garbage you know do you buy one as of late. But wait if you order no you're gonna get sick when have you ever been stand oh what the comes -- that. In General Motors. As -- and getting ready for another recall. Another 33000. Cars this time was the Chevy cruise because the air -- but not inflate. Would you buy a GM cart today GM has recalled nearly eighteen million cars in the US this year. Would you buy a GM car. Do you own a GM car you feel comfortable -- it and what's the best car you have ever Colmes. Or -- those -- the questions I'm waiting for your answers at 260170. 866889. -- that this go to James -- -- laureate James. I definitely. I'm either. I'm doing -- -- James. Did you ever buys something off of TV York. You go -- -- -- you get something that promise you one thing and you'll love it. In the store or on TV and then when you get -- piece of junk. I heard yeah I didn't -- it you know -- Ordered that. I let them and so why they were guaranteed to work without batteries. -- eliminate. That and it worked in. Not a Jew holds. I'm looked at a lot of that. In India Hindu -- trying. Mind that the the plastic part on it. Broke with -- a week. The well it. -- -- It is. True that. -- do you think nobody. Like. And you mentioned emissions which is of interest and efficient storage. And I activated to that and he just couldn't. So I hate to -- -- And it's. AP package. Opener in acting yeah. Or something like that and -- is that it. Which would your key in. And I hadn't and I never in trouble. -- what do you think about this new gun law in Chicago Oprah devoted think it's gonna last you think they're going to be able to. I think this is gonna get -- world -- what do you think of the concept of if you -- on your videotape that you can only buy 130 days. Are now on I don't anyway it. I think people -- -- you know have a right now and actually in the life and but that that they need to -- different. That's a different place. There. And our enemy into it's -- Early gangs they don't buy guns they still -- bitter they bottom on the black market. All right James appreciate -- voting in. Payments go to Amy Amy Howard you. I am -- -- -- -- -- You -- stand on something. Yeah. Yeah marched. And commercial. That the guy has talent nine. All the different times than not it's on like early in -- right -- they're selling stores then talking. And they're. Pretty as possible. And those who want to have denied that that. This supposedly you can you console saw through a pipe with that. You know now he's cute guys say they have. Incident on -- really caring. -- and not a must've missed that when. You or you order the knives. Hours there's that kind of merit that -- likes 600 dollars worth and I blocked. It -- and China who. And anyway I item and they were. Like plastic and then. Now it is this kind of -- all -- you were supposed to by eminent try to resell them was that the deal. All you you were gone in the business for yourself. I didn't. I didn't -- in my credit. But it like there really equality on. I'm sure there's some people. And aren't as single and I think it equality. When I got. Dean has this. That is. Which a favorite car Amy that you've -- head. And the color. I like Lincoln actually. Only you -- executives waking up. No moral panic all right get ready go to bed then. All right Amy I appreciate you voting in okay. Thank you let's go to of the thread in Pascagoula how are you Fred good to hear -- don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I call it that. The ball for war. Dollars and not getting deeper toward -- world. What was the biggest -- -- So -- what -- -- I would get. Out. -- like it might try dignity you know Monaco. -- would you -- would you buy a GM car today. And eighteen billion recall it you know Obama. There. Olmert review -- -- build it. Into. An open. Some bunch of listen I wish I wish in my life I could be that broke. Yeah but you know -- view which future. Got a lot of -- of the wild there. Ma ma ma ma told about -- should mention now. -- -- adult skull so what do they had to suggestion. Law enforcement pictured here. Our own route two months ago worksheet and Kyle green one -- you know war. What to -- -- -- -- and -- it would -- you went through -- specifics -- you know line. -- -- it's one knock earlier in this world is. You are. Where they were ecology. And tell you that the detective problem with your computer you go to computer. Our way they colleague nick collier on the phone and tell you this. Chicago. That column. And ability to use to and so -- on your computer. You can network so you are column music or reasonable and I didn't feel like wooden sought just -- Peace and options. It is as. Did you -- them out of some of the protective -- The it should. Erupted. As well. Two or -- yeah. And -- it started out not rotten -- -- -- I'll. All the started flying -- social. