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6-27 9:10am Scoot, summertime activities?

Jun 27, 2014|

Scoot in for T

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Chris you have kids it would when you look at their summertime where it was summertime different for you would you go to school from which you remember. I don't know because I have to work now so I'm hardly home to witness their summertime anymore guys you -- is your wife at all the yup so did the kids are just -- -- -- -- She finds stuff for them to do she you know we we just hung out we we didn't we really do anything I'm bothered -- really have anything planned force. It seems today it is it seems though it today a lot of kids have like really strong schedules and very little on unsupervised time and there's a new study from psychiatrist at University of Colorado. Showing their children benefit from unscheduled unsupervised time because this is when they build social bonds build emotional maturity. Develop cognitive skills and improve their physical health I conceive I mean Alec rescheduling them -- what put him in camps and snippets like you know go to the playground. The play what do you remember library and read my summer I remember. Really reach him back now element summary -- the we don't want to get a run around the neighborhood. Riding my bike everywhere I literary and you know where my pair of one ride super. When we got out of school it's like we were off for three months and it does seem like it's at that same feeling today. So let's talk about your summer what do you remember about your summer and what do or did your kids to. During -- summer are numbers 260187. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seven it takes a -- 77. We're also talking about this a ruling in the New York Court of Appeals the band on lord sugary drinks. Over sixteen ounces is illegal. I think they should be celebrated as a moment. A victory for personal accountability. And were also talking about the performers. New performers today that young generations are on are really into. What performers today do you think you're going to be. Performers who who have the ability to become legends. -- here's an update RW WR project opinion poll do you think that any current bans are performers that will become legends. 60% say no. And 40% say yes and I think -- a lot of a lot of performers and a lot of bands today that had the ability to and the talent to possibly become legends. I.s were things we talking about if you wanna join us our numbers 26018720386688. Points here which every text amber is. 87870. You know also would be talking about it and culture. Who is a conservative pundit and author and culture. Senator syndicated column published before the US -- Germany yesterday World Cup. She said the growing interest in soccer in America. Is a sign of moral decay in this country. She says soccer's bad because the liberal soccer moms like. So additional conservative. Moms. Or soccer moms. She also says that some of the games will end his scoreless tie you can't use your hands and it's -- This Ann Coulter speaks for conservatives in this country. She also said that there are no heroes. No losers. No accountability. And no child's fragile self esteem is Bruce if you had kids play soccer. I'm sure there have been times when your kids and maybe you remember when you were -- play soccer when you were really disappointed. Because there was a loss. Mean Ann Coulter is known for saying outrageous things but. If if everybody does it denounced her. Vinci is going to speak for conservatives in this country. And this kind of rhetoric gets an awful lot of attention because not enough people on the far right denounce people like in culture. Again to join our show your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Points early Saturday at -- -- -- 77. -- a Texan read so screwed I was race on a cattle ranch as a kid. The worst thing that could happen was no school because that meant when he shores. And no free time. What do you remember about your summer. I remember getting -- school. And I guess awaits early June. And we we felt like we had three months of doing nothing. And I loved it and my mom was a stay at -- on -- many moms in my generation were and I realize that things are are are different today. So do you think your kids have enough unsupervised time. Are -- -- is having fun in the summer and is it very different from when you were growing up. And what do you remember about your summertime. -- I remember I guess who went out to the lake front. We went swimming in the lake I don't even open it is it's clear now that it was over year over the years. But you know -- -- swimming in the likely with a blast. I never did this one thing that a lot of people that the lake front and that is you know you you try to run and jump. From the sea wall you joke but the the the topless seawall and and try to make it into into the lake. I I saw people do that but I never act that was kind of scared. But you know some people that. What do you remember. About your summer. