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6-27-14 11:10am Don Dubuc: with St. Tammany President Pat Brister

Jun 27, 2014|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and gets an update on St. Tammany Parish with President Pat Brister.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And on Friday she got made Don Donald -- who is filling in for Garland Robinette each Friday in those few more regular -- -- the shown over the last Friday of every month we dedicate this to saint Tammany parish for the saint Tammany parish report. Parish president pat Brister is kind and generous enough to give us an hour for atomic come on and tells about the latest happenings in saint Tammany. If you live work or play here and you've got a question or comment we invite you to contact this in the show at 2601870. Told -- is 8668890872. Can't send us a text please remember always text responsibly. You can do that at 87 -- 870. All of that later on we're also gonna talk to Dexter Ricardo about hurricane preparations very appropriately would broadcasting from the saint Tammany parish emergency operations center. We have -- and embedded studio here so that when times of emergency storms hurricanes depressions. Whenever the parish needs to go on alert we keep you informed right view from saint Tammany parish. Let me welcome at saint Tammany parish president pat Bristol pat good to be with you here face to face in saint Tammany -- Stuff like this that grew out of that spot and might happen in my happen I'm all for. A lot of things we're gonna talk about of course we'll try to get to as many call as a list as we can the big issue the one drawing the most attention and fires in the fracking thing. Where do we stand on fracking as far as the saint Tammany parish -- That your well Ed as we talked about before. They department of natural resources has the first makes the first move. And that is to units as agent hearing which they had. Last on the last week that 17 June 17. They have thirty days from that time to. Award the permit on the unit two is ancient. That is not the drilling permit that's just saying this size. Drilling area is what would be permitted. So that is going on. In addition of that the parish council has. Passed some ordinances or resolutions excuse me. Regarding. Are powering. Legal counsel outside legal counsel in addition -- -- that we have -- on staff. To make sure that we're covering every base that we should. Whether or not we can ask for a delay from them from the commissioner preservation. On on the unity as a nation permit -- various reasons and what are other options are says that its ongoing all set. We are also. The corps of engineers. Will have to give a permit. Two of the oil company before they can and start drilling and to get that the corps has to have a department. RD -- Certification air certification. So all those things have to be ongoing so there's not really a way to put a and it's that day. I know they. Comment period the public comment period for the corps has closed. And I talked with them. Mr. mayor at the corps of engineers last week in -- earlier this week actually. And they have. Sent all of the comments -- public comments back to the applicant. For answers -- explanations of what those comments ask for so. Depending on how long that takes that's when the court well -- You know baptism of the residents of this parish in the community has been criticized from people on the outside saying I -- talked issue one all that you don't want -- your backyard. I think all this is about a disease people in this parish we are very very. Protective of my natural resources in the business is gonna come in and operate they wanna be absolutely positive. No stones on term all the I's dotted the t.s crossed that it's going to be something safe and not detrimental to the cash. Certain absolutely and I think we should say that's what that that's our job is to make sure all those questions are answered. I think it hit it has. Been a little unfortunate. Because I think we -- hearing more than just facts we're hearing some misinformation may be from both sides right so we really just need to. Narrowed down and make sure we're getting the facts on everything that we need to so we can make the decisions that we -- unfortunately. As you know we've got about this before a lot of the decision making has been taken out of our hands right -- so rest within -- it does. But you know everyone has different opinions and different individuals and groups expressed those opinions and different ways at different fashions and you know -- that's just part of the process so. It's not an end soon it's gonna continue to go on we'll stay on top of that. Something else going on that I wanted to ask you the saint Tammany parish Levy progress because this is the time of the year whereas there's a lot of concern about it. Of people have said that some of the hydrology that's been -- and other parishes to protect them is gonna have a negative impact on saint -- where do we stand on getting that ball -- Right this pass legislation and legislative session. We did get legislation through that allows us to have our own Levy district. The governor sign that a couple weeks again so we're in the process of putting our -- district board together. And from from that we can make our own determination on what we need and -- -- to protect ourselves. As