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Also. Italy each and it. So an older digital -- Control. Girl. Out. What usually a little -- These numbers since you want to do you actually trick trick or all or actually. Which is -- -- oh yeah. Probably that -- world -- book. So -- as well government since I don't know expert he says. Oh well. -- meet. Compliance and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- what numbers. In the site number. One. Our market. -- read about below or any computers. Should sure. Terrible pictures of -- well you know Cuba -- over -- you know one. Argues. Well usually that's a huge. Number. And it will -- Your patience. Pieces that. It is it is. -- it. -- the real slow to keep -- Drug use your stuff yourself you know that. You've got that I appreciate your college in bud. All right detectives of afraid of Mary and David on a whole lot to deal after the break and we have a a few other lines open so you wanna call in and though we know pew. Ever bought into a scam Marvin ever ordered any of that junk on TV that you think is a good deal that you get at home. In the mail and it's nothing but a piece of garbage 260170. 8668 at -- only seventy and what's what's your favorite car. Of all time I'm Bob Mitchell in pursuit of the -- seventy WWL the moral skeleton for comic character and -- it's good to have a fund for additional cross -- and then after coming to New Orleans. Other groups -- performers today. That you think may have the child to be music icons plus. What did you do during the summer when you were a kid you -- -- school and 23 months of not putting nothing structured lessons clash with. A new study shows children benefit from unscheduled unsupervised. Time. Most Clinton team seemed to change the schools scheduled for summer schedule filled with. Supervised activity should kids have a lazy as a mark of one fill openings to do. And -- of the government ban over sides sugary drinks to help like -- New York. Lost in its attempt to ban lord -- with after the state Court of Appeals ruled it illegal right or wrong call joints -- -- -- -- Tomorrow morning six to 10 AM on WWL it's about Joseph Arpaio to go to Mary in -- of those dot your I mean David Europe next Mary are you. I'm fine I'm paint in Mac OK then I'll learn to drive. On one of their product at the embassy attacks while afford you know. Yeah Mary you still drive today. And -- drive. It would cost and you know back van -- back towards them and don't keep that ultimately. You actually drove one of those. Actually at about an hour to drive that car though the -- to crank it up. Dollar. Which would have to wonder when I'm in Japan that do you remember when you had to crank the cars in front. You didn't -- you know I mean but you pulled out in the back of the carts -- about. Mary did you ever get hooked up in -- -- some of the stuff that they advertise on TV only the get at a moment by the just to be an -- -- -- I think everybody at one another tactic empathize about the man suggests that it would compare them. And they have been on tap and that would come back to Iran sent out there in black candidate and that kid -- going through. The wind. By the government Obama -- Obama -- -- -- And she would. Am calling you name all ten -- while at its one point of the commentary Mississippi. And she can't. They didn't ask regularly. I don't want -- That is we'll tell me about well one of the -- you went through Sunday book that you got ripped off. I'll get consumers can make sure I'm -- I'm shocked that. -- -- -- you put it on out there. And it was supposed to be such wonderful. Somebody on television. -- -- -- -- That he's done fantastic acting. Yeah well you know I'm main. I've got sucked into a couple of those things that -- I don't anymore. Right because -- You know back and -- -- -- -- -- -- and the mountains and our people into what -- Buckeyes spent election but now. You know you could get out the back and win -- everybody on number. Where they dependable cars. That. Was the only one candidate and how to drive on cars and ma and yeah and you know what. Wonderful cars and then my mind that my father and I said and -- -- he -- an advocate for me. I did see a movie that they didn't last too long to Billy. On the in the company the company did that -- that could. Land a demand. And a beautiful. -- Jakarta early urged that number I think it was silent and kind of branch he. -- -- Mary appreciate your -- anything you want before I moved to -- And I'll do that. Thank you let's go to David -- parts of Georgia are you calling from David. Rome Georgia -- He had a little bit more ready or no question about it -- What else. And on public can't loan them. In battling it out you know Kyle. Biology. You you have any I mean with all the cars being recalled York afraid. Yeah Al BR Ronald yeah. What's if when you look back what is -- the favorite car you ever owned and did you ever named any of your cars. How will he act malls saw him -- I mean Korea