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- here which Sunni attacks Amber's late 70s70. Here's a text that -- support a ban on sugary drinks over sixteen ounces but no ban on military weapons on the streets of America while. -- for the North Shore -- -- -- WL. Yeah you don't -- Yeah problem. I'm a big time Republican support and probably more conservative and occult. I'm actually spoke and stupid -- there. And it -- children and parents again you know there's more people involved soccer and everytime I go to the back of -- at all these parents. -- enjoyed themselves. And go home and can bring her two children together. Look for -- I think is a great thing other -- and you know -- -- -- more and it's crazy. -- I I agree I don't think speaks for conservatives I don't think she speaks for Republicans but I think more people need to denounce her. She still gets a lot of attention she still sells books and I just can't imagine anybody wanting to read a book. -- from the mind that would say such inane things as Ann Coulter says you know when there -- only when there was CEO of the the partial shutdown of their. The government last year over the attempts to defund obamacare she said that any Republican. It did not agree with it should become a Democrat. And -- nobody can disagree with your party is from is ridiculous. Not on our our descriptive Republican podium who is buying and but I'm still -- a look at territorial level that engine so. I mean why and that's a good thing I mean it's it's it's honest it's humans -- not agree with everything in your party -- there are a lot of conservatives who were physical conservatives but social liberals. -- no more this country went. -- what we thought it. Apologies and accept it might expect interest groups took to voice their opinions and not that. Patrol in the country willingness to change any time soon is that. In a year what do you remember yourself. Remember. All -- -- -- woman does and you know my friend playing sports. And could someone there from the bottle did. Number swimming in -- talked to train and are we going to the federally funded the seawall and never ever doubted that the final few steps were just were covered with that we see week it was almost like on underwater blanket here on the other steps. And I remember getting into the lake and I guess by the time it got to be this time of year was almost like getting into a warm bathtub it was done not that not even on. Really that refreshing it was just so lukewarm. You come out there and you were well it was a case. On Hank a political thanks soliciting if you wanna join us this morning with your thoughts in your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. And a text Amber's -- 77. I still go back to this stuff today ankles it was saying that the idea that there's no prospect for personal humiliation or major injury. Means that soccer really isn't a sports. And -- the growing popularity of soccer in America. Is a sign of moral decay in this country. So I what is another sign of moral decay in this country and and don't be afraid to have fun with it. I'll Wayne you're on WL. You're not doing. Not troubled -- like it always bought in 1950. -- an ensemble at all. All in all of baseball. And played all day long pick up gains. And moment -- -- -- -- -- basketball. It was really wasn't all organized she was just fun. Our outlook on wired literal equipment like. Well I mean we went and late. Well and we had spotted collate our strength it's I mean it wasn't born right. I know I don't remember being bored I remember having fun I remember my -- in my sister's got into. A soap operas during the summer. I didn't but you know I just I don't I don't remember much about one idea I just know that I had fun and I was so looking forward to that last day of school. Dreading the first day of school in three months but it was a summer of just unsupervised. Stupidity. Yeah yeah I mean about well but I mean every -- we are all means that we had and do. You. All outside activities at the and I mean maybe Internet and video games and all of that. -- great grandchildren. Look and you'll take him everywhere. This year whether it be heard on this and that outdoor activities. Not a lot of key people wave of all of that video game but it does that you know but I mean my days and grow up great. Wayne I'm not I'm going to call the show. Yeah I think this is a really good point and not by occasionally bring this up when there's a criticism of the contents of a video games and now it's. Leading to an anti social generation. I don't think it's as much the contents at the video games as it is the passive activity. I'm sitting in one place playing hours and hours and hours. Of video games. The activity itself. I think relates to anti social -- for more sold than the the contents of the video -- -- if somebody is content not socializing. That can lead to other problems in their lives as well. So what are you remember about your summer. And are your kids having healthy summer. Or if you keys are with you now because they're they're grown up did your kids have a good healthy summer even though they had supervised. Scheduled time. And I realize things are different I realize that there are one of -- lot of other single parents raising kids they have to put their kids in in camp. Do you think your kids are really having fun in the summer. We're talking about this because there's a new study from psychiatrist at the university Colorado are showing that students benefit from our schedules unsupervised time. They learn social bonds -- emotional maturity developed cognitive skills and he prove their physical health. What do you remember about your summer. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688907. And it takes over is 87870 obscurity for Tommy Tucker were coming right back with your calls on WW -- It's like 45 iron -- in the morning for Tommy Tucker I'll be back at least a Monday Tuesday of next week before Tommy gets back from his vacation in Ireland. Hey what do you remember about your summer and I remembered. Well I don't remember much because we just kind of hung out we we didn't do much there's a new study shows that children benefit from unscheduled unsupervised time. And yet it may be there aren't enough kids that have that and those who have it may -- they don't really know what to do with it. We've also been talking about their comments from -- and Coulter the conservative and again don't. This is not indicative I would think of many conservatives and Coulter says that the growing popularity of soccer. Is a sign of the moral decay. Of America from Baton Rouge AJ -- now -- VW well. All the while Dylan good. All. Along a little trouble about the old traditional all model particularly. Low we do project in. I'll be home -- long. But only one other. Very lecture about. Trying to win liberals. Crazy aren't just about. Real well. Shoulder likable. At all. It was a Republican. Taliban. -- Yeah well I didn't I didn't hear at bats I think I'm I'm pretty fair when it comes to looking at both sides. Let's -- that there was an outrageous statement indicated. And their heart liberals who say outrageous things or people on and MS NB CC liberal things. But as soon as somebody like I'm and cults or whether it's liberal conservative -- reduces it to soccer at a time when. There's a soccer fever in an America that's gonna get a lot of attention. I'm AJ it. I would hope that people are are are fair and bring up the stupidity of the last as well as the stupidity of the right because it's it's all there on both sides. Well 00 and Bernard L memorial low. Orbit under -- -- A terrible like a troubled woman stream media. No I don't care about their share about. -- -- of the democratic Orton and your leadership. Why why you sent me who's -- who's orchestrating had to be a lot of people believe what you believe but -- a bill is now to Communist is is that in this business a long time and I. I'm -- a television newsrooms as well and I've never I've never sensed any concerted effort to promote a political agenda house Fox News does it very well. But why why -- they do and -- Well. All of our group. -- What are -- and all journal. Voted. Obama I don't know I took. -- And hit -- real. AJ can -- it could could the liberal media convince you to vote for a Democrat. -- well there why not why do you think people are so easily sway. I don't I don't think Fox News convince his people to be conservative and I don't think MSNBC convinces people to be liberal I think people seek. The big news source that best reflects there there are already established opinions. -- -- Cuba may. Appear war. Lord group of people in the country. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If the -- if the liberal media has been a concern for so many people in this country for so long. Hundred Ronald Reagan win putted George Bush senior win and how to George W. Bush -- -- how -- how did they win elections just a little bit as the power the say they have. Well. Richard. What are you know that are actually Netanyahu ordered -- in the war. A war. -- and Google. They're not supposed to be funny and as CNN's just -- a story this week our. But the way -- -- a bit higher or that you thought I. AJ OIII think you're dismissing how deep the concern was for the liberal media in this country in in past times and it's very convenient to say no it's now because look at Obama and look at this country. When this has been a fear in this country for a long time and Republicans have won elections. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What are -- doing. All -- And the -- -- -- All. First question out of what will now want. On the -- what helped -- In order Obama. In Iraq -- -- -- when you're. Screwed it up and that's a good question. I'm I don't I don't I can't speak it I gotta get to and I've got to get to a new spring KJ but let me ask you this question. Why do you watch why -- you sold. Intently watching CNN and you you know questions that the edited to proceed liberals and learn from your point of view. Why do what you watch you know what you know exactly what they're asked. -- I know how my trip on a word about how much -- AJ am glad you called I gotta get tutors break if you Arnold stay witness if you would join us with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- here we simply text. It's 877. -- -- -- for Tommy Tucker it's 931 here's another WWL news updates with -- I used to tell me that you don't think Katy Perry has enough talent and doesn't have the ability to meet these become legend. That twenty years from now I'm not gonna still be on the radio giving away Katy Perry tickets to a a concert for those who grow with Katy Perry. I'm screwed for Tommy targets -- things have been talking about today here's another update on our W Google pretty -- opinion poll do you think any current bans are performers will become elections. I'm surprised by the news 60% say no. And 40% say yes. A text asked me earlier to to make a list of the top ten current performers today some ice on still suck and -- in the seventies and eighties. Make a list of the top ten -- performers that you think may become legends. And to put that on FaceBook force so I'm gonna do that will have been on our FaceBook page WB radio. On Africa fear I'll I'll list out all of these people that I list might not be legends but there are a lot of really talented young groups today. I think that may have the ability to -- legends and there's a lot of really great music today and -- a lot of people who are part of my generation the baby boomers to accomplishment. I don't really expose themselves to a lot of new stuff and and dismiss it is -- -- -- it is just -- botched -- Which is why it's my parents' generation said about the music that I liked. Today you think tank for Garland Robinette Don Dubuque is going to be life from the saint Tammany parishes emergency operations center. And he's gonna play baca called that he made not long ago. -- I think it was on Monday. Don Dubuque made -- 911 call to saint Tammany parish. There was a guy in the street. And he appeared to be on drugs. And he started to move toward dodge truck. And I believe. -- pulled his gun on. -- quite trained. To handle a gun. And obviously handled the situation in the right way. That actually nine when when call saint Tammany parish and -- did you coming up in the think tank today. To be WL -- -- And for Garland Robinette and next week we're gonna give away tickets