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6-27-14 3:10pm Angela: with Tom Fitzmorris

Jun 27, 2014|

Angela talks food with Tom Fitzmorris.

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So we're hitting July and the heat is rising so we're gonna think cool thoughts. And we think cool. Don't we all think about mr. cool Tom Fitzmorris. You know from -- no one ever called me mr. -- my entire life left today and nor should not so happy. With Tom is -- here to answer any of your food questions. 260187260170. -- and Morgan talk about he's got a great list of great school foods in various restaurants but I have to just say. We had sort of been experienced again this week always yes we did we should we tell anybody thinks of public. It was the 120. Birthday of the Roosevelt -- like that and see a beautiful event in the blue room. And it just it just worked in the people who were there got it. That this is a very special place in our town and it is 120 musical and the majority of people in that room did not know that the Roosevelt was built. On the land that one count once announced. The State Capitol I didn't and it also house the first charity hospital I did -- yes so this is history. But -- beyond that it was a lovely night. In the Jimmy Maxwell band was playing interspersed in all of the festivities to rip and all of a sudden I turn around and I can hear. Magnificent voice of Tom Fitzmorris surrounded by the -- Maxwell. Orchestra it was unbelievable I ran forward I took a picture I tweeted on -- locked -- -- so deeply moved I tweeted. -- yes it was major. I could -- and make voting -- well now but you know on doing this because at some point in this next hour. I would like to hear your voice again this makes me and your life the two official groupies. I like that. My wife is my group yes you haven't talked to know and I know that she marriage -- Schiller calls that tell you that she's definitely not when -- group X. Well I am then I'll be president she can be vice president of the Tom Fitzmorris -- But talking about your beautiful voice and we will do that that we are going to start talking about cool conditions and I do love what you have done here. The seafood martini at the -- plot isn't that great oh my gosh I've not but I'm looking at it and I wanted Tom. They are they they do a great summertime menu every year it's gonna start right after the fourth of July. And they -- it's like 33 dollars I think for three courses and one of the appetizer choices is that thing it's the only thing that makes it a martini is that they servant -- a martini glass yes but it makes it fun it's big chunks of lobster -- -- deployed big wants a -- big big night shrimp and they have vote and Barbara -- white ramble on its laws sort of it's delicious. I get that almost every time -- -- And then but they are thinking cool thoughts as we have to in the heat of the police in July it'll help. It -- is that the melt toward me. Actually wrote that song. The Christmas song with chestnuts roasting on an open one in my -- that well this I know it seems completely out of season now but what you just said reminded me of that because. He -- was he and his song writing partner Bob wells I think with his name he was. They were trying to work up some songs and it was the middle of July in New York City in the forties when there was no air conditioning anything. And they started on this song. Because it made him feel cooler just to talk about all of that wintry kind of the stuff. At that but you know that is one of my favorite Christmas songs and I always do that as a trivia who wrote that -- tarmac in the normal now they think you know was 1842. Now. It was Mel -- It's a beautiful song maybe you can with that up. Thanks to show Marilyn Barnett you we -- you and I would just talking about her she was the PR director that Roosevelt hotel many years for a long time. And met. Mel -- a performed in the blue room one it's quite a few locations. But I teach we set up an interview he actually went to lunch with me. Which was -- really interest and I mean this guy is he knew everything. Of course we knew everything where all the money he'll bury the LT one wonderful thing about Marilyn -- before we get to the next Errol Barnett is a real legend in the world public relations -- to me she set the bar. But Maryland -- be different early in my tenure here in the seventies and we went to lunch one day we were crossing the street in -- Reached down and there was a penny on the street that's why I do that to always pick up any -- Looks at me dead serious and said you know -- have a bank account. Of money that she picks up on the street. Over. 1020 years she would call me. -- think the economy's. I found -- A truck. It's really booming there's a court. But she opened an account in a bank for just the change she has picked up on the street and special woman okay were reminiscing. And move on to Le -- grocery. -- to tar. Oh that's good. They -- they have -- on and off. Steak tartar in case you've never headed