and. -- -- -- on the radio. And I've written. Up under one. -- -- -- -- all -- 2000 entertain. Well. We're out on -- verdict on the -- your life easier not harder when I guess it was it felt might mean -- -- at all. Okay all right. Now you're about to tell me about a scam you went through to go ahead. -- -- -- That mobile. I'm a bit. I'll I'll go. What -- made on -- buyer program. Those minds and now -- the man -- created even more cheap. Well in the war machine more. He showed -- tired wars in their war. Follows dentist in. The library there as well albeit right now. -- -- -- -- -- And a your account all the more he can't keep our wall mall or what but I Wal-Mart. -- more. I won't get a call that it will no zones yeah. And -- involvement. But I you know -- incorrect Ian will come out. What happened and I asked him counsel wrote. Well after my life -- -- tell you -- imperial oil actor. How happy bill halter tops hop artists. Then we'll know it or not he she. I am well I'm totally confused where's the AM. I'm trying to about it is you know don't do -- what's the stand. -- All right I want some more my windshield. Doesn't matter how much debt are you know. An option -- Out. And I don't -- And Akron. You know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Wish he would try you know she's attractive. So until you let this woman that you don't know rubbed shoulders. -- -- You -- where's the stand coming in the -- you you voluntarily doing -- at this point. Right. Well when I got not much more machine and she looked down at the collective power is out. Well that's more of the -- rip off right. -- made -- they stole your wallet. -- welcome back next day and the size of the same women. Yeah why did you let them rub your shoulders again. What airline that in. Not a problem -- it out though you were willing to play the bog down in and -- a pre shoulder -- They -- this you know. All right all right David OK I think that's about my approach each. I appreciate you calling. We have we have some at at at. I don't know if that's a stamp on a host can do there. 260878668890. Its revenue -- have a a couple of lines open we're talking about General Motors. Preparing to recall another 33000. Cars this time was the -- recruit because the air bags. Might not inflate properly GM -- -- issued if you're coming. 44 recalls this year covering more than twenty million vehicles nearly eighteen million. In the year of wild oats and actually recall. Every GM cars every made so would you buy a GM car and I wanna know what's the best car but you've ever -- your favorite car that you have -- -- ever own have a text message here. I bought my last forward. In 2006 for somebody 500 books. In three years -- 111000 dollars on repairs and this excludes tires and oil change in 2009 about 2006 Nissan. Pathfinder with eighty -- 86000. Miles on it. It's the best car I've ever owned only bring it to the shop for maintenance and now has 250000. Miles. And run like new -- law more new American cars permit when we're talking about stands. A my ex wife was a scam. I guess that's it looks the Ford used to mean fix or repair daily. But I've had nothing but great toward my favorite was a Ford Explorer current one is twelve years old previous was ten years old. Have a bronco and -- With no problem 260187886688908. Suddenly you can. Call me and all I I also -- let me -- the opinion poll again. New gun laws in Chicago require all gun sales will be video -- allow buyers to purchase no more than one gun every thirty days. And you can't be within 500 feet of -- school. Or a playground. Is just a good idea. At WW -- dot com now. 52% disagree. 48% agree the economy and going back and forth all right let's go to Eric in -- how are you Eric. Aren't they don't go to William and -- But he wanted to know what they were Cole yeah just a little -- -- Well -- 40 am kind of energy act yeah. Or back and -- -- or my energy. Would be gasoline prices and four runs on natural. And that suggests. Just Villa but now. And the differences about edit range honey -- still little curious what do compressor -- and some are. And up and began range in price from 44 cents on up having a -- find out more about that effort now. How many miles per gallon you get on -- correlate this thirty. That's incredible -- I've hobby also I never even knew they had a natural gas cars that you could -- the draft to convert the engine on the -- blood of the dealership. No no they've been make it means I'm Pacific since 1998. Based -- -- competitors with the arm -- hoosiers and arms. Didn't know that I learned something tonight. -- -- -- -- -- -- Well Honda Civic natural yeah. As a main numb. I guess it's no no more dangerous if you got in that accident -- -- that the plan to vote on a regular fuel. I don't it's actually safer because regular fuel can -- on any of you are. -- -- Eric the midget your opinion first of all the -- to have you ever -- -- stand or ripped