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Jun 27, 2014|

Dave talks about soccer fever, charges for kidnapping dad, and tossed lottery ticket

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL offers news it's June the 27 it's 2014. And it's Friday yes this is the time when I have the honor. And pleasure. Telling you will come death Iraq. Today. And I do that. Wow we yeah. And what they do it now. -- actually do here on Friday because it's never too early to start celebrating. -- Got big plans for the weekend. Yes. Well will be putting those plans into action. On the weekend -- you can go well there whereas -- the weekend starts officially at five on 9 AM on Friday morning when I get to play a song for our audience let them. Cannot let there juices start falling get loose and get ready to start in doing things left means I'm technically working on the weekend -- or a condition. Yeah absolutely. It's the end of the week so it's the week and Syria and not work for the weekend when he did as a -- work only for the first. To watch a soccer game yesterday. Not really I was too busy talking to soccer fans to really see much of soccer -- yet we send -- to a bars at the rough life in around 9:30 in the morning we -- smaller to a bar. To go hang out with people watching soccer which end at 9:30 in the morning Chris Miller isn't a bar -- it's Tuesday. I would defend the cools over rob banks street mid city. -- -- yet -- had a huge crowd there to watch the match it was it was something they couldn't fit anyone else in the bar they had big TV set up on the sidewalk. They were spill off the sidewalk in you know the bar manager was to artery could keep people out of the street because they. You know they did get a block parties and we're expecting that generally do we don't need people blocking the street -- gonna go to call for probable so there try to get people back orbited. They have data a sister restaurant you know a few blocks away the bad asserts adding people there at all and so many people. Outside in schools to see the soccer game -- visitors like network capacity. You can only come inside to get a drink and then get out and even and you gotta wait. Until one person comes now also world you know with the fire -- to one another body and I don't honestly I don't remember this for years ago when the US citizens in the World Cup I guess they didn't make it this far there wasn't this much fervor I don't. It is for -- is a long time ago -- as we get older and -- memories fade it has to remember. World Cup generating this much. Interest. Any time in the past here in new Portland so where was the World Cup for years I have absolutely no it was you know who. Stayed Europe for further east than him and now overnight yet games happening overnight here are remember. This problem was going to be twelve years ago in the World Cup in the US it was do really well. But it was being played somewhere you know in the Eastern Hemisphere and so there is a USA match and it started at like 5 in the morning in South Africa four years ago told by Sheldon -- partners that would have been pretty early in the morning our time passed so interesting -- the news Il opening the everywhere again. Horribly. And Bobby Reynolds one -- I don't know how I feel about the fact I'm glad the US's advance to the next round that's pretty cool. But the fact that they did it after losing. A game get over at the and the previous game -- time. The saints have clinched the division on weekends when -- lose and nobody smokes like this. Where the play offs of like it would have been nice theater win but no it's opening as much as I've seen people mope about it is losing. To Germany. In its it would -- I guess it was the way that we ended up in the time in the previous game you know looking like we're winning until the last few seconds. Added time. I don't know it is it just a weird dynamic you win one game. -- tie in now that it felt like a loss and then you'll lose one and yes we advance. That nobody gets this upset with the saints clinched news. But division rival long -- it doesn't matter how you get there as long to get. It is. People this'll ultimately -- saints clinched the NFC because the Minnesota Vikings lost. A day after the saints lost a game no. In the play. While all of the season we're celebrating not lost but we were happy could be. You know and regarded the policies -- -- we clinch the top spots I don't understand all. People days -- -- you've you've turned me around this going to be happy we've advanced and I'm happy it's Friday yes we're probably gonna get destroyed by bill that we'll be right off the -- the next match either you viewers being so positive and now here comes the negativity was like in fifteen minutes more for broke the State's -- that. It's it's ingrained by Easter is no I'm gave donuts early edition of WWL for as is Laura -- -- your weekend forecast acts. The -- more soccer and saints what's where's -- -- -- decision last Steve -- that in more. Coming up after this WWL I am -- -- dot com happy fry today. 