to The Doobie Brothers and Peter Frampton I think they're going to be champions square. Doobie Brothers and Peter Frampton together another. Blast from the past and expertise of people I was playing on radio when their songs -- for popular. A broad shall they joins us from the top -- rob welcome to our show this morning. You could rob the top gets a -- -- you're playing somewhere -- and bringing back this idea that may be -- to come back to that we used to being. But he talked about bill. Excellent. Or would you do that would -- security card or four years ago when you're -- rule twelve years ago. Where possible but when you or quarters. Lakeland girl. Ouattara -- it was a slug it out there all. And I mean you -- numbers. All the long ago. Yet. Well we have a real tell -- -- -- -- in the open each. And Rio beach. Or rock. Ordered out there and in the course which speakers. We accidentally triggered a quick war. -- -- so since. -- On the -- so so looks like that. This coming Sunday. Will be the first couple of public shuttle for a lot for the public -- separate piece. Which would -- it. Will be. Yeah I duke. I do. -- -- But I actually do remember that there and I'd even as a -- -- remember FitzGerald two rulings and you know Winston used to be such a thriving part of this city and it has -- and but I like to seed in new do you businesses that are opening up in and slowly West Indies is coming back the other well in the landry's seafood is there now but. I remember Bartz was just an amazing place to -- especially on a Sunday afternoon remembered doing. A personal appearance is out there I guess this would be in the in the eighties. Yeah I was talking about the ownership of the chose assumes that was still -- that -- that we played at the resource and the whole slow. Reports. That. And our total -- former sports and a procedure actually came out actually just. He -- an idea -- accident and could -- getting. And -- -- what is and so let's not forget them you know -- period. And and robbed at the top cats are going to be performing at our boomers and beyond expo tomorrow departure trade center which is free and open to everybody what what time are you playing. -- Republican o'clock we can look to a horse that. Inevitable card holder rule. -- from cycling cycle collapse in the morning as good a player and still look reports agree on portrait. More so. Don't adequately -- I don't know them they figure it's still. A great memory you know. It is saying you know we be talking about his summertime on the show today and things we -- won't ever -- what what do you remember about to summertime when you -- -- -- Well the -- -- it should FitzGerald Chenault and you know the the church and it's -- and haven't something you know -- brunch or. Dinner. And walk around and -- -- excellent Perry you know. Q are you member swimming off the seawall only -- trying. -- much and remember the bottom steps they were like covered -- basilica a seaweed blanket over the steps. Right it would get so nervous should feel that the -- like to meet him -- -- -- hear -- the total to you know cold you don't control though. Also. And have fun with the Lakefront thanks for -- time this in the embassy at the WL intercom. Fairly radio stations boomer and beyond expo tomorrow at the -- consider. So we're -- I -- guilty of the telecast. And the boomer beyond next thought I want to correct the time the time for boomer beyond expo is ADM to 5 PM so there's a there's a correction of at 8 AM to 5 PM. And I were budgeted to a lot of us will be out there the plant doctor Dan deals that are broadcast issue for seven and nine and answer questions from 9945. I'll be there with public range for the home improvement show -- -- cannon Bobby beer will meet a sign autographs from ten to -- and Tom Fitzmorris with the food show from noon to three. And then that will be followed by a special edition of all things legal with attorney Doug since -- from from three to five top dancer I'm gonna go onstage at 2 at 3 o'clock. New Orleans ships will be there lots of entertainment lots going on. It's free and it doesn't matter if it rains because it's inside. -- trade center -- the boomers and beyond expo always a lot of fun hosted by WWL. And our families and -- stations magic 1019. By -- five point seven. The 97. And we WL thirteen fifty. I started to tell -- Tucker will be right back to VW. It's a Friday and we -- heading into the weekend -- -- in fort Tommy Tucker I'll be back at least Monday and Tuesday of next week and we're getting into fourth of July weekend. Look I I -- it's cloudy regulate the answer rain right now that's the bad news the good news is it is Friday. And wanna thank the people over to New Orleans some coffee and and you -- broad opinion he's yesterday they just partisan coffee -- I don't drink coffee but I was happy to share with Shelden Williams. In our other studio and I'd Jordan -- is fighting over the -- in the air so you can enjoy free -- To date through Sunday. Add New Orleans scorpion and gays -- causeway and that's saint Charles and -- That is Jeffrey being days per transaction. Offer built chase -- here on WW on good morning. Good on an. It let me preparers but first and I am proud graduate -- Limbaugh high school -- nineteen -- well I didn't graduate from there but it's there for many many years. -- remember it. We -- we you know we. Tomorrow we got all you want the guys who was trying to beat me up no indeed take appreciate this. But let me tell you -- my fondest memories work. Going out to the late with my fault. And he would he would bring an adult who. And -- much sold in the tainted dog food strength and so we can retrieve it and it would open pollute the -- now actually put. He would let it sit out in the way back -- would permeate award and trip would come around any protest men out there. He cannot have -- they write