WWL>Topics>>6-27-14 2:10pm Angela: on what to do in NOLA this weekend

6-27-14 2:10pm Angela: on what to do in NOLA this weekend

Jun 27, 2014|

Angela and Ian Hoch talk about what's going on around New Orleans this weekend. Jonathan Mares of the Allways Theatre discusses the upcoming Linda Ronstadt cabaret, movie lover Jude Borque talks about what's new at the movies, and Dr. Karen Miller Becnel promotes this weekend's Cat Video Festival.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I loved our trending our I'd just like to hear other people's opinions on things that makes it to sort of sums up the whole week. But it is the end of another week and the beginning of another week and and we hope that your making your plans because there's a lot going on as always. And here to share that is mr. happening. And you know that trending. -- is that's why that's my second favorite partners. The first obviously being excellently -- you know -- kind of got the reference I really do. I love insight into people's thoughts on events that have been and I'm so happy that we decide it's yes I think it is terrific. And how -- -- I'm doing good tell me about your upcoming week OK cool -- the first thing tonight they -- in the the republic. The club down there in in the warehouse district they always do -- throw back concerts actions reflect notes and ninja turtles throwback. A Depeche Mode throwback or something name these kind of themed content portable tonight. Is Michael Jackson throwback. And five years gone and I. Believe that's often feels like no -- really. Com but -- they're having to speak and pay tribute to -- and you know it's not just a concert with the DJ they have all kind of fun activities in costumes their green and you may have seen around town like professional Michael Jackson impersonator. Looks just like and sounds like dances just like him. So he's going to be they're trying to teach in peoples and enjoyed dance moves in the -- kinda funny little promotions like. If you solve -- excused. Retreating. Nazis. So the whole experience of the throwback parties responsible go to that tonight and and tomorrow. And and go to -- little -- -- drinking. You know -- as they're like best of -- thing that they don't warehouse district where. We're gonna go down to -- media for -- you know justice right down here next the parking garage and and we go on a tour in its September 7 different venues need to go. Just -- craft the world which I'm all about. Laughter I'm nice and lose then Emelianenko to the distillery launch party distillery NC. Cool sort of artist incubation artist meant to ship program that we -- that CA scene now. Some friends minor run -- are involved and still make strike support and -- pre launch party the tiger and -- down by water. All kinds of really great local food and local drinking and then I think America checked out Internet. Cat video -- -- -- in his pocket and are going to be talking about that are currently borne -- -- but -- that that basically gets you through this Sunday -- I think on Sunday on -- taken join. I think that that is a great idea and to all of our loyal listeners who adore Ian. He rides a bike he does not drive after seven hours of -- right ears I'll probably be taken the -- on on realize that is okay though but it sounds like a fun week Malia and full of fun things. -- tell you I'm telling you and and you live and love them but now we have such great theater in this area and one of them is the always theater in the -- water. And -- they have some really neat things coming up and we have Jonathan. -- is gone yorba. And we are good and you're doing something on coming up in July. We absolutely are we have a Little Rock that -- you -- coming out in July in of the written. By and starring Dorian rush who is a fantastic local music and Peter fixture in the city. And -- she's going to be back by a three piece band we're gonna have projections it's gonna be one fantastic show. And this is going to be July 17 in the 26. You got it. -- Thursdays Fridays and Saturday nights at eight. Not at 8 PM. Tell us again exactly where the theater is. Sure we already always and we are right all of saint Claude avenue our actual address is 1030 mayor street. And where about a block away from where saint Claude meets a legion field. And front part of the building -- he always lounge and then were in the back part always be yours that people come to show. They can go and grab a couple of cocktails and bring in my back for the beer at a great time. I like to tell people that temerity. I'm -- -- always used to beat temerity to go back to announce the always -- it's tucked in right revealed frequencies to -- Big green grocery store right there so it that help people the point of reference that's -- cabinet now absolutely. Spot. And Ian has been on the stage at the all boys yeah. -- I would so I would venture to say -- -- made the eight to ten shows -- -- always theaters since I moved down there in 2009. So I guess when I'm in bug. By Jonathan numerous productions coming up here a month or so that'll be I -- -- -- nine or ten. Job I'd like to play a bug jackets that decides Franz Kafka I played giant cockroach you know that's just my neighbors play -- -- on Oprah. War veteran with all sorts of psychological traumas but you know we'll talk more about that played later and make sure everybody it's -- the he always is great I love it because it's. A really friendly community of people that they have performed there in that worked -- both. In the feeder in the back also the lounge a formidable kind of burlesque enlightening facts and well let me take you could do better