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06-27 7pm sportstalk/ Saints rookies/ Game dome or at home

Jun 27, 2014|

Would you rather watch a game at home or at the dome? What do you think about the Saints Rookies? ...interview with Steve Kyler, NBA writer for Basketball Insiders.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Believe that I've found this new. Low for soccer in the World Cup. As we talked about yesterday. And still got a lot of issues with the sport in the game alternately. It's the world Steve -- I hear that argument alive it's the world's game because. It's easy to athletes -- to play. Soccer fans penalty that out but. I'm not that's -- to you know the soccer power -- work where his Russian soccer but. You know. It's. That a point to where. He -- our thing about it and is the soccer phenomenon real. We've seen interest grow. But it's not there yet I wouldn't say it's. Massively popular here. And USA. Yet and a lot of that will be predicated upon how well USA does this walk up there on that via. Round of sixteen knockout round. And will see if they advance but. I don't get some rough -- whether rolling through the -- area here. And we -- WL TV chief meteorologist Carl Oregon though. And that Carl can we expect over the next twenty minutes to an hour. Carl we. They have got some text messages concerned about high -- the storms that come with some of those. Public Karl liked your FaceBook post that you share in the -- the Dallas Cowboys. Really has a theory tweets yes I -- I don't see how that can help. If your Cowboys fan and if -- player how that can help. Read the eight you were angry tweets from your fans actually. Yeah. He had Ellis having when I last saw you share of yet check that out mouse like you know. -- no wonder this team and this organization has been 88 for three years that. Yeah Carl are got a -- Meola meteorologist and channel four weather so -- have much for update -- noble. Got stuck in it's ranked it's to our area. All right. 260187. It's all 3866889087. He is. Watching a sporting event better person or on television in which -- C -- Saints are LSU game. In the superdome or Tiger Stadium or in your own home pianist and make fever. But polar. Wherever you kind of watch. Your living room and how confident are you a long term deal. We worked out before July 15. Between the Saints and cited Jimmy Graham and also are fun conversation. A hall pass if you were drafting fantasy football team but it was for the female of the female right here female crushes and also. The lays out there your man crush and he for the -- too proud to admit you know that. I have a man crush on. One. Dave Matthews or any better in the cajun cannon Bobby here if you could hang out. -- once celebrity who would it be to -- so whites of their tool for 86689. It is usually have we'll squeeze in Bryant in Biloxi you're on. W O'Brien -- Adore it covered for. Good at the announcement. Either curry or football or you Vietnam -- Either way you look at you can -- he'd beat you to regain the lead and one player from what better. When you go to regain it ought to keep needles but the little emotional -- You can feel all the glory that the recipient you don't see every and that that makes the game and the atmosphere between girl and make the better. I mean that doesn't make it better. And all of Jimmy Graham subject he he. On the contract and the tiger is that correct. On track to. Net try at least on their contract -- this don't get me stopping to that contract that would. Well it's done -- thing and you know wait now I am Brian on in all fairness though. I beat Woody I guess is what you do -- I want topic. New year and not under contract that product and here. Right -- and let's not contract attack contract expired and it during the course of that contract. You felt like you were being used outside the scope of your job our ability -- I I would go out would do well and try to you know get more money more -- -- -- position on you understand that I don't understand now. But it was a but if you or if it is if you -- -- as a tight -- come on and the project and -- year. Right to tell you that tactic target and just like they brought to. They use used by the year it. Wouldn't you try to. You. -- okay. I I mean the guy out with the out called out on our contract. -- But if he were Jimmy Graham is coming from. And then really it's not just Jim Ingraham it's also the players union which yet consider is. It's about setting the bar setting the precedent for the next player. And that's what are at how players win that tell the players union wins that's how that Brandon trying to set that up. You know prior takes a little comment -- you are bad weather coming through the area -- -- I have a week and I. I 260187. -- 3866 and eight irons nearly seventy Steve Skyler covering the NBA for basketball insiders. Joining us next here on sports talk WLA anathema WL outcome. I always think I think Dallas played out. In the superdome but now. They need to do some different. They're