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6-27 7:10am Scoot, moral decay in the US? And personal repsonsibility

Jun 27, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot takes your calls and talks about whether there is moral decay in the USA

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning at 709 of studio for Tommy Tucker today it also I think Monday and Tuesday as well that Tommy will come back into yell about his trip to Ireland. Chris if your kids and got to the point where they're showing an interest in in music and and popular performers today. I yell out my my older son was really impressed by Bruno Mars is halftime performers during the Super Bowl as well as -- really enjoy it here. So they're starting to show signs of being active in the performers. Is this it occurred you that that some of these performers today like Bruno Mars and I think he's among them will go on to become a legend. Like. The elections that are continuing to perform today Crosby, Stills and Nash Paul McCartney Aerosmith. Sure anything's possible you know Bruno Mars as a potential maybe. This is so they would be talking about of the shows Maureen actually came up earlier in the week when I sort of giving away tickets to Crosby stills Nash and and by the way listen for the song love the one you're with. On TV chance to win two tickets BV caller I'll give out their -- line number and you'll win tickets to the shows Saturday night's August 23 -- -- theater. And I just thought how interesting it is that all these years later I'm doing a radio show in -- giving away tickets to Crosby stills and national. I'm still doing what I did years ago and Crosby stills Nash instilled in what they did years ago. And I get a lot of a lot of comments from people. Just totally denouncing today's music saying that there are no performers today with the talent. To make them legends in the future for young generation and how and that really is -- they also tell you get off their long. Double that I think that is that they that they -- me that is well. And so we're talking about that this morning if if you could think of somebody we haven't mentioned yet and for those -- you have just joined the show will mention some of those that have already been mentioned. We're talking about performers. Did you think you have the talent not to be legends in the future. And that's or WW -- pretty general opinion poll do you think there any current bans are performers that will become legends. 65%. Saying no. Only 35% say yes. Law and give us your opinion like coach from a -- VW -- -- -- I remember those guys and you know what I was the kid who was always good on their long. Well I was an antagonist then and I guess not much as soon as change here's attacks. Morning -- I was the one who sent. On the Adam -- text the other day that started all of this. I would like to make sure is that we don't confuse relations with one hit wonders yes some songs will always be in rotation. But that doesn't make the artist behind it legendary I totally understand that but. You know The Beatles and had hits and nobody knew my parents' generation did note that they were gonna last and become the legendary band that they became. A Bruno Mars has a number of -- I think Adam Levine of Maroon 5 are among the relatively new groups. That that have the talent and ability to go on and become legendary epic -- -- Levine is going to be performing thirty years from now. Maybe with Maroon 5 maybe as a solo artist in awaited staying Isp is performing today. And getting a number of text about fu fighters and I I would agree with that date -- Foo Fighters they definitely has via the talent to -- legendary in the future. Here's the text -- Kings of Leon. And Marcus Mumford -- condom -- if you're gonna join Russia with a comet -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. Protects a receipt 77. -- also talking about today and culture of the conservative pundit who says that the growing popularity of soccer. Is a sign of the moral decay. Of America. So what would be another sign of a moral -- of America's something else we're talking about. And a ruling -- in New York Court of Appeals. That says a ban on large sugary drinks. Is illegal. That is a big victory for personal accountability. Talk about that when we come back. -- scoots into Tommy Tucker this Friday morning it'll be back if you well. And there should be no question that Justin Timberlake -- is the musical talent and the just the ability to have the foresight in what he does it -- what he's gonna do in the future to be a legend in the future for today's young generation. It's 779 scoots in the morning in for a Tommy Tucker there is ringing to the north and south of New Orleans and southern Mississippi a lot of rain. Also a general grand isle but all of that is moving up toward the New Orleans area they'll chase is getting -- so. If you're not in -- you're going to be unity and a good chance of rain all day today sold the bad news is it's a rainy day. The good news is. It's still Friday in the beginning of the weekend here's an update on our Debian you'll pretty. 