you know we are a member of the southeast. Let protection. System east. And we asked to be removed from that and how our own and and we're in the process now. We are getting it down thrilled that we -- getting. Letters in resonates in the mail and email. Saying they wanna participate that -- we've gotten some very highly qualified. Engineers. Legal people. So that we will have a top notch board. We send the names. Our recommendations to the governor and he appoints. From that. But that's our next step and then we can start looking we have some funding that comes in from federal grants and and state grants that we can use. So we'll just get started with that in and then go out -- more cramps so will know what we need in this parish. And -- I've heard the same thing the strange stories that. What they did on the South Shore which was badly needed that you. Glad they have that protection. What what. It means to us is spore is raising the water level in during the search. That's -- to -- -- I think the court did a study they said it was only inches two inches. Others but some believe that some don't I am down -- am not qualified to to know that but all I do know is that we have a capability. Of looking at our own pair -- in making sure we can do what will protect us best. And that's very very important. Southeast Louisiana hospital like this was a couple of years ago when you know talking Wednesday to announce that we're gonna shut it down. People got upset and said it was a big loss for more than one reason. The parish looked into purchasing that and apparently we -- we had somebody really negotiated a great deal was seventeen point eight million dollars was asking price -- -- up going to fifteen point four. So looks like the red -- it would -- to somebody when put in there really it could. Kidding yeah within yeah I want. They are if this has been on on -- process and two years ago we were not in a position that we could negotiate purchase -- -- because we didn't want to be in the operation of the hospital in the state was going to close it and move their -- -- We're very fortunate to buy very qualified to find it very qualified. Company that does this all over the country. They agree to come in with a contract with the state to continue running it until it was so so over the last two years we've been kind of doing this. Negotiations. And are you do you wanna sell and how can we buy it in what would we do what we body so week. As a Wednesday night. And we have passed everything that we need to do monopoly days letter agreement will go to the state today. And delivered for them to sign in all the lawyers have agreed on everything except where they -- in it was credit negotiate. Where enact the sale great now this is also an -- in the possibility of the new roadway that's been -- sorely needed it. It is so badly needed pelican park recreation district line. They've they've just grown so fast and they only entrances off highway 198 between. Man to bill and -- It gets quite crowded as you probably all I have noticed any Saturday or Sunday afternoon -- in and -- -- and is getting even during the week at night for practices so. This will allow us we buy the property to take part of the land and open another entrance which will be offered 1088 which is that back. Pelican park that will come in the back back at a hospital all set so they'll be another entrance they're relieved some -- some of the pressure. On 198 and that that is just really really important to us because as you know we have a lot of pressure on 1088. Since -- opened up twelve well. And and access exactly. Erica -- talk with saint Tammany parish president pat prisoners to saint Tammany parish for what we do this once a month. Well today were at the emergency operations center of saint Tammany parish in Covington was gonna take a break and we come back and you got some of the things you wanna talk about to the constituents. Also we'll open up the phone lines in the text message board if you wanna get in on the conversation is 2601870. -- 668890870. Please text responsibly in that city 787. -- be right back. Now welcome back to beautiful downtown Covington were broadcasting the think tank today from the saint Tammany parish emergency operations center in Covington. We are the emergency operations management has stationed if you get. Problems and you need help either coming through saint Tammany finding shelters getting the latest information on what's happening. We will be here for you do on those times parish president pat producers joining us for the saint Tammany parish update. -- getting some text messages in a police continue the sentinel would get to as many of those we camp. But gossip and also wanted to talk about that was highway 190 conversion to what is going to be called -- super streak. What does a super streak. Well you know they come up with it new praises when that wind a redesign. A highway. And that's the reason for it is that there are a lot of going north or points out there and their returns across lanes. Which is really a dangerous situation. So what they now are proposing RJ turn Q you will be going in one direction. Make a year return. Before you can turn. Ride it right. It you can't just turn across the line can't get into the plains I Colin. To some people but it's just safety its safety its widening the the turn blames. That do make that -- turns