5:18 good morning I'm -- going thank you so much for starting your weekend here in the early edition WWL first news -- mandates that mutiny. These things. -- I don't really sing when it. Join hand with the finally Friday cannot talk through the ex commando better than this thing because I would literally chased away the audience and little -- that the forecast may chase away some of your weekend activities with the first part of the weekend. Active radar all ready this morning with some scattered showers from Lafayette down to the south soared even some spots north of the -- to go ahead and keep the -- close by. We'll keep a 50% rain chances throughout the day and highs in the upper eighties then Saturday's rain chances start to drop a little -- 40% -- to be a little warmer at ninety and Sunday worked in 92 with 820% chance for isolated storm. For the Eyewitness News forecast sinner and rolled just far Bechtel. Reported in several locations including -- days I'm Dave when it's the early edition of WWL first -- I love to saying. And I infect singing along with song Islamic favorite activities promise that. My ranges very small when I was in chorus and high school choir. I was noticing the baseline in the baritone lines and you know most angers are tenors even in popular music's it's not in my range but I love to do it. So unless it's my kids and my family in the car Malone on the -- generally don't but I really do enjoy it. And a really good good good Tuesday. That's actually like if I get to choose to come back in my next life I wanna be rock star than you mean. Can you do its thing and shower -- and -- and that's it and also Carson arrogance yeah I can't sing a sharp as I -- you know 3 o'clock in the morning at risk and I'd wake everybody up and then I'd be held its. If -- whispers. -- but when I'm in the car belted out man and I don't care who's around meets in May and I'm from and on the steering -- and I'm I'm gonna love thing and get them. It's amazing how I feel like the acoustics of the vehicle make me sound even better so I don't I know though it's. Not as good as something. I know don't give it doesn't offend me. They didn't play very well overall but they advanced in the World Cup and we're still waiting on the Jimmy Graham decision in the NBA had a draft but the pelicans didn't take part. A lot going on in sports on this Friday. Well good morning everybody and happy Friday the United States advance that the World Cup despite a one nothing loss to Germany. The Americans moved into the second round through goal differential. Following Portugal's 21 win over Ghana. US capping Clint Dempsey says it's gratifying to have made it to the knock out round. So great accomplishment but you'll didn't think that we did out of the group we believed in ourselves and now -- the knock us ages announce about -- as far as you possibly can go introduce some special. The United States will now face Belgium. On Tuesday. With the Cleveland Cavaliers he's the top pick in the NBA draft to get forward and -- Wiggins who averaged -- Kansas freshman record seventeen point one points last season. And is dogs came so fast though this time last year I just graduated from high school. He -- so there's times came so fast to me. With the second pick Milwaukee chose duke freshman Jabari Parker the 76ers with dense Nigel indeed despite concerns over his injured foot. Orlando used the fourth pick to grab Arizona power forward Aaron Gordon. And Australian product Dante -- some rounds up that top five going to -- dad's. While the pelicans made a move to get into the NBA draft. Sending the rights the last your second round draft pick Peter Jackson to the 76ers. For guard -- -- it. Who was the 47 pick in the second round. GM they'll dance on getting the six foot point guard who played four seasons out blue oval -- -- champion he's won a lot of games who works to bring him into the program. The 76ers and magic have swap draft picks Philadelphia though the rights to their number ten overall pick. No effort -- of Louisiana Lafayette to -- Orlando Magic. For the rights of Croatia's stereo salary -- who's the magic selection at number twelve but Milwaukee Bucks added LSU forward Johnny a -- the third to their roster. With the answer with a 36. Overall draft it. And Tiger Woods carded seven bogeys and four birdies for a three over par in his first competitive round since undergoing back surgery three months ago. Back -- yeah I had had no issues at all no not when it is no nothing missile fantasist models one reason why -- letting go on those two shots. I hit pretty hard out there. Woods is tied for 83 and in danger of missing the cut through eighteen holes of the PGA's Quicken Loans national at congressional. Today -- -- sports talk is watching a sporting event better in person. Or and tell the. Five point three Dave's gone Steve Geller with you on your radio that is a very good question it difficult decision for me because -- out and have the opportunity to go to games. And I enjoy the experience but. I really like my own fridge my own toilet my own couch and my ability do. You know and see replays and and listen to the radio and you know I like the whole experience but there's something about being at the game. I'll select what little cash I do have in my wallet yes that's between parking ticket price. You're out and -- and you're you're out a ton of money before leaving getting into the venue and -- once inside. We don't know the prices of you know between beer and snacks is jacked up immensely for me to it's tough it's a big game. -- what I would like to be there but if it's just the regular season kind of game I can definitely live with it at home he says super ball. I'd much rather watch a moment that the -- it will realize when that was here I was glad I was at home watch out I've had the opportunity go to Super Bowls that stands we're not playing it. And I would I was glad to go be at home. You don't miss the commercials. Economists -- item anyway. We'll continue this discussion at a later time here on WW -- on sports -- this afternoon. So is soccer. Now it's single elimination you losing your accident knock out round there's no more and more tock a more ties so they will and the going to overtime. And if that doesn't resolve things -- in to shoot death penalty yes. Finally we get the real resolution. Losing your -- we know who the US is playing on Tuesday yet