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6-27 6:10am Scoot, bands that'll be legends & moral decay in the US

Jun 27, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot talks about what current bands will become legends and if SOCCER is a sign of moral decay in the USA

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Chris I -- their World Cup gave yesterday between the US and Germany and this is another reason -- soccer is a little confusing to Americans you know we're used to things being different. Black and white. We lost but they were so which cheering because we move home. And I understand that it would be the same is if that the saints lost to game but still secured home field advantage. But the other day it will we tied Portugal it seemed like that was such a defeat such a loss it was a tie so. -- again and I I'm I'm a little confused about did the celebration of winning at losing in soccer. -- no celebrating that we lost. On it it just it that's the way it seems like all right yes we're well removing -- but it appeared as if they were celebrating that we. Not celebrating that we lost but it that was in practice it even matter that we lost because where we're moving on which is a really good thing. If you -- join our show this morning with a comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- -- number is 87870. And culture she used the conservative pundit and so author and tissues are quite often on fox and Fox News Channel. And culture she's got a long face long blond hair. In her syndicated column that was published before the US played Germany yesterday. And Coulter wrote. -- the growing interest in soccer. Is a sign of the moral decay. Of America while surely doesn't like soccer she -- soccer is bad. Because liberal soccer moms like it some games and in a scoreless tie. You can't use your hands. And it's four. She said that no American whose great great grandfather was born here. Is watching soccer. And -- went on to say there are no heroes. There are no losers there's no accountability. No child's fragile self esteem is ever bruised. And she said there's no prospect. Of personal humiliation. Or major injury so soccer really is in the sports. Indeed this is outrageous to me. Not that Ann Coulter hasn't said some bizarre crazy things in the past because she passed. And I've -- talked about it here deputy bureau. But -- in Coulter saying essentially that the growing interest in soccer is a sign of moral decay in America do you agree with that. And if soccer is it -- interest in soccer is a site of moral decay in America what -- Might be a clear sign of moral decay in America. I'm studio for Tommy Tucker if you rejoice for your comment this morning on numbers 260187. Toll free 86688. -- early seventy and a text of it's a 7870. I've got another pair of tickets to giveaway to see Crosby, Stills and Nash in concerts -- theater. Saturday night's August 23 delisting for one of the when -- with document the number if you be caller. You win tickets. And I think it's usually get pristine and all these years later after giving away tickets to concerts like Crosby, Stills and Nash rulers during a morning radio show what music -- years ago. Iran doing a talk show giving away tickets to Crosby, Stills and Nash so they're still doing it and I still do it. And it made me think about. The performers today -- any of them actually. Grow up and become legends we're gonna talk about that -- -- radio up and listen to this for just a moment because this is what you've been working for its Friday and we are heading into the weekend. Rain is on the way for New Orleans I'd see it on radar right now if you are to the west of the city you might be in the right now I know that Lafayette genetic tiger part of the state to Baton Rouge are getting some rain. And it is to the south of the cities have yourself a New Orleans during that rain right now remember to turn your lights on if you're in the rain that's -- I think that we have to constantly remind people want to some people just don't understand it and I don't understand points of people don't understand it. The -- blog today is titled band on big sugary drinks of victory for personal accountability. You know and former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg proposed to the there was a ban on. Sixteen ounce drinks anything over sixteen ounces. Sugary drinks. A lot of people thought oh my god this is terrible -- but it really never went into effect. And it's been challenged by the -- I never thought that this was constitutional. And there's a ruling from the New York Court of Appeals that says. It's unconstitutional you UT can't do that it's it's illegal to ban the sale drinks over sixteen ounces. First of all in an effort to fight obesity banning sixteen -- I always thought was kind of ridiculous idea anyway because if you wanted 32 ounces. There was nothing that we stop you from buying. 