and gives you an up build up space so it keeps traffic moving better and it's -- -- Optimism roadways going to be called a super street how we won nine in saint Tammany parish is it. That also love some news you wanna talk about with the the new cemetery. -- Yes. I went to the ribbon cutting of the news veteran southeast Louisiana veterans cemetery. It is absolutely beautiful and I I was so proud to be there because it's certainly something our veterans deserve. And to have here -- parish is just wonderful. It's an economic development. -- issue also which you don't tie the two together always but. It brings people and even just to see the the cemetery -- to make plans appear veteran. Two to go there is at the end. But we had our first internment there this -- the Sunday. And it was our very own. Michael Keller -- -- from Slidell that. Was buried there in in. You know we just so thankful to him and his family and what they've given up forests and where is that located. It is. Just east of count Hillary Clinton on interstate twelve run. And it goes back. Quite of distance north there. But the drive in you'll see it from the interstate in its line with flags and it it was done. Very very well and I'm I'm just really happy that we were able. Another another. Location we consider to be product in fact that's what else have you got before we break for the news and we'll get to some of the call answer questions and comments. Well we met with DO TD earlier right before this meeting and talked about the construction on highway 21. Which is near saint Tammany parish hospital as we all know there's Obama like they are that two lane bridge. So it will be widened to two. Two lane bridges and the roads leading up to and leaving will be Wyden also so that's always -- that there has been a long time problem. And that will start. In July 1 clearing erupting in next week so that's -- start they head. Completion is eighteen month duration. More or less hopefully no change orders but it looks like we have everything in place so. We are very thankful to. Senator Donahue. For helping us get that going and Mike Cooper's mayor Mike Cooper and I met with them today -- TD and senator Donahue and we're all very excited because that needed to be done to mount an effect it was overdo it was anything else you want to. Well. Did a lot of work going on we have businesses calling us every day about wanting to move into this parish and nice good businesses as you know. North park there on 19 he is expanding Chevron who has been over here for some years. There their offices there doubling their size are little more than doubling their size there and and other companies are moving in from out of state. Back here are coming for the first time so a lot of economic development is really really excited about. What was it on the web site and I saw that there's actually a button on icon -- a business that wants to locate -- can find out. What's available and get some assistance actually from the Spanish government. Absolutely we have a department now it's economic development department. And which we never had before last year. Don Cheney and he's there that's exactly what he does -- he tells you what we have. It he also helps companies that decide to -- here. To work through the process not skip any steps but it just make sure they worked smoothly through a process so they don't have any delays. And getting into that building because that Beverly hurts -- it's all there. Not frustrate you go to there's something and you -- -- you shouldn't counsel them before that they have somebody that god of the process. -- and a great job site. -- always talking with saint Tammany parish president pat roosters saint Tammany parish update we do this -- month. At the emergency operations center in conflict in this is where we would broadcast the times of emergencies and alerts. Invite to the tune -- for -- -- also -- going to be talking to -- Ricardo and 1230. He's gonna chew on -- he's the director of saint Tammany -- as homeland security and this emergency operations. Talking about what goals on saint Tammany parish how to get ready for hurricanes and tips on that where you'll find that information that you of these. I'd if you wanna get on and call we've got the phone lines will be open and after the news that 260. 1878668890878. And -- continue to -- new attacks we've got some good -- company in the you've got a question for -- thank Tammany parish president pat breast or comment we welcome minute 878 said. Be right back after the news and please don't forget we have a text message 40787. If you -- -- tax would talk at saint Tammany parish president that producers to saint Tammany parish update. Time for questions comments suggestions that she welcomes all the the economy. That I got a couple of text came in no one ever popular think every show we've -- done something comes up about the slot -- mission is someone wants to know about the total in public when you can be ready -- What will that be when it is finally completed. Sure well Lou as you know we finished phase one we had a grand opening. Fishing rodeo it was fantastic outlook gets caught fish and got a prize that -- That day. Face it we've looked -- next will be completion of the day one bridge it. That we -- rating on and that will be seven tenths of a mile when that's complete and we're in that phase that finishing