playing at less frequently. Those who don't these days. -- that -- I was 200910. And that that song has run its course. Joining us now Steve Tyler cover in the NBA for basketball insiders. Steve the pelicans and acquiring Russ Smith. Second round one kind of player development getting rest. Well rock hard nosed competitor you know you just have a fire ball anger and an incorrect and you know what he -- to the ring and you know it's probably. He's probably -- -- four inches too -- in -- More to go more to the -- cup player. You are really on the ball type guys and maybe today maybe more players you know we thought -- river was going to be like. I think any interest in the selection -- -- -- interest in he could tell in total but. I would tell you don't think here Jack and the player right they treat it might need to -- Player in the point here or Hewitt in that command a lot of -- money. It may be moral and what won't commit where in -- -- it they can get that guaranteed money spent on your -- you know -- think that it seemed like a little bit down talent department -- currently -- well all the hard -- So what's next for the pelicans and a lot of folks felt like it was obvious. Small forward was. One other areas of need. It is being and that's probably get -- in free agency Appel and he agreed -- and I acquired Mark O'Meara. Shake you know that can happen here in July. They are -- accounting -- -- eat cake plate by your feet pal in. Involved in a couple of tree it would create the open -- to make sure they clear -- -- -- they get a -- but -- -- other -- -- -- free agent market place gap player you know -- Rica is -- that you mentioned a lot at the kind of all coming from -- in that -- been in Portland before but. In a couple other better right player not a leader. Or law thing I'll -- -- to -- -- are certainly not the actual brought Carmelo. You know the elite level guys to their position but. You know names like Marvin Williams Mike Miller the greens -- you know PG cart -- the technique continues to pop up when we hear you're all of the -- or condition by. You know I'll let anchored near the window here -- talk about you know air or your contract maybe trading him for it in small forward trying to all loads on the more you -- They do that can he find a partner their Steve. You know. Permanent problem here in October need to get traded one spot or who -- -- -- trade life. You know we need you kind of deal at all week about what we -- -- money. And I think that really where all it comes into play and you're in the eighty into the right trap right. -- it you know come into play where he -- current -- team that. Kind of the door of that money I don't think we're going to be a movie strict you know so much money that unpredictable production by. You know every -- like that is not a movable contract. Contract he knew that summer so it's always possible to always come down Q Woody will take back part of the deal. Moving money in the NBA power your take it back. Sometime -- -- -- so it's one of the things work. You move off -- sixty -- fuel pick pat are you in some combination a long term a lot of -- -- -- the deal -- -- Visit with Steve Tyler coverage in BA for basketball insiders here on sports talk WB well I am math and it got comic Steve. So throughout the draft last night was there any -- that raised eyebrows for you that you said than Angola now. Well I. Selection by the -- Sergio need a little bit of fracture in that way they you know did. You. It last year that you really are and you start to look at you know team that really beating. Anybody's gonna help them. This seat -- -- or are you out. -- -- probably why he won't -- away from being really needed to back. You call sheet again and so -- -- moving his rookie even -- I don't think that the Philadelphia. There are really help themselves when they could put into their goal scoring. And long term talent and they hand. And when you look at the long term goal can -- -- the unity or any interest in prospects it could be you know theory. -- Billy dubious star and I don't look that Agile accurate in that our -- but. You know you look at what -- Steel -- to be pretty special moment here Toronto rappers. You know it's a draft in. Bruno have a logo -- chipped in small four from Brazil. They got a little surprised you'd want we kind of expected the Perot got it -- It probably in the background but Toronto coming up in -- guys want it. You know they're arguably 23 years away from even being able to compete in training camp environment that was a little surprising but you're really looking to rock roster -- -- -- -- Lotta time. To develop a young guy. Law here it's more about. Looks exactly -- road kind of stock in the hopper per couple a year later -- -- you -- play out there Antonio Oklahoma eighty teams that are trapped in Atlantic last year Eric Latin players this year explain to use him two years. So I think that's really hectic with permanently a great player they're interest in prospects which one was a little odd