216 restaurants. So it really wasn't gonna do what it was supposed to do and to me this is all part of the creation of the nanny state in America. Now looking to the government. To tell us what to do looking to the government to decide what we consume what we do what we what we want action consume as far as food and drinks and entertainment and everything is concerned. So the -- legacy is really about how this is a big victory for personal accountability. And that's on our website at W if you will dot com you can read it this year with others who will talk about that little bit later in the show. Here's a WWL pretty general opinion poll do you think there any current new vans or performers. It will become legends. In a Crosby, Stills and Nash legendary still perform today. Rod Stewart. Paul McCartney if there are so many iconic stars from my generation. That are still performing today are there any young new talent -- stars today and not necessarily. Totally young but are there any rather new. Contemporary. Current pop stars who do you think has the talent and the ability. To make it into the future to become legends that's or WW a pretty genuine opinion -- give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. And also this morning we'll talk about it those bands that that they continue to do well. In my parents thought The Beatles were passing fat. Mean meeting my dad who is seriously into big band music in chance in and all that. My -- really thought that rock music was a passing thing. And at one day I was gonna grow up and like the music that he liked. Now while light appreciate. Frank Sinatra while I appreciate a lot of the big dance stuff but a lot of the music that my dad liked. Rock music was not a passing thing. And now the baby boomer generation. Is the establishment. And as the original anti establishment rock generation. We've carried that music with us and there are so many performers who. Art are still performing today and I find that to be thirty comfort. It's a feeling of security to know that these people are part are still -- and they're still doing it again like Crosby, Stills and Nash. And we'll give away a pair of tickets at a concert there Sanders theatre Saturday night. August 23 coming -- I guess we'll do that in the next hour was in for the song of the what you width of the about the number you're the caller a Buick tickets. So for the stars today who you think has the talent. And the ability. To become legends in the future. Sort of the the Crosby, Stills and Nash of the future will will there be somebody in my position. I might even be doing it thirty years from now I'd be sitting here giving away tickets to performers today. -- that that that state around it became became really popular and legendary. I've you can join our show -- the comment by -- 2601870. Toll free 86688. Ninths hear what's happening -- ever. Is 870 -- and also we're talking about Ann Coulter the ultra conservative pundit and author. She says the growing popularity of soccer is a sign of the moral decay of American. -- series. Anybody who is a conservative. -- Republican. Should in my opinion denounce and culture. Because. This is the kind of stuff that taints the image of the Republican Party if people don't stand up and say this is absurd. She is. She is a spokesperson for the Republican Party like it or not she is representing the Republican Party. -- so if if if the popularity of soccer. Isn't a sign of the moral decay of America what do you think is another sign of the moral decay of America. And don't be afraid -- fund that's. Our numbers 2601878. Toll free 86688. Points nearly seventy. Our text is it's a pretty -- You're text your comments coming up next it's 642 might -- in -- Tommy Tucker here's Gerald Robinson and a WWL traffic up. A lot of people with a baby boomer establishment which is my generation -- don't think that they're ready current stars who have the ability and the talent to go on and possibly become legends. I think Bruno Mars is a perfect example of somebody who may not be as seriously -- brutal Mars -- May end up being somewhat like staying at a my generation. Guys great talent on very creative and always. Seems to -- percent. Something it's a little bit on the edge not just totally following -- -- have a lot of respect for Bruno Mars got a text about it just a moment ago. I would agree that he is among those will will do this throughout the show this morning. Here's texted -- Texas here's -- W -- project opinion poll. Do you think there any current bands or performers that will become legends. 57%. Saying no. 43% say yes. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com context here snoop dog that somebody else that I thought -- I do think that he has the talent and ability. To to -- -- -- -- -- now but to be election even into the future. Conservative pundit and author Ann Coulter moment though long face and long skinny face -- long hair. In her syndicated columnist published before the US played Germany yesterday World Cup -- culture wrote that the growing interest in soccer. Is a sign of a moral decay of America. Soccer is bad because liberal soccer moms like it some games and that a scoreless tie you can use your hands and it's four. She said there are no heroes. No losers no accountability. And no child's fracture fragile self esteem is bruised. Do you agree -- -- The issue right. Magazine -- his opinion about soccer reflect the -- the Republican Party and their culture is right that the growing interest in soccer. Is a sign of the moral decay of America what else do you think is a sign of the moral decay of America. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. In a -- amber is -- 77. Here's a text teen pregnancy and generational warfare no morals. Here is another text if soccer is a sign of the moral decay of society. What is murder a sign of the apocalypse. Here is and other text the far right of the Republican Party is clear proof of the doom of American culture. And morality. Here is another text every time Ann Coulter voices her opinion it is a sign of moral decay. What are the other signs of moral decay in America. Somebody senator text ethanol gas. Here's attacks about if you're if you're traffic. This is westbound on the I ten before -- -- bull Ford the year according to this text the year. He's a tire debris in the road at mile marker like 252. Headed west. I ten westbound. A the issue boulevard due to -- dump truck blow out so be aware that it -- you've got to. Problems of the body -- -- if you're in that will have an update where -- coming up in news in just a few minutes. I'm here is a text moral decay screwed it's you so I -- mention this as one of the signs of a moral decay in America. That's a compliment. And I here's a text. That reads. And and culture and her cohorts. Are the reason that I changed from register Republican to independent. Up until six years ago I had never voted for a Democrat. I voted for Obama twice. I do think that people like and culture the extremist. Since they're not. Generally denounced. In a very emphatic way. When she says just really ignorant far right thinks I think that hurts the Republican Party. -- -- for Tommy Tucker it's 630 will be right back with more of your comments on this Friday morning rain is on the way here's a WWL news updates we've Christmas. Among other things on the show this morning we're talking about the performers today. And in recent years that you think. Have the talent and the ability. To maybe be legends in the future for young generation today this comes to mind because it giving away tickets to see Crosby, Stills and Nash at the center theater Saturday night. August 23. I've got a couple of text by Jack White White Stripes. And I would agree was recently this anger -- I'd had a -- chance to go -- -- -- we just an amazing. -- subject like John among those who perform today. I could have the ability to become a legend in the future. I -- is another text John Mayer is a modern day Eric Clapton. And I'm getting and a number of text about a Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake. -- Pearl Jam legendary already I would I would agree with that. We're also talking about and Coulter the conservative pundit or Alter. She says the growing popularity of soccer. It's a sign of the moral decay. Of America. Really. So what else do you think is a sign of the moral decay of America. Just got a text here that says comb -- Florida. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No this is the kind of stuff that she says that she's really serious about it. Here's a text that read says scooter agree that and cultures comments are -- bit. Out there but would love to he years son outrage -- crazy far left pun -- Melissa Harris Perry comes to mind. I don't mind doing that either I don't I don't care who makes the outrageous comment whether right or left I'm happy to talk about it. And again I I think that those who make these outrageous statements need to be denounced. By the group that they are supposed to be represented. If you wanna join our show with the comet distorting our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- early seventy. Enter text number is 87870. Here is a text and -- obviously an ignorant person. She should try to point hurry year old son into a soccer game. And to go to position. With his team with his team winning. By two points. Not exactly sure what that the point is but there are a lot of lessons to be learned from soccer. And I also like what she says about how soccer. Is it really a sport. Because she says there's no prospect. Of personal humiliation. Or major injury. Therefore it's not a sport. Well there are other sports like. Games considers sports like golf that I think would fit into that category as well. I hear is attacks and other text saying -- you or the moral decay of America. You know what I think that's amazing. But I would get that kind of attention here's a text that you think any bands. Today don't think any BS they will be a legend. But -- relations skewed to remember you performing a skid at holy cross pep rally. In the late seventies yes. I still get comments about that -- on the details of which are still in the hands of the authorities. Here's -- Daytona WW party jaguar opinion poll do you think there any current bands or performers it will become legends. 58%. Say no and 42% say yes give us your opinion by going to our website WWL dot com. -- text about and indications of moral decay of America. Check out the a self checkout lines that Cuomo. Here's a text reality TV. I believe it is attributed it to the dumbing down at this country. -- reality TV. Contributed to the dumbing down of America or does it reflect the dumbing down of America. I'm skewed it's time Tucker's decision John Mayer. And he is a fight guitar player and I think that he does have the talent to perhaps become a much in the future it's 642 and will be right back on this Friday morning. Under -- WL. They're almost like -- now. There certainly. Rather new band they're certainly not part of the advanced in the sixties and seventies that had become iconic legends today. But Pearl Jam -- -- is abandoned any better they have a lot of talent and they will continue to be elections for a young generation. God takes a moment ago from -- said that there will just never be another game changing bands like Nirvana. And we haven't seen one. Nevada was the first band to really change things from what The Beatles had started in in the sixties and -- whole British invasion it started. And that was the music of the baby boomer establishment as it got older and their kids. I'm. They're kids I guess you could say invented the whole growing sent the alternative floor which was the antithesis. Of of what had been established by The Beatles so it's it's interesting how every young generation sets the standards of styling and talent. And they are so many people today who think that they're just know young rock stars today no pop performers today. Who had the talent the ability. Two of the legends in the future here's an update on -- WWL pretty -- opinion poll reflective of what I just mentioned. A do you think there any current -- performers that will become legends. 