before it's basically raw. Grounded. If you do it in the cheap way or shocked. Or even better honed it. In two was almost a -- almost raw ground beef. And then you toss it with condiments which included the show on mustard. Well I'm a little bit of garlic never anything like mayonnaise for some reason people want to put that in there. Capers and will kind in peppered ought to be a little bit spicy. And then it's sort of scooped up -- -- you put it on. Toast or or just serve it is it is and you just eat it in fact it's strange we keep coming back to the Roosevelt but when the -- act restaurant was open in the Roosevelt. They made the best state toward toward town had this huge. Wouldn't. Cutting board that they would bring out with all the condiments. And make it entertaining and they would make it right in front of your eyes it was unbelievable really great. -- that cal was in the back and then they would just. The -- and they -- wonderful things that we like to hear from top the insider stories that you have on. Something like that that goes back many years which is a wonderful thing we're gonna take a break we're gonna come back continue our top with Tom Fitzmorris. About cool dining and we would love to hear from you about what you do when it's hot. What do you like to 260187. Be right back I'm Angela under the WL. We -- with Tom Fitzmorris. We are thinking cool thoughts this hot hot summer today. And -- what do you eat. What do you like what keeps you cool during the summer and thank heaven we live where we live because we have access to so many wonderful the things that's that we love. Panda and on depending on people to call in this is your chance to talk to Tom Hanks and I we've gotten. Somebody came in earlier in sent a -- Thomas and giving out his phone number enough. And people want to talk -- on now is on my shows so it's 2601878260187. We were talking about the beautiful dish at pelican club that beautiful secret martini. And then at Le -- grocery the stake Qatar. Clancy's. All of Clancy's. B I think the dish I put on that list was crabmeat Louis yes this is actually. Not in New Orleans to issue comes from San Francisco actually is where that was invented but we have better crab -- and and it's -- this Putin big they buy fantastic -- yes they do big big -- really nice and that they have this. So special sauce when a pricey special sauce I knew immediately what it actually is its ketchup mayonnaise and mustard mixed together men's whether it's on the big Mac Lawrence of it's always the same no matter way go ketchup mayonnaise and mustard mixed together that is secret -- -- in what in what amounts more. I chip that's up to you you know you just play -- that but that's kind of a -- thoughts to in this a little bacon and it and it's always serve with a stuffed. We love dental clinics yes Kim -- getting sent dad -- Hungary that we do this one every time. But no and I'm looking at that then you have these drill daisy. Via beats what the president. With -- I don't know I don't think they thought of that in the -- was a dish that first turned up. At the Paris style when in Kerney and the ship over there. And I remember going in there one night and they had beats and grabbed me and I thought we -- that you're taking. Beautiful white lump crabmeat and your putting it on beats it all gets. -- read it and -- that crazy I tell you take a taste of it and you say these two things have always needed to be together that the flavor is wonderful. That is that people don't own Disco daisy they worked for a long time corporate. Paris style and they brought that with them. It looks beautiful and I agree with you I would have thought the same thing it's been Iran and is going to be pink and it's not going to be pretty but it is delicious wonderful. Yes sir re we have a caller Joseph from diamond head. You know. I want -- you know I'm a real goalies. That have. And the violence that will make it it makes the veterans. Well what is authentic in -- -- -- -- Well. I -- From oh beautiful. -- Yeah. Which and I felt fine print that. I've been I've been to all of those places. And the crawfish 82 -- and all of them it's terrible. You know every place has its own cuisine and that's which you should eat when you're there. And but you know sir I grew up in south Texas and I lived on Mexican food and it was good -- next and that's that's what I called it and I I rarely had a bad bad and when I moved to New Orleans and believe me I love this town and I love its food. But I went to a real withdrawal. You missed Mexican felt. No we don't have enough of I wish we had more it it's still be improving. Lately. Last few years where do you go term. Where do I ago. I don't. I don't go to Mexican restaurants a whole whole lot. The net that I have anything against them but I've been to all of them already and I annoyed that I I'm I'm I'm waiting for more places with mole lake. But I would say the best one right now the what I like most anyhow. Is -- who L got -- -- grow there are actually two of them one