they'll be playing Belgium. Belgium on Tuesday our way of play time to forget how good or bad belt and plenty of still our loss for everyone. Yes indeed that he needs to be able to argue it's like I've met march 4 -- when the Jimmy Graham decisions coming down we'll talk about this kid from Greg thank -- in the top ten in the NBA draft. He Steve Geller I'm Dave -- it's. Friday and you weekend forecast to me text messages now. Five point seven let's get a look -- your weekend for. Ask the wet weather is beginning a little earlier today so go ahead keep the umbrellas close by this morning all the way into the afternoon. Will start off with some scattered showers but watching for thunderstorms to increase later today. -- to be in the upper eighties tonight dropping into the seventies. Then Saturday. Little more normal partly cloudy skies -- -- 40% rain chance heights of ninety. And Sunday drying out and heating up 92. With 820% chance for rain. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist -- backed out. Light rain in -- and in Belle chase right now cloudy at the airport in Canada 7673. In slide now. And I coming up what. The ball and if you throw away the winning lottery ticket you can still win. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news at the 27 it's June its 2014. And it is. Iraq it and come on everybody's. It isn't. Yeah. -- do. Now you know not on I ninety like 1990. Friday you know -- -- -- In an accident. Would you rather have ground now -- -- -- Kind of makes. -- -- -- -- -- -- had excuses flawed because everybody dance and driving just can't -- All right so a big weekend at the theaters. One movie is opening -- they've cleared the exact. For one of wide opening its transformers age of extinction. That's the only wide release this week the only ones -- and I am deviant. Only. I think Nelson might really everything else is in limited release in -- to New York you know. Going up against current top five of think like command to twenty to jump street how to train your dragon Jersey boys. And mobile office. Chris Miller -- think that with the recast transformers with Mark Wahlberg now playing the lead. That the transformers scanned dominated the box office despite that yeah Shia LaBeouf who's been acting kind of strange lately. He apparently got a kick out of probably the last night for -- go get too excited. One trailer soft for optimists pro line the main transformer dive for those with a franchise maintenance -- -- the title is is riding on the back of a dinosaur robot. Carrying ace award another kind of under debate but Kumble. -- -- -- -- of that is that never. Dinosaurs that not he also towards there enough to make you know all of -- -- by writing a Dinah bot wielding a -- -- his sore. Will ya dinosaur world. There's a robot that transforms into a dinosaur does that stand now. Right nine days ago but spears analysis transformers will be number one at the box office. I have little doubt he's correct we will find out on Monday. In C at all. And attempted carjacking failed when three carjackers found none of them were able to operate operate a stick shift -- the manual transmission. That was enough to keep them from actually taking the vehicle. Nancy Fredericks and that he was getting something out of her trunk. When she turned around with the gun -- her phase three teens demanded her keys jumped in her car. And failed to move it at all. Couldn't get away today in the seventy year old was in tears she called 911 bit later laughed. One and cards checkers has got to it and ran -- tears of laughter electrical lines -- one and it had -- -- partner in -- attempts to drive it. -- burnout gears with blood. But it lands and in the white people file. And be a carjacker not a drive a car it's wrong you don't know how to drive stick man at his father. Some people suggested to me yesterday that this dad who got out of his car at a gas station at 1030 at night and Claiborne avenue south Claiborne. Left the car running and his two year old daughter inside a buddy of his is that another card just a little few feet away in the same parking lot. Dad ran into the convenience store about -- and the video WWL dot com is soon as he gets out of Congo's inside. The car thief jumps out of another vehicle jumps and his car and takes off it took all of about twenty seconds. For the -- to steal his car and kidnapped his daughter. The -- go couple miles away just put her out on the street in the rain and luckily no one ran over the two year old they -- brought the police station but. Sort of -- said the debt should face charges and I think that's an interesting question the police have not charged him I guess the DA a look at the case but. Alaska listeners tech made -- 7870 -- dad who leaves his kids in the car. With the engine running. The doors unlocked as he runs into a convenience story says he's gone -- to pay for some gas that is gonna pull up to the pomp. And and fuel up maybe he was paying for gas for his body was with them either way should he be charged. The question Lipitor listen. Details if they think the debt facing charges leaving the car running in the in the backseat. At 1030 at night and again. So see what people think about that thank you talk to you about fifteen minutes with more news here on WWL. And a famine that down. Oh god that he'll -- directed the Eyewitness News forecast and as they do it more name there happy Friday. Year. Welcome to the weekend. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We should all will all join again Aaron -- Frolic on into the weekend as one big happy family could the only exception dependent. On whether that spot on there -- I'm pumped he's a good kick and a mother and it just kind of been up -- She's she's not playing along as the weekend began in fact today more rain in the morning and -- seen all week. I know it's funny you have been talking all week Nokia carry the umbrella as for later today is downforce -- -- We'll go ahead get him ready this morning because we have off and on showers out theory the heavier rain west of us toward the up that bridge area. So the movie actually it started raining and several spot the whole lot more coming so today today where we can have on and off showers pretty much can have. Have a split where to start off with them often on showers this morning and then toward the afternoon looks like another. Line of storms will develop kind of offer our coastline -- start to -- far away. And says some gusty winds very heavy rain thunder or lightning all of possibility again came through a little bit later last night -- closer to 8910 PM. I think he'll be a little earlier today closer to the evening hours maybe 6567. O'clock or so. But expect another kind of round of thunderstorms for the evening the only difference today Europe and showers that we about their party this morning. All right and so we have rain pretty much on and off most of our day Friday into Friday night what about our Saturday in our Sunday. -- would start to dry out a little -- downpours around tomorrow but more so tomorrow afternoon little hotter tomorrow little -- rain chances drop to about 40%. And in fact it looks a lot drier so that's when he percent app for just a straight thunderstorm. CW that the heat will build back and it's going to be 92 on Sunday but -- -- to finally cut the act Sunday will probably be the dated. He just ruined everything I'll bet you we tell us finally the rain stops on some -- right now we go out again have a good -- and you know reminding me that now are you talent like I -- possible adult and you -- and practicing -- -- not cut in the grass is that what you're telling me I hate cutting the grass more than just about anything else than line. So yes that's what I'm telling. I have to say I helped my husband the Saturday cut the Arctic that it really gotten kind about it Olympic. -- love -- out right at that you start Wheaties and now I'll either don't want or at. I turned it on I got it couldn't even get it store and at that honey I think it's broken and it got a -- Used to push that. To its -- -- we will we don't have a self propelled mower why on earth do we not have a self propelled -- people like me. Yeah like yeah. That we you may as -- to have one of those look at the little wheel that you put it just didn't have a motor I quit right -- and I think it will -- that's ridiculous -- -- -- -- but where I'm not putting a lot of -- what do you think this this is not 1980 I did have trouble pushing this self propelled our. -- have trouble might have to. State's mind when I pull the little thing to make it propelled them wallow -- -- and chase it around the yard pass I need to find out -- like -- -- -- adults here you know we have a -- to kind. We are going out and gaining self -- it. Not Wear my John you got to pull the self propelled bar just a little bit. That doesn't go too fast then you're like chasing it you're running highlight run well -- -- -- the other way the way I was too and it is way worse I look at our act you're out there not a decision about more than -- it yet that might she likes the on the car and attraction to get -- -- -- that you went -- tonight you were done. -- act in the AC you cannot provide you with the proper equipment out of here. -- -- And let me ask -- if someone buys the winning lottery ticket with a million dollars. And throws it away. Yeah hey they should still get the money in it. Well to New York man are suing the New Jersey lottery. After they say they -- whether powerball ticket which matched the first five numbers and was worth a million dollars because the lottery was too slow in updating its web site. They say that after the drying later that night they they had the camera number it was old. Base say it was the wrong numbers they it's a timely manner. They say they have proof that they bought the winner of talent and play the same numbers and they also they know the numbers the serial number of the ticket that the winner. And they bought two other two I don't know notice that -- say they have brutal way but they were they memorize how they say they have two other ticket showing serial numbers that prove they had the winners. I don't know all -- -- if you had a million dollars through in the garbage can -- go back the bank and say. Will that threw away a million dollars and I get another million yankees which it out. You threw it -- and say that by the time they realized it which is just a few hours later in the trash and -- right past -- -- on its way to the landfill. If they have definite proof that I would think that they would most likely he's like a photocopy of actual ticket you know at the very least I don't know that elitist serial numbers and I. But it -- -- -- the million dollar and I might do to try to get the million and I guess that's true what would at this point at the other than a million dollars in a really. They arrived at permanency to this comic that is that lesson learned don't typically that night. Get a self propelled mower and dump earlier lottery ticket hit the help out a lot Lorenzo has propelled with a thank you are -- -- now live and direct from the Eyewitness News forecast with self propelled traffic at. Well self propelled sports. -- -- -- -- apparently it's just a little something to people get all the Disney jump around and jump up jump up and get down. -- -- Steve Miller had just obviously you know Steve Geller and I got veteran who outlook and what a match play I played