that. When we move over to the second. Bridge. Incomplete that they'll be one point five miles a bridge that people can fish from. So it is it sorry to being used that numbers just keep going up in the -- to big. They are and I wanted to help people who if you're not catching fish don't get frustrated because it has been tough up until this point the -- is another wrong that is an excellent spot. In eventually those visuals show up. I've always got jail on a cell phone is quality and he wants to know about and I don't know that this disease that Slidell traffic you can but some of those cross over to parish responsibilities. -- thank you -- who aren't all. There are they now. A similar situations -- -- when you -- two -- -- -- part we're twelve Warners and distort bridge just west of all our way a weapon or -- any. They're all basically like one rainy to really change. This had to be fifteen almost twenty years ago. It's -- and Holbrooke is. Just -- what they were you would -- -- that you want a huge spill an article bridge right next to -- like what you're doing there. Think dropping -- and not just wondered if you argue a trigger where the situation whether any player. -- -- could duplicate bridge or like structure brokers that are critical structure broke occurs whenever there's a record on twelve. All the -- the -- that Warren east west coworker -- it messes things up for hours and the other thing is there's a light on. All change Churchill wrote about halfway down here called the sort workshop to Richard. Where there's usually a wreck at least what they're re shoot three week -- the most and it just seemed like our issue that needs to be addressed. The light. -- not mean he calls on. How many accidents have been there but I certainly will call today. And check with DO TV in all those records and see if there's something we need to do to make that safer. Actually I was at a meeting this morning at breakfast in Slidell. And in that by year. Near Trenton. -- gave report on all the things that are that are going on and slide Al. He did talk about some capacity at work and and the project going on. This one specific. Highway 1119. -- in that sentence on every every show -- on. If it. It has a number in the name apparently it's the state way. So I will I don't know -- is on the list but if it's a historic rich and also sometimes takes longer. But if you will. If you would just to have patience with me -- will find out where is Obama on this date list. And then -- -- an EP just go to the website WWW. ST. PG OP dot award. And there's enhanced pat but if you just that but it goes straight to my email if you remind me collagen. Our parent get information to -- that wiped -- take me. Great rock rocket impacted. Our great Turkey. Thank you thanks for our call today we appreciated. Viable for. 260187. Leo great 668890878. That we and -- text message that came you know one clarification on the future of southeast Louisiana hospital. Wanted to know if the government was in the in the business of administering mental health. How who has been around it basically it was a question. Absolutely not -- -- and we Mary Joseph -- if that's exactly -- But the the parish government will not run that. Our plan is much we own the property once we finalized the purchase. We will surplus. That hospital building and where the services take place in some of the outer buildings. And that will be simplest and sold it will be sold at auction a public did. And we already know that down and that people that are running the facility for the state right now are interested in purchasing it. So. That is where we will be going with that. Now that doesn't mean they're totally independent because. They will still in the hospital or any medical facility will still be under today. Regulatory. Design. DHH and the state. Department of health and hospitals so. We will not run it but a certified. Company. Regulated by the state will. All right -- -- we're gonna take a break Q we come back I don't wanna talk about don't have an affront because a text message board is not available right now but we got -- criticism about people in saint -- Paris it was on the conservative website you say it was in a magazine. Like we've addressed that we come future I would talk with saint Tammany parish president pat Chris if you'd like to do the same. Give us a call up please text as responsibly and 87870. -- the -- in the -- Robinette. This is the Friday edition of the thing now welcome back into. Friday addition of the think tank wanna remind you here under the WL was always something new the latest on the NBA draft the newest -- pelican Russ Smith. Point guard out of Louisville plus weekend fun including intercom New Orleans Ballmer and beyond expo. The summer wine fest and gambit -- -- -- where you can taste 28 unique -- from 25 breweries around the country. Also if you making plans now for the fourth of July weekend we have a list of events in and around metro -- plus safety tips flag etiquette and lots more end. You -- read -- latest blog soda ban ruling is a victory for personal accountability and still trending up from Tom Fitzmorris. What's the difference between USDA grades of beef all of that is on line now at WW well dot com. Are we getting a lot of -- messages in in in that one Tex came in. Found a conservative website you say it's in a magazine -- a saint -- and he's got gutless