of them is in the French market. And the other is on Harrison avenue at the corner of -- -- in lake view. And both of those. You know they have the combo -- with a one tamale in the taco and all that but they also they do make chicken with more -- they have this great pork chop with the spatula pace Austin. Peppers in. And lots more it's really a very adventuresome. And serious. Mexican operation that that I think is the best in town at the moment. -- Oh my -- a New Orleans -- that is Telerate. When Santa -- was in the may morning -- I was in weekly visitor and I have not gone to the one yet honestly in a tried one night and they were closing them is my fault. But I look forward to it. It's very good we got we've done a couple of feet club dinners there -- and we've really enjoyed it a it's. It's not exactly the same as it was in the man morning but today and if if -- were still in the marry me if that one had kept on going that would be different to. They're not just from normal evolution but and that this place is a you know they have they're moving it up quite I think they have the best also in town. -- yeah okay. Back to the cool things -- many cool things cafe Geovany. Spicy seafood. -- -- -- Interesting cup racing yet it's it's a cup racing salad which is basically. Mozzarella fresh milk mozzarella cheese nice thick slices of tomato and then you can you know you sprinkle a little of this and that on top. What they have done is say they kept those two ingredients and then in between they loaded up with shrimp and crab meat and crawfish if their in season. And it's so wonderful to us really could not. Little rich just a little but cold and and delicious when you're at home what do you fix that school. Why -- I fixed it's cool at home we make a lot of salads at home but no no big fuss over that we guacamole. We make guacamole all the time so good. Well it's a little fat. No but it's -- good and is good for it's the good fats MM and plus the nutrients and in a novel -- can't be beat though is that right that is true I didn't. You can't have ten quarts of it. You know but it is a wonderful more nutritious depth and others well it hasn't killed yet we we make it all the time. In sauces -- he makes all sizzle to. And you do it where you do your own gnashing of tomatoes and yeah I I actually like to cut them by hand. Because it comes out better you get better flavor release and it's certainly looks better when you. Like for guacamole it's you know. Onions in the excellent throw and tomatoes and did the chili peppers and but if you chop it up into little tiny dice it walks much much nicer and I really believe you get a better flee were at least in a food processor everything gets mashed up. Yeah I think you're absolutely correct. We're gonna continue talking about cool dishes and we're going to be depending on hearing from you if you have anything you wanna talk to Tom about he'd love to tell -- Anything you need to know what what's a good restaurant what's a good recipe and you can share your cool recipes with this 260187. Let's go to the newsroom and find out what's happening. We're talking with Tom Fitzmorris at at the is. All knowing when it comes to food and we're we are just thinking very cool thoughts. As -- blaze and to work can you believe for almost engine line. Yet some bad it's just going to select clear it's been -- very quick here. Goodyear but a quick year. And and I think we can't I've said this many times but one of the most beautiful springs. I can remember it was cool it was cool -- so the heat of the summer hasn't been as bad but now were full swing it swing and it. And you know what the rain always helps I never complain about rain. But on July is going to be warm next week is going to be warm and as we are all celebrating July 4. We wanna think about some cool dishes that we can have and so Tom -- and now let's go to moderates. In the by water on -- What -- that's. That's -- that's an interesting restaurant operated by the people who have been running iris restaurant last several years and and in fact they were running both of them it's in a warehouse of old rice warehouse in -- in the of by water section. And the -- Ian should enable and has decided to go. Full tilt at making all of his own cured and smoked -- -- what we've we don't have a new word for that in English. In in Italian it would be saloon -- French it would be -- you treat -- we call it deli meats which doesn't quite capture. He cures all this stuff and he -- it really beautifully on this big board with its cheeses and he makes his own condiments and marinated olives in and of vegetables. And you sit here with this big board of things and you just keep beating it use a you know. Cancel that on trade and it's another one of these -- its. Really that good delicious may -- with a little baby pickles yeah I am I little -- -- you know this is the way to live Tom and can't go wrong galloped on us via hard to beat -- blood. Crabmeat rabbit got up. Yeah and Paula that the gala -- -- that -- UT -- today visa which means a taste of -- -- well. And they also have a grown -- today which is the same thing with the voices on broached yet added to the -- like gosh. But it's three favorite cold appetizers are you talking alarm let me Grammy wrap a mess on which is excellent wonderful. Excellent excellent. I like it in the light -- not heavy into mail -- mail very it would that's how it -- fairly. You shouldn't even see it it just barely coats that you taste it but you don't see it and then. For a front line. I like -- delight yes. That's correct and then what is the third finish it varies a little bit when crawfish are out of season they do another dish with Trent they do trip with two different sauces at that time year but crawfish are about done for this year. So don't Detroit did you find it a good season and no it was not a particularly long season that started late in and literally. Pretty much cuts it off yeah -- but maybe next year it you know it happens it's natural it's normal. I love this because I go to this place the nine roses that's a wonderful and -- and that is my one favorite Vietnamese place. Wonderful restruct huge menu I counted. But a year ago I pounded the number of vicious -- -- 358. How do I think now. I think it's really just a price list. -- I think it's a cultural thing a because it's not that they have that many dishes I'm sure they can make it but any restaurant would do that you know the very. Rest did dishes for. And do you say their Vietnamese spring rolls beautiful with the shrimp than her her little bit of pork and wrap it up -- that stretchy kind of or. Rice paper and rice noodles news of the greens in the middle. Yes spicy carrots peanuts and a and they -- it's not expensive. And it looks like it ought to be just because of in all the shrimp and everything but her but they're very inexpensive and in fact they pile that they give you. I'm almost finished after I have that it's so so joke cancel the entree -- you want -- again yes. And cafe Granada. Yeah that's -- Spanish restaurant. And they have. Probably the biggest menu of any Spanish restaurant in -- we don't have that many Spanish restaurant but this when they think is really good may have. Like up a page and a half for a two pages but just of top -- that are served cold. And did the bright just go for it. But you have you know ham salami. Cheeses -- smoked salmon grilled chilled asparagus. Yeah -- pot -- a filet mignon. Of the two of the day. Yet not very good. In some is that the approach that the Spanish have to hand is very interest. It is so commonly eaten it it's it's everywhere you go that -- friend of mine told me story. That he was in staying in the Spanish winery for awhile and he was with his girlfriend. And she was a vegetarian. And the -- -- what that's OK don't worry about it we will take care that we would we interview when he meet the first meal. There was all the vegetables in the rice and everything in here with this Serrano ham off to one side. And she says I'm sorry I'm a vegetarian I can't -- this and the host at home I'm sorry we forgot here in Spain we can't think of him as a vegetable. We -- so much -- thought. -- -- No she didn't I eat it but but they fixed it easily enough they just that didn't give it a second thought yeah that's very fun -- a. We we can't miss and wants -- Did not know that it has the best species Washington. The best and that I I remember the way they used to serve it in the old days they had this. It looked like almost a chalice from and it it it was a silver plated gizmo. And they would put. Crushed ice in it and then they would they would put the bowl of species wise on top of that. So it was a beautiful presentation in the in the soup was high school. And they would put a little bit of sour cream in it and I've never seen that in any other recipe but there's and it really makes a difference. And they still -- at it like that no I don't know what they did with those things that probably hanging around somewhere yeah but they have uncomplicated. Their service. Quite a bit since our since the hurricane I think -- use it for the better actually. Stay with -- everyone we're not done with the cool dinners treats from Tom Fitzmorris. Tom Fitzmorris our special guest today talking about all the cool things and it brings his own instruments I love this city sing I do he's yes I hear the musical. But we also have a caller Robert I wanna hear this question. -- -- Opening Albert. I'm sorry that -- What the problem. Some years ago but almost to a the way and let you know -- remember. -- that he -- Pocket of ice water but projected. In the water but it was thought that the -- -- -- I I heard of that but I. And he said I don't know where that got started denied I never did do that is what. I thought I'd try it one year ago. Somebody mail or. Well -- here's what I think about that. If it works. It's good. If it doesn't work but it's bad and that's it to me you know if it taste good it is good I don't I if something is working for you stick