57% saying no but now 43%. Say yes. -- opinion by going to -- web -- WW real dot com here's -- moral decay sagging pants. Withdraw -- hours hanging out. A sign of moral decay in America were also talking about comments from from Ann Coulter saying that the growing popularity of soccer. Is one of the signs of a moral decay in America and I've totally disagree with there will tell you more about what she says in this article that she actually wrote. Almost the day before the US -- Germany yesterday in World Cup soccer and I I still find it interesting that that the United States lost. But there was so much celebration because we are moving on -- competition in Germany is a very very good soccer team. A ruling by New York -- a Court of Appeals. I think should be celebrated as a major victory in the battle to keep government from invading personal lines. The court ruled in New York City that the proposed bank and from former mayor Michael Bloomberg. On all sugary drinks over sixteen ounces is illegal. Now Mayor Bloomberg was promoting ways for the government to control decisions made by individuals thinking. That the government knows what's right for people in their for the government should should -- Something like a drinks over over sixteen ounces. This was a way of fighting obesity. But it you to -- this was just an absurd. Proposal. I never thought would happen and there're so many people who thought that this already went into effect but it was immediately challenged in the courts. What do -- a personal responsibility. -- a sailor sugary drinks over sixteen ounces wouldn't stop somebody from drinking too much sugary soft drinks. Because if you if you if you ordered 32 ounces you despite two. So. It doesn't even make sense that this would have the impact that it's supposed to. And attempts to pass laws that replace the personal responsibility of individuals. Don't achieve their goals and I think they're actually dangerous. Because if we go through life thinking that well if the government doesn't panic and must be okay. When it comes to consumption. Food drinks. Even entertainment. The government is subliminally sending a message to its citizens that. If we don't ban it that it must be okay. And the more the government gets involved in banning things we developed this false sense of security that pay well if it's legal that it must be okay. And I think that's a really dangerous trend in this country. Mean to government should continue to educate citizens about things that are bad -- that are good form. But citizen should be encouraged to maintain the responsibility of making good decisions themselves. It seems as if our government with the support politicians and many citizens. Our continuing to a broad the importance that we should all have for personal accountability. Decision should never be based on whether something is available. Decision should be based on what is in the best interest of the individual. If you wanna join Russia with a comment this morning are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- here which every Texas State 7870. We'll continue this conversation when we come back all right there's a traffic problems out there it's 720 and here's Gerald Robinson. With another WWL traffic updates. One of the new -- that shows signs of having the talented I think the ability to go on to become legends Tony thirty years from now is this man. The -- dragons. I'm -- for Tommy Tucker it's 7:45 and Friday morning if you're stuck in -- traffic on the Bonnie Carrey spill way new owner. I share your frustration -- this or just vent to you can call -- show also is is everybody behaving in the traffic is anybody doing anything they shouldn't be doing. You know our number 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seven -- tech's number. It's 877. Among other things we're talking about ten performers and advanced a popular today with younger generations that. You think we'll still be touring and will be popular and become legends in the future like many of the bands that. We're still listening to and we thought about this because of the Crosby, Stills and Nash. There -- gathered to -- this anger theater Saturday night's August 23. The beauty giveaway appear to itself sometime this hour listen for the song love the one you're with. Here's a text that reads. A bad influence and removing prayer from school and removing the ten commandments from our courthouse walls is a sign of moral decay. Here's another text the moral decline in this country is because of the lack of personal responsibility. Someone else will take care if you. And it's someone else's fault. I agree with that. There was so much going on in this country when prayer was removed from public schools. That I I realize it's easy and convenient. To blame the demise of America on something as simple as removing prayer from public schools. But that it's really not the thing that's to -- And I I think that we can all agree. That. Prayer in public school is not gonna change the people who weren't getting the support from parents. That they should be getting at home. Singapore think about all the kids they grew up to become serial killers. Think about all the bad people who were part of the baby -- step bushman. Who went to school instead of prayer every day. It didn't necessarily influence them but there is this -- hysteria -- -- we need to get prayer -- in public school okay well again we get to the question of which -- who leads the prayer. The Supreme Court didn't banned prayer in public schools. The Supreme Court -- school led prayer. Because the school represents the government and the government cannot lead the prayer. You what -- -- trade school