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6-27-14 1:10pm Angela: on trending stories

Jun 27, 2014|

Angela talks about what stories are trending with WWL news director Dave Cohen, WWL sports host Todd Menesses, and B-97 afternoon host T-Pot.

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Well happy favorite day of the week it is Friday and we've got three glorious hours. We're gonna start with what's trending with three of my favorite people at this television station look. Freudian. Now. I know it's Friday. Greatest radio station on WW well. Our second -- gonna be with Ian sweet Ian about everything that's happening this weekend to help you plan what you wanna do -- -- plans. And then our third hour does it get better. Tom the -- talk include food and more food. We're gonna start. With a look at what's been trending in the news and sports and in the world of entertainment and social media. And lucky us we have the real experts here WWL news director Dave Collins. Roar of the crowd. From the world of sports Todd Manassas. We have for somebody to. -- entering the world of everything else entertainment and special media our own teapot. Half of the afternoon squirrel on May 97 better than this thing we've got. We have to pick tonight. Okay I thought -- if they ever want to thank mark -- who has got mad applause roaring forest. We like to do this every once in awhile because as I think we were talking before so much happens during the week. That how do you absorb it all so those sort of hit the high points. And why don't we start with Newsday of this to me was kind of an incredible week for a slow summertime. I'm really wanted to start with. With the state budget because the state budget. We had done. Missed Kennedy and not in -- on by line treasurer and were kind of in trouble for next year. And -- when the paper today innocent immigrant -- short a hundred million this year. You know having done this now. Four year after year after year I cannot remember a single year we weren't told that oh my god the sky is falling we don't have enough money for next year. Or we weren't told as the fiscal year was winding down up there's going to be a shortfall this year. But somehow somewhere. Every single time. You know they find the money. You know and he actually talked about that John Kennedy did he said it's it's getting down to paying Peter. Rob Peter pay Paul so 'cause of all looks good and I think that's the argument were were just sort of move in the shells around well I. Think that the state budget has become like most personal budget like most people's personal finances that people live now. Paycheck to paycheck. They live. Month to month and I think that day government almost led the way in the national government and the national debt that has built up. Well if the government is building up more debt that it ever payback is it a surprise that Americans do the same things so. I think we're at a point now where the state is operating now just so close to the -- that at some point. You gotta wonder if that's ever gonna change for the as it let's actually put aside the money let's -- planned to have a surplus. And you're the most is they do have a surplus even though they projected shortfall. They find a way to end up with a surplus but they don't plan on having cancer you know he he did reminders of the -- we can't crank count money like the feds can't. Yet we can't innocently they don't have to have a balanced budget cannot borrow more than a campaign. Well. Moving on to probably just out -- -- accuse me of balancing it could just look at but it. Pretty much sounds like my -- gentlemen who know the truth of the matter is that both in all levels of state government. And that the trend has become to spend. And they're not just gonna fund money somewhere they look we've -- we've got history mainly afternoon they they either have to balance the budget by the end of the fiscal year by cutting. Where Baghdad identifying other revenue sources. And oftentimes like you said it is robbing Peter to pay a moment we'll put off something something will be -- funded effort that time so that they can pay the -- And you do wonder at what point is this says cycle gonna come around to where. More common sense and as the process where instead of crisis management of the closet. They actually budget more. Soundly. So that they don't end up at the end of every fiscal year going oh somebody's gonna have to gate cutters something's gonna have to get there there's -- -- Yeah. That is the drugs because it's always tell them it's always education and that had gotten nailed and in how much more than can go entire hand and they have just been. Anyway we're gonna you're making a joke is that comets and some government in the same line and -- I was -- I was in Morris up. You're cute people. Big news out of Washington those statements and to -- police named the house majority whip. Yeah you know it's been a long time since Louisiana had. Anybody on either side of the aisle in a major leadership position we've got to think back to. Bob Livingston who was elected. Speaker of the house yes during the Clinton administration. And then had to resign after he admitted he had cheated on his wife. -- while the whole Monica Lewinsky scandal was going and so that was one of