with. Welcome it would July that. -- -- Monday and let you know. LA doesn't operate just an extra crispy is at the idea I don't know what it's supposed to do. 88 it does it goes against might instincts but my instincts have been and imperfectly as everyone else's. That the cold chicken in the middle will keep the outside from. What it seems to me it would actually keep the the inside of the chicken from -- fast enough in the outside would get a little burned. But. It didn't work for me OK but if it works for you -- stick with. Albert your wonderful to call thank you so much. We're continuing our cool things and I do love system we've talked about -- Kim song. What happened at the end of the one immigrant. Kim's son Kim -- That's that is the one that's an idea that's that's another that we have you and I think of the two best Vietnamese restaurants in town within a block of one -- -- blocks. And that both really good que son is the oldest Vietnamese restaurant in town to they. Went back to a time when. Nobody would buy Vietnamese food except of course Vietnamese who generally speaking -- it themselves so they weren't investments either. And they the -- the newest restaurants that would open. Really had a tough time of -- so they became Chinese. And as a result to this day and Kim sun and nine rose as both of them they have a lot of Chinese dishes on their menu just because they've always been there. But you like there bond that dishes I I'd like -- yeah I just had at a different restaurant. A few days ago this is. The new little solar serve not ice cold but but cool definitely cool not hot at all -- but not not. -- and then. It's different kinds usually grilled meats from various kinds brisket or steak or pork Oro whatever. Or that funny hand that they have an. Or that some I've also seen -- served with like little miniature egg rolls or little shrimp cakes on top and then you splashed the Sri Russia and the slow dipping sauce and all the herbs of course you just brought together. That the great thing about Vietnamese food is. That if anybody sits next few Intel tries to tell you okay here's how you're supposed to do this film the two way you know but out because. You can -- Vietnamese food anyway you want it doesn't matter just go for it. It sounds wonderful and Morgan and on low -- At that spot show you can't go wrong with the spot it's good it's a liquid salad yes and very tasty. I have another good when just a couple of nights ago there's a new restaurant uptown. Called the Carrollton. Market it's -- -- the corner from where the Camellia -- wise and -- street. And they did this beautiful 'cause it was smooth field which is very authentic in Spain that's often -- reducer. With no chunks and that you know charges just booed and it is sometimes it's at the end up with -- oddly enough like that yeah that's very very traditional. I would not to the -- is I would feel so. Proud of myself for drinking mean salads there you -- But just -- it was so tasty and so refreshing. And as should be and I wanted to ask you before we left there is a thing. Tonight. Which I'm no you're gonna know about it's the international Castro. On comic society now are you aware of this big -- you think it's the world's. Oldest. Gas drone. -- society it's the -- to wrote to -- yes 1248. They were found. Her. And the if you become a member of this which I have never been although I've attended a bunch of their dinners over the years I I I would join if anybody asked me to put the date. -- bill I know one -- it's an oversight and I don't I don't know know they're they're very good friends of mine most of the people were in that. But anyway they. They bit their pledge that you have to take before becoming a member is who swear that by all the powers within you you will have that that all meats are broiled. Or roasted. That's that's the pledge that you take to become a member of the organs. She that is something to change the route to sooners this is a big deal at the royal Hudson has always had a very big deal very big known as but they should make Cuba for heaven's sake -- -- -- and now we have another minute or so it would just make my heart happy if you Woodson. Okay. This is that this is opened my least mildly embarrassing but. But I'll do it anyway thank -- August. As -- tune. I don't know if it's cloudy or pro it. Because I only have all. -- Sure you move. Who did. Blue moon may be. But I can't see a thing in the sky. And I own league have all. -- is. Floor are you moon. Know. Today I don't know if we're no garden. All on a grounded. Fuel. We use a cool guy. You. So. Me be millions of people go. But they're all disappear. Roof from view the the. Now home and -- Who. Who. -- one or two more you could lose her. I always forget thank you Tom Vincent -- just made my entire week. That was great we -- easily immunized now and they're going to be punches and senator tomorrow I know that all AIG will be thank you so much for all vehicle thoughts and that beautiful song everybody have a great weekend thank you.