for. What do you think LeBron James them back in Miami ars ago the Knicks is the go to Chicago. Los Angeles Houston Dallas where you think. Well I use it. It behind me they're just kind of prop. There it is the first LeBron and had more years -- it is contract keep it to the chance for him to. You kind of watch the ball well and make sure that the thing you want starred for the victory are getting -- -- in our product. Help the -- -- -- -- -- -- longer term you'll hurt they read a little money on the table so they get in free agency. He really wanted to thank -- year and 42 million last partner yell and UK -- give -- 130 eagle on the world but. Probably given up there aren't that way Kirk Spock. So the only way to and it happened with the -- -- -- -- what you got to give those -- four year sixty million. On the walk away that you four year sixteen million now that I got thirteen to four million dollar lightly entry he dealt. They -- really kind of a power play it's going on here but they're yelling yeah unrestricted free agency. You know other than chocolate on track yards and 81201 on July -- talked about. How he could be better and they're wire in your line by. When you look at the relationship it out with the guys we're all Europe are highly specific -- they pack. You know the fact it is family log floating out each gathered at W reasons that they he's going to be back east in the window and I eat and prepare a little bit. You know don't mention it playing out here to make sure that every -- To make -- -- in your back in the final actually next year banquet that maybe there. Steve I don't know if you've and this. Conversation. With -- your friends or whatever. Or whomever. Of a forwards in double switch a little spot here rays haven't fun a fun discussion today on sports talk in. Is there. I celebrity that you would like to hang out with -- with a generalized that if you could pick one. Whether basketball player football player is pro athlete actor what have you is there one ask Larry -- won one person out there. Celebrity that you go you know what I'd like to have. Of beer are -- dinner with that person. At least in a million. In world in covering yea. That senior a lot of them. You know I grew -- but you know. Pick late and then -- -- -- -- -- -- talking these social back on what. Was very cool you know it probably will in over a year ago and kept it a lot of the players they're now I know how aperture heater which you need to watch them play you know. He Lee. You know that that you can't cry a lot harder in the bucket lit up in the last. Year. You know a big appeal to me more because that people. You know when the game and and things like that they always at all are. You in Carney. Portland game you know -- he Tyler and I next he's even Tyler and there are a all the tackle but you know every thought -- quite a -- all on that somebody here actually Yi at the moment so you know my job -- in the field -- -- It shouldn't be not all. Well if you run -- Dave Matthews or any better. From Pearl Jam him actually to. -- It all -- -- -- number and cover on that I had met him. Record and a we treat it -- and you know can be sitting one row in front of little. Our game and kind of on our pack the ball little. You know there it is it is kind of the leader by the world -- Yeah hey listen thanks a bunch -- that we appreciate it. Great stuff as always dusty Tyler covering the BA. For basketball it's -- talk to folks follow your line a year work on line and also on social media. Yeah from the time you try to work a YLOR. And are you get you know put my bet he can back -- try to -- out like I need to protect you outline our. Ball insider dot com we are eager to round the corner anything started on Monday that anything is going constantly tell it will be all over. Steve Tyler thinks about her time and enjoy your weekend. -- 260187. It's all 38668890870. Texas'. 8787. In any. Any better. -- I'm still alive. Last kiss. I'm envious. I'm very very obvious LB Miami crushed right at one. You have one it's a better team Nazis. I'm very very. An obvious that that for the star status I just made. The -- magnificently talented. Any better and Dave Matthews both them. Can sing their tails off. Always kind of mired in its a tremendous talent we will do that. 260187. Or -- free 8668 -- 08 Sony. How -- you on our pretty jaguar pupil online at W elect Tom would you rather see a -- scheme or -- she gave -- the superdome where Tiger Stadium. Or your own home. Right now 53% others say at mile home in a 47%. Say in the superdome were Tiger Stadium. That's rough weather coming through to tighten that Carl aren't on a cart chief meteorologist at channel four WL TV said. She passed through pretty quickly in the metro areas -- that. Hang in there and if you see anything out there you guys our eyes and ears. And it traffic updates should call 260. Info this is sports talk on WW LA anathema W though not. Welcome back sports talk crushing -- at fourteen mil via text message that 6604. Ran into Dave Matthews Itamar operate nice guy. 66 of forces that. Can. I'd love to meet. The Matthews. Crashed in -- crush me. Dream girl he -- outs and it's that's -- rough weather moving through the area there's a yeah. Are out injured at traffic updates. -- Sheila is you know at 2601 point 70866. 