talent pray in school. But I do agree with this text about the they declined this country. Is is based on the lack of personal responsibility. It's not that we we we don't hear prayer in public school sought the removal of the ten commandments from the courthouse. Honestly do you think that anybody who was gonna commit a crime would change their mind if they bought by -- courthouse and -- the ten commandments. If you gonna join our show this morning our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Points here it's only Texas 877 -- -- done your -- WL good morning. Based in more. It is hard to disagree you'd do that Gardner bottle and bring ones that it shook up the post Beatles music her. It was so that. Yeah I would I would agree with you I'd Nirvana -- the Sex Pistols were so early that the other Sex Pistols didn't they weren't. They didn't hit at the right time I had the Sex Pistols represented. On unemployment. Just massive amounts of unemployment in England in I guess it was the late seventies. You're you're well. Yes they did they could be greatly to that surrounds it became the new music. Of the eighties but the Sex Pistols and there was this attempt to push pop rock in America. But he -- things were not bad in America at the time. And these were not that bad in America there for the music to resonate in this country. The Sex Pistols in the original rock -- the way it resonated with the angry youth of of England at the time but I would agree with you that they were very very influential. From the real Chris you're -- WWL. You're ought to publish her up for all of that by opt out here but they'll let you -- talking about with regards to. Yet the -- it. Standard but I don't forget eat a light or what you. Provide blind or don't even know -- actually approached you to tell you awhile maybe -- -- With another hit like that's about it got. Yeah I I would agree with you on that Chris but I think I'm talking about really even more recent bans mean Red Hot Chili Peppers of their already -- kind of legendary as somebody sent me Texas and don't forget about YouTube well you -- they're they're already legendary. I'm thinking more along the lines of the Bruno Mars to Justin Timberlake it's. Maroon 5 beyoncé the the more that the very popular -- -- groups do they have the talent and ability to -- -- in the future. I think you're your comment on the match drag it struck out. I think they average out Uruguay. It again yet. I don't Brooke now they're big into that. That don't always block out -- ago. Chris have a great day logical if you wanna join us with your comment thoughts this morning our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy text. Is a 77 here's a text Zack brown band legendary. I'm getting a couple of text about Green Day. Here's a -- -- nickel back at Alabama shakes as the talent and they aren't different enough to change things. Here's a text as scoot I can't believe you haven't mentioned the Foo Fighters. You know actually we did mention the Foo Fighters earlier -- but if you haven't heard something maybe we haven't mentioned it's always call -- -- we sent -- a text. -- -- in for Tommy Tucker do you think that any current bans are performers that will become legends that's our -- dual pretty general opinion poll. Give us your opinion by going to WWL don't count. And let's continue this conversation about. What do victory it is for personal accountability. For a New York Court of Appeals to have ruled that a ban. A city government bail and on the sale of sixteen ounce drinks. Drinks over sixteen ounces. Is illegal I think it's a victory for personal accountability. Is 731 here's another WWL news updates with the story. And among other things this morning we're talking about new performers today and it stands to secure performers and fans that. That you think have the ability to become legends in the future. And I've gotten a number of text about Carrie Underwood and I agree in thirty years from now Carrie Underwood could very easily. Continue to be performing and touring and attracting. The very crowd that's listening to her today. So contrary to what a lot of people believe there's a lot of really good new stuff out now from very talented bands. That are going to be legendary in the future but here's an update on -- WWL project an opinion poll tends to disagree. Do you think there are current bans are performers that will become legends 62% say no. At 38% say yes but yet are just getting so many -- people who are bringing up really great bands and and calls as well. Everything there are a lot of bands that are gonna make it I can't tell exactly where it's gonna happen but I wouldn't be surprised if it happened released soon. We're gonna give away at her tickets to Crosby stills and -- which kind of started this discussion earlier in the week. They're gonna be at this anger fear it would agree -- to see Saturday August 23. And when I've talked about this and -- got a text from somebody who said the double B visa -- these kinds of stars in the future thirty years from now there'll be somebody like me. Giving tickets away to a Bruno Mars concert or Justin Timberlake concert years in the future I I think there will be. So be listening for love the one you're with your chance to win their tickets to see Crosby, Stills and Nash. We've also been talking about this so band on sugary soft drinks is has been declared illegal the ruling came from the New York Court of Appeals. A ban on large sugary drinks is illegal and this should be celebrated as a victory for personal accountability. Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg proposed to ban the sale of sugary drinks to fight obesity. And for so many reasons that was just a bad idea. Not the least of which is if I want 32 ounces on despite 216 ounces. So it really comes down to personal responsibility. And if America has taken a wrong turn in this country. That wrong turn is because. Individuals. From kids to teens to adults are not being taught to be accountable for their behavior. From Gulfport -- -- WW good morning. -- -- -- -- -- But that the occupant on opting for the most part. The moral decay get beaten like that it is about our beaches and the lack of player and the lack of the spectacle it. -- -- That they don't have anymore because people gotten -- to be a. But have they had they but they've forgotten because. That's not reinforced at home. You're on it you know it's a -- -- line. But it's actually that whole thing about the -- that there -- about to. We don't think -- but it's -- part. Washington DC they consider themselves the royalty. Habitat that prop -- he says yeah yeah yeah out. -- whole idea of or the people by the people of the people. That they looked at. I have the problem is -- -- we may -- not you or me but we continue to put him back in office and we we hate congress collectively. But we love our individual. Members of congress because they do so much for our state when it's costing. It's costing the country money and when things are done that don't really need to be done that we like the benefits that a seasoned politician brings to our our individual states. Ride and I -- it in right not to a media can taken on this whole month Michael. I don't I don't will forget by apple spoke for any incumbent because I think about. Putting the public and. You know we -- the people back to -- rapidly. The people not eight lifetime career politician who only make it an awful -- tax dollars. -- a very astute observation I enjoyed our conversation have a great weekend. If you wanna join us with your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. At a -- -- is a 77. If you would like a pair of tickets to see Crosby, Stills and Nash Sanders theatre Saturday August 23. BV caller had 260 wins. 2609467. And you've got the tickets from WWL. And here's a really talented young performer today. -- Phillips. Got a text -- says he's you know Dave Matthews. David Ortiz has mentioned earlier somebody who has a lot of talent to Libya a -- into the future. And I would agree that our congratulations to our listener windy train and she is just 12 tickets to see Crosby, Stills and Nash Saturday August 23 at the singer theater. The tickets are valued at a 184 dollars. Don't forget you can purchase tickets today after 8 o'clock at Ticketmaster dot com now remember the saying there's not that big. So -- that good seats of a -- right away so you can get your tickets for Crosby, Stills and Nash. Yes starting at 8 o'clock Ticketmaster dot com or by phone 807453000. And thanks for listening to WWL. -- studio for Tommy Tucker here's a quick update on our -- give you a pretty general opinion poll. Do you think there are any current bans are performers that will become legends. 59% say no 41% say yes. -- -- -- -- -- -- to our website WWL dot com. I'm continuing to get text of fans we have already mentioned but again if you haven't heard us mention it to going to send the text because it may be we haven't mentioned it but. Yes we have mentioned the cold play. Rob Thomas from. From Matchbox Twenty I think that's a good suggestion Jack White for The White Stripes and I think he has the talent to be around for a very very long time. We've also been talking about. And cultures come and she says conservative author and and punting. She says the growing popularity. Of soccer is a sign of the moral decay in America. She also says that soccer is bad because the liberal soccer moms like it. Our Verity conservatives. Who were soccer moms. Who like soccer. In and Coulter is known for saying just really. Bizarre things outrageous things. And I guess she does it to sell books but I don't know why would anybody respect anybody -- born here what they had to say in a book. If they're saying such nonsensical things like soccer is a sign of the moral decay of America. And it that soccer's bad because liberals soccer moms like aborted what about those of you who are conservative soccer moms and there are many. She also says that no American whose great great grandfather was born here is watching soccer. OK so. She goes on to say there are no heroes. No losers. No accountability. And note Childs. Fragile self esteem is bruised. She said that there's no prospect for personal humiliation or major injury so soccer really is at a sports. Do you agree with Ann Coulter. Ann Coulter. Claims to speak for conservatives in America. She's very very conservative. Does she if you and -- show with a comment on numbers 2601870. We've also been talking about other signs that there's moral decay in America. And I've gotten a number of text about the removal of prayer from public schools you know that's become such -- on a part of pop culture but I think it's an urban myth. That removing prayer for public schools has led to a the moral decline in America. Even