the brightest days turned into one of the darkest days and Louisiana congressional politics. Political history but now yes -- police very interesting because he has maintained. A very. -- very very. Consistent. Approach to being a congressman he has not made a whole lot of noise. On Capitol Hill either nationally or locally he's gone about his business he's gotten reelected time and again. But apparently he's really known how to work the back room he's known how to. Work his way up through the political circles of the Republican Party to where he's got the respect he's got the following. And now we've got Louisiana with one of the most powerful people on Capitol Hill. And -- the future looks bright for -- police and that can only be a good thing for Wednesday. Good -- -- wasn't hale Boggs then who was the last. Prior to cracking little -- in Canada yet hale -- actually made it in front served prior to that so it was long time since we've had a big role like that now that is a very good news. And hopefully he will have the type of personality that can bridge some situations. Now with the other side yeah well that will see he he is. In very. Conservative Republicans and he is one that touts the party line for the Republican Party and I don't know how much compromise there is right now between. Democrats and Republicans. I don't know that we can really anticipate that there will be a whole lot of compromise. Our hearts it's hard to compromise in the united and talk to says I I don't know that he brings hope of compromise. But he does bring hope of having a powerful Louisiana Ian. On the hill and that can only be good. Well we're going to in our little final moment you're talking about knew something that I know was of great interest to you and that is. The panels at the conference in New -- promoting eating bugs. This is huge you want to -- things trending yet this story is then one of the top stories on our website now all week. 191000. Food professionals were meeting in New Orleans. To start the week off and you probably noticed beef prices are and have never been higher -- the highest they've ever been at the local grocery stores and restaurants. Pork prices are also at record highs some poultry prices. So this group was having some panel discussions and one of the things that came out of it was well. If you look at Latin America if you look at Asia if you look at Africa many countries have gone to eating insects. As the source of protein -- I think -- well thank you chief I always aware of it. Wait a minute at the the beat the beef and pork prices are going up because it it cost so much to feed him right why don't we feed them the books and I don't think. And they never Alexander at least -- Cattle except. But that -- there -- there was some serious supporters saying hey we gotta get proteins -- any blogs. And so we're talking a good sandwiches -- -- The UN actually had this out of a year or two ago in and for the world because this that there may be of food shortage worldwide coming up and and so they were talking about it on the island global and in some countries it's working but. And we put a video on our website. A professor eating locusts. That she had put some butter in soy sauce on insight today. And she -- the -- officer -- functional way on them. Anyway. The bottom line and the result of it was not a whole lot of support necessarily. We talked to an economist at the LSU -- -- you can read more of his comments on our website but he basically sat. In the US we will go from beef to beans before we go from beefed -- recently to. -- thought he also pointed out that even though meat prices are recognized consumption has not dropped. At all in the united isn't -- in crowd people are willing to pay more to have their meat as some families have had ago from -- having steak. The having burgers or instead of having. You know one cut of meat they go to a cheaper. Eat too much meat that meant to different topic but while I was waiting for the commercials with the -- thousand -- to see more cricket. -- On that very happy note we're gonna take a break from -- come back with our trending group and wanna remind everybody York. -- will read jet or opinion poll have you jumped on the US soccer bandwagon. Cast your vote at -- we will dot com we'll be right back I'm Angela -- and well. We are trending here with Dave Cullen and -- Manassas and teapot on the issues of the week and debuted that whole line was a big week. It really wasn't right now trending -- WW out that -- hottest thing is WD SU's decision today to black out the fourth hour of The Today Show V drain or copying cans once let me tell you I was almost in the street with a black button in a protest. That's the hottest thing really really wrong and on our FaceBook page that we put some of those videos from today show meet him to concede on TV. On our website at WWL dot com and don't want to segment. Where -- and -- talk about the stuff the Bobby Hebert sent them. Good for their shelves so that's up there right now we mentioned the eating bugs that still trending well the letters that Ray Nagin says he has. Mean the judge should give him mercy that's the thing that defending really well right now other things that are have been hot throughout the week. Is the Supreme Court ruling that cops cannot