lead news what was at all. I did see the article I believe it was American spectator that and I think that quote which used to have not seen a web site. And that. The article I read really it was more about the congressional hearings that they had on tracking. And the the results of tracking in. -- ask directly these were these were. In president Obama's. Administration people. Asked directly if there had been in -- and -- -- in sentences. Environmental damage they said no they did not have any that was directly. Directly. -- attributable to fracking so. I read that article I accepts haven't seen website but they they were pretty brutal about what it's doing here and in saint Tammany. We got a couple of call us on two before we get to the callers so we had a text of wanted to know your thoughts if you wanna too long Walter -- situation district attorney saint Tammany is under investigation. You thoughts well my thoughts it's our legal processes it and it works as it should. When there are issues that need to be investigated I think we're all happy that they are. And whatever the findings are we want to know about them because if there is wrongdoing we want to. Correct it. It there's not then let's clear they -- go forward but I think it's a good process. And it just like every other legal process I am am anxious to see what the end result is all right -- We thank you for you calls it decent men who you're with -- president Bruce. Yet to question that America spoke about this recently. Just turned union. But to put pressure -- -- or Hewitt won any attention Cuba -- -- and upper age. And also my second question is necessary to start a project is saying this Kennedy -- over on -- east approach. And distraction of a year ago only delay this country as it's taken so well. -- skull like a devil's triangle this has been spent it really is -- the the east approach. That. That is under the auspices. That causeway commissioner believed. And honest honestly I didn't know it was going to happen when it happened not that I -- stop it and our our but I would have liked to have known more about it. But on day. 19 construction you spoke about again we met with DO TD this morning and they are out there watching them every day it has been delayed that in many delays. They did tell us today that they are are doing some different sign it -- you can see that driveways to the businesses better they'll be using blue cones to direct you into those drab place. They're the state DO TD is buried there frustrated also because they get as many calls as we do. And then we call our congressional delegation. -- representatives in Baton Rouge. And they taught with DO TV but we're all out there -- I think they have a meeting. Every and once a month now. With the residence just to to let them know where they are. And there have not been for other delays as far as. I know as of this morning. The last time I think they planned to be finished by November. And we are very hopeful they will they. Actually seen them. Bill in era can rebuild. There it's like -- wander around the competency level. -- there again there -- under contract to two certain work in certain days and they will be held to that contract -- penalized for. It's when. When we have bit laws and when someone does bid on jobs. And gets it they're supposed to do and an uncertain time in the -- pretty straight down on how you can accept a did. Yeah that the low bid and sometimes it doesn't work as well as we want it said it. Sydney I gotta put up with a like -- the only good point about scenes some in built on down and rebuilt his hopefully that time they got it right rather it -- in -- of the night. All right it we got to run thank you for the call appreciate it we come back and -- it boggles the Euro up next we'll let it get as many calls and -- him before we wrap up. The saint Tammany parish report alive today from the emergency operations center in Covington will be right. I back arrives at the emergency operations center in comic in the wrapping up the saint Tammany parish update with parish president that Bristow -- and on neighboring parish of Washington up -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Those those who -- those -- -- -- part talk about who maybe connecting twelve votes to world one in 141. Our two arms on -- is there any planned about the future. Yes that sit -- highway thirty to 41 project. And it has. Been put on a state list. I think it 27 team. Eighteen is in yield see some work if they can find the funding is what I'm told. But it will be connecting that up there and go all the way to well. That'll be great. A lot of traffic and -- -- make some traffic apartment. To you know. That's right that's what it's meant to -- Thank you so much wing and we appreciated thank keep that Christopher and making us -- time available for us from allow we'll look forward to update next month in the meantime if someone has something they wanna contact about it they reach. Our web site which is a great when it's www. STP. GOV. Dot war. -- Erica and now will be back after the news. You -- hero when I'm calling a very tense moments I went through an attempted carjacking we'll let you listen to the 911 tape. Followed by Dexter a Carl's gonna Johnson talk about getting ready for hurricane season here in saint Tammany parish. It's all coming up right here in the think tank on the big 870 WTO.