62%. Say no. And 38%. Say yes. I here's a text what's good you're not the moral decay but it intelligent objective opinion -- voice of reason love you man thanks for thank you for listening. Yeah I get a takes a moment ago that time part of the moral decay of America were talking about Ann Coulter who said that they're growing popularity of soccer. Is a sign of the moral decay of America's so we're looking for the other signs of a moral decay of America if you at a -- -- with a comet this morning are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668. A nicer way -- Texas a 77. Here's a -- moral decay of America Obama is attacks have always thought Ann Coulter should be dropped off and -- -- one of the most dangerous places. And just forgot. And as we continued to talk about. Reformers today. It will become legends. I got a text about this and I totally agree with this and I'm gonna share with you. Version of a classic song that she did. I had no idea this before today. Had this kind of vocal ability. It's pink. Pink has the talent. And seems to have the foresight. To be a legend in the future. I heard pink singing. Somewhere over the rainbow. And I had no idea. -- this kind of voice. Here's part of pink singing somewhere over the -- -- any question that beyoncé has the talent has the ability to perhaps be elections. In the future for today's young generations. I've stood in for Tommy Tucker there's an accident on the body carries spillway gates say it's ugly. And it actually it looks like they're shooting a scene from. A sequel to the day the earth stood still -- to yourself here that traffic just hang on eleven of the traffic of the -- -- -- to -- -- -- In just a few minutes I just got a text from one of our account executives to -- nearly Versteeg. -- -- does a sprinkler as the premier fitness center and she just to send me text just got to spin class and used -- on site and spin class. I'm here's a text Dick -- They will be legendary I I agree with that that's a band that's very very talented guy attacks a moment ago it's a Bon Jovi. So consider Bon Jovi already election even though not from the sixties and seventies still Bon Jovi so elected. Talking more about some of the -- performers that so many people denounce. Saying that this new music today it isn't gonna make it it did. It's it's it's it doesn't have the and it doesn't have the quality that music in the past and performers to date don't have the talent to one day become legends. And again that's the same thing that our parents set about The Beatles and The Rolling Stones in the annals of all of those bands and in the sixties. I do you think there are any current bans are performers that will continue to be elections so that will ultimately become elections. That's a WW a pretty general opinion poll 61% say no 39%. Say yes. And give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com discuss blog is titled band on sugary drinks. A victory for personal responsibility. A ruling in a New York Court of Appeals. Says that. The proposed -- New York City on oversized. Big sugary drinks. Is illegal. And I think this is a great victory for personal accountability will talk more about that coming up. In the next hour we've also been talking about and Coulter the conservative pundit who says that the popularity of soccer. Is a sign of the moral decay of America. So. What would be another sign of the moral decay of America hears -- -- assess legalization of marijuana. Here's a tax the Internet is a sign of today's moral decay. How can you blame the Internet. It's not again that would be like blaming a gun for a crime. You know there are people who -- blame the Internet. For problems in America problems with with today's youth. It's the youth it's not the Internet. That's equivalent to blaming a gun. For violence it's not the gun is the person who uses the gun. It's not the Internet. It's the person that uses the Internet. And think about it think about the people who were devout Christians. Jews. Who who use the Internet for their research. Who use the Internet to find what they want. So you know while there's a temptation to blame something like the Internet new technology. It really isn't there really isn't fair it's the person. Not the product. If you enjoy pressure with a comment on numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- number is 87870. I got a text stepped from the guy who sent the text the other day. About how their may not be legends in the future. Which -- -- conversation I'll read that text when we come back more coming up right after the news in your butt to get another traffic update on what's going on the -- -- -- we'll be back.

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