efficient. And of course we just -- cat fishing -- the back then I remembered -- prime suspect then vote all the people. Those -- That was one fondest memories on the lake. And on the seawall itself but of course punch train beach in valley -- we're just phenomenally well with the bat there. Knowing I was a great place to go when you all pointer to get a drink if you -- of legalese she conceded early check IDs as I recall. When you going to -- mean dictating that that's what we used to do. It threw -- a gush will you don't it would you're dare we take kids a dog food -- Any it would do that to attract the -- it seems like that's kind of a form of entrapment. Well sure. Yeah. No we work -- and and led to called it thanks for that and memory. Which we've been talking about what we used to do during the summer because there's a new study out from psychiatrist at the University of Colorado. A showing that children benefit from unscheduled unsupervised time. That's when they learned social bonds build emotional maturity develop cognitive skills -- prove their physical health. So if you're a situation where. Both parents work where your single parent. And you you have to put your kids it's a kind of a supervised. A daycare or daycare during the summer. Just keep in mind that if the study shows that children benefit from unscheduled unsupervised time. Then find time to bring that into their lives even if they can't do it the way we used to do it years ago. Find it find a way to bring those unsupervised moments and the unscheduled time into your kid's lights because obviously it's a very important. Here's a Texan -- Katy Perry could just stand on stage and do nothing and I would go see your LOL here's a -- scoot. That's a great topic for you twenty years from now you can say twenty years ago -- WWL. And 64% of the people thought they Katy Perry would still not be around today and here on giving away tickets to Katy Perry. And is -- -- conversation all of began by giving away tickets to a Crosby, Stills and -- to going to be at the singer. A Saturday -- August 23 great place to see them. As somebody -- in a text. I said -- there's nobody going to be around years from now. Who will be in your position doing what you're doing giving away tickets to an. Are a group for a performer. That has become legendary -- and I disagree with that and we've spent time today talking about the many many performers. Bruno Mars Justin Timberlake Jack White of The White Stripes Maroon 5 a beyoncé. John -- Hank Kid Rock Foo Fighters. Dave Matthews M and -- imagine dragons cold play. And Green Day Carrie Underwood to Alicia Keys usher all of these have been mentioned as bands and performers that will be performing. Twenty years from now and I I'll be here and I'll still be on the radio Tony we thought that I would be doing is 3035 years later. Giving away tickets to Crosby stills Nash and then next week I'll start to show by giving away tickets to The Doobie Brothers and Peter Frampton and concert. So there's some real. Moment continues. I'm excluding yes I will be -- twenty hours from now we'll be right back. And WWL. I realize it's a cloudy Friday. There's rain in the area chance of rain today and maybe even into tomorrow but that's why the boomer and beyond -- going to be great because. Inside the potty -- center and it's actually free. So this is what you've been working for every Friday when -- -- weather's good morning tummy during the day or school -- I'd like to play this on. Reach over crank it up because this. Is what you've been working. Some people actually thought this weekend looking for a new romance. Be careful sometimes that can lead to a relationship and we know where those go. I -- downing relationships and speaking for them. Personal experience I got a text from the other woman abating and desperate and as you listen to show which -- -- an issue listen when she was in the short justice. You really tell what you're going to be in twenty years. But what's your point who thought to be doing this at this point in my career. Coming up on Monday there's a new information out about about drinking one in ten people die from alcohol related deaths. Alcohol related deaths ranked per state -- Louisiana ranked in alcohol related deaths. And how much do you actually drink in a day. -- -- -- -- to keep track of over the weekend. And we'll talk about that Monday in the show also will have tickets to giveaway to The Doobie Brothers and Peter Frampton Monday. Understood blog today is titled soda ban ruling as a victory for personal accountability. A ruling by New York's Court of Appeals I think is a big celebration for personal victory mean for personal accountability. The court ruled that New York's proposed ban on all sugary drinks over sixteen ounces. Is illegal. And this is a great moment. This is a moment when we we don't want to the government to tell us what to do we accept responsibility ourselves. And if you drink too many sweet drinks if you eat too much it's not the government's fault. What happened to personal accountability. -- Is win. America took a turn for the that the worse when we started to disrespect to personal responsibility. The risk of blood is on our website at WW dot com. Here's a final update on our WWL pretty -- opinion poll do you think there any current -- are performers that will become legends. 60% say no and 40% say yes. Getting a lot of text about people I'm remembering this summer and you know swimming pools and going to the lake front and just having fun. If your kids are supervised make sure they have some unsupervised it doesn't -- watcher but make sure they just have fun. One -- -- Newman our executive producer George Segal -- show producers show ultimately it's our studio producer. I'm -- have a great weekend what you -- --

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