searchers cell phone without a warrant in most cases. That and a man from Metairie who served seventeen years in prison for a rape he did not commit went free. Paul McCartney released a video he's feeling better and ready to tour he'll be here October 11. Assuming that is health holds up and everything goes as planned. The fight over -- the app to have a car common take you where he wants -- the traditional taxi. Delayed by the New Orleans City Council approved in Baton Rouge. Same sex marriages got a lot of traction this week with the hearing here in New Orleans on whether or not Louisiana should after recognize them from other states and rulings in other states. Striking down bands. Mary Landry and US senator delivered to get 300 million dollars in contracts to ball and -- shipyards. Coincidentally just weeks after he got a commercial thing for them. He should be reelected really and the ten year old shot on the I ten. In Kenner after the driver of a car flipped the cigarette out the window -- it pick up truck. The ten year old father got upsets started cutting off allegedly the driver of the car that put the cigarette but -- over the -- flicked cigarette that'll let the pulled out a gun and fired three times in the pick up injuring. The annual so those are some of the stories that we're trending this week here -- -- -- And I just think you know it's a quiet June week but it's always something happening in this town and there's no such thing as a quiet -- absolutely right I think we're going to be hearing a lot more about that Albert thing that is evolving. And I think -- -- a lot more about common core. It is also he had happening daily it's like theater. Yet we have article up right now about how the governor and the education superintendent are battling over common core once again after governor Bobby Jindal took executive steps after the the legislature refused to stop common core -- through executive action has stopped its implementation. In Louisiana and the board of Elementary and Secondary Education kind of caught in the middle of this to me kissing scene with they do in the coming. Well the superintendent sent in this room and send. Before this happened. Regardless of what happens we're going to have -- core issue all boils down to the park test. And how how mechanic and the messaging and it is unfolding as we speak here across the country. OK let's take a little look at Q what was happening in sports. Game they were flying. -- a of the World Cup and you know everyone got the excited it's your opinion people. We jumped on the bandwagon and I think at this point it's OK to jump on the bandwagon so boring. Well in -- and nobody keeps a and that outlook with the interstate what's interesting though. When you talk to European soccer fans. American football as the most boring sport out there according to them because it keeps stopping you don't understand the fact that they they don't run the whole time they keep stop being so. So that's kind of -- a lot of them don't of them picking up but it didn't. Grow in in Europe and with the NFL Europe and so forth but -- did pick up in Germany Germany did like it. And they do have fans in the London that's why I ENFL plays there that sports bars here in town has been the snowpack that had to turn people away. Well -- people worse off -- first off you're talking about New Orleans and bars in a reason to go there are getting better okay. But the thing is it's been around the country it hasn't just been here around the country it's been it's been crazy. Viewership Ford is through the roof in fact. You know the television. Viewership for ESPN it's in the highest rated. Show. Other than an NFL or college football game -- did actually beat some college football games in the ratings this past week. And then when you -- -- with it just come out today. You add in the people that watched it on the ESPN app that was included one point seven million people. Watched it on the -- not the TV just on the. Because it's like one of the first times we've made it so far like right if now last year we made it women that's where last year yeah them to assist in growing our sport in America and it wasn't a populace what happens if there's children it's been build -- very good looking. But -- is there when bad leg and it's true it's as America's out of us. And now it's -- are gonna watch it and a and an activists are well Major League soccer we'll have some soccer before Italy Olympic minuet you have some soccer -- will continue to watch it but. But yeah I did it right now it's it's sort of like the Olympics you know we who we watched figure skating during the Olympics but you know I watched him during the regular but it's also I think in the people like I want to get her out all the -- no we don't want -- they like to get together they like to have something in common -- like to skip work and being in a bar. So let's just affect that more people in America watched that last game. Then watched any game in the NBA finals or any game in the World Series is really aggressive. In that's what I was going up they didn't play soccer. But now there's a generation of people who have grown up playing soccer. See the whole the whole thing started actually when I was a kid they introduce soccer and elementary school yeah back when