everybody dance now and that it did instead of jump around Chris Miller got an upset against them text messages they go -- now we jump around. That solves. Anybody who was upset -- jump around a few minutes ago. Steve Miller Steve Miller what is don't wasn't me I don't weekend of really bad right now yes Steve Geller in -- sports and this. Friday morning good morning everybody and for United States soccer there is light at. After the group of death the Americans were able to advance to the knockout stage of World Cup despite a one nothing loss to Germany. The yanks were helped out by Portugal's 21 win over Ghana which needed a victory to unseat the US in the second round. Head coach Jurgen Klinsmann says now is when the fun really begins. Now we really get started once a group is done and another tournament actually stops for. Because knock -- stage is completely different ball game. United States next takes on Belgium on Tuesday. Well a pair of Kansas Jayhawks were taken with the first three picks in the NBA draft Cleveland used their first overall selection to get Kansas forward Andrew Wiggins. And Philadelphia landed jayhawks senator Joseph well MB with their third choice after Milwaukee grabbed duke forward Jabari Parker. Meanwhile the pelicans moved into the second round of the NBA draft to acquire -- the whole point guard Russ Smith. Heated dynamic players -- to two way player just wanting and we are excited about. GM they'll then says that Smith was was drafted by the 76ers with a 47 overall pick in that New Orleans couldn't pass up his defensive proud pop prowess. Knew where would send the rights to last year's second round selection Peter Jackson the Philadelphia. To complete the deal. You'll -- your point guard Alfred Payton was selected by the 76ers. But was -- then to the magic. It also happened so quickly that the cage's star was answering media questions about playing in Philadelphia. Before someone finally told in the news that he was traded to Orlando. The Milwaukee Bucks drafted LSU star Johnny O'Bryant the third with a 36 overall pick. The six foot nine forward averaged fifteen point four points and seven point seven rebounds last year as a junior with the tigers. And Tiger Woods is in danger of missing the cut after carding a three over par in the first round of the PGA's Quicken Loans national act congressional. Woods -- seven bogeys with four birdies in his first competitive round since undergoing back surgery three months ago. The leader currently is Greg Chalmers who shot a five under for a one shot lead over Ricky Barnes. And Freddie Jacobson. Four on sports talk is watching a sporting event better in person or on television which rather see it -- -- the superdome or in your own home. I'm Steve Geller with your early morning look at sport as it did -- has got. Philadelphia it's going to be great I'm looking forward to lips and you just actually he's -- go to Miami I think if I was told I was gonna play in Philadelphia than that I don't know I'm gonna Miami Orlando Orlando aren't even better. I'm go to Florida instead -- -- instead of Pennsylvania. I'm pretty happy. Yeah when I guess the that is very good though but the state tax I think is also in Florida. I believe less. So that's -- story about -- about getting millions of dollars -- what's the tax rate there I don't think without the threat I get a plan Orlando now at Philadelphia congratulations. New Orleans area kids do well on Johnny O'Bryant who played at LSU. -- in the second rounds some things that we had to pay attention to the pelicans did nothing in the draft. There is that when do we get this decision. On whether or not Jimmy Graham as a tight end or wide receiver. Is definitely expected this week since July 15 is just you know hop skip and a jump away and they have to decide. You would think whether he's a tight end or wide receiver to determine that franchise tag to set a base. For a long term deal is this that the opposition and had some meat. In the in grand scheme of things I've figured. You know Rob Gronkowski right now currently the highest paid -- and making it to nine million a season Jamie Graham all right you be willing to give him ten. He's asking for twelve meet in the middle eleven hey bing bang boom we got it. Be that simple but that's playing with funny money. Of course in the -- Yeah you're you're just playing with somebody else's money now -- rounds when you talk about the saints and their money in the salary cap and everything out and -- grant money gets kind of confusing thank you Steve -- talking about. Fifteen minutes with more sports here and -- BWO Steve Geller with -- sports. I -- -- very interesting text messages should that debt be arrested for leaving his car running in -- two year old in the backseat. And -- car being stolen at a New Orleans yesterday and your forecast after -- I'm happy Easter weekend. Forecast. On this Friday scattered downpours around this area this morning and watching for more thunderstorms to work and for the afternoon. -- to stay in the eighties today before dropping into the seventies tonight. Then Saturday's rain chance to start to drop a bit we'll see a 40% -- chance for Saturday after being at a high of ninety. And by Sunday were up to 92 with only 20% chance break straight thunderstorm. -- meteorologist Laura but now we've been asking you should the dead who had his -- kidnapped when he got out of the car the gas station to run -- from it. -- charges one person says yes he should be arrested because without it take my kid out for that reason most of that is child endangerment. Most of it's irresponsible he should face some kind of charge. Happy Friday ladies and gentlemen.

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