off by Bly in any thing. And here is adorable what somebody's sunglasses off the television. -- -- a noble and just talking about just this sort of a crawlers. That's the one that the the -- they show -- the the glare that you put the sunglasses on and everything's perfectly clear than it keeps up the UV rays and -- no matter what it would distort the crawler could put a bet that. So -- got a text message. This is an an and I think this guy is right. -- as far as the last caller the only one getting scanned as Jew he told your legs so hard that you're going to need it to. Crutches dollar 95 in the while I think the guys drug I think that that guy was standing me telling me. That the -- they let these strange women rubbed his back with and and let them steal as well a a a I think you're right thank you three of that to my attention. It's late. It's laid and it's it's easy to get a little over on me this time and I. -- are a big if somebody pretty jaguar opinion poll question is. New gun laws in Chicago require all guns of the videotape. And allows buyers to purchase no more than one -- every thirty days do you agree with the law like this. No not really. If if you had to revise or change any of -- gun laws what would you do. To try to stop all of these guns getting in the hands of the bad -- -- -- -- -- Think there's anything can do -- I think you might be right there appreciate your culinary. Art are all right -- lines opened 2601 late seventy. 866889. Point seven effect if -- -- right now we can -- -- right -- another text message Bob my worst car. Was a 73 Dodge Challenger my best car was a Buick Summers I've heard from very few GM -- -- story -- one guy called in and so he'd -- -- GM cars and that's what started the whole conversation all the GM recalls would you buy a GM car today. 260 late 7866889. The -- them to take a break -- and -- Come back with more your phone calls and your text messages to wade is a pretty much closed the melting right now subdue an opponent will blunt opened for you to 60187866889087. Let's get right to be folder try to get everybody on before midnight David in Florida are your favorite cars what. Cannot favorite car India or one bit. Add that it's ever wanted to order -- -- now -- and each step one -- EXENC. 200 and they keep out well why don't prop. While that is great that that that's right. What do you think about this new gun law that they passed in Chicago. Second Amendment in the Second Amendment as. This right will will not be released on that would debt. I do not think it. I do not think this -- is going to be able statement. Well straight here. I am not -- Foster gave away their right to bear arms you are right up violence increased number 80% while. Well. The back -- it is right here. I mean I travel around the United States yet eight it's arrogant in his -- American people and another thing -- expected that this test. Mystery that -- and it's got Kenny and doctor. Thank you David gonna go to Darryl in Tennessee Darryl about you your favorite cars what. In 1977. Four Panama public knowledge. It really long money manipulated the card I got a thing. How many miles -- list. On -- it up but probably what are wow. Not I had I have a 2005 Honda that I do not wanna get -- to Santa -- and have a 165000. Miles on it. And it just did -- like -- top. It's the right and keep on the. That's not you know it it it is true you have you changed -- all every three to 5000 largest -- car can run forever. Our ability somewhat sick right now and I don't think that the senate and what Fairmont over any -- Touchdowns at a tea chocolate body else. Sure it was not -- not to -- -- group of Ramallah on their what. Think of well. All these recalled from GM. Obama -- Sort of this year and they didn't get a lot of things going on the -- -- anymore. Thanks to download the jeans and James are you tonight. I'm drunk aren't going James what about you your favorite car. Well it to a nineteen trick the battery. -- on a Grand -- and loved. I don't know what to let them out now outlawed. Too good to hear -- then. Always that are out and get back -- and the a nineteen million Grand -- which. But James -- on the screen you -- and you've got stand on something. Oh yeah that -- Guys comment oh that. I get quality. Simple if you. And -- all -- -- -- And and he talked and talked and talked about not welcome to the column. He ignored. And now that you do and try that -- approving. -- okay well. -- -- -- the ground. And -- -- admit it. And all -- at the bill would give them credit card number floated it paid 200 day. All right -- -- what yeah well. Good deal. Now what about this gun law you or against it. Don't care who it is indeed it'd gotten it won't problem. That addiction Allah and the congress -- out of school. An act of congress to the -- you take guns off the street. That -- and they're well. That major -- on the did -- to -- I think that Chris rock and all of