we have the chalk -- in the in the erasers. And I -- but but that's when they started it and you know I didn't and I mentioned this on on double coverage this week with with Tebow most affluent Christian. You can see how they were attacking it way back win. You had. When Little League started back in the forties with baseball and in baseball's got the popularity. Really big with kids the fifties in the sixties and in the 7067. -- started Peewee football. And then football started to grow with kids and now it's number one sport. Well they decided the same thing with soccer and that is now you're now seeing it grow it -- really catch on with my generation too much. But. As it's gone they kept continuing planes actually she -- growing now with the younger kids they'll play soccer team. Interesting numbers of just saying that that game was more. Watched in any NBA -- unlike anything a game AME opponents or anything game of the World Series and that's an all of the United States so. An -- thing that is more people watch a soccer than and it's and basketball's been losing -- and there was based. And also to their to their credit and -- we -- to get to the news but to their credit the reason more people I think watch this year is because the US was not supposed to get out of this. Group of death as they were called. Germany and Portugal were both in there who are. You know ranked teams Portugal's fourth Germany's up in the top there might with a three seconds of -- and then. Ghana the US has never beaten down yeah. So Donna so we're not gonna get out of this and then when we beat Ghana was like wait a minute they might have to do this so they if they beat Belgium now on this next round of sudden death where it's one win or go home. Then their -- think it will because I felt it was -- -- -- really good so that's what -- -- if they can do Belgium but then there's a realty. Okay gang -- we're gonna continue to trend but let's go to the new German find out what's going on. Well we are trending with Dave Cullen and -- Manassas and teapot and being 97. And were talking sports let's talk about the NBA draft. Good thing that we got disagree young man if we can find the money. I think it's good thing you know the the interesting thing about that and of course the pelicans and have a pick in the in the draft and then in the draft today. They made a trade the treated appeared Jackson for Russ Smith now. What's interesting is they treated appeared Jackson back to the Philadelphia 76ers which is where they got his rights from him. In exchange for a for a Smith now Smith looks like he's going to be the kind of players that. You know he's gonna work out with the team. He's he's an all American in the past year Louisville the average about eight. Team point two points a gain four point six synthesis to steal so so he's good he's a shot about 52% from two and 39 from three. So he's gonna develop into a good player he's he's one of these guys where if he were. The critics say if you were at least three inches taller. He would have been drafted in the first round. So I'm hoping he comes in with that kind of chip on a show Republica. A Drew Brees or some of these other guys -- Russell Wilson in the NFL we know who we're supposed to be too small for their position. And take it to the next -- side I'm I'm hoping that's what we're gonna see from this guy and all indication are that yeah we probably well. Isn't there another young guy we're gonna get. I'm blanking on his name unusual name. Odd that it. All the trade we made with the rock series entry draft yeah gosh it just -- -- I had I headed in front of the united Omar -- achieved that that's it Omar Sheikh. That's an interesting thing because in order to get him. I mean it's really risky. Getting him because we we traded away. Our first round pick from an exit which we've already traded for this year and supposedly you can't do that. And it's all based on something else as to how he how -- and how the pelicans and up. And where they'll end up with their pick next year. And I don't I don't know fields gonna play here to be honest I think he may be in place somewhere where there they're gonna move him around again. Somewhere else and try to treat him off because he's got a poison pill in his contract. And I think he's a conflict thirteen million. Or something at the end of the year so the adults. And pelicans going out and they're pretty they're they're close to the cap and they're into they're way over they're really in big -- almost they can unload some of these big contracts that have been. A weighing them down but. You know they showed improvement last year and now they've done nothing to indicate that they won't show continued improvement. And and I think. That was more of a move by Houston. To trying to unload this guy and and we said OK well you know we'll take a look will take him in and and I think -- think in some of them and I don't know what -- think in somewhere down the line we might unload him as well. Houston's trying to unload some people because they wanna make a play for the other big story in the NBA LeBron James let's talk about that. In the last year's contract now. A lot of people are saying well maybe he's gonna go back to Cleveland. Now if that we're gonna happen -- would traded the first pick away