though kids are not allowed to say a prayer led by the school your kids can still pray and I just don't see how a prayer at the beginning of the school day. He's gonna make that big a difference in the life of somebody who's not. Understanding right from wrong and personal accountability. From from home. -- saying the prayer -- -- -- still think it's gonna make that much difference and there was there was so much going on in this country leading up to the Supreme Court decision to -- school led prayers. In public schools. But to blame it on this one thing I think his son is very naive. Here's a text us could imagine dragon -- spot on also Foo Fighters Green Day -- Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake while listening to you always have great show appreciate that yeah I'd -- pink is amazing. Will do it again in the next hour for those of you or witnessed earlier. I heard pink -- somewhere over the rainbow. And I had no idea. That she had that kind of voice whenever her pop songs you know let's get the party started all of her parts and she's she's talented. I had no idea she was that talent is so will will play a segment for singing somewhere over the rainbow coming up the next hour. It's 75010 minutes until 8 o'clock you might be it's rained if you're not good chance you're going to be unit and -- here in the rain be sure and turn your lights on. -- scoots into mourning for Tommy Tucker and here's -- of the WTO traffic update it's been a busy morning for -- Robinson. This Lady Antebellum have the talent and the ability to be election in the future to be performing Tony Tony 530 years from now we'll have to be on the hearsay and it would take is that Lady Antebellum concert. They're coming to the center theater. -- perhaps they do text but today just a moment ago I've screwed it for Tommy Tucker it's a 7564 minutes away from 8 o'clock if you're stuck in traffic got -- -- their -- -- traffic problems especially in the body -- no way. Here's a quick update on our WW well pretty general opinion poll. Do you think they are or any current -- are performers that will become legends. 59% say no 41%. Say yes give a sure thing by going to DaVita QL dot com. Mike welcome to the show this morning. -- -- morning. And you can include you know that was that he -- don't think there's going to be an election twenty or thirty years from now that we're talking about. Really don't think Bruno Mars Justin Timberlake will be here thirty years from now. I don't think Justin Timberlake. To Syria particularly can it that there are. It presented itself to not opportunity referring. Get real and if you call and then. Go into the studio. All the on the track -- put double -- And went in the state has made it except for earlier in the track. To correct it now somebody like mark I believe that the -- and very good cars that probably should have realty Hillary. What he can tune into any channel space station is pop music that they call pop music now and -- greats in this thing. But trying to run down can hop and rap but it basically ruined. The music business for -- there and you hear a lot you know -- a lot. Did but they that did the -- the presence of pop bands hasn't ruined any music it's the audience that selects what's popular and if if hip -- something is popular that's not the fault of its presence it's the fault of the audience for selecting it. -- talk to a -- over a record executive I used to work -- and not -- to church for about twenty years and and we talked a ball that label and basically what they do is. They're telling people what they like and what they wanna listen to and the next century here is what they think people want and and and what you want -- And they don't fear the people like you -- me but they fear they were peculiar to. Cater to a nineteen years old and down. I honestly a lot of music on the collateral and -- And you know call me old fashioned or whatever but it doesn't make -- -- and I know a lot of people say well you know your parents said that Cuba -- don't understand The Beatles. That's what they did that's what they said. But with a -- Illegal kidnapping or make American kids the black music. To figure they took American music was to -- rated -- came into the country greener these American kids. Two -- pop music and Elvis was nothing more than a white man that could sing like a black man which was which was acceptable for example to white America that -- But by the point -- these things became popular because this is -- the audience want it. The Beatles didn't force their music on people -- something that was accepted it and fit the types. But the difference between The Beatles and -- and Chuck Berry Little Richard. People like people. I under I I do understand that The Beatles took our R&D and and -- kind of reinvented but you don't mean. I still Mike I've got to get to a news break but I I appreciate you calling interesting conversation. I still think there are legends today are people today who will ultimately become legends. Here is a text that reads Sarah Palin ran on the platform of being a soccer mom. Here's a text that says this -- if you keep talking about. And Coulter she will keep saying inflammatory things. Please stop it. It's just too much fun to talk about Ann Coulter saying the things that she says I'm skipper Tony Tucker we're coming right back.

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