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6-27 8:15am Scoot, school prayer and moral decay?

Jun 27, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot takes your calls and talks to listeners about

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Experts -- got a big event coming up tomorrow it's a boomers and beyond it's the annual WWL intercom boomers and beyond expo. Hosted by WW LR tire inner confidently of radio stations magic 101 point nine. Buy you 957 B 97 and three WL thirteen fifties at the punch train center it's free. It's two more from ten to it to seven. And I would qualify as a as a boomer. There are people who will be there who will be beyond effect it would Edwards is going to be -- and I would say that he slightly beyond -- -- but there's nothing wrong with that. This is an opportunity to get some great information about your mind your body and your soul there are lectures that help you optimize brain function. Creating a confident retirement -- the truth about reverse mortgages. Now what's going on with solar how to save money which is something I never learned and maybe I should try to figure that out. On fitness and wellness as a lot of great information on different booster going to be there. And OW -- there as well the plant doctor Dan Gil will broadcast live from seven to nine and answer your questions about plants -- for 9945. Then from 910 to noon and I'll be with -- -- for the home approve a show tomorrow and cajun cannon and poppy there will be Q&A sign autographs from ten to noon. And it's Tom Fitzmorris with the Saturday edition the food show from noon to three. Followed by a special edition of all things legal with attorney ducks -- from three to five also a lot of great shifts are going to be there from that the New Orleans area. On the top cancer performing. Swing a room with a victory bills and as I said Edward -- will be there. So we can't wait to see you it's gonna be tomorrow at the -- to trade center from ten until seven it's free parking is free. And the first 3500 guest get a canvassed goodie bag filled with a special premiums and some forgets. The boomers and beyond expo is tomorrow and there's a possibility of rain tomorrow seed -- to worry about that because this is all inside. Tomorrow with -- -- -- -- ten to seven hosted by -- if you well and are constantly radio stations magical or one point nine buy you 957 B 97. And three WL. A conservative pundit and author Ann Coulter. She said her syndicated column published right for the US played Germany yesterday of World Cup. She said that did the growing interest in soccer is a sign of the moral decay of America. And soccer's bad because. Of liberal soccer moms liking it. She said that no American whose great great grandfather was born here is watching soccer there are no heroes no losers no accountability and no child's fragile self esteem. Is bruised and Coulter has said outrageous things before one thing that she said that wrote about it talked about this too chilly night. Why is after the date the government shut down the partial government shut down over the attempt to defund obamacare. And Coulter said that any Republican. -- disagreed with that effort. Should become a Democrat. Which -- I totally disagree with the -- so what you can have some disagreement with your own party. I would hope that if you're Republican or Democrat their times you disagree with your party. In effect maybe that's one of the few forms of bipartisanship we have today. People actually disagreeing with aspects of their own party. Also we've been talking about this ruling in New York City Court of Appeals that -- large sugary drinks. The court says that banned it's illegal. -- I think this is a great moment to celebrate. A victory for personal accountability. -- blog today is titled band on -- sugary drinks a victory for personal accountability. And you can read that you share with others it's on our website at WW health outcomes. I can't help it continue think about Ann Coulter saying that the growing popularity of soccer is a sign of moral decay in America. So what are the other signs of moral decay in America. You know somebody sent a text earlier com offers. To but he said for rite toothpaste I think that relates more to moral decay in America. Somebody suggested that that I am reflections on moral decay in America which again tick as a compliment by again I didn't think it was an important. On FaceBook YouTube and Twitter all mentioned. Here is a text legalized abortion had the greatest impact. On the leading. On leading the moral decline in our country. So what do you think is another aspect of a moral decline of America another sign and do you agree with Ann Coulter. The growing. Popularity of soccer is a sign of the moral decay of America. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Late Saturday. And -- text number is 877. Also this morning we've been talking about this is we're giving away tickets to Crosby stills. Nash something it did years and years ago. In mind music radio career here I am doing a talk show thirty years later giving away tickets Crosby, Stills and Nash. It brought -- this idea will there be performers today. Who are going to be legends in the future for today's young generation. That's -- WW a pretty general opinion poll do you think there are current bands and performers that will be collections. It is your opinion by going to WW real dot com. Bruno Mars. But -- this excellent young girl today again that the music and the lyrics and the policing it reminds me of a fraud stupid. Do you think there are performers today and who warrant. It had the talent and ability to Republicans in the future to join our short numbers 2601870. Shall free 86688. -- nearly 72 X 87870. Astute if Chubby -- coming right back but your comments on VW. I totally agree with those of you who is it