they would retreated down in the draft and -- in the first. He could have been in the big hero and gone back home and and made that thing in May Damascus it's known he doesn't like being the -- In which he isn't Cleveland. Which he has become in Cleveland and around the league -- -- -- Canada and key to ship everybody hates hates him for the decision thing but but again would you look of the surface of it. If somebody gave -- you and say hey. We know you gonna make a big decision to move to wherever you're gonna ago. We'd like to televise it will pay you five million that you can donate to the Boys and Girls Club in Cleveland which he did. Would you be interest in doing it will yeah you do it. So everybody makes it you know and I don't know why anybody thought well he was he was disrespectful to Cleveland because he didn't element that we can't because. Why would anybody they want help -- -- though. In and you can't fault him for trying to. Go after championship every -- once that means a lot. You did that in every single yeah every single sport definitely and it's an you know we keep forgetting it is a business it is about money. And yet we still as fans have a loyalty factor prime and I think that's what happened in Cleveland. -- -- if he doesn't end up back at the heat if it's not a bargaining position to get more you know more money here or better contract with the heat to keep the other the Big Three there. I would look for him like you said the rockets are thinking about trying to make a play to bring bring him in. Los Angeles in the clippers or the lakers they have to unload some people move around but I America and -- with crisp -- crisp either playing Chris Paul that beside or Kobe Bryant I mean either one year you've got you have to think those those fit into this ball is right true Kobe or. But it put Kobe plays good if you get a better player around him he's is -- when then leader in his career so. You know there there's a play and I and I think the lore of just the market of being. Angeles you can't tonight. And the big Richman who just bought the clippers has lots more money. Yeah so maybe he would do it and say let's start off Friday. Any NBA you know it's kind of funny you can go over the salary cap if you're willing to pay the luxury tax. Access and well so it's not like the NFL where you can't go over the salary cap in the NBA can't yep you can try to buy a championship. But if it doesn't work California it -- that hurt you because you get -- pay a big find the leak for gone over the cap you can still over. Okay and we're gonna have to take another break I hate this but misty -- Mary she's got off the scoop on what's been trending in entertainment stay with -- I'm Angela under the anyway. Of course we are gonna trend entertainment and media in etc. and missed teapot is the queen of that and we got to start off with. The world's favorite Kardashian yeah well I. All things at issue that I hate him and -- mean that we. I know I've always pass it around a day it was an mr. Graham picture that Kim tweeted yesterday. Of -- way he's added a look like she was naked in the picture. She's always naked something's always hanging out -- It's you that's why she gets so many shares them and he likes because it is an English usually what happens when you them when you take most of the self he's in the bathroom. It. Yeah I haven't that big a problem with rob the Brothers the only you know in the mainly because big problem of actually going to be Stevie and me and I'm not -- I don't know I don't I had. His husky. He is he's gained a lot of weight and in a short amount of time and he's not been able to get it -- and so no one understands why he can't get it up you know he seems like. He's working out or. Whatever the problem is that now we're hearing Bayreuth and yeah. It could be but we're also hearing that he's possibly on drugs. Because he has pulled back room. Filming in talking to -- is yet to blow up -- with Kim before her wedding and he left and he didn't know the wedding that was disturbing I mean you know you hold it -- for the family. The same time. With that really don't really to permanently wedding it is all right here's another production yet another production something you wonder how real this mainly actually you know. Because I remember there was an episode I watched where he was seeing a doctor about his -- And Chris them and Kim at the doctor's office and they kept trying to go in the room with cameras and he kept saying I don't want the cameras in here. And so they win -- but they were still they still have their microphones on here. If he really did not want that recorded though if he says you cannot record -- legally they couldn't so. Go and they didn't know it and I know Andre even audio clip on microphones were still want it but accidentally on a contract. So I mean there's legal stuff there so they have to have him on in some capacity you know. But I kind of feel bad form because he's never seemed like the rest of the week. Do we really feel bad about anybody who gets in a reality TV show about their family has cameras come in their home and in view and I I think you know what you're setting yourself up for death as it ever end well now now now is get -- upset about it I get a lot of money. -- -- General and I have never