889087. At the about the next twenty minutes the Saints report -- camp on July 24 in Greenbrier. West Virginia. Other than -- coats. Who's gonna have at least impact as a rookie for the Saints is it going to be Stanley. Jean Baptiste. -- for the fourth round linebacker. Out of cal. Ronald L linebacker floor. Libya. -- serie. Safety. Out of Alabama. And Kevin Brooks. Off as a lineman. From Kansas. But who's gonna have severe impact Staley team that he's -- -- and position as well. Kevin -- take nothing away from but -- -- -- line with this office Salina. Maybe he's Mora and it. Developmental guy is going to be playing this year. Very much if at all -- since Terry kind of that. Special teams ace. Wanna be -- -- -- one of those core. Special teams players all four units. Throughout the year. And I think that's where he's going to excel if there's an area that the Saints drastically needed to improve its. The coverages were good last in the return game not so much. Critical to have an impact in the return game in all likelihood -- a -- -- down two Stanley Jean Baptiste. In Ronald now outside linebacker for. And -- how old is the number one recruit in the country few years ago before going to the gators. Injuries. Set him back a little bit. But watching in an organized team activities and mini camp but he certainly looks the part and we'll see when the pads go on. July. If he separates. -- man he's an intriguing player to me always Stanley team that these. Randy -- I think it's safe to say he'll have an impact somewhere I don't know that his impact will necessarily be huge. On. The offensive side of the ball. The numbers might not be there but what we -- for other players like it Jimmy Graham like -- Marcus Colston. -- how -- contribute as a return guy. And is -- a lot of comparisons early on to Percy our abilities it won't do the Minnesota Vikings and last year at Seattle Seahawks. But other than -- -- which rookie. While the biggest impact for the Saints it went fourteen to 601870. Told 3866890870. The only team that tees. Talking to him the other day the biggest obstacle he faces. His grasping. The system. And his defense not thinking you know about him play. Has some receiving skills though as a four receiver as a football skills as some ball skills. -- -- Last year the NFC championship game. If Richard Sherman wasn't. As long as he was at 62 victory. If he wasn't that I -- a huge wingspan. 49ers who want to another Super Bowl he -- the way that pass. And Staley Jean Baptiste sixth Torre. Long arms huge wingspan. That's the difference and that kind of player can make now and I try to compare him to. Richard Sherman. But. He can be a player to keep him out there and won a bigger impacts. On his defense. Team daily eleven opportunity. That old -- the questions that old but the wily veteran. Experienced player. In a nickel and dime sets and then steal energy back east Corey white another player of the unit. Conversation. And where where is Patrick Robinson mean as a former first round dropping albeit. 32 overall following that point in season. But. He's -- on this chart in this saints' roster. Right fourth by espn.com. Has in the fourth best in the National Football League one of the deeper teams the Saints have and recently. They know 9/11. Very very deep quality depth but this roster rivals that of 09. -- -- eleven team. When they add an abundance of talent and number of positions and -- their. Week on one particular. That we put their -- in on one particular. Position group with the offensive line. And if they sustained some injuries there. Could be a little Dicey. The which rookie. Other than -- -- Let the biggest impact -- -- when he fourteen for the Saints 260187. It's all free. 8668890870. Ronald Powell specialties perhaps a role player on defense -- pass rusher. Yeah really yet to really good dynamic play makers all the defense is not a football sort of pass rushers. And Cameron Jordan. An outside linebacker junior -- oh by the way the of Burton's. Hakim nicks all of interior defensive tackle position. Clint Foster played well last year. The wild card is going to be. Victor Butler an outside linebacker. Injured a year ago ACL injury. Did. You see the field. He's looked good. Penalties in mini camp how well does he recover. From the ACL injury. And you can almost count him in his. Free agency crop 44 team with -- spurred and others. And his draft class or is this new allotment of players. Because it in play a year ago. But Victor Butler. Ecstasy when he brings to the Saints defense this season. Had high hopes last year and very positive reviews last year the for the ACL injury. And both -- not being talked about very much Joseph Morgan also coming off an ACL injury. Mean that is why