tribute than to Linda runs that you want to treasure. Absolutely and she that's such a great catalog in the -- even gonna include. -- from the trio album Dolly Parton and and the food air and it really gonna cover a lot stop the -- it it's it's going to be great it's going to be great. Is this a project that that it did that -- -- previously humans are increasing Dorian daughter. Okay out great equipment this was all her brain child and she can -- you -- was this a little bit more of collaborative ideas. It's funny because I think it's collaborative because we started back. In January we I contacted currently comedy about doing a some sort of cabaret in the space and they came out with the idea. And Carole King upper. And -- that was called queen of -- attribute to Carol -- and that was done year for two weeks back in January and it was a big success. And so contacted Dorian a few weeks ago -- -- -- you -- any more ideas for any surely like to do. Opt for the summer -- -- civil actually have been thinking about it and -- match. Aniston she said that I knew about the fantastic idea -- -- big lender wants that there. -- -- -- Gonna be great if people respond to Carole King but lately there are those going to be just as good indoor in -- fantastic performer so laughs yeah. I would say you elaborate it would that we needed something. For the summer and I love working with -- she had the idea that show. And what makes it extra special is that Linda Ronstadt truly loved ones. Truly -- of people would say our lights in your drinking coffee and magazine street and she just had a real affection so. We should pay that back to her and go see it on July 17 at the 26. At all ways -- and eight Pia. So you you are wonderful to calling do we go to your website to get tickets or is there another thing and I. Our web site is www. Always. Be -- PHE eight CRC. Dot com and you have links to tickets on there we have all calendar. But what's coming up through the end of the year and truly inclusive and a little bit everything under check it out. You are great thank you Jonathan so much. -- he said John take care. And then we looked at a later date will be talking about what you're doing and -- Jack it's fascinating shall we we we probably talked a bit about killer Joseph with Matthew McConaughey when I came out sometime ago. This movie where he. Sort of bounty hunter Koppen. So that playwright Tracy let's has also now written in August of soft counting -- -- -- let's show so in the vein of these. Awesome awesome modern dramas is this one blog that I sort of particular rule and and that will be coming up and just a little -- on the picture I'm sensing Big Easy award -- -- really felt. Time knocking on the table where everyone stay with his Islamic combat we're gonna talk about what's going on in the movies. Do we love Friday's yes we do because and like to plan good weekends and it's it's a little rainy you might wanna be in a movie theater. And who better to tell us what's happening then our movie man Jude Bork. Angela welcome back love hearing your voice again you -- -- you don't good we missed you. Well you know it is another weekend and it's summer another chance for people go to the movies another crop. -- for everybody. We've talked the last couple weeks about how movies these paper sort of like the different right that is the world there's something there for everyone. He tried may not be for all family. But you -- -- and the -- is that. There's a brand knew. -- the transformers. Age and experience and have you seen any of the transfer and. I have not. I know I've missed out. I think an 800. Of millions though. Visited the war. Transformer movie but I have to tell you the experience in the movie -- currently. The people that working there were so excited about that have been. These two young gentlemen were all about who the new characters that were introducing. They're all. Go back to the TV. Cartoons. And going back at some of this story are being included. There were so ramp up about this movie so he government a lot of money. Just maybe not your money. I mean as soon as they got it Megan Fox is the difference. -- You know it is I mean. It's a fourth movie that Michael Bay has directly transformer that they were getting he -- the rock he -- Pearl Harbor. This'll -- she does -- who -- out and make a lot of money. And it's good for those people who like -- you're pumping oil spill. Camera but -- And still out there though with Tom Cruise. What -- our guns. And Tom cruises did to borrow the action starts does the -- of the year so -- talked about that you are. Enjoyed that too yeah just entertainment. Now comedies. That you have a couple choices that have come out. These -- all -- if you happen inherited a lap because it sort of like they don't have to original brings out but think -- command to secure our. Litre you know he and five feet two. This is equaled it take to character -- Steve -- book. They took it and made in the first -- to bring all these characters to vague. Sort of redo all that collar. Well you know and and we're going. The a lot of movies and today it's because they view like last -- is. Making my old do. Let -- is sort of like. Grow well. In this case it's the short comment on. This is part of the. -- audiences that unity gotten extra used the. There is all of what that there are people who are their future -- again and again and he's making a chilling it was an important last week. Beating out. Yeah -- at the movies from one week before according to jump street that starts chanting cater Art Tatum and Tony you know. And end in hope. Did you know he's in it he's three minutes