watched the Kardashians I've seen clips and never watched I'm now reflect on the Communists are again but because I just one don't have time to. Don't having interest little sparks like you know the brother not going to the wedding not you know gee that's a family thing -- -- probably -- -- Now get calls. But what is our fascination I think with other people's lives. Is the issue because they they hit every it's excessive their lives they you know it's they're rich. They spend all this money they have things that we all wish that we had. You know you get to see what they're driving -- to see what they're wearing it to see their kids and it's kind of a nice escape. You know. I think it's different than that I think it's because they have the money because they have the success. We wanna see their flaws we wanna know that there right now like I'm watching for the crash dad knew what exactly do we want to know that you're never gonna. Senior tour applause though like -- and I'll have yeah. Are carefully orchestrated like their real plot it's like kind of like beyoncé and the situation with the fight in the elevator everybody was like -- And then but when you look at pictures of them leaving out of that elevator you see that they're all smile so that video would have never been released. We would've never known that you don't actually see these people's flawed. You see what they want you to an -- so let's bring it to about beyond that -- last night that was the beautiful. You know her she and her husband are doing their big broad thing and at what did you think of the customs agency M I did -- cast yes I love them. I mean it's revealing it's beyond its. It's entertainment at entertainment and she's really talented. And that I think is the difference between Kim Kardashian and family. One may be lovely people but what are -- what what went into Allen. Why are they famous yet. Now be a beyoncé last time she was here for the essence -- a few years ago and while it is it's five years ago now while it was the same gives the Jackson died. Those five years ago you know us as Super Bowl yeah -- got to see that concert and she must've changed outfits 25 time. She's been doing that show it's easy on me being a performer. But she's also wrote. -- about you don't. Anything else you'd see these performances these outfits she. Did you hear HBO documentary that was not you know thanks so much. Let's break up -- sorry. -- -- street that entire. Did she filmed before anybody even asked her -- bill that edit it had everything together and and -- out she. -- -- -- -- up with. A full original incident where she was. Are trying -- he did where she was well you know you don't think she says how's. It make you know around the house dressed like that in machines that wake up. I. I feel so deprived I have no wind machines. I have -- that's -- -- and unfortunately if you win but unfortunately I don't have the air to blow in the. Anything else happening in the world a better team we need. This would Gary Oldman is huge it is but it's at and it does are in now. I think he I think he said some things to Playboy. And I think he meant some but maybe he was a little more and then what he meant. You know I think he -- and the PC police and how everybody just needs to calm down because maybe were a little bit racist or whatever. And I think the right idea. Because we have our prejudices. That maybe it came out a little strong. You know and so now he's -- -- apology tour now and he was just on -- and I was listening to many sounded very sincere about his unit with -- apologies. But I wonder how much of that is actually true. You know where people now feel the need to be so PC and then. And then when someone makes a mistake were so. -- you -- and I can't do this and again you know like it makes it should be production out saying that we just you know. It make its giant state. I think it's the compared fashion model you just wanna keep yourself in the news keep yourself relevant whether it's good or bad just of people are talking about you. City get opportunities and you make more all I know is either Gary Oldman as one of the best actors in Hollywood and and I will probably watching thinking comes in in the mini movies and I'm good. Chart of politics -- euros -- I don't I don't pay attention to politics or anything for athletes. Our -- movies that I could care less what your politics are because you're not affect in my opinion on it when I just what you act I campaigned for you act if you can act that's good. I don't care what you do what you get out who you vote where you that as long as you can act when I'm paying for -- to act. That's fine thank you -- in essence of just summed up like look at the views of a lot of people just doing your job. You -- delight gentlemen we'll be right back stay with us. I hate our -- WL ready jaguar pinnacle have you jumped on the US soccer bandwagon. We got the results 57%. Said no 43 yes. Very interesting I cannot thank Dave Cullen toddler nephews and -- and you we love our trending Friday's you -- the best. So Trenton right on that I jumped on the net and and this this conversation will continue on the whole course is not yelling and I want everybody to stay with -- because you know who's next are great you know and what's happening. Stay with --