receiver corps. It's pretty stacked the competition. You have the incumbents. Kenny stills -- to do as a rookie last year Marcus Colston. Robert Meachem. Coats. Nick toon. Who's very much I think in improving year. Out of that -- facility like the make or break year term but it improving year hey look you're third year. First -- a bit of a redshirt season. Last year played in a couple of teams inactive for vast majority has -- -- fifth receiver couldn't be out Kenny stills for playing time. He fourth round draft pick -- point though I'm pleased are proven it. In making your your roster presence felt. Over the rookies at the wide receiver position are just the wide receiver competition in general -- to be fascinating. Come training camp in July. Receiver goes somebody on this on this team on this one receiving corps is going to cut and -- having no mention -- fan favorite -- -- theater. And he just doesn't do well mean what does he do that separates themselves from the guys and adjustments and -- still more useful than. Coats Robert Meachem. To what does he do that's different from those guys catches everything sure but there's not a specific skills that are unique skill set. In the NFL. There's so much coaches have so much about finding capitalizing on a specific skill. That player does. That player possesses. It brings to their table to their office. Today defense that they can take advantage of but that wide receiver group. Extremely -- extremely interesting to watch this year. In training camp and somebody -- but some players and it gets cut from this group of players. OK it's on and probably. Make an active roster. Of want the other teams -- national football former Saints wide receiver and kick returner Courtney Roby. Will work out with the Atlanta Falcons. You know signing is imminent but he'll work out with -- Falcons. And we'll see -- thought Courtney Roby who was out of football a year ago. After being a bit of a return specialist for the the world Saints. 0910 and eleven. And be that special teams captain for the world wants. Working out with the Falcons 260187. Near Colts 386689. Zero -- I mean this is sports talk on WQLA -- dot com. I winding down here on sports talk on lockdown as a power out of the eight. On line one on W -- them. -- -- -- -- opt out there is settled on. All out about thirty minutes ago. -- -- -- being on that we appreciated cute. Literally atlas. It's on the air right now he did coaches look serious and I comment. That -- -- aren't required. -- -- and Barry Pollack. Nothing in battery powered. Out Sally said Goodman. I. Doubt. I think some months now but by. And it's a great week you know your power is turned back on -- pretty quickly with a bad weather coming through. The area and we'll let the latest on line at WB well like Tom when our. Partners over there -- WL TV. Breaking down weathered. Bobby Mitchell isn't for -- again solid on tonight's show and lose and a pet considered failing to grief and sadness in did you -- lose a family Patten had a -- I grew up with. Now always grew up with dogs and cats in the house mainly dogs. In my my childhood dog was racks. It cost you that the 1213 years old and have a browser that time we lost him. I was grown man at that point and was extremely. When it and the unfortunate part about owning a pad is. Outlive that that -- -- daughter -- and it's it's typical especially now I I was kind of raised the treat. Excuse me treat -- almost like you would your brother or sister. Son -- daughter I mean they're part of a huge part of my family in a place it's it's it's difficult it -- the Bea Johnson yeah I just. Got a lab about six months ago -- -- she's popping in I'm a huge dog lover and and you know it's -- grosso custom minute -- these animals that I -- they generally are very much a party or dale a year every -- Call and when you have to make the decision yourself. To let them go it is as you you second guess yourself over and over and over again and it -- it's just and some people looked at them as dog and cats at you and I look at them -- actually family members and you know I don't think -- ever or refer refer to my body as a dog ever he was. -- -- -- I have also we'd be dog named got the 100 how old gunnery sergeant he's about four. As you know I have rescued him so. Not quite sure of the exact age but Shannon's four great a lot of fun HD. Dog breeds are always exchanges. And the difference between -- he also got a good topic big -- watch any movies over and over are you. -- can any one -- -- person I'm one of those over and over I don't know I don't watch the same movie over and over and and I -- -- -- -- -- that scene and I'll watch it. Just because especially when it comes the company. The -- show with -- Mitchell fill it in Bob look Albion that government I'll be -- in and you have yourself a great week it was a great -- I'm sorry for your loss IQ all right -- big thanks to a Steven -- master control John -- also a master control and Jackie Harris. -- -- have that we count -- Garrett come out.