his routines that just just -- bullets so expensive that you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's what I want this Dick about it on the ball off. In all of a lower opening its. I'll be -- teacher I don't think it's feasible -- world. No like -- -- their -- I think it's going to be child is important room. If that goal and you know. -- on that column by eagle. David let me tell you what I think OK I don't I think you can make -- against the law to own a -- And these nut jobs who won a fund guns. They're going to do it and if if if they can do with a gun they'll duel with so little we -- the show on this all couple weeks ago. When you wanna do evil you're gonna find a way to do it. I agree that we achieve. You know it's something that -- you are correct on law. That what happens. In the conditions being like -- you know would have. What happened in Portland so -- a bowl oh. Or eight or -- -- goal where they killed -- follow. Other key and a bull crap people -- crimes to law. Thank you David gonna go to mark in -- mark what about you your favorite car is what. I had -- in that report more broadly used. And it was it was great to a great deal on it. At 111000. Checked it out of order to build on for the newspaper on yeah that was really cheap. But. The bottom I don't know but it poured out and all that until 2000. And I got a little Red Cross walkway by the current streak. Actually that. Beautiful. Three point eight liter convertible. Well and I and it felt like she felt was appropriate. -- -- electric. Well I am besides those in my care related I'd I'd forgotten about this and I'd the the other car ahead that I lost. I had I had a blacked. All black with black interior. Cadillac. Eldorado I had the last year that was made it was a beautiful car and I had this incredible sound system minute and I mean it. You know that the Porsche was the -- car the Cadillac was the luxury correlate a driver on reliable -- and that that -- Drove all the almost all of them alive wouldn't get element should say you have these other two cars that you don't use. And I lost both of an American of the -- Obama great cars. You know the beauty to that and I want to bought it use an -- blog that. I just determined that and call them. I'm with you on that mark -- -- -- gonna go to David in the world Wednesday but what about you your favorite cars out. There -- grass grabbed him and took the -- -- While. The men and the copilot and delicious. Don't look and -- it can and should you should -- and don't do that would do it took to shoot -- Them until like the last caller I'm at the point now that and in fact one. All. One -- both of those cars I come to the about time out when I bought the portion. It was a used car because they basketball player. Bought it in Dallas does just like 68 guy. And he bought it they bought it with eight tell -- drove over the top was down one of the top was upbeat could fit inside the car. People like to let him inadequate you know. Do. You pastor. Aren't. -- meant to. Be sure not to function. Just ask you guys out one. About you know you can look at them out. Did you have a good that he could. -- at a time that it wanted. To a couple of poor. Well -- To blow -- out there. Would be back. Absorbed Egypt. Unfortunately. It. I doesn't keep you get to the yeah yeah. All right David thanks so much I'm Bob Mitchell Ando I'll have something Victoria before go right after the break before ago I wanna tell you about. Master sergeant John vehicle -- -- he is an Iraqi war vet. He asked his friend Jeremy to while October's new home in California while it was stationed in Japan with the fans. But Holm was a major fixer upper because that's all the -- on a -- with sort of sport. Would Germany agreed to watch over his home though he had a much bigger plan and mine while Bernama was a one. He raised 70000. Dollars to complete the much needed renovations on the house. They gained -- programming. That named his program homecoming heroes. Would burn -- what -- finally return home last week a limo was waiting for them at the airport. The limo took them to their updated home. -- Jeremy said that no re turning and retiring US marine. Should have to return home to -- from us what. What a great now. Tomorrow night again we're going to if if you if you own a pet if you've ever had to say good bye to a net and you know what I mean by Rivera had -- you know bring them. That the Tibetan. They don't like the slate put them down so. Put on the sleep if you've ever had to do that you're going to be a while listening. Tomorrow night a right. That's gonna do it for the show one -- like everyone who text every one who called in north thank you big John to get it through the night to develop him really couldn't do the show. Goodnight and god blush I'm Bob Mitchell I'll see you tomorrow at eight on the big day it's seventy WW well.

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