taxing Kid Rock has the talent the ability to be a late into the future. I would probably be here twenty years from now. Giving away tickets to Kid Rock will be who thought I would be here thirty years later giving away tickets to Crosby stills of dance like I fully expect to be here twenty years ago. Giving away tickets to ticket rock who will indeed be alleged I was a Kid Rock -- but Iverson. Did him but I was a Kid Rock relentless and Jazz Fest a couple of years ago and last year I saw a show with the guys -- -- senator. And oh my god. This guy is incredibly -- and -- I just remember that more recently saw an active voodoo fest last year. Kid Rock will be among those. If you wanna join -- show with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Here which and it takes a receipt 771. Thing and it also makes this whole. Things surreal about Sydney giving -- tickets to Crosby, Stills and Nash at the -- theater is the fact that it to beaver production. Barry left on fox I mean these guys are still doing a great job and he started out doing stuff at the warehouse. And they still have a very successful promotion company that is -- across the country I mean they they do big concerts across the country. But the fact it's a VP for production is something else and I also remember from my past. The -- blog today is titled Minnesota band ruling a victory for personal accountability and that's on our website at WWL. Dot com would also be talking about something that. But Ann Coulter says the conservative pundit. She says that the growing popularity of soccer is a sign of the decline of them the moral decline in America. Here's a -- -- let me say that I am a minister and I've been -- minister for ten years I'm 31 years old Ann Coulter does not speak for conservatives she is a joke. As far as the moral decay of America. It is impossible to put it under one cause there are innumerable lists of causes. For our societies decay. And I agree with that here's a -- I'm 52 years old. I went to Jefferson Parish public schools and I do not remember ever being led in prayer by a school teacher. Lots of prayers at home but not at school. Do you -- into this idea that it was the removal of prayer. From public schools that is is that the moment that America started to go to the -- There were so many other things that were happening at that the time that it has become. I think an urban myth. That it's -- it's which when we remove prayer from public schools and you know we Jewish human beings we like to find the simplest solution to a problem. If we just put prayer back in public schools it's not that he's. The problem is much. Has much deeper roots in American society. It would wouldn't it be great if we just said a prayer in public schools and that would turn this country around. But that's not gonna do. And this came up it's not only part of the discussion what Ann Coulter said about the moral decay in America. But also about the that the ban on on big sugary soda drinks -- victory for personal accountability. That's when this country took a wrong turn it wasn't one moment but over time. Though the lack of respect we have today. For personal accountability. Whether it's bartenders and servers being held accountable if somebody gets to -- Everybody should be vigilant and not serve somebody if they're if they're drunk. But -- and your responsibility for going into the bar and he even if you're not in net a state of mind to make the right decision. To blame somebody else I think it's just part of this lack of respect we have for personal responsibility. If you wanna join Russia with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Ninths early seventy. At a six numbers 877. When we come back after this break I want to share with you part of pink. Singing somewhere over the rainbow. And I knew that -- counted I had no idea she had this kind of talent. Continued talk about some of the performers today. Who were probably destined to become. Legends and superstars in the future. It's a Tony what I scoot on Friday morning at the Tommy Tucker here's another WWL traffic updates with Gerald Robinson. There's a lot of good music out today a lot of very talented performers and I can't help but hear some of the things that people who are part of the baby boomer establishment. Saying about music today. That my parents said about The Beatles and and and groups like that. Do you think there are any current bans are performers that will become legends that's -- WW up pretty gentle people here's a quick update 64% say no. Only 36% say yes and yet throughout the showed today since we went on the at 6 o'clock. We have been talking about a lot of very very talented groups. Paint was mentioned. And I totally agree that paint has the talent and the ability to be a legendary performer in the future for today's young generation. And I was really convinced when I saw a video. A pink singing somewhere over the -- We've heard her here it's an inch it's got some very catchy pockets. But I had no idea he could sing like this so here's part of pink singing somewhere over the -- You don't think that came with her style. Changing styles and that voice doesn't have the ability to -- A legend in the future conference David George surely -- into the W -- good morning. -- -- How are you today. Aren't you thank you. I live on your children who need money. Our eyes once -- ten in northern Louisiana. For the -- -- years. Trying to keep children and -- come ankle then. -- -- our children in so complete my education and actually. I enjoyed shadow and uncertainties warning. I'm a Super Bowl selection show. Well I mentioned and I think I should -- And Alicia. DB. Two. There it may I'm Lisa decent -- and who. Sort. Usher yes yeah yeah upset and -- -- -- so I'm not currently being bad but I mentioned to some of them. And I and surely. That was there to derail -- and there never are any rallies and during I'm. I'm hearing the thing. Well there is twenty years old news in here on mobile homes and to go -- Yeah and all that it is wonderful guys. They know each you know I'm hearing a platform. Hearing a lot of talk surely that Steve Perry may once again join journey and does that would the legendary. Concert tour -- -- surely the surely what are what did you fix for breakfast this morning which got going on over there. We have. Actually just my shadow. A little scenarios. And you know some granola -- and recently. That's -- of them. Us is for general corporate it's. Very healthy breakfast surely you have a great day I enjoyed our conversation and thanks for -- to -- if you well. All right here is that Texas says actually Sarah Palin ran as non hockey mom not a soccer mom. Yeah I guess that would make sense because she was in Alaska. Here's attacks that reads. So you say prayer at school doesn't match. But it does. How to kids learn the ABC's of mathematics repetition. Of course prayer isn't going to change every child. Nothing is 100%. Also without daily pledges of allegiance at school. I wouldn't have known the pledge. Now is an adult. I'm very proud of having. -- daily prayers in school and the pledge of allegiance when I was in school I think the place continues to be a strong a patriotic pride. Is there another sign that you think indicates a moral decline. In America. And Coulter says it's the growing popularity of soccer. Our number is 260187. Toll free 86688. -- early seventy. In a text of receipts and it's of our studio for Tony Tucker it's 8:30 Friday morning that's the good news weekend -- -- And here's another Debian to release updates. -- Christmas. I know a lot of people are gonna disagree with this but I agree with -- a Texas says Snoop -- As the talent and ability to the election in the future may need is almost getting to be alleged now now remember it's every young generation. That defines. The music of those who become legends. And again I find it's so interesting that. My generation the baby boomer generation of which I find myself to be quite often hostile witness to the baby boomer generation. My generation. Denounces the music today. Many in my generation sing -- is no good stuff but not lately it was in the past. Well when The Beatles and a British invasion first hit in the sixties. -- my parents' generation the establishment of the time we sing the same stuff about those performers in music. That the establishment is saying today elegant performers. There was also a lot going on in this country. When prayer was banned for public schools we're gonna review some of that in just a few minutes. It has become very popular to blamed the removal prayer from public schools on. The -- demise of morality in America and I just don't think it's it's that simple. If you wanna join us with a -- are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- -- Texas 87870. A -- here on WW out good morning. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What I want that I was abnormal to me we -- And cult -- a workable. We were borrowed a civil war all sixty beware borrowed carried the water. There's a lot of great people a lot of people in this country don't want to tomorrow at our politicians and our. The media. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So when Nikki wanted to borrow to -- And -- -- the country. I I agree with you I think that's a really good point and yet there there are those who benefit from declaring. A specially today. And the country in moral decay it's designed to advance. The agenda of those who who wanna be in power Fred I'm. -- -- -- -- -- I don't think we've got problems gently have problems. With our. They certainly have eight to 600 and -- don't go. Out and religion and politics or borrowed. Because ticket plays soccer or -- Misstatements and community. Fred I would agree with you and I think that's a very appropriate word to use to describe and -- not because she's a conservative. She's -- an idiot because she's conservative. She's an idiot because she's Ann -- -- on a text to get through here's a text -- says people definitely the election she is awesome. I -- it's -- your checks and will we come back after this break. Let's talk about just a few of the things that we're going on in this country. At the time prayer was removed from public schools because I think people wanna wanna look at this one flash point in time this is the one thing that did it. Take prayer out of schools that's what the country started to go to help. Really. I've gotten a number of Texas morning David Grohl Foo Fighters. Would be legends in the future and I would agree Tony years from now I'll be giving away tickets to the Foo Fighters it is so thinking -- I its -- of Tommy Tucker we're coming right back with more of your comments on to VW else. I don't think anybody can argue with the news. This guy will not only feel legend and but he is elections. Jobs. And it protects is. I've studio part of integrity -- 46 at 14 minutes until 9 o'clock. How we are very proud to have Angelina was part of our radio affiliate WWL great stuff coming up show which is a fun show on Friday at 1 o'clock. What's trending in new sports entertainment. And the social media this week. Also an attack to a clock let's have fun Friday I should talk about what's hot and what's not at the movies and on demand. And also talk about the year of release of transformers for an age of distinction. Starring John Goodman Kelsey Grammer and done many others and also at at 3 o'clock. The man the myth. And -- -- Tom Fitzmorris. I shall talk about among other things Tom Fitzmorris is summertime chilled dishes selection which includes shrimp from a lot. Don't miss an open mind eventually -- the legendary Angela hill at two -- clock today one for. On WWL. It toward your text here in just a moment -- you're into the W on good morning. -- Yeah I mean how are you. I -- something send it to roll up. -- Socialist. Republic you know that some -- YouTube do under the age of AP. -- So they're pretty sure. -- Germany June and such -- -- school guys in the right period. And you get -- you -- good. Yet or -- or does this year I think its broad. Support. They. -- a problem. He'll go. -- -- The senate and board. Dog -- and and that he. Seemed to get there. -- Pretty much every. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We appreciate it may. Even -- Outline. That. Boat gave. In two. How much you all might be -- What. Should. America -- I appreciate your call and thanks for sharing this from a perspective of somebody who grew up and socialist Communist environment. The US Supreme Court ruled that the government endorsed prayers in public schools was unconstitutional it was June 25. 1962. The ruling was 621. And to this day either people -- that was the moment America started to. Make a turn for the worst that's the reason Americans -- and that's what we need to bring back prayer in public schools. It was a lot going on in America at the time. In the 1960s. Segregation was a major issue the Cold War between the United States and leave the old Soviet Union was. Which was always on our minds in school we were having drills to do certain things he's learned what to do if there was a nuclear bomb to drop in your city. If Food and Drug Administration had approved the birth control pill was a form of -- oral contraception and that was seen as something that was going to create it morality in America because it removes the fear pregnancy from. The act of sex. John F. Kennedy became the youngest president 43 and the first Catholic president. In 1960 I guess to actively 1961 when he was sworn into office. In America is going to a lot of significant changes prior to banning prayer in public schools and yet. It's just such a convenient flash point in time for so many people to point to say that's when it happened. But yet this country was going through a lot of changes at the time. And what are the biggest things that has resulted today. Is a lack of respect for personal accountability. I'm -- in forward Tommy Tucker here's a text that reads. I totally agree with you about the moral. Dick case starts with politicians. And news outlets are president. And is. A charlatan well we can say that about a lot of different presidents and that's not a defense of President Obama that's simply stating a fact. Here's a Texan res Q could you put out a list say top to encourage bans -- thinker great blogger email -- 57. And still stuck in the seventies and eighties. Love them but needs to get on to some new stuff I do that now. When I get -- the year. On the a list of the top ten bands and former I think a very talented to have the the possibility that the possible talent. To go on and become legends for young generation today. And we'll put that on our -- radio FaceBook page. It's 8519 minutes until 9 o'clock if you -- not in the rain could -- -- will be at some point today and if you're driving turned the lights on here's into the WW traffic updates. With Gerald Robinson. I bet this is not one of my favorite songs by -- dragons but this is talented young man that I think has the ability to potentially see. A legendary band in the future. And twenty years from now I'll still be on the radio giving away tickets for a young generation that is so once again grownup is going to the imagine drag his concert. A twenty years from now. We were talking about that all morning and here's an update on our Debbie did you a pretty -- opinion poll do you think there any current bans are performers that will become legends. 58%. Say no. 42%. Say yes. We've also been talking about something it is outrageous that and Coulter said the conservative pundit. She said that the popularity of soccer the growing interest in soccer in America. Is a sign of the moral decay of this country. David you're now under BW on good morning. Yes like to say something about the moral decay of society. They're a lot of people out there that. Placed there subjective views on the world. A blow the views of everyone counts now the book if he Bruce Chapter Eleven or one defines it as. The substance during for evidence of things and saying. Now if you -- say as the Bible. You have to you have to allow for other people's interpretation of -- to assist in the world. You can't legislate for sports you're used on other people and expect them. Two. Dwelling growth within our. -- apple world away in Syria and Iraq. There are Islam extremists that are killing their their their Brothers their robbers -- -- -- their country meant. But the slight difference in their interpretation -- the -- and you -- talk about moral decay look at the chaos they have over there and tell me are we better all works and. David Everglades draw the show here's attacks the read so moral decay. We slaughtered Indians. Had slavery and segregation. We've actually improved our morality. But yet it's very common today. To. Say that this country is going down to drink it's it's a fear tactic is designed to instill fear in Americans that only. This politician or this political ideology. Is the right answer. When in reality I think so much comes back to our personal responsibility. We're gonna continue this conversation coming up in the next hour but also -- as something of the conversation do you remember summertime when you were a kid but when you got to school three months of doing nothing. But kids don't really have it today do today is a new study that says it may be children need more unscheduled unsupervised time during the summertime. We'll talk about that coming up I'm -- for Tommy Tucker and here's the news went -- to --

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