and he says did you see that in prop guy when they're open Mike night in their yell and all all the bad suggestions. Okay that's. And yeah. So yeah it's great it's like maybe like fifteen minutes into filmed it last October and if that I I really had no idea what it was but then you know he shall -- in the can be descriptive like -- Oh oh in the scene with no lights are characters. So I got to spend now holding cunning and Alan Channing Tatum and John mostly Channing Tatum Jonah -- is a little bit more busy -- producers stuff but. You know Channing Tatum just rolls right up it's like a man as all well you do comedy -- -- -- -- comedy show global blood just as friendly ticket thing. So yeah be in elaborate on that so it was a great experience but -- being in and also in the movie. -- a lot of fun people you know hitting -- on FaceBook and Twitter and and spoken to in ten years and colleges in twenty job streak but what a thrill it's yes and you represented us well this isn't quite it's a must -- And you pick in -- in the movie turned out really well mean everything is been picking really good vehicle so Jonah Hill. And now we. Are will be intimately -- We. And there's. There's other little movie that still out there at the music could shell out we talked about it. Last month that he. Still in the theater in practice to expand into more theaters it's the movie about the Auburn great out of his restaurant business it -- truck and payments and travel. -- And -- have you seen that no I didn't see it as it is excellent it is saying you really should see it. Hosts a report accidents they say do not miss shift it was -- and contains a lot of New Orleans you know great. Thank you. -- a good movie structured board -- last week you know import season total award winning broadly match. It would directs it. Not content with what you don't know that he is saying musician himself he -- preview movies that you are directed. Previously thought you'd think well OK a musical not mr. -- and -- this -- Is it happened really caught on he did really -- -- on a sort of ordered last week. But if you like the if you like these music. Like this story. Into the -- and dirt courses there you. -- I did go see it and I had read some reviews of it and they pretty much on the market is a little slow at times. And but I gotta tell you I'd say it again because I love that music and the guy who played exactly -- is the guy who played the lead on Broadway and he is phenomenal. That night that they have they brought great guards in the vehicles could turn into a movie but it makes it wonderful you really get to achieve the real deal. I'm here. I -- a lot of your audience -- -- and or have kids and that's what -- bigger movies. That the centers still out there with Angelina Jolie. And how to train your dragon to. If you open that being that it seemed like it may. Couple more winning -- -- -- for a few more weeks. People are going to see it it's still making a lot of money and so their couple epic it that they want that they. What are the only revenue. Believe -- and field that the theater that chilling The Last Picture Show. He would. Black black and white movie. In 81. Little movie is truly color film. I invite them to start it out there Ian Butler -- -- people to go on the web site fine. It's -- great absolutely there's something. Out there. Blockbuster teenager movies small companies. And even our velocity and. I'm so thrilled that we all Moscow OC because of -- Everybody you've got to go see twenty John Street and -- it over and over again and then in the dvds about by a bunch of dvds. What's on Catholics watching a million times because I got bills today -- okay so like ten bucks at times so a lot of them that -- then. Did you did you make your pitch -- you also -- BM. The magic are two of -- strippers. Oh yeah and well they they called me a long time ago they actually I'm I'm contract and they they wanted to make sure they had me before they even started working on the corporate guys you know that I'm by baked in that. -- Got hit the -- I get real quick we we talked about that art house movie theater it is indeed would. At 630 -- fields that are website as Indy would dot org I and the wind got all kinds of rate. Festivals and showings of local movies and documentaries and just it's just a great little independent here with a -- and just very bright future write down there and Mary. Right but in my house so why he had chickened out India would dot org they'll they'll be doing a lot of important things this year sure Judy you are a special man in our life you know that. Likewise you all have a great. Great weekend. You do too thanks -- whenever I talk to you next week. And everyone stay with this is we're gonna continued to you what else is going on now let's go to the newsroom I'm Angela under the WL. -- we're back talking about all the fun things that happen in our area on the weekend and this is got to be one of the most unique. Don't have to be a cat lover I think he just he can be a video lover an animal lover but this is very special if they can't video festival. And it is sponsored by Spain mart which is that great organization that's helped -- for almost twenty years. But it's all about fun and and here to tell us about the world premiere -- festival is doctor Karen Miller back now. Doctor -- now. And there aren't -- about. This wonderful -- they interpret -- -- or so tell us it's it's -- the museum of art. Actually started. Our -- and Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. They wanted to see. They can encourage people you. Great agree activity and watch how much and when ever thought about -- and -- people. -- -- -- -- -- Oral and Gary and I want -- And cheat on -- at this time. I. Need your -- in India -- I'm going to get -- -- -- -- -- Actually joined together. To raise money for research -- Something the evening. On the attention. Were actually Indian. Not. Stopped actually. Nor shall -- an hour. Or one. She won't -- she can. -- Know that okay your busy. Procter and go to war he urged the captain to lead them. Money to -- researching -- to -- -- helped prop. Well this is -- right it's me but it does because they're more -- in homes than dogs that. -- but I but I think which -- doing is terrific and you're doing it in such a fun way. Again this is going to be if people go to the museum -- Bart it is tomorrow. Packed up from eleven to six so you go into the museum and that's where the video festival is but there's something happening outside the museum to. Actually we're actually getting into cart hadn't even in the museum economic that you can travel -- And that either tried -- -- we actually need to do it. And we went in which he. You're on camera and the epic records are content you are written until our. Actually dealing. In the -- in the auditorium. At 11 o'clock 1 o'clock -- -- -- And ticket price is twelve dollars attacks upon the content when your last four confidential pictures of the burden on our winner. And there's some great pictures mean he almost every country in treatment are part of true. So -- keep -- -- and -- -- tactical out. On the ground in the park. Just directly adjacent to the museum -- -- Now that's a wonderful and you're gonna have all kinds of music and food and and crafts. Exactly right straight and the soul factory activity and actually. Katy restaurant will be supplying the injury. And we're in PRI. Screens are page on my favorite things were confident. Our -- article he -- inspired art. All right. We get our children are offered of course that doesn't -- -- -- around that he lines which are going to be so much a part certain. For people can take pictures and our partners to chat now. They can enter our -- and getting people together more and then tracking chat. Including our cat in the world -- alive -- it's not like -- I don't think they -- these more than that. And -- from the Internet. Here we -- going to let them are because of Harvard that the dog park. Watching idiots out there huh. Right that. That would for cat people that. Maybe. The. That's killed while on the canyon. -- -- listen it's a wonderful idea for a wonderful cause. And on a hot summer day you're right let's go in and laugh -- cat videos -- in the coming out party and have a glass of wine. Absolutely we arts center of state employees telling everybody our neatly like everybody come out and we -- heart that this program every year we intend on doing it every year itch and we want to just get bigger and better. You're on the right track and I think you'll have a huge crowd out there tomorrow thank you so much for joining us and for caring about cats. Thank you are okay I'll take care and will be right back. We are back with -- -- talking about all the fun things have to tell you something we should all I remember. This is the fiftieth anniversary of the signing of the Civil Rights Act is it today later this week it's it's all in the week and a wonderful woman. On Dionne. Who I worked with for. Thirty years channel four has put together really an incredible -- memorial celebration of the signing. And it's all in its all in a week. And it is going to have a beautiful. Photo and video exhibit of the civil rights photos posters films at the National Park Service visitors center in Dutch -- in the French Quarter. That is going to be Saturday. 1130 it's gonna be all the way to August so -- in the clearing ought to -- On Wednesday July 2 at noon outside of the Louisiana Supreme Court. There's going to be on bell ringing ceremony that obviously was the moment that was signed. And then also all during the week there's like five -- civil rights panel discussion. And the people on the ice panels are phenomenal. They're going to be shot actually channel four and there's some limited seating but more importantly it's going to be on Cox cable. On Channel 8 and these are a real opportunity. To listen to people who lived the experience. But then on Saturday July 5 at 2 o'clock the music of the movement is a panel and performance with Jackie Harrison -- deja on. Dillard University president doctor Dorothy Smith. -- -- -- -- -- New Orleans jazz historical park at the meant Saturday July 5 at 2 o'clock. Beautiful music. Two to make us remember that fifty years ago things were different and the signing -- that made all the difference. But we also have other things going on in new mr. theaters should now. That mid city theatre opening tonight the human buff but let's take a quick study very fun and -- -- -- It it is a comedy and it's about these incredible women who are trying to meet people on the Internet. And I'm sure that they will call him that is it's city we look at exiting and also -- after a week ago which is way out west we go they have a wonderful theater. And they are also starting this weekend. Is. The complete history of America. Abridged I sensed that it is also common eye candy at the idea read their press release in the you know it just sounds like he's -- it sounds a lot like how wanted to remind him that went down. The complete works of William Shakespeare revising immunities to the entire catalog with the you know and they're trying to -- educate people but also like kind of lame pounding the genre if you will in and the people that are baldness so yeah I think that's great legacy. And have you been out because you are mr. Shakespeare in my life well the Shakespeare festival does continue to -- does a phenomenal job. This is their 21 sees the for season it's going through July 19 now we've missed one performance but we have others and I think that the latest one. On July 7 with a non to Elizabethan stage in practices the festival complete stage okay this is going to be. I'm so sorry I'm blanking on exactly what you just know it's called the fest will partner with complete state. A unique two part artistic experience. The people who do this are gifted. But think about Shakespeare in the summer. Just go to -- Shakespeare festival at Tulane. Get all the information on that they have midsummer -- young and they're doing right now yes and I I -- so their confidence and must been like to maybe 20042005. With Ricky Graham. And now I'm thinking of them -- -- of different all that was a wonderful one you see them ideal start McConnell yeah he was phenomenal -- that -- that I can put it well I guess you know they've both had the umbrellas and -- Japanese -- Parcells -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- has a bunch of people that I know and -- and it's -- definitely anchors people we don't -- that. And that's equipment for the kids to if you wanna get your kids in -- some Shakespeare you can. Not really do better than midsummer -- stream that's really good appropriate only just production that. It's easy for them to follow the action and lots of great character archetypes that everybody -- -- Katrina. That's right so you know when you talk about. We have the cat video -- and took a -- festival and we have Shakespearean festival it is because we are very complete community yeah. And I also have that than you think about two were doing the boomers and beyond next punctured and today we need to talk about that because half of our staff I have been out there. Tom Fitzmorris is going to be our next hour by the way. And I'm gonna talk about one I've become a Tom -- but he is going to be out there as is our beloved and -- who comes in talking about plants. And also. Bob hey there Jack will be out -- signing stuff. And Kristian -- And always do in public ranger also -- in the home improvement show like if you Dingell's can be broadcast rights to -- -- -- in broadcasting live. Then -- sincerity is gonna do very special addition of all things legal. From three to five so that's a great opportunity for you to shoot you know differently I think you're saying. Boomers in the comedy talk about it's at the -- to train center it is all today. And it'll be nothing but fun. So in the range Smart it's everywhere he should hit. It really is but it's a it's a good opportunity to -- if you have met -- -- you have questions for Tom that you haven't called on our show from three to four today. It's a good time stopped and the man knows everything about food on -- likewise you know with this man is mister plant. And and just to be able to talk to. Bobby and Christian. Two great. -- agree conversation with Christian yesterday won't want me telling people this became an. He knows I do drama that you -- that we succeed -- cutting interest and that sort of stuff you know. He recommends shows ways and like involved and do some community theater just. And god can I mean I've I've known Christian prologue time agree cool guy but I never for a minute thought he would come to mean ask me how to get involved. Or learn more about community the report -- at this isn't in the world he's yeah he's our soldier -- -- -- Yes he was -- death there's a lot of not just a pretty face -- and you know he -- investment Merriam but I can't I yes. I was hitting the circles that -- via and I told him I would mention to my husband but a wonderful guy an and that together they are great -- so it'll be funding -- in -- and Dan. And it also just wanna remind everybody that on not on July 3 which of course it's Thursday big firework show on the lake front city of -- -- not want to miss that if you're planning your. Weekend all around July 4. And of course we have the beautiful essence festival coming you know what it's speaking of fireworks there's also me and -- celebrates America. This is on June 29 and that's it's 5:39 o'clock five or -- -- music by the redemption and we demand fundamentals first Baptist Church will some fireworks there as well with. Corn -- -- free food for great restaurants commanders on the -- guys. -- -- surely can't go -- that's great. I saw them on the morning news on channel -- morneau was never big men -- -- -- and Amanda shot. What a talent changes out there that'll be a beautiful event -- amendment right right apparently an upgrade now. Ian you're in it. New York 22 John tag yet you are street -- Everybody go see it Lieberman he's on leave the -- you know emotionally to jump street yeah -- got a really funny. -- -- exactly marks has bite the ticket but they'll bring -- to them the that is hilarious yet do it. I want everyone to stay with discuss our next hour really is Tom Fitzmorris and if you have anything you've ever wanted to ask of our recipe. Our restaurant we're going to be talking initially about cool food to eat during the hot summer I help you stay with us we'll be right back. Mr. and get real quick just wanna remind people that there's a full weekend events calendar this week and a fourth of July event planned for next week and all at WW LR com go check it out and you have all the details all the fun stuff we've been talking about having a wonderful